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Naoto's Feeding Frenzy

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Naoto had been dating Kanji for about 3 months now. She always knew she had feelings for him, but she couldn’t express them to him for, some reason she didn’t understand herself. Kanji felt that same way about Naoto ever since he first laid eyes on her. Well, back then it was “him” but, I digress. After awhile, it got too much for Kanji to handle, and he decided to man up and ask her out. Luckily for both of them, it turned out pretty good. Now, Kanji was the happiest he had ever been when he was with Naoto. There was always something that he came to appreciate more about her when she was around. But, something… he couldn’t figure out what, was missing. He knew that being around Naoto and loving her was great not only for him, but he hoped that it was good for her as well. But, nevertheless, Kanji felt like there was something missing. And that bothered the shit out of him. He knew he loved Naoto, but why? Why did he feel as if there wasn’t an element there that should be? He thought about it for a long time. A very, very, very, long time. (Ok gamers the Joke explained: Kanjo stupid) After about 5 days of sitting on that idea, he came to a logical conclusion. “Maybe… I’m still insecure about her dressing like a guy… and looking like one too..?” Kanji said to himself as he lay in bed letting that thought percolate into his system. After about 3 minutes, his phone buzzed as it received a message. It was from Naoto. “HELLO KANJI. I KNOW IT IS LATE, BUT WOULD YOU WIND COMING WITH ME TO AYIA AFTER SCHOOL IS OVER TOMORROW?” It was then that Kanji realized something. Maybe, if he made Naoto gain weight, it would show off her womanly figure more. “yeah sure <3” Kanji texted back. He had a plan. If this worked, he wouldn’t have that annoying thought parading around in his head bothering him everytime he hung out with Naoto. Even if it wasn’t in her best interest, if people started recognizing her as a girl more, that would really clear his head.

The school bell rang, indicating the day was over. Kanji sat up from his seat, turned to the door, and almost forgot to text Naoto why he’d be late. “hey, gonna be a little late 2day. thought I shoulda let u know. meet me at the gate” he texted as he left the room and turned towards the gym. On his way there, he was nervous for what he was about to do. Last night, right after he had the idea to make Naoto gain weight, he called a friend who could cook up some very strange mind altering and action altering drugs. He asked his friend if he could make a substance that made people hungry all the time, or something that made people rapidly gain weight. His friend responded with a “Well which one is it? Because either way, it’s gonna cost ya 7000 yen.” Glad with the conformation, and not with the price, he got all of the cash he had gathered up and brought it to the guy in the janitor’s closet in the gym hallway. “Alright, here's the cash,” Kanji said reluctantly. “And here’s your dope” the kid said as he handed him 3 small white pills. “Cooked em’ fresh just today in the chem lab” the student said with a smirk on his face. “I don’t care when you made em’, do they work?” Kanji said with a slight dire tone in his voice. “Chill man, they work wonders, dude!” The student said checking the bills to see if he had really brought all the money. “So uh,” the student said as he pocketed the cash, “why do you need these again? Your dog sick or something?” “None of your damn business, now take your cash and go.” Kanji said as he slipped the pills into his back pocket. “Alright, alright….” The student took off, but not before he came back to yell, “OH YEAH! IF YOU WANT THEM TO STOP WORKING JUST MAKE THE PERSON TAKING THEM DRINK MILK!” Kanji nodded to the student and kept walking to the entrance. It was a good thing that Naoto was lactose intolerant and wouldn’t be drinking milk anytime soon, because he only had 3 chances for these things to work. He met with Naoto at the entrance of the school as dozens of students piled out to go home. Hiding the pills as best he could in his pocket, he approached Naoto. “Where were you?” Naoto said with a concerned and slightly annoyed look on her face. “Oh, I was just talking with...a-a friend about somethin’, that's all!” Kanji said with obvious tension in his voice. Naoto noticed it, but she wasn’t in the mood for sleuthing right now. She just wanted to go to Ayia with her boyfriend. She already had a stressful enough day as it was. Whatever Kanji was doing probably had absolutely no effect on her anyway, so it didn’t matter. “*sigh* Alright, let’s just go” Naoto said with an annoyed relief in her voice. They both walked and chatted on the way to the Aiya, just happy to be each other’s company. When the arrived at their destination, they sat down, and just relaxed, as they both were under a lot of stress at it was. Kanji tried to act normal the entire time they were there, but couldn’t help but sweat a little bit on his forehead. Naoto on the other hand was completely content, as if there wasn’t a care in the world. The server brought over their beef bowls, and Kanji saw his chance. Right as the bowls came, he leaned over the table to give Naoto a kiss and slipped a tiny white pill in her bowl. “Oh… Kanji…” Naoto said, in complete surprise. “Sorry.” Kanji said, as he blushed and scratched the back of his head. “I just… I’ve been acting weird because… I really wanted to tell you that I love you, Naoto.” Kanji said, to avert confusion and suspicion. Naoto bought it though. She had basically been talking to a brick wall for the last 15 minutes who occasionally said “Uh huh” or “that’s crazy” so basically anything that he did to interact with her was welcome. “No, it’s okay Kanji.” She said, with a soft, relaxed tone. “I… I love you too” she said as she blushed a little and pulled down her hat. Maybe the Aiya wasn’t the greatest place to be doing this, but they didn’t care. Naoto got what she wanted, and Kanji was about to get what he wanted. “Hey uh… I think your food’s getting cold.” Kanji said with his chopsticks at the ready. “Oh, uh right.” Naoto said with pure content. But what she was about to do, wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. They both started to eat in content silence, when about 3 minutes in, something hit Naoto.

It didn’t take long for the pill to set in. After about 3 minutes of them eating, Naoto couldn’t resist the urge to eat the food as fast as she possibly could. She felt like she was starving. Kanji looked up from his beef bowl to see that Naoto was almost done with hers. His jaw almost dropped from the sheer sight of it. Naoto slurped down the final noodle and yelled, “Another beef bowl please!” At the store manager. Then, she turned to Kanji and asked, “Hey, after this, do you want to go get some croquettes, or go to the food court at Junes, or, I don’t know, something?” Kanji, a little frightened, but still full of pride for what he just pulled off said, “Of course! We’ll do it all!” he said with a loud voice that towered over the restaurant. Naoto’s eyes lit up and said “Really? Oh my gosh! Thank you Kanji!” She leaned over the table and gave him a passionate kiss. “Wow, whatever those pills were, they sure are doing their job! And more so! Hell yeah!” Kanji thought to himself as Naoto made out with him. The server brought over a second beef bowl and Naoto finished it in just 1 minute. She slurped it down so fast, it was like it was never even there.”Alright, just leave the cash and let’s go!” Naoto said as she got up in a hurry to get to the croquette stand. Kanji slowly got up and told Naoto to calm down for a sec as he got his wallet. He paid the Aiya owner, and left with a ravenous wolf, ready to hunt. They were all around town, trying out the local delicacies, and everything in between, when it was getting late, and Naoto was taken home by a smug Kanji. His plan had worked! Now Naoto would be looking lady-esque in no time! He took her to her grandfather’s house and saw her off, as Naoto quickly gave him a kiss, and said goodbye, frantic as a rabbit. She quickly took off her boots and raided the kitchen as fast as she could. She got as many snacks as she could carry and hurried back to her room. While in her room, she ate all of the crap from the kitchen ravenously until there was nothing left. Finally feeling full, she fell asleep on her bed, where she slept peacefully for the night.

The next morning, she awoke to a horror. She groaned and said to herself “uuuugh… why do I feel so gross…” she moaned, as she lay in her bed. Everything felt awful. Her chest felt tight, her underwear were to hot, she felt like she was gonna vomit. She noticed the time, and got out of her bed to go to school. But when she did, she noticed that her foot on the floor made a *boom* sound. Surprised by this, she let out a meager gasp. Did she? just make that noise? She thought to herself what happened last night, but she couldn’t remember. Then, it came back. She remembered *ALL* the food she ate, and looked up in shock. Then, she rushed out of her bed and came to the mirror to find… Herself. Only 40 pounds heavier. She shrieked at herself in the mirror. Her once slender body was now ruined by huge mounds of fat. The first thing she noticed was her pudgy tummy that flopped out over her underwear. Her breasts had gotten so large that her binder couldn’t conceal them anymore. Her thighs were noticeably bigger with almost no gap between them. There was no doubting it. She was fat.