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Facing A New Reality

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Silence fell over us as the doctor continued gazing at me, this time, looking surprised and concerned. It was 2018 right? Unless I had somehow fallen into a coma and it was actually 2019. It was getting awkward and I was eager to go home and call it a day.

The first step would be to find my clothes because I was wearing a silk pyjamas that probably would cost half my income. And I needed my phone to hit up Cass. She would freak out about the guy that I guess saved my life. He no doubt holds a great resemblance to a character from her favourite franchise.

”Did I happen to have a purse on me when you found me?” He snapped out of whatever daze he was in and picked up my camo coloured satchel from a chair. I grabbed it eagerly from his hands, my fingers clumsily brushing his. I shivered. Damn his hands were ice cold.

I looked through my bag and furrowed my brows. All my work stuff was in here, including my iPad and laptop. I rubbed my temples as a flash of memories hit me. 

I remember getting ready for work, I remember spilling tea on my crisp white shirt and complaining about it on the way to work. I remember the sound of tires squealing and looking up too late to see a shiny red car zooming way too fast and headed straight for me.

And then I was in agony, waves of crushing pain and screaming so loud my lungs hurt. And then suddenly, it all stopped.

I gasped, shaking as the memories played in repeat on my mind.

”I died, oh my god, I died. The car and then the pain! No, no no!” I cried, my hands abandoning the bag on my lap and tugging at me newly unicorn dyed hair. 

“Sylvia, I’m going to need you to calm down. You didn’t die. My family found you and we brought you here.” He put a cold hand on my arm and I focused on breathing, trying not to hyperventilate. Sudden waves of calm washed over me, making me sleepy and slump back, leaning on the headboard.

The man muttered something under his breath and the sudden waves of calm seemed to lessen in intensity, letting me think clearly.

”Everythings okay, and you’re okay. You’ll be healed in no time.” He assured me with a dazzling smile.

”Look Mr...”

”Cullen, but just call me Carlisle.” He smiled, but it vanished almost immediately as I gaped at him. My headache intensified but so did the feelings of calm.

”Carlisle Cullen. You're Carlisle Cullen? Oh my god, I’m still high aren’t I?” I groaned. He furrowed his brow, looking confused. We continued our staring contest for a minute before it hit me.

Oh my god.

He was serious. 

A part of me was scoffing, coming up with crazy theories that it might be a huge prank on me, but another part, albeit small, believed him.

I cant believe this is actually happening.

“I’m so royally fucked.” I groaned, covering my face with my hands.