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Young, Dumb, and Filthy Rich

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Family: Lee
Father’s Occupation: Director of the National Intelligence Service of the Republic of Korea
Mother’s Occupation: Prosecuting lawyer of the most elite law firm in South Korea
Child(ren): Lee Jihoon: 16 years old (Grade 11 at Seoul National Academy), Lee Seokmin: 16 years old (Grade 11 at Seoul National Academy), Lee Chan: 15 years old (Grade 10 at Seoul National Academy)

“Jihoon, breakfast is ready,” Dongho knocked lightly on the door. Jihoon swiftly picked up his black backpack and slid his iPhone X in his navy blazer. He checked his appearance in the mirror. His navy blazer with the proud school crest was tailored to fit his slightly smaller stature, but nonetheless exuded power. His proud pins from music, composition, student council, and math competitions glinted in the sunlight streaming in through the sky light. The gold buttons were polished and glinting with elegance. The trousers were recently pressed by Dongho, his personal driver, butler, and bodyguard. His gold and navy striped tie was expertly tied and there was not a hair out of place. Jihoon opened the door.
“Thank you, Dongho,” Jihoon said before smiling tiredly.
“Of course. Jonghyun and Youngmin are calling your brothers and they will be downstairs shortly,” Dongho relaid to Jihoon as the black haired sixteen year old walked down the ornate marble stairs to the front door. Dongho opened the large front doors to reveal a polished black Rolls Royce already out front. Jihoon sat in the back, Dongho placing his backpack in the trunk, waiting for his younger brothers, Seokmin and Chan, to come down.
“Jihoon, after school, you have piano class with Mr Lau, then a piano rehearsal for the concert at 6:30. Afterwards, you are free,” Dongho read off of his phone as Seokmin and Chan opened the door to the car. Youngmin and Jonghyun placed the two brothers’ backpacks in the trunk and went back inside the mansion. Youngmin, Jonghyun, and Dongho took turns sending the three power children to school. The children’s mother had already left early to meet with a new client and the children’s father was on Jeju Island on a NIS official trip. Dongho quickly touched his ID on the column’s scanner for the iron gates to open. The car exited the driveway expertly, the tires crunching over orange and brown leaves on the road.
“Seokmin, after school, you begin rehearsal for the school production until 7:00 PM. Do you have your script?” Dongho read off of the touchscreen installed on the car’s dashboard.
“Yes, I remembered this time,” Seokmin said before breaking into a smile that he would suppress until 7:01 PM. Dongho smiled, calming down a little as Seokmin began chatting quietly with Jihoon.
“Chan, school ends at 4:00 PM, but practice at the studio is at 4:20. Last time when you came out at 4:15, I got an anxious call from Youngmin at 4:25. He screamed something about seeing Angel Gabriel as he was driving because he was sure you two were to die then and there. I don’t really want to be a therapist for him again, so please get out on time,” Dongho read out for Chan before sighing.
“Dongho, we all know that Youngmin is always somewhere feeling like he’s about to die. He spends too much time around me,” Chan fixed his comma style hair as he spoke bluntly.
“Jesus Christ, is that why I always want to jump off a brick building whenever you walk in the room?” Jihoon said playfully before sighing dramatically and putting his head in his palms.
“Why are you so mean? I’m not that terrible, am I?” Chan whined as he turned his head to the window.
“Oh, please, I’m only joking, Channie. If anything, I only want to jump off a brick building when Soonyoung shows up,” Jihoon said before laughing, lightly shoving Chan. Seokmin was busy analyzing his script for this year’s musical production, Beauty and the Beast. Seokmin, as usual, gained the leading role as the Beast with, Sunyoung, the lead actress of their academy, gaining the role of Belle.
“How’s the essay for Lit going? I saw your lights still on at 5 this morning,” Seokmin asked quietly, nudging at Jihoon. Jihoon lazily turned his head to his younger brother who started school a year early.
“Almost done. Should be ready for the due date on Friday. Why were you up at 5?” Jihoon asked with his cat-like eyes briefly scanning his younger brother’s tired face.
“Had to memorize my first scene’s lines. I didn’t have enough time last night because I had to finish the lab report for Bio, so Mr Jung doesn’t slaughter my average,” Seokmin responded before shaking his head. Jihoon ruffled Seokmin’s hair lovingly, knowing how hard his younger brother worked. Seokmin fixed his hair in the mirror before checking the time on his gold Rolex. 7:40 AM. The rest of the car ride was silent with Jihoon and Seokmin nodding off, while Chan was analyzing the video of the new choreography his team was learning. Soon, they reached the prestigious gates of Seoul National Academy. Dongho was required to show his ID as the boys’ driver. This was the kind of academy these boys went to. An academy of the most powerful children from all over Asia.


Family: Choi
Father’s Occupation: CEO of the CHWave Corporation
Mother of Choi Sooyoung and Choi Seungcheol: deceased
Mother of Choi Hansol: divorced
Child(ren): Choi Sooyoung: 21 years old (liberal arts major at Oxford University), Choi Seungcheol: 17 years old (Grade 12 at Seoul National Academy), Choi Hansol: 15 years old (Grade 10 at Seoul National Academy

“Seungcheol, Hansol, we must leave now. Are you both ready?” Yunho asked, handing Seungcheol his blazer as Changmin held up Hansol’s for the younger to put on. Changmin was already starting to put away the dishes from breakfast.
“Yes, I just need to grab my backpack. Is your’s in your room, Hansol?” Seungcheol was already half-way up the wooden stairs. Hansol looked up to catch the sun’s rays from the skylight and hummed a confirmation, while squinting.
“I’ll get it for you,” Seungcheol yells from the top of the stairs. Seungcheol grabbed his maroon backpack and Hansol’s navy one. He stopped momentarily outside Sooyoung’s now vacant room. He sighed, remembering his sister’s loving nagging, but also how hard she tried to be there for him and his younger brother. She would come to almost all of his debate competitions and bought every single magazine with any picture from his shoots in them. Sooyoung would go to all of Hansol’s award ceremonies for his poetry. She would buy him chocolate whenever he couldn’t come up with anything for the monthly publishing. She would hold Hansol whenever he had nightmares. She visited Seungcheol every day when he was in the hospital after the accident. She raised the two along with Changmin and Yunho.
“Seungcheol!” Changmin yelled from the front door. Seungcheol ripped his eyes from the familiar door and scrambled down the stairs to the lobby of the mansion. Yunho sighed from the driver’s seat as he saw Seungcheol ran out the door and to the Tesla.
“That brother of your’s,” Yunho chuckled as Seungcheol chucked the two backpacks in the trunk and flung himself next to Hansol in the passenger’s.
“Oh, I know, he can never keep himself together,” Hansol poked Seungcheol as he teased the elder.
“Says you,” Seungcheol huffs, fixing his hair and doing up his seat belt.
“Seungcheol, you know your schedule, right? At 5:00 PM you have a photoshoot with Mingyu in Hongdae. We should be home around 8 PM,” Yunho announced Seungcheol’s schedule to the eldest. Seungcheol nodded as he stared out the window.
“Hansol, you have a meeting for the school promo video at lunch and Changmin will pick you up later today for a meeting with the editor at the magazine at 5:15 PM today. It shouldn’t go over 6:45 PM,” Yunho briefly looked in the mirror to catch Hansol’s eye as he finished Hansol’s schedule.
“Got it. I hate meetings with the editors. The conferences are always so formal and I don’t get why we can’t just do it over the phone,” Hansol nodded and scrunched his nose at the thought of the long hour and a half in the glass conference room. Seungcheol laughed at ruffled his brother’s hair.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll love your new piece,” Seungcheol reassured the younger boy. He had a Calculus test today, he had to arrange which of the younger grade debaters would be sent to the regional competition, and he had to begin editing on his group’s new film for class. To say the very least, it was very apparent that Seungcheol was tired.
“Aish, hyung, you need to take better care of yourself. You literally nodded off during breakfast 9 times,” Hansol nagged the elder, which was interrupted by a sudden ringing of the phone from Seungcheol’s iPhone. Sooyoung.
“Hi Sooyoung, how’s England right now?” Seungcheol put the phone on speaker as he picked up his elder sister’s call.
“Cold. Rainy. Depressing. I want to die. I have so many essays to procrastinate and finally write,” Sooyoung groaned.
“We all know you never procrastinate,” Hansol piped up, the ever existent one ear bud in, the other one hanging.
“True, I just needed a reason to check up on my dumbass brothers. So, why you boys sound all gloomy and shit?” Sooyoung asked and both boys could hear rapid typing in the back.
“AP Calc test, have to decide which kids to send to the regional competition for debate, need to start editing new film project for class, and I have a photoshoot with Mingyu later, so I won’t get back until around 8 PM.” Seungcheol listed out for his workaholic sister, who hummed in response,
“I have a Japanese project the teacher is explaining today, Java is kicking my ass, I have to be in the new school promo video, Law is just overall depressing, and I have to meet with editors today for this month’s edition” Hansol said dryly, as Seungcheol held the phone.
“Well Cheollie, you’re gonna do fine on the exam, we all know you’re always at the top, and for the regional competition, only send who you think is ready for this kind of thing. Don’t send all of them or it will be a shit show. Can’t help with film. Never took it. But I do know you’ll do great in your photoshoot. I expect a copy as soon as it comes out express mailed to me. And Hansol, Java kicks everyone’s ass. You’re not alone. Law is always depressing and you should be happy you’re in the promo, more traction. Finally, I know you hate those meetings, but you go over layout and design. That way they know which colors to print with and any motifs and which font. It’s no fun, I’m sure, but it always looks good in the end. Send me this month’s edition, okay?” Sooyoung encouraged her two younger brothers.
“Okay,” Hansol scowled, thinking of how long and boring the meeting will be. Yunho showed his ID to the security at the gates of Seoul National Academy and the gates opened.


Family: Hong
Father’s occupation: CEO of Ultimatum Aircrafts, specializes in aircrafts for the military
Mother’s occupation: world renowned surgeon at Seoul National University Hospital
Child(ren): Hong Joshua: 17 years old (Grade 12 at Seoul National Academy)

“Leeteuk, is my blazer back from the cleaners?” Hong Joshua asked, stepping carefully down the wooden stairs to the foyer of the Hong mansion. He was buttoning his cuff buttons as he walked to the dining room. The sleek modern feel of the house had resulted in very few family photos or souvenirs.
“I placed it on your chair,” Leeteuk explained, placing an omelette, a bowl of fruit, and a croissant in front of Joshua’s chair.
“Ah, thank you,” Joshua said graciously, sitting down and starting to eat, pulling out his phone to check for new emails. Most of them were Grade 8s asking for help with position papers for the upcoming Model UN conference. Joshua quickly read through 2 and commented on the papers as he was eating. Leeteuk sat down across from Joshua with his breakfast. Since the boy had been small, Joshua had spent most mornings alone with Leeteuk, so it became habit for Leeteuk to sit and eat with Joshua. Leeteuk came to love the boy like his own son, even though he was only 34 years old.
“I’m sure you can put your phone down and eat properly for 5 minutes,” Leeteuk reminded him, staring at him a bit sternly, until Leeteuk’s own phone went off. The older man smiled at his phone before realizing he should put it away. Joshua smiled mischievously and placed his phone in his blazer pocket.
“By the way, you have guitar lessons with Jae after school. We should be home around 5:20 PM,” Leeteuk read out the schedule from his phone.
“Leeteuk, all the Grade 8s are asking for my help for their papers. Why don’t they ask Seungwan as well? She may be in a lower grade, but she has almost as many gavels as I do,” Joshua whined stabbing at his apple.
“Just email a couple of the kids back and tell them to ask Seungwan because she is co-captain too. You’re obviously the champion of the school, but she’s your leading competitor, right?” Leeteuk advised between bites, checking the time.
“Yeah, we usually are on the DAIS together. She’s really a genius,” Joshua said as he pushed around his remainder of his breakfast. His phone’s alarm went off and Joshua immediately started putting away his plates. As he put his plates in the dishwasher, he paused and looked at Leeteuk.
“By the way, who was texting you earlier? You seemed happy to get that text,” Joshua prodded mischievously at the elder.
“Don’t start, Shua, it was just a group chat being stupid,” Leeteuk rolled his eyes, knowing where Joshua’s mind went.
“I’m just saying. You’ve been by my side since I was 3 years old, don’t you want to do anything else other than cook, clean, drive, and protect some spoiled teenager?” Joshua commented as a joke, but Leeteuk could sense bitterness at the tail of his sentence.
“Ey, don’t think that. I’ve been perfectly happy taking care of you for the past 12 years. You’re basically my own son. And if anything, you’re far from being spoiled, Joshua,” Leeteuk smiled warmly and put an arm around Joshua.
“You’re so right. You would be lost without me,” Joshua exclaimed before laughing. Leeteuk rolled his eyes as he grabbed his jacket and followed Joshua out to the Mercedes Benz out front. Leeteuk observed the brown haired boy in the passengers’ seat.
“You look nervous. Test?” Leeteuk asked as he drove around the fountain located in the middle of the drive-way. Joshua sighed.
“Yeah, Calculus and we’re doing a research project in physics,” Joshua murmured before groaning.
“That’s terrifying. I’m sure if you have any issues, you can ask Seungcheol or that kid in Grade 11 with all of those awards, Seokmin. Didn’t he just travel to England for some science fair and win first?” Leeteuk suggested, carefully navigating the autumn filled roads.
“I guess. I’m friends with Sunyoung and she’s in the musical with him, so she could ask him for me,” Joshua muttered absent-mindedly. After 5 minutes of silence, Joshua finally said something.
“Can we go to Starbucks? I want an americano,” Joshua said before breaking into his famous smile that no one could say no to. Leeteuk sighed and simply told him to find the nearest branch.
“You’re lucky you have that face,” Leeteuk rolled his eyes as Joshua told him the nearest address.
“Nah, you just love me,” Joshua smirked as he mobile ordered his Americano.
“Sureeee,” Leeteuk said unconvincingly.
“Oh shut up,” Joshua muttered as they parked and Leeteuk left to pick up the younger’s drink. Joshua had actually ordered two americanos. One for him and one for Leeteuk. He would never be able to thank the elder man with dimples for everything he’s done for the American-born Korean. Leeteuk was back soon with the two drinks. He handed the teenager both drinks and got in the driver’s seat.
“Here’s your liquid caffeine.”
“That one’s for you,” Joshua handed the Americano to the elder, who flashed his lovable dimpled smile.
“Thanks,” Leeteuk placed the drink in the holder before backing out and quickly driving to the gates of Seoul National Academy. Joshua sighed, but straightened his back a little as Leeteuk showed his ID.


Family: Yoon
Father’s Occupation: CEO of YBH Entertainment
Mother of Yoon Jeonghan: divorced
Child(ren): Yoon Jeonghan: 17 years old (Grade 12 at Seoul National Academy)

“Jeonghan! Your manager called. He said you have a photoshoot with Junhui tomorrow at 5:30 PM at the ELLE magazine studio,” Heechul yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Heechul knew the young model since Jeonghan was 6 years old. He had taken care of him as soon as he stepped foot in the lofty mansion, despite Heechul’s lack of experience and overall immaturity.
“Okay!” Jeonghan yelled from his room. He had just finished styling his hair and was packing his laptop in his backpack. His phone lit up with new group chat notifications.

Cheol: Please tell me you’ll remember to bring the memory card or I will lose my actual shit
Jeonghan: Okokokokok I will
Cheol: One tumbler of bleach
Jeonghan: I can’t convince Heechul that the extra tumbler has contents that won’t kill us
Jeonghan: Cheol… listen to me an 91 IS NOT A FAIL and Heechul is pretty sure that we hate life so he hid all of our bleach
Cheol: Dammit
Shua: I told you not to take AP Film
Shua: That’s dirty you know i didn’t have a choice
Cheol: I tOld yOU noT To TaKe aP phYsIcS
Shua: That is a completely different subject than Film and the head of the dept basically guilt tripped me into taking it
Jeonghan: Can we talk about how my detergent cabinets are CHILD PROOFED
Cheol: Hello i am sad
Shua: No one cares
Shua: Mr Han assigned so much homework
Cheol: Thats yOUR issue because I’m pretty sure Ms Liu is going to FAIL US IF YOU DONT BRING THE GODDAMN MEMORY CARD
Shua: Cheol shut up I have incessant nagging from Seungwan about Grade 8s don’t kill yourself
Jeonghan: Please Ms Liu loves me she won’t kill me at least
Shua: I’m surviving on 2 hours of sleep and i hope i die in the next 19 and a half minutes
Shua: I’ll see you at school :D

Jeonghan let out a small laugh and threw his phone in his blazer pocket. Joshua and Seungwan always looked like they wanted to bang their heads on the wall after MUN meetings. Grade 8s are always so hopeful… It’s almost funny how hard they’ll hit the Grade 9 wall. Jeonghan shakes his head as Heechul shrieks his name.
“Yoon Jeonghan! Your food will be cold! Come down here now! If you’re trying to open the cabinets, stop it!” Heechul screamed from the bottom of the marble stairs.
“I’m coming!” Jeonghan screamed back, slinging his backpack on his shoulder and scrambling down the stairs. He dropped his Prada backpack at the door and plopped down at the table.
“You’re no fun, Heechul. We wouldn’t actually kill ourselves,” Jeonghan whined, downing a cup of milk.
“Oh yeah, I know, but Leeteuk would not shut up about the suicide rates especially with the SATs. The only way I could get him to shut up was to say I would hide the detergent. He even made sure to check. Besides, if you died on my watch, your parents would like kill me and I would have no paycheck,” Heechul rolled his eyes and spoke mindlessly before realizing he had released a piece of information. Jeonghan’s head shot up like a lemur and stared down the older man.
“And why was he over?” Jeonghan could feel the corners of his mouth turning up. He knew Heechul’s preferences and honestly couldn’t help butting in the elder’s romantic endeavours.
“Uh, hah, you know, I just told you, the bleach and you don’t care about your parent’s killing me?” Heechul put on a fake smile, distracting himself with sausages and eggs.
“Not really, but his inspection would only take 5 minutes and he could ask for pictures. Are you sure he wasn’t over for some other reason?” Jeonghan prodded the man, his spidey senses completely on.
“He really wanted to make sure about the bleach and wanted me to show him how to do my recipe for carbonara,” Heechul provided an explanation, staring at his phone, hoping it will go off.
“Are you sure you weren’t doing something else?” Jeonghan drilled Heechul, taking a sip of a mango smoothie.
“What would that be?” Heechul’s scoffed, going on Instagram.
“I don’t know. Maybe, him?” Jeonghan stared Heechul down.
“YOON JEONGHAN!” Heechul screamed, heat rising to his cheeks.
“I knew it! I’m telling Joshua that you’re screwing Leeteuk!” Jeonghan squealed excitedly, whipping his phone out.
“You will not! We didn’t do that!”
“Oh really? Then what did you do?” Jeonghan’s finger was hovering over the send button.
“We just went out to go grocery shopping and then we came back and made lunch,” Heechul’s innocent words spilled from his mouth.
“Tell me there was a kiss involved,” Jeonghan’s thumb was moving closer and closer to the button.
“I mean ya boy got some,” Heechul finally surrendered and let his cheeky side come out.
“Nice, nice, nice, I always knew you would get him. Can’t wait to tell the group chat,” Jeonghan winked, his fingers typing at lightning speed. Heechul sighed.
“We always suspected it and we’re happy you guys are happy. I just have a different way of showing it. C’mon, you love me,” Jeonghan teased and gave Heechul a toothy smile. Heechul laughed and rolled his eyes.
“You are always going to be like this,” Heechul asked before taking a bite of his breakfast.
“There’d be no fun in life if I wasn’t here,” Jeonghan pointed out matter of factly, checking his messages and emails. They ate in silence for the rest of the meal and quickly rushed out the door to the Volkswagen waiting out front. As soon as Jeonghan threw his backpack in, his phone rang.
“Good morning, Yesung,” Jeonghan greeted his manager politely. Yesung reciprocated the greeting.
“I trust Heechul told you about the photoshoot? I’ll meet you at the site tomorrow,” Yesung asked with the sounds of frying in the background.
“Yes, sir. Are you making breakfast?” Jeonghan asked as Heechul winked in the mirror to Jeonghan. The seventeen year old always remembered his manager could not cook for shit.
“Uh, no, my, uh, boyfriend, Ryeowook, is,” Yesung stuttered out and Jeonghan could practically see the blush creeping onto the older, but still good looking man. Jeonghan had seen Ryeowook, the petite main vocal of boy group royalty, at other gatherings for the company, but this was the first time Yesung introduced him with a title.
“Hi Jeonghan,” Ryeowook’s lighter voice could be heard from the kitchen.
“Tell him I say hi. I’m on the way to school, so I gotta die. Bye,” Jeonghan hung up after Yesung said his goodbye.
“I hope you remembered the memory card,” Heechul reminded the young man, turning a left with the school gates looming over the horizon.
Jeonghan scoffed, held up the card between two fingers, like how he held his black card, and knocked his head against the glass window. Heechul let it slip and showed his ID.


Family: Xu
Father’s Occupation: co-CEO of WX Corporation
Mother’s Occupation: Physics professor at University of Science and Technology of China
Child(ren): Xu Minghao: 15 years old (Grade 10 at Seoul National Academy)

Family: Wen
Father’s Occupation: co-CEO of WX Corporation
Mother’s Occupation: published and decorated psychologist
Child(ren): Wen Junhui: 16 years old (Grade 11 at Seoul National Academy)

“Junhui! Did you just come back from walking Chen Chen?” Minghao screamed from the top of the stairs when hearing the front door close.
“Yeah?” Junhui yelled back, taking off his sneakers and Chen Chen’s collar.
“Okay! Just checking!” Minghao hollered before running off. Junhui rolled his eyes and pet Chen Chen’s head.
“Aye, Junhui! What are you doing? You have 10 minutes to change and get ready. Get your ass up the stairs,” Henry came running out of the kitchen and immediately began kicking Junhui up the stairs.
“That is literally abuse!” Junhui yells, running away from the shorter man. Henry shakes his head and walks back to kitchen to continue doing nothing while Zhoumi cooks everything.
“You know, you could maybe, I don’t know, HELP FOR ONCE? That would be really nice,” Zhoumi smiled, pan frying the eggs.
“Oh god, I hear Junhui asking for help. Better go,” Henry scrambled out of the kitchen and up the stairs, knocking frantically on the sixteen year old’s door.
“Open up. Zhoumi wants to beat me,” Henry slams on Junhui’s door. A groan echoes through the halls and Junhui throws open the door.
“Why do I even keep you around?” Junhui rolls his eyes and continues knotting his tie.
“Because I fucking wash everything and am basically your personal assistant, driving you to all your photoshoots, which reminds me that you have one tomorrow with Jeonghan. So… fix that ugly,” Henry smirks before getting pummeled by the 182 cm man.
“Hey! Do you want me to do that tie for you or not?” Henry knew the younger boy had trouble with ties. Junhui rolled his eyes, though the shorter and older man vexed him, he knew Henry had his best interests in sight. He heard Minghao lug his dance bag and school bag down the stairs. The two lived together ever since their parents sent them to the academy. They had known each other since Minghao was born, as Junhui was a year older. Their parents thought they might die living alone, so they arranged for Minghao and Junhui to live together.
“When’s practice today?” Minghao dropped all of his bags with a thud on the hardwood floors.
“Should be at 4:20. Please make sure you come out on time. I don’t want to break 34 different laws to get you there on time so you don’t get a scolding,” Zhoumi sighed, setting the table.
“Don’t exaggerate,” Minghao smiled and teased.
“No, I counted,” Zhoumi retorted but ended up smiling back. Henry and Junhui came rolling down one after the other, chaos following wherever they went.
“I’m going to die in Physics today, I swear. Calculus is today too,” Junhui made a disgusted face at his sunny side up egg.
“I have Textiles and Design first block and she’s opening a year long project. Ms Song just told us, ‘You might die, but yeah, it’s pretty fun for me’ and Human Geo 10 is whipping me,” Minghao slipped from Korean to Mandarin. It happened often with 4 Chinese men living in the same house with Henry switching between several languages. Chen Chen started wandering around and whining.
“Shit, I didn’t put out food for Chen Chen,” Henry pushed his chair out and ran to the kitchen to get Chen Chen’s bowl ready. Zhoumi relaid Minghao’s after school schedule to him when Henry walked in. Junhui looked at him expectedly.
“What? Oh, oh, okay. You should have a yearbook meeting at lunch. Oh yeah, don’t be late coming out to the pick up roundabout. You have a meeting with your company from 5 PM to 6, at the latest.,” Henry sighed, pushing his food around. Junhui nodded and quickly downed his tea, putting his dishes in the sink, and going back upstairs to fix his hair before leaving. He put some pomade in his hands and ran it through his hair. He stared his reflection in the mirror. He should be sleeping more. The makeup artists were always complaining about his eye bags. He groaned. He likes being a model. He likes being able to show off his confidence. He likes knowing that he can take everyone’s breath away with one photo or walking the runway with everyone’s eyes on him. He is grateful for his opportunities. He just hates that feeling of the public thinking he didn’t have to work as hard because of his parents. Junhui sighed. He knew it would happen. He splashed cold water on his face and smiled in the mirror. The smile was stunning as usual but it lacked something. There was something that felt different. Junhui shut his eyes and opened them again. He locked eyes with himself and smiled again. Perfect. Just right for the cameras. He tightly gripped the bathroom door handle and opened it gingerly, walking down the stairs quietly. He heard Minghao and Zhoumi outside in the driveway and ran out to join the two. Henry threw him his blazer and he shrugged it on. He caught his reflection in the car window. Seoul National Academy’s crest was on his heart with photography and film pins brandishing his lapels. He looked away and opened the car door.