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The Erotic Adventures Of Doctor Who

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"Darn, still don't have it."

The thirteenth persona of the Time Lord known only as the Doctor looked at her reflection in the full length mirror.
She had spent the better half of a day rummaging through her extensive wardrobe trying to find an outfit befitting her latest regeneration.

Having changed gender she had hoped to discover a whole new sense of style and the cruel realisation dawned on her that in all her previous incarnations she, or was that he, had zero dress sense.

She had chosen a round neck sweater and teal ankle length culottes with a high waist.
These were suspended by two mustard yellow braces from the waist to shoulders.
Over this she wore an oversized, floor skimming grey coat, and on her feet a pair of brown boots.

At first she had been astounded, and soon after excited when it appeared that she was now a Time Lady.
Pleased with her green eyes which were clear and alert, she also thought that her lips were the most kissable she had ever seen.
Slim and tall with light fragrant skin she swept back her platinum blonde hair from her alluring face and wandered around the central control column.

"You're the only thing that never changes, eh old girl?"

She gave the controls a gentle pat and peered at the visualizer screen.
In fact the little blue Police call box common in England up until 1970 was a time travelling spacecraft known as the TARDIS.
Designed to alter its appearance in order to blend in with its surroundings, the box had remained stuck in the same form due to the so called chameleon circuit being broken.

"Time And Relative Dimensions In Space."

The words were forever burned into her memory, as were Dimensional Transcendentalism, which explained why the interior was much larger than the outside.
Now the TARDIS had materialised and the intrepid adventuress was about to step foot on her first alien world.

"Readings indicate a primeval world, better dress down a bit."

Shedding her coat and culottes the Doctor ventured outside in just a pair of grey shorts and green khaki tie top with a knot at the base of her revealing cleavage.
She threaded the key to the TARDIS onto a gold chain and put it around her neck.
Already the tropical air felt humid and close, the atmosphere choking.
A veritable primeval swamp and deep valley gave her goose flesh as she drank in the sight of an unknown world.
A constant buzzing of insects created a cacophony of sound that filled her ears as she cautiously walked around on a carpet of lush moss.

"Reminds me of Earth a hundred million years ago."

A shuffling noise alerted her to movement to her immediate right, then the ground moved and an enormous reptile with fierce looking razor sharp teeth and beady eyes appeared.
At least twenty feet tall it lumbered towards her with an unerring inevitability.

"Only one thing for it, run!"

The Doctor took off in the opposite direction, stumbling through bushes and undergrowth to a dense forest of giant trees.
The dinosaur type creature smashed through the foliage after her causing her to trip and fall over a thick tree root.

"Oh no!" She exclaimed as her khaki top snagged and ripped down the left side.

With her vision blinded by so many green plants and reeds slapping her face it wasn't surprising when she fell down a steep pit that had been obscured.
At least forty feet from the surface the Doctor looked up at the sunlight above her head and felt the ground shake as the ravenous dinosaur left the area.
Her breasts were now bared as her torn tie top hung useless on her shoulders, and with a heavy sigh she shrugged it off.
Grubby and sweaty she looked around the dimly lit tunnel and wiped her brow with the back of her hand.

"Well, no bones broken, just winded is all. Onwards and upwards as the Doctor would say." What I would say?

She gave her top a final kick with her left boot and moved further into the murky tunnel, topless but resilient.
The constant drone of insects faded the more she traipsed, although she was aware of a scuff or two behind her that kept her alert.
As she continued it was quite clear that she was being followed, so she boldly stopped in her tracks and called out.

"I know someone is there. Show yourself."

A muscular male with an almost leathery tan barely clothed in a garment made of animal fur emerged from the shadows and the Doctor was pleasantly surprised.
A shoulder strap wound down from his right collarbone in a continuous line to his crotch where it tightly cupped his privates in a very snug pouch.
The same animal had also provided him with a robust pair of footwear.
His torso was superbly defined with highly developed pecs and abs.
A smattering of dark chest hair gave him just enough of a machismo look that appealed to the newly regenerated female Doctor.

"Hello, say, that's a nice mankini you got going on there. Can you speak?"

He just stood there in silence flexing his muscles and sweeping his long brown hair back over his shoulders.
The Doctor guessed his age to be about twenty five as she eyed the menacing looking club in his right fist.
He exuded a sexual magnetism that sent certain signals through her new loins.

"This is new." She pondered and squeezed her thighs together.

Likewise the man began to visibly rub his crotch as if it itched and without ceremony moved his genital pouch aside to expose the source of his unquestionable masculinity.
His ribbed erect penis poked out from a wisp of pubic fuzz, full and thick and uncircumcised.
The foreskin peeled back however as he achieved full erection and his purple glans was revealed, smooth and tapered.

"Oh, did I do that?" The Doctor pointed to the menacing looking cock, aware of her bared bosom.


to be continued.