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Facing A New Reality

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My head felt like it weighed a tonne. I lifted a hand to my forehead, groaning at how much effort that took. I felt like I had club music playing in my head because it was pounding. Jesus Christ, how wasted did I get last night? 

I tried opening my eyes but everything was so bright, I immediately shut them after, bringing my hands to my face to rub my eyes.

”Cass, close the blinds will ya?” I heard shuffling about me and the room darkened significantly. I opened my eyes again, blinking several times and trying to sit up.

”You shouldn’t be moving.” The voice was smooth and low, accented and most definetly unfamiliar. A cold hand on my shoulder startled me and I looked around. 

Where the hell was I?

It was a bedroom, but not one I recognised. It was beige coloured and rather lavish and I looked down at the bed I lay. The queen sized lush bed was most definitely not the small single bed which I was used to.

”Do you know where you are?” The voice spoke up and although it was soft and angelic sounding, it scared the shit out of me. I yelped, before looking at the owner of the voice. The room was slightly dark, but I could see his skin was pale, extremely pale and his hair was blonde, a light blonde, perfectly sweeped away from his face. His face was structured and handsome, like a movie star, and his eyes...

Wait, were they yellow?

What the...?

”Where am I? Is Cass here? Wait, what happened?” Thinking made my head hurt and the man shuffled closer, and sat at the edge of the bed by my feet.

His eyes are yellow!

”Whats the last thing you remember?” He asked, looking at me deeply.

”I was going out with Cassidy and we were partying but it was getting nearer to four in the morning and I remember walking home because I had work tomorrow.” Flashes of last night came to me. I remember drinking, but only a little because I had to go to the studio tomorrow.

”Shit! I’m late for work.” I groaned, lifting the bedcovers to get up. His cold hand returned to my shoulder.

”You were seriously injured, you shouldn’t be moving.” His tone was concerned. It was then that I noticed the bandage around my waist and the cast around my left wrist. 

What on Earth...?

”Wait, why am I not in a hospital. Was I in an accident?” He looked unsure, worried even. It was silent while I waited for his response.

”That’s the thing. We found you in the forest and I was going to take you to the hospital, but my daughter Alice suggested you might want some privacy.” The club music in my head turned up a couple of notches and was making it even more difficult to think.

”Forest? There aren’t any forests in the East End. Privacy? Why would I want...Jesus Christ, is this a dream? Am I high?” I was rambling to myself. The man just looked at me funny.

”Can I ask you a question Miss...?”

”Just call me Sylvia.” I mumbled.

”Okay Sylvia, what day is it?” He asked.

”Thursday, well, now it’s Friday I guess.” He nodded.

”And where are you from?” He asked, looking at me thoughtfully.

”London, I just moved back from Amsterdam last year.” He looked confused, his brow furrowed. His eyes searched mine. I was confused.

”And when was that?” He asked thoughtfully.

”About August 2017.” His eyes looked surprised, but he masked his expression quickly with a calm measured one.

”And what year is it now?” 

“It’s 2018.”