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Everything I Touch Isn't Dark Enough

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Connor was regretfully awoken that morning by the aggressive barking of Sumo, and quickly after that by Hank yelling.

"Damn dog! I love you I swear. Get outta my way!"

He heard the door opening and Hank speaking to someone in a very grumpy tone, that was actually very normal for Hank.

Connor had recently become deviant, and this whole 'tired' thing that came with it wasn't exactly his cup of tea. He didn't even sleep he just shut down, which was kinda like sleep for androids he supposed. Deviants were far more human, and humans needed sleep so here he was. He just wondered who was at the door that Hank was talking to.


Speak of the devil.

"Get up! we've gotta case, and they sent fuckin Reed to get us" he grumbled as he moved to his room to get dressed and ready.

Connor sat up in bed and stretched his arms above his head, he didn't exactly need to but it was a comforting movement and something he had learned from Hank, Hank stretched and yawned a lot.

Connor was currently shirtless and in a pair of sweatpants that Hank had purchased soon after Connor moved in. (They were black and read "The android sent by Cyberlife" Hank had them made told Connor that he said it so much he may as well wear it) Connor himself was in a bedroom, well it had belonged to Hanks son, Cole, before his unfortunate death. He had a bed and the freedom to decorate the room as he pleased, currently all that was in it was a desk with a couple potted cacti on it. Boring, but Connor didn't mind.

Gavin Reed walked past his room, "Good morning officer Reed" Connor spoke. Gavin took one look into Connors room before backing up. Was that a blush? No it probably wasn't. He should probably get dressed now huh?

Connor did as he saw fit and got dressed, it was his normal clothes. A white button down, black slacks, and the DPD branded jacket he wore now as compared to his Cyberlife issued jacket he had worn before the revolution. He stepped out of the room and found Officer Reed standing with his arms crossed and Sumo looking up at him, Hank whispering to Sumo to attack. Sumo would not attack as Sumo himself was a good dog, a good dog that upon seeing Connor barked once (a 'boof' sound) and moved to get petted by his favorite android.

"Alright Reed, dare I ask why you got us up at this ungodly hour of the goddamn morning?" Hank asked with disdain in his voice, common when speaking To Gavin Reed.

"One fuckin word Anderson, homicide"

"And ya couldn't wake up anyone else from DPD why?"

"Cause there's an android involved and you and me both know that plastic over there is the only one who can handle android cases"

"You call him that one more time Reed and I swear-"

"ladies you're both pretty, can we move on now?" Connor spoke. It was a joke.

Hank taught him to joke...he did not teach him well.

"Yeah, yeah whatever plastic wants plastic gets"

This comment Earned Reed a firm smack to the back of the head from Hank, Gavin then proceeded to cuss at him the whole way back to the car, Hank returned the cussing, Connor just kinda blocked it out.


The murder occurred in downtown Detroit and by the time they arrived reporters were already swarming the scene of the crime. A police android stood at the line and kept the swarm of reporters back and in order. When Reed approached with Hank and Connor in tow they were scanned and then let through quite easily.

The murder was of an android and a human and android child was missing, as was the murderer.

They entered the house and Gavin covered his nose for a moment. "This thirium shit smells like...shit" he shook his head before uncovering his nose.

Connor scanned the area quickly and easily, his LED blinking between blue and yellow.

"The android has its neck broke...however that isn't what killed it, a gunshot to the chest and head seem to be the fatal wounds, it lost a lot of thirium" Connor spoke as he knelt to the ground.

"Oh Jesus Christ, here he goes" Hank muttered turning his back as Connor dipped his index and middle fingers into the thirium and brought it to his tongue.

"Hey, hey, whoa plastic the hell are you doing?!" Gavin quite nearly sounded as though he would have a heart attack. Connor merely looked confused.

"I'm testing the blood, I can run samples in real time"

"With your goddamn tongue?...that's it I've heard it all, continue plastic" Reed rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air in defeat.


By the end of the night they had only one lead and it was the elderly neighbors, not much to go off of. Meanwhile they had two missing children and a murderer on the loose. However captain Fowler had told them that they wouldn't be the only ones working on this case, they'd find those children and throw the murderer in prison.

"Hey Hank" Gavin spoke as they drove "can I ask ya something? Like for a favor?"

Hank shot a glare at him but nodded in compliance.

"I uh...I got evicted last night, I asked Chris if I could stay with him and his wife said no..."

Connor had never heard Gavin sound like this, he seemed scared.

"What're you askin' Reed?" Hank growled

"I'm asking...I'm asking if I can stay with ya for a bit"