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Different, but not less.

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Different, but not less.

--Chapter 1--


“Don't be angry.”


“I'm not angry. Just irritated. Come on.” Greg shakes his head as he puts an arm under Sherlock, supporting the man as they make their way to Sherlock's flat. The snow is rapidly turning everything around them white and that irritates Greg even more.


“Stupid snow.”


“I thought you liked the s-snow.” Sherlock's body shudders next to him and Greg can't be sure if it's from the cold or something else. He can't smell anything different about Sherlock but the few people they pass do stop and turn their heads so they're must be something off. He has to suppress a growl when one Alpha male stares a little too long at Sherlock and the grip around Sherlock's waist gets tighter as they pass him.


“I like the snow. I just don't like it when I need to walk in it. ” Greg breathes out slowly, trying to loosen the beginning tension in his body and let his grip on Sherlock relax. He can feel Sherlock's heat against his own and he does let out a curse when Sherlock shudders again.


“You are an- angry.”


“I'm not. Just worried. We're almost there.”


Greg looks left and right before crossing the street and stopping in front of Sherlock's building. It's the best-protected building in town but the idea of leaving Sherlock alone in his flat makes Greg's stomach upset. It doesn't smell like heat but there is clearly something wrong with the man as he clings to Greg, his weight leaning on Greg as he searches for his keys.


“Can you?” Sherlock asks, giving the keys to Greg and he can feel Sherlock tremble as he fumbles with the lock. The temperature is pleasantly warm as they stumble inside, Sherlock's coat getting in the way as Greg closes the door. Sherlock leans against the wall and Greg's Alpha instincts kick in as he sees the distress in his blue-green eyes. Tiny beads of sweat are forming on his brow and he's still shivering.


“You need to get a proper coat. And some gloves.”


“Y-yes mother.” Sherlock mocks but it misses it's effect as a shiver runs through him. At least there aren't any other Alpha's here cause now even Greg can start smelling Sherlock's scent.


“You're an idiot Sherlock. Come on, let's get you inside your flat and settled. Then I'm calling your brother to give him a piece of my mind.”


Sherlock starts to protest but Greg ignores it, taking the man in his arms and carrying him up the stairs. He's not in his prime anymore but someone as skinny as Sherlock is easy to carry and they make it inside the flat without an accident.


He sets Sherlock on the sofa, letting out another curse as he notices the chill in the flat. It's not cold like outside but for an Omega, in beginning heat, it's just not good enough and Greg sets to turning up the heating and starting a fire.


“Here, put this over you.” Greg hands him the blanket from the other chair and Sherlock pulls it tightly around himself, moving closer to the fire as his body shivers and shakes. Sherlock's smell is stronger here and Greg can't help but take a big breath, seeing the flicker of want in Sherlock's eyes.


“This is unacceptable, Sherlock. No heating, probably no food and this only hours away from your heat. Why isn't your brother here?”


“He's on a b-business trip. And I can take care of myself, Lestrade.”


“Yes. I can clearly see that.” Greg raises an eyebrow and Sherlock looks away, gaze aimed at the flames as his mouth goes into a pout. Greg sighs, running a hand through his hair as he tries to figure out what to do now. It's not his place to look after Sherlock, even if his instincts are screaming at him to do just that.


“Mds. Hudson is home, she'll have food. She always makes extra portions.” Sherlock is still not looking at him and Greg moves closer, placing a hand on Sherlock's forehead. It feels like normal and he can't help but notice how Sherlock's eyes fall closed, leaning into his touch and letting out a soft sigh.


“Okay. I'll go downstairs to fetch you food. Do you have any heat meds?”


Sherlock looks up, his eyes a shade darker than before and Greg takes a step back, his heart pounding in his chest as Sherlock looks him over.


“You don't want me.”


“Sherlock, please focus.” Sherlock blinks his eyes and Greg let's out a growl. “ The heat meds Sherlock, where are they?”


“Bathroom cabinet, second shelf on the right. Why don't you want me?”


“I'll go get them. You take them while I go downstairs.” Greg moves, avoiding Sherlock's question and his searching gaze. He finds the meds where Sherlock said they would be and takes a b line to the kitchen, filling a tall glass of water before going back into the living room.


“There you go.” He places the glass and the meds on the table, avoiding Sherlock's burning eyes. It's never been an issue before. They'be worked together for about two years now and Sherlock has never asked a question like this. Maybe it's just the upcoming heat, the hormones inside his body messing with his head cause the idea of Sherlock wanting Greg to want him is absurd.


You're broken goods, Greg. You'll never find an Omega that wants you!”


You don't even deserve to be called an Alpha!”


You don't love me! If you loved me then-”


“Lestrade? Is everything okay?” Sherlock's hand on his snaps Greg back to the present moment and he takes a step back as Sherlock watches him with concern. The spot where Sherlock's fingers touched him burns and he stuffs his hands in his pockets, looking at a spot over Sherlock's shoulder.


“Fine. I'm fine. I'll go get you some food. Take those.” Greg points to the meds and then he turns and leaves, feeling Sherlock's eyes burn on his back.