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sprinkle a little sugar

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"What are you doing?"

Groaning inwardly, Aguri's eyes darted upwards, fixing on Regina. It didn't come as much of a surprise to see her here, seeing as she was using the kitchen of the old meeting place, which Regina and her father had since taken up as their residence on Earth. But she'd been under the impression that both Regina and her father would be out for the day.

Looked like she'd been wrong.

Mana had offered to let her use the kitchen at her parent's restaurant, but she had turned her down, not wanting to trouble anyone. Her own house was out- if the finished product turned out good, she wanted to surprise her grandmother with them, and she couldn't exactly do that if she was making them in their own kitchen.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Aguri asked, knowing that her tone was a bit more curt than it should be. They were technically sisters, so maybe she should try to be a little bit nicer to her, but just because she had been told that, it wasn't like it turned their entire relationship on it's head.

It wasn't so long ago that Regina was still the enemy.

As far as she could see, her behavior hadn't changed much. She might be putting a little more effort into it than say, Ira, but given what a lackluster effort the former Selfish was making, that wasn't saying much.

"Making a mess, mostly." Regina remarked, arching a brow.

Sighing, Aguri pointed to the cupcake tray. "I'm baking."

"Heh, you know how to bake?" Regina asked.

"It's a work in progress." Aguri admitted.

In truth, she had never tried before. But they were going to be making cupcakes in home economics next week, so she wanted to try and get some practice in beforehand. The last thing she wanted was to make a fool of herself.

Besides, if she did well, she could use it as a chance to make more friends her own age. It was nice, spending time with Mana and everyone, but she couldn't deny that she wanted to have some friends at school, too.

Sure, there was Eru... but were they really friends? Maybe. Maybe she was just misreading the signals. It wouldn't be the first time.

So, that left her current operation- impress everyone with her baking skills (that she didn't actually have) and make some school friends!

But Regina didn't need to know all that. In fact, she definitely didn't need to know that. She was certain if she did, she'd just make fun of her. Even worse, she'd probably just tell Ira, and then he would come and make fun of her.

Honestly, she didn't know if those two were friends or what. They just seemed to bicker most of the time, but they were in the same class, so she guessed they didn't have much of a choice but to spend time with each other.

She wasn't going to lie- it bothered her that the two of them got to spend their school days with Mana and the others- or Rikka and the others, in Ira's case. She didn't know how it worked out, them being cut from the same cloth, but Regina somehow being older- but well... she guessed Ai-chan was a baby, so maybe it wasn't exactly a clean split.

Truthfully, she tried not to think about how the three of them had all once been one person. It got a little complicated in her head after awhile. Best to just leave it alone.

"Let's see, let's see." Without waiting for an invitation, Regina grabbed one of the finished products herself, taking a bite out of it- and gagged.

"What the hell's this? It's not even cooked all the way through!"

Flinching, Aguri took one of the tester cupcakes, cracking it open. There was no way it wasn't-!

But it was.

Although the outside had cooked, turning a golden brown, the inside was still undercooked, gooey and nearly raw. Watching out of the corner of her eye as Regina spat out what she had ate in the trash, before casually tossing the half eaten cupcake in along with it, she narrowed her eyes.

Sure, she couldn't blame her for not wanting to swallow that, but did she have to make such a production out of it?

She didn't understand how this could have happened! She followed the recipe exactly! The oven was set to the right temperature, and she had taken them out right when the timer went off, so how could it be that they hadn't cooked all the way through?

"Did you use the oven timer?" Regina asked.

Frowning, wondering what had brought that on, Aguri nodded her head. "Of course. Is there a problem with that?"

"It's broken. Too fast." Regina told her, scooping up something on the counter- which turned out to be a small kitchen timer, and placed it in her hands. "Here, use this instead."

Blinking, she glanced down at the kitchen timer, before looking back up at Regina.

"Honestly, papa should have said something before he left the kitchen to you. I don't know why he didn't." Regina said with a sigh. "Probably forget."

Frowning, Aguri stared back down at the kitchen timer. The last thing she expected from Regina was for her to help- honestly, she would have thought she would have found it funny, watching her struggle without knowing the reason why.


"Oh?" Arching a brow, Regina leaned closer, peering over the counter. "What? I didn't quite hear you~! You want to say that again?"

Staring her dead in the eye, Aguri set the kitchen timer down. "No."

Puffing out her cheeks, Regina drew back, clearly annoyed that her fun had been ruined. "Fine. Suit yourself. Some of us have more interesting things to be doing!"

Watching as Regina made her way out of the kitchen, Aguri frowned, sparing another glance down at the kitchen timer.

Well... maybe even she had her good moments.