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A Lineage of Frost and Magic

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It was strange to think that a war that terrorized the entire universe ended on a seemingly insignificant little blue planet. That was not say that after the last bloody battle where Thanos’ head was removed from his shoulders by Stormbreaker that everything was immaculate. However, many of the worlds scattered across the stars found themselves feeling blessed in one form or another with the death of the Mad Titan and the use of the infinity stones to right so many of the wrongs he and his minions committed. With the lost half of the universe’s populations restored, the reality stone was then used by Thor to create a new Asgard and bring his people back.

Most importantly he brought back his brother. Loki had proven his devotion and love through his sacrifice, Thor wasn’t going to ignore that, despite how the other Avengers argued about the threat that the God of Mischief and Lies posed. They could not deny Thor though, not when it was the Thunderer that dealt the killing blow. The team was simply too exhausted after the battle to attempt to stop the god either.

When the God of Thunder embraced his brother tightly and felt the way the other’s fingers dug in just as firmly as they shook together, Thor knew that this was no mistake. The pair of them now ruled the new Asgard which was situated near Venus, it was orbiting around Earth though, which made its days and nights longer than that of the blue planet.

The kings were busy for a time establishing order and rule across the nine realms that their father had conquered long ago once more. Loki tempering Thor’s might with reasonings and sly negotiations. They were determined to see each realm flourish again, but the gods were not all work and no play.

From time to time, they did travel to Midgard, Thor checking in with his allies and friends along with offering a hand when it was needed. Loki accompanied his brother, though usually stood to the side unless requested otherwise. The trickster was proud and observant, he knew that the hand of friendship was not his to offer and would not do so when there was such a strong risk of being rejected. It was better to wait until the Avengers grew used to his new non-murdering presence. With his rebirth, Loki was no longer twisted or half mad from the torture he had suffered under his time with Thanos.

This day though, Thor was committed to letting Loki decide where they would go on Earth. His brother had given him a secretive smile in answer before taking his hand and leading Thor through an unknown path.

Seeing Midgardians prancing about in a crowded diagonally structured street performing what looked to be acts of magic by the use of wooden sticks and dressed unlike any person Thor had seen in New York or America was very…. Surprising, was the only word that seemed to fit.

Dressed in the clothing popular in Asgard, the people did not seem to give the pair of brothers more than a third look. With their enhanced hearing, the gods could hear how some of the mortals gossiped more about their tall stature more than anything else about them. There were of course murmurs about their physical appearance as Thor still adored to leave his arms uncovered, revealing the muscles that covered them to the world. Both Thor and Loki looked and moved regally which made many people consciously and unconsciously shift out of their way.

“Where are we, brother?” Thor finally asked as his eyes were drawn to a store that seemed to be selling a wide variety of animals. He did not know all of the earth names of the creatures, but several of them he knew weren’t normally found in such a climate they were in.

“Diagon Alley, the largest wizarding shopping district in the country known as England.” Loki answered as he flicked his fingers and Thor felt the sensation of his brother’s magic on his skin. Loki explained under Thor’s inquisitive, but suspicious look that it would only mask their conversation from passersby.

“Wizard, like friend Strange and Wanda?”

“Not quite, the magic those two use is different than that of these people. Their ability to channel magical energy from themselves and the area around them is very limited, they have to be aided by the sticks you see them waving around. In the center of each lies the body part of some magical creature which helps to direct the magic into doing what they desire.” Loki nodded his head towards a shop titled Ollivander’s, a wand store that displayed the names of cores and types of wood in the window.

“None of the Avengers have mentioned such a thing being possible on Midgard.” Thor murmured, his eyes being drawn next to a display that showed brooms of all things. His mind was boggled at the idea that these simple bunchings of sticks and twigs could be flown.

“It is because these magical communities remain separated from those that do not have magic. They practically exist in separate worlds and do not often coincide.” Loki explained, having to tug on his brother’s arm to keep him moving through the crowded street. He had one destination in mind and he was determined to find first what he wanted before letting Thor have his fun.

The two had a rule.

Each time they came to Midgard they could only take one item back with them each to amuse themselves with and add to their collection.

“Yet you seem to have a vast amount of knowledge about them.” Thor’s tone gained a hard edge to it as he watched Loki’s back as he weaved through the crowd. Green eyes glanced back at him warily and Thor could see that the sorcerer was choosing his next words very carefully. For Thor to be able to tell it meant that this was a rather impressive secret.

“As I know you have suspected, I have traveled to Midgard before the events of New York. A long time ago, a thousand years to be precise, I came here. There was magic budding already in some of the population. I simply gave it… a little push. I taught a few spells and endowed some of my magic in places.” Loki’s eyes flickered down to Thor’s hands seeing the bronze colored fingers twitch. The thunderer had truly grown and learned restraint, a short while ago Thor wouldn’t have given a thought to grabbing Loki and pummeling him for such a transgression, no matter if they were in a crowded street among mortals, the entrance hall, or in the library.

Still Loki knew it was far better to pacify his brother now before he stewed for too long in his anger and feelings of overprotection towards the humans. “I was young, Thor. I do not wish to interfere with them too much now. Their creation was like performing in a play and I am no longer the fool I once was.”

Thor could not truly admonish Loki for the follies committed in their youths. It would be hypocritical for him to do so when he had made so many mistakes in anger, arrogance, and foolishness when he himself was younger. That coupled with how there was an odd fondness in his brother’s eyes as he gazed at the passing wizards and witches stayed both Thor’s fists and tongue. Instead he grunted in acceptance as they came to a stop before a very crowded shop. Craning his head back to read the sign perched on the ceiling Thor discovered it to be named Flourish and Blotts. He could easily look over the heads of most of the customers, many of them being middle-aged women and young girls.

It appeared to be a bookstore, Thor shouldn’t have expected anything less for Loki, but he still groaned as he had to wriggle his way through the chattering, giggling crowd to follow his brother. Too bad he quickly lost him among the many stacks of tomes.

As soon as Loki had stepped through the threshold of the bookstore, he had felt something… odd. Like a tug at the very core of his magic, like a soft hesitant pull to his robes from a servant that wanted his attention but would also flee at the slightest sign of distaste directed at it. Frowning, Loki followed it, curious as to the cause. His magic stirred around many of the people in the wizarding world, but not like this. It was more noticeable, unique in a way that it drew Loki in like a beacon of light in a dark cave. Or more accurately it was like a shady place calling sweetly to him after he suffered through the heat and sun in the Asgardian summer.

His feet took Loki to a far back corner of the store where he found two wizards looking over the titles of so many volumes. They were obviously father and son by how closely they resembled each other. Both had blond almost silver hair with the elder’s much longer than the other’s, silver colored eyes that analyzed their surroundings, and pale skin covered with obviously high quality and expensive fabrics.

The magic around the two was almost palpable with how strong and large their reserves of it were. However, it was the younger that Loki felt he was being pulled towards. He was no more than a child, the god found himself doubting that the boy had even reached his mortal teenage years. He was slight and rather short for his age as it was obvious he had yet to have any major growth spurt. There was something of a chill to the boy’s magic and it had Loki cocking his head.

Curious indeed.

Interest piqued, Loki unfurled a small trundle of his magic out towards the pair. While the elder did not seem to take any notice, the boy jerked his head up from the book he was reading, head turning this way and that like he was looking for something.

This could have been by chance, Loki decided it required a far better test and sent a stronger flare of magic. This time the boy’s head  snapped immediately in his direction where he stood unseen in the shadows of the shelves and his gaze did not waver from it. Pale brows pinched together, a frown began to adorn the child’s thin face. As he began to open his mouth, one hand reaching for his father’s arm the noise at the front of the store grew in volume. The older wizard turned his head towards the ruckus with a glare, but Loki could see that there was an eagerness to his eyes. The words he spoke were clipped and did not offer room for argument.

“Do not move from this spot, Draco. I will return shortly after I find the cause of this disgraceful display.”

With that the man walked away with a flourish of his dark robes, the cane he held clicking against the floorboards of the shop and growing steadily softer the further he drew away.

Loki could sense no one else in this area of the store, it seemed that all the customers and employees were being drawn to whatever disturbance was taking place. It was too high a hope for Loki to think that Thor had nothing to do with it.

No matter, he had something far more interesting than both his brother’s antics and the numerous books around him to examine.

The boy, Draco, had not moved from his place, his eyes flickering in the direction his guardian had disappeared and where the source of the strange feeling stood hidden. Loki decided that it wouldn’t remain so as he silently melted out of the shadows to step closer to the little wizard, watching in amusement as the grip Draco had on the book’s spine in his hands was turning his pale fingers grew whiter.

Seeing the source to be a person soon brought a sense of calm to Draco. People were not normally a threat to someone like him with his standing and parents. It would not do to be seen losing his composure, either. Draco knew this and forced himself to open the book in his hands once more. He was not reading however, he was watching the raven-haired man’s sedate, yet graceful approach. The stranger was well kept and while his clothing was unique, it wasn’t too odd. He could simply be a foreigner, Draco decided, someone from high status and wealth with the quality of his dress.

The closer he grew the more something inside of Draco seemed to squirm, it wasn’t exactly a bad feeling either he realized. It made him feel warm, but at the same time cool. That feeling deep inside of him told Draco that the stranger wasn’t exactly a threat and his own curiosity was starting to outweigh his nerves. He thought that he saw a tinge of green in the corners of his vision, though the fuzzy feeling that was growing inside of his head and chest made him quickly lose focus on it.

When the book was lifted out of his hands and fingers gripped his chin, Draco did not fight it. He felt dazed and no protest left his lips as his head was tilted upwards to meet the emerald green eyes of the man, who he now realized vaguely as being incredibly tall this close.

Loki peered into the child’s eyes, searching the grey orbs and finding them charged with a magic that sung to his own. The god grinned, his own eyes shining with excitement at this most unexpected discovery.

A ruckus could still be heard from the center of the bookstore, and it was easy to recognize Thor’s booming voice over all others. It would seem his brother had found yet another cause to crusade for as he often did since his first stay in Midgard. As the trickster moved to retrieve his brother, after efficiently placing a cloaking charm on his still tame companion; Draco following the comforting magic unthinkingly, he found himself assaulted with the sight of a ginger haired horde standing behind the god of thunder. Each one starring on in both confusion and awe as Thor appeared to valiantly be defending a rather meek looking spectacled child.

“I assure you… I meant no offense. I’d never willingly make a fan uncomfortable.” Chuckled nervously a blond who Loki recognized as having the face from all the posters around the store: a supposed Lockhart. The child’s muttered “…I don’t know you.” followed by an exasperated eye roll was proof to the contrary claim of fandom.

Thor, though seemed at least lightly appeased by the author’s words. “Let this be a lesson in humbleness, my friends. One cannot assume such causal regards, specially towards a strange child.” The redheads seemed to nod agreeably while still appearing rather unsure as to what had just transpired.

Lockhart nodded his head eager to have the entire exchange forgotten, “Of course, of course! Truly my faux paus, Mr. Potter.” The blond gave an attempt at a charming smile, then proceeded to make a speedy retreat to his presumably actual fans. Not a second had passed before another blond, this one Draco’s father stepped forward with an air of smug superiority around him.

“One would assume with as many children as you have, that’d you’d excel at safe guarding them. Even one as… well renowned as Harry Potter, yet you’ve managed to do a less than mediocre job at this as well.” The oldest redhead frowned and his cheeks splashed with red at the condescending tone.

“I can safeguard my children just fine, but I thank you for your concern, Lucius.” Turning around and away from the blond, who looked annoyed at the dismissal, the man spoke to Thor in politer tones. “I appreciate what you’ve done. It’s not often a stranger would help a child, Arthur Weasley.” Arthur offered his hand to the thunderer.

Before Thor could react Loki had seamlessly stepped in between the two.

“So sorry, but we must be going. I’m glad my brother’s knack for being unable to leave anyone in need was to your convenience. Do have a nice day.” Thor waved helplessly as his brother herded him out the door in a most effortless manner born from years of pulling Thor away from troublesome situations. So caught up in the odd exchange were the Weasleys that no one noticed a certain book being slipped where it didn’t belong.

Thor pouted as they made their way away from the store.

“That was rather rude from you, brother. Did you even adquiere what you’d been seeking?” he asked curious as to what his brother might have gained from going to that shop. It was not as if the younger of the two lacked in tomes, and Thor doubted that he’d find anything significant in a Midgardian, though admirably magical , store.

One corner of Loki’s mouth quirked upwards as the other fought to contain his satisfaction, “Oh, no worries, brother. I found exactly what I wanted. Surprisingly enough, this time it was not in the pages of a book.” Thor nodded at his brother’s words even as he pondered what they could mean, never noticing their cloaked package as it followed along undisturbed and unseen.

The pair of gods moved about the shops, Loki letting his brother run amuck among the witches and wizards in search of something to take back with him to remember their little adventure. The trickster offered guidance along with a bit of firmness to stop his brother from damaging anything of significant value. He was, as always, a balance to Thor’s childlike excitement and wonder at what these mortals had created.

Still what these magical folk could do would not even be able to hold a matchstick to what Loki’s powers enabled him.

In the end it was a broom that Thor claimed as his treasure. Loki was certain that Asgard was about to become a far more interesting place for a multitude of reasons.

One emerald eye was always checking on the child that followed him, lips quirking into  a smirk anytime Loki remembered the scene from the bookstore. Draco’s father had belittled the redheaded man for not regulating his children, but it was Lucius who would discover that his inattentiveness had lost him his heir. Loki was all too happy to provide lessons of humility and irony, though he had suffered them himself in more recent years.

But that was in the past, a trifle that did not need Loki’s undivided attention.

In all truth, there would have been nothing the wizard would have been able to do to defend Draco from the god. Once the boy had gathered his attention, unconscious as it was, his fate had been sealed.

As the sun started to wane, Loki noticed a tension growing in the air, men in gallant red robes were starting to work their way through the crowds with wands drawn in seeming search of something. Well, Loki wasn’t about to hand over his prize and while the wizards would not be able to find the child under the cloak of the trickster’s unique magic he decided that it was time to depart before his brother decided to join the heroics. With a tug to Thor’s wrist, he led them down an alleyway where Loki’s path back to Asgard was hidden.

“We will be taking our leave now, Loki?” Thor asked disappointment lacing his voice as there seemed yet so much more to discover in this place. With Stormbreaker he could summon the bifrost without calling Heimdall, but it would be far better to travel alongside his brother.

If only to avoid any… mishaps from either of them.

Answered with a nod, Thor huffed softly, “It was a fine place, I wish for us to visit again someday. But for now I will satisfy myself with our spoils.” Loki’s answering grin made Thor feel strange and narrowing his mismatched eyes, he asked just what his brother had taken. He was only assured that he would be shown once they returned and with a frown Thor took hold of his brother’s shoulder to keep track of him as they slipped through the dimensions and space.

The next moment they were back in the throne room, the two glittering thrones sat side by side atop the raised platform of expertly carved stone coated in melted gold. The air was cold and the wind howled outside of the grand windows as snow fell across the land. It was winter here in the new Asgard and Thor shivered from the temperature shock of coming from England’s summer heat and humidity.

Still he ignored this as he turned his head towards Loki, curiosity burning inside of him. “Now, brother, let us see what you have claimed.”

Loki opened his mouth only for his expression to turn confused, his head turning to the side. Thor followed his gaze and watched as the air there shivered before suddenly being replaced with that of a tiny figure.

The sensation was like breaking through to the surface after being submerged in a cool lake and Draco gasped as if his lungs had been deprived of air for far too long. He stumbled, trying to regain his balance as he took in his alien surroundings. The world had gone blurry and muffled moments after Draco had first met eyes with the raven haired man. The strange voidness that had engulfed his senses hadn’t made Draco panic as the whispers in his mind urged him to just follow the comforting feeling through the haze. The voice had assured him that if obeyed, everything would be fine.

The shift in temperature and magical atmosphere couldn’t be dampened by whatever had a hold on Draco. With confusing and mounting concern gripping him, Draco had broken through the illusion and spellwork on him.

Glancing about, Draco was met with a scene like that from a fairytale. A grand hall that seemed to have simply stepped out of the pages of some fantasy. With so much gold and silver gilding the decorative candle and torch holders, chandeliers, and other trivial embellishments, that Draco suspected far surpassed even the Malfoy fortune. Beautiful and entrancing tapestries that hung upon the walls and ceiling depicting fantastic tales.

The men before him, they seemed to stand larger than life and were both looking at Draco with varying degrees of shock. While there was that tingling feeling of connection with the dark haired one, the other screamed of danger.

In the end it didn’t matter what Draco felt from the paler figure, he had a hand in his kidnapping! Terror gripped him and Draco did what most would do in such a situation.


Polished shoes carried him quickly towards the towering doorway, only to skid to a stop as the dark haired man apparated in front of him in a strangely silent way. That escape blocked, Draco turned on his heel to run in the opposite direction, perhaps he could find a place to hide when he crashed into what felt like solid stone. Looking up from his new position on the ground though revealed the cause to be the blond haired man. Panicked, Draco cursed himself for forgetting the fact that he was, in fact, a wizard and flicked his wrist to summon his wand from the holster on his arm.

Only to find it horrifyingly absent.

As a shiny pair of boots stopped on either side of his head, Draco swallowed, but nonetheless forced his gaze up to see that his wand was being twirled lazily between the long fingers of the raven as he stood above the young wizard with a contemplative expression.

Two massive tanned hands that easily encompassed each of his shoulders were then lifting Draco up off the ground, leaving his feet to dangle a foot or so above the ground. He was handled with the ease that one might a ragdoll as he was turned by the blond so they could both face the darker of the pair. For once in his life, Draco didn’t seem to have any words to say as the firm hold on his shoulders was not even slightly budged by his struggles.

“Brother.” Thor’s words were slow as he tried to keep his fury contained, it didn’t work very well as a few sparks danced off of his body and made the child yelp in terror. At least the boy finally grew still, too afraid of being shocked by the lighting that boiled under Thor’s skin. The palace was echoing with the sound of thunder as the storm suddenly grew worse outside.

“What is this ?” The face his brother had pulled right before the little blond was revealed told Thor that Loki hadn’t lifted the illusion himself. To overcome the mischief maker’s magic was an almost impossible feat to so many races, including most humans.

Loki hummed and tipped his head slightly to the side examining the boy in Thor’s hands.

“A boy, Thor. A very intriguing one that managed to break through my charms.” The god of mischief replied flippantly with his attention remaining mostly on processing the fact that Draco had broken his spell. The trickster had assumed the child would be capable of many things, and was most delighted that the recent display of magic indicated he’d assumed correctly.

Thor’s anger steadily rose to the surface at his brother’s cavalier attitude to what he could only assume was the rapture of an innocent child, said child who now looked around in panic hoping to find some sort of escape.

Before the thunderer could make his displeasure known, Loki continued in his considering manner. “The boy has talent, and a natural connection with magic that none of those he might have been raised around could have taught him to tap into, let alone command at will.”

He took Draco from Thor’s hands lifting him just as easily as his brother which caused the blond’s struggles to begin anew. “Put me down you deranged lunatics! My father will hear about this and the-“ Draco’s words were caught off as Loki shifted him to be carried under his arm, much like someone would carry a sack of potatoes or bolt of cloth, placing a muffling spell that would prevent any more insults or any words at all to leave the child’s mouth.

As Draco continued to struggle and move his lips soundlessly, Loki looked his brother in the eyes unflinchingly even as he was faced with Thor’s obvious displeasure.

“He is of my blood.”

“I… what? I do not understand…” The god of thunder starred in utter confusion at his brother, his look of disbelief mirrored by the now limply hanging youth under Loki’s arm. “Forgive me, brother, I know of your pass times, but are you implying this child is my kin? My nephew?”

The older blond knew of his brother’s predilection for siring, sometimes birthing , children, but the idea of one standing so unexpectedly in his presence was enough to momentarily make him forget his anger.

With a lazy lift of his shoulders that could barely pass for a shrug, Loki looked down at his charge, who looked back with a twist to his lips that made him appear more petulant than intimidating as he’d probably planned.

“Nephew, son, many times removed descendant. It is of little matter, he will flourish under my tutelage and become an exemplary sorcerer. Much more than a mere wizard, someone worthy of being named my heir.” Loki announced grandiosity all the while knowingly irritating Draco by petting his hair as if he were a cat.

Thor’s temper re-emerged at Loki’s last words.

“You can not simply take a child and claim it as yours!” The rumbling of thunder could be heard reverberating around the throne room mixing with the god’s booming voice, “That is not how you obtain heirs, Loki!”

Thor took a step forward and clenched his fists, but managed to refrain from attempting to shake some sense into his brother.

The god of mischief grimaced at the other’s words, but remained resolute as he replied with a stubbornly set jaw and flat tone, “That is how Father did it…”

Thor visibly flinched back, rightly wary of probing old wounds. The first rupture of them had led to so much chaos, pain, and death for many beings across the universe. Loki’s true heritage being hidden for centuries and the fact that he had practically been living a lie had warped the shapeshifter almost to the point of insanity. The torture he had suffered under Thanos had then pushed him past that threshold. While Loki was much calmer now, he still had his… quirks as it were. This including stabbing Thor in a way of waking his brother if he caught the thunderer ever sleeping past the sunrise.


Thor’s voice grew soft, feeling his way as carefully as he could. There was a tension to the way that his younger brother stood and the boy under his arm stayed frozen as he sensed the precariousness of the situation. One wrong word or move and Thor was certain that Loki would disappear down a hidden path with his prize. It would be an arduous task to track them down when the god of lies could easily slip between realities and dimensions. Instead Thor tried to whittle down his brother’s reasoning, after all, he was trying to understand it himself.

The boy having a bit stronger than normal magic for a Midgardian was not so special. There were many strains of such people apparently, yet Loki hadn’t snatched any of them…

That Thor knew of at least.

“He is small, brother. A Midgardian does not belong on Asgard with a race of warriors, unlike you, even with the aid of magic. He will age and perish in a blink of our eyes.” Hadn’t Loki said something similar to him an age ago, saying he was a fool for growing attachments towards delicate mortals? It had been made painfully obvious to Thor from the events with Jane that certain relationships were doomed to fail between gods and humans.

Instead of immediately answering, Loki glanced down at the child as he felt Draco shifting to place one hand on the trickster’s leather covered thigh so he could brace himself enough to bring his head up. It took much effort and it seemed all the little blond wanted to accomplish was not to attack Loki in an attempt to escape. No, it appeared that all Draco wished was to be able to glare at Thor for the blatant insult.

A chuckle escaped Loki, pleased as he realized the child’s hubris had also been roused. How lovely, he was certain he could play this card in the future to get his way without Draco realizing he had been tricked.

“I assure you, that he will prove you wrong, dear brother.”

The glare the child sent him, it reminded Thor of his brother’s when he was younger, before the mischief making god learned how to conceal his innermost thoughts from the world. With the boy’s pale hair swept back and pointed face, Thor was struck with the similarities that the two did share. Most likely the boy looked far more similar to Loki than his other children did from the rumors he heard and hints that his brother had given.

“Still, how do you know he is yours?” Thor challenged, trying not to be put off by the child’s glare and the now annoyed look the trickster was sporting. The closeness of their appearances could be laughed off and denied by many, it would not be difficult for Loki to place a glamor over the boy to change his looks to his preference. Until he was given undeniable proof that the other was truly of royal blood, Thor would deny Loki’s right to take him. Even then, surely the boy was far better off on Midgard? The way he was dressed and his current health said that he was at least physically cared for well enough.

“My word is not enough for you?” Loki asked innocently, cocking a fine brow.

“You are the god of lies , brother.” Thor answered, it was a far from necessary reminder, though the way the boy jerked in the crook of Loki’s arm said that the statement was not what he expected to hear. By now the boy knew that speaking would do little, so instead he stared at the two open mouthed.

It was a rather unbecoming expression, one which Loki was quick to fix as he used the hand unoccupied with holding the child to gently close the blond’s lips.

“If you want proof, then I shall supply it.” Loki answered evenly, striding over to one of the many gold covered walls that had been polished to the point of acting as a mirror. He didn’t have to check to see if he was being followed, he knew without a doubt that Thor would remain on his heels like one of Odin’s hounds. Setting the child on his feet, while keeping both of his thin wrists in one of his own hands, Loki’s tone was firm, but surprisingly gentle.

“Be still, Draco. I have no intention to bring harm to you. You will simply feel a slight chill.”

For some reason, Draco found himself believing the man that he had multitudes of evidence now not do exactly that. There was little he could do to protest it anyway as Loki kept his hands in a vice like grip. A cool palm was pressed to Draco’s forehead and he shivered as he thought that the raven’s skin felt colder than a normal person’s, but that might be the stress of the situation making his imagination run wild.

But the temperature of the other’s skin seemed to just keep dropping and Draco was soon consumed by full body shivers. Still the cold wasn’t exactly an unwelcoming or bad feeling, though it did make his eyelids feel far too heavy to keep lifted and soon couldn’t fight them any longer from sliding shut. There was chattering coming from his mouth and it seemed that the sound of his teeth wasn’t one that was covered by the muffling spell as it echoed into Draco’s own ears.

No longer distracted by what was occuring around him, Draco was left to just… feel. The cold was indeed originating from the hand placed on his head, but it seemed to also be coming from inside of him. From his very magical core, which he had been trained to sense from a young age under his father’s strange meditation lessons. Focused as he was, Draco could feel the foreign, yet familiar magic of Loki circling around his core. Then it seemed like the trickster’s magic had ensnared a thread of Draco’s own and had begun to retreat with it. It felt like Loki was carefully unraveling magic from Draco’s core like it was a large spool of delicate silk.

But as it continued to unwind, the cold Draco felt in his chest also grew.

“Do you intend to give him frostbite?!” Thor demanded, the panic in the man’s booming voice jerking Draco out of the trance he seemed to have fallen into.

Eyes snapping open, Draco’s gaze was immediately prompted upwards towards the outside source of cold, there Draco could see the bottom of Loki’s hand, wrist, and the short length of his arm that was revealed by his clothes. There was something very strange about them though, the skin appeared to be… blue.

Flickering his eyes downwards, Draco saw that the hand holding his wrists was also that alien color… but so were Draco’s. Not only that, there were perfectly etched geometric patterns printed upon the backs of Draco’s hands and strangely, he knew that the elegant designs stretched ever further up his arms.

Finally, despite the growing tightness in his throat, Draco forced himself to gaze at the proclaimed god whom had taken him, his throat catching at the sight that awaited him not only of the man, but what he saw in the makeshift mirror.

A gasp could be heard. Whether it came from Thor or himself, Draco could not be sure. Staring back at him where he expected to see silver was a fiery red, one reminiscent of the times the sun shined through his mother’s many precious gems. Instead of gold hued strands, now snowy ones brushed what used to be milky skin, but was now tinted a rich blue.

Draco stared at his reflection shocked at the stranger staring back at him. More of the geometric patterns decorated his face. A circular pattern was printed upon his forehead, lines swept under his eyes which settled over his cheekbones, they highlighted their height and stretched back into his now white hairline past his ears. The raised tattoos stretched down either side of his neck and he wondered what might lie under his clothes.  

“What is this?”

The breathless words came from Thor, the child having had his words stolen by shock and spell. “How is he…Jotun?”

Loki sent a flat look at his brother, “I’ve told you: he’s my blood .” He gazed almost fondly at Draco through red eyes darker than the child’s. “Obviously, it’s not as diluted as you’d expect it to be.”

Thor nodded grimly. “I’m sorry I’ve doubted you, brother. I don’t agree with your methods, but I will stand behind your claim.” The god nodded grimly his approval, there was little else he could do with the evidence set before him. Then a smile broke upon Thor’s face as he clapped his hands in front of him in clear finality. “Everything is well now.”

“Well? Nothing is well! What have done to me?!” Draco was still facing his reflection, but his panicked words were clearly aimed towards the two gods. The boy whirled around to face Loki with an anguished look.

”Turn me back! Remove this curse, and take me back to my father!” he grasped onto what he could of Loki’s clothing angrily, his breathing growing rapid.

The god of mischief looked on impassively knowing there would be no consolation for the boy, not until he had had time to process all that had transpired. Loki knew well what learning truths about yourself could do to your mind, he would not let the child go through it alone, but kindness would fall empty in his current state. Personal experience had proven as much to Loki, instead it was far better to let things run their course and carefully pick up the pieces after. Certainly, he could put the child back together into something far greater than what he was now.

“I want to go home! I demand you return me immediately!” There was frustration and a brave face that was easily counteracted by the tears Draco tried to hold back.

Thor moved forward and then came to an abrupt stop as Draco flinched away; effectively leaving himself cornered against the golden wall. That familiar blue skin, the way the air suddenly felt cooler, Thor knew that at the moment it would be physically impossible to touch the boy without receiving harm himself. That would not have been such a concern, but the way Draco looked upon him in utter terror was. “Brother! Do something, he’s clearly not well.”

Draco worked himself into full blown hyperventilating before Loki reached out two fingers and pressed them against the boy's forehead. “Rest for now. I know what a shock you just received.”

Draco’s eyes gently closed at Loki’s words and as the trickster’s fingers withdrew, both blue tinted skins returned to their milky complexions.

As soon as he was safe to touch once more, Thor caught the boy in his arms and lifted him to rest his head on his broad shoulder.

“He sleeps well. Are we certain that this is for the best?” The thunderer asked after quickly checking over the child, more force of habit rather than in doubt of his brother’s intent. He looked down pityingly at the small body that easily fit and was supported in the crook of one of his arms. There was no doubt that he was Loki’s descendant with the heritage lines that belonged to the Jotun royal family present on his skin. If he had not been discovered, would he have been able to live among the Midgardians without hardship brought about by his blood?

Loki reached forward, tucking a now pale blond strand of hair back behind the boy’s ear as he spoke. “He would have suffered far more without my interference.”

Getting a quirked brow in question, Loki only gestured for his brother to follow him trusting Thor to carry his great something other nephew with care. They moved through the halls of the palace with ease, both knowing the layout and passages as if they were following the paths of the veins in their arms. Some of the servants crossed their way, their heads bowed as their kings passed, but eyes tracked the small form in the god of thunder’s arms with obvious curiosity and there were budding whispers at the way the shapeshifter kept a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

Thor suspected that Loki might very well be choosing halls that would have them encounter others on purpose. The god of mischief did indeed love attention and chaos. Within the hour, Thor was certain that most of the city would have heard of the unknown child in the palace.

Somedays the brothers were certain that the servants were the worst gossipers in the universe.

Still what better way to assure that Draco was welcomed when he awoke than after everyone heard how tenderly their kings seemed to be doting on the tiny sleeping child.

A set of grand double doors opened up into a beautiful room, one of which was station between Thor and Loki’s own. It was the heir’s suite that had been sitting empty for so long and neither of the brothers had been eager to fill it. Loki had multiple children across the universe, but none of them he saw as fit to rule as his heirs, be it by their choice or his proclamation.

Draco was different, the trickster was certain of it by the feel of his magic, how their first encounter played out, and his personality. Despite the insanity he had faced, his world crumbling around him, Draco had kept his composure far better than any other creature. Handled it with more grace than Loki himself had so far, even if he had almost sent himself into fainting in his growing hysteria.

Glancing at the curious crest that sat above the breast of the boy, Loki waved a hand causing the color scheme of the room to shift to silver and shades of green. He directed Thor to set the boy in the large bed after Loki settled himself on the edge of it first. With the blond’s head in his lap and Thor standing guard over them from any threat, Loki felt… safe, no perhaps complete would be a better term for the trickster to use as he ran his fingers through the pale locks of hair as Draco continued to sleep.

“I beseech you to speak, brother. What would have happened to Draco if he had remained on Midgard?” Thor asked, tasting his apparent kin’s name on his tongue and nodding slightly in satisfaction at the feel of it. It was strong name, a prince ’s name. Still it seem at odds with how very tiny the boy appeared in a bed meant for a full grown Asgardian warrior. Perhaps everything in the room would have to be resized to better suit the small one.

“His Jotun blood causes his skin to be cold, while it might not be noticable now; it will grow more pronounced as he ages. Without learning how to control his connection to ice magic, his body would become ever stiffer.” Loki thought back to the boy’s father, how he walked with a cane despite being so young. While the wizard seemed to be able to mask his actual need for the tool, Loki had been able to see through the way he walked that the cane was far more than a visible status symbol. “If Draco had stayed the healers his family would have called upon would have thought there was something wrong with the flow of his magic. It would have grown thick, practically into a solid substance that would hampered his movement causing him a great amount of pain. It would have killed him young.”

“Do his parents not suffer the same condition?” Ah the ever bleeding heart of Thor, but it was a reasonable question. Loki had probed Lucius with his magic and knew that the presence of his blood and magic inside of the older man was far weaker than it was in his heir. Blood and magic acted in unpredictable ways, for power to skip a generation or multiple ones is not the strangest occurrence ever heard of.

“I encountered the father briefly in the bookstore, he has some stiffness though nothing life threatening. He will have the typical lifespan of a mortal.” Harsh with his dismissal of man’s importance perhaps, but Lucius was of little interest to him. When Loki had examined the man’s magical core he had been disgusted by the tainted, sickly feel it had. The cause, he wasn’t sure, but it made him all the more eager to snatch Draco away from his guardian before he could somehow infect the boy as well.

“He will need to learn how to not only control the ice, but understand when he needs to express it. Too long a wait and it will slowly freeze him from the inside out.” Loki did not intend to let this happen, now nor ever. Getting Draco to accept his new lot, it would be a long battle and he doubted that the child would feel gratefulness for a while yet.

But if it was one thing that they now had, it was time.

The light that came in through the windows grew ever dimmer and Loki flicked his fingers to light a fire in the hearth along with the candles that dotted the room. The light was soft and comforting, currently the bookshelves that were built into the walls laid barren. Pursing his lips he realized that wouldn’t do, this place was far too empty and cold. The enchanted sleep would most likely last for a few more hours as Draco’s mind and magic stabilized from expressing his Jotun form, adjusting to the atmosphere of Asgard, and dealt with the trauma of what he had learned in such a short amount of time.

“This room needs changes.”

The words had Thor lifting his head, obviously startled at having been pulled out of his own musings. One blue and one hazel eyes glanced about the mostly barren suite before he murmured his agreement. Summoning ink, quill, and parchment Loki composed a quick list of items that would improve the space. Thor had his own interesting suggestions and Loki was surprised by how many of them he found himself caving to. Thor was eager to fulfill every request, enjoying the fact he had something he could do other than wait for Draco to wake.

Servants flowed in and out of the room in a constant stream to fill the shelves with the books that Loki listed dealing with Asgardian fairy tales, history, customs, and information about the nine realms they commanded. Spell books, many of them charmed to not be opened unless in Loki’s presence were carefully slid into place under their kings’ watchful eye. Loki did not move from the bed as he directed, it was far better to stay close to Draco in his current delicate state and the boy’s magic was continuing to familiarize itself with the god’s. The mixing of their magic would create a tighter bond than any words could and accomplish it far faster.

Thor’s own magic was reaching out towards Draco, Loki felt its static like energy dancing across his own skin as the heir’s room slowly transformed.

The walls were a striking emerald green with silver embellishments scattered about, leather covered armchairs and a sofa were placed near the hearth. An expertly crafted desk and potions’ station was against one wall, Loki knew the boy’s long thin fingers would be exemplary for the delicate task of brewing. Tapestries depicting beautiful places in Asgard and after a bit of consideration a few rare ones of Jotunheim were hung carefully on the walls. Vases with painted scenes of battles and tales were set tastefully around the room, waiting to be discovered and questioned about. Perhaps they could tease some interest in the child about the world he had just entered, this was Thor’s hope at least.

Clothing that they assumed to be Draco’s size was brought in and stored away, fittings would have to wait for a little while longer. For the time being, there had to be something that could fit the child well enough for when he traveled among the populus.  

Typical Asgardian toys and trinkets were also placed within reach. Soldiers, archers, elves, dwarfs, members of the royal family including the brothers themselves, were carved into intricate stone figures. Soft figures of winged horses, hounds, and other animals that were seen across the nine realms were tucked away. Perhaps they were childish, but some were Loki and Thor’s own from when they were small. There was still so much that they didn’t know about the boy that was quickly shaping up to be the heir of the kingdom. When was his day of birth? How old was he? What was his life before now? His fears, hope, dreams?

Until Draco accepted his place in Asgard, Loki doubted he would be privy to tell them the information of his own free will. After extended time with the Mind Stone, the artifact had imparted the trickster with far more magic, knowledge, and the ability to do very shallow mind reading. If Draco was thinking the answers clearly, Loki may be able to gloss it from him. Yet it would be far better to gain it through trust.

The bedspread was a work of art that showed his claim with such certainty it made Loki feel cathartic. His symbol, two great snakes coiling around each other was spread across the comforter in rich silver on a green backdrop. The pillows were black and currently a blanket of thick grey fur was draped over Draco to combat the chill of winter that snuck into the palace. With reluctance, Thor allowed himself to be sent away to attend dinner with his fellows while his brother remained with the boy. Loki had assured the anxious thunderer that he would be summoned soon after Draco awoke once more.

The trickster wondered how Asgard, along with the nine realms would take to Draco. How would Thor and Loki introduce him to them all, what might be his title? He was far too young to have an affiliation associated with the boy like Thor was to thunder and Loki was to mischief.

A shift in his lap brought Loki’s focus back to the present and more specifically to the silver orbs that were slowly growing more focused as they gazed up at him. Draco’s form tensed, fear sparking in his eyes as he recognized the raven whose lap his head was in. Then he was relaxing, Draco murmuring as his lids started to close again. “I’m still asleep. It’s just a dream.”

Ah, so the boy had decided to get stuck on the denial stage did he?

“I assure you, little descendant, this is no dream. Reality might be painful at times, but you can’t hide from it forever...” The words and small pinch to one of the small arms had the desired effect of getting the boy to wake completely, the rest of what he did, not as much as Draco quickly scrambled between getting to his feet and fighting the fur he was wrapped in.

The pelt won as Draco fell into a heap on the floor beside the bed, at least the plush rug had cushioned his fall somewhat. It would have been best for Loki to offer some words of comfort to the distraught youth, but all that came from his lips was a simple.

“How very graceful.”

“Who… What are you? Where is this place?!” The words weren’t quite a demand, his anger from earlier having ebbed away into fear, confusion, and suspicion. Draco needed to stay focused, else he descend into panic once more. His father had always told him information was power and and with how little of that Draco held here, compared to apparent gods, he needed all he could get.

“I will give you all the answers you wish for, though some of them will not please you.” answered the man, god, creature, Draco was still uncertain of what he should call Loki. In the short time that had passed in their acquaintanceship, what was obvious was that Draco had no hope of overpowering or outrunning Loki. So when the man offered a hand out to him as he stood up elegantly from the bed, Draco decided to take it. The man’s skin still felt cool, but it would not have been obvious to him if Draco wasn’t looking for it.

After helping the boy back to his feet, Loki did not release his hand, instead he led him towards the set of doors that led to an elegant balcony. The worst of the blizzard had passed now, though snowflakes continued to drift lazily towards the ground. When the doors were pushed open and the wind whistled past Draco’s ears, he didn’t shiver. They stepped through the snow to the railing of the balcony.

The sight he looked down upon had Draco’s breath hitching as he knew in that moment, that he was in a place truly far from home. A large golden city spiraled out beneath them, streets and homes alight with both magic and flame. Voices, laughter, and cheers trailed up to their ears as men and women, dressed in leathers and heavy furs,  wandered about as small specks through the streets. It the distance was towering snow capped mountains, lakes reflecting the light of distant stars, ever expanding forests were dark living shadows, and valleys currently filled with snow that promised flowers once spring came. It was beautiful and something about this alien place warmed Draco from the inside out as snowflakes got caught in his blond hair.

“This is Asgard, home of the Asgardians a race of warrior people whom many from your world see as godlike figures. We are the rulers and the keepers of the peace across the nine realms.” A small beam of light left Loki’s hand to direct the child’s eyes to a distant blue dot in a patch of clear night sky.

“That is where your old home is, a place we call Midgard, or Earth as it is referred to by the inhabitants.”

Draco’s knees had become weak as his mind tried to process all that came from the man’s mouth. Hands gripped the cold marble of the railing for support as he whispered. “This is insanity. You can’t expect me to truly believe we are… that we are so far away!”

“We are.” Loki answered with surprising patience as he watched the boy struggle, through suffering would come strength. That was often the code of warriors, but Draco was no warrior. At least not yet.

“You won’t let me return.” The words were soft as Draco stared over the edge of the ice covered balcony.

“I have no intention to. No, Draco Lokison, this is where you belong.” That was his heir’s new name, what he would be known as throughout the realms. While the child might not be his direct son, they shared blood enough that Loki was more than welcome to treating and accepting him as if he had been born directly from his flesh.

“My name,” The boy hissed as he turned to glare at the man, “is Draco Lucius Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy name and fortune. Son of Lucius Abraxas Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy Nee Black, you have no right to keep me here! I am a pureblood wizard, I won’t stand here and listen to your lies.”

Loki only gave an unimpressed hum as he reached forward unafraid to grip Draco’s chin between his fingers, his other hand tracing the skin under a now scarlet colored eye that had begun to leak tears in the boy’s frenzy. The salty water freezing quickly in the frigid air and contact with Draco’s skin. “And yet, this skin you wear proves to be not that of a mere mortal. You are no pureblood, you are something far greater. What runs through your veins is not only the blood of Asgard, but that of Jotunheim. The blood of gods and Frost Giants.”

“You anguish too much over what you have lost, Draco, and blind yourself to what you have gained.” The boy flinched as he saw in the reflection of Loki’s red eyes, that his appearance had once again shifted to that strange, alien one from before. Loki too had changed as well and Draco could only stare as he saw the lines that were printed on his own skin, matched the etches on the raven’s face.

“And what, pray tell , have I gained from this apparent curse?”

Loki bit back his frustration at the boy’s constant claim that his blood right was a curse: it rang much too close to his previous sentiments. “First of all, this , is no curse. A curse makes every gain a loss. A curse frees you to nothing but dissatisfaction. A curse makes it so power runs fruitless. This, ” The god spread his arms to incompose first his body then the landscape around them giving a twirl for dramatic emphasis, “is no curse. This is your birthright. The norms have given you the privilege to be born of my blood. What runs through your veins is not some poison, it is proof to your power, to your claim to the throne, to my tutelage; to knowledge and mastery you would have never gained in your old life.”

Draco was enthralled by the vitriol Loki had so animatedly imparted. It was hard to resist feeling moved by the gods words, especially when they made something inside him sing and his magic hum with the energy flowing off the other.  The part of him that was raised on legacies and heritage felt vindicated, and an even larger part of himself he didn’t want to admit to was blamed by the indirect reassurance of his worth, of his standing.

Loki reigned in some of his emotion, lowering his arms and turning to stand face to face with Draco. “Secondly, I’d expect a Slytherin to be more open to an opportunity to succeed. I might not have any attachment to mortals or think much of their frivolous ideologies, but I can understand the value in cunning and ambition. Don’t let your emotions cloud you to what you could achieve here. Many have had to claw and crawl to received only a pitiful glimpse of what you could have, at what I’m willing to bestow upon you for the mere presence of talent and potential I’ve seen in you.”

Pride slowly swelled in Draco’s chest as Loki continued his persuasive speech, but he couldn’t stop the sadness that creeped in at the edges of his awareness. Slytherin was his family’s way of life, but it was also his family’s home away from home and it had been for generations, the two were interlinked.

“My family… being a Slytherin is also about loyalty to your family, you don’t simply walk away from your responsibilities. I have a responsibility as the Malfoy heir.” The words spoke of depth, but Draco’s tone lacked the conviction they once had.

The trickster shook his head gently as his expression softened at the boy’s words. “Loyalty, family. They don’t get in the way of what’s best for you.” Loki reached out to firmly lay his hands upon Draco’s small shoulders, “I’ll be brutally honest, if you had stayed your family would have suffered as your uncontrolled magic slowly froze in your veins. You would have died young and every minute leading up to your death would have been agony not just for you, but for your parents. Believe me: there are few things more devastating than helplessness… or watching as your child perishes in front of you.”

The god’s eyes misted over briefly before focusing again on the child whose own eyes and expression had become crestfallen. “I could teach you exercises and techniques that would prevent the clotting of your magic, but after all you’ve learned even if you are returned to your family and are healthy; you will never be satisfied. I am willing and able to name you my heir and give you anything you could ever wish for, or you can return and be with your family, but never meet your potential and forever know what you could have achieved.”

Loki straightened his back and removed his hands from Draco’s shoulders. “It is your choice to make. Do as your nature dictates, and your conscious permits.”

With this the trickster walked away and out of the room, leaving the boy to his thoughts and passing his brother who had been lingering in the entrance knowing better than to interrupt.

Thor and Loki exchanged nods, but otherwise stayed silent as they had no words they could think to say to each other.

The god of thunder remained in the doorway of the heir’s suite, watching as the boy looked out at the distant stars with a look of pain and sadness upon his face as he was forced to make a choice that would uproot all he had known and believed through his, admittedly short, life. Thor did not want to potentially undo all his brother’s work, but he could not simply stand and watch Draco’s idle suffering.

As he walked out onto the balcony, Thor spoke trying to temper his volume, but the child still flinched as he made his presence known. He dropped the thick fur pelt back upon the boy’s shoulders, using it as a buffer between them as he gently directed Draco back towards the chamber. Draco’s skin was still blue and eyes scarlet as he looked at the broad man in question.

“Come inside, little one.”

There had been food set on the table by the hearth, but Draco did not seem to have the appetite to even nibble upon the delicacies set before him. Thor did not blame him and instead motioned for the boy to at least partake in some of the tea. As small hands held the cup between his fingers, his skin began to rapidly lighten once more to its almost snow like complexion. Thor did not comment on how those hands had a slight tremble.

“As my brother said, the choice is yours, Draco. Loki delights in creating chaos through mischief, but his words are never without meaning. He has not spoken a lie in your presence. While it might seem impossible considering how little you know of each other, he cares for you greatly.”

Thor did not have the silver tongue, nor honey tone that his brother spoke with. No, his words were far more blunt and direct, but they were nonetheless moving as he leaned back against the hearth. “You are my kin, whether you accept to stay or leave is no matter. I will do my best to teach and protect you, this I swear . Our people have suffered great losses recently, to have a prince… It would bring a sense of joy and stability to us all. I cannot promise that it will be easy, but it will be glorious.”

“Why do you have so much faith in me? What if I don’t live up to your expectations? You don’t even know me.” Draco’s voice was soft but laced with desperation. Trying to find fault in either side’s argument that would make his choice easier to make.

“Oh, I completely expect you to fail.” Thor laughed at the incredulous and insulted look the boy sent his way, it reminded the thunderer of a cat whom had been stroked too harshly.

“It is through failure that you learn, it took me falling worlds’ short of my father’s expectations, blood, loss, and tears for me to truly learn what it means to be a king. Humility and honor cannot truly exist without the other, to do so would be either arrogance or cowardice.” The words were heavy on Thor’s shoulders, but their weight was a burden he had learned to bare. “Take the night to think over it all, we can wait until the dawn when we break fast to hear your answer.”

“There’s no need.” Draco answered, interrupting Thor’s journey to the door, the god paused and looked back, waiting silently for the child to continue.

“I’m staying.” There was no hesitation in Draco’s voice, he was a Slytherin, he was resourceful, clever, and ambitious. What could be more ambitious than ruling over literal worlds and growing powerful enough to protect them?

“That is wonderful news!” Thor was beaming as he reached out a great hand to ruffle the pale blond strands, ignoring Draco’s squawks of protest as Thor gave into the urge to sweep the boy into an embrace that lifted him far off the floor.

Loki watched the scene, just out of sight, with a smile upon his face. 


Malfoy translates into meaning "Bad Faith", its rather fitting that they would be born from the God of Lies and Mischief in our eyes.

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