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Secret That Wasn't Actually a Secret

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When the young Spiderman stood before him, calmly requesting (borderline demanding) to allow Deadpool of all people to join the Avengers he had instantly denied it. He was shocked that of all people (not that he ever imagined anyone would even speak for that idiot) that would come to him about Deadpool without negative connotations, he never would have thought it would be Spiderman. The embodiment of good and righteousness (he himself couldn’t deny that). How the young man managed to keep his identity a secret from S.H.I.E.L.D wasn’t something he could ever comprehend despite the fact that he now was apart of the Avengers and yet still it remained unknown. But back to the matter at hand. 

The cold wrath that settled in the room was something that completely stilled his body, he felt himself suffocate slightly from how thick it was but of course, he wouldn’t be the director of S.H.I.E.L.D if he reacted as though he was intimidated in the slightest. As he was about to tell the kid off, as quick as it came the feeling had washed away. Instead the usual calm and slightly warm presence had returned. An exasperated sigh was released from the young man and instead he reasoned softly. “Fury, I understand that the guy’s is really unpredictable but I know that if you give him a chance he can really turn himself around and wouldn’t it be easier to control the guy if you just let him join? Besides, ever since he practically partnered up with me, he’s gotten way better at controlling himself. I think this is just the sort of push he needs to turn his life around you know. I mean I get, it’s Deadpool. But at the same time, it’s Deadpool. He’d be a huge asset to the team despite his annoying as attitude.”

“Kid. I want to let him, of course I know how much of an asset that guy could be but at the same time he’s just as much of an unknown-“

“Not if I’m with him.”

“The two of you can’t always be on the same missions.”

“Yeah but at the beginning you can, it’s important to transition and with me around it’d be way easier.”

Fury couldn’t deny this kid, honestly, he wouldn’t mind having Wilson around. He personally thought he’d be a great asset but the rest of the Avengers hates his ass. There’s that and getting the board to agree is a fucking nightmare in itself. Not only that, the PR is gonna be absolute shit. He looked up and could practically tell the kid was pouting desperately at him.

Fury let out an annoyed sigh, the fucking avengers will never give him a fucking break. 

“I’ll see what I can do, but-“

“YES!” Spiderman jumped in excitement and fist pumped in victory. Fury couldn’t help the smirk that appeared on his face at the sight of the kid. “You won’t regret this. I promise man, shit- I mean sir.” 

Fury looked at Spiderman from his seat, his hands placed contemplatively in front of his face. With a serious tone, “I mean it Spidey, one mistake and he’s out, that’s probably the best I can get you. One mistake and that’s it.”

“You got it Sir, I got this, he listens to me!... most of the time.” The last part muttered quietly in a somewhat distressed tone.

Fury looked at the ceiling, already regretting his decision. He just knows this is gonna go to shit. 

“Now get out.”



That was how Deadpool became apart of the Avengers, and though Fury generally didn’t regret it too much, he wasn’t sure it would work considering the reactions of the team before him. 

Spiderman stood defensively in front of Deadpool, “Come on you guys, give him a chance you can’t expect him to change if you aren’t willing to try and not only that, he’s been great with me and he hasn’t even killed or taken on any missions in like years. I’m not asking a lot considering how much he has changed.”

“Kid you don’t know what he’s like, he’s a murderer.” Tony stated scathingly.

“He can’t be trusted and you know that! He’s too much of a danger to the team!” Spiderman frowned at Steve, he thought at least he would give Wade a shot.

“He’s literally an unstable psychopath who kills people for a living.” Natasha spoke calmly but filled with disdain. 

Peter couldn’t help the incredulous stare towards Natasha, considering she herself was an 'ex'-assassin.

“He’s too unpredictable.” Bruce calmly as though trying to explain to a child why this was a wrong decision. 

This time he didn’t hold back, “That’s rich coming from a guy that goes green and destroys everything if he gets a little mad.” 

“Hey ease up there Spiderman, but guys he’s right, give Wilson a chance”

Thor loomed silently watching the humans before him in slight confusion, he didn’t know the pool of dead enough to truly give his opinion but he did trust man of spiders, the only one who could even slightly lift the hammer of Mjolnir and if the hammer deemed the spider worthy then so shall he.

Needless to say it was a mess that only got worse before it got better. Which involved a lot of shouting and defending from Spiderman and crazy ramblings from Deadpool.



It took a while for the team to accept Wade. Peter thought it was unreasonable how long it took them but he was just glad they did. Although it came as a surprise to both Peter and Wade that other than Clint (who never really had a problem with Wade as long as he didn’t put the team in harms way) and Thor (who honestly didn’t understand why the rest of them had such a problem with Wade “the man of spiders seems to trust the pool of dead so I shall as well,”) that Natasha was the first to really come around. At first she was somewhat hostile, easily disregarding Wade and his safety, not bothering with avoiding his body when she shot at an enemy, but neither was the rest of the team, disappointing but expected. She was quick to notice though, that Wade was trying, truly trying. She probably could see herself in him a bit and considering all the shit Wade dealt with, she couldn’t blame him for how he had turned out. 

Besides without Clint it was likely she’d have easily been like him. And if the little spider thought he was worth giving a shot, she’s willing to try as well. As time went on, she realized that Wade was just as fragile as everyone else if more so and he just deserved the chance given to him and that was enough for her and she was quick to accept. 

Once Natasha accepted, Clint really came around. Made sure to try and get the team to notice and be careful and remind Wade to be careful, mothering him just as much as he did with the rest of the team, nearly more than Peter himself. But that wasn’t possible considering how much Peter loved the idiot that is Wade. 

Bruce was never particularly harsh with Wade (same can’t exactly be said for the Hulk but generally the Hulk wasn’t nice to anyone) but he never really bothered to care either. Bruce wasn’t a bad person and he liked Spiderman and it seemed that Nat and Clint liked Deadpool enough, so he finally relented and quietly accepted Wade.

Steve noticed the change in his team, slowly accepting Deadpool into the group. It wasn’t something he truly understood, but he was their captain and if they didn’t mind him and Spiderman definitely didn’t, then he should at least give Wade a shot. But it was hard, he was too rash, never really thinking about the rest of the team, creating problems no matter how unintentional. But, he can’t deny that he did help and he was trying. He couldn’t deny Wade any longer, he was always looking up to him what sort of role model would he be if he denied Wade when he was trying to make a change in himself. Steve supposes he’ll just accept that and do his best to help Wade.

Tony was the hardest. By no means did the rest of the team accepting him change his mind, if anything it built an even larger wall between the two and even the rest of the team. Tony couldn’t comprehend how they could just accept a murderer to join them. They were heroes for fucks sake and Deadpool definitely wasn’t one. 

It was one of the days that Wade was feeling particularly fragile and Tony was pushing it too far. The others mightn’t have noticed but Peter definitely did, he noticed the way Wade would slightly curl in on himself, his body shifting defensively, scratching subconsciously at his scars till they bled as he gave his own snarky replies to Tony’s insults. Peter wasn’t with him at the time when Tony started. He returned with view of Wade’s spirit broken as he halfassedly replied to shit Tony said while blood dropped quietly on the tiled ground. 

“I don’t understand how Spiderman even stands you.” Peter watched as Wade flinched so hard that Peter felt his body tremble.

Peter felt cold rage envelop him and before he knew it he was punching Tony hard enough to give him a black eye and a broken nose. He was about to punch him again until he remembered Wade and he stood over him. Tony looked up at him shocked, cradling his face. “You’re such a fucking hypocrite Tony, I can’t believe I even fucking looked up to you. I don’t want to hear you saying a word to Wade. Unless you plan on apologizing I don’t want you near us.” The only reply he got was a scoff. Peter turned away, ignoring the rest of the team who looked just as shocked at the unchracteristic way Spiderman lost his cool and lashed out. Peter quickly and quietly and grabbed Wade and carried him through the city and back to their home. He held Wade carefully cradling his large form to his own smaller one, whispering sweet reassurances into his ear, leaving soft kisses on him. Shielding him protectively he reassured him until the blank dead look in Wade’s eyes left revealing the beauty of Wade. Peter kissed him again, pouring all his love into him as Wade cried against him. 



The team didn’t see Spiderman or Deadpool until the next time they were assembled a month later. The pair stood as far as they could from the team, Wade making an effort in pushing Peter towards them, trying to get him to rejoin them even if he wasn’t around, Wade didn’t mind if Peter left. Peter was perfect, Wade was not. The world, the team, needed him more than Wade. 

Peter wouldn’t have it. He glared and hit Wade’s head in annoyance and muttered darkly that he wasn’t going anywhere. Wade looked shocked but finally accepted he couldn’t change his mind but it didn’t stop him feeling antsy and the boxes weren’t exactly giving him a break either.

That was until Tony stepped forward at the same time Peter did so as well, placing his body protectively between. Tony raised his arms in defense and he looked a bit sheepish and ashamed. “I just want to apologize Spidey.” The defensive stance eased slightly but not fully. Tony sighed in response, “Wade.” Wade prepared himself for the cruel words of how useless he is and how much of a waste he is to the team and how much of a monster he is. He was surprised to hear, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. I know you’re trying and you’re honestly doing a great job. I’ve been a dick to you and you don’t deserve that. Thanks for everything you’ve done for the team. I hope you can- I don’t know forgive me for being such an ass.”  Wade stared at him in shock. Speechless. Tony looked nervous before Spiderman and Deadpool. He did feel bad, honestly. Especially after Cap had talked to him and Pepper set him straight. He really thought about it and he couldn’t deny that he just saw that Deadpool seemed like the sort of person that Tony himself could’ve become, except he would have been a worse version. At least the Deadpool from before even had morals. Now he saw that Deadpool was truly changing and that it was just him who couldn’t see that. “Really I’m sorry, but if you can’t forgive me I completely understand...”

Peter deflated in relief slightly, he knew that Tony wasn’t a bad person but it didn’t excuse his actions nonetheless he took a step. That didn’t mean he was gonna just straight up forgive him. Peter turned to Wade who looked frozen. He shoved him a bit and that seemed to shock him out of whatever stupor he was in. “It’s all good Tin man I get that you just can’t stand how amazing I am! Forgive and forget and all that shit but I’d really appreciate if you don’t talk to me like that again.” Hearing Wade not only forgive Tony but even standing up for himself made Peter's heart melt, he remembered a time when Wade thought he wasn't even worth apologizing to.

Tony managed to grin in reply and he hesitantly pulled the red and black suited man in for a short hug which was a lot longer than planned as Wade wouldn’t let go. Peter and the rest of the team rolled their eyes as Wade ranted on about something or the other while squeezing Tony tightly who looked desperately if a little fearfully at Peter, who finally pulled Wade back with ease, “Alright that’s enough big guy, you’re gonna have to let him breathe.” His eyes softened as he saw the slight wetness around the eyes of the mask and smiled through his own mask as the larger man whined.

“You know with how you treat Wilson, it’s as though you’re in love with him or something.” Clint said.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN AS THOUGH HE’S IN LOVE WITH ME?!” Wade shouted offended.

“Ha ha, very funny Clint, of course I-” Peter was cut off from telling the team that he loved the man, after all they were married, two years strong (maybe slightly rocky- definitely not you take that back shitty author) at that.

“Alright enough! I called you for a mission, get in.”