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Firmament - Two DiNozzos Version

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Tony smiled at Tali. He couldn't help remembering the day when he found out about their little girl. He'd already been in a relationship with Gibbs for years.

They'd kept it a secret, of course. Not only was there the whole don’t ask don’t tell thing with all the military people they worked with, but even more suspicious was the team leader and subordinate thing. They’d had to tell Tom Morrow originally, so that he could make sure there was no favoritism going on or abuse of power on either side.

He’d made a note in their files, but Tony was relatively sure that none of the directors that came after him had even noticed that note. Certainly, Jenny hadn’t. The amount of flirting she’d tried on Jethro, even a blind man could see how desperate and interested she was.

Maybe she had seen it and didn’t care. Tony would never know. Certainly, it had never made the gossip rounds.

Miss Mossad had hit on him so many times that there was no way it was common knowledge. Plus, Tony kept an ear out for gossip. He’d have known if their relationship ever made it into the NCIS grapevine.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t until Bishop joined the team that anyone even clued in to their relationship. Oh, it still wasn’t common knowledge, but Bishop had figured it out relatively quickly. McGee and Abby still had no clue.

They’d been thinking about making an official announcement to the team for a while. Tony, if not Gibbs as well, had been seriously considering making an official announcement about their relationship since at least Ned’s death if not sooner.

He couldn’t believe that it had been over 3 years since Ned’s death. Every so often he’d look at the clouds filling the firmament and wonder what Ned would think of them, now. Ned, too, had known about their relationship.

It had been hilarious, actually. After over 12 years, their relationship had mellowed as they’d gotten used to each other’s quirks and started to believe that they had the forever kind of love. Apparently, that didn’t mean that they didn’t get jealous anymore.

The first time Ned flirted with Tony, Gibbs had been practically straining at the bit to tell Ned where he could stick it and just how much Tony was his. Tony had found it amusing. He had to admit it had been nice to be reminded just how much Gibbs wanted him and cared about him.

Tony had turned Ned down, of course, but ever since then they’d been talking about maybe coming out to the team. Ned had picked up on a few cues that only someone who’d been in a gay relationship before would notice. He’d cornered Tony one day and demanded to know if the reason Tony had turned him down was because he was already in a relationship with Gibbs.

Tony had shrugged and agreed. They hadn’t spoken of it since. Now, Tony regretted not telling the team even more than usual.

The cause of his regret? Their new agent, Nick Torres. Nick had the ability to bring out sides of Gibbs that Tony ever saw at home.

Sides of Jethro, really, that Tony had thought were private for him alone. To find out that another man was able to so easily bring out Gibbs’ laughter and smile shook Tony to the core. Or at least, it had.

Gibbs had noticed Tony’s decreasing mood and confronted him. Tony had tried to shrug it off, but Gibbs wouldn’t let him. When Gibbs had finally gotten Tony to explain the issue, Gibbs had started laughing which hurt Tony’s feelings even more.

Through his laughter Gibbs explained that not only was he not interested in Nick, but the only reason that he laughed at the things Nick did was because it reminded him of a younger Tony. In fact, he actually despaired of having two DiNozzos on his team. He had his hands full with Tony.

Tony’s smile immediately brightened. After that day, Nick and Tony got on like a wildfire. McGee even compared them to Bonnie and Clyde due to the pranks they pulled on him.

Now. Now, Tony wished that he’d told the team about Gibbs and his relationship before Senior decided to grace them with his presence again. Having another bombshell dropped in their laps before they’d even shared the first one wasn’t how Tony had expected that horrific day to go.

Apparently, Senior had been less than faithful, a shocker, really, and Nick was actually his brother. Well… Half brother, really, but who cared about technicalities like that. Abby had squealed in excitement for reasons that Tony still didn’t understand.

Bishop had smiled and offered Tony a wink. Since then, Nick came over at least once if not twice a week. Tali loved it.

She had a new uncle and wouldn’t trade it for the world. They really needed to tell Nick they were married. Tony was frankly surprised that Nick hadn’t already figured it out given the amount of time he spent at the house that Tali, Tony, and Gibbs all shared.

He really should have known better. Nick’s response to being informed of their marriage was a shrug and a I know. Apparently, he’d gotten suspicious one day and looked up their marriage license in the county records.

After that, there was no reason not to tell the rest of the team. That could have gone better. Abby decided that they must be having a threesome with Nick and kept winking and hinting at it.

Tony had finally had to explain in harsh concise sentences that there would never be a threesome involving his brother. Fortunately, Tali had been occupied or they’d never have heard the last of it. She’d taken to repeating things she heard in front of others usually to Gibbs and Tony’s embarrassment.

Still he had to admit that Nick had turned out a lot better than he expected given Senior’s involvement. Wrapping his arm around Gibbs’ waist, Tony relaxed, completely at peace. With their friends and family and daughter Tali, there’s nowhere else he would rather be.