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Prank You Very Much

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Prank You Very Much

Shorts of pranks. DiNozzo and McGee families

Chapter 1: Tali and Anthony; Prank War

Ten year old Anthony opened the door to his room and had a cup of confetti dumped on him as he entered. He looked up and saw the rigged cup on the door frame. His sister Tali was in for a big surprise. She had pranked the wrong sibling today!

He went into the shared bathroom with Tali's room and peeked into his sister's room. She was not in the room. He quickly went to Tali's bed and stuck the black rubber snake in between her sheets, making sure to smooth over the wrinkles he had created. He went back to his own room and started his homework.

Ima came to the doorway with Anthony's clean clothes from the laundry load she had just finished folding. "Here are your clean clothes, Anthony. Please put them away." She looked at the paper bits on the floor and reminded him to vacuum his room before dinner.

"Yes, Ima. Thanks." Anthony smiled at his Ima, deciding not to argue about the paper confetti that Tali should be the one to clean up. If he argued, he knew his Ima would find other chores for him to do as well, and, more importantly, she would ask why he insisted that Tali clean up the mess. As far as he knew, Ima and Abba had no clue as to the prank war between the siblings.

Anthony was reading his book for the book report due next week when Tali came home. He heard her go into her room and put her backpack on her desk. She looked around her room, checking for any telltale signs that her brother had been in her room. All looked undisturbed, so Tali started on her homework.

Anthony smiled to himself, knowing that Tali had not found his "gift" yet. He was sure she would let out a shriek when she did tonight.

Abba called them to dinner just as Anthony finished reading a chapter in the book. Tali had just finished her homework as well. The two went to the hallway about the same time. Tali looked at her brother and smirked. She was sure she had the upper hand in the prank war. Anthony smirked back at her.

After dinner, the family watched "How It's Made," one of their favorite television shows, together. The episode was about making knife blades. All five DiNozzo kids saw the title and called out, "Rule 9: Never go anywhere without a knife." Ziva and Tony smiled at their children; Grandpa was teaching them the rules early and the five were fast learners. Ziva was sure the McGee twins and the Palmer kids also knew the rules.

Anthony and Tali watched another episode with Abba as LJ, Beth and Rivka got ready for bed. When the episode ended, Abba reminded the two older kids, "Time for bed." Anthony went to his room quickly, changing into his pajamas and brushing his teeth before Tali even got to her room. He was just getting into his bed when Tali let out a shriek.

Ima and Abba came running from the younger kids' rooms to find out what was the matter. Tali held up the rubber snake as they walked into her room. "Some people's brothers…" she stormed. Anthony smirked and tried not to laugh out loud. Abba took the rubber snake from Tali and went back to finish reading LJ's bed time story. Ima looked in on Anthony on her way back to the younger girls' room.

"I will be back in a few minutes. You may read until then." Ziva looked at her oldest son; she was almost positive the rubber snake had been placed by him. The boy smiled at her and picked up his book.

Ziva and Tony said good night to the youngest three and headed to the older children's rooms. Both Tali and Anthony usually read before going to sleep. Tony stopped Ziva before they got to the two rooms and held up the rubber snake. "Do we want to say anything about this to either one?"

Ziva thought a minute and then shook her head, "No. Let us see if any more pranks are done between the two first." Both then went to say good night to Tali and Anthony. Both kids were surprised that their parents had not mentioned the snake prank, but both were also secretly relieved. Their parents had no idea how long the two had been pranking each other.

Several days passed, and Anthony was surprised his sister had not retaliated yet. Each day he checked his room carefully when he got home from school and nothing was amiss. Maybe Tali had forgotten to get him back, or most likely, she was waiting for him to let his guard down and then wham.

On Saturday night, Anthony took a shower. He wet his hair to wash it and squeezed shampoo on his head. He scrubbed his hair and head and leaned in to the water to rinse his hair. He opened his eyes to purple suds on the bottom of the tub. He looked at his hands, and realized that they too were purple. He wondered what his hair looked like. He finished rinsing off and turned the shower off. He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his waist. One look in the mirror confirmed his fear. He had a definite purple tinge in his hair.

He dried himself and combed his hair. Then he put on his pajamas and opened the doors for the bathroom, calling out to Tali that he was finished in the shower and she could use the bathroom. Tali smirked and quickly got up from where she was reading on her bed to see the results of her prank.

Anthony's hands were both a purple color and she could see purple in his hair. She laughed as he looked at her, raising his hands. "You WILL pay for this one, Tals."

"Coulda been worse; I thought about making you Smurf blue," Tali laughed. Ziva had just entered Tali's room to say good night when she heard Tali's comment to her brother.

"What did you two do now?" Ziva was sure the prank war was escalating. "Who is Smurf blue?"

"Nobody, Ima. Anthony is purple." Tali laughed again. "It's just food coloring; it will wash out eventually."

Ziva looked at Anthony's hands and hair. "It had better wash out, Talia Elisheva DiNozzo. You two will stop this prank war now."

"But, Ima…" Tali and Anthony both protested.

"No 'but, Ima.' The prank war is over. Understood?"

"Yes, Ima."

"Okay, Ima."

Tony came into Anthony's room and took one look at his purple hands and hair and grinned. Tali grinned back at her Abba. Ziva caught the look between them.

"And you, Anthony D. DiNozzo, Junior… you should not be encouraging them." She gave her husband her best Ima glare, avoiding eye contact with him. She had to admit this one was pretty clever and even though she was not happy with the end result, it really was funny in its own way.