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Junior Year

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Sapphire was about to be a junior in high school when her life changed forever. It was dusk on a June day when she stepped out of a freezing cold shower. Sighing, she walked to the mirror, and stood to take a look at herself, not that she thought anything had changed in her appearance since she did this thirteen minutes ago before her shower. She just sort of, felt like she had to.


Same dark skin. Same icy blue braids, except they were now sopping wet as they fell to her waist. Same brown eye. Same bright blue glass eye. Same cracked lips and same tired face. Same wildly disproportionate body.


Well, she knew logically that her body didn’t look like that. But dysmorphia was a bitch, and the fact that she knew the mirror was lying to her didn’t change anything. Sighing once again, she put on the pair of underwear, and the oversized white t-shirt that she had brought with her to the bathroom. She reached for a hair tie when her phone rang.


Picking it up, she saw it was a facetime request from her friend, Pearl. And Pearl never facetimed anybody, which meant she was with her best friend, Rose. Sapphire accepted the call, propping her phone up on the counter while she sectioned her hair off into three sections.


“Sapphire!” She heard Rose excitedly greet her. As Sapphire glanced at the screen, she noticed Rose looked like she was about to go out. Her brown curls were pulled up in a ponytail, her recently dyed pink tips matching the color of her crop top perfectly. She was also wearing a pair of dark colored overall shorts, which she often wore, considering she was very pregnant. She was sitting in the background, doing her makeup on the floor of Pearl’s bedroom.


“Hello Rose!” She greeted back. “And Pearl, how are you?”


“Oh! I’ve been good! Rose and I were just preparing to head out to a small music event being held tonight.” Pearl responded. Sapphire noticed Pearl was wearing her favorite dress, a simple periwinkle sundress. She also had her pixie cut curled as best as possible, which Sapphire assumed was the doing of Rose.


“Rose, are you sure it’s a good idea to go out when you’re supposed to be giving birth in a month?” Sapphire asked, braiding her hair.


“It’ll be fine Sapphire. Also, Greg is playing and I promised him I’d come, and bring a few friends!” Rose finished up her makeup, walking up and sitting next to Pearl to be closer to the screen. “Speaking of, I wanted to invite you to come with us tonight! You haven’t gone out in ages! There will be food, music, and most importantly, I have a friend playing that I’d like you to meet!” Rose flopped down on the bed. Pearl laughed at that, and Sapphire couldn’t help but giggle too. Rose was a very expressive person.


“Who else is going to be there?” Sapphire asked. Rose liked to organize big group outings, but Sapphire wasn’t the hugest fan of crowds, so she wanted to see if she could handle it before she agreed to go.


“Well, Pearl and I are going, obviously. Lapis and Peridot are selling some of their art pieces, so while they’ll be at the venue we won’t really see them most of the time. Greg, my big sister Blue, and my friend Ruby are playing! It’s not that big of a crowd, I promise. It’s just a small event, so come with us, pleaseeeee?” Rose gave puppy dog eyes to her and Sapphire couldn’t resist.


“Okay, I’ll be there. Text me the address and what time you want me there.”


“Nonsense! We’ll take you! It’ll be fun! And we can go get milkshakes afterwards!” Rose smiled, visually glad she had convinced Sapphire to leave the house.


“Rose, I can drive, it’s fine.” Sapphire protested.


“Come on Sapphire, we all miss you.” Pearl prodded.


“Fine, you know I can’t resist it when you tag team me like that. What time are you picking me up?”


“In 45 minutes? Is that good?” Rose asked.


“Of course, I’ll see you then!” Sapphire smiled at the camera, before ending the call. Well. She guessed she was going out. That was something she hadn’t done in a long time. Taking out her braid, she plugged in her hair dryer, and began tackling the challenge that was blow drying her hair. Luckily, the universe seemed to be on her side, and that only took about 10 minutes.


Walking out of her bathroom and into her bedroom, she flopped on her bed and mentally psyched herself up for a few minutes before getting up and getting ready. She guessed the dress code by what Rose and Pearl were wearing, so she got up and rifled through her closet to look for some of her nice casual clothes. Most of what Sapphire wore was skinny jeans and sweaters, t-shirts in the summer, but she figured she should put at least a little effort into her appearance.


After searching for a while, she found the first outfit she could and stuck with it. A simple gray skater skirt, a wide necked light blue t-shirt, and a dark blue bralette. Pulling it on, she turned to go look in the mirror. The shirt looked a little weird, so she tucked it into the skirt, and that seemed to solve the problem. With that fixed, it was a good outfit. The skirt cinched in at the waist which gave her some form of shape, and the lace straps of the bralette tied the whole thing together. Satisfied, she walked to her vanity and began doing her makeup.


She just wanted to do something simple, it wasn’t like it was a formal event but Sapphire didn’t want to look dead. She applied some concealer under her eyes to conceal the ridiculous bags, and then took her eyeliner, doing a simple wing before leaving it. She did apply some false lashes, just to make it look like she tried harder than she actually did. Finally, she put on some highlighter, and a dark purple lipstick. While she waited for it to dry down, she did her hair, opting to pull it in a high ponytail, then braiding the ponytail. Finally, she took her contact out of her good eye, and put on her black glasses. She was lucky that they were able to save one of her eyes, but the eye that did work still wasn’t the best. In fact it was pretty bad.


She heard a car roll up into the driveway, then a honk, so she grabbed her phone and threw on a random pair of converse, before running to meet up with her friends. The house was empty, as usual. She always felt pretty lonely, living in a mansion with no one but her and her parents, but the fact that her parents were barely ever home made it worse. She sprinted down three flights of stairs before reaching the ground floor, and after walking through three sitting rooms, two lounges, and the main living room, she finally found herself in the main hall, opening the front door, she was almost immediately scooped up into Rose’s arms.


“Sapphire! Oh I’m so glad you decided to come with us! I’ve missed you!” Rose spun Sapphire around once before finally setting her down. While Rose was ungodly tall at 6’5”, Sapphire was pretty short, only 4’7”. So hugs were always a little weird.


“Hello Rose!” Sapphire smiled up at her. “And hello Steven.” She laughed, face to face with Rose’s baby bump.


“Sapphire!” Pearl bent down to hug her, although this hug was a lot shorter that her hug with Rose. While Rose was an exception, Sapphire wasn’t the biggest fan of physical interaction.


“Pearl! It’s so good to see you guys!” She smiled, and for the first time in a while, Sapphire felt happy. Fuck her mental illnesses, she needed to get out more often.


“Well, are you ready?” Rose asked, stars in her eyes.


“Of course!” Sapphire smiled, and they all piled in the car. It was Rose’s car, so she drove, and Pearl rode shotgun. Sapphire hopped in the back, smiling to see her pillow was already there for her. Due to her weight and height, and the fact that she was a minor, she legally was supposed to be wearing a booster seat, but that was embarrassing, so she just sat on a pillow most of the time. Not that the police cared.


After a ten minute drive they pulled up to the beach parking lot, and looking out Sapphire could see a stage set up, and some booths selling food, clothes, art, and most other festival things. Getting out of the car, Sapphire was immediately hit with the sea breeze, and reveled in it. The air felt nice.


“Well, we’re here. What do you wanna do first?” Rose asked.