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Looping Back to the Beginning

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Dear Mr. Shigaraki.


We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances All Might will be unavailable for your Villainous Attack on the UA Unforseen Joint Simulator at 10:45am.


If you wish to reschedule your Villainous Attack for a later date, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.



Shigaraki stepped out of the portal and surveyed the group standing before him. All Might wasn’t there. Just a bunch of kids standing around gawking at him. Why wasn’t All Might here!?


“SEE!” One of the kids suddenly called out. “I told you he would be stupid enough to actually do it!”


A loud grumble came from the group and sheafs of money changed hands.



Aizawa zipped up his sleeping bag and laid out on the floor of the bus. He gave it twenty minutes before 13 realized the emergency they had been called out for was a prank. That was twenty minutes of uninterrupted sleep while his kids pounded the shit out of the League of Villains.


There was a shattering of glass and a villain bounced off the hood of the bus. Aizawa cracked open an eye. No one particularly dangerous.


He closed his eyes again.


Those kids had it all under control.



“I don’t get it,” Present Mic admitted. “He’s been so well rested lately. Not that that’s a bad thing! But, he’s never been well rested! Never! I don’t think he ever got more than six hours sleep in a row since high school!”


“There’s also his class to consider too,” Midnight added, frowning in thought.


“What about them?” All Might asked. “They seem like good kids from what I can tell.”


“He never expelled any of them.” Present Mic clarified. “Hasn’t even threatened to expel them. He even let them attend the opening ceremony.”


“That’s unusual?”


“He hasn’t had a single class where he didn’t expel at least one kid on the first day.”




A long silence fell over the staff room.


“I think we may have an imposter here,” Midnight finally declared.



Late last night the infamous vigilante Stain was arrested by local police after being rescued from a tree in Honsu Municipal Park in the hours after midnight. According to sources within the police department, they received an anonymous tip off which led to them finding the vigilante in question hanging from a tree by a bright red ribbon.


Witnesses report that Stain was restrained by several sheets of brightly colored wrapping paper and that his limbs were tied with more bright red ribbons.


Police have not released any details as to how Stain might have gotten into such as situation, but have asked for any witnesses who may have seen the incident take place to come forward.



Hey Hands Dude,” Dabi called out, carrying two boxes of pizza into the room. “Why'd you order a pizza delivered to your secret hideout?”


“The fuck?” Shigaraki turned from his place in front of the TV. “I didn't order a pizza.”


Dabi’s eyebrows rose. “Pizza guy said someone named Shigaraki had placed the order.”




“Hey guys!” Toga bounded into the room. “Hey you ordered pizza Handsy! Awesome!”


“I didn’t…”


Kurogiri followed in Toga’s wake. He took one look at the pizza boxes in Dabi’s hands and let out a sigh that spoke of long years of frustrated suffering. “Why did you order a pizza delivered to our hideout Shigaraki?”




He snatched the boxes from Dabi and flipped open the lid. He was kind of hoping to find a bomb inside, if just to prove he didn’t order the damn things. Instead he found an extra large pepperoni with mushrooms.


“Good Luck with your attack on the Training Camp :)” Was written on the underside of the lid.


“Hey!” Toga protested. “I wanted a slice from that one!”



There’s a sign. It’s bright, yellow, and wasn’t there when they scouted the coordinates for the place.


“WARNING! LANDMINES!” It says it big black letters.


There’s a picture too. It shows a stick figure flying through the air in pieces. The stick figure has a bunch of severed hands attached to its body.


“I think they may be expecting us,” Dabi suggested.



“Well of course this was part of the plan!” Bakugou strained against the restraints that held him to the chair. “You think we didn’t know you planned to kidnap me and take me to your secret base where you keep all your Nomu?”


“You’re bluffing,” Toga singsonged. “You don’t have a clue where you are.”


Bakugou glared. “674 Kammino Ward, Yokohama. The big creepy warehouse next to the old fish packing plant. The only reason I’m still here is so that the pro-heroes have a reason to bust you. We don’t have the licensing to kick your fucking ass otherwise we’d do it ourselves.”


“Umm,” Spinner interrupted by clearing his throat. He held up a little plastic baggie. “This was left on the doorstep.”


Inside was a red toothbrush and a paper note that just said, “Bakugou forgot this.”



Midoriya had had his provisional licence for just under a day, and he was already in the hospital. In his defence, he wasn’t the person getting treated. But the little girl clinging to his costume refused to let go no matter how the nurses and doctors tried to coax her.


“I was walking down the street when she ran into my legs,” Midoriya was explaining to the police officer taking his statement. “Then the building blows up. So I grabbed her and immediately fled to a safe location where we waited for first responders to arrive.”


“And you don’t know where she came from or who her parents might be?”


He gave a half shrug. The other arm was holding onto Eri who flinched and looked away as the nurse tried to take her blood pressure.


“She said her name was Eri and that she didn’t want to go back.”


The officer glanced down at Eri, and at the scars covering the arm she was holding out. The look the nurse gave him said the rest. Looks like social services would be getting involved.


When all was said and done, Inko Midoriya was an official foster mother to a little girl who seemed to have no presence in any official records. While police and professional heroes poured over the remains of a burned out complex that was rapidly generating more questions than answers.

The fact that Class A-1 collectively smelled like a structural fire for a week went largely unremarked upon.



Shigaraki stepped out of the portal and surveyed the group standing before him. All Might wasn’t there. Just a bunch of kids standing around gawking at him. Why wasn’t All Might here!?


“YES!” One of the kids suddenly cheered. “An arch-nemesis, we’re set for life!”




He must have said that out loud because the entire group turned as one to look at him.


“You need an arch-nemesis if you really want to make in this industry dumbshit,” a kid with spiky blonde hair explained.  “Peaceful times without megalomaniacs running around driving up the crime-rate are bad for the industry. You think All Might would be what he is if he didn’t have All for One driving up his public image?”


Confusion is swirling around in his head, and then it turns into anger. “You dare! I am not some stepping stone to advance your careers! I’m going to kill you all right now!”


“Excellent, keep doing that,” another kid cheered. “We’ll be set before we’re even out of highschool!”