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Three for One

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“Papa, I’m going out for a bit.”

“Are you not going to accept an escort this time, either, as well?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Not even Tomura?”


Her father let out a calm, but exasperated sigh, drumming his fingers against his desk for a few seconds. He finally spoke in a low, commanding voice, “What are the rules?”

“Don’t use my quirks excessively. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t be rude. Be polite, even to heroes. If they ask where my parents are or why I’m not in school, I tell them I’m homeschooled and I’m going to my parents right now. If they try to escort me, and won’t take no for an answer, I tell them to piss off --”


She pouted and shot a small glare to her father, before relenting, with a grumble and a short stomp of her foot, “I do something to get their attention off of me and then use Pause to escape, then go right home or call Kurogiri if my head hurts…”

“Good girl. Be safe, love you.”

She only nodded then, walking past her father as he sat in his wheelchair, in front of a computer screen, mindfully stepping over the many tubes and wires that on one end, connected to the machines that sustained her father. On the other end, was her father. She shifted around to stand at his side, and gently peck a kiss to his glass and metal helmet. He normally only wore it when he had to leave the base, but occasionally donned it along with his other life supporting systems for extra support when he was feeling particularly unwell, “I love you too, Papa.”

If he smiled, she had no way to see it, but she could see it in the way his shoulders rose ever so slightly. With that, she left the laboratory and slipped out into a back alley, pulling her phone out of her plain, black messenger bag, and called one of three contacts she had.

“Hello, Miss (Y/N), what do you need?”

“Are you busy, Kurogiri…?”

“For you, never.”

She couldn’t help the--more of a smirk--smile that curled the edges of her lips. Everyone underneath her father was wrapped around each of her fingers, and taking advantage of that?

It was so incredibly satisfying.

“I’m outside of Papa’s laboratory. Can you take me somewhere? I’ll text you where I want to go.”

“Of course, Miss (Y/N).”


In less than three minutes, she went halfway across the country of Japan, from the Kamino ward to Musutafu City.

“Please, call me whenever you are ready, Miss. (Y/N).” The tall black-mist man in a bartender’s suit, bowed lowly before her, not rising until you spoke.

“I will. Thank you, Kurogiri.” She sweetly smiled up at him as he stood up straight, with her hands held behind her back, “Tell Tomi I said hi.”

“Yes, Miss (Y/N).” In an instant, it was as if he was never there, leaving the fourteen-year-old girl, all alone, in an alley behind a video game store.

She hummed as she picked a direction and began to walk, stepping over trash and around puddles and keeping her eyes more so on the ground than in front of her.

‘Papa gave me a big allowance… I think I’ll buy some sweets, maybe something to bring back for him… Mmm… Not much he can eat, though… Tomura’s birthday is tomorrow, that’s why I didn’t want to bring him… Hmm… He likes mochi… I’ll get a box of ice cream mochi… That video game he was thinking about getting… Oof!’ Without realizing it, she had run into something, or, rather, someone.

“Ew…!” She coughed and spat out some sort of disgusting slime that managed to slip its way into her mouth, taking a few steps back and wiping it off of her face with a revolted curl to her lips.

“Watch where you’re going, you-- Oooh, well, well… You’re quite the pretty little thing, aren’t you…?”

She scowled up in revulsion at the towering slime-sludge-like-man in front of her, her eye twitching in annoyance, “This is a brand new blazer…” She snarled with her hands starting to shake.

“Aaaw, I’m so sorry, sweetheart… Tell you what, I’ll make it up to you… By… Tearing… It… O--”

“Don’t touch me, you disgusting thing.” She snapped as the sludge-monster tried to reach a dripping, slimy hand out, which recoiled, and was followed by his angered sneer.

“Why, you little brat…!”

“I was in a good mood, so I won’t kill you today.” She spat in his face, smirked at his outraged yelling as he raised a dripping arm up with the intention of bringing it down on her, then clicked her tongue.

Everything stood still.


The little green-sludge-like droplets that were falling off of his body froze in mid-air, the sounds of cars revving and air conditioners buzzing, chattering, wind… The world was silent.

‘And I really liked this blazer too…’ She glared down lightly at the stain on her jacket, before she shrugged off the black article and threw it in the sludge-monster’s face, choosing to walk around him and continue on her way. As she turned the corner that led to the street, she clicked her tongue again, and suddenly-- The world returned to life, movement continuing, sounds flooding air, wind moving it…

‘I’ll get Tomi’s game, breakfast… Hmm… Maybe I’ll go to the library… And get something to take home for dinner, I think…’


Tatooin Station was buzzing with a crowd-- A giant-quirk villain was holding the station hostage, apparently.

She was sipping a juice pouch as she passed by, right as a green-haired boy, in a middle school uniform and a bulky yellow backpack on his shoulders, darted past her, calling out a quick “Excuse me!” as he went-- And after he nearly made her drop her drink.

‘Well, at least he has manners.’ She grumbled internally, as she glanced up at the villain with a bored expression, ‘Useless people who don’t know what to do with their useless quirks. Hmph. Papa said not to use my quirks excessively, but maybe I should take it…--’

As she was thinking that, a hero swooped in-- “Illegal use of abilities during rush hour, as well as robbery and assault? You’re pure evil.”

‘Pure evil? Seriously? Bah, he’s a baby in diapers compared to…’

The hero was some guy made of wood, with wood-detailing in his costume, around a black leotard. Definitely one of the more uninteresting costumes.

‘He’d be good tinder, heh…’

“Lacquered Chain Priso--!!”


“Canyon Canon!!”

Ah, some giant lady-hero… Swooped in and stole the “kill”, as Tomi would call it.

‘Heh. I’d hate to see her insurance bill. Heroes are so careless...’

“Today’s my debut! Pleased to meet you all, you can call me Mt. Lady!”

‘More like Mt. Clumsy…’ The girl grumbled under her breath, rolling her eyes as watched the giant-woman restrain the villain. She sure knew how to steal the show, that poor wood-guy looked like he was having an existential crisis back on the bridge, while she was soaking up all the fame and glory.

‘Whatever. She’ll get what’s coming to her, eventually. All those annoying heroes will.’

“Taking notes!? I guess you’re aspiring to be a hero, yourself, too! Goodluck, kid!”


“T-Thanks! I’ll try!”

‘Ah, that kid…’

“Ah! I’m gonna be late for class…!”

‘He wants to be a hero, eh…? Heh… Idiot. He’ll end up in a ditch.’

Right as the kid began to run past her-- He reminded her of broccoli, with his wild, curly green hair… Disgusting-- She stuck her leg out, causing the kid to trip and land flat on his face with a yelp, his backpack flying open, allowing the contents to go flying.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She hummed cynically, watching as he scrambled to lean back on his knees.

He looked around wildly in confusion for a second, before he turned to look up at her with an awkward, apologetic smile, while he rubbed his reddening nose, “O-Oh! It’s okay! I should have seen where I was going…”

‘Oh. Shit. He is… He’s…’ His green curls were a little more tousled than before, the way he rubbed his nose but still had on a shaky smile… He screamed pure, untouched innocence, yet… Something about him...

“Are… Are you alright, miss...?”

“Eh?” She flinched out of her thoughts, feeling her face suddenly burn brightly, “I… Y-Yeah! Yeah! Are… Are you okay?” She fell to her knees and quickly began gathering his things up, not looking him in the eye out of sheer nerves… That she’s never felt before. Ever. ‘Am I getting sick…? I should talk to Kurogiri when I get home, maybe I’m catching a cold…’

“Ah, I’m f-fine!” He laughed nervously, allowing her to hand him his notebook and a pencil case. His hand had brushed up against hers, sending electricity through her skin, nearly making her flinch back.

‘That… That wasn’t a quirk, was it…? I… I want to know!’

Without thinking-- Not that she really ever did when it came to rash decisions-- She grabbed his wrist and ignored the startled yelp that had erupted from him-- She loved that noise… She wanted to hear it more.-- And placed his hand between her own, held it there, held it up, studied his fingers and flexed them around, looking at the digits and soft skin with a critical eye.

“U… Uhm… Can I… H-Help y-y-you with s-s-something…?”

She looked up into his green eyes to see his face red and sweating nervously, almost like a manga character who had never talked to a girl before, as if it were some sort of terrifying honor.

“... No.” She dropped his hand suddenly and stood up, turning on her heel while shoving her hands into her pockets, ‘Must have been my imagination. If he has a quirk, it’s nothing… Electricity based, his skin isn’t built for it. If he did, the skin wouldn’t be so thin and soft.’

So, with that, she left him a confused and stumbling mess staring after her on the sidewalk, with several of his items nearly getting trampled on by strangers as they carried on now that the show was over.

‘... I really like his hands, though…’


She was casually browsing a corner store assortment of junk foods, by now, a brand new headset with cat ears on her head blasting music of choice while she tried to decide on what her “big brother” would like more.

“Cheesy sticks or fried potatoes… Hmm…” 

She was probably thinking too hard on it-- If the tapping on her shoulder alerted her to that fact. Tomi would be annoyed that she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings.  

“Excuse me, young miss, but shouldn’t you be in school…?”

Her lip curled in annoyance, her glare becoming hard on the two bags of junk food in her hands, “Disgusting… These foods, and your hand… Daring to lay a finger on me at all…” She growled under her breath with a rapidly darkening expression, staring down at the annoying, bright, bubbly lettering and designs of the bags.

“E… Excuse me?”

“Don’t touch me again.” She hissed without looking up, gripping the bags hard enough that they began to creak with the inevitable bursting boom should she squeeze any harder, “You can pay for these as an apology, and I won’t kill you.”



“Annoying old man.” She grumbled, before shoving the bags of junk food into her bag, and turned on her heel, not sparing a single glance to the offender. If she did, she would probably snap their neck then and there. “I must really be in a good mood… First some disgusting slime creature, now this…” Mumbling, she walked around the frozen man and pushed her hands into her brand new hoodie’s pockets, striding past the cashier who had been paused in the middle of checking his phone and walked right out of the store.


“Tomi would say I’m losing my edge,” She sighed out, picking a direction to take and pouting because her day had been ruined, “Maybe I’ll take the train home… I like to people watch…” She was only halfway down the block when that damn man was calling out to her.

“H-Hey! Little girl! Get back here!”

‘Little girl…?’ She stopped in her tracks, feeling her lip twitch and start to lift up in annoyance, ‘... No, surely he wasn't talking to me. He isn’t that stupid, surely… Surely… Well, the morning rush is over, no one is around… If he tries anything, surely Papa won’t be upset if I make a bit of a mess...’ --


“My head hurts…” She grumbled, turning into an alleyway while adjusting the bag on her shoulder, “I’m going to run out of time for Pause for the day at this rate…”


“Young miss!” A large, strong hand landed on her shoulder this time, accompanied by a deep, commanding voice, “You should know better than to steal! Where are your parents? Shouldn’t you be in school? Surely, a child as young as yourself is not a crimina--”

“Don’t. Touch. Me.”


‘How the hell did he catch up to me so fast? Why is he being so damn persistent? I just want to have a nice day, why does…’ She pulled away from the man’s hold to glare up at the figure-- Instead, her eyes widened, she felt her mouth go dry, and a bead of sweat formed on her forehead when she recognized the man before her, ‘Why… Why the hell is… Why the hell is he… H… Here…!?’

There stood All Might, in all his glory, wearing a plain white shirt, baggy green cargo pants, a belt with a stylized “A.M.” as the buckle. His trademark bangs stuck right up into the air, bold and blonde, eyes overshadowed by his powerful brow. One hand was outstretched where it had been placed on her shoulder, the other held a plastic grocery bag.

Glee suddenly burst in her chest and made her fingertips tingle, “All Might! It’s really All Might! Uwah, Papa will be thrilled that I met him…!” She squealed in delight, dancing circles around the massive man, examining every inch of him, “Oh, oh, oh! I should take some of his hair… Papa will be so happy…!” She abandoned her messenger bag on the ground and got one last good look at the tall man, curling her hands against her face-splitting smile, before she reached up to his shoulders and tapped her index fingers on the both of them. Invisible strings attached themselves to him, and it took all her might-- Heh-- to puppet him into a kneeling position, his body moving slowly like a robot as it moved, her own brow starting to sweat. It was so taxing, using Pause and Puppetry at the same time…!

‘No! I can’t stop now! Power through! Power through! Papa… Will… Be… So… Happy!’

“Fwah!” She took in a gasp of air and released her strings, taking a second to catch the breath she didn’t know she was holding, leaning against All Might as if he was a pillar or chair, “All right , All Might…” She reached up with one hand, with an ever growing, cynical grin, “Papa won’t be happy if I kill you, that’s his dream, not mine…” With that, she pulled a pocket knife out of her other pocket and cut off several hairs from those annoying bangs-- Not enough that he would notice right away, of course.

‘My head is hurting really bad, now…’ She thought while twirling the blonde strands around her finger, flicking the knife shut and wincing when the quiet sound sent a migraine through her head.

She took a deep breath and tucked the hair into her pocket, with the knife, picked up her messenger bag and reattached her strings to All Might. Carefully, she used Puppetry to put him back into his previous position and was left with a decision, the itching in her fingertips from the strings being attached not helping her train of thought.

‘Do I stay and talk to him a bit, or-- Owch! Owch! My hea--’


“Tch!” She clicked her tongue in a failed attempt to use her quirk, but it only expressed her annoyance as she clutched her bag tightly as the world returned to life-- All Might stumbled back a bit with a grunt of surprise. To him, she had just suddenly moved.  

“Y-Young miss! Using quirks in public is…”

“Illegal. Forbidden. Yadda,” She lifted her hand, looking into his eyes, “Yadda…” Her eyes flashed grey, and the great hero suddenly became stiff, “Yadda.” She flicked her wrist.

All Might was sent flying backward, stiff and paralyzed in position, into the alleyway right across bustling the street, nearly hitting a bus as it passed. She took the opportunity the shield provided, with his view being obscured.

‘He’s seen three of my quirks, now,’ She thought, forcing her aching tongue to click and freeze the world despite the throbbing in her head, ‘Papa is going to be angry… Hmm… I can’t get far before Pause wears off… I need to hide and call Kurogiri.’

Her legs already began moving, carrying her down the alley and around the corner. She chose to reemerge through into the crossing street, and ducked into a coffee shop, ‘Restroom, restroom, rest r-r-r-room--!’ She hissed in pain and held her head as a searing burn shot through her brain, nearly barreling into a floral display as she followed a “rustic” sign pointing towards the bathrooms, opting for the single-person “accessibility” room. She slipped inside and released her hold on the world, taking deep breaths to try and soothe the throbbing in her skull. But the realization that danced around in her mind was enough to distract her from the pain.

‘How many people escape All Might…?’


‘How… How many get his DNA!?’

A thrilled, excited, satisfied and perhaps a little bit deranged smile nearly split her face as she pulled her phone out of her bag with shaking hands, almost dropping it several times as she slowly navigated the screen and hit the most recent contact-- Nearly missing a few times. She finally put it up to her ear, and it rang only once when a voice answered in a crystal clear tone.

“Yes, Miss (F/N)?”

“Kurogiri, you’re not going to believe what just happened.”

“What? Are you alright, Miss (F/N)...?”

“I’m wonderful!” She whispered gleefully into the phone’s speaker, while her fingers began nimbly texting a location ping to the warp gate, “I just sent you my location! Take me to the bar!”

Without another word, a large black and purple mist appeared behind her in the bathroom she occupied, which, she warmly embraced by walking right into.

“M-Miss (F/N), are you alright? You’re shaking…!”

“I’m fine, Kurogiri!” She laughed loudly, almost manically as she stepped through the warp portal and into Tomura’s bar, “Oh, I’m fantastic…! Aha… Ahahaha!” She was shaking as she flipped open her messenger bag, her fingers barely able to hold still as she pulled out item after item, lining them onto the bar before she couldn't hold down her laughter. She started happily beating her fists on the lacquered wood, tears starting to spring from her eyes as she couldn’t stop.

“Oi, shut it, you freak. I’m trying to beat this level…”

“Tomi!” She shrieked happily, grabbing his shoulders and forcing him to drop the handheld gaming device he was playing on to the floor, ignoring his yelling and protests as she babbled on in a shrill voice, “Tomi! Tomi! You’re not going to believe what happened! The best thing ever! Guess, guess!”

“Let me the hell go, (Y/N)! If you broke my game, I’ll kill you!”

She just slung an arm around his neck and hugged him close, pointing to the items as she called them out, clutching him closer and closer to her.

“I got Tomi’s nasty junk food…”

“Shut it and let me go. Tomi is not my damn name, and those aren’t--”

“I got some stuff for dinner for Papa and I…!”

“Oi, are you listening to me?”

“I got some adorable new underwear for me…”

“Let me go, you damn freak!” Tomura finally snapped, grabbing her hoodie and clutching it tightly, disintegrating it in his grasp. Sure, he’s done things like this plenty of times when he was annoyed or angry. She never really cared bef--

“N-No!” She shrieked wildly, eyes widening as she slapped his hand away-- She’s never done that before-- But it was too late, he had grabbed… Right… Where…

She shoved him away from her, hard enough that his side jammed into the edge of the counter. He let out a pained grunt, opening his mouth to yell at her again when she beat him to it…

By sobbing loudly.“No! No! Tomura, you big jerk…! You idiot…! I had a surprise for Papa in there…!” She wailed and fell to her knees, grasping the ashes as they fell to the floor, wildly sifting through them, “No…! No…! I… I had it…! I had All Might’s hair…!”

“You what!?” Kurogiri’s and Tomura’s collective shouts of surprise were drowned out, as she covered her face with her hands, smudging grey ash against her skin.

“I had it…! I had it…! I was going to surprise Papa with it! He was going to be so happy…! I nearly got killed getting it, too! Tomura… Tomura, you big fat jerk!” She shot up with big, bubbling tears falling from her eyes, her trembling lip flashing her angrily grit teeth while raising her hands shakily as if fire would sprout from her palms-- She had gotten rid of that quirk a long time ago, though. “I should kill you! I would kill you if Papa didn’t like you so much!”

“M-Miss (F/N), please, calm down… Your…”

“Take me home, Kurogiri!” She shrieked, clenching her fists shut before she buried them against her eyes, “Take me home…! Take me home…!”

“Y… Yes, Young Miss...”


As soon as the toe of her shoe went from lacquered wood paneling to cold, tile floor, she stomped off past her father, clutching her messenger bag in one hand and what little shreds of her hoodie remained in the other. The hoodie was violently thrown into a little trash can by the hallway, while she quipped, “I hate your stupid choice of a prodigy!” With a snarl, and she stormed off down the hall, then slammed the door to her room shut, hard enough to shake the walls.

Including the cute sign with her full name on the door, decorated with stickers and glitter. It swung and fell to the floor, the flimsy little piece of thin wood splitting in half. The half with her first name stayed face up, the half with her last faced down.


“Y-Yes, sir…?”

“Why is my little princess upset…?”

Kurogiri sighed inwardly-- If a warp-creature could sigh, that is, “She… She and Tomura had a bit of a… Fight. They’ll work it out, I’m certain, sir…”

“Hm… If you think so, then, fine. Keep a close eye on Tomura per usual.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Stupid Tomura! Stupid! Stupid!” She stomped on the games she had spent her hard-earned allowance on, shattering the cds, “I’ll kill him…! If he wasn’t so important to Papa’s stupid plans, I would kill him…! Stupid…! Stupid…!-- Ah!” She slipped on the CD case and tumbled to the floor with a yelp, then whined quietly and rubbed her back, “Stupid… Stupid…!”

Her eyes flickered up to her TV, that had been left on the news with the audio muted. Nothing about All Might, just some ridiculous segment on UA’s third years apprehending a dangerous villain while on their internships.

‘Stupid normal-kids, allowed to have fun with their quirks… I hate them… UA must be fun or something if they’re bothering to become heroes…’

… UA…

Her fingertips twitched.


She shot up from her spot, staring at the school’s logo as it slowly spun on the screen during an interview with the principle, a little bear-mouse-dog… Thing. Apparently, he had been the only known animal in all of Japan to develop a quirk. UA was full of interesting characters like that. Pro-hero teachers… Rigorous hero courses… Lots of fun activities where you can use your quirk all you want…

Before anyone could realize it, she had slammed her door open, yelling out into the laboratory-slash-home as she ran down the hall, “Papa! I. Want. To. Go. To. UA!”

The man didn’t move an inch, even as his daughter appeared at his side-- It’s not like he could see her, anyway, so he just remained in place and responded in an indifferent tone, “... What? Did I hear you right, sweetheart?

“I want to go to UA!” She repeated, crossing her arms and pursing her lips, “They have so much fun there! I want to go and play heroes with the kids I’ll get to kill when I’m an adult! Please, Papa? It’ll be a good learning experience, right? Right?”

Her father was silent as he contemplated his daughter’s demands, fingers slowly starting to drum on the arm rest of his wheelchair as he thought. He was starting to take too long for her liking, and she opened her mouth to speak when he finally responded, “Alright. Anything for you, my sweet. Are you sure you can keep up the act of wanting to be a… Hero?” It seemed to physically pain him to say the word.

“I want an apartment near the school, and I want a designer to help me with my costume!”

That was her answer.

“You need to pick a single quirk to use. I should take the others so you don’t accidentally…”

“Don’t take any of them!” She stomped her foot to get his attention-- Even if she already had it, frankly, undivided-- “I’ll be careful with them!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! I’ll use… Uhm…” Ah, she didn’t think this part out… What quirk would she use…? She pulled out the computer chair from the corner, that she used when she would sit with her father for long periods of times, and took a seat, wheeling over to sit by him as she pondered her ideas. “... What if… What if I just used my regular quirk? What if I told them about Three for One?”

“It’s too risky.”

“Is not!”

“Yes, it is, sweetheart.”

Ah, not a good tone.

“What do you think, then, Papa? What quirk should I use?”

Nevermind, she got him.

Once more, he began drumming his fingers, the thumping and clicking of his nails on hard plastic filling the otherwise silent room-- Besides the sound of machines humming and liquids dripping. This time, however, she was fine with him taking his time because she was also pondering the idea.

‘I have Paralyze, Puppet, and Pause… Paralyze is so… Useless for UA. Pause is… Also useless, if I don’t have some way to inflict damage. Puppet is all I have… None of Papa’s quirks I can take, they’re all useless to me… Hm…’

“Puppet is your only choice.”

“I know.” She huffed quietly, slowly spinning around in her chair, glaring up at the ceiling, “Can I have some dummies to use to practice using Pause and Puppet at the same time, at least? Earlier, I…”

‘… Stupid Tomura…! I can’t let Papa know why…’

“... There was some gross guy who tried to touch me, but I had trouble using Puppet and Pause at the same time on such a large target.”

‘Not an entire lie.’

“... Of course, darling.”

‘Good, he bought it.’

“You’re only allowed to go to UA on one condition, though.”

“Of course I’ll look out for fun quirks for you to take, Papa.”

“And, if you call me every day.”

“Of course!” She shot up and threw her arms around his neck, gleefully giggling and smiling wide, “Thank you, Papa, thank you, thank you!”


With that, the long, tedious process of creating an identity for her began. Her last name became (L/N), she would have gone to some random middle school in north-eastern Japan, her quirk would be Puppetry-- Not Marionette like the original user.

With her father’s quirk, her eyes remained (E/C), just like his used to be, but her hair changed and turned to (H/C), her skin changed to (S/C), her body type changed, her voice...

She couldn’t look like her father anymore, after all. A new identity was necessary, in case anyone recognized her after her… Less than reputable exploits. Except, she demanded to keep the eye color.

And training. So. Much. Training. She wanted to do it, but her father became worried and went so far as to try and get her to take it slow, yet she refused, choosing to train rigorously using all three of her quirks constantly.

… Those poor bastards father gave to her. Who cares, anyway? They were villains, too…

And she was training to be a “hero”, after all.


Chapter Text

‘Father is going to be pretty upset with us, you know… It’s fine! Who cares! It’s no big deal… Oooh, but when he finds out we’re changing our registry before it’s even been sent in, he’s not going to like having to create a new identity for us, again… It’s fine, it’s fine! Let’s see… Quirk: Showmaster… Description? Hm… How do we describe it so that it doesn’t sound so… Evil? We can describe it as the powers of God. You idiot, that’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard! Ah, maybe this is a bad idea... Uhg...’

You were sitting at your desk, amongst an array of moving boxes carefully labeled with whatever they contained, bent over a spread of paperwork that you had to fill out before you could submit your application to UA. Which, included, your quirk registry. You and your father agreed to only use puppetry, but… Dammit, that’s no fun! So, you would be using Pause and Puppetry. But how to describe it…

‘What about… Can manipulate time and matter? No, that doesn’t make sense… Can stop time for up to fifteen minutes and use invisible strings to move things by attaching them via touch. That’s about the best we’re going to get… Heh, even though we can stop time for an hour? Why, we can’t let them know the full extent of our power… ’

That gleeful, creepy grin came to your face once again as you carefully wrote down every word describing your “quirk”.

‘I’ve trained almost non-stop these past nine months, I’m not letting them think I’m just some weakling… Ah, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear all that praise if they did see my entire strength? I like being fawned over… Father never pays attention to me anymore, Tomura is always busy… Not that he’s very kind...’ Your smile slowly turned to a frown, and further to a scowl, ‘I hate them for leaving me alone all the time… All I have is--’

A knock on your door startled you out of your thoughts, the flinch causing you to drop your pencil and bang your knee on your desk, shaking the contents, “S-Shit! What is it?!”

“Dinner is ready, Young Miss.”

“I’ll be there in a minute!”

“Your father wishes to speak to you.”


“Alright, alright…” You sighed and used the orange envelope to cover up the documents, lest there be some wandering eyes, and scooted the desk chair back in favor of standing up and stretching. ‘What could the old man want now…? He doesn’t care to sit and eat dinner with me anymore…’

After throwing on a fluffy robe and puffy slippers to battle the cold of the home-slash-laboratory, you opened the door to reveal your father’s “nurse”, a tall thin woman with sunken in grey eyes and a sagging face despite her young age-- Only around thirty-eight.

“We’re having stew tonight, Young Miss.” Fumiko turned to take slow, long strides as her thin, long hands fidgeted together in front of her. Everything about Fumiko was thin and long, except her hair, which was choppy and chin-length… And thin, the nearly-white-grey not helping to mask that. She was such a strange and bland character, even dressing so in greys and muted greens and browns, like the grey skirt that went to her bony ankles and almost to her thin grey slippers, and the washed-out green cardigan on her shoulders that sagged mid-thigh.

But Fumiko was sort of the closest thing you had to a friend since your father’s… “Defeat”. Tomi became distant. Kurogiri stayed by his side. That doctor was creepy more than anything. It was lonely, and the fact that she was more-so some sort of… Background-mother didn’t help, either.

“What did my father want…?” You asked curiously, trying to glance around to Fumiko’s pale face-- Which wasn’t any paler than usual. Her skin was like printer paper that had been left out in the elements-- Wrinkly, off-white, and worn.  

“You’ll have to ask him yourself.”

Ah, well. Whatever. Fumiko was a woman of few words. It was always “Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is ready, your father wants to speak to you, be careful if you’re going out, do you want a snack, do you need help with your studies…” … You did wonder briefly if that was what a mother was actually like, unlike how anime and manga had suggested. She did sort of raise you, but, as far as you know, she wasn’t your mother.

Fumiko turned on the light to your father’s room, where he was turned to the little folding table with a bowl, napkin, and silverware only on one side-- The opposite-- As well as the desk chair you always sat in when you stayed in this room.

“Boo,” You greeted your father with a kiss on his glass helmet, receiving a hum in response, before walking around to take your seat, “Thank you for dinner, Fumiko.”

“Your welcome, young miss.”

“What did you need, father?” You didn’t look up at him-- It wasn’t like he had eyes-- as you placed your napkin in your blouse to protect the dark blue silk, flaring it out to minimize any chances of the beef and potato soup ruining the shirt.

“The entrance exam for… UA… Is in a month.”

The statement made you raise an eyebrow while you picked up a spoon, expecting a verbal flick at the end to turn it into a question, “Uhm… Yes? What about it?”

“I want you to reconsider.”


“Darling, listen, this childish notion of… “Fun”... That you have is getting out of hand. I believed you would get tired of this a few hours into “training”, yet you’re dragging this out as if you actually want to be a hero. I'm worried you could end up blowing not only your cover, but Tomura's, and our's..."     

Your spoon dropped into your bowl and made a brief splash, a few droplets landing on the table and only a few tiny ones on your shirt over your abdomen, with your hand still hovering where it was about to lower and dip into the soup Fumiko had slaved over the entire day, until it was exactly how you like it.

The chef in question let out a tiny, muted squeak upon seeing the insignificant mess.

‘I like this shirt.’

“I do not want you to get… Corrupted by those heroes, and have your values suddenly skewed when Tomura is so close to…--”

Your eyebrow twitched.

“I. Will. Not. Reconsider.”

He let out a long sigh, drumming his fingers on his wheel chair’s arm with more force. That noise had become absolutely annoying these past few months. The only movement you made was lowering your hand to rest with its twin in your lap.

“... Sweetheart--”

“I’m going to UA, father. I have trained these past nine months to get in, I’ve kept my nose clean so your modifications to me don’t go to waste, I’m not going to throw it all away just because you said to! Tomura has his stupid League of Villains, you have your ugly Nomu, let me have something of my own!” Your hand gripped the hem of your silk shirt, starting to tear the delicate fabric just from your nails pressing against it, "I... I deserve something of my own! I want something of my own!" 

“Don’t forget your place, (F/N). We have a goal in all of this. I want my revenge on you-know-who...” He continued, while you were internally muttering to yourself.

‘There he goes again. All Might this, All Might that… Heroes are garbage, we should crush them, rebuild my empire, yadda… Yadda… Yadda…’

“I thought you’d rather have Tomura do it since he’s the previous One for All’s grandson , your precious prodigy , lead for your plans.”

“You’re my daughter.”

“I’m not an idiot.” You had to bite back the snarl you wanted to unleash, like a chained wolf that’s been poked one too many times, “I know why you brought me into this world… I know why you didn’t have any other kids.”


“I’m going to eat in my room.” You muttered as you stood up before he could protest further, picking up your bowl and spoon.

No one else could be so short with the greatest villain to ever live.

No one except his daughter, who wasn’t in the mood to bend to his will.


After the door down the hall had roughly shut, he let out a long sigh, leaning back in his seat, mindful of the many tubes that sustained him, “Where did I go wrong with her, Fumiko… I’m a good father. I give her whatever she wants, I give her space, I let her do whatever she wants to… Why can’t she be like Tomura? Ever since she decided she wanted to go to a hero school, she’s become rebellious and cold. She doesn’t even call me Papa any more, it’s always Father, always “I have to go train, I don’t have time to eat with you…”

“She’s a teenager, sir…” Fumiko spoke softly, taking her apron to gently polish away the splatters of soup from the table, “She’s just going through a phase… Surely, she’ll tire of the heroes rather quickly, once she gets through the entrance exam with no problem.”

“I hope you’re right,” He drummed his fingers against his wheelchair arm once again, “I hope you’re right…”


‘Kurogiri, come to my room. I want to go to my apartment. Now.’


‘Of course, young miss.’


Within minutes you were sitting cross-legged in your desk chair, shoveling lukewarm

soup into your mouth while Kurogiri was carefully portalling your array of boxes out of your room and into your apartment, halfway across the country.

“And then he’s all “You’re my daughter, you’re supposed to help me kill All Might, you’ll be an empress” Yeah right! Second to Tomura! If I’m his daughter then I shouldn’t have to compete with him, it’s just because he’s the best way to mentally torture the damn “Symbol of Peace”. Uhg! How annoying-- I’m way stronger than Tomura! Aren’t, Kurogiri!?”

“Would you like your furniture to be sent to your apartment as well, young miss?”

“Of course.”

Kurogiri complied, sending the last of your belongings through his portals, while you slurped up the last of the soup in your bowl in the middle of an empty room, besides the desk chair you resided in, “... Young miss, I wish you luck in the exam. You’ll make an excellent spy.”

You nearly spewed out the stew, coughing a bit to keep from choking on it when your throat suddenly closed up, before snapping, “What the hell are you talking about!? I’m not going to be a spy!”

“Oh… I assumed you would be. My apologies.”

“Whatever.” You grumbled, glaring down at the empty bowl, “I’m gonna go all out and  crush all those ridiculous hero's dreams before they can even take a step into the testing zone…”

“Ah, but would it be wise to… “Make a big splash”? It could lead to suspicions quite quickly.”

You froze with your eyes examining the spoon that had been licked clean, your tongue suddenly feeling heavy in your mouth as your pupils dilated slowly with realization.

‘Of course. Damnit… Damnit… Damnit, of course! But I want to go all out! I want them to see how powerful I am! I… I want…’

‘That damn old man. He didn’t tell me to be careful for a reason! He wanted me to get caught so I’d come running back home! Well, unfortunately for him…!’

“... I don’t… Intend to… Make a big splash.” You practically snarled through grit teeth, “I… Have my own plan…”

‘We don’t.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Now we have to fix those stupid quirk papers again.’

‘Don’t remind me.’

“... Young miss…?’ Kurogiri had outstretched a hand in a concerned gesture, his mist-like yellow eyes furrowing in concern, “Are you… Alright? You seem troubled…”

“I’m fine.” You quipped, leaning down and setting your bowl on the floor, then sat up straight and tightly crossed your arms, “Send me to my apartment.”

“Shouldn’t you tell your father you’re leaving?”

“He’ll figure it out.”

“... Yes, young miss…” Kurogiri raised his hand, and for half a second, all you could see was black, until you were in a completely different place. You were in the middle of a living room, facing a window that showed the lights of a suburban neighborhood. Street lamps and houses below with lights on in some of the curtained rooms, the orange glow from the last sliver of the sun casting a fiery hue on everything it barely managed to touch.

‘This will be my new home for the next three years, no matter what father says.’

You swallowed thickly and looked around the room, amongst the many boxes, settling your eyes on your desk with the lamp now unplugged, still in place otherwise.

‘... I’ll fix the papers later,’ You thought, audibly sighing through your nose, ‘... I’m going to go check out the “wildlife”.’

With that, you stood up, pushing the chair back a few centimeters, then strode towards a box labeled ‘Shoes’, and flipped it open. “Something comfy, something comfy…” You hummed to fill the silence, and snagged a pair of plain sneakers, slipping them on while you went through different idle thoughts.

‘Maybe I’ll get some groceries… I especially should get some dishware, I didn’t think of that… I need a table and a chair and… Dammit, I don’t have any houseware! Why didn’t I think of that?! Uhg, whatever, I’ll just get something I can make without any cookware for now… I should buy a plant. A plant would look good in the window, I bet. I’ve never had a plant since I never had any windows…’

By the time you finished that train of thought, you had gotten your wallet, phone, keys and put a jacket on, now making your way out the door and down the outdoor corridor, heading for the flight of stairs… When your neighbor’s door suddenly swung open.

“Fuck!” You swore when the slab of aluminum collided with your front, stumbling backward and rubbing your reddening nose, sniffing away the tears that started pricking the corner of your eyes from the burning in it, “Who the fuck just slams a door open like that!?”

“I-I’m so sorry! A-Are you alright!?” The door swung closed and revealed a familiar mop of curly, green hair, this time on a slightly taller, much more muscular…

Your eyes widened as you paused your poor attempt of ebbing away the numbing pain in your nose, staring right into familiar hunter-green eyes, “Y-You…?!” Your eyes darted over his figure, eyes widening to the size of dinner plates, “What happened to you-- What kind of steroids are you on?!

“D-D-Do I kn-know you…?” He stepped back a bit nervously as you got close to him, grabbing his wrist and feeling his arms without shame.

“Good God, what have you been doing…!?” You lifted his arm up and squeezed his biceps, then grabbed his hand and frowned deeply-- They weren’t soft anymore. They were rough and calloused now, but much stronger, and… Still sort of nice, but not in the same way, “I liked your hands before…”

“A-Again, do I… Know y-you…?” He slowly took his hand away from yours, and you finally looked up to his beet-red face that was sweating nervously. He was wearing a teal tracksuit with white trim, the jacket tied around his waist, and a white tank top adorned his upper half in its place.

“What? How could you not--” It finally clicked in your mind. Father had changed your physical appearance so that you could have a clean slate. “Oh. I guess you wouldn’t recognize me.” You deadpanned, shoving your hands into your jacket’s pockets, “I’m the girl from back at the Tatooin Station. I tripped you, then felt your hands because I thought you had an electricity quirk,” You walked around him as you talked, “Because it felt weird when your hand brushed against mine.”

“O-Oh…? But… Why do you… You look so different! Nothing like you did before? H-How is that possible? Is it your qu…”

“No, no.” You waved your hand boredly, “It’s my father’s. He does it sometimes.”

“D… Does it sometimes? Why... What kind of quirk is it? How does it work? How does it change appearances--”

“How should I know? It’s not my quirk.” You clicked your tongue without activating Pause , starting down the stairs with the green-headed kid on your heels.

“O-Oh… Alright, t-then-- Uhm… When did you move in…? I… I didn’t see any moving-men, I… I-I haven’t seen you at all, either, I figured since you’re my next door neighbor, I would--”

“Not important.” You cut him off, turning to walk down the next flight, raising an eyebrow as you looked up at him before he could turn to the next flight as well, since he was a bit taller with being a few steps up, “Why are you following me?”

“I… I’m going down, too, to go for a jog…”

“This late?” Humming, you turned around to walk down the stairs backward, smirking a bit at the sudden anxiety that shot up his still violently red face, “Isn’t it dangerous for a kid to be out after dark?”

“U-Uhm I… I-I would say the sa-same for you…?”

You paused-- The world, that is, with a click of your tongue, then casually strode up the few steps that had separated the two of you, then clicked your tongue again, smirking up close to his face, “I’ll be fine.”

“Y-Yikes--!” He squeaked in surprise-- How cute-- and fell back on his rear, with his face aflame as he stared up at you, “H-How did you--!? Is that-- What’s your--”

“Shh,” You put your finger to your lips, still sporting a coy grin as you backed down the steps, “You don’t want me to get in trouble for using my quirk in public, right?” You turned on your heel and stuffed your hands back into your pockets, smiling slyly to yourself.

“O-Of course not!” He shot up, clenching his fists excitedly, “I-Is it teleportation? That’s so cool! It’s amazing! You’re amazing!”

‘… What?’

“W-What-- I mean-- Of course I am! Haha!” It was your turn for your face to start burning, “I-I’m going to UA, of course, I’m amazing!”

“You’re going to UA? So am I-- Well, I have to take the entrance exam… B-But I’m going to get in! I… Hope… Are you in on recommendations?”

‘He’s going to UA? His quirk must be strong, then. Hm…’

“No, I have to take the entrance exam as well.” You muttered, scratching the side of your face nervously-- ‘Dammit, who am I? Tomura!?’

“Oh, w-well, I’m sure you’ll get in! Teleportation is an amazing quirk! Can you teleport things too? Well, I’d assume you could, because of your clothes… W-What about people?”

Okay, now he way getting annoying, with all the questions. Mostly because… “Teleportation is--” ‘-- Not my quirk… But it is a good cover up…!’ “... Pretty simple!” You chuckled casually, “Sure! I can teleport things! And people too!” ‘It’s not like anyone would be able to tell, since the world would be paused while I use Puppet… And… And I can make a splash if that’s what I call my quirk, too! They won’t figure out that I have two quirks! Heh, much less three… Or four.’

“Really!? That’s so cool! Is there a limit to what you can transport?”

“Ah, well…” You squinted down at the stairs as they passed beneath your feet, listening to the rhythmic walking you two had taken up, ‘What is my limit…? Last I measured, I can move a regular-sized car with one string… I have ten strings total, the average car is…’ “... How heavy is an average-sized car?”

“Y-You can transport a whole car!? Thats--!”

“Not one, ten.”

“Ten cars!?” He yelled in surprise, nearly tripping-- Was this kid having a conniption over your abilities…? It’s… Kinda cute. And enjoyable.
“I can teleport up to ten things,” You finally decided, pulling your hands out of your pockets and crossing your arms, nodding surely, “The max limit for one is about the weight of a car.”

“Amazing…!” He gasped, “You’re so cool-- Ah, uhm-- C-Can I get your… Uhm… Name?”

Ah, there was that beet-red face again.

And it’s all because of you.

You couldn’t help the grin that nearly split your face-- You had to hide it behind your hand, it’d probably come off as creepy to him… But you felt so happy.

‘He’s fawning over me… It’s so nice… He thinks I’m so strong! And he’s so cute, with how he blushes and stumbles over his words, he’s like a baby deer…! I want to keep him to myself forever! Ah, my name, my name… My fake one, will unfortunately be...’

“(L/N) (F/N).”

“N-Nice to officially get your name, (L-L/N)-san. I’m Midoriya-- Midoriya Izuku!”

‘I want him to call me by my real name...’

“Please, call me (F/N),” You gently -- Demanded-- Requested, smiling as you looked to him-- When had he started walking by your side? Ah, running out of stairs… “I’m more used to it. (L/N) is… My father.”

“O-Oh! Uhm! Alright, if that’s, uhm… What’d you prefer! (F/N)-san, then!”

You were practically a puddle when he uttered your name, melting when you heard it. “Well, Izuku-kun,” You decided to use his first name and a more friendly honorfic, mostly to get a reaction out of him-- Then laughed when he suddenly tripped on the last step.



The world stilled, and you reached down and attached a string to the back of his shirt, before carefully pulling him up and putting him into a standing position. You now had the chance to more carefully observe him. His face was so red, he had adorable freckles… His hair was so fluffy… You couldn’t help ruffling it a bit and running your hands along his face, “You’re so cute…” You whispered softly, slowly grinning wider and wider, and finally rested your hands on his shoulders.


“Aaah--” The force from his fall continued on, sending him into your arms, which you happily caught him in, with his face burying into your neck. You could feel how hot his face was against your exposed skin-- It sent a happy shiver through your muscles. You can’t feel any temperature when using Pause, since the atoms it’s made of technically stop moving.


“Sorry, I didn’t want you to fall on my account again.” You hummed, smiling widely even as he pushed himself away from you, sputtering and violently red-faced.

‘So cute… I hope he doesn’t have a headache.’

“N-N-No-- It’s fine! Uhm! T-Thank you f-for-- Teleport-C-Catching me! Uhm! I-I actually have to g-g-go now, b-b-byeeeee!”

You raised your eyebrow and pouted, watching him as he turned and barreled down the dimly lit street, a dust cloud kicking up behind him as he ran, carrying the “ye” from “Bye” rather comically as he bolted away.

‘Oh. Okay, then… Well… He can’t stay away forever.’ Your smirk slipped back onto your lips, ‘We are neighbors after all… And perhaps, even classmates, soon…’


“Ah! All Might!” Izuku called out to his mentor as he trotted through the sand, picking up a few tires on his way, “What are you doing here? I thought you were busy-- N-Not that I’m not happy to see you, of course…!”

All Might-- In his true form-- Turned from his spot watching the sea, shooting his prodigy a smile and offering a wave with his bony hand, “Ah, Young Midoriya! I was just wanting to check on your progress since it’s been a week since I last saw you. How ar-- W-What the-- My boy, are you running a fever? You’re burning up!”

“E-Eh?” The green-haired boy put one of his hands against his face, feeling the heat for himself, “A-Ah! No! It’s not-- I’m-- I talked to a girl! That’s all! Hah… That makes me sound like a socially awkward loser…”

“Nonsense!” All Might laughed, walking forward and slapping the short boy on the back, “What girl? From your school? It’s good you’re making friends…”

“Ah-- S-She doesn’t go to my school! Well, maybe she does…?” Er… S-She just moved in next door, all of a sudden… I ended up hitting her in the face when I opened my door… Oh, right! She’s going to be attending UA! Well, she has to take the entrance exam, like me… W-Which, whatever it is, I’m sure she’ll get in! Her quirk is amazing! Teleportation-- Anything like that is super rare, huh-- A-All Might?”

“What does that girl look like?”

Izuku didn’t like the sudden dark look that came upon his hero’s face. Well-- It was… Similar to the one he wore when he was in his hero form-- Which he just buffed-up into.

“H-Huh?-- I mean…” Izuku gave a brief description of the girl-- Hairstyle, color, skin tone… That was all he knew, really. He didn’t get too good of a look at her more detailed features-- Eye color, for instance.

All Might let out a relieved sigh and deflated back into his true form, his heavy wool coat sagging back onto his shoulders, rather than looking like it would tear if he flexed too hard, “All right, not the same girl, then…”

“N… Not the same girl?” Izuku flinched and gulped-- He remembered what she had said, right after they met-- For the second time.

“But… Why do you… You look so different! Nothing like you did before? H-How is that possible? Is it your qu…”

“No, no. It’s my father’s. He does it sometimes.”

“D… Does it sometimes? Why... What kind of quirk is it? How does it work? How does it change appearances--”

“How should I know? It’s not my quirk.”

“Eh… Well-- Ah, it was actually on the day that I met you…”

‘The same day I met her…’

“... When I was grocery shopping, I noticed a girl, around your age… It was the middle of the day, so I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention, because she had headphones on, and asked her why she wasn’t in school… She got upset that I touched her, I suppose and… Teleported out of the store, leaving with two bags of junk food-- Which I promptly paid for. And tried to catch her… Then she… Ah! This is embarrassing…!” He sighed loudly, patting his own shoulder roughly and kicking a foot in the sand as if it would ease his frustration, “She threw me-- In my hero form!”

‘W-What!? She threw… All Might…!?’

“--Across the road and into the alleyway adjacent to the one she had teleported into and I followed her in! Like it was nothing! Can you believe that!? I wasn’t going to take her to the police station, I just wanted to know why she was stealing junk food and wasn’t in school…”

‘I… I should tell All Might that I might know her… But…’

“I’m going to UA, of course!”

‘Surely… It isn’t the same girl… If she wants to be a hero…’

“Ah, w-w-well, I guess I don’t know her… Sorry! I should get back to work, I told my mom I’d be back in an hour…”

“Ah, right…” All Might raised an eyebrow, watching as Midoriya ran off, hauling ass-- And an old, rusted pair of garden shears he grabbed from the sand on his way.

‘I-I don’t… Was it really (L/N)...? It can’t be… It must just be a coincidence… Even if it was, she’s going to UA, so she wants to be a hero-- She deserves a chance!”


“W-W-Why are you in my apartment…?”

(F/N) was sitting in the Midoriya abode, at the table with the matriarch, Midoriya Inko, and casually sipping tea from a brand-new mug that read something in English that he’d have to look in the English textbook he suffered studying through to decipher.

“I don’t have a microwave.” She answered simply, taking a slow drink from the hot tea he assumed she had bought-- It didn’t smell like anything they had in stock, it was… Fruitier?

“Ah! Izuku-- You’ve met (F/N)-san already, she’s quite lovely! You should have brought her over sooner!” His mother practically beamed, holding her own cup between her hands. She had such a peaceful, serene look on her face-- That he honestly hasn’t seen in… Quite a while.

He shouldn’t spoil this moment.

“I-I just officially met her an hour ago, mom…” Izuku laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m… Gonna go take a shower, I’m really gross…”

“I actually have to go get some sleep, I can’t stop my training just because I moved…” (F/N) let out a soft sigh as she stood up, smiling to his mother as the older woman stood up as well.

“AAh, alright then, sweetie-- You should bring your parents over for dinner sometime, I would love to meet them!” His mother walked with (L/N) to the door-- Who, Izuku barely managed to get a glimpse of a small, sad smile on her face.

“... I live alone, actually. I never knew my mother, and my father lives on the other side of Japan. He’s… He’s not good company, believe me.”

“Oh, really…? I’m sorry to hear that, sweetie… Well, you’re always welcome here, whenever you need anything at all, alright? You’re so young to be living on your own...”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“You should ask Izuku about training with him sometime, I worry…”

Izuku took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as he walked to the bathroom, deciding to let the conversation continue to fade out as the two females got further and further away. He shut the door, taking a look at himself in the mirror, at his ruffled hair and dirt smudged in various places-- His face, arms, his tracksuit…

‘One for All will be my responsibility in a month…’

Then he thought about her-- What she said, about her quirk, how strong it was…  

‘She has the story of a protagonist for a manga… She’s going to be an amazing hero, surely…’


You entered your new apartment after walking the whopping nine steps it took to get there, emptied mug in hand, slowly opening the door and slipping in, then shutting it quietly, while letting out a small sigh.

‘So… That’s what a mother is like.’

You lowered a slightly annoyed gaze to the ground as you slipped off your shoes, kicking them off to the side before striding through the short hallway and into the kitchen, heading to the sink to wash your new cup that read “Resting Witch Face”. It was leftover from the small amount of Halloween-related goods the even smaller corner store stocked-- It just wasn’t a popular holiday in this country.

‘I’m jealous. I wish I had a mother… I wonder if Izuku-kun wants a father around…’


“Ah, my husband isn’t around,” Midoriya Inko had waved a dismissive hand with a passive smile, after you had asked about Izuku’s father, “He’s overseas for work, so it’s just the two of us. We manage just fine, though.”


It’s true, she adored Izuku-- She had a hard time not talking about him. Which, you were fine with. You adored talking about him as well, frankly-- It felt like you two were childhood friends already.

‘Heh, maybe I’ll marry him, so I can have her as a mother…’ Your smile slowly turned to a frown, that shifted to a glare, and to a snarl down at the cheesy mug. ‘He wants to be a hero, my father is a villain. How could I think like that? Get a grip, you moron!’

You set the mug upside down on a small washcloth to dry before you could accidentally crack it just from gripping it and used another to dry your hands as you moved from the kitchen to the living room, forcefully relaxing your face.

‘Don’t want wrinkles before I’m twenty.’

Surprisingly, many of your things were unpacked. The TV was set up, there was an unfamiliar white kotatsu with a light-pink blanket already placed in it, and two matching cushions on all four sides…

And the remote, with a card next to it on the tabletop, which you picked up with a raised eyebrow.


‘Ah, dad. Fumiko’s handwriting, but dad…’  

“I apologize for upsetting you, my dear. Please do not harbor any ill feelings. I had Kurogiri and Fumiko sent over to unpack your things, and this kotatsu is my physical apology to you. I hope you enjoy it. Do not sleep under it, you know that is unhealthy. - Father.”

“The thought that counts, I guess.” You muttered, casting an unamused gaze down to the kotatsu. It was already warmed up, and it was stupid cold out…

… Surely it wouldn’t be bad to enjoy one night underneath it…

You set the card down and emptied your pockets onto the table, before crawling under the thick comforter, sighing contently with the warmth as you snatched up the remote and turned on the TV. Flicking through the channels while you leaned against your free arm on the table, slowly sinking down lower in annoyance while you tried to find something interesting to watch.

‘Nothing on the news… Nothing on that channel… Nothing on that… Nothing… Nothing… Nothing…’

Frowning, you settled on a music channel with a softer tone set to its songs, turned it to a lower volume, and settled down with your head using one of the plush cushions as a pillow.

‘I think I’ll see if I can catch Izuku-kun on a jog tomorrow morning…’


“Did she receive my gift?”

“Yes, sir.” Fumiko stepped out of the warp gate Kurogiri made, the man himself coming forward after her, “She was not home, but I left a note for her.” The tall, thin woman bowed slowly, “I also unpacked many of her things.”

“Good, good. She’ll probably be more compliant after everything, then. Dismissed.” He waved a bored hand, still turned towards the computer screen he can’t even see. Fumiko rose up and padded away, her hands neatly folded in front of her as she entered the closed-off kitchen portion of the laboratory, sliding the door shut behind her.

“Sir, if I may ask…”

“Yes, Kurogiri?”

“... How does the Young Miss tie into your plans? I’m simply curious. Her own and her array of quirks are incredibly powerful. We simply could have used it to kill off All Might ages ago.”

The man drummed his fingers on the wheelchair armrests, silent for a moment as he pondered how to put his plan into words, without making everything terribly out-in-the-open, “... You know I am not a remorseful man, Kurogiri. I don’t care for others, I crush those beneath me who are of no use…” The drumming stopped,  “... I’d like to think of myself as an immortal man. Frankly, I am… Tell me, Kurogiri, are you familiar of the game shogi or chess?”

“... Yes, sir, I am.”

“Shigaraki is the King. My daughter is the Queen--” He raised his hand up casually, resting his elbow on the wheelchair armrest as he gestured with his words, “The most powerful piece, whose life could decide the fate of the game. Should the queen be taken, the king will surely fall.”

“... And you, sir? What piece are you?”

“My dear Kurogiri…” He chuckled, light-heartedly, his chest rising and falling only a bit, “I’m the player . The one who does decide the fate of the game… But, in reality, should I fall, she is the only one with any form of my power… Idealistically, I would like for her to take my quirk if that were the case, and help Shigaraki in my plans. Ah, maybe I could have continued to grow some children from my own DNA, in those test tubes… No matter how difficult it is or expensive… She was a failure, of course. I was about to begin another, when her quirk showed no promise anywhere near mine when Shigaraki came into our lives.”

“I see... Another question, if I may, sir.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why did you give her Pause?”

“I didn’t give it to her, she took it herself and refuses to let it go.” He let out an exasperated sigh, returning to drumming his fingers, frowning as he explained, “If she does not will it, I cannot take it. That’s how Three for One works. Pesky variation of my brother’s quirk… She can have up to three at a time if she wants to get rid of one she has to either give it to me or switch it with the quirk she wants… For instance, Kurogiri… If she wanted, let’s say… Your quirk, she would have to switch it out with one. She would take Warp Gate, and give you one in return-- Puppet, Pause, Paralyze… Whichever. Aah, she’s lucky I can’t use Paralyze or Pause, since I lack eyes and a functioning tongue... Puppet is useless because I don’t want to have to touch any filthy creature, besides, it’s weak compared to the ones I already have… I have to keep her happy, anyway-- If she’s going to be of any use to Shigaraki…” The room suddenly became eerily quiet, almost… Deafening. Even the drips and hums of the machine keeping him alive seemed to have become hushed as he spoke in a calm, collected… Menacing tone, “Hopefully she won’t forget her place, amongst those heroes.”



You called out and waved an arm as you jogged down the street-- The boy barely turned around when you clicked your tongue and paused the world, continuing to jog up to the boy who had been half a block ahead. You smiled to yourself and danced around him as he was in mid-jog, in the midst of turning back towards you, his hair semi-floating in place. He was so adorable-- And much more fit than he was nine… Eight months before… You couldn’t help but cup his cheek and run a thumb over his freckles, humming joyfully-- So soft…! Even if he was incredibly fit now, the rest of his skin was still so smooth.


You took your hand away and held them behind your back, smiling widely as you clicked your tongue again, keeping your face up close to his own.



“Goal achieved.” You giggled to yourself joyfully, seeing Izuku in mid-fall, his eyes wide and looking into yours. That surprise and blush rising to his cheeks… So adorable!

You walked around to his front and braced yourself, holding your arms out, giggling uncontrollably for a few seconds before--


“Gotcha,” You laughed light-heartedly as you caught him, relishing the sound of his yelp of surprise as you hugged him to you, “You really should be more careful , Izukun.”

“A-Ah! (L-L/N)-- (F-F-F/N)-san!” He stumbled back out of your arms, holding a shaky smile and laughing nervously, “G… G-Good morning! What are you doing out so early…?”

“Training!” You clapped your hands together, pretending that your heart didn’t feel like it was in a vice after he pretty much wretched himself away from you, “I have to keep in tip-top shape, too, you know! The exam is less than a month away! Are you nervous?”

“W-Well, yeah, I guess…” He laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck as he stuttered, “A-Are you?”

“Nope.” You smiled brightly, catching him off guard, “I’m excited! I love using my quirk in battle!” You gripped your fists against your chest, practically blowing steam out of your nose, “It’s going to be so much fun, crushing the rest of those examines! Oh, I’ll try not to make things too difficult for you, of course, Izuku.”

“T… Thanks…” He chuckled nervously, furrowing his brows, “Uhm, well--”

“Oh! Where are you going to train? I’d like to find somewhere to practice my quirk.”

“Huh? Well… I … I guess I do know a place…”

“Really?!” You bounced on your feet, “Where? Where?”


“... This dump…?” You raised an eyebrow as you looked over the beach-- That was pretty trashed. Literally, there’s trash and junk everywhere. It was… Gross.

“It was a lot worse… This is my training grounds.” Izuku laughed awkwardly, walking down the steps to the beach, “I’m cleaning it up as part of my workout routine… So, uhm, you can use the stuff, but leave it on the beach, please.”

“No problem! I hate helping people.”



‘He really is clumsy…’ You giggled to yourself as you strode down the steps, coming around to stand in front of where he was about to trip, ‘Honestly, he’s going to think I’m doing this on purpose. I mean, I kind of am, but this is a little pathetic, Izukun…’ Arms once more stretched open, you got another sinister idea.



“Oof! Izuku, you really need to stop this…!” You feigned harm as he landed on top of you, knocking you back into the sand, with his hands on either side of your head, while a smirk slowly rose to your lips, as you slowly began to weave your own arms around his neck, “Really, it’s almost as if you wanted this--”

A deep voice interrupted you, coming from at the top of the stairs, “Young-- Midoriya!-- O-oh, sorry, I didn’t realize you were with your... Girlfrie--”

“A-AAA-- I’m sorry! S-S-S-Sorry--!” Izuku practically flew away from you, absolutely beet-red and kicking up sand as he scrambled backward-- Bonk! “Y-Yowch!”

“Extreme public displays of affection like that are frowned upon, you know, my boy… Aren’t you too young to be…--”

“I-I-It’s not like that!”

You let out a small huff as you slowly sat up, finally seeing who dared to interrupt… “Skeleton…?” You raised an eyebrow, looking up at the towering, thin, blonde-maned man who wore a heavy wool coat and scarf, adding extra effect to how boney and tall he was.

“Ah! Hello there, Young Miss.” He finally acknowledged you, coming down the steps to hold a hand out to help you up, not paying attention to Izuku’s practical screeching about how you weren’t his girlfriend, it was an accident, etcetera… “I don’t believe we’ve met!”

“I do.” You stood up, ignoring his outstretched hand as you dusted off your tracksuit, “Izuku, you said your… Teacher… Wouldn’t be here today.” You looked around the towering man and pouted at the green-haired boy.

“I-I didn’t know he would be-- Uhm-- Al-- Teacher, what are you doing here…? I thought you were busy, again…” Izuku stood back up as well, wincing a bit as he rubbed the back of his head that suffered at the hands of the slightly-rusty, paint-peeling rail.

“I figured I’ve been very absent the past month, my boy, I decided to come to train you for the d-- Well, until noon, then I must leave again… Now!” The man gave Izuku a rough slap on the back, nearly sending him falling forward again, “Introduce me! Who is this young lady, who, you…”

“S-She’s not my girlfriend--!” Izuku squeaked out, while you cheekily put a hand to your mouth, hardly hiding your giddy smile as he became flustered, once again.

‘So adorable.’

“I’m (L/N) (F/N), pleased to meet you, sir.” You decided to play nice, since this man was important in some way to Izuku, offering your hand out to him politely, “I came here to train with Izukun today, but, don’t worry, I won’t be helping him… I’ll probably make it more difficult, honestly.”

“Ah! Well… I suppose that’s… A good thing…?” The tall blonde man laughed heartily, taking your hand and shaking it, his hand practically swallowing your's, “It’s a treat to meet you as well, (L/N)-san. Please, please, pretend like I’m not here.”

“No problem, at all, for me.” You retrieved your hand and did a mock salute-wave with two of your fingers, smirked, and clicked your tongue.

As the world froze, you turned your eyes down to your feet and squinted in annoyance… Sand. Your worst nightmare… Along with paint, mud, etc… Because it tracks your steps.

A smile slowly crept up to your lips, though. Because you had planned for this.


“Wait!” You called out into the empty apartment, scrambling out from under the kotatsu, despite your skin protesting against the cold air, “I didn’t think about that… I should have thought about that!” Your phone got swept up by your right hand with the left rubbed your tired eyes, Kurogiri’s icon being tapped to immediately call him.

“Yes, Young m--”

“Kurogiri! I need to see my father right now!”

“A… Alright, Young Miss, J… Just a moment-- You’re in your apartment, correct…?”

“Yes! Hurry, please!”

As soon as the portal opened you hung up and leaped in, landing with bare feet onto cold, familiar tile, in your father’s room-slash-study-slash-hospital-room.


“Ah, darling, I was wondering when…”

“I need a quirk!”

“... It’s nice to see you too, sweetheart.”

“I’m sorry…” You sighed, rubbing your head as you padded over to his side, sliding into your chair, “I… I need a specific kind of quirk. Something that lets me hover over a surface, preferably without disturbing it as much as possible-- Sand and such. I decided to hide my quirk behind one called “Teleportation”... You probably understand what I want with it, now, right?”

The man was silent as he drummed his fingers on the wheelchair’s arm in thought, humming quietly after a moment, “Yes, I do… That’s a wonderful idea, my darling. You have my smarts. Now, I do feel bad for having to tell you, I gave a quirk like that quirk to a Nomu…”

“Tell me which one, then. I need it!”


“Please, Papa!” You made big eyes that he wouldn’t be able to see, reaching over to grasp his sleeve, much like you did as a child, “Please! I need it if I’m going to get into UA!”

After a moment, he let out a small sigh, pausing his fingers and letting the room fall mostly-silent, “... Number 439.”

“Thank you, Papa!” You gave him a quick kiss on his helmet, and a tight hug around the neck, making sure to press your smile against the glass so he would be able to feel it, “Thank you! Thank you!” With that, you quickly released him and dashed down the hall that not one day ago, you were storming down in anger at the very man who now gave you so much greedy glee.

Instead of heading right into your (old) room which was at the end of the hall, you turned to your right and continued down the adjacent corridor, practically skipping as you smiled gleefully.

‘I’m going to be so powerful! I can’t wait! Aha! Teleport isn’t as valuable as Pause, but it’s going to be a hell of a lot stronger than the real deal when it isn’t! I can’t wait to test it! I’m so happy!’

You made your way to the end of the long corridor, ignoring any sounds coming from behind the number of doors as you passed-- moans, wails, howls-- Your smile and chipper thoughts-- about power, showing it off, winning so many awards and hearts you could crush later-- drowning them out.

Finally, you pushed open a thick metal door and entered the warehouse you lived below for the past five years. It was quiet in the place, except for the low sound of bubbling aerators from many tanks, the humming of life-preserving machines… You turned to your right and made your way down a line of dimly lit tanks, all steel with plates on the front, labeling them with numbers.

‘Let’s see, let’s see… 430’s are Papa’s “blind” Nomu line, so that’s good… I guess I’ll discard Paralyze, then. A nomu would be so ridiculous with Puppet… Paralyze is sort of useless when I have Pause, even if it’s meant to be backup if I run out of time… Bah, no worries.’ After snatching up a stepladder from next to the door, you took to walking down the line, several rows later, you came upon the first tank with your desired line-- 433. Ah, 430 through 432 must have failed… No matter. You dipped into the alley between 430s and 450s, humming as you walked, ignoring the Nomu’s lifeless eyes as they followed your form through thin glass windows to your left.

433… 434-- Oh, bad, bad number… 436… 438… 439!

You smirked widely to yourself as you looked into the window of the tank, your eyes landing on a Nomu with deep blue skin, no eyes, an open-mouth concept… No lips, just jagged teeth, similar to a shark. Otherwise, it was disturbingly smooth without any texture to it’s naked body-- No genitals, either, thank god. No one wants to see that. It did, however, have a sugar-glider like fleshy webbing reaching from its wrists to its ankles. Ah, Hover would be incredibly useful for it…

Oh well.

“So, you have my new quirk…” You hummed softly to yourself, touching your hand affectionately to the glass. The Nomu seemed to sense your presence, barely responding, only by gently tapping it’s teeth against the window. “I’m sorry, my little beauty… I need it. I hope you don’t mind… I have one for you, in return, of course…” You cooed as if it were a child, while you unfolded the step ladder and went up to the top, “Come here, look at me-- Oh, I’m sorry, that was insensitive, darling…”

The nomu shifted to face you slowly as you giggled lowly, tilting until its face was looking up to you, letting out a low rumble.

“That’s right, that’s right, sweetie… This won’t hurt a bit, I promise…” You cooed, your smirk slowly growing.

You rolled your sleeve up and slowly dipped your hand into the liquid submerging the nomu, then gently pressed your hand against its face, avoiding the exposed brain. That just felt gross.

“... It’ll hurt a lot.” You giggled quietly, biting your lip, “Not that you care.”

You took in a deep breath and slid your eyes shut-- Your lids shining red over where your eyes glowed white. The nomu opened its mouth in a silent wail as you held your hand against its face-- It didn’t respond, of course.

“You were disgusting criminals while you were individual, 349…” Your smile turned to a deep frown, “This is what you deserve. Give… Me… Your… Quirk!”

After the light subsided from your eyes, you slowly removed your hand from the now unconscious Nomu’s face and it’s tank, shaking off a few droplets of “water” while sighing happily.

‘Heh. Mine now...’


‘I nearly broke my ankle testing it last night…’ You sighed to yourself, before smiling and looking to your new canvas. With grace, you did a tiny hop, activating your brand-new quirk. Rather than landing on the ground, you stayed above it by eight centimeters or so as you leaned forward, and made your way across the beach towards several beat up refrigerators, tapping your hands against two of them, and lifting them up using Puppet. You turned, smile wide on your face as you deactivated Hover and landed in the sand, holding the refrigerators above your head and letting them go.


“W-Where did she--”


Both the man and the teen whirled around as you had your hands up in the air in a dramatic pose, smiling proudly at your display, “... Hope you can pretend I’m not here, though.”

“That… That is an incredibly powerful quirk, Young (L/N)...” Izuku’s teacher was gaping as he stared towards you, before clearing his throat, “H-However, this is still considered public property, so I’m afraid you…”

He glanced down to see Izuku’s eyes shining as they rested on your figure, and let out a sigh as the green-haired boy clutched his fists in excitement.

“... Nevermind…”

“(F/N)-san! That was so cool! You’re amazing, can you show me what else you can do!?” Izuku ran towards you as fast as he could in the sand, practically flying over as he fawned over your talent.

“Shouldn’t you be training, Izukun…?” You couldn’t help the coy smile that rose as his face fell, but you stopped him before he can stutter out a single word, “You can watch me while you train, okay?”

“Yes! I look forward to watching you!-- Oh, t-t-that sounded wei-weird…”


‘This girl…’

She lifted up at least ten items high into the air-- Items that while, they were like lifting pencils to him, could kill someone like a bug if they landed on them-- When they suddenly re-teleported and ended up farther away from the beach’s parking lot-- Much to Izuku’s dismay-- She yawned and stretched a bit, shaking her hands and flexing her fingers.

‘She is… Incredibly strong. Looks like her fingers have something to do with her quirk.’

All Might watched as she disappeared and reappeared behind Izuku-- For the fifth time in the last hour, effectively startling and causing him to stumble every time-- Sometimes she caught him, other times she let him fall and chastised him for not being on guard.

‘Well… This could be considered training, I guess… Mental training, that is…’

Chapter Text

“Izukun!” You gleefully “teleported” over to the boy-- Avoiding the other teenagers that were walking along the sidewalk-- “Good morning! You look so cute in your middle school uniform! Are you ready?!”

“Ah--!” Midoriya only flinched a bit-- Well, compared to how he usually did-- With a light pink tinting the area around his freckles-- he was already sweating, how cute, “(F/N)-s--, y-yes! Are you--”

“Move aside, Deku!”


Your bright and cheery gaze turned hard and pissed as you and Izuku whipped your heads around to the sound of the angry voice-- The source being a boy, slightly taller than Izuku, and…

You made a show of dragging your eyes up his figure, shoes to his spiky hair, because you made a disgusted scoff, “Who the fuck are you?”

The words that left your mouth with ease caught the blonde-haired boy off guard-- For a second, until his face turned to a scowl as he continued forward, right towards you both, “Get out of my way, or you’re dead-- Both of you.”

“M-Morning Kacchan! L-L-Let’s both do our best today!” Izuku tried to tug on your arm to get you to move aside for the newcomer, but you stayed rooted in place, right up till the blonde haired boy stopped, nose to nose with you. “(F-F-F/N)-s-s-sa-san-- C-Co-Come on--”

Your (E/C) eyes blazed into his roaring red ones, tension building so thickly in the air as you both snarled at each other, that Izuku looked like he was about to have a heart attack-- And everyone who walked around you kept their distance to a maximum.

“Get out of my way, bi--”

“I can’t wait to crush you like a fucking bug.” With that, ignoring the streaming of curses, yelling, and small explosions emanating from that boy’s hands, you grabbed Izukun’s arm and clicked your tongue.

‘If I kill anyone, it’s going to be him first, for sure. Bullying my darling Izukun… If I didn’t have bigger plans right now, I would have done it then and there... Maybe I’ll take that ridiculous quirk if I do it, too. Explosions? Please. That’s so last year.’

When you unpaused the world, you had taken Izuku with you to the front of the testing building, tugging him along and ignoring the now semi-distant screeching of the angry blonde-boy.

“Who was that, Izukun?” You turned to him as you walked arm-in-arm with the green haired boy, who was red, trembling, and sweating bullets.

“I-I-I can’t believe… Y-Y-You stood up to K-Kacch--Kacchan like th-that…”

“Kacchan? Like Cat -chan? That’s an awfully cute name for someone so…” You curled your lip in annoyance, “... Revolting. And what’s a Deku?”

“E-Eh, it’s just a… An insult he’s used since we were kids… It’s another way to spell my name, and looks like… “Useless” or something… A-And don’t take what he says personally! That’s just who Kacchan is--”

Your grip tightened noticeably on his arm, but you spoke as calmly as you could through grit teeth, “What’s his real name?”

‘I’m going to give Papa a call.’

“Ah-- Bakugou… Bakugou Katsuki.” Izuku mumbled as he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand, allowing you to continue to cling to his arm while you went up to a table in the lobby to claim your information packets.

“Baka-gou is going to be humbled really fast.” You grumbled, picking up your assigned packet, pulling out the main paper to see where you were supposed to go, “Wah…” You made an annoyed whine, glaring down at your packet and then to his, “We won’t get to sit together…”

“I-It’s okay! We could still--”

“We won’t test together either!” You huffed, pouting down at the numbers as you walked side-by-side with him to the auditorium, going with the flow of the crowd, “It’s stupid… I won’t get to see you use your quirk…”

“I-I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to see each other’s quirks more, (F/N)-san-- Even if I’ve seen quite a bit of your’s…” He laughed awkwardly, “You know, if I get in…”

“You’ll do amazing, Izuku-kun!” You stated in a matter-of-factly huff, letting go of his arm and standing in front of him, “You better do your best, got it? I’m not going to UA without you!”

“Y-You should when you do get in…” He did his best to give a confident smile, albeit, it was a bit on the shakier side. A bell rang, signaling that it was time to get seated.

“I’ll see you after the test, Izuku-kun!” You gave him a cheerful wave and turned on your heel, resisting the urge to use Pause to get around the crowd easier.

‘I still have fifty-eight minutes left… But I’m gonna save it for the test.’

The next fifteen minutes were spent listening to the voice hero Present Mic-- Who, you frequently listened to on his radio show-- prattle on about the rules, regulations, and goal of the practical exam-- You had already taken the Written Exam and as far as you know, passed.

But when it came to loading up onto the busses-- You were crammed in between a short kid with weird purple hair, and… Another guy, with purple hair as well, but much wilder as it stood up in wafts.

You turned to that boy, smiling up at his tired eyes, as you both sat down, “I like your hair!”

He barely glanced at you for a second, while you looked back at him with a beaming smile, “... Uh, thanks.” And his gaze returned to staring up at the ceiling.

‘Oh, mysterious… I like it.’

“I’m (L/N) (F/N)! I look forward to attending UA with you!”

“... Right… Shinsou.”

“Nice to meet you, Shinsou!” Sensing there would be a lack of conversation from here on out, you hummed a tune despite the deathly quiet bus, tapping your feet quietly.

“... I-I-I--”

“Hm?” You turned your head to the voice on your other side-- And down to the weird purple-headed boy, raising an eyebrow to see him red-faced and sweating.

“I’m Mineta Minoru! I look forward to attending UA, with you, too!” He shot a thumbs up fast enough that he brushed against your chest-- Could be considered an accident, by any accounts.

He still touched you without consent.

“... I’m going to crush you, grape-headed creep.”


“We’re here! Please exit the bus and wait in front of the gate for Present Mic’s signal!”

The robotic voice forced your previously wide, dark eyes to look at at the speaker curiously before everyone began standing up-- The purple pervert left frozen in place until you got up and exited, moving with the flow of the crowd.

People were chatting idly to each other or stretching, getting ready for the exam to begin, while you waited at the back, whistling and looking around curiously.

‘As far as I can tell, no competition… Pretty big area, I won’t know many there are… The pamphlet probably--’



“Yes! Yes! I can’t wait, I can’t wait!” You sang gleefully as you used hover to move around the crowd, going at a faster pace-- As if you were running, without wasting the stamina. Everytime you hit the fifty-meter limit on the quirk, you clicked your tongue and ran as the world unpaused, three steps, then pause and use hover again-- Until you were mid-way into the arena with barely any energy used. This gave the illusion that you were teleporting methodically. When, in reality, it could get confusing if you weren’t the one performing it-- And if you didn’t have good rhythm.

“Okay! Okay! What do I get to-- Wah!” You Paused and moved away from a robotic arm that attempted to smash you, scolding it as if it were a dog, “Bad, bad Three-pointer!” You huffed, slapping the arm fruitlessly-- Except, you were connecting a string to it.

You lifted it into the air as you looked around, slowly spotting more and more robots in the paused world with ease. Going around in a fifty-meter radius, you gathered up every bot you saw, not paying attention to points as you lifted them up, high above you, in a circle, until you had a total of ten in hand-- Well, floating, above your head.


Whooosh--! Crash!

“Music to my ears.” You sighed happily, before looking around the carnage you created in less than a minute. What happened next followed a similar pattern-- You would pause , go around, gather up bots, lift, unpause , crash. Pause , gather, lift, unpause , crash. People were stopping and staring as you did so-- Until they realized they were in a test and scrambled to get on their own way.

The sound ended up attracting more and more of the bots to you-- Some people decided it was best to move away since you were going through and taking most of them. You were generous enough to leave some for the others, of course!

… Sort of.

After about half an hour-- Of Pause , that is-- you had to take a break, sighing happily as you shook the stringing from your fingers after using Puppet so intensely for so long, “How long has it been…” You hummed to yourself, looking around your carnage, watching as other examinees were doing their best to gather points.

“Five minutes!”

“Only five minutes…? Wah… We’re barely getting started, I gue--”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

There was a series of deafeningly loud explosions and the sound of buildings crumbling, signaling either two things.

“Hm?” You hummed boredly and turned to the sound of the commotion, raising a curious eyebrow.

‘A destructive quirk user, or a big target.’

Your eyes landed on a massive figure-- The tracks of its feet, that is. You had to trail your gaze up higher and higher to get a full look at the giant in question--

It… Was… Huge.

“Hm… I can’t lift that entire thing…” You pouted a bit, narrowing your eyes at the hulking bot, then shut them and braced yourself as it slammed a massive fist onto-- More like into the ground, sending a giant flurry of dust and wind-- That, humorously enough, sent that grape-headed creep flying with a terrified screech.

More yelling became audible as examinees ran past you, practically tripping over each other to put as much distance between that thing and themselves as possible.

“R-Runaway! It’s-- It’s the Zero-Pointer!”

“Isn’t that a bit big!?”

“Oh, no, it’s too small!” You laughed, taking a few steps towards the bot, “This is so much fun.”

“Oi, you crazy girl, don’t even think about it!”

You didn’t respond to Shinsou, who had appeared by your side at some point, as he yelled in an attempt to convince you to not try and attack--


“I still have half an hour left…” You hummed to yourself, ignoring the headache you had began to form twenty minutes into your time limit, while taking your time hovering towards the bot slowly, letting your eyes trail up and down its metallic armor. “Let’s see… Let’s see…” Fifty meters-- Click-- Yelling, rumbling-- Click-- “I can try and rip some panels off and apart…” Fifty meters-- Click-- Yelling, rumbling-- Click-- “Or I can disable its legs…”

You finally stood at the “foot” of the giant metal “beast”.

Raising a hand, you placed it onto the track-wheel, in thought, “I guess I could try scaling it…” You then used Puppetry in reverse-- To climb up the bot, lifting yourself up as high as your strings would take you, then placing your free hand onto the next spot, attaching strings there and releasing the ones from your other hand, and repeating the process, pausing every time you had a good foothold to keep suspicions down-- The damn bot didn’t even notice you until you were right on top of its head.


“Oi, Mr. Worthless-Bot!”

“Eh!?” A loud, robotic voice came from the zero-pointer as it looked around wildly, before tilting its head up when it realized you were up there, “T-Target acquired!?”

‘They are strangely sentient, these things, hm? I wonder who makes them.’

“Ugly bot! You can’t hurt me from here! Stupid, stupid, stupid!” Your sing-song voice seemed to resonate with the bot, causing it to rumble loudly in an angered voice.  

“Prepare-- To die!”

‘Ah, that sounds more programmed.’

The robot, with how ridiculously stupid as it could be, raised its massive arm with a series of creaks, accompanied by the sound of pistons gasping and sucking in air as it moved. Fast-- But not as fast as it’s smaller counterparts could move. Obviously, because of how massive it was.

The left arm swiped over its head, trying to slap you off-- And failing as you pressed yourself close to it-- “Missed me!” Then the other hand barreled towards you, ready to sweep you off--


The world paused right before the massive hand was about to hit you. “Oooh, close one… Not.” Taking the chance, you used Puppet to climb on top of the hand, then jumped as high as you could for effect--


“Missed me again!” You laughed mockingly as your feet landed on the bot’s head, putting your hands on your hips, either not noticing or not caring about the two massive shadows slowly looming while you heckled on, “Man! Can’t UA do better than this!? This is too easy! I wanted a challenge, not a play dat--”



“This is going to look so good for the cameras…” You smiled to yourself, turning to look up at the two giant hands that were about to come crashing on top of you-- And the robots head, “I love when things go to plan! Maybe I should have been a movie star...”

You hummed a happy tune as you strode to the front of the robot’s head, taking a peek down at the number of glowing lights that served as “eyes”-- Sensors, really. Cameras, probably.

“Stupid bastards.”

Attaching strings to the face, you climbed down until you were looking into one of its many eyes with a wide, sinister, toothy grin, slipping your hands and feet into the pockets they were sunken into as a hand-and-foot-hold.


“Missed me again.”

S M A S H !

The hands came crashing down onto the robot’s own head, crushing it with a deafening clap of metal-against-metal, creaks, and sparks-- SwISH!--


A metal plate nearly took your head off your shoulders to your right, as it flew off the bot and towards you, smoke and dust probably obscuring any of the number of monitoring camera’s view-- If one of the supervisors saw that, they should have leaped in.

“Careless.” You huffed, turning your head to glare at the plate for a moment, before climbing down the bot about thirty meters.


The bot continued to tilt backward, metallic creaking and tearing, as well as explosions and smoke continuing for just a second--


Thirty meters more, down.


Booom! Creaaak!


Thirty meters more.

Creeeak-- Boom! Creaaa--


You made it to the ground and whistled a sweet tune, stretching, turning and clicking your tongue as you strode in the direction of the entrance, down the main road, shoving your hands into your pockets. The zero-pointer fell with a massive crash, air pressure whipping your clothes around you, the explosion of gaseous flames providing a nice backdrop as you practically skipped towards the gate, passing by stunned examinees as they stared either at you or your work as you passed.

“I wonder how many points I got… Was I supposed to count…? Ah, oh well.” You hummed to yourself as you strode up to the entrance gates, right before you were stepping through it, a booming voice sounded out through the mostly-silent arena.

“Iiiits aaaalllllll ooveeeerrrr!”

You just continued on your way, leaving a crowd of stunned teenagers, heading for the bus.

‘My head hurts. All that calculating and planning and using three quirks at once is exhausting… I think I’ll take a nap before I regroup with Izuku… I wonder if there are any good ice cream places around here.’


“S… She took down the Zero-pointer, as if it were… Cementoss, how many points did she get…?”

“... Ninety six, Ms. Midnight…”

“A-All Might-san, didn’t you get…”

“Yes. She broke my record… Like a toothpick.”

Midnight swallowed thickly as she watched the re-cap footage of the girl, in her daring exploit of nearly getting crushed on top of the Zero Pointer’s head, by its own, powerful fists, “Did she get any rescue points?”

“... Four, from snatching up a one-pointer as it was going to attack one of the other examinees.”

“And that boy-- Midoriya Izuku-- Quite impressive. Sixty points was agreed upon when he rescued that girl by taking out that exam ground’s own Zero Pointer, right? Not a lick a’ villain points.” Snipe hummed as he tapped a gloved finger against the front-point of his mask, “I do believe these two-- And that blonde kid from exam grounds X will be interesting students… He only has villain points, not a single fer’ rescue, as well. All Seventy-seven of em. Pretty lucky number, heh...”  

“She’s too reckless,” Kan grumbled, his arms crossed as he examined the screens, “She could have easily been killed by doing that, yet she--”

“She saw it as it was, a useless hunk of metal that she could take down with her abilities, so she did. Even if it was pointless.”

“Ah, so you saw it as well, Aizawa?” The principal had his paws pressed together as he, too, watched the footage, his usual small smile present, yet his beady black eyes had a small glint to them, even in the dark room only illuminated by the screens as they flashed the footage from various exam grounds, “She seems to be making sporadic decisions when fighting the zero-pointer, but they appear to be carefully thought-out, as if she were taking her time. She doesn’t rival my own quirk, but I must say… She is incredibly strong in an intellectual sense… Even though...” The principal's smile slowly turned to a small frown, filled with worry to the trained eye, “... She knows that was a zero-pointer, yet she insisted on outright tackling it, even if there was nothing to gain, and no one to save. Not even Bakugou Katsuki, with as aggressive as he was, did that. He did not waste time… It’s not the first time someone has done that, but, it’s been a while since someone has actually taken it down… Much like Midoriya Izuku.”

“She seemed as if she had nothing but time.” All Might murmured, holding his thin, pointy chin in thought, “High intellect and the ability to act on it… So few are like that…”

“Like yourself.” Midnight mused, turning her now much calmer gaze to her broodier co-worker, “What do you think, Aizawa?”

“Please, for the love of god, take them.” Kan sighed loudly, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I already know what students I want, and none of those three are in there… There is absolutely no way I can deal with those kids.”



“Izukun!” You caught the boy as he was walking out the gates of the testing grounds, smiling brightly to him as you caught his arm, “How’d you do? How’d you do? I bet you did amazing!”

“I… I didn’t…”

“Izuku…?” Your face fell and you knit your brows worriedly, seeing his face incredibly devoid of any emotion-- And he looked like he was about to-- Was he about to cry-- “C-C-Come on, Izuku! It’s okay-- Uhm-- H-H-Hold on!”


‘H-How do you deal with someone who’s going to cry!? I-I-- They don’t teach you these things as a villain! Shit!’ You balled your hands up in your hair, ignoring the throbbing pain in your head as you tried to think of what to do, ‘D-Do I-- Do I get him some ice cream? Do I get a toy-- H-He’s not a baby! What am I… What do I…!?’

You attached strings onto him and used hover to its limit, ran a few steps, then reactivated it, carrying Izuku above your head despite the burning in your fingers, screaming for you to stop after you had done so much earlier…!

‘I’ll-- I’ll get him some ice cream! That always helps me, Fumiko does that! And I’ll buy him something nice like Papa does! W… What would he like-- What would--’

You spotted an ice cream parlor up ahead, so you dipped into an alleyway and set Izuku down, landing back on your feet and clicking your tongue, the headache immediately rising up.

“Ow-- Ow…”

“(F-F/N)-san?! Are you-- You shouldn’t use your quirk in pu--!”

“I-It’s gonna be okay, Izuku!” You flailed your hands in front of you, looking around wildly, “D-Don’t be sa-sad! Okay!? Let’s-- Let’s go get ice cream!” You snatched his arm and pulled him back onto the sidewalk, practically dragging him behind you, “Let’s get ice cream, and everything will be fine, okay? Then, uhm… W-We can go to the mall, and I’ll buy you anything you want, alright!? You don’t-- You don’t have to cry!”

“(F-F-F/N-N)-sa-san-- Just wa-wait a m-moment!” Izuku finally pulled back a bit, urging you to stop and look to him. “I… I don’t need ice cream or... Things…” He laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand, “Are… Are you alright…? You’re acting… St-Strange…”

“I don’t want you to cry!”

“B-Bold statement…!”

“Izuku!” You held onto his wrist with both hands, looking into his green eyes with a pout, “You looked upset, so I wanted to do something before you cried! Come on, let’s get ice cream, and then we can go shopping!”

“I’m… Not too keen on shopping, though…”

But you were already pulling him into the parlor and ordering two ice cream shakes, completely forgetting that it was freezing outside already with late-fall on the prowl. But, ‘After all that exercise, we both deserve a treat,’ you reasoned.  

Just a few minutes later, you were sitting at a little table for two with him, happily enjoying your frozen treat-- Well, you were… He was sort of … Staring at and idly stirring his.

“So! Tell me about the exam! How did it go?”

“Ah, well…” He was quiet again, staring down at his cone, “It… I… I didn’t get a single point.”

“Hah!? Seriously? Why not-- Those things were so easy!”

He winced a bit, trying to chuckle nervously, “W-Well… I tried to go for one and I just… Froze up… Before I knew it, I was running out of time-- And suddenly, there was…”

“The zero pointer.”

“Y-Yeah, I’m guessing you had one too, in your group…?” He sighed softly, pursing his lips for a moment, before continuing, “It… It appeared, and then… Decided to do a display of power, I guess…?”

“It was to intimidate everyone.”

“You think…? Yeah, that makes sense… Anyway… It did that, and a girl got trapped under the rubble and… I couldn’t help it. I saved her… I took out the bot, and I saved her-- And then she saved me-- But, my quirk… It…”

“You’re so amazing, Izuku-kun!” You hollered, standing up and scooting your chair back while you clutched your free hand against your chest, not caring that you drew the attention of the few patrons that were crazy enough to eat ice cream in the middle of winter-- Like you were, “You stood up to that massive zero-pointer-- Even though it wasn’t worth anything, even though saving that girl wouldn’t give you anything in return! You’re amazing! That bot was massive, it could have killed you both-- But you stopped it, all on your own! You’re so cool, Izuku-kun!”

“Y… You think… I’m…”

“He-Hey! D-Don’t cry! W-What’s the matter? Did I say something…!?”

I can’t help it…! These are-- These are happy tears…!”

“H… Happy tears…?” You frowned, furrowing your brows worriedly as you watched him smile and wipe the bubbling from his eyes, “What do you… You can cry when you’re happy…? Oh!” You slapped a fist into your open hand, “Right! I’ve seen that in manga!”

“M-Manga…?” Izuku laughed softly, shaking his head, “You… You’ve never been so happy you could cry…? I mean… Like, when you finally get something you’ve been working so hard for, or, like, when you see someone you love but haven’t been with in a long time…?”

You furrowed your brow again, pursing your lips while you looked down to your shake in thought, “... I…”


“Papa! Papa, can I have that?! Please! I want it!”

“Of course, of course, anything you want, my little girl…”


“Fumiko! Can we have stew tonight? And ice cream! I want ice cream!”

“Of course, Young Miss.”


“Kurogiri, will you take me to the amusement park?”

“We were just there yesterday…”

“Please! Please, Giri-Giri?”

“... Of course, Young Miss.”

“... Papa… Do I have a mommy?”

“Well, everyone does, darling.”

“I know that! I mean, who is my mommy?”

“She’s no one, sweetheart. You don’t need a mommy. You have me, and I’m all you’ll ever need.”

“Oh… Okay, Papa… Can we go to the park today?”

“... Hm… Sure, sweetheart. I do have some business to attend to.”


“Sweetheart, this is Tomura… He’s going to be your new brother.”

“H… Hello…”

“Brother…? Brother! I have a brother, haha!”


“Oi, don’t you get it!? Sensei is dead, you stupid girl!”

“No! No… No, he can’t be! Papa… Papa…!”


“He’s alive, but barely.”

“Dr. Nishimura… Please…! Please don’t let Papa…”

“I won’t, Young Miss. But you should be prepared just in case… Your father has worked out the division of his power between yourself and Young Tomura, hasn’t he?”

“H… He gave everything to Kurogiri for Tomura, because he said… I’m too young…”

“Well, I supposed that is the case… You are only nine, dear girl. Tomura may only be thirteen, but, he is older… You know, in many cultures--”

“But he isn’t my brother! He isn’t Papa’s son! He’s… He’s…”


“It’s alright now, darling, I’m alive…”

“Papa…! Papa…!”

“Hush, hush. It’s alright. How is Tomura? Is he--”

“S-Stop it! Tomura is… He’s fine…! You… You don’t even care about me, do you…!? I’m… I’m just your ticket to power!”

“No, you are not, (F/N).”


“You are not as strong as I am. Neither is Tomura. You know this, but Tomura is going to be who kills the man who did this to me…”

“And what about me!? You said you were all I needed, and… And Papa, you almost…! You almost…!”

“I am all you need. I am your father, (F/N), that’s all you need. Now go. Bring Tomura here so I can speak to him. And don’t cry, you don’t want people to think you’re weak, do you?”

“... R… Right… Okay, Papa…”


“I’m sorry for being so short with you before, my sweetheart.”


“Now, don’t be like that… I bought you something I know you’ll love.”

“... What is it?”


“I…” You laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of your neck to ebb away the nerves that suddenly built up, “I guess I know what you mean, hah!”

‘Why did I suddenly remember all that?’

“Ah, well, then… There you go… I guess I’m a big crybaby, hah…” Izuku chuckled, giving a lopsided smile, “I feel better though, now, (F/N)... Hearing all that from you… No one has… Ever been as nice to me as you have, besides my… Sensei… And my mother… Heh, she didn’t even really believe in me, either…”

‘Your mother… Not believing in you…?’

“I guess… I know what you mean… Except I don’t have anyone that really believes I’ll be much of anything, hah…” You sighed, even if you wore a smile, stirring your shake in thought.

“You have me.”

“... Eh?” You blinked, snapping your eyes up to Izuku, as he set his drink down and gulped hard, not looking directly at you.

“Y-You have me, (F-F/N)-san! I… I believe in you…!”

‘You believe in me?’

“... I… Izuk uuu…!”

“A-Are you-- D-Don’t cry--!”

“I’m so happy…!”

“H-Happy tears, all of a sudden, after all that!?”


Izuku and yourself finally returned home-- Without going shopping, much to your internalized dismay (you did, however, get something to bring back for Izuku’s mom-- A tub of an expensive ice cream from the parlor.) Instead of going to your own apartment, however, you followed Izuku into his… Which had become pretty common in the past month you’ve officially known each other.

“Ms. Midoriya!” You called out in a sing-song voice, after kicking your shoes off and dancing your way into the kitchen, where she was washing some dishes, “I brought you something to celebrate Izuku and I getting into UA!”

“Y-You already know you got in!?” She dropped the plate she was drying--


To her, you suddenly shifted slightly in your position, with the plate in your hand, instead of the dish being shattered on the floor-- Izuku had made a break to grab the plate, as well, but, you were faster.

“Faster”, heh...

“Nope! But I know we did!” You gave her a bright smile, walking back over to hand her the plate and hold up the plastic bag in your hand for her to see, “I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me in the past month, so I brought this!”

“O-Oh, thank you, dear…? You didn’t have to… W-Wah!?” Ms. Midoriya nearly dropped the bag after you handed it to her, just from taking a peek at the label, “T-This is really expensive matcha custard! S-Sweetie, are you sure….!?”

“Positive!” You pressed your hands together, still smiling, “I’ve never been able to give anything to anyone before, and Izuku-kun wouldn’t let me buy you guys a new furniture set.”

“W-we don’t need a new furniture set, (F/N)-san…”

“Well… Th-Thank you anyway, sweetheart, this is very thoughtful of you…?” Ms. Midoriya giggled nervously, much like Izuku does, and went to put the container in the freezer, “So… W-What makes you think you both got into UA…?”

“Izuku took down a humongous robot, the size of All Might Tower, and saved one of the other examinees!”



You quickly scurried to pick up the ice cream container, before it could fall, lifting it up and holding it yourself while you unpaused the world, continuing as if nothing happened, “It was amazing, Ms. Midoriya!”
“E-Eep! Oh, t-thank you, sweetie…” She once more took the ice cream from you, and this time put it in the freezer without dropping it, while you walked around, spinning while you gushed about Izuku’s exam.

“Well, I didn’t see it, but I know it was! The robot wasn’t even worth anything in the exam, but he took it down anyway to save the other examinee! He’s definitely going to get in! What hero school doesn’t let in people who do heroic things!?”

“Y… You’re right, (F/N)-san, but… Do you really know--”

“I do!” You huffed with a smile, turning to Izuku, “You’re definitely going to get in, Izuku! I know it!”

“And… What about you…?”

“Oh, if they don’t let me in, then I’m going to raise hell because I had to have trashed at least forty of those bot-things and the zero-pointer.”

“W-What!?” The Midoriya’s both screeched in unison, Izuku looking more like he was going to faint than his mother as he continued, “F-Forty…!? And the zero pointer…!? But-- Why did you go for it--?! Was someone in trouble…!?”

You cut him off by waving a dismissive hand, taking a seat at the kitchen table, “No, no! Everyone was running away like they were supposed to. I was just having a lot of fun, and still had plenty of stamina for Teleport.”

“S-So in other words… You…”

“Did it for fun!” You smiled brightly, clapping your hands together, “Do you guys want to go out somewhere for dinner? My treat! I know a--”

Music suddenly started to play, accompanied by a loud vibrating sound as the lyrics chimed in, “I can be your hero!--”

You let out an excited squeak as you whipped your phone out of your pocket, smiling brightly as you hit the answer button, “Sorry, I have to take this-- Hey, Papa!” You hopped up and bowed apologetically to the Midoriya’s, cupping your hand around the bottom half of your phone as you shuffled out of the room and into the entryway, “Today was amazing! Guess what--”

“Come home, now.”

The seriousness in his voice sent a violent shiver down your spine. He only used that in serious situations. Terrifying ones, actually. Like when he told you and Tomura to go with Kurogiri, far, far away. That voice… You were almost reluctant to respond, “... What?”  

“I’m going to send Kurogiri to your apartment. A nomu has run rampant and I need you to use Pause so the doctor can inject it with PARALYZE--”

‘That’s all? Seriously…? He… He didn’t even ask for a second…’

“F-Fine, I’ll… I’ll be there.” You clutched your fist and swallowed thickly, “G-Give me a minute.”

You hung up before he could say anything, clenching your teeth and turning to tell the Midoriya’s you would be--

“A-Ah, Izuku-- When did you…”

Izuku was in the kitchen doorway, with his brows furrowed worriedly, “Are you alright, (F/N)-san…? You… You look--”

“I-I’m fine! Haha!” You put on your best fake-smile, clutching your phone against your chest and shooting a thumbs up with your free hand, “I just gotta… I-I bet my dad wants me to come home to celebrate! Not… Because he needs something from me… I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Oh, uhm… Alright. Goodbye, (F/N)-san…”

You could tell how apprehensive he was while you slipped your shoes back on and slipped out the door, shutting it softly, as you let out a small sigh and made your way to your own apartment. You shuffled inside to see Kurogiri waiting there, with his arms folded behind his back as he examined a piece of artwork you hung in the entryway.

“Ah, Young Miss, are you…”

“Yes, yes…” You muttered, clutching your fists, “I don’t have much time left, so let’s get this over with.”

“Very well.”

Kurogiri created a portal that you reluctantly entered, going from your apartment’s entryway to blackness, to the musty warehouse that served as the Nomu storage unit.

As soon as your eyes landed on two men in white coats, with syringes in their hands, who were looking around fearfully, you put your hands on your hips and snapped loudly, which  nearly made them jump out of their skin, “Where is it?”

“I-It's--” One of the scientists fearfully raised a shaking hand, and pointing behind you.

A shadow suddenly loomed over your form.


You swore under your breath as you felt a terrible headache already forming, while you turned to get a look at the nomu that had--

“F-Fuck!” You squawked as you scrambled away, eyes wide and your heart in your throat as you tripped over a hose and landed on your rear-- “H-How could-- Those morons-- That’s… Anti-Might…!”

You fearfully shook as you stared up at the Nomu that had raised a fist to take you out, starting to feel faint as you took the sight in-- And were backing towards the scientists to grab a syringe.

It was giant-- With glossy, dark, nearly-black purple skin, a beak-like face, an exposed brain, and stood at the same height as All Might himself-- And was just as, if not more, bulky.

‘If that thing got out, and All Might wasn’t around, this city would be doomed-- If not the whole prefecture…! Papa would have trouble stopping it!’

Swallowing thickly, you slowly stood and turned to the scientist you were closest to and reached into his pocket, feeling around until the tips of your fingers hit a smooth, cold, glass vial. You snatched it up and pulled it out, reading the label on the syringe--


‘Good. I want this thing out like a light…!’

You swallowed thickly and jumped when you felt your head throbbing painfully-- Telling you had three minutes left-- And two until you started secreting blood from your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Yeah, finding out the limit of Pause was not a fun experience.

You quickly scurried back over to the Nomu and stared up at it with the first hint of fear you had felt it… Years. Then, using Puppet , you climbed up onto its shoulder’s, sitting on them, like a child would their father’s when they were playing.

Except, this thing could, and would, kill you.

‘I’m going to give those scientists one hell of a lashing.’

You took a deep breath and uncapped the needle, reaching around with it at the ready to its mouth-- Well, beak. You stuck it’s tongue with the needle and injected Paralyze, emptying the entire vial slowly, then pulled it out and recapped the needle. Its skin was everything-proof, so the needle would have just bent or straight up broken if you tried anywhere else.

Stupid scientists. Weren’t they supposed to be the smart ones!?

After taking a deep breath, knowing this creature wouldn’t be a threat for the next three hours, you climbed down and kept your strings attached-- For an obvious reason.


“Y-Young Miss! Watch ou--”

“You fucking idiots, you want the entire prefecture to get destroyed!?” You barked as you whipped around, holding the Nomu up above your head, the now empty syringe in your free hand to show that you had taken care of the situation, “You’re supposed to be the smart ones, aren’t you!? You’re lucky I was available!”

“I-It was an accident, Young Mi--”

“Accident? Accident...?” Your voice got quiet as you stepped forward, your eyes dark and wide as you stared into the eyes of the scientist who dared to make an excuse until you were up close and whispering into the old man's ear, “Accidents… Are how… People…--” You yelled into his ear, forcing the man to fearfully flinch, “-- Die!”


You had put the Nomu back into its tank, with the head above the water to keep it from drowning, “You have three hours to get this thing placid again, or else, I’m not going to do anything until you’re both a modern art piece decorating the walls!”

“Y-Yes ma’am!”

As you released the Nomu and strolled away, heading for the doors to the rest of the hideout, you whipped your phone out and shot a text to Tomura.

“Your fucking Nomu almost leveled the entire prefecture. You better keep a good hold on it when Father gives it to you because I’m not going to be around once school starts.”

You shoved your phone back into your pocket as you kicked open the double doors, making your way down the hall filled with moans and wails, took a left, and made your way into your father’s bedroom-slash-laboratory-slash-office-slash-hospital-room.

“You didn’t tell me it was Anti-Might that got loose!”

“I didn’t think it would matter.”

“Didn’t think-- What if I was out of time for Pause!?” You hollered, storming over to your father’s side, while he stared at the screen that displayed the bar. Tomura and Kurogiri were facing the screen, apparently hearing you. “Father, do you know what I did today!? Do you even care!?”

“You took an exam for a hero school.”

“I took-- Yes, I did! And you know what I did!?” You slammed your hands down on his desk, not caring that he didn’t move an inch, “I showed all those stupid heroes up, especially the wanna be's, I probably broke the record by kilometers, I made them question their own abilities, I instilled an inferiority complex in them-- Do you even care that your daughter, who is apparently a failure , could kill All Might?!”

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

There he goes, drumming his fingers as if you weren’t absolutely livid right now.

“Are you finished with your meltdown, sweetheart?”

“… M… Melt… Down…?”

‘If I don’t leave right now, I swear, I am going to kill him with my bare hands, right here, right now.’

“Kurogiri, take me to my apartment, right. Fucking. Now.”

“... Yes, Young Miss.”

“And, clean your blood up, sweetheart.”

‘Wh-- Blood…!? Did… Did the Nomu-- No…’ You reached up and felt your upper lip, feeling it to be hot and sticky-- Then the smell hit you, coppery and thick as the liquid dripped from your nose.

“Oh, so that’s why you were so cheeky about being a j- jerk!” Your voice cracked as your bottom lip trembled, while you clenched your fists and held back a sob, “You know I’m out of time today, so you’re fine with being… With… I should have just let that Nomu level this place!” You turned on your heel and lept into the portal Kurogiri had made behind you, your sloppily placed on shoes landing on concrete rather than wood floors.

“W… What…” You landed on your knees and coughed, holding your hand over your mouth as you felt blood clots attempting to venture from your throat and over your tongue, “Where am… I…”



‘Kurogiri, you are so dead. When I said I wanted to go back to my apartment, I meant inside, not outside the door…!’

“(F-F/N)-sa-san! W-What happened-- Where did you come from!?” Izuku was in front of you, kneeling and grasping your shoulders, “W-Why are you bleeding-- Are you hurt--!?”

“Ah… My… My quirk just… backfired on me, hah… Used it a lot today, you know? It’s no big deal.” ‘Good excuse.’ You smiled weakly, despite the blood dripping from the corner of your mouth and your nose, “I’m fine, I’m fine! It happens sometimes!” You tried to giggle, but only ended up starting to choke on your own blood, “J-Just get me inside my apartment, please, it should be unlocked…”

“Ar-Are you sure…? Should I-- Should I take you to the hospital-- AAAH! It’s coming out of your eeeeyeees!?”

“No! No, really, Izuku! It’s okay,” You stood up on shaky knees, with his help, “Really, there’s no point in going, it’ll stop in a minute…”

“I… If you say so...”  

Izuku opened the door and helped you in, putting your arm around his shoulder as he kicked off his shoes and helped your’s off, “Take me to the bathroom-- Ah, it’s the same floor plan as your apartment, so…”


You moved much faster with his help than you would without it, and made it to the bathroom without incident, “Thank-- Cough!-- Thank you, Izuku, you can go home n-- Cough!-- You don’t have to stay…”

“I-I’d like to! To make sure you’re alright…!”

“Heh, my dad didn’t want to…”
“What was that, (F/N)-san…?”

“Oh, nothing. Hey, why don’t you tell me about some of the observations you made during the exam while I clean up? I’d-- Cough !--I’d like that.”

“O-Oh! Alright, uh, we-well…”

While you turned on the faucet, spat out blood and used a washcloth to clean your face, Izuku began rambling, standing in the doorway-- To others, he’d probably sound a bit crazy. But, to you he was coherent. And cute.

He talked about a girl with zero gravity, who was who he saved. A boy with engines in his legs, someone with a laser on their stomach, and others. He wasn’t even done as you turned off the faucet and were blotting your face with a clean towel, leaving the soiled washcloth in the basin.

“... And the girl with zero-gravity had used it on me before I fell, and the momentum I had built up had almost instantaneously been negated...”

‘Momentum? Negated…? Wow… I’d like that for using with Pause…’

“Did you catch her name?”

“Ah, no, unfortunately not… I passed out, and never got the chance to properly thank her...”

“Make sure to do that when you see her next, then!” You set the towel on the countertop, turning to smile at him-- And adore that red-face he suddenly got, “You’re really amazing, Izuku-kun. You didn’t have to stay and help me, yet you did…”

“R-Really! It’s no big deal-- I-I barely did anything…”

“You did more than you think you did.”

“... Eh…?”

“Izukun…” You walked past him, holding a small, sad smile as you lowered your eyes to the floor, playing with your fingers as you shuffled into the living room, “M… My father sent me back here, even though I was….”

“Even though you were… When you were bleeding…!? H-How could he--!”

“He… He means well, I’m sure! He’s just trying to toughen me up! Hah…” You bit your lip for a second, almost tasting blood again before you released it, “T… Thank you. For staying. And for talking to me.”

“T-Talking to you…? I mean, everyone thinks my rambling is…”

“It’s perfect.” You turned back to him, causing him to stop in his tracks with a bewildered look on his face, “You’re incredibly smart, Izukun! You’re going to be an amazing hero, and I can’t wait to see you when you are!”

‘I… I want to wait. I want to wait, because, when that happens, I’m supposed to…!’

“You will be too, (F/N)-san…”

‘Fuck, don’t… Don’t smile at me like that… Don’t…!’

“A-Ah, well, I was probably interrupting your evening jog, huh?” You laughed awkwardly as you rubbed the back of your neck, digging your nails in a bit harder than you probably should have, “Don’t wanna lose your schedule just because it was exam day, right?”

“Ah! R-Right…!” He flinched in realization, then his smile returned to the usual, shaky one, “W-Will you be alright on your own…?”

“Yeah, yeah! It’s not like I haven’t dealt with this before, don’t worry!” You waved a dismissive hand with a cheerful quirk to your lips, leading him back to the entrance of your apartment, “I’ll see you later, okay? Don’t stay out too late!”

“Alright… Uhm… Good night, (F/N)-sa--”

“Just (F/N) is fine, Izuku.” You smiled warmly as you opened the door, letting him usher himself out.

“O-Okay, then! (F/N) it is… Hah…” He smiled back at you with his brows furrowed in worry, “Call or text me if you need me, okay?”

“Okay. See you, Izukun!”

You finally shut the door and rested your forehead against the cool metal, slowly sliding down and turning with your back against the entrance, letting out a long sigh.

‘... What did I get myself into…?’

Chapter Text

“Hey, (F/N)...”

“Hm?” You looked up from your phone, where you were doing some online window shopping on a certain big-shot online retailer, while Izuku shifted in the sand next to you.

You two had decided to go to the beach the day after the exams to clear your heads and enjoy the cool air and partly cloudy skies-- It was about noon by now… You’d probably get lunch after this, too.

“Why… Why did your quirk backfire on you like that…? I mean, why do you… Bleed like you’ve been cursed by a d-demon?”

You covered your mouth and snorted, trying to muffle your giggles, “L-Like I’ve been cursed by a demon…? Well, I mean, all quirks have their drawbacks, Izuku. Your’s breaks your body apart. Mine, if I get too close to my limit, makes me… You know, bleed like I’ve been cursed by a demon.” You chuckled, running your fingers through the now clean sand that Izuku had so carefully sifted every speck of trash from, “Probably something to do with bending the laws of time and space so easily.”

“Bending the laws of… What is your limit…?”

You glanced over to see him with a pencil in hand, looking at you intently with his notebook open on his lap. Normally, you would be extremely cautious about what information about your quirk gets out.

… Except, this wasn’t exactly your quirk, now, was it?

“Well, I won’t give you specifics…”   You hummed, smiling to yourself sadistically as he leaned a bit closer with an intense gaze, “... But I can travel a certain number of kilometers in a day, at a certain distance at a time.”

‘That’ll keep things from seeming too overpowered...In reality, about six kilometers, in the hour I have with Pause, on foot, while running. But with Hover, I can increase that to about seven, maybe seven and a half kilometers. I can only go a maximum of fifty meters at a time, since Hover as a limit as well…’  

“And things that you teleport-- What’s your distance limit for that…?”

“Same distance as how far I can travel in a burst.”

“I see, I see… So… I think I’ve seen you move around… Thirty meters…?”

You smirked a bit to yourself, “You’re pretty sharp, Izuku.” ‘Not sharp enough.’

He scratched something down in his notebook, starting to mumble in thought as he hyper-fixated on analyzing your quirk-- Something about the possibilities, applications, etc…

“Right! I think I also noticed you… You don’t teleport out of enclosed spaces, either…?”

“Crap, you really are sharp…” You laughed quietly and rubbed the back of your neck, ‘How do I do this… I’m pretty much making up a quirk on the fly, just by using the factors of what I actually have…’ Shifting to sit crisscrossed in the sand, you used your finger to begin drawing a diagram in the gains, “It’s like this…”

You drew two identical houses, crude, complete with a single door, a single small, round window above it, and a single rectangular window on the side, “I can only travel to places I could just walk to, or if I’m sending an item, where it can get into… It doesn’t matter how cramped it would be, just so long that it would get in…” You erased the door on one of the houses, as well as the window, drawing a check mark in the sand next to it, “But, if it’s closed off, I can’t get in.” You put an “x” next to the house with the closed door and window, “And if, say, the window is too small for me to get in,” You pointed to the small round window above the doors, “I won’t be able to get in. But, if, say… I was moving someone or something that can fit, then I could send them or it in.” Using Puppet. “Make sense?”

“Yes, it does!”

‘Good, because I came up with it on the spot.’

“So a passage limit… Interesting…” Izuku began mumbling again as he wrote in his notebook, while you smiled softly and laid back in the cool sand.

“... Hey, Izuku, do you have your hero costume designed?”

“Huh?” He stopped his muttering abruptly, blinking and turning to look down at you, “A-Ah… Yeah…”

“Really? Can I see? Can I?” You sat up, grinning with a hint of begging in your voice while you clutched your balled-up hands against your chest, “I’d love to see it! Please, please?”

“W-Well, I don’t know…”

“You’re going to be seen in it, anyway!”

“Ah, that’s true, I guess it’d be good to get an opinion… Er… Well, let’s see…” He flipped through his notebook carefully-- Mostly because it had somehow become burnt and water damaged, “It… Should be… Here.” He stopped on a page towards the middle of the book, passing it over to you gingerly.

The costume was interesting-- Aesthetically. There wasn’t too much in terms of functionality, besides goggles, a filtering mask, and a toolbelt. You read over the color labels-- Mostly green. Quite adorable, just like him, and not just because of his hair… But something was bothering you…



“You’re an All Might fanboy, aren’t you?”

“W-What!? What-- What makes you--”

“That’s so cute, Izuku!” You gushed, clutching the notebook to your chest, careful not to smudge the graphite as you smiled at him with a playful smirk, “And the costume is really cool! I can’t wait to see it!”

“A-Ah, you think so…? Th-Thanks…” His face and ears burned red as he shakily took the notebook while you handed it back, doing his best to keep his smile casual-- And failing, “W-What about you…? Do you already have your own thought out…?”

“Hm…” You put your finger to your lips in thought, looking up at the partly cloudy sky, “... I have a few ideas, but nothing solid. Pa-- My father, is going to have his designer help me, though.”

“D-Designer…? (F/N)-- What are you, rich …? Ah-- That was kind of rude--”

“It’s fine,” You laughed lightheartedly, “We’re really well off. He… Has a…” ‘What’d I tell him his quirk was again…? Oh, right, ReDesign.’ “Well, plastic surgery company… And a taste for high-quality suits. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a t-shirt and jeans… Scratch that, I know I haven’t.”

“W-Wow, that’s… Cool?”

“You think?” You laughed quietly, drawing your knees up as high as you could to your chin, smiling, “Back to my costume, though, if you want to help me, I’d be grateful, Izuku!”

“R-Really!? I’d be honored! Well, I was thinking,” He flipped to a blank page, readying his pencil, “Since your quirk is Teleport…”

“I want something flashy!”

“O-Oh, okay… Would that be a good idea…? I mean, too flashy, and you could attract too much attention to yourself…”

“Yes, because it’s not like someone would be able to land a hit on me!”

“Well, confidence is a good thing, I suppose…”

“Oh, oh, can I have…”

“E-Eh, are you sure…? It might make fighting difficult…”

“I’m sure! I’m sure! Just make it detachable! Please?”

“I-It’s your costume, of course, you can…”

“Yay! Oh, and… And…”

“Okay, okay, I can only draw so fast…!”

“Oh! And I’ll need a…”

The two of you spent the next hour on your costume-- Izuku writing and sketching down ideas, while you kept them coming, in plenty. It was… Nice. You two talked, and laughed, and bounced ideas back and forth.

‘Is this what a friend is like…? I… I can’t remember the last time I was this happy…!’

“I think… I think I’m done.” Izuku smiled as he looked at his handiwork, before he carefully tore it out of the notebook, and held the page up to you.

You gingerly took it, looking over the page with a critical eye that made his nerves stand on end-- Until it slowly grew to a wide smile, which you turned to him as you lowered the paper, “You never cease to amaze me, Izuku.”

“D-Do you like it…?”

“I love it! I’m going to copy it down on the sheets and then I’m gonna frame this!--”

“I can be your hero!”

“Ah!” You quickly switched the paper into your free hand, while you used the other to snatch your phone out of your pocket, dusting sand away before you answered the call-- The contact name?

Papa! <3

You were in such a good mood, you didn’t even remember you had… Less informed company, nor the fact that he had upset you yesterday, “Papa! What is it--”

It clicked in your mind… Yesterday’s events, that is.

“Wait. No. I’m mad at you… What is it?”

“Hah… Still upset with your old man? I think this is record time… You need your allowance, don’t you?”

You purse your lips into a thin line, turning away from Izuku, who had a concerned and curious frown and stared out to the sea. Yeah, you were getting low on funds by now…

“... Yes…”

“Then, come to have lunch with your Papa. I have a new quirk I’d like to test out, so be ready, it’ll be a little… Gross, but don’t panic.”

“O-Okay…?” The line beeped and you pulled your phone away from your ear, raising an eyebrow, before turning to Izuku with an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry, Izuku, I have to g-- G-Guh--!”

You started choking-- Choking-- A grey-ish liquid suddenly spewed from your mouth as you coughed and hacked, the smell was putrid and just the texture would make you vomit, “W-W-- Fu--”

“(F-F/N)!? (F-F/N)--!” Izuku shot up with wide, panicked eyes, “W-What’s going on!?”

“I-It’s my--” Shit! I told him my dad’s quirk was altering appearances…! Who’s… Who’s should I… “I-it’s one of my dad’s servant's quirks!-- Hrk!-- Don’t worry-- Koff!-- I’ll text you in a minute--!”

Before you knew it, the grey-black slime swallowed you up, and you were suddenly on your knees, holding a hand over your mouth while you gasped for air-- And coughed, trying to get rid of that disgusting smell and taste out of your mouth and lungs…!

“W-What the hell, dad!?” You snapped your head up and screeched at him, your other hand protectively clenching the paper with Izuku’s carefully thought out design, with fury in your eyes.

“I told you to be ready.” The man in question was sitting at the usual little folding table you ate meals at with him, without his usual helmet so his lack of three-fourths a face showed, while writing something down in a journal even if he couldn’t see it-- He had a quirk that allowed him to remember and recall anything he wrote down, “So, it works at great distances… Interesting… I wonder what the limit is…” He continued on as if you weren’t absolutely livid, while you slowly stood up and snarled between clenched teeth.

“That was so disgusting! And I was with my friend! You probably gave him a heart attack!”

Scritch, scritch, scri--

“... Friend?”

“Yes! He’s been training with me for UA, which, we both got into, by the way!” You huffed, crossing your arms, still careful of the paper, and glaring at him, rather than sliding into the seat across from him. You did notice Fumiko out of the corner of your eye, holding a serving tray over her the lower half of her face, cowering from the thick tension in the air-- That your father suddenly added to.

“You’re friends, with a future hero, who is a boy.”

The tone in which he made the statement in suddenly sent chills down your spine and over the muscles that covered your shoulder blades, that shot back and crept up your neck, setting your hair on edge and a rush of heat shot own your back and over your legs.

‘This is going to be… Interesting. Play this game carefully, (F/N)...’

“I’m… Planning on making him my first.” You finally did take the seat, keeping your arms crossed-- And you crossed your legs, for good measure, as you stared straight ahead. Not exactly at him-- More like through him.

“Your first-- Your… First...” Your father’s shoulder muscles slowly began to grow, then his suit began to tear, as spear-like bones began shredding through them, veins showed in his head, the machines he was hooked up to began to blare in alarm, the air in the room became suffocatingly heavy, his pencil shattered in his hand, the absolute sheer terror he projected made Fumiko faint, the serving tray falling to the floor with a clink--

“My first hero kill, father.”

The spear-bones suddenly retracted, the muscles returned to their form, even if his suit was now terribly ruined, he spoke in a calm and relaxed hum, “Oh, really? Good. I expect you to tell me every single detail, then.”

“Of course.” You whipped your phone out, shooting Izuku a quick text so that he would, hopefully, not panic and call the police.

“Told you, just my dad. Don’t wait around for me, he’s going to take a while. (Eye roll emoji)”

“I’m going to get close to him during our time at UA, then, the day we graduate and get our licenses, I’m going to cause a mass massacre and kill him in the midst or at the end of it.”

“That’s my girl.” As you looked up, you could barely see the corners of his wide-toothed grin from behind his mask, “Now, since we had a bit of a… Fuss, yesterday, my darling… Tell me about yesterday. How did the… “Exam” go?”

Fumiko was shifting, signaling that she had awoken from her… Episode, while you continued without sparing her a glance-- Can’t have Papa thinking you were going soft, especially after what just happened.

“Well, as I did tell you… I crushed it like a bug under my servant's shoe.” You leaned back, playing with a loose string on your jacket, ignoring the vibration and ding! of a text in your pocket, “They decided to use robots. Pitifully easy, for me, I didn’t bother tracking my points… I could take out ten at a time. Even the “Zero-Pointer”, which was just a ruse, was terribly undermatched for my set of quirks. I imagine it was used to terrify the weaker students and encourage the stronger ones to do some rescuing if some got caught in the crossfire of it’s “display of power”. I didn’t even do much, I just got on top of its head, and made it crush itself. Clever, hm? I bet the judges enjoyed that, it must have looked beautiful for the cameras.”

“So, why did you run out of Pause, then?”

‘... Excuse me?’

“... B… Because there was a lot of distance to cover.”

“Really?” Oh, his tone is getting way, way too condescending now, “Isn’t that why you took Hover?”

“Hover was to make sure no one could see my footprints. I can only move so fast with it, father. It only makes me go as fast as I can run.”

“Well, perhaps you should work on your physical speed.”

“I don’t need to work on my physical speed. That doesn’t affect Hover since it’s speed is set. It doesn’t matter if I can run at a hundred kilometers per hour, it won’t increase Hover.”

“You think so? What if you run out of time again and get yourself killed, hm? I’ll bet you wished you had plenty of physical training, then. What had you been doing these past nine months? I assumed you were actually training and not goofing off--”


You were breathing hard, in and out of your nose with your eyes shut tight as you clenched your fists hard enough to feel your nails beginning to part your skin. Slowly, you stood up, speaking aloud in a calm, yet vicious tone, all to yourself, “In ten seconds, I will be calm. In ten seconds, I will be a good, pleasant daughter. In ten seconds, I will not flip my lid. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Fourthreetwo--”


“-- After all, time is precious, sweetheart.”

“So is having a little faith in your daughter.”

A thick tension filled the room again-- Prompting Fumiko to scurry on into the kitchen, while the two of you basically sat there and stared at each other.

Surprisingly, he broke the silence first, “You’re right, sweetheart… I suppose I haven’t been very supportive of your own plans.” He sighed melodramatically, leaning back in his chair and resting his cheek against his hand, the elbow propped up on his wheelchair armrest, “I guess I’m just sad to see you grow up so fast, maybe I’m worried about you venturing into the world of heroes… It’s so lonely without my favourite daughter here…”

“I’m your only daughter.” You finally relented, letting your lips quirk in a half-smile, “Well, as far as I know…”

“Oh? You don’t want a little sister? Maybe a little brother…”

“God, no!” You scoffed humorously, earning a chuckle from your father, “I have enough trouble taking care of you, old man!”

“Hum, hum, right… How old are you again? Not old enough to give me grandchildren, I know…”
“Papa!” You feigned insult, pouting, “I’m fifteen! And you have to wait a long time before I even think about… Children… Ick…!”

“What? The future generations are important, you know,” He actually… Laughed, laying both of his arms on their respective rests, his tone turning somber, “You do know…”

“... What? Papa, what’s wrong…?” You knit your brows together worriedly, leaning forward a bit.

“Have you considered what you want your long-term future to be, sweetheart?”

“Long-term future…?” You purse your lips and quirk a brow, looking up as you hummed to yourself, “... I mean… You’re immortal, Papa, I won’t have anything to inherit. You already decided on Tomura being your successor.” Your face fell as you bowed your head, starting to glare at the table, an ill-feeling settled back down over you like a wet blanket, “What am I supposed to do…?”

“Why don’t you just join the league with Tomura? You’ll be his underling, but--”

“Uhg, no!” You curled your lip in disgust, scoffing as you looked back up to him, “I don’t want to be in Tomura’s league, he gets so bossy…! I want my own thing, Papa! I deserve my own thing!”

“And what is that thing you want?”

You didn’t think that far ahead.

Still, you were left to ponder, holding your chin in thought as Fumiko came and set down a glass of your favorite cold drink and a plate with a sandwich, “... Underminor.”

“Come again?”

“Underminor.” You nodded your head with your final decision, “That’s what I’m going to call my project-- This project. It’ll be how I can contribute to rebuilding your empire, Papa, by destroying a whole generation of UA-Grade heroes.”

“Underminor…” His smile slowly became more visible as it grew, “I like it. Clever, just like you, my little girl.”

“On that note, I do have one request I would like to make, Papa.”

“Anything for you, sweetheart.”

You smoothed out the paper onto the table, tapped your finger on it, with a smile slowly widening like his-- To look just like his, “I need something fun.”


From that day on for the next week, Izuku checked on you every day, sometimes twice a day, asking how you were and seeing if you needed anything-- Even if he tended to be red-faced as he did it occasionally. Probably to distract himself from the pending letter that has yet to grace him with it’s presence-- And your own.

… You’d be lying if you said you weren’t eating up every ounce of attention he dished out, though.

Except, today, he was extremely nervous and… Spaced out, as you both ate dinner with his mother.

“I… I-Izuku…” His mother’s worried, trembling voice drew him out of his little world, “W-Why are you smiling at that fish…?!”

“H-Huh?” Izuku snapped out of his daze-- Where he was, indeed, smiling at the grilled fish he held in his chopsticks, that he had been nibbling on moments before, “O-Oh, sorry! I’m fine...!”

“I’m tellin’ ya’, don’t worry about the results!” You waved your chopsticks nonchalantly, before shoveling rice into your mouth, “You’re gonna get in, Izuku.”

“S-Sweetie, don’t talk with your mouth full…”

“Ah, sorry, ma’am…”

“Y-You don’t know that…” He mumbled, knitting his brows together as he set the fish back down onto it’s plate, “I-I told you, I… I didn’t get any…”

You swallowed your mouthful of rice, licking your lips to catch a stray grain, “It don’ make any sense for a hero school to not accept someone who did somethin’ heroic! You were the only one to act then!” You jut your chopsticks towards him, “You’re a shoe-in, and every single person who didn’t think you could be a hero--” You noticed, but didn’t comment on the fact that Ms. Midoriya flinched-- “Is gonna get what’s coming to them for thinkin’ that!”

“T… Thank you, (F/N)...” His smile brightened up a bit as he gave you a grateful grin, even if his eyebrows were knit worriedly.

“Besides, if you don’t get in, you can always become a vigilante.”

“T-Thats illegal, (F/N)!”

“Ah, you really do have a hero’s morals…”


You and Ms. Midoriya went down to get the mail, while Izuku was… Once more, spaced out.

“... And then he had a noodle hanging out of his mouth as the waitress came over -- Snrk!-- Ms. Midoriya, you should have seen his face when he realized…!” You couldn’t help but laugh, recalling a lunch between one of yours and Izuku’s training sessions, “He turned redder than a shrine maiden’s hakama! It was so adorable-- Then he slurped it up and it hit him between the eyes…!”

“Oh, my goodness, that sounds like my Izuku…!” Ms. Midoriya laughed along with you, using her key to unlock her mailbox, while you did the same, right next to her, “He usually has good manners, but, sometimes…”

“He’s adorable, you’ve done a great job raising him-- Hm?” You raised an eyebrow curiously as you looked down at an envelope in your mailbox-- Really, you didn’t expect anything except maybe a free magazine. Then you read the label at the bottom right, and noticed the red seal, “UA…? Oh! Ms. Midoriya! My letter is here, that means--... M… Ms. Midoriya…?”

You turned back to see Ms. Midoriya running faster than you’d expect someone of her age and stature, waving an envelope resembling your own, and when she turned to go up the flight of stairs, you saw her face in utter panic.

“... That Izuku’s letter is here, too…” You snorted to yourself, smiling, and turned to collect your own-- And close both the mailboxes. Unlike the matriarch of the Midoriya family, you took your time strolling up to your apartment. ‘I already know what’s in it. I don’t mind taking my time.’

When you finally did make it up to your apartment, you opened and closed the door-- Hopefully one of the Midoriya’s would hear and know you were home-- And kicked your shoes off, let you jacket fall to the floor, and strolled into the kitchen to make a cup of hot tea, then you slid under your kotatsu.

You would never admit it, but your heart was beginning to race

‘Let’s see how much those heroes will praise me now.’

Slowly, you peeled away the seal on the envelope, rather than breaking it, and slipped out the letter-- Then felt… Something else…

Curiously, you reached in and pulled out a small, round disk, with a label in the middle that said “Press to Activate Projection”-- And frowned, briefly worried that it was a bomb… Ah, well, you had a full charge of Pause.

You set it down on the kotatsu tabletop, then did as it instructed-- Pressed the label, while taking a sip of your drink.  

Your dimly lit living room sudden sprung to life with color, as a projection shined up in the air, the UA logo briefly spinning before it gave way to--

‘… Shit…’

“I am here… As a projection!”

‘No. Fucking. Way.’

“You must be asking yourself-- What!? All Might!? Isn’t this from UA!? It is! Because! I will be teaching at UA this year-- Heroics to be exact! Ah-- Make it quicker…? Right, right…”

‘I can’t tell Papa.’

“Young (L/N)! You have blown away all of us here at UA!” All Might lifted his massive hand and hit a button on a remote, displaying the practical exam results-- You were first, then Bakugou Katsuki-- Heh, he’s gonna be pissed…  Someone, someone… Izuku… Izuku got eighth! Izuku got in! Izuku got in! “You passed the written exam with flying colors, and received ninety-six villain points during the practical exam! Not only that, but you also received four rescue points, totalling you up to… One hundred points on the dot! Absolutely incredible! You even broke my record!”

‘Oh, god. Now I really wanna tell Papa…’

“So, with that being said…” All Might turned back to the camera, shooting his million-dollar, mile-wide smile, and outstretching his other hand towards the camera, “This, Young (L/N)... Will be your hero academia!”


The projection died out, leaving the room to be as dim as it was before, as if it never happened.

But it did. Man, did it happen.

You slowly leaned backwards until your back-- That still kind of hurt from exercising with Izuku earlier-- Was flush against the floor, leaving you to stare up at the ceiling in contemplation.

‘All Might is teaching at UA.’

‘I’m going to UA… With the highest marks…’

‘Papa is going to want me to spy, isn’t he?’

Slowly, slowly, a sadistic smirk began to form on your lips, and you chuckled quietly to yourself, in the quiet apartment.

You slowly got up from your position and stood, taking your time stretching and sighing in satisfaction, before turning and strolling along the wood paneling, with the paper letter in your hands, heading for the front door-- When you heard the one next door open.

Your smile turned soft and genuine, ‘Ah, Izuku must be coming over--’

The thundering footsteps you recognized as your green-haired soon-to-be-boyfriend’s red sneakers ran down the corridor, slowly fading as they probably slowed down enough to safely go down the stairs, without tripping and falling.

… The smile you had turned to a frown, ‘Oh. He… He must be going to see his mentor. That’s… Fine.’ You slipped on your shoes nonetheless, and headed next door to see Izuku’s mother instead.

‘... I’ll need help with filling everything out, since I can’t exactly count on my father now…’


“S-So you knew this would happen!?” Izuku gasped out in mild-frustration, after listening to All Might explain why One for All had broken the new successor’s body.

“W-Well, there wasn’t enough time…!” The tall blonde laughed nervously, rubbing the back of his head, “But everything worked out all-right! Or should I say, All-Might! Haha…!”

“Geez…” Izuku sighed, but gave a wobbly smile anyway, “W-Well… I did it, anyway… I… I got into UA!”

“You did. And I’m so proud of you, my boy.” All Might smiled back, broad and wide, as he ruffled Izuku’s hair-- Then drew his hand back, with a frown, even though the boy was laughing, “... Young Midoriya… There’s something else I need to speak to you about. Or… About someone. Is… Young (L/N) nearby?”

“Huh? No, why…?” Izuku blinked in confusion, then felt a drop of sweat run down the side of his face, ‘Oh… Oh no… He… He doesn’t think she was the one who stole those chips--!’

“As I’m sure you saw from the projection, she placed top of the board with exactly a hundred points, shattering my record…”

“A-Ah, yeah… She only got… Four rescue points, too… She told me about how her exam went.”

“Did she also tell you she took down the zero-pointer?”

“Wh-- Oh, yeah…? Why are…”

“Young Midoriya,” All Might placed his hands on Izuku’s shoulders, staring down at him with seriousness in his dark eyes, “She was behaving like it was all a game. Especially with the zero-pointer, even though it could have killed her so incredibly easily. The principle, and the other teachers at UA… Are worried.”

“Y-You aren’t suggesting she’s a villain, are you!?” Izuku’s eyes shot wide open, and his jaw almost hitting the sand beneath his sneakers. He wanted to yank away from All Might, yell at him that he was wrong-- That-- That he didn’t see (F/N) like he had the past month! That… That if she’s going to UA, she wants to be a hero!... Right…?

“W-We didn’t conclude that, Young Midoriya,” The hero quickly backtracked, squeezing Izuku’s shoulders to regain his attention, “What we’re worried about is her becoming a villain. She is showing mental instability,” All Might sighed, bowing his head and giving the younger boy’s shoulders a brief squeeze, “And, from what I’ve seen of her outside of the exam…”

“All might-san,” Izuku’s unusually steady tone caused the No. 1 Pro hero to lift his head up with surprised eyes, “... I… I don’t think (F/N) is going to be a villain… But… I--”

“It’s me!”

Izuku nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound of (F/N)’s voice-- That was actually the text-tone she custom set for her text chime on his phone. (The ringtone for a call was her singing some k-pop song, that she also had the original set for her father’s ringtone)

“A-Ah-- Hold on-- That’s her…” All Might released Izuku’s shoulders as he scrambled to grab his phone and unlock it, eyes scanning over her message-- He deemed it… Appropriate to read aloud to an adult, unlike some of her others…


“Ms. Midoriya!” You knocked twice and entered the Midoriya residence, once more kicking off your shoes, “It’s me, again! Ms… M-Ms. Midoriya…?”

You raised a confused eyebrow as you walked into the the living room, seeing the woman in question fainted on the floor with Izuku’s letter in hand.

‘... Ah, shock. That seems to affect these two quite a bit, eh…?’


You carefully walked over and tapped all five of your fingers against her forehead, then slowly flattened your hand, spreading your fingers out-- The strings only visible under infrared vision moved from her forehead to her limbs, allowing you to carefully pick her up and place her on the couch, place a blanket over her and throw pillow under her head.

Keeping the world paused, you gently pried the letter from her clutches, and scanned your eyes over it, smiling down at the words, “Welcome to UA high school, Midoriya Izuku.”

‘He deserves this so, so incredibly much.’

Since when did I start thinking like this…? Stop that, you’re… You’re a villain!’

You shook your head vigorously to rid your mind of the thoughts, pouting inwardly as you set the letter down on the coffee table and unpaused the world, trying to decide if you should wait for Izuku or not as you scrolled through your phone’s notifications.

… Which was few and far between. Just mobile game reminders, subscription emails… Ah, and the texts from Izuku, from earlier in the day…

“Please let me know when you’re safe!!”

“I’m glad you’re okay… Let’s talk when you get back.”

You frowned as you squinted at the messages, taking in a slow breath and letting it out slowly, while you shot him a less dated text.

“Got into UA, too~ Told you that YOU would~! Btw, your mom fainted, so I put her to bed on the couch. She’s okay, I bet she was so excited for you, too. I’m going back to my place to sleep, see you tomorrow, let’s have lunch to celebrate~! And you can help me with the paperwork… Please?”

After adding a praying-hands emoji, a happy face emoji, a tongue-out and winking emoji, and a sleeping emoji, then hit send, you clicked your phone off and set it down on the table, letting your eyes shut tiredly. It was only about eight-ten PM… But today has been…

… Interesting to say the least.

And sleep sounds absolutely wonderful right now.


“Got into UA, too... Told you that you would… B-t-w--”


“Ah, it means “by the way”-- ‘by the way, your mom fainted-- so I put her to bed on the couch…’ Ah, not again…!... ‘She’s okay, I bet she was so excited for you, too. I’m going back to my place to sleep, see you tomorrow, let’s have lunch to celebrate…’ She always likes to celebrate with food... ‘And you can help me with the paperwork… Please…’ And several emojis.”

“Well… That was… Kind of her, I suppose…” All Might brought a bony hand up to his chin in contemplation, “What were you going to say before that, my boy?”

“A-Ah, well... I was going to say she’s too kind to be a villain! A-And… Maybe… If she’s that kind, but if you think she’s at risk of… Becoming one… Then going to UA will be her chance to turn over a new leaf, right? To get her the help she needs, and to be a hero is what is right? We can show her the path of justice, together!”

All Might stared back at Izuku with unmoved eyes for several seconds, before the corners of his frown slowly rose-- As did he, as he puffed up into his hero form, booming out a laugh, “Ha ha ha! You’re right, young one!”

‘Oh thank god he accepted it.’

“--Together, we can--!!”

“W-Woah! Huh!? Is that actually All Might!? Where’d he come from!?”

“Crap-- Run!”




You: Izukun, what’s your favorite color?

Izukun: Green, why?

You sent an image (Click to view)

You: (swimsuit emoji)

You: You think this is cute?

Izukun: Iiiosssdfvgdddd

Izukun: Sorry, I dropped my phone.

You: Lmao, is it okay?

Izukun: Yeah…

Izukun: The swimsuit is nice, but isn’t it too cold out now?

You: Yes, but who said I’m going to wear it outside of your bedroom?

Izukun: Oh, okay.

Izukun: IIbwnjjj cd,

Izukun: WHAT?

You: (laughing crying emoji x4)


You sent an image (Click to view)

You: I bet you I can fit this whole creme horn in my mouth. (Devil emoji)

Izukun: Please… Don’t… You’re gonna choke to death…

You send an image (Click to view)

You: I did it but I can’t breathe (laughing-crying emoji)

Izukun: YOU’RE GONNA DIE (F/N)!!!!!!

You: I have to practice somehow (Smug face emoji) (laughing-crying emoji)

Izukun: DYING???!!!!!

Izukun: wait. what.


Izukun: You forgot your sunglasses over here!

You: Send me a picture of you wearing them.

Izukun: What? Okay, I guess…

Izukun sent an image (Click to view)

You: Thanks, the red-hearts look good on you. That’s your new contact pic.

Izukun: You change it every few days, (F/N)...

You: (kissy-face emoji) You get cuter every day!

Izukun: WEXRctvvbnnn

You: Dropped your phone again? I’m just teasing, Izukun! <3

Izukun: Yeah… Do you do this will all your friends??

You: I don’t have any other friends (Tongue-out emoji)

You: I was homeschooled, remember?

You: No time to socialize when you’re too busy training to be number one!

You: Oh, number two, actually. After you. (All Might smiling emoji)

Izukun: asddddm

You: Please, get a grip for your phone, Izukun.

Chapter Text

Voices from behind the door you stood outside of came out muffled, while you stood idly--and boredly-- with arms resting over your brand-new messenger bag. Light-pink leather with a bunch of cute cartoon cats floating around on it.

“Izuku! Have you got your pocket tissues?!”


“And your handkerchief, have you got that?!”

“Yes! I don’t have time, (F/N) and I have to hurry…!”


The door opened, letting the bickering conversation come out clearly-- You turned your head with a smile, seeing Izuku about to walk out, but his attention was on the woman inside, “Whaaat!?”

“You… You look great, sweetie.”

“... Thanks, mom.” He smiled, “I’ll see you--”



“Hi Ms. Midoriya!” You popped in and waved to the woman behind your target of choice, smiling bright and wide, “What do you think? Looks good on me, right!?” You did a twirl, showing off your new outfit-- The UA school uniform. Which, Izuku was sporting as well-- The male version.

“You look beautiful, sweetie!” Ms. Midoriya sighed happily, looking at the both of you.

“Can you take a picture of Izuku and I? Please, please?”

“(F-F/N)! We’re gonna be late…!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! I’ll just teleport us some of the way!” You waved a dismissive hand as you handed Ms. Midoriya your phone, setting up the camera for her.

“That’s illegal, (F/N)!”

“It’s illegal to miss this moment! Now-- Put your arm around me-- Or hold my hand-- Make a peace sign with your other!”

“A-Ah! O-O-O-Okay…!”

Thanks to your (force) persuasion, you now had a picture of Izuku (red-faced and looking like he was going to pass out or sweat through his uniform, whichever happened first) and yourself in the entryway to his apartment, his arm around your shoulders while you had one around his waist, both making peace signs with both your hands.

“A-A-Alright-- N-Now we really have to g-go! B-Bye, mom! See you later!”

“Bye Ms. Midoriya, thank you! I’ll forward you the picture!” You gingerly took your phone back and bowed politely, smiling brightly and waving to her as you ran to catch up with Izuku.

“Bye, kids! Make sure to have a good lunch! A-And have a good day!”

“Izuku! Wait up!” You caught up to him before he could get to the stairs, then hooked your arm with his and--


To Izuku, you went from the top of the stairs, and to the very last floor.

“I-Illegal, (F/N)!”

“You said you don’t wanna be late!”


“We’re both in 1A!” You happily twirled, in front of the board in joy, as Izuku was trying to find which classes you both would be in, “I’m so happy! We can do all sorts of class-things together!”

“Like…?” Izuku chuckled nervously, starting into the First Year’s building, while you pranced along behind him.

“I have no idea.” You smiled anyway, following him through the many halls you would have to commit to memory-- Letting him lead the way while you gazed around, “Schools are so… Proper… Like a laboratory...”  


“Ah, don’t worry about it,” You waved a hand, slowing to a stop as he did, “Ooh, big door…” You gazed up at the last thing separating you from your new school life.

“Accessibility, maybe…?” He mumbled curiously, putting his hand on the handle nervously, “It’ll just be elites from those groups of examinees…!” You watched him squeeze his eyes shut nervously, as he slid the door open, “I hope Kacchan isn’t here… Or that other guy from…--”

“Remove your foot from that desk! That is an insult to our predecessors at this elite school and an insult to the hard workers who made that desk!”

“Like I care! What middle school are you from, anyway, extra!?”

“I’m from Somei Private Academy! I am Iida Tenya!”

“Somei?! A stuck up elitist, then? I should blow you to bits!”

“B-Blow me to bits…! ? Do you really wish to become a hero…!?-- Ah!”

You stepped aside and let the blue-haired, glasses-wearing boy shuffle over almost robotically to Izuku, watching curiously as the Izukun flinched back a bit.

“I’m from Somei…--”

“I-I heard you from before… Pleased to mean you, Iida…”

“Midoriya-san, you perceived the true nature of that exam... While I did not! I hate to

admit it, but you were the superior candidate…!”

“I-I didn’t…!”

“Ah! The plain-looking boy!” Izukun and yourself turned to see a new face-- Well, apparently only new to you, “You got in! Just like Present Mic said! Makes sense though, that punch was awesome!” She started making a punching motion, repeating “Smash!” over and over again, while Izuku turned into a blood-red, sweating mess, shielding his face with his arms.

“No…! I mean, I have you to thank for speaking on my behalf…!”

“Huh? How do you know about that?”

You glared with a deep frown at the exchange, feeling something twitch in your chest as you watched Izuku become a mess in front of this girl-- Like he does with you. Only with you.

‘Who the hell does this girl think she is…--’

“Hm?” You made a small noise of acknowledgment, seeing a… A… Yellow sleeping bag on the ground… Behind her… With… Someone in it...?-- Wait.

“Pervert!” You screeched, clicking your tongue with a furious glare-- Then kicking the flat of your foot into the face of the man as you unpaused the world again, sending him rolling with a bloody nose at a comically high speed, into the bullet-proof window across the hall with a loud impacting thud, to bounce back onto the floor, “Who the hell do you think you are, looking up that cute girl’s skirt!?” You hollered, seething as you stood between her and him with your shoulders rising and falling while haunched, fists held out to your sides.


“Fucking creep! Someone, call campus police!--”

“I am your homeroom teacher. And believe me, I was not looking up any child’s skirt.” The man growled out as he stood up, out of his bag, one hand on his face to catch his bloody nose, “I’m Aizawa Shouta, your homeroom teacher, and you’re pretty close to being expelled already.”

“Oh… Oops.” You stared dumbfounded at the man, still standing between the girl and him, feeling a bead of sweat trying to build upon your forehead while you two stared each other down. After a moment, you reached into your pocket and pulled out a pink, printed with white bunnies, handkerchief, holding it out to him with an awkward smile, “... Sorry?” You did finally hear Izuku, the girl, and someone else quietly screeching in shock.

“You’re lucky your kick was weak. Although, it did take you two seconds to react.” Mr. Aizawa snatched the handkerchief from you, pinching it over his nose, “All of you--” You had to bite the inside of your cheek to not laugh at his nasal tone, “--Change into your gym uniforms and head down to the training grounds.”


“She’s going to make this year a living hell for me.”

“Aizawa? Shouldn’t you be in-- What in the world…!?” Recovery Girl turned from her desk to see one of the first year’s homeroom teachers standing in the doorway, holding his nose with a bloody, pink handkerchief-- Were those bunnies…? “What happened, Aizawa!? Sit down, sit down!”

“The girl who placed top in the Practical Exams kicked me in the face, thinking I was some pervert.” The tall, Erasure hero did as she instructed, grumbling as he took a seat on the stool next to her office chair, “I would have expelled her right then and there if I could.”

“You know why Nedzu specifically ordered her to be kept in this school.” Recovery Girl shook her head, reaching over and grabbing a few wet wipes from a container by her computer screen, before waving his hand away so she could start cleaning his face, “She expressed signs that she never received Quirk Counselling as a child. Only her father is on file, he lives on the other side of Japan, she otherwise lives alone here in Musutafu… She has no records of any sort in any school system, only paperwork stating she completed each grade up until this year… She’s a prime candidate to… Become a villain…”

“I don’t see what the point of dragging this all out is--”


“-- We should have just kicked her out, told her she’d be better off at an office job.”

“All Might’s word means quite a bit to Nedzu on this, Aizawa.” Chiyo opened up her desk drawer and picked out an applesauce pouch, then placed it in his outstretched hand, “They seemed to have spent a lot of time talking in his office in private, don’t you think?”

“Yes, and it’s annoying that I’m not being properly informed, considering she’s apparently now my problem.” He grumbled, before sucking the applesauce pouch dry in a single go.

“Give her a chance, Aizawa. You never know.” The elder sighed, turning back to her computer while waving a hand, “You’re good to go, she didn’t break your nose enough to need any special treatment.”

“Thank you.” Aizawa curtly stood, shoving his hands into his pockets and shuffled out of the room, closing the door with his foot. He was still rather bitter despite the woman’s… “Encouraging words.”

‘This had better be worth it.’

“And, Aizawa…”

He only grunted in acknowledgment for her to continue.  

“... You’re a teacher. Teach her to be a hero.”

“... I’ll try.” ‘No use if she doesn’t want to be one herself.’


“A test… Of our quirks?”

“What about the entrance ceremony? Or the guidance sessions!?”

“The what now?” You raised an eyebrow, turning to the round-faced girl that was apparently the only reason Izukun got into the school. You made a promise to yourself to play nice.

She was about to open her mouth to fumble out a confused explanation from the other side of Izuku, when Aizawa interrupted her.

“No time to waste in that stuff if you’re to become heroes. UA is known for its “freestyle” educational system,” He turned slightly back to the class, who had converged in waiting for him, “That applies to us teachers as well.”

“Aren’t the teachers the ones that decide the educational course in the first place…?” You muttered to yourself, leaning against Izuku-- Who was red-faced, stuck between yourself and the round-faced girl.

The teacher continued on as if he didn’t hear you-- His eye twitching, however, told you he did, “Softball throwing. The freestanding long-jump. The 50-meter dash. Endurance running. Side-to-side stepping. Upper-body training. Seated toe touch. Your standard no-quirks-allowed gym tests. You did all these in middle school, yes?”

Everyone chimed in a “Yes!” while you replied with an airy, cheerful, “Nope!”

Aizawa’s eye twitched again as he continued, “This country still insists on prohibiting quirks when calculating the averages of those records. It’s not rational. The department of education is just procrastinating. (L/N),” You perked up when he called out to you, “Come and throw this ball,” He tossed you a spherical object, which you caught with ease, “Without leaving that circle, and without using your quirk.”

“Alright…?” You turned the ball over curiously while you strolled over to the circle, and stood within it, ‘Izuku and I played catch some because he said it was good training…’

With that thought, you readied yourself and took a step forward as you swung your arm, throwing the ball as hard as you could.

“46.4 meters!” A tiny, cheerful robotic voice called out as soon as the ball landed, then, it zoomed back towards you-- Prompting you to catch it this time.

“Right, now, throw it using your quirk.”

“Okay, but, you’re not gonna get a more interesting result…” You rubbed the back of your head, readying yourself to throw again-- It suddenly… Felt… Weird, to have everyone’s eyes on you as you were using your… “Quirk”.


You shot a glance back to the class, just to make sure the world was paused before you licked your lips with a nervous smile, “Said I can’t leave the circle…” So, with that, you attached all five strings of your dominant hand to the ball, then extended it out into the air-- Then, as if you were holding onto a ball and chain, began swinging it around, until the ball was just a blur in a wide circle above your head-- Then sent it flying, releasing the strings. While it was moving, you returned yourself to the “throwing’ position and made a motion as if you had just thrown the ball, then waited… Waited… Until it was above fifty away…  


… The ball soared. But nothing that you would consider incredible… Especially your father. He would be disappointed.

‘Why didn’t you just leave the circle? It’s not like they would have ever known.’

‘... Why didn’t I?’


“I told you, not that impressive.” You shrugged with your hands up, shooting the class an awkward, knit-brow smile.

“It’s important for us to know our limits,” Aizawa lifted up the little screen that

displayed the results, “That’s the first rational step to figuring out what kind of heroes you’ll be.”

“296.4 meters!”

“Woah, this is awesome!”

“So we can use our quirks, for real! Man, the hero course is great!”

“Awesome, you say…? Great…?”

Aizawa’s sadistic tone sent a familiar chill up your spine as you returned to Izuku’s side-- Who was looking around in panic. Turning back to put your focus on Aizawa felt like a mild mistake, making your pupils dilate slightly, and a bead of sweat to drip down your neck.  

‘He... Looks like my father… Before he lost his face…’

You had to look away for a second and rub your eyes in a poor attempt to get the image out of your head.

“You’re hoping to become heroes after just three years here… And you think it’ll all be fun and games?” When you both looked up, he seemed to look right into your soul, forcing your chest to tighten and your jaw to clench, “Right, well… The one will the lowest scores… Will be expelled.”


“Your fates are left in our hands…” Aizawa ran his hand up his face and pulled his hair out of the way, so his nearly-crazed eyes could stare directly at everyone, along with that creepy smile, “Welcome, this is… The Hero Course at UA!”

“The lowest school will be expelled…!? It’s only the first day!” Uraraka argued desperately, clenching her fists in front of her, “I mean, even if it weren’t-- That’s totally unfair!”

“Natural disasters, highway pileups, rampaging villains… I’d say Japan is full of plenty of unfair things.” Aizawa sighed, scratching his head as he explained, “Heroes are the ones who correct that unfairness. If you were hoping to spend your evenings at Mcdonalds… I’m sorry to tell you… For the next three years? UA is going to put you through the wringer. That’s Plus Ultra.” His smirk turned cheeky as he made a gesturing motion with his finger, “Use your strength to overcome it all. So bring it.”

You glanced over to Izuku’s nervous, shaking form, raising a worried eyebrow.

“The demonstration is over. The real thing begins now.”


You stepped up to the plate with Iida Tenya for the fifty-meter dash, standing there with your hands shoved in your pocket and a raised eyebrow as he stretched, and stretched, and… Stretched…



“I wonder how I’ll apply these to the other tests…” You muttered, as you slowly hovered over to the camera, then stood in front of it, “I’ll have to do a lot of thinking…”



“3.04 seconds!”

“W-Woah! She’s so fast…!”

“Uh, no, it’s just teleport…” You rubbed the back of your neck as you returned to Izukun’s side--Ignoring the fact that he was muttering about your quirk and staring off into space. Ah, you told him thirty meters, didn’t you…?--smiling shyly at Uraraka’s praise, while she passed you, “It’s nothing like engines for legs.”

“Actually, it’s engines in my legs.” Iida corrected, making a hand-chopping motion as he appeared at your side, “And Teleportation much be a much more effective means of travel-- Within legal bounds, of course!”

“R… Right…” Your eyes followed his hand as he continued to motion, before you turned all your attention back to Izuku, lest you become nauseous-- Who’s attention was completely on Uraraka and her competitor as they ran. Frowning, you decided to let it go and watch as well.

… Nothing interesting as everyone else went. That girl who could create things, though, was interesting, like how she thought to make roller blades…

‘I’ll mention her to Papa. I bet he’d like her quirk… Heck, I would like her quirk… Hm… Wonder how she would adjust to Hover…’

The grip-strength test was uneventful, except for the tentacle guy’s 540 kg record.

“Wow, Izuku!” You gushed as you looked at his result, smiling and praising him, “You’re so strong! I only got 49…!”

“I… It’s nothing…” He smiled nervously, glancing back at who you had learned to be Shouji, “Really…”

Standing long jump came-- With that navel-laser guy and Bakugou taking the lead. You stood at the line for a moment, scratching your head while trying to think about how to do it.

“... Hey, Mr. Aizawa!” You turned to the teacher, who turned his attention that had been on the tracker, to you.

“What is it?”

‘Touchy much?’ “My quirk can be applied to this if I just jump and teleport, right?”

“Why are you asking me?”

“Uh, because I want to stay in the regulations?” You huffed back, taking that as a “Yes”. You jumped forward--


Taking a quick glance to make sure, once again, that the world was paused, you activated hover to make sure you wouldn’t touch the sand and disturb it as you lowered, then flew forward to Hover’s limit-- Landing you at 52 meters as you clicked your tongue.

Aizawa recorded your length, then ordered everyone over for the next event-- Side-to-side jumping.

“My tongue is gonna hate me after this…” You muttered to yourself, eye twitching as you watched the first few students up.

“Huh? Your tongue?”

“A-Ahck!” You slapped your hand over your mouth, whipping your head to the side, realizing you had walked up to stand by Izuku without realizing it, “S-Sh!” You slapped your hand over his mouth before he could open it to speak, “Don’t say anything, got it!?”


You glanced around to make sure no one was paying attention, then released your hand from Izuku-- Who took in a gasp of air.

“W-What’s the idea…!?” He whispered, rubbing his cheek that your fingers had pressed into, “Why would… What, is that how you activate Teleport? Your… Your tongue…?”

“Well,” You sighed, whispering back, “I guess you were going to find out eventually…” Another glance around, you nodded, “Yeah, it is. Don’t tell anyone, okay!? If I hurt my tongue, I can’t use it, and people could take advantage of that!”

“W… What do you have to do with it…? Your tongue, I mean--”

“Are you asking as a boy or as a quirk enthusiast? Because, really Izuku, I don’t think we’re that far into our relationship yet...”

“W-What!?” He screeched, red-faced and drawing everyone’s attention, while you doubled over and slapped your hand back over your mouth to try and stifle your giggles.

“Oi! Enough screwing around! (L/N), Midoriya! You’re up next!”

“Yes, sir!” You giggled through grit teeth, absolutely adoring having Izuku’s red-face be caused by you once again. ‘No one can turn him into a puddle like I can.’

… And, needless to say, your tongue hated you by the end of the sidestep challenge. But you did get the highest score.

Then the ball throw came back up.

You stood between Iida and Uraraka as Izukun went up to the circle, smiling to yourself and holding your hands against your chest, ‘Give them hell, Izukun!’

“Midoriya isn’t doing so well…” Iida murmured next to you, his arms crossed.

“Well, duh! He’s a quirkless runt!”

“Shut the fuck up Bakakun, or I’ll send you to go find the ball Uraraka pitched.” The girl in question let out a freaked-out squeak from your dark expression, yet sickly sweet smile.

“What did you fuckin’ say!?--”

“Wait!” Iida interrupted, putting an arm between the two of you before Bakugou could march over and have his ass handed to him on a silver platter, “You really haven’t heard!?”

“Yeah! Izuku isn’t quirkless, jackass!”

“I’m trying to prevent you from getting blown up, (L/N)-san…”

“He’s gonna throw…!” Uraraka grabbed all three of your attention, prompting you all to watch as Izukun reeled his arm back-- Back-- Throwing…!

“... 46 meters!”

“... E-Eh!? But… But I was trying to use it…!”

“I “erased” your quirk.” Aizawa began, as he stepped towards Izuku, “That ridiculous exam… Completely irrational when someone like you got in…”

“E-Erased…? Those goggles… Of course… Eraserhead!”

“Eraserhead…? I think I’ve heard of him…”

“Yeah! He’s an angler-type hero…!”

“I saw it, how you can’t use your quirk.” Eraserhead continued as his scarf waved around him, along with his hair flying up-- His face must be horrifying, with how terrified Izukun looked. “Were you hoping for someone to step in and help afterward?”

“N-No! It’s not like that--!”

The scarf wrapped around Izuku and forced him closer to the teacher, as Mr. Aizawa continued, now out of earshot.

Iida must have got the hint, as did Uraraka, because they both latched onto your wrists and held you back--

You didn’t even realize how hot your face burned with anger, or how your legs had started moving to stomp towards the teacher.

‘I’m gonna kill him. He’s going to be my first hero kill, that teacher, that bastard…! How dare he… How dare he insult Izuku! How dare he say he doesn’t belong here! How dare… How dare he touch him… How… Dare…!’

“Your quirk is back.” The scarf released, allowing Izuku to go free, “Let’s get this over with, give it another go.”

“Are you worried about him?” Navel laser guy put a hand on both yours and Uraraka’s shoulders, “I’m… Not worried at all!”

“Who are you…?”

“Seems as though he received some special instruction…?”

“Yeah, the instruction to leave this school.”

“Get your filthy hands off me.” You scowled quietly, prompting all three students to let you go all of a sudden, “Don’t touch me without permission.” You hissed without looking at them, “Ask the last bastard who did, why. And you, Bakakun...” Your voice stayed low as you raised a finger, pointing at him without glancing over, “Just. Watch. Him.”

Thank god Aizawa only heard the last part as he returned to stand by the rest of you.

Except, maybe he shouldn’t have, because now you really wanted to rain hell down on the lot of them after he spoke, as Izuku raised his arm.

“You have… No chance.”

“S M A S H !”

Your lips slowly quirked up into an absolutely satisfied smirk as that ball flew.

“Mr. Aizawa…!” Izuku turned to the class, to the teacher, with pained tears in his eyes but a determined smile as he gripped his fist, “I can… Still move!”

“705.3 Meters!”

“This kid…!” Aizawa murmured, while you held a shit-eating grin as you elbowed the teacher.

“Izuku deserves to be here more than anyone.” You murmured with satisfaction, only loud enough for the teacher to hear over the class’s cheering, even if your eyes were only on the student, “Oh, and enjoy adding your words to your daily meal, old perv.

“Respect your elders, kid.”

“What the hell!?”


“Explain yourself, Deku!”


You were about to click your aching tongue, when Aizawa’s capturing weapon shot out before you could-- Latching and wrapping around Bakakun to him back.

“W-What the hell…!? This cloth… Is stiff…!”

“It’s a capturing weapon, made from carbon fibers and a special wire alloy… Stop using your quirk already, I’m getting dry eye over here!”

“Izukun!” You called out, pausing the world as soon as Aizawa’s hair fell-- To hover around Bakugou as the scarves were retracting and latch yourself onto the green-haired kid.


“You were so amazing, Izukun!” You gushed, pinning his arms to his midsection while swinging around, hugging him tightly as you twirled with your second favorite person in the world. You shot a smirk over to Bakugou, making sure he could see it, before--


“Eat shit, Bakakun.” You whispered as you passed the boy locked in place by the paused world, carrying a temporarily flustered Izukun with you as you returned to the rest of the class.


“Now,” Aizawa continued in a bored tone, “Let’s get this over with, on with the rest of the tests.”


“Moving on, time for the results.”

You peered over at Izuku to see his face contorted in agony, his hands shaking-- The one that he injured especially.

Instinctively, you hooked an arm with his, giving him a comforting smile as his eyes snapped open and looked to you-- Which, he returned, with a shaky quirk to his lips.

“By the way, I was lying about expelling someone.”


“It was a rational deception , meant to bring out the best in all of you.”


“Well, of course, it was a lie…” The Creation girl seemed to state it like it was no big deal, even if you saw the sweatdrop and twitch in her brow, “Didn’t take much perception to figure that out…”

‘Yeah, right. You were worried too, 3D Printer.’

“Anyway, we’re done here. Your documents about the curriculum are back in the classroom. Give them a look… Midoriya,” Izuku jumped instinctively as Aizawa called out to him, but he only held out a paper, “Have Recovery Girl fix you up. Tomorrow’s trials won’t be any easier… Take your girlfriend if you want.”

Izuku nearly dropped the paper as his face turned red for the thousandth time today, steam practically puffing out of his ears, “S-S-S-She’s--!”

“I’ll make sure he gets there, Mr. Aizawa!” You gleefully waved with one arm, the other hugging onto Izuku’s arm, whose mouth was open in a silent screech-- Until you turned him around to look at the results.

His face stilled as he looked at the results, but he still shook with anxiety. He got #20, while you got #19.

You let out a melodramatic sigh, “Looks like we’re both starting from the bottom, Izuku!” You turned to him and gave him the best, bright smile you could, bringing him along with you as the rest of the class began to start back to the building, “It’s fine! Hell, I only placed first in the exams because I could exploit it with my quirk!”

“You placed first!?” Four-Eye’s voice suddenly filled your ears, causing you to grimace in annoyance at the sudden intrusion.

“Woah! So you’re the girl who beat All Might’s record!?” Round-Face butted in on Izuku’s other side, “You’re so cool…!”


Oh, here we go.

“She just said she only got in because she could exploit it!” Bakugou’s loud, obnoxious voice cut through as you heard his stomping, “Doesn’t mean shit!”

“Nor, it doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass, Bakakun.”

… Maybe you should have just ignored him.

Izuku shrieked as you heard Bakugou’s explosions-- Coming closer--


You sighed, turning around to glare at the boy who was raising a hand, intending to let out an explosion that would hopefully, only be close enough that you would feel the heat.

How annoying.

Glancing around, you saw Aizawa-sensei in mid-turn from where he was about to walk around the corner, grabbing onto his scarf, his hair not raised enough to pinpoint his eyes on you yet.

You reached back, careful not to touch the sparks in Bakakun’s hand, and tapped his wrist to attach a string, then lifted him up and… “Hmm… How should I do this…”

A sadistic smirk, much like Aizawa-sensei’s, flitted over your features.

Quickly, you used the string to turn his arm and face it right into his face, turned him around so his back was to the group, released it, then grabbed Izuku-- And, sigh, Round-Face and Four-Eyes as well, to take them the “limited” fifty meters ahead.



“W-What the fuck!?”

“E-Eek! What happened…?!”

“What a curious quirk…!”

“(F-F/N)! Don’t provoke Kacchan…!”

“Not my fault!” You called out, sticking your nose in the air as you walked, pulling Izukun along, not looking back at the exploding blonde-- Even if you really wanted to see the soot on his shell-shocked face, “I was just protecting myself and my friends!”

A growl was stopped in mid-execution by a sharp yell, “Bakugou! (L/N)! Enough!”

That mostly tamed Bakugou, allowed you to escape with your new… Apparent… Posse.

“... But really, (L/N)-san! You scored a hundred points! You beat All Might’s record…!” Infinity-Girl continued, clapping her hands together.

“Indeed, it is quite impressive, even if you claim to have exploited the exam.”

“I did exploit the exam…” You sighed, leaning your head on Izuku’s shoulder-- Who, you guessed it, became embarrassed again at the PDA, “I mean, I intend to crush every single one of you-- Except Izuku-- like a bug regardless.”

“B-Bug…?” Round-Face and Motorcycle-legs awkwardly parroted, while Izuku let out a shocked squawk.

“(F-F/N), uhm, maybe you shouldn't be so… Uhm… C- Coarse…?”

“Coarse?” You looked up, raising an eyebrow, “How am I coarse? I’m delightful!”

“You just said you were going to crush your classmates like a bug…” Izukun turned his nervous, apologetic smile to the other two, who had begun to walk on his side in silent fear of you, “I-I’m sorry about her… She’s, uhm…”

“I’m a delight!” You huffed, letting go of his arm and shoving your hands into your jacket, “And I don’t intend to be sugary sweet to everyone! Tell it like it is, is what I say! Unless you’re trying to get a new dress, or a new quir--” You covered up your mistake with an awkward cough, trying to think of something fast, “A new… Quir-purse!”

‘Good enough.’

“Dress or quir-purse…?”

“Her dad is loaded…” Izukun answered Uraraka, sweating a bit from nerves, “It’s probably some fashionable brand…”

“W-Whatever! Izukun, come on! Your finger needs healing!”

“R-Right, right…”



‘Don’t kill the old lady, (F/N). Don’t fucking do it. She’s just healing him. Don’t. Kill. The. Old. Lady… Maybe I’ll wait till she’s dying and steal her quirk…’

“Woah…! It’s all better…! But I suddenly feel… Really tired…”

“My quirk boosts your own healing factors,” Recovery Girl explained, “Here, have some pez… But recovery uses stamina. If I heal you while you’re extremely tired and badly hurt, you’ll eventually run out of stamina and die.”

“I-I’ll die!?” Izuku grimaced, flinching and nearly dropping the candy Recovery Girl had dished out using a Kamui Woods dispenser.

“Huh. Equivalent exchange.” You hummed, taking a hold of Izuku’s hand to look at the unnecessary bandaging, “... So, you put bandages on to remind them that they had gotten hurt, and they should be more careful in the future…”

Both Izuku and Recovery Girl herself made a noise of surprise at your observation.

“Why, that’s exactly the reason. You’re quite perceptive, (L/N)-san.” The old woman blinked her wrinkly eyes, before they relaxed with her usual smile, “What sort of hero do you intend to be, young one?”

“Hm? What sort of hero?” You looked up to her with a small frown, then looked back down to Izuku’s hand, running your thumbs along his calluses and moving the fingers between your own, much like you’ve done in the past.

“Teleportation would be quite useful for rescues, or covert operations, or…”

“I just wanna kick people’s asses.” You cut Izuku off, dropping his hand and folding your arms behind your head, “Yeah, that’s all. Kick ass and be No. 2.”

“Number two…?” Recovery Girl raised a curious eyebrow, while you smirked down at her in her chair, and put your hands on your hips.

“Yeah. Because Izuku is going to be Number One.”


Making the boy turn into a blushing, stuttering mess was the cherry on top for the day-- Well, all day, every day, as far as you were concerned.

You were walking with his previously injured hand in your own, swinging it back and forth playfully while you took over the chat-portion of your current objection-- Getting home.

“... And you should have seen his face when I described our original costume design to him! Ah, well, he doesn’t have much of a face-- But you learn to read him after a while.”

“Y-Your dad doesn’t have a… Face…?”

“I said much of a face. He still has a mouth, but that’s about it, I guess.” You explained, noticing a figure speed walking up to Izuku.

“... Right…”

“How’s your finger?”

“Gah! I-Iida! It’s fine, thanks to Recovery Girl…” Izuku had flinched when a hand had been suddenly clamped on his shoulder--

‘I’ll let it slide this time, only because this guy is probably packing peanuts.’

“But Mr. Aizawa sure had us fooled!” Four-Eyes held his chin in thought, his other hand gesturing with his words, “He made me think, “This is how it is at the top!” Our own instructor deceived us like that…!”

“Hey! You three!” The three of you paused and turned your heads, spotting a girl running towards you-- Who…? The Round-Face.

“Ah! Infinity Girl!” Iida greeted, waving back.

“I’m Uraraka Ochako!” She introduced herself, “And you’re Iida Tenya, and you’re (L/N) (F/N)... And Midoriya… Deku, right!?”


When the world unpaused, you had a hold of Infinity-Girl’s tie, your dark, wide-eyed smile glaring her down, “His name is Izuku, Round-Face”

“E-Eek! I-I’m sorry?! D-During that test, that loud guy said…!”

“That’s just Bakakun bein’ an asshat.”

“(F-F/N), please-- Don’t scare her…! She didn’t know…!”


You reappeared with your back against Izuku’s, arms crossed and staring around his arm as you silently fumed, shooting daggers shot at the other girl, while he explained, “S-Sorry about her… But that is Kacchan just… Being a bully… My real name is Midoriya Izuku.”

“Oh! Gotcha! Sorry…!” Uraraka’s laugh set your hair on edge, “But, “Deku”... Well, it just screams, “Do your best!” I kinda like it-- The way it sounds!”

“Deku is fine!”



“Are you really just gonna switch around like that?!”

“It’s like the Copernican revolution…!”


“Geeze…!” You huffed, shaking your head with a pout, “The Copernican Revolution was the paradigm shift from the Ptolemaic model of the heavens, which described the cosmos as having Earth stationary at the center of the universe, to the heliocentric model with the Sun at the center of the Solar System. Did you not study that!?”

“... Maybe?”

“How did you pass the written exam…!?” You threw an arm around Round-Face’s shoulders, yanking her against you as the four of you continued walking, jutting a finger between her collarbones, “You’re going to be my new study-buddy, Infinity Girl! You need someone who knows their stuff-- And I need someone to teach me how to do my makeup like that!”

“O-Okay! Sounds fun! I’m not wearing makeup though...”

“Fun!?” You scoffed, “You wanna be a hero, don’t you!? Fun is the last thing that should be on your mind!”

“I’m getting mixed signals from you…”

“Good! You have to learn to stay on your toes! What if that hobo was actually a pervert!?”

“Please refrain from referring to our teacher as… A… Hobo, (L/N)-san…”

“Can it. You thought it too, Four-Eyes.”


‘If these two are so intent on being Izukun’s friend, then I need to make sure they’re up to par. Those round cheeks and cute glasses can be deceiving-- What if they’re villains in disguise!?’


‘... Wait, I’m a villain in disguise…’  


Izuku and yourself went your separate ways from Round-Face and Four-Eyes to board the crowded train home-- You let Izuku sit on the only free seat on the bench, because he was exhausted after being healed and nearly falling asleep, while you stood a bit away, holding onto the bar while scrolling through your phone, finally replying to the text you had received earlier in the day.

Tomura: I heard some interesting rumors about your school.

You: What?

Tomura: All Might may be teaching this year.

Your blood ran cold.

Suddenly, it was as if you could feel all the bones in your body, where they were, consciously feel the blood that sloshed through your veins and the tickle of fear on the back of your neck that you so rarely ever, ever felt.

And it wasn’t because of the pervert that was creeping a hand up your skirt.

Right as you were about to whip around to dish out some good old-fashioned “fuck off” and sock him in the face, someone else came to your aid-- Well… More or less just came to save you from getting your hands dirty.

Izukun was by your side in incredible speed, snatching the man’s wrist so fast you briefly wondered if he had a time stopping quirk.

“Get your h-hand off of her…!” He snarled, somehow making that stutter adorable.

“H-Hey! Let go man-- I wasn’t doing anythi- iing--!”

Izukun had gripped the man’s wrist painfully tight, before shoving him back, forcing the man wearing a surgical mask, sunglasses and a hat to fall on his rear, “I saw you, pervert! You were sc-scaring her-- How dare y-you!”

People were murmuring and stepping back, while you clutched yourself against the bar and held your phone against your chest as it timed out, just… Staring .

‘Holy shit.’

“Y-You think you can get away with that?!”

‘Izukun is fucking adorable when he’s angry.’

He resembled the same state he would go into when you were purposefully trying to make him flustered-- This time, though, it was replaced with a scowl that was hard to pull off his with big doe-like eyes.

“I’ll take it from here, kid. I’m a hero-- Off duty.” A woman with light blonde hair that curled rather beautifully at the long tips snagged the guy from the back of his jacket collar, lip curled in disgust as she looked down at him, “Trying to cop a feel on a little girl? Disgusting. Off to the police station with you as soon as this train stops!”

“Mt. Lady.” You muttered, your gaze rather unimpressed. If she wasn’t wearing three-inch heels, she would be shorter than Izuku-- Not very mountain-like, in her current state.

“Uwah-- You recognized me? I’m not even in costume… Are you a fan?” She “bashfully” put her free hand against the side of her face, blushing with an “embarrassed” smile, “Would you like an autogr--”

“I’m good.” You raised a hand, cutting her off with an unamused pout, before to casually pointing the same hand to Izukun, “He would, though…”

“P-P-Please! Ah-- H-Hold on, just a moment…!” Izukun went full-on fanboy mode, throwing off and practically diving into his backpack to grab his journal and pen, “I-I was there the day of your debut! A-At Tatooin Station!”

“Waah, really? I’m so flattered that-- Wow! These are such detailed notes!” She gasped in “amazement”, looking down at the page Izukun had thrown open-- Her own shifuku page in his journal, “Heh, you thought my costume was sexy?”

The playful tone she used sent Izuku into a mess-- Red, stuttering, and--

‘Back the hell off and die, you old hag…!’

“W-W-Well-- I-It was just an o-observation, haha…!”

Mt. Lady signed a space on the page, adding a flick of her wrist to the last stroke, before she handed the pen back to Izuku, “Well, good observation--” The train screeched as it slowly began to come to a halt, “--Can I have your name, sweetie?”

“I-It’s-- I-It’s--”

“His name is Deku.”

“(F-F/N)!” Izuku screeched in embarrassment, whipping his head towards you and your casual, shit-eating grin.

“Well then, Deku--”


“I look forward to when I can ask for your autograph, future-hero!” Mt. Lady waved her hand nonchalantly, dragging the man by the collar as the train doors opened, letting out a flood of pedestrians-- An influx in, as well.

“Why… D-D-Did you have to tell her my na-name was… D-D- Deku…!?” Midoriya let out an exasperated sigh, slumping over as he trudged over next to you, reaching up and grabbing the same bar you held onto after seeing his space was taken.

“You seemed so eager to let Round-Face call you that.” You huffed, pouting and turning your nose up away from him while shoving your phone back into your pocket, furrowing your brows, “I know she sort of changed the meaning-- But seriously…! You could have had a more composed response, like, “You’re… You’re right, Round-Face. Thank you. You just helped me with something that has plagued me for years!”

“Plagued…? I mean, I guess…? Also, Uraraka, not… Round-face…” He rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand, “Ah--! Right… Are… Are you okay, (F/N)? That must have been scary-- You… You looked scared…”

“I wasn’t scared of him…” You mumbled, turning an annoyed gaze to the ground, “My… ‘Brother’ just texted me some disturbing news… Nothing important. I was about to turn around and slap the shit outta’ him…”

“Brother…? O-oh… Well, at least… You didn’t… Have to…?”

A small smirk slowly crept up onto your lips, prompting you to tilt your head and look to him with a half-lidded expression, “But, goodness, Izukun…!” You took a step closer to him, prompting him, with his reddening face, to take a step back-- Both of you still holding onto the pole, “You came to my rescue!” Another step forward- a step back-- The train doors hissed shut-- You two were slowly starting to circle around the pole as he began to babble “It’s no big d-d-deal…!”s and “I-I-It was nothing…!”s, but you just continued teasing him.

To the outside eye, it… Probably looked cute and hilarious, just two high school-freshmen-lovers playing around.

“You looked so cool when you apprehended that villain, Izukun, and when you saved me…!” You gushed, as the train jerked with the force of it surging forward, “tossing” you into him-- Which, he instinctively caught you one-armed, his other hand steadying you two by clutching the pole.

“A-Ah-- A-Are you alri-alright, (F/N)...?!”

You pressed your right cheek against his chest, smiling widely while your arms latched around his waist, “I am now!”

He let out a quiet, high pitched squeak, “G-Good…!...?”

“Get a fuckin’ room.”


“Uhg, I forgot, he takes the same train.” You huffed in annoyance, peering around to glare at the explosive blonde, “Let’s change our schedule so we don’t have to see him, Izukun.”

“Why, you little…!”

“P-P-Please don’t start a fight on the t-train! W-W-We’re taking a heroics class tomorrow, r-r-r-right!? S-Save it for then!”

“A chance to kick Bakakun’s ass, unrestricted? Sign me up.”

“What the hell did you just call me!? I’ll blow you up!”


Somehow, you two made it back to the apartments without being blown up by Bakakun-- Not from lack of trying on either side, at least.

“Y-You really shouldn’t provoke him…!” Izuku sighed, trudging up the last set of stairs, with you cheerfully humming next to him.

“It’s not my fault he makes it so easy,” You giggled innocently, swinging your arms at your sides as you marched along beside him, “Oh, right, Izukun!” You stopped just a few steps past his door, flipping open the flap to your messenger bag and sticking your hand into it, “I wanna thank you for saving me from that pervert earlier… So close your eyes and hold out your hands!”

“E-Eh? You don’t have to… Y-You said yourself, you were going to--”

“Please, Izukun…!”

“A-Alright, alright…” He swallowed and did as you said, timidly closing his eyes and holding his hands out, cupping them together.

‘Sucker,’ You thought smugly, before pulling your hand out of your messenger bag-- Empty. ‘I’m not going to use Pause… I want his full reaction.’

With the speed of light, you slipped your hands into his, holding onto them as you pulled him in-- Loving the little squeak he made-- And planted a kiss to his cheek, staying there for a second with your eyes shut, knowing his flew open-- You could feel the warmth shoot up to his face.

And, even if it was too soon for your liking, you pulled away and shot him a big, bright smile, waving and calling out as you turned and dashed to your door, “Thank you, Izukun!”


You opened your apartment door, slipped in-- Stealing one more glance at Izuku’s red, stuttering form, before you shut it, not bothering with any of the locks.

‘Heh… I think I broke him…’

The thought made you giggle uncontrollably as you kicked off your shoes and padded into the living room, cupping your own burning cheeks as you skipped to and slipped under the kotatsu.

‘Ah, I can’t wait for tomorrow, so I can kick Bakakun’s ass and show Izukun how cool I am…!’

Chapter Text

‘Boring…" You internally muttered to yourself, staring off into space while Present Mic taught the English lesson for that morning, "So… Damn… Boring…’ 

“All right, who can find the mistake in the following English sentence? All right, everybody put your hands up-- Show me some spirit!!”

For whatever ungodly reason, you lazily raised your hand up, somehow beating 3D printer, Four-Eyes, and Izukun to the punch. That or the English teacher singled you out for a reason.

“Yes! You! Second from the back-- Uhm!”


“Yeah!! (L/N)! Whatcha think the answer is, Listener!?”

“The relative conjunction in four is wrong, “Please tell me that all you know.” should be “Please tell me all that you know.” If you wanna be real fancy, stick a comma in after “Please” . However, “Please, tell me anything you might know,” or “Please tell me everything you know.” Sounds a lot more natural.”

“R… Right!! Good job, (L/N)! Real sharp!” He quickly wrote something down on the chalkboard, mumbling, “And I thought you weren’t paying attention…”

“I wasn’t. I’m just fluent.” You shot him a smug grin from between your hands that held the sides of your face, internally snickering when he snapped his head around with a mildly mortified raise to his surprised brows, probably remembering all the little comments he’s made about random things-- From Pikachu not paying attention and being called on to figure out an adjective, to the mumbling about the “Damn hobo, doesn’t know how to clean his desk…!”

“Ah, I was right…” Izukun mumbled in front of you, holding his chin and looking up at the board, before scribbling down some notes in his journal-- Not his hero analysis journal, of course.

‘He’s cute when he’s focused.’

You turned your gaze to stare out at the scenic view of the city through the window, eyes half-closed as you thought back to last night.

… Not when you kissed Izukun’s cheek and turned him into a puddle, though. But when you had finally replied to Tomura’s text.


Tomura: All Might may be teaching this year.

You: Really? Had no idea.

Tomura: He was the one who replied to the acceptance letters of the top ten. Last I knew, you were number one.

You: Must have slipped my mind.

Tomura: Yeah, right. Stay available.  


… That gave you several mixed emotions. He would probably want you to spy, because, hey! You were so conveniently already going to UA! Who cares if you had your own plans and wanted nothing to do with his!

The likeliness that you would even have much of a choice was probably pretty low, considering how father played favorites.

Even if he insisted he did not.


“Alriiiight! Lunchtime! You kids hope to have fun at the heroics class after!”

“You mean, “Hope you kids have fun at the heroics class afterward!”, sir. Informal form, of course.”

“Don’t sass your elders, kid…”


You ended up sitting next to Izukun, across from Four-Eyes at lunch, with Round-Face next to him, who was contently eating a bowl of white rice as a man with a strange body walked by, stopping to chat with your group.

“Ah! White rice sure is comforting, isn’t it?” His voice sounded as if it were coming from a metal box-- Well, in a way, it was coming from a metal container--And he wore a chef’s uniform, the hat oversized and hiding where you assumed his face would be, while a metal pipe came out from and was slung over his shoulder, held in place by straps on his tunic.

“It’s good,” Round-Face happily mumbled around a mouthful, mostly drowned out by Izukun’s fanboy-ish… Screeching…? No, not that loud… Squealing? Squeeing? Close enough.

“(L/N)-san! I wanted to compliment you on your impressive English skills!” Four-Eyes’ orotund voice took over the conversation, as Lunch Rush, as Izuku named him, walked off to go familiarize himself with other students.

“Eh? Oh, thanks, I guess.” You poked at your katsudon with your chopsticks, boredly slumping your cheek against your free hand.

“Where did you learn it so well?”

“Nosy, much…?” You stuck your chopsticks in your half-eaten meal, picking up the pork chop as you looked up to him, “My father doesn’t like morons, so I was tutored pretty rigorously.”


“Hey, what’s the matter, (F/N)? You need to eat, we have heroics class next! Who knows what we’ll do!” Izukun cheerfully took a bite out of his own pork chop, looking at you with a smile as he chewed.

“Do you not like it? Lunch Rush’s food is so tasty…!” Infinity-Girl hummed, shoving another portion of white rice into her mouth for emphasis.

“It’s not as good as Izukun’s mom’s…” You sighed, flopping the food back down, not reacting to the surprised gasp she made.

“You’ve been to his house…!? Oh!” She pointed to you with her chopsticks, smiling widely, “Are you childhood friends? Oh! Are you dating!?--”

“N-N-No!” Izuku suddenly burst out, covering his mouth with one hand while he swallowed prematurely, coughing, “W-We aren’t dating! A-And, uhm, we aren’t childhood friends either… Actually… H-How long have we known each other, (F-F/N)...?”

“Give or take three months, if you don’t count our first meeting.” You hummed, letting a tired, sly smile quirk the corner of your lips while you glanced over to him, “I moved in next door, then he just kept insisting I come to have meals at his apartment...! He just can’t get enough of my company. Now, I’m just waiting for him to ask me out.”

“Y-You only ate instant ramen , cereal, and take-out, (F/N)!”


The class had all filed back into the classroom as soon as lunch had ended, most in an excited, chattering mood. Which, was apparently expected by a bunch of teenagers who didn’t have the chance to really apply their quirks too much in terms of combative training… No one wanted to miss a second of the next class.

Basic Hero Training.
“I have…!!”

“He’s here…!” Izukun gasped gleefully, gripping the edge of his desk in anticipation, while you watched silently, drumming your fingers with a twitching eye.

‘... I’m turning into pap--’

“Come through the door like a normal person!”

‘That’s not normal at all, you old bastard.’

“It’s All Might…! Incredible, he’s really gonna teach us…!”

“That’s his Silver-Age costume!”

‘Yeah, because Golden-Age got torn the hell up fighting my fathe--’

“Hero Basic training!” He flexed, showing off his back muscles through his costume, the cape flowing with… Absolutely no wind source, whatsoever, “The course that’ll put you through all sorts of special training to mold you into heroes! It also gives a ton of credits…” He pulled a small screen out of his pocket as he whipped around, displaying the word “BATTLE” in bold lettering, “No time to dally, today’s activity will be this-- Battle Training!”


“... Training!”

“And for that, you’ll need these!” He aimed the device towards the wall opposite of the door, continuing as it suddenly shifted and began to protrude out, “In addition to the Quirk Registry and the Special Request Forms you filled out before being admitted…”

“Costumes! Yeaaaaaah!”

You had to plug your ears from everyone’s excited shouting, rolling your eyes to look towards the outcropping of shelves-- And glancing around to see Izukun squeezing his backpack to his chest. Ah, right, his mother had made his costume.

… Do mothers usually do that…?

“After you get changed, come out to Training Ground Beta!”



“Looking good is very important, ladies and gentlemen… Look alive! Because from today on… You’re all heroes!”

“Heroes in training…” You muttered, stepping out from the tunnel that led to the training ground-- Izukun was just ahead, too busy rushing towards the rest of the class, while you walked at a much more leisurely pace.

A small smirk tugged at your lips, thinking about how he would react to your costume.

‘Sorry I didn’t stay true to your design, Izukun…’

“Ah! Deku! I like your costume, really practical looking!”

‘Did Round-Face just call Ms. Midoriya’s work cheap!?’

“A-Ah! Uraraka! W… Woah!”

“I wish I had been more specific on my costume form… This suit is so puffy and curvy…!”

‘Izukun, I’m going to count to three, and if you don’t stop looking at her…’

“Oh-- But-- Where’s (F/N)? I thought she would be--” Round-Face’s eyes shifted from Izuku’s form to yours as you approached, gasping while her hands flew up to her mouth, “(L/N)-chan…!”

Your second-favorite person turned around, eyes shooting wide open with his mouth agape as his gaze landed on you-- Exactly what you wanted. Even behind his mask, you could see all the blood rushed to his face.

“Can you believe those tailors, Izukun?” You “whined” melodramatically, striking a pose with your hip jutted out, “They completely disregarded your design…!”

Your costume consisted of a black, sleeveless, skin-tight crop-top with a deep V-Neck, the pants made from the same material-- Skin tight, high-waisted so it covered your navel, black, and went down into white boots with a stripe of bubblegum pink on the heels, pulling together the rest of the suit-- A white cape that was attached by a gold chain and buttons to your shirt, to match the golden belt buckle that depicted a stylized “V”-- Which held the pink tasset in place, that drifted down to the backs of your knees. The gold from the chain and belt buckle made the large, tipless yellow gloves a little more incorporated into the outfit.

“I’m kidding, my father came up with it-- Mostly the color scheme, even if I made a few tweaks, like pink instead of red. And a plain black jumpsuit was too boring for me… But, I couldn’t just disregard him, Izukun, I hope you’re not mad...”

“I-I-I-It l-l-l-l-l-loo-looks gre-gr-great…!”

“You really think so?” You asked innocently, smiling brightly and fondly while walking up to slide against him and hold his mask between your hands, “Well, your mom made your costume perfectly, and I love it…!”

“Y-You think so--!? T-Th-Thanks…!”

“Shall we begin, my wards!? It’s time for battle training!” All Might boomed, getting everyone’s attention-- Urging Izuku, Round-Face and yourself to line up with the rest of the class. “Looking good!” He laughed-- Then seemed to be suppressing snickers while looking at Izuku’s costume.

‘If this fucker is making fun of my Izukun…--’

But when his eyes landed on you, he paled considerably-- You swore you could see his Adam's apple stop mid-way, in an incredibly uncomfortable position, and his ever-present smile become… Strained .

‘... Don’t tell me all these teachers are secretly perverts…’

“Sensei! We appear to be in the same field used for the entrance exam-- Will we once again be performing cityscape maneuvers?” Four-Eye’s voice came from the guy in the full suit of armor-- You recognized the design, but couldn’t place your finger on the inspiration… Probably some lame, useless hero, like the rest of them.

‘Couldn’t even come up with something original…?’

“Nope! We’ll be moving on to step two! Indoor anti-personnel training!” All Might boasted loudly, beginning to explain what he had in store for today, “Villain battles are most commonly seen outdoors, but… Statistically, the most heinous villains… Are more likely to appear indoors. Between confinement, house arrest, and black market deals… This hero filled society of ours… Ahem--” He took half a second and cleared his throat, “The cleverest villains out there… Lurk indoors!”

‘Yeah, because you bash some of their faces in and make them unrecognizable…’

“You’ll now be split into Villain and Hero teams, and face off in two vs. two indoor battles!”

“So no basic training?” Tsu croaked, tilting her head.

“Practical experience teaches you the basics! The distinction here is that you won’t be fighting disposable robots.”

“What determines victory?”

“Can’t I just blast everyone away?”

“Are you threatening to expel someone, like Aizawa-sensei did…?”

“How do we proceed to divide ourselves into teams?”

“How fabulous is my cape?”

“One at a time-- My quirk isn’t super-hearing!” All Might stressed, before flipping out a small piece of paper.

‘A cheat sheet…? Wow. Pathetic.’

“Listen up! Here’s the deal. The villains will be hiding a nuclear weapon in the hideout. And the heroes have to go and take care of it! The heroes have a limited amount of time to either capture the villains or secure the weapon. The villains must either capture the heroes or protect the weapon until time is up. Your battle partners will be decided by… Drawing lots!”

“I-Is that really the best way…?”

“Makes sense, because pros often have to team up with heroes from other agencies on the spot during emergencies…” Midoriya murmured thoughtfully.

“I see! I apologize for getting ahead of myself-- My mistake!”

“No, actually, it’s a ridiculous idea…” You muttered to Izuku, glaring down a strangely sweating All Might.

“It’s fine! Let’s just get to it!”

“H-Huh…? What makes you say that, (F/N)...?” Izuku blinked in confusion as he looked back at you, getting in line behind Round-Face to draw a lot.

“You think Round-Face can handle getting blasted point-blank by Baka-kun? You think Invisible-Chick won’t die if Sparky over there accidentally unleashes too much electricity and fry her brains and explodes her heart? What if you accidentally let loose and kill someone?” You cracked your knuckles, still looking straight at the No. 1 hero, “You think everyone here at least knows hand-to-hand? You think everyone here can stand a chance against anyone’s quirk at this level? I sure as hell don’t.” You purse your lips, then sighed, rolling your neck, before turning your eyes to the opposite direction, “Whatever… Maybe I’m underestimating everyone here. Maybe I’m overthinking. Or maybe I think we should actually get some basic training so we don’t, you know, accidentally kill each other.”

“I… I think…” He swallowed thickly, looking away while he thought, then turned his eyes back to yours as you looked back to hear his answer, “... We should trust All Might’s decision!” Izukun whispered back, his gaze sure-fire as it was directed to you.

You snorted, shifting your eyes in a lazy half-roll, “Gee. That sure makes me believe in him.”

… The shocked look on his face at your curt answer would break your heart if you could see it, but you were too busy glaring down a bird that had landed nearby to peck at some specks on the ground.

‘... I wonder if Papa has a quirk that lets you talk to animals… Nah, that’d be ridiculous. He’s more practical than that.’

You continued following behind Izuku to draw your lot after him, rolling the labeled ball in your hand curiously while you stepped away to let the last of the class draw their own, “Team D… What’d you get, Izukun?”

“Ah, Team A…”

“Waah…” You whined, leaning against him, “I wanted to be on your team, Izukun…!”

“D-Don’t worry! We’ll have p-p-p-plenty of time to w-w-work together in the future--”

“Alright, everyone, find your partners!”

Everyone began calling out their letters, meeting up with their randomly designated-- ‘Fucking Round-Face got Izukun…!’

“Oi! Which one of you extras has D?!”

“Round-Face, switch with me.”

“W-What!?” She flinched back as you gripped her shoulders, your wide eyes probably terrifying her, “W-Why--”

You held up your ball.

“... Y-You’re on your own, (L/N)-san…”

“Changing teams is against the rules!” Four-Eyes made a hand-chopping motion, standing next to 3D-Printer.

You held up your ball for him to see, right as Baka-kun yelled again for Team D.

“... W… Well, I understand, but…”

“Traitors, all of you.” You muttered, releasing Round-Face’s shoulders to let out an annoyed sigh, stiffly walking up to Baka-kun, who had his back turned to you, “Don’t get in my way, Bubble-Pop.”

“Hah!?” He whipped his head around with a snarl, to see you holding the lot you had drawn up in his face, “The fuck did you call me--... Oh for fucks-- Hey! Someone switch with this extra! No way in hell--”

“No switching!”


“Moving on, first up are… These!” All Might stuck his hand into the two ballots, a black with white lettering for the villains, white with black for heroes, before calling out as he drew the lots, “The Heroes are… Team A! The villains are Team D! The villain team goes in first! The timer starts in five minutes and thats when the hero team sneaks in. The rest of us will watch via CCTV! (L/N), Bakugou, you two need to adopt a villain mindset! This is a practical experience, so go all out, don’t hold back! Though, I will stop you if you take things too far…”

‘I… I have to go against… Izukun…!? N… No way…! I can’t… God, this… This situation is too ironic…! Fuck, I don’t want to…!’

You couldn’t even look at Izuku’s face as you stiffly followed Baku-kun, swallowing thickly while you clenched your fists.

“D-Deku-kun, are you alright…?” You could hear Round-Face-- And regretted looking back as you saw he had a look of utter terror in his eyes-- And she had timidly put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

‘Don’t… Fucking… Touch… Oh, I’m coming for you, Round-Face…!’


“Don’t rush off after Izukun just because you think he’s your arch-nemesis.”

“Fuck off, I’ll do whatever I want.”

You glared at the back of Baka-kun’s head as you leaned against the paper-mache “bomb”, feeling your eye twitch sporadically, “Fine, then. Can’t wait to see us lose thanks to you.”

“Hah!?” He whipped around so fast that one of his heavy gauntlets nearly slammed into the pillar he stood by, “You think I’m gonna lose to that shitty nerd!?”

“No, I think we’re going to lose because you’re a hot-headed jackass who will rush in and get out-manuvered by the most tactical guy in existence.”

“Why, you-- I’ll fucking blast you away…!” As if to emphasize his point, he let off a series of small explosions in his hands, his lip curled in an attempt to be intimidating. It didn’t work, but it’s the thought that counts, you guess, "Deku is nothing but a useless pebble, and I'm gonna fuckin' prove that today!" 

“But, I do have a plan that guarantees our win.”

“Why the hell would I listen to you!?” Baka-kun snarled, starting to stomp towards you, “You’re just his shitty girlfriend, you’re probably going to sabotage things so the shitty nerd wi--”


You let out a small sigh, rolling your eyes, striding to stand behind the hot-headed blonde, “I’m gonna have to twist his arm, huh…?” Leaning in, you put your mouth by his ear, letting a wide smirk grace your lips.


“--ns--!? Where the fu--!?”

“You have beef with Izukun, I have beef with Round-Face, and--”

“Fuck! What the fuck!?” He leaped away from you, aiming his hand towards your face and --



You strode around the half-created explosion, choosing to stand up against his chest with your face right in his.

‘Heh, he’s kinda cute when he’s scared…’


“-- You’re not the only one on this team.”

“What the hell--!” He leaped backward again--


You walked to his side, stuck your leg out--


Baka-kun tripped over your leg and fell on his ass, looking around wildly until his thoroughly angered and freaked-out eyes met your cold, annoyed ones.

“You wanna beat Izukun one-on-one, right, Baka-kun?” You ignored the sneer he once more dawned. He was starting to get beat down; But more importantly, he was now actually listening, “Yeah, sure, I’ll let you do that. But I want to knock Round-Face on her ass, too, so she doesn’t get the wrong idea-- Izukun isn’t a free cupcake, he’s all mine.” Bending over so your head was level with his, hands on your hips, “So listen to me, and I won’t throw your ass out the window so you’re out of bounds and never get your chance. Oh, and,”


For him, he suddenly appeared up against the window behind the weapon, you in front of him, hand raised up as if it had anything to do with you putting him there-- Well, it did. Your strings were attached. “You know, I can do that. And will.”

The explosive blonde grit his teeth, right as All Might’s voice rang in your earpieces, stating that the match was to start. He let out an annoyed growl, eye twitching with an annoyed, pissed-off grin, “You’re really into this villain role, huh…!?”

“More than you’ll ever be.” Your lips turned up into a satisfied smirk, as he let out one more frustrated snarl, and hopped down off of the ledge. Looks like your little comment went right over his head.

“The fuck is your shitty grand-plan then, you crazy bitch? And if it gets in my way, I’m abandoning it the second it fucks up.

“Oh, it won’t.”


It went exactly how you wanted it to.

You “teleported” Baka-chan behind Izukun, switched him with Round-Face-- They had been walking, with Izukun not paying attention to the brunette behind him.

“Sorry, Izukun…” You gave him a peck on his Paused cheek as you passed by, carrying Round-Face above your heads as she was in mid-stride, “I’ll make it up to you later…!”

By the time you unpaused the world, you had returned to the bomb room, placing her where Baka-kun had been while placing yourself back in your spot-- Standing between her and the bomb.

“Sup, Round-Face.”


She flinched back, right as there was the distant sound of an explosion, looking around wildly-- But mostly with wide eyes at you.

“H-How did you--!? D-Deku-kun said you couldn’t--!”

“He doesn’t know everything about my quirk, sweetie.” You let a smirk slowly rise to your lips, enjoying the confused noise she made, “I’m not dumb enough to tell everyone the entire extents, that’s just asking to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter.”

“T-Teleporting me right into the bomb room… Y-You sure that was a good idea, (L-L/N)-san…?” Uraraka did her best to get into a readied pose, visibly swallowing thickly as she forced a shaky grin.

“Oh, you won’t get anywhere near this thing.” You jerked a thumb over your shoulder, smirk growing sinister, “Of course, for the sake of the exercise, you’re free to try. I even left everything on the floor for you to use!” You spread your arms open, gesturing to the array of boxes and other miscellaneous items around the room. “... Or did I?”


For her, everything but the bomb disappeared, along with you, leaving her to let out a gasp and look around wildly-- Until she finally spotted you behind her, causing her to let out a surprised grunt and enact an attempt to touch you.

You grabbed her wrist below her cuffs,-- Re-attaching strings as your fingers curled around, and held onto it tightly, then grabbed the other when she tried to slap her other hand against you. It was easy, she didn’t have as much upper-body strength as she should by now.

“D-Deku-kun… Said… You can only move… Ten things at a time!” She stuttered, right as there was the sound of more explosions.

“He promised not to tell anyone…” You sighed dramatically, tilting your head to the side, “Ah, well… No matter…” Your pout turned to a smirk as you connected eyes with her, “I lied.”

With that, you twisted her wrists one over the other and hooked a leg under the backs of her knees, spinning her around and let go, slamming her onto the ground on her back.

She let out a pained gasp, her helmet flying off her head. You quickly leapt back and snatched it up, holding it between your hands and frowning as you watched her wobble back up to her feet, “Here,” You tossed her the helmet, causing her eyes to widen in surprise as she stumbled to catch it, “In situations like these, you can use your helmet as something to float. You should get something like that to carry with you, a weapon or something.”

“W-What are you, a teacher…?” Round-Face furrowed her brows in confusion, frowning deeply as she put her helmet back on… Without realizing there were strings attached.

“I shouldn’t be. But… You’re Izukun’s friend.”


You once more got between her and the bomb, this time leaning against it with your arms crossed, watching as she whirled around again, “I don’t want you to get killed prematurely.”

“K-Killed…?” Round-Face murmured, then blinked and turned her eyes toward her right, probably getting some sort of message from Izukun through their shared earpiece “I-I got caught by (L/N)-san, sorry, Deku-kun… Fifth floor, right in the center!”

‘The bomb is too large to move out of the room.’ You thought to yourself, tapping a finger against one of your crossed arms as you watched her with a straight-laced poker-face, ‘Izukun is just as tactical as I am… I better be careful… I can’t use Pause too much since the match will take forever for me… I really wanna nap…’

“Hey, Round-Face!” You yelled out, grabbing her attention while your hand dove under your tasset, “You know I can only do much in terms of apprehending just with Teleportation , right!?”

“W-What…? I-I mean… I guess…-- E-Eek! ” Infinity-Girl let out a shriek as your hand whipped out-- with it, a metal hook, much like one that would be used for construction, flew out towards her, attached by a chain. The sound of the chain’s reel that hid under your tasset clinked loudly, and--


Using Puppet, you wrapped it around her, taking your time and stepping closer as she got reeled in with her arms pinned to her sides, the hook latching in place at her back to keep her secure.

“You really should have done something other than squeal in fear…” You grumbled to her, more to yourself as you sighed, “This is just embarrassing…” With an extra flick, you turned her helmet around to blind her.


“I solved that problem.”

Round-Face grunted and struggled, definitely not succeeding in any way, “Y… You…!”

“Well, now that you’re taken care of…” You sighed, rubbing your tongue against the roof of your mouth to massage the aching muscle, “... It’s Izukun’s turn.”


You carried Round-Face with you as you strode out of the bomb room, with her hovering behind you with the help of Puppet.

Walking down to the next level, you detached the reel that she was held captive with, coming to a stand-still in front of the room, in one of the many mazes of hallways.

‘Gotta keep up the act.’


“So,” You swung the door open, turning to look down at her. You bent over close to her, causing her to let out a frightened squeak as your nails tapped on her helmet… Then shifted to the side to dip under her helmet and-- surprisingly soft-- brunette hair.

“H… Huh…?”

You snatched the com device out of her ear and slipped it into your pocket, before straightening up, “Stay in here, and don’t cause any trouble for yourself.”


Round-Face was suddenly in the middle of the room, letting out a confused “H-Huh!?” Right as you slammed the door shut, glancing lazily down the hall as another of round of explosions rang out.

‘Next up…’


You had finally made it to the floor Izukun and Baka-kun had taken the liberty of destroying, scoffing at all the burn scuffs and rubble that decorated the halls as you strode through them

“What a mess…” You enunciated enough that your lips could be easily read, following the sounds of explosions and yelling-- Both coming from Baka-kun.

“Assuming they honored my design…”

You turned your attention back up ahead to see Bakakun standing at the entrance of a hallway, lifting up one of his gauntlets and reaching up to the pin.

“Bakugou, kid, stop it now. You trying to kill him or something?” All Might’s voice came in through your own earpiece, sending alarm down your spine.

‘Kill him? Izukun? Is… Is that what… Guessing by the fact that that’s a goddamn grenade on his wrist, does that mean--

“He won’t die… If it isn’t a direct hit!”




“Looks like I got here just in time.” You hissed under your breath, slowly starting to walk down the hall, then you straight up broke out Hover for the first time and flew towards Baka-kun, your eyes wide with hatred starting to creep up your back and wrap around your neck.

‘You’re going to have hell to pay, you fucker.’ Maneuvering around, you got a good look at Baka-kun’s current face.

The absolute crazed expression he wore, his sinister grin, the way his cheeks lifted with the teeth he bared…

… You didn’t like what it made you think of. Or, who.

Faster than you really needed to, you flew down around the half-made explosion, the yellow-orange glow casting a warm light on everything it touched-- Yet the shadows it made were sharp and eerie.

You made a beeline for Izukun-- And when your eyes landed on him, your heart leaped into your throat. Half of his mask was completely destroyed, he looked… He looked… Terrified…

‘I’ve seen that face before. Where… Where have I… Oh, yeah, there.’

On each one of Papa’s victims. Or your own. Or Tomi’s. Or...

You shook the thoughts from your head while using Puppet to snatch him up, carefully re-activating hover before turning, carrying him back to stand behind Bakakun.

“Sorry, Izukun…” You murmured, reaching with your left hand under your tasset, pulling out another hook and chain that matched the one used on Round-Face, “But I think this is better than getting blown the hell up.”



Izuku let out a loud screech that was drowned out and unheard by Bakakun over the explosion, but you just slid your eyes shut to avoid getting blinded by the smoke and dust as you calmly stood there, waiting for the fireworks to stop.

“Come on, Deku… Use your… H-Hah!?”

“You’re a dumbass.”

Bakakun whipped around at the sound of your voice, eyes wide and burning with angered confusion as his lip curled up and bared teeth, “What the fuck--!? Why the fuck did you--”

“What the fuck is your problem!?” You yelled back at him, startling Izuku but only causing Bakakun’s eyes to widen and his scowl to deepen, while he began to huff and puff. But, you continued without relenting, pointing your hook and chain at him with your words, “We might be “villains” right now, but you’re supposed to be training to become a hero, dumbass!”


“Hush!” You snapped down at Izukun, gritting your teeth at his shocked expression before you turned back to Bakakun, “You think all this shit is gonna fly in the real world!? Blowing the hell up out of a building just because you can’t get over yourself!? Newsflash, asshole, there’s something called collateral damage that you’re supposed to be minimizing! If I didn’t come down here, All Might would have come and stopped the fight and we would be disqualified and lose by default! You wanna lose like that!? You wanna lose at all!?”

“Y… You shut the hell up--!”


To the both of them, nothing happened… Except Izuku was suddenly chained up, while you held the chain like a leash and glared at your “partner”.

“V… Villain team… Wins…!”

“We really should have lost.”

“Y… You…!”

“You have a lot to learn, starting with controlling your damn emotions.

“You bi--!”

“She’s right, Young Bakugou.”

You glanced up while Bakakun snarled and whipped around to face All Might, who was trudging through the debris, having come from the giant hole that the teenager had made in the side of the building.

“Come, let’s further discuss this with the rest of the class.”

“I’ll go get Round-Face.” You unhooked Izuku and unraveled the chain, not acknowledging that he had a… A face similar to when he was in a daze, waiting for his UA acceptance letter.

“I-I’ll… Go get her…” Izukun mumbled, rubbing his arms where the chain had been digging into his muscles.

You blinked in surprise as you were pressing on the automatic reel-in button, the hook meeting the stopper with a loud, metallic clink! “... Are you…”

His face had fallen, he wasn’t looking in your eyes, his shoulders were slumped and tense at the same time, jaw was clenched, he swallowed nervously--

‘... He… He looks so… Upset…’

“... She’s on floor four, in the middle room on the right when you enter.”

He nodded slightly, beginning to trudge towards the staircase, only muttering quietly, “Got it…”

“... Right, meet us back at the monitoring room!”


Izukun and Round-Face had returned around ten minutes after Bakukun, All Might, and yourself. You stayed towards the front of the crowd with very little interest in what anyone was saying to you, only dolling out “thanks” and “it was nothing”s to the compliments you got.

… No one spoke to Bakakun, for a reason. He was too busy silently seething, obviously, not accepting this win as his own.

Which, it wasn’t.

But you were more concerned with the other boy, who came in, walking too close to that damn Round-Face.

… And when he didn’t move to stand by you, choosing to go idle at the edge of the class closest to the door while you were in the middle, your heart totally didn’t shatter in your chest, like one of Baka-kun’s explosions, sending shards throughout your body. And when he passed your reeled up chain to the nearest person-- Bird-Head dude-- To give it back to you, you totally didn’t feel like throwing it right back at his head.  

‘I should have considered his feelings.’ You thought, gripping onto the reel and chain-hook hard enough to cease the blood flow in your fingers, not listening to 3D-Printer as she droned on when All Might asked who the MVP was for the round. ‘... But what if he was going to die… There… There was no damn point…! Why does he have to be so difficult!? He should be giving me compliments! He should… He should be paying attention to me, not… Not her, not anyone else…!’

“... While I do believe it would have made more sense to have simply chained them as soon as they entered the building--”

“Then we wouldn’t have learned anything from the exercise.” You cut in at last, with crossed arms as you stared straight ahead at the blacked out screen, gaining everyone’s attention, “There’s a difference between a real life situation and a training simulation, which, this was the latter. That would have not only been incredibly boring, but no one would have made any strides in their training… But, hopefully, we all did learn something?” Your “question” at the end was more of a statement than anything.

Of course, the person you wanted the least to do within the room, had to open his big, Yankee mouth.

“Well, then, Young (L/N). What did you learn?”


‘Fucking old man, having to do me like that in front of the whole class…! I don’t want them to think I’m going to take a while to come up with this… He’s just trying to put me in place, I bet. So annoying… I’m tempted to talk to Tomi now…’

All Might’s question threw you for a loop, even if you kept your gaze quiet and stoic, shifting your weight onto your other leg while you pondered it.

“What did I learn…?” You mumbled aloud into the Paused world, letting out a long sigh, “... To consider others feelings? Ah, that’s stupid… What the hell am I supposed to have learned from this shitty thing…? It’s not my fault they’re so fuckin’ weak…”


“I learned, based on my partner’s actions, that I should probably understand my situation better. This was a training exercise, but at some point I got cocky, thinking it would be no big deal if I went the “sit back and watch the show” approach. This lead to my teammate being a fucking idiot, since I was too focused on my own goal to think that I had to spell out the fact that you can’t blow up the entire building just because you’re acting on a personal grudge.”

‘I would’ve leveled the entire city by now if that was the case.’

… Silence.

“R… Right… I suppose… In a more… Yes, that could be considered correct….”

“Of course it is.” You muttered, finally lifting your tasset and hooking your other reeled chain next to its twin, looking down in thought and turning to shuffle over to a bench, while ignoring Four-Eyes going on about respecting your superiors.

“(L/N)-san! You should show more respect to our superiors!”

‘Read the mood, dude.’

“That man is not only the No. 1 Pro hero in all of Japan but our teacher! We should only ever strive towards showing the utmost respect and honor in the fact that he has taken the time to teach us, while we are here at this prestigious sch--”

“Uuuhg, can it, Four-Eyes!” You finally snapped, shooting him a silencing death glare that he responded with an offended and taken-aback scoff, “The next match is starting. You’re interrupting it.” You used a mocking tone when you strained your words, facing forward where All Might was, indeed, starting the next round and sending out Tail-Boy, Invisible-Girl, Tentacles and that emotionless kid with the scar and half-and-half hair, the red side encased in fake ice.

Without listening to any else he had to say, you sat criss-cross on the bench in the back, watching the screens boredly while playing with your cape, scanning the backs of your “classmates”.

Baka-kun was staring emotionlessly at the screens, Four-Eyes was studying them carefully, along with most everyone else, Izukun included. He was mumbling and scribbling down notes in his notebook, while Round-Cheeks was…

‘Why is she coming this way…’ You internally let out an exasperated sigh as she came to sit by you, not looking in her direction while you watched the screen, waiting for the match to start.

“... (L/N)-chan…”

‘Since when did I give her permission to use chan?’

“Listen, uhm… D-Dekukun isn’t… Mad at you, I know you might think that since…--”

“Since I saved him from a possible nurse visit, maybe death?” You snorted, rolling your eyes away from her as you drew your knees up to your chest, wrapping your arms around your legs and resting your head on top, “No, why I would he be mad that I didn’t let Bakakun continue his little temper tantrum? That I stopped it when the supposed No. 1 Hero should have fuckin’ known to? That… That I made Izukun lose…”

“B-But you won! Shouldn’t you be… Uhm… Happy about that, at least?” She offered, pressing her fingers together as she leaned forward to try and look at your face, smiling thinly with her small brows creased.

“Like I care about winning or losing...” You mumbled, watching as that Half-and-Half kid froze the entire building, and was taking his time walking up to the bomb room. You were briefly considering taking his quirk as you continued, “Whatever. Why are you here anyway? Shouldn’t you be forming some kind of diabolical, elaborate plan to take me down once and for all, planning my demise in the long run so that you can come out on top and rule your world once again?”

“... W… What!?”



When All Might first laid eyes on the student who the teacher’s had more recently dubbed “Future Delinquent” or “F.D.” for short, it was about three months ago-- More or less.

She had shown up with Midoriya one day-- Rather, he showed up and Midoriya had… “Fallen” on top of her. He still didn’t quite believe that they weren’t an… “Item”, but, if Midoriya insists…

In the last month before the entrance exams, she had shown up on occasion, doing everything she could to gain Young Midoriya’s attention-- And, it always worked. At first, he thought she would only slow him down, get in the way of his training…

… But instead, she made it so. Much. More. Difficult.

Getting in his way-- Physically and mentally, yes. Holding him back? No. She would constantly sneak up on him, teleport him to random places when she felt like he wasn’t focusing on what she considered to be important at the moment (typically herself), and challenged him often. The displays of her quirk would humble him and encourage him to work harder-- If it wasn’t that, it was her cheering him on while he was carrying something heavy-- And with her on top of it, too.

When he saw her in a new light, he was…

… Floored. Amazed.


She took the entrance exam by storm, shattering his record like a glass and grinding it into dust, then using it to glaze her own chalice, the fire being the sheer ease in which she handled it.

When Midoriya had told him about how she had praised and applauded him for the entrance exam, he felt… Guilty. For assuming someone who was so kind to be… A villain.

When he saw her in “her” hero costume, he nearly lost his form in sheer shock.

Surely, surely it was sheer coincidence that…

Yes, it was just a coincidence. Things like that happened all the time. Not everyone was incredibly creative in coming up with completely new designs.

… He made a mental note to ask her who designed the costume, later.

And promptly forgot it during her match against Midoriya.

It was almost as if she switched between people-- With how her personalities changed so rapidly.

One minute, she could be a clever, crafty villain, the next a teacher, the next a crazed girl with a stalker-ish vibe, then will display heroic ideals, then…

… She was a wild card, and not in a good way, as far as he could tell. She appeared to show remorse when she recognized Midoriya’s emotions, so, surely…

But how could a quirk, supposed to be a simple Teleport, be so intricately used? In the blink of an eye, she can completely change a landscape. She can have someone chained up without looking as if she hardly moved a muscle, but then you can tell that she had moved. Every time he thought he had recognized the limit of her quirk, the drawback, what it cannot do-- She completely pulls the rug out from under him.

There is no way that was just a simple Teleport quirk.

“... Since I saved him from a possible nurse visit, maybe death?” She had snorted, “No, why I would he be mad that I didn’t let Bakakun continue his little temper tantrum? That I stopped it when the supposed No. 1 Hero should have fuckin’ known to?”

Yeah, that had been a blow to his ego. Especially when it came from someone who was dressed as…

“That… That I made Izukun lose…”

But she still showed emotional regret-- When, really, she should be happy that she won.

… Even if he was rooting for Midoriya.

“Whatever. Why are you here anyway? Shouldn’t you be forming some kind of diabolical, elaborate plan to take me down once and for all, planning my demise in the long run so that you can come out on top and rule your world once again?”

But that was concerning.

He made a mental note to speak to Midoriya about her, again.


‘He looks happy,’ You thought as Izukun took careful notes on every battle, looking between his notebook and the screen in rapid succession at times, smiling and chatting excitedly with his other classmates-- Infinity-Girl included after you finally told her to leave you alone.

There are only two people in the whole world who could make you happy, maybe three, and they were all unavailable at the moment.

… So you stewed in the back of the class, barely watching the screens over the heads of the students and the hulking figure of the No. 1 Hero, wondering briefly if he could feel you boring a hole into the back of his head with your glare.

‘It’s all his damn fault… No wonder Papa and Tomi want him dead so badly…’

No one really caught your eye. Half-and-Half was interesting-- Bakakun looked mortified at the sheer power he executed, which was a cherry on top. Note to self, make nice with the Snow-Cone. 3D-Printer, Papa would definitely be interested in her quirk. Pikachu might be the only other one with an unseeable quirk that you would be interested in taking for yourself-- Oooh, but that one boy could talk to animals…! Absolutely useless, but interesting nonetheless. Bird-Head had something living in him, and while that was sort of cool, you felt like it would be too troublesome in the long run. Never know when it would pop out, or if it would retain its memories after being transferred… All-in-all, the class wasn’t too impressive.

You could crush them easily.

“Good work everyone! We didn’t have any major injuries, either! You guys took this on seriously! You all did well with your first time training!”

“To have such a proper class after Aizawa-sensei’s… It feels sort of anticlimactic.” Frog-Girl croaked, with the other students humming in humored agreement.

“We’re free to have proper classes, as well! Well then, I must review the results with your homeroom teacher-- Change and return…” All Might got into a sprint-ready position, “... To the classroom!” And with that, he barreled off down the training ground hallway, a gust of air pressure sending wind against the class like a high-powered fan.

“Aaah… All Might’s amazing!” You raised an eyebrow to Pikachu as he gushed, then rolled your eyes away, tightening your crossed arms while you stood in the back, away from Mr. Explodo.

“In any case!” Four-Eyes strut to the front of the group, making an arm-chopping gesture, “We have been given orders! Everyone, proceed in an orderly fashion to the locker rooms! Girls on the right, boys on the left-- H-Hey! Wait!”

Everyone had already begun walking around him on their own way, chattering excitedly in their own little groups.

… While you hung back, staring at the ground and at your boots as they disappeared and reappeared beneath you, in the rhythmic motion of walking-- Well, trudging.

“(F-F/N)--” A second pair of feet began to walk by your own, boots a shade of green that matched the eyes of their owner, “Are… Are you okay? Uhm-- G-Good job during the exercise…!”

“W-Why are you talking to me…?” Your voice came out more hoarse than intended, prompting you to internally curse yourself for suddenly showing such weakness.

‘Papa would be disappointed.’

“Huh?” Izukun’s bewildered tone caught you off guard, slowing your pace-- His following shortly after to fall back in line by you. You still couldn’t look up at him.

“Y… You’re supposed to be mad at me…” You whispered, squeezing your eyes shut before wrapping your arms around yourself, stopping in your tracks, “Y… You lost… And it’s my fault…!”

“T-That’s the point of the exercise, (F/N)!” Izuku retracted his steps and stood in front of you, “You’re… Su-Supposed to do everything you can to win! It’s okay-- W-Why are you crying…!?”

“I don’t know…!” You whimpered, reaching up to start roughly rubbing the tears that you didn’t realize were falling down, “I-I-- I was scared he was going to really hurt you, s-so my body just moved on its own…!”

“(F/N)... (F-F/N), look at me, please…”

“W… What…?” You sniffed, doing as he requested without thinking about it. As soon as your head was tilted up, you felt a pair of nervous lips pressed to your forehead, shaking and resting there for a grand total of three seconds.


“T-That’s a thank you f-for saving me!” Izuku’s high-pitched squawk wasn’t enough to bring you out of your shocked state of wide-blown eyes and a slightly open mouth.


“I-I-I’ll see you back in class! We can talk more when we get home!”

His barrelling down the rest of the tunnel towards the changing rooms still didn’t pull you out of your daze, echoing a time after when you had officially met him.

Your face suddenly erupted like a volcano, red-hot and sending a puff of steam out of your ears, while you stood there in your trance as the rest of the class disappeared.

“... Eh…?!”

Chapter Text


You had been standing, rooted in spot for a little longer than could be considered normal-- Everyone was probably changed and about to head back to the classroom by now.

‘I… I-I’m not distracted. Not at all. Not fazed one bit, I am a powerhouse, nothing can sway me like… N-Nothing can sway me, dammit!’

That’s what you kept telling yourself as you held your burning cheeks in your hands, smiling widely while zooming through the large corridor to get to the changing rooms.


You stopped in front of the door that had been falling shut, labeled with a pink, plastic placard depicting the female symbol that glinted in the fluorescent lighting. You pushed the door open and reentered the changing room, pausing and unpausing to reappear in front of the locker you had stashed your regular uniform away in.

“Uhm, (L/N)-chan…”

‘Don’t you dare sour my mood, Round-Face.’

“What is it?” You didn’t look to the brunette as you opened your locker and plucked up your uniform, aiming to go use a changing stall for… Reasons.

She was silent for a moment, until you finally turned to her, holding your uniform

against your chest, to see her clutching her fists in front of her chest, little eyebrows knit together in a weak-hearted scowl

“What is it?”

“W-Why did you lie to Deku-kun about your quirk!?” She suddenly blurted out, gaining the attention of the other girls in the room, and earning an eyebrow raise from yourself, “Friends don’t lie to each other!”

“Friends?” You frowned, staring at her with dead-panned eyes, “I didn’t lie to Izukun because we’re not friends.” You let out an annoyed sigh, walking around the brunette, “See, if I told him about all my weaknesses, I could have lost the match today. I mean, no, I wouldn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to be careful.” You turned back briefly, shooting her a lazy pointed glance, “And, for the record, I didn’t lie.” You shrugged, continuing on to a dressing room, humming boredly as you shrugged, “Eh, well… Not like you think I did.”


English 1 commenced once everyone had arrived back at class, a throwback to earlier in the day.

… You still didn’t pay attention, just stared out the window, at the back of Izukun’s head, at Present Mic’s ridiculous hair. Sometimes, if Izukun shoved his nose far enough into his book, you could see the back of Baka-kun’s head, so, that was cool.

‘... School is so fucking boring. Why did I want to come here again…? Man, I wish I could have more quirks… Maybe I could find one that lets me play video games without being caught, like, in my head or something… I mean, imagining them is fine, but it’s not the same. Plus, if you focus too hard, you end up losing the ability to imagine images, you just see what you’re physically looking at. Uhg, I hate that. It’s so annoying. I wonder if Izukun ever gets like that. Maybe I can convince him to let me into his room tonight and we could play video games… Eee! A boy’s room!? How forbidden! If Papa found out, he’d destroy the entire prefecture, heh!--’

“Alright!! Get along, all ya’, you got P.E.!”

You nearly jumped out of your skin when Present Mic’s voice unnecessarily shouted throughout the room-- A few other students seemed to be almost as affected.

‘I’ll have to get used to that, I guess…’ You thought begrudgingly, as you shoved your notebook back into your desk-- And snatched up your phone, slipping it into your skirt pocket. You glanced up to Izuku, letting a tiny smile to flicker over your lips-- Then let your face fall in annoyance as Four-Eyes made a new appearance.


“A-Ah! Iida-san…”

You watched in mild (strong) annoyance as Izukun was whisked away by the other student, leaving you to be the last one still sitting in the classroom-- Everyone was so eager… Were other teens always like this…?

Just as you were rising from your seat, the door slid open once again.

Two blond bangs, standing tall and proud, were the first things you saw before the rest of the man appeared.

“Ah! Young (L/N)!”

‘Not my name, and fuck off you old bastard.’

“I was hoping I could speak to you for a moment!”

“You spoke,”


“... There’s your moment,” You appeared behind him, walking out the door with your hands in your skirt pockets, “I gotta get to P.E.”

“Young (L/N), who designed your costume?”


You stopped, choosing your next words carefully for once. ‘Maybe I can give him the roundabout and get out of here…’ “If you think it’s inappropriate, I think there are a lot of other students you should talk to first…”

“N-No, that’s not it, it’s just…”

“I designed it.” You answered with little hesitation and heard a grunt of surprise. 

'Papa did something, didn't he? Should have known. He was too specific...' 

“It’s… Inspired by someone I admire.”


“I… See.” You heard his heavy footsteps, until a large hand came down to pat your shoulder.


“Well, that someone is someone I admired as well! You have excellent judgment, Young (L/N). Go on, now, don’t want to be late for your next class!”

‘Oh thank god, the old bastard actually bought it.’ “Yeah, uh, see ya, teach.” You shrugged his hand off, pretending not to be absolutely disgusted, trying to push down the thoughts of burning this uniform jacket, and continued down the hallway without looking back.

If you did, you would have seen him steaming ever so slightly.


‘... Nana was someone she admired? Perhaps I’ve been wrong about her this entire time… I’m surprised she knows who she is… Was… Hm…’


‘He said, “admired”... Past-tense… I knew I was feeding him bullshit, but I didn’t think he’d actually eat it. Well, then again, I am a good liar. Whatever, I’ll question Papa about this “hero” All Might admired so much later. I think I have about forty-five minutes of pause left…’ You rambled your internal monologue on and on as you pushed through the doors to the gymnasium-- then immediately stepped to the side as several forms were pushing past, “O-Oi, what’s the big idea?” You frowned at the big Tentacle-dude, Round-Face, and Four-Eyes, “Watch where you’re--” Your eyes had wandered up to the Tentacle-dude since you haven’t studied him before.

Your jaw immediately almost hit the floor.

Izuku was hurt. Not just hurt, mangled. The sleeve on one of his arms--the right, his dominant--gone, leaving the arm to be purple and crooked, one leg was no better off, three of the fingers on his other hand completed the look, he had burns and soot--

“What the fuck I was gone for ten minutes--!!” Your screech caused the group to blink and flinch, the Tentacles moving back as you reached for your Izuku-- “Give him to me!”

“(L-L/N)-san, you should--!”

“Shut the hell up, Four-eyes!” You hissed to the “Stuck-up elitist”, curling your lip in a brief snarl.


“Midoriya Izuku we are going to talk about this later…” You growled quietly, reaching up to tap all five fingers onto his shoulder, then spread them out to his limbs. You were careful not to shift him at all-- That was the beauty of a paused world. Nothing changed shape or even moved unless you willed it.

Only you.

After that, you barely had enough mind to keep up your act-- Pausing, unpausing, pausing, unpausing… Hover in between, while holding Izuku in your arms bridal-style.

You had zero remorse for kicking open Recovery Girl’s door, hard enough to startle the old woman and hear a terrified yelp from her.

“H… Help… My… Izuku…!” Your whimper was so uncharacteristic for you, that when you thought about it later, you nearly slapped yourself for showing such weakness. But in the moment, you were too busy stumbling over to set him on the cot the “Backbone of UA” pointed to.

You had to sit down on the bed next to his and bury your face into your hands while the old woman worked-- You knew your adrenaline was high, you were shaking, you couldn’t stop it even though you so desperately wanted to. Because… Seeing Izuku so broken…!

The only other time you felt this was had been when you thought your father was dead or dying, whichever was worse.

‘What if he’s dying? What if he’s crippled? What if he never walks again, what if he… What if he blames me for not being there!? I should have been there, but I was… That bastard old man was holding me up…! It was his fault…! And Bakugou Katsuki, he’s the bastard who did this… Why… Why do the men I care about have to be mangled and nearly killed by blonde guys who think they rule the fucking world!? I swear, when I see him, either of them… I’m going to… I’m going to--!’

“He should be fine now, (L/N).”

Recovery Girl’s voice yanked you out of your thoughts.

“H-He is?” You took your hands away from your face, looking to her and then him, “He’s… He’s fine…--?”

“Well, I couldn’t completely heal him without using too much stamina,” She sighed, hobbling over to hop back into her chair, “His arm will have to stay in that sling. I’ll heal him some more tomorrow, but he’s going to be unconscious for a while. You should get back to class.”

‘No, I don’t want to!’ You nearly shouted, ‘I don’t want to leave him, he’s my Izukun!’

But another thought came into your mind.


This was the day you would finally kill someone.

“Take… Care of him.” You ground out between grit teeth as you stood slowly, clenching your fists tightly, aware of every movement you made as you robotically walked to the door, pausing with your hand hovering by the handle, “... And, thank you.”

You opened the door and stepped into the hallway, gently sliding it shut behind you. Then you turned in the direction of the gym and stared down the hall for a moment.

‘I’m not going to waste any pause getting there, maybe not even going to the gym.’ Your fists clenched hard enough that you knew, chances were, it was going to draw blood as you robotically, almost in a daze, took the first few steps.

Then you broke out in a sprint.

Then you used a little bit of hover to make you take longer strides.

‘I’m going to kill him. Everything else be damned, Bakugou Katsuki, you are going to die.’

When you finally slammed open the doors of the gymnasium, there were the original morons who were going to take Izukun to Recovery Girl there-- Tentacles, Four-Eyes, Round-Face, joined by Frog-Girl and Shark-Teeth.

“You all have five seconds,” You slowly stalked forward, clenching your fists, with wide, livid eyes, “To tell me what the fuck happened, before I level this place will everyone in it.”


“Actually, nevermind.” You stopped Round-Face by raising your hand, taking a deep breath and closing your eyes for a few seconds, “... Just tell me where the fuck Bakugou is.”

“(L/N)-san! I would--” Four-Eyes began walking towards you, making his stupid hand-chopping motion.

“Stay out of my way or I’ll kill you.”

You walked through all the stunned students without sparing them another glance. Granted, out of your peripheral, you could see them stunned and a few even starting to sweat.

‘Papa was right, intimidation does run in the family.’

The sound of explosions was coming from a simulated canyon, telling you that your target was there.

‘I’m coming for you, Bakugou.’


He brushed off the fifth time his body trembled and a cold chill ran up his spine.

‘The hell, is some bastard dancing on my grave or something?’ Katsuki growled to himself, launching another attack onto a defenseless boulder.

Showing Deku his place was what he had wanted to do. Instead, the nerd had collapsed the side of a simulated cliff and made a mess of the place.

Fucking Deku was physically stronger than him, and it pissed him off to no end.

He stood there, in shock while their fucking classmates gathered Deku up like a child and rushed him off to the nurse.

So now he was left to take out his frustration on these rocks.

When another chill went up his spine, there was a whoosh-- And this time he turned.

Barely in time to move out of the way of a boulder the size of a bus.

“What the fuck--!?”


“Auhg-- Fuck!” Before he knew it, something Bakugou on the back of his head hard, and actually sent him falling forwards onto his knees. “Who the fuck--!?” He whipped around to see that damn attack bitch of Deku’s standing over him, fist still raised where she had clocked him, “That was a cheap-ass move!” He snarled, hopping to his feet with his palms displayed at his sides, cracking small explosions in intimidation, “If you’re gonna fight me, do it face to f--!”


He couldn’t even blink before his nose was met with a fist-- He didn’t get a split second to react before he stomach was kneed and his lunch was trying to come up, barely a chance to taste the blood from the clock to his jaw, not even a moment to process suddenly being thrown through the air--

He slid onto the concrete, rolling and rolling until he managed to use his explosions to right himself and prevent him from crashing into the cement-brick wall.

“You think you can take me on, bi--!?”

His head was suddenly slammed against the wall and he was being held by the throat-- He couldn’t move, he tried to, but it was like his limbs were being held down--

As he stared into the eyes of the devil herself.

Bakugou never felt fear, not even during the slime incident, he told himself.

The crazy bitch that was cutting off his air supply and digging her nails into his skin had true murderous intent in her dark eyes as she stared up at him, unblinking, her voice almost demonic.

“If you dare think for a second that I’m going to let you get away with hurting my Izukun anymore, if you think you’re hot shit, if you think that you’re all that matters in this world, then I’m going to break you more than physically, Bakugou Katsuki, I’m going to destroy your entire, pathetic world.”

He was suddenly released as she disappeared, allowing him to crumple to the ground and gasp for air, and try to wipe away the blood that was streaming from his nose and mouth.

He wanted to be angry. He wanted to yell, and blast that bitch into the stratosphere, show her he’s stronger. Even if he was clenching his teeth and glaring menacingly at her back as she walked away, hands shoved into her pockets as she walked straight towards their damn teacher that only just arrived.

But he was too scared.

‘And people call me a fucking villain.’


You literally weren’t listening to a single thing that you were being threatening with from Eraserhead.

He was yelling, holding onto you with his scarf, trying to put something in your head. You just stared on into his red eyes without amusement.

You’ve already seen the devil himself angry, this guy was nothing compared to Papa. No one was.

Instead you focused on the dull throbbing in your fists, and your head, on calculating the amount of Pause you had left for the day-- twenty minutes, maybe, since you took your time calculating every move you made on Bakugou. Wondering if you should check up on Izuku. What Ms. Midoriya was making for dinner. If Tomura had contacted you yet, since your phone was in your locker.

So far, this hero business was proving to be troublesome. So much for having fun.

“Do I make myself clear?”

You slowly blinked (some of) your attention back to the teacher who was scolding you.

“Did you talk to Bakugou like this too?”


“Bakugou left Izukun mangled, even if it was probably his own quirk’s doing. But he knows Izukun doesn’t have the ability to control his quirk yet, yes he still attacked. Did you scold Bakugou too?”

“Don’t worry about him, worry about your own skin, because you’re right on the line of being expelled.”

You wanted to reply with something sarcastic and witty. Say you didn’t give half a shit about being expelled.

Then you remembered Izuku in your arms, broken and mangled.

“All right,” You ground out, doing your best not to let your face contort into an angry sneer, “Understood, Sensei.”

“Good.” The scarves roughly contracted, scraping slightly against your skin, “Now, use your quirk, and take Bakugou to Recovery Girl.”

‘I have to waste my fucking time on him…!? Goddamnit…!’

“Yes, Sensei.” Your limbs felt like lead from your mind and body screaming at you to resist, to fight against the order, to not comply--

“No way in hell am I letting that bitch take me anywhere!”

“I’m not finished talking to you either, Bakugou!” Aizawa snapped, and you noticed Izukun’s “friends” flinch back. Bakugou just snarled harder.

‘The sooner we get this over with…’


‘... The sooner I can go the fuck home.’




“--the fuck--!”


“I said I didn’t--!”


“--want your fucking--”


“Quirk to take me any-fucking-where--!”

“For fuck’s sake will you stop whining like a little piss-baby?” You quipped with your back to Bakugou, sliding the door to Recovery Girl’s office open, “Maybe I should have just broken your jaw!”

“The fuck did you just say!? I’ll fucking--”

“Blast me away, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it all before.” You shot a glare back at the seething boy, subconsciously congratulating yourself when you saw how bloody his face and hand was.

You could hear him inhaling to shoot another anger-fueled retort when Recovery Girl swiveled in her chair, usually wrinkled-shut eyes widened in surprise, “What in the world happened?”

You jerked a thumb back at Baka-kun, “I kicked his ass for hurting Izukun, so Aizawa made me bring him here.”

“She did not--!”

“Well if that’s the case, you can clean him up before I heal him.” Recovery Girl huffed, shaking her head, pulling open one of the drawers of her desk to reveal an array of first-aid supplies, “Get to work.”

“No way in hell am I letting this freak touch me--!”


Bakugou ended up sitting in the stool by Recovery Girl’s desk.


You flicked his forehead, glaring down menacingly, “The sooner we get this over

with, the sooner I can go home, eat, and go to sleep.”

Successfully, he shut his mouth with only a grating, annoyed snarl and eyes shifted away while you grabbed a wet wipe and began wiping away the blood on his face, ignoring the subtle wincing he made whenever you neared spots where you had landed a punch.

Amusing, how un-Bakugou he was being now that you had him by the nose.

But now that you were working on him, you were forced to exam him up close again. Red eyes, ash blonde lashes and eyebrows. Always a sneer. He’d be a bit more handsome if he smiled, and maybe if Izukun wasn’t your one and only, you’d chase after this asshole. Also, it was weird how he smelled like caramel and how smooth his skin seemed to be. Must have a good moisture regimen, maybe he shopped at one of those bath and body stores meant mostly for women?

You felt your dominant hand begin to ache and radiate with hot pain in the knuckles-- You finally glanced down to see them swelling a bit, bruised, and a few open scrapes. But you just looked away and tossed the soiled wipe away, flexing the hand while your other grabbed another wipe.


“The hell is your deal?”

You shot Bakugou a glare into his blood red eyes, then glanced back down to your hand, and shrugged it off. No need to keep a big smooch from the old lady for some bruised knuckles.

After much hissing and swearing from Bakugou, you were able to finally step away, having mostly finished cleaning the blood, dirt, and spit from his face, “There, I couldn’t wipe away the ugly, but I did my best.”

“You bi--!”



As amusing at it would have been watching Bakugou get smooched by an old lady, you were more interested in other things as you turned away, walking towards the small array of beds, one sectioned off with a curtain-- That you pulled back, simply to see Izuku still laying in his bed, asleep.

“(L/N), don’t you need your hands taken care of?”

Despite your fingers twitching in pain, you answered dully, “No, I’m fine.”

“Well, then, you two, get back to class. I don’t want to see either of you back here for at least another week, got it?”

“Can’t make any promises on his part.” You muttered, pulling the curtain shut tight again, before shoving your hands into your pockets to turn and head for the door.

Bakugou stood in the doorway, snarling at you with arms crossed. He still had a bit of crusty blood on the corner of his nose and jaw.

You just blinked slowly, “... What?”

He opened his mouth to bark something--


For him, you were suddenly on the other side of the door, already trudging down the hall, “Actually, I don’t care.”

‘Seeing Izukun like that, even though I beat the shit out of Bakugou…’ You nervously chewed on the nail of your thumb, other hand clenching tightly in its pocket, ‘It… Doesn’t make me feel any better… Damnit… Why don’t I feel better…!?’

Bakugou was still yelling as you walked, you could hear small explosions in his hands and his yelling--


Hover carried you through the halls, while you thought, nearly tripping every time it ran out. ‘I should feel better, like, a weight has been lifted off my chest. Or… Satisfied! I should feel satisfied! Like I finally swat a fly that was buzzing all around my head, or… I don’t know! I should feel relaxed! Happy! Not… Frustrated…!’


You fiddled with the wrist cuff of your jacket while standing in front of the gym doors, glaring down at the elastic while trying to fold it back without cutting off the circulation in your arm. Finally, you just shoved both sleeves up so they bunched at your elbows, before pushing the doors open, briefly wary of a small stampeding herd of students this time.

No such thing came. Instead, there was just Round-Face, Four-Eyes, Frog-Girl and Rock-Boy. All four whipped around to look at you.

Round-Face opened her mouth.


You shoved your hands into your pockets, stalked around them, and continued on towards a simulated forested area.


“(L--!?-- (L/N)-chan!”

“Never gave you permission to use “-chan”,” You cut her off with a sour sneer, feeling annoyance beginning to poke you in the back with a stick as you heard several pairs of footsteps following you, “What do you want?”

“Why do you…!--”

“We were wanting to know how Midoriya-san was doing, ribbit.”

You came to an abrupt stop next to a tree, with a diameter as wide as you were. Slowly, you reached up and placed a hand on it, “... He’s… Fine…”

“He looked pretty beat up, that was pretty unmanly of Bakugou to just wail on him like that, even though--”


Pain . There was pain in your hand but mostly in your chest. It felt like your heart was going to burst-- Not like how you felt when you first saw Izukun. It was like someone had pierced your body, reached into the cavity of your chest and was clutching your heart.

‘I should have been there,’ You repeated a mantra while you began to trudge like a zombie, slapping a string onto each tree you passed, ‘I should have been there. I should have been there! He’s hurt because of me! Damnit, damnit!’ You lifted both your hands, not even listening to the sound of ten trees being yanked from their homes in the ground. The tips of your fingers felt as though they were on fire, hell, they could be smoking right now. You didn’t care. You told yourself that you deserve this pain. ‘It’s just like with Papa! If I just gave him Pause or didn’t use up all the time he would have been fine-- If I just stopped fucking around I could have protected Izukun!’

You couldn’t breathe, but you were breathing too much, your knees became jello, and you feel waves of heat and freezing cold shooting up your legs and back and it clutched you around the neck and squeezed--


All the trees came crashing down, the sound of crunching branches, falling trunks, and surprised-or-terrified screeches hardly registering. Why were they screaming? All you did was block the direct path so they’d get the idea and fuck off.

You trudged on, shoving your hands back into your pockets, aiming for a simulated abandoned building to relax in until the period was over and you could go home.

You didn’t regret kicking the precariously hanging door off its final hinge. Or sliding down the wall to sit amongst a few bits of shattered glass and dusty air.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

The first time was when Kurogiri took you and Tomura away from the fight with All Might.

You both slept on a dingy, dusty floor, Tomura holding you protectively while wearing the half gloves that only lasted a few days at a time. You had been scared, shaking, crying, fearing for your father’s life as he fought against the number-one threat to your lifestyle. The one you didn’t choose. The one you loved anyway. The one that your papa worked so hard to create for you and Tomi yet that bastard had to come in and ruin it and nearly kill him and you had to see him without a face and gaze at his brains and all that blood--

‘Fuck, I’m hyperventilating again--’


A hand rested on your shoulder.

‘Don’tTouchMeDon’tTouchMeDo n’tFuckingTouchMe--’

“What,” You resisted the urge to shrug off your teacher’s hand from your shoulder. You knew he could feel how tense you had grown under it. He’d take it away if he was worried about you feeling uncomfortable, “Do you want?”

“Why did you attack Bakugou?” His voice would send a fearful shiver down your spine, if you were a weaker person. Weak person you were not, but it did something else. It felt like Father was scolding you.

“I thought I’d feel better,” You couldn’t stop talking, why were you talking!? Did he have a fucking quirk that made you talk!? “... Knowing he was hurting after he hurt Izuku.”

“And do you?”

“Oh I feel so much better, it feels like someone is punching me in the chest and like I can’t breathe, but other than that, just peachy.” You grit your teeth and forcefully pulled away from his hand, ignoring the pain of your shoulder blade hitting the brick wall behind you, “No, I don’t feel better, damnit! I’m even more pissed off because I feel worse!” Shaking. You were shaking, with blood rushing in your ears like you were next to a waterfall.

“Good, then.” You glanced up with a sour glare to see him squatting in front of you, his typical, annoying, deadpan stare unwavering, “So you learned something.”


You appeared behind him, hands clenched into fists while you began to storm off, shuffling through the dilapidated doorway and back into the fresh air, “Yeah, I learned I should have hit him harder.”


‘Fucking Round-Face.’



‘Ah, shit.’

“Please, (L/N)-chan!” The brunette was panting as she slowed to a stop, followed by the same entourage from earlier.

The only other one breaking a sweat was Rocky. Figures, Frogger can jump over things and Four-Eyes was part car.

“Will you just… Listen… To… Us…!”

‘I got a minute before I start bleeding from my eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.’

“I really, really don’t have time to listen to whatever friendship-lecture you thought of between here and there.”

‘No pun intended, I’m literally out of time.’

“You can’t just try to protect Deku-kun from everything!”


‘Shut up.’

“He wants to be a hero, too, after all! We will be going through extreme training to hone our bodies to handle fighting and such!”


‘Shut. Up. Four-Eyes.’

“A-And you keep being so… Mean! Why do you have to be so rude to everyone all the time!?”

‘If you don’t can it Round-Face, Four-Eyes’ You thought between head throbs, ‘I’m going to…’

Rocky jumped in now, “Just because you think you’re better than all of us--!”

‘Shut up.’


‘Shut up.’


‘Shut up!’


All four faces suddenly appeared pale and bug-eyed in sheer horror etched in every centimeter of their faces.

“What?” You felt a rush of fluid flow from your mouth, blinking away liquid from your eyes, “Somethin’ on my face?”

You barely glanced up at Aizawa as he was walking around you-- He did a double take when he looked down at you, his usually indifferent eyes suddenly widening with shock.

“Can I go now? I feel a little light headed.”

Something that was reminiscent of Round-Face fainting didn’t even catch your attention, or anyone else’s for that matter.


You passed by Bakugou trudging towards the main entrance of the building with his regular uniform on and bookcase slung over his shoulder.

“The fuck happened to her!?”

He was probably referring to the fact that Aizawa was carrying you over his shoulder so you wouldn’t choke on the blood that was pouring from your face, whatever fell being caught with the jacket Four-Eyes had shed, by Round-Face.  

“Awe, don’t go falling in love with me just because I kicked your ass.” You smirked and weakly shot a peace sign Bakugou’s way, which was difficult with Aizawa rushing so fast, “Seeya tomorrow, Baka-kun.”

The last echoes of his yelling were music to your ringing ears.

“I’m serious, teach, this is normal. I’ll sleep it off.”

“You’re bleeding more than a normal human should be,” He stiffly responded, “Especially when it’s from your head.”

You rolled your eyes, feeling your lip rise in annoyance, “Didn’t have to carry me out like that. Everyone probably thinks I’m weak as hell, now. I mean it, I’m fine... It’s just a… Side effect… To tell me I’m… Over… My…”

‘I’m tired…’

“(L/N)-san--” Frogger’s voice barely managed to snap you back into reality. You lazily looked up to her as she was hopping behind the Round-Face. “You need to keep your eyes open-- Stay awake.”

“She’s right, (L/N)-chan! Stay awake!”

“Alright, alright! I’m awake! Geez…”

‘Nevermind, I’m going to sleep…’

Chapter Text

Izuku was looking past All Might as Bakugou stormed off through the gates, hands shoved into his pockets after he had been roughly rubbing away… Tears, with his jacket sleeve.

“Ah, Midoriya, kid-- What exactly did you say to him?”

He jolted back into reality when he was addressed.

“W-Well! We were just--!”

“Hmm? I’m really curious now! Why don’t you tell me in detail?”

Izuku tended to crack easily. Especially under All Might’s pressure. He couldn’t help but spill out what had happened only seconds before the hero’s arrival.

“... You told Young Bakugou?”

He was silent as he stared down at the ground, nearly on the verge of tears, “... I’m sorry. I… Didn’t even tell my own mom… I just… Felt like I had to tell him… I’m really sorry…!”

All Might’s silence only added to the anxiety building up in his gut, and when he finally did speak, it didn’t exactly quell his guilt.

“... Fortunately, it does not seem like Young Bakugou took you seriously. So I’ll let it go this time.”

He snapped his wide eyes up as All Might continued, feeling a bit of his worry melt away-- But not for long.

“... But please don’t do it again. Please think carefully about what it means to have this power,” He held a finger up in a scolding manner, “If word gets out, it’s clear the world will be teeming with those trying to steal the power from you. The secret should be kept both to prevent chaos in society… And for your sake.”

Izuku sucked in a surprised breath-- Of course. Of course, he should have realized by now… People would try to steal One for All from him.

He can’t tell Kacchan.

He can’t tell (F/N).

He can’t tell his mother.

“Now, enough of all this gloomy talk!” He let out a robust laugh, clapping a hand on Izuku’s back, hard enough to send him stumbling several feet forward with a surprised yelp, “I’m surprised you aren’t still in the nurse’s office, with Young (L/N)! I’d go pay her a visit myself, but I’m nearly out of time, and, well… I get the feeling she doesn’t care for All Might too much… Not me in my true form, either, frankly…”

“What?” Izuku snapped back up, looking with wide eyes up to All Might’s overshadowed ones, “W-What do you mean-- (F/N) is in the nurse’s office…!?”

“Ah, well, I had noticed Mr. Eraserhead carrying her over his shoulder, with Young Uraraka and Young Asui following closely behind. There was a considerable amount of blood, but I didn’t have time to stop and assist… They seemed to have it handled, anyway-- Y-Young Midoriya--?”

Izuku didn’t even catch the tail end of All Might’s part of the conversation. He was already running back into the building.

(F/N), blood, nurse’s office. That’s all he needed to hear. Funny, how fast his anxiety can go from a small simmer to a sudden, exploding boil.


So, you found out the hard way that, apparently, the school keeps blood on hand.

Huh. Neat.
Also good to know, Izuku was good to go and had left a little while before you were brought in.

Except, you were now stuck in one of the beds in Recovery Girl’s office, strapped up to a blood bag drip that would take…

“I have to sit here for an hour?” You groaned, flopping back onto the pillow, hiding a wince from your throbbing head, not to mention your slight shaking from feeling strangely cold, “Seriously, I told you I’m fine! It happens every time I overdo my quirk.”

“Your blood pressure was thirty percent lower than what it should be,” Recovery Girl scolded from where she was typing on her computer, “You lost twenty-five percent of your total blood volume. I’m surprised you aren’t passed back out.”

“She was in and out of it for a few minutes.” Aizawa muttered from where he sat next to your bedside, legs and arms crossed as he glared down at you, “Why were you overusing your quirk in the first place? You were expected to exercise control, not maximum output.”

You scoffed, turning away and continuing to squeeze the stress ball Recovery Girl instructed you to use, “We had All Might’s stupid class today. I didn’t want to take the easy way out. Not to mention,” You sneered at the red tube that led into your arm, “I had to take Izukun to the nurse, then Bakakun. Then no one would leave me the hell alone…!”  

“You really shouldn’t be so attached to a boy,” Aizawa snorted, prompting your eyebrow to twitch, “You’re here to become a hero, all that crap gets in the way. You only have three years.” His tone became annoyingly suspicious, “You are here for that, right?”

“Look, Spinster,” You internally smirked as you turned over, seeing his eye twitch, “At my current level, I’ve got all the time in the world. If I want to keep Izukun from getting hurt unnecessarily, I’m gonna do it.” You settled back to stare up at the ceiling, frowning and furrowing your brows, mumbling to yourself, “Got nothing better to do…”

“Oh, yeah? And why is that?”

“Wouldn’t you love to know.” You rolled your eyes away from him, “Try and unlock my tragic backstory some other time, teach.”

You could hear him take in a sharp breath in preparation for a retort when the door to the room slid open, Round-Face and Frog-Girl appearing in the frame. They were back in their uniforms, even if a bit of dirt was still smudged on their faces.

“We brought your things, (L/N)-chan…” Sure enough, the brunette was holding your clothes in her arms, with your phone, and Frog-Girl had your messenger bag.

… Huh?

“... What? Why?” You quirked a brow, as they entered while murmuring an apology for the intrusion, “I would have just gone and gotten them myself. I’m not even going to be out of here for another fifty-seven minutes.” ‘Er, I should have just said an hour… I’m too used to keeping track of a specific amount of time…’

Aizawa clicked his tongue and quipped, “Just say thank you, (L/N). You were inconveniencing them.”

“It’s the polite thing to do, considering what happened,” Frog-Girl pressed a large finger to her lips, “You wanted to be left alone, but we kept pressuring you to talk to us. Because of that, you overworked your quirk, ribbit.”

They both bowed at the waist, speaking in unison, “We’re sorry.”



“W… Why are you… Apologizing?”

“... Well--”

“I don’t get it, I’ve been absolutely awful to you! So why would you even bother to try and be kind to me?” You weren’t… Angry, you were just… Confused. It was written all over your face, even as you tried to hide it behind a disapproving frown.

“You looked like your entire world was shattered when you saw Midoriya-san,” Frog-Girl croaked, “He told us you’ve had a rough childhood but you’re not as bad as you seem, it just takes time for you to warm up to new people, ribbit. You need friends, just like Bakugou-san.”

“Yeah! We’re a class!” Round-Face piped back up as both the girls came to stand by your bed, “The girls are outnumbered by the boys, anyway, so we should stick together and prove to them we’re just as tough as all of them combined!”

“We want to be your friends, (L/N)-san,” Frog-Girl set your messenger bag by your feet as Round-Face placed your clothes next to them, “If you’ll let us.”


You were wide-eyed as you looked between them.

You wanted to say, ‘Friends!? Hah! Yeah right! I don’t need friends! I don’t need anyone, I’m just going to crush you all under my foot! Especially when Papa rebuilds his empire! You’re all weak, you might as well screw off and hope I don’t kill you!’

But your aching heart had other plans.

“... W-Whatever! I guess…” You tried to scowl and look away, “If it’ll get you off my back, sure, let’s be friends! Geeze! Just… Get out of here now, schools out, and I have a headache listening to all your mushy talk!”

You kept your pout on an adjacent bed, even as the two of them let out a small chuckle as they stood up, bowing again as a goodbye, and walked towards the door--


“Hm?” The two girls paused, turning their heads back around to look back at you.

You felt your face heating up as you glared down at your hands clutching the sheet, “W… What are your names?”

“S-Seriously!? I think I’ve introduced myself, like, twice or more…” Round face muttered, and let out a short sigh, even if she held a baffled smile as you glanced back at them, “My name is Uraraka Ochako!”

“And I’m Asui Tsuyu. But please, call me Tsuyu.

You nodded once, “Alright, then. Uraraka and Tsuyu-- I guess…” You rubbed the back of your neck, looking--glaring, weakly--away again, “I hate it when people call me (L/N), so…”

‘Well, it’s just not my real last name.’

“... You can call me (F/N).” You glanced back to see Uraraka with the most squishy, sparkly eyed, happy smile-- “D-Don’t get any ideas, dammit! I just don’t like my last name! Now get out of here!” You threw your pillow with your good arm at the two girls, while they just smiled and Uraraka laughed, slipping out and closing the door to block it before it could connect with their heads.

“Bye-bye, (F/N)-chan! See you tomorrow!” Uraraka called back, while you tried to scowl. Even if it was weak-hearted.

You flopped back on the bed, glaring up at the ceiling.

In your peripheral vision, Mr. Aizawa opened his mouth.

“Don’t say anything, I just wanted them to leave me alone.” You huffed, looking away, only to be met with Recovery Girl’s wrinkled smile, “...What?!”

“You do realize they won’t leave you alone now, right? Friends hang out together and all that, you know.”

“... Yeah, I know,” You half-heartedly growled, “Maybe they won’t try to get me to talk about my feelings, at least…--”

“I can be your hero!”

You ignored the glare Mr. Aizawa sent your way and sat up abruptly, diving for your phone, and answered it without looking at the caller ID. There was no need to.

‘Something’s wrong. He wouldn’t call me if something wasn’t wrong. He’s supposed to be…’

“Papa? Is something wr…”

“Why aren’t you at your apartment?”

‘Shit. He’s mad.’

The machine you were connected to began to beep a little faster.

“I sent Kurogiri there for you because you haven’t answered any of Tomura’s messages.”

“I’m sorry, Papa,” You quickly cupped your hand around the bottom of your phone and your mouth, speaking in a low voice. Recovery Girl had gone back to her computer, but you knew Mr. Aizawa was watching you like a hawk, “I-I’m… At the nurse’s office at school…”

“Why?” He spoke in a low, taut, near-growl, “Did you really allow one of those lowly brats to hurt you? I thought you were better than that.”

“N-No! That’s not it, Papa!” You unconsciously straightened up, as if he could see you, “I just overworked-- M-my quirk is all! There was a lot of training today, s-so…”

“You’re out of time for today!?”

You winced away from the phone, yet you didn’t look at it, instead staring with wide, fearful eyes down at your feet underneath the bed sheet. Your toes were curled-- You were glad neither of the staff members could see your trembling lip behind your hand.

You hoped they couldn’t see tears trying to prick your eyes, though.

“P-Papa, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it…! I had to--”

“You’ve just made my plans much more difficult, is what you did. We’re going to have to push them back now, thanks to this. Tomorrow, you better not use a single second, do you hear me? I don’t care if you’re about to be hit with whatever quirk one of those other brats try to use on you. Unless you’re about to die, do. Not. Use. It.”

You swallowed thickly and tried to quell the shaking in your shoulders, ignoring the rapid beeping of the machine next to you, “Y-Yes, Papa… I… I’m sorry…”

He let out a long sigh, then the other end of the line went quiet for a moment, while you were forcefully holding your breath for a few seconds, every few seconds.

His voice was slightly softened when he spoke again, “... Call Kurogiri when you’re finished.”

“O-Okay, Papa…”  

“I scold you because I love you, sweetheart. I’ll see you soon.”

“I love you too, P-papa… See y-you… Soon…”


“I have to go.” You shoved your phone into your messenger bag, not looking at either of the adults in the room, “Get this thing out of me.” You referred to the blood drip, holding your arm out towards Recovery Girl.

“Excuse me?” The elderly woman swiveled around in her chair, frowning, “You’re not going anywhere until that bag is empty, young lady.”

“I have to go!” You repeated, more desperately than you wanted to. You ran your free hand down your face, groaning, “Please!”

You never liked saying please. It only ever came out of your mouth when you really, really wanted something from your father. Only the weak use it when they want to be spared by the powerful.

“I don’t think so! You’re going to make yourself sick if you don’t stay put and relax! You can’t push yourself like thi--”

“Is your father abusing you?”

You were blindsided.

“... What?” You whipped your wide eyes towards Mr. Aizawa, who had uncrossed his legs, and was instead leaning on his knees with his arms, towards you. His expression wasn’t the typical bored one. His eyes were narrowed and his mouth was pressed in a thin line.

“Is. Your father. Abusing you?”

You still couldn’t comprehend his question as he repeated it.

‘Is Papa… What…!?’

Your mouth was suddenly incredibly dry, and the damn machine’s beeping--

You ripped off the blood pressure clip from your finger just to shut it the hell up.

“Don’t… Ever… Accuse my Papa of something like… Like that!” A shrill screech wasn’t what you were intending, but it's what they got.

And you got the reaction you wanted, anyway. Mr. Aizawa flinched back, and Recovery Girl made a noise of surprise.

“He would never… Ever hurt me!” You shot up out of bed opposite to his, kicking off the sheets while spitting out a hiss, “He loves me! He’s strong and powerful and would never put me in harm’s way!”

‘The Nomu.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Been a while, huh? How you been?’

‘Shut the hell up.’

“You have known me for two fucking days, don’t you dare go accusing the greatest man in the world of such… Bullshit!”

‘Remember the fight he threw you in with the original user of Marionettist? You know, Puppet?’

‘I said shut the hell up!’

‘You were nearly amputated of your left arm and right leg. If Kurogiri hadn’t done something, you’d probably be dead, if not walking around with wooden limbs.’

“Sit. Down!”

Recovery Girl’s snap briefly made you wonder if she had some sort of body-controlling quirk because you instantly did as she asked-- Even if you were trembling with your fists balled up in your sweatpants. If you clench your teeth any harder, they would probably shatter.

“Explain why you want to leave so badly.” Mr. Aizawa sat back in his chair, crossing his legs and arms again.

Now you were grinding them. Dr. Nishimura was going to be pissed.

“Because my father needs me home.”

“You mean Niigata?” Recovery Girl frowned, “That’s an awfully long distance, not to mention when you have school tomorrow as well.”

You were silent for a moment, before whipping narrowed eyes up to Recovery Girl, “... How do you know where my Father lives? Is information really that loosely handed out?”

‘Well, it doesn’t actually matter, since that’s not where he actually lives.’

Somehow, the old hag barely missed a beat, “I’m the school nurse, I know everything about every student.” She turned back to her computer, idly beginning to type on it. You couldn't see the screen, but you had a feeling there wasn’t exactly anything on it at the moment.

“Distance or times don’t matter when he needs me,” You grumbled, glaring down at your balled up fists, ‘Think, think. Something to convince them I need to go…!’

A light bulb lit up in your head.

“Because…” You faked a weak, slightly choked-up, slightly frustrated voice, “He’s really sick, okay?”

‘Not an entire lie.’


You whipped your head around again to glare at Mr. Aizawa. If looks could kill, he would have been dead yesterday. You had briefly wondered if there was a quirk like that.

You shoved your hand back into your messenger bag and snatched your phone out, unlocking it and navigating to your gallery.

‘Sorry, Papa, I know you don’t like when people see your face, but…’

You practically shoved the picture in Mr. Aizawa’s. It was a selfie of yourself and your father, that you had taken after he had remade your appearance. He lacked his helmet, revealing his horribly scarred lack of a face, fully displaying the tubes going into his cheek and neck. Your free arm was around his neck, hand making a peace sign, while you pressed the side of your face against his and wore a big smile. He wore a more refined one, teeth just barely poking through, and was even… Making a peace sign as well.

How ironic.

“Do not call me a liar.”

‘Even if I am one.’

“And do not tell anyone about this. If he found out I showed someone what he looks like now, he’d…” You frowned and raised an eyebrow, drawing your phone away to look back down at the picture yourself, “... Well, I don’t know what he’d do, but he’d be angry. He’s… Embarrassed because of his appearance.”

‘Because he lost.’

“Would you mind if I took a look, sweetheart?”

‘Don’t call me sweetheart, you old hag.’

“I would.” You grumbled, narrowing your eyes in her opposite direction. Well, what harm could it be? Begrudgingly, you took the phone in your other hand and outstretched it to her direction, staring past her to pretend you were uninterested in her opinion. But you still wanted to gauge her expression.

“What… Happened to him?” The old lady’s voice was skeptical, earning your glare to shoot straight to her wrinkled eyes as you retrieve your phone.

“Villain attack.” You lied, drawing the phone away so she couldn’t examine further. Why should she? He’s your father. None of her business. “The only reason he lets me out of the house is that he physically can’t stop me.” He could. “It took months to convince him just to let me move here to Musutafu for school.” That, it sort of did. He was against you going into the world of heroes unsupervised from the start. If it weren’t for the benefits you pointed out and no doubt some he thought up, not to mention your own strong will (stubbornness), you wouldn’t be here. “... Do you understand now?” You muttered, briefly looking at your notifications. Sure enough, many enraged texts from Tomura, exactly three from Kurogiri, and one from Papa.

You locked your phone and shoved it back into its spot, listening to Mr. Aizawa as he spoke and trying not to take your bag and swing it at him.

“You still need to stay here until that bag is empty,” You shot an annoyed glare towards him, “For your health, (L/N). If he has a problem with that, then he can take it up with me.”

‘You really don’t want that.’

“Fine,” You huffed, swinging your legs back onto the bed, “As long as Izukun doesn’t find out about this and freak out, I’ll--”


‘Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, I guess.’

The door to the nurse’s office slammed open--Recovery Girl’s scolds fell on deaf ears--and before you knew it you had a face full of freckled-boy with giant bubbly tears spewing question after question.

“What happened!? Are you alright!? Oh god-- Is that a blood bag!? Did you overdo your quirk!? Oh, you have blood around your eyes and nose and ears and mouth, of course you did--Are you okay!?” He barely glanced up enough to see Mr. Aizawa-- “A-Ah! Sorry! S-S-Sorry for the intrusion, I d-didn’t know you were there, Mr. A-A-Aizawa--!”

The teacher just briskly raised a hand, eyes narrowed in annoyance, “It’s fine. I was about to leave , anyway.”

“A-Ah-- Alright, t-then…”

“And I’m fine, Izukun.” You reached out with your unoccupied arm and cupped his cheek, smiling with a twinkle in your eyes.

‘He’s so worried about me…! Oh, this is adorable, he’s finally giving me and only me all the attention again! Not that stupid Four-Eyes or Round-Face--Er, Uraraka, I guess…’

“W-W-W-Well, I-I-I-I’m glad to h-h-hear t-th-t-that!” He was redder than the shade of lipstick Fumiko refused to let you go out in public wearing, redder than strawberries you loved dipping in chocolate-- You could just eat him up then and there…!

Even better? Although he was shaking from nerves-- He didn’t pull away.

Aizawa let out an annoyed grunt, followed by a spiteful grumble of “Teenagers…” as he stood up and shuffled off, muttering a goodbye to Recovery Girl before he left the room and closed the still wide-open door behind him.

“Were you really so worried about me, Izukun?” You practically purred, rubbing his thumb against his cheek-- He was still in his gym clothes, much like yourself, even if a sleeve and a leg were blown off. Yours was just covered in blood.

“W-W-Well--! I k-know you’re really s-s-strong, o-of course, s-s-so--!”

“Aaaw, were you really not, then…?”

“I-I didn’t say that--!”


‘That girl is going to eat All Might’s boy alive…’ Recovery Girl muttered to herself internally, glancing at the two teenagers through the reflection of her screen. She had the girl’s file pulled up and was currently scanning over it again-- Even if it was unnecessary. Who knows, you may miss something.

Even if she wasn’t actually reading anything.

‘That man, her father…’

Recovery Girl’s stomach had done a flip when she looked at the picture. (F/N) had seemed so gleeful, while… You really couldn’t make out the entirety of her father’s expression. He only had a mouth. Even if it was a smile, it was hard to really tell if he wanted to be.

‘Well, I suppose… She’s such a handful because her father is handicapped due to a villain attack? Perhaps she resents heroes to a certain degree? She said she’s only allowed out of the house because he cannot physically stop her. Perhaps she still didn’t leave it very often? She was homeschooled, so she must not have received Quirk Consultation… Let alone much social interaction. Perhaps that’s it.’

She glanced back to see the girl had dragged Midoriya down for a tight hug around his neck, even if the boy was flailing a bit and she was giggling like a gleeful child.

‘... Definitely doesn’t know social cues, at the very least.’

A ding in her headset brought her attention back to her computer screen. An email had arrived, from… ‘Aizawa…?’

She hardly hesitated to open the digital letter, only to see no words, just a file attached-- A video.

Recovery Girl glanced back at the two teenagers. Midoriya had taken Aizawa’s seat, both their attention on the other as they talked…

She moved a couple inches and hid the screen from view, then opened the attachment.

Immediately, the video opened up, a large triangle play-button in the middle, which she promptly clicked.

It was a recording video-- Of the training grounds. The camera was above at an angle, following… The girl? She was walking towards the forest, with four other students following her. She easily recognized Asui Tsuyu and Uraraka Ochako. Judging by her hunched shoulders, she didn’t want to be--

‘What in the world…!?’

It was an instant, one second, she had just walked out of view, the next, several of the trees were suddenly uprooted-- They weren’t shown to be, but instead, they were just instantaneously out of the ground . Ten trees. The thinnest one had to be a meter around. They weren’t simple saplings or even yearlings. The hero they had come in to grow those trees would be mortified to watch them all suddenly come crashing down, nearly landing on a few of the students-- But her goal seemed to be achieved, the direct path behind her was totally barricaded.

Ten massive trees uprooted in literally no time at all. And she was supposedly running “low” on her power…? Just what could she do on full power?

Chiyo glanced back at the girl, a sweat bead running down the side of her face. She was simply teasing Midoriya about how “cute” he was when he’s flustered, and then asking if they can get ice cream-- Then she flinched. Her face was obscured, but Recovery Girl had a feeling it was pained if Midoriya’s sudden change in expression was any indicator.

“You’re… going back…?”

He spoke in a low voice, but not low enough that the old woman couldn’t hear him. Her hearing wasn’t gone yet. Briefly, he glanced over at Recovery Girl, but he couldn’t see if she was paying attention-- She pretended to be enamored with something on her screen--After exiting the video, at least.

“E-Even… After…”

‘After what?’

“He’s my father, Izukun. Don’t worry. He’d never hurt me on purpose if it wasn’t to help me.” She spoke even quieter than Midoriya, but the hearing enhancers in Recover Girl’s headset made her voice loud and clear. “You know your mentor trains you really rigorously! So this is the same thing. It’s just… Different for different quirks.”

“He left you bleeding on your doorstep when you ran out of power for your quirk…!”

‘He… What…?’

“I told you, I was fine, Izukun.”

‘That man left his own daughter, bleeding from her every facial orifice, possibly needing a blood transfusion, on her own doorstep…!? I… I need to tell Aizawa about this, the principle--’

“I… I left on my own, then, anyway.”

“What…?! But he still let you!? Why would you…--”

“I… I-I got short with him. I guess I was tired after the Entrance Exam. He needed me to do something important, and I barely managed to do it. He was upset that I’m so… S-So weak…”

‘Weak? The girl ripped up ten trees on low power. How the hell is that weak?’

Both teenagers were silent for several moments. Even she forgot she was supposed to be pretending to work and not eavesdropping.

“... You’re not weak, (F/N).”

The girl seemed to let out a bitter laugh, “I am compared to my father…”  

“First you say it's for training, then you say he cares about you, then you say it was something important you had to do for him… (F/N), just what is it?”

She was silent. For several moments, after turning her head to stare down at her hands in her lap, the girl wouldn’t say anything.

Then, her voice was weak, “... He needed me to take him to the doctor, was all, okay? He doesn’t like me talking about it.”

“You said your servant had a teleporting quirk, why couldn’t he do it? He took you and sent you back, anyway, right?”

“He can’t breathe without machinery. You saw the quirk in action. It would have suffocated him.”

“... But--”

“Just drop it Izukun, please. I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“... Alright… I’m… Sorry…”

In the reflection, (F/N) reached up and cupped Midoriya’s cheek again-- He flinched a bit, but allowed the touch anyway, even if he was turning red again.

“Hey, don’t worry about me, I’m tough. We can only get stronger, you know? Hey-- What’s your mom making for dinner!? I’m craving stuffed buns!”

“A-Ah, well, I guess I can call and ask her… And tell her we’ll be a little late…”

“Aaw, you’re going to wait with me the whole time? You’re so sweet, Izukun!”

“W-Well--! I don’t want to leave you to go home alone, after all this, a-anyway…!”

And just like that, the girl switched the conversation completely. Recovery Girl learned four things.

One, her father is scum and definitely abusive.

Two, the man relied on his daughter somehow. She wasn’t sure it was for hospital visits, though.

Three, there was someone with a warping quirk connected to one of their students.

… Four, she was crazy for the new holder of One for All, and that in itself seemed dangerous.


As soon as you were released from the nurse’s office--after being forced that you would return in the morning with Izukun--you let out a sigh of relief, pressing a thumb against the cotton ball bandaged onto the inside of your elbow-- The one that had a bigass needle stuck in it for the last hour.

“Man, I’m glad you were there, Izukun…!” You snatched the arm that wasn’t in a sling, twining your finger’s in his and silently relishing the quiet squeak of surprise he let out, “If I had to sit there alone with that old lady and Spinster, I would have died!”

“S… Spinster…?”

“I can’t wait to go home and shower! Uhg, even if I have to leave right after… I guess don’t wait up on me for dinner, my dad’s caretaker will make me something!”

“Ah, well, alright…”

You could have sworn you heard some disappointment in his voice.

“Hey, Izukun…” You squeezed his hand, smiling softly when he snapped his eyes back up to your’s, “... Tomorrow, why don’t you and your mom come to my place for dinner? I’ll have my dad’s caretaker come and make us all something-- As a thank you for everything you’ve done! She’s a great cook, I promise!”

“W-Well, I guess, I can ask mom…”

“Yes! I’ll make sure it’s the best dinner ever, so bring your appetite!”


You wasted no time after you had gotten back to the apartment.

Time wasn’t something you had.

The shower was a nightmare-- Blood stained the porcelain. You’d have to work on that. And by you, you mean Fumiko.

This was going to be a business meeting of sorts. Even if Papa couldn’t see you, you should dress your best. White button-up, black vest, black skirt that goes down to your knees, white knee-high stockings and black flats. Simple. (Even if you felt like Kurogiri.)

When you were finished, you stood in the middle of your living room and whipped out your phone, dialing the first contact.

Ring… Ring… Ri--

“Are you ready, Miss (Y/N)?”

“Yes, I’m in my living room.”


You ended the call, half a second before a purple mist appeared, growing wide enough for you to step into.

Which, you did.

Blackness… Light… Sort of. The room was dim. Except, a different kind of dim than the laboratory--

Ah, you were in the Nomu storage room.

Tomura was there, staring into Anti-Might’s tank, one of the scientists was next to him, observing as well, Kurogiri stood by your side, Fumiko was behind… Papa.

He was in his typical suit, but this time, stood tall with his arms behind his back, wearing the helmet that supported him when he wasn’t hooked up to his machines.

‘Okay, he’s probably a bit mad still, so… Be all cheerful.’

“Papa!” You practically squealed, putting on a bright smile as you ran to him with open arms, “I missed you!”

“Sweetheart, there you are!” He held his arms open and caught you with ease, spinning you around a few time with little effort while you giggled like a five-year-old, “Are you feeling better, my little girl? I was so worried about you.”

“I feel even better now! The healer at school is remarkable, Papa! I want her quirk so I can help you! Do you think we can organize if I can steal her quirk!?”

He gently placed you back on the ground and ruffled your hair, and judging by the tone of his voice, he was smiling behind his mask, “Well, you mean Recovery Girl, don’t you? Her quirk is very famous, it will take a lot of planning. But, if things tomorrow go how I plan… We’ll just have to see about that, princess.” He kept a hand on your shoulder and gently turned to Tomura, who had shifted to half-face you and your father, the Warp-Quirk user having gone to stand by him, “Now, Kurogiri, please explain the plan to (F/N).”

“Yes, Master. As you should know, (F/N), we have already implanted a traitor into UA’s system--”

“What!?” You whipped your face up to your father’s with wide eyes, “You already have a traitor in the system? Why don’t I know anything about this!?”

“I was going to tell you sooner.” He sighed, “But they don’t know who you are, and you don’t know who they are. That’s part of the plan so there is no risk to either of you being outed. Kurogiri, continue.”

“Yes, sir.” He cleared his nonexistent throat while straightening his tie, “The gist of the plan is we will “anonymously” inform local and not-so-local news stations of All Might’s position at UA. Once all teachers and students are in the facility, Tomura will sneak in through the crowd of reporters that will no doubt be in front of the gate and disintegrate the barrier, allowing the reporters to slip in and trigger the alarms. This will provide a distraction for our traitor to access the files room and copy All Might’s schedule and access next location farthest from the main school building. I will warp in after they send their location via cell phone, retrieve the information, and leave before they can clear the reporters.”

“... So… Where do I come in?”

“You don’t. Well, assumedly, you won’t.” Your Father squeezed your shoulder and turned you towards him, “You’re simply going to provide backup. Should something occur and our traitor’s cover be blown, you will use Pause to retrieve and move them to a hidden location so that Kurogiri can warp them out and to safety.”

“... Oh. That’s… It, then…?” You frowned, bitterly thinking to yourself, ‘That’s it? Seriously? I went through all that fucking trouble and all I’m there for is standby…!?’

“It’s more important than you think, darling.” He ruffled your hair again, “Alright, now, why don’t you go lift Anti-Might out of the tank so I can connect him to Tomura?”

An order, not a suggestion.

“... Yes, Papa.” You continued to frown, anyway--not like he could see it--and strode over to the glass tank, briefly shooting Tomura a glare as you passed. He just made a motion like he was rolling his eyes, behind the hand on his face, with his head, crossing his arms.

You stood in front of the container and stared in through the thick acrylic for a moment, at the monster within, illuminated by lights above. It still wore pants, thank god. But it was still as massive and ugly as you remembered.

Without wasting another second, you climbed up the ladder until you were at the top, rolling up the sleeve of your dominant arm, and peered into the tank. The bubbles that provided the Nomu with oxygen popped frequently, letting out a chemical-scented gas that while harmless, you really, really hated. It’s impossible to get out of clothes.

Holding your breath and wrinkling your nose, you reached into the peroxide-smelling liquid and placed all five of your fingers onto the Nomu’s beak, who only tilted it’s head up a little to look at you with those freakish eyes, spread them out as you splayed your hand, and lifted him up, avoiding the dripping liquid as much as possible, holding him there so there wasn’t an unnecessary amount of “water” on the ground. God forbid any got on your father’s suit, you had picked that one out.

Slowly, you lowered him onto the ground in front of your father, holding on tight-- It was trying to tense up and move around. No way will you let it get away.

You moved your fingers until all tips were touching, and the Nomu let out a quiet hiss as you forced it to kneel and expose it’s brain to your father, who reached up slowly…

Then, you pressed your ear to your shoulder, your free hand to your other ear, and shut your eyes until the screaming stopped.


Even though you muffled it out the best you could, you could still hear the Nomu’s wails when you woke up the next morning.

It’s never bothered you this much before. Why was it bothering you now?

Worse, Izuku noticed.

Normally, you’d be waiting at his door-- This time, you had to open yours to his worried knocks.

“(F-F/N)?” He seemed to flinch when you opened the door, giving you a quick once over, “A-Are you okay? You look…”

“Like shit…?” You muttered, stepping out to lock your door with one hand, rubbing one of your tired eyes with the other-- You hard dark circles, your hair was probably fairly ruffled despite your half-assed attempt to tame it, and your uniform probably wasn’t as crisp and neat as you usually wore it.

“N-No! You, uhm--! Just look l-l-like you, uhm, d-d-didn’t… S-S-Sleep well…?”

You couldn’t help but smile while you locked your door and shoved your keys into your messenger back, turning and giving him a bright smile, “You’re so sweet, Izukun…!” You snatched his good hand--the other still in the sling--and twined your fingers together, swinging them back and forth as you led him off towards the stairs, “I know I’m not that pretty right now, really.”

“T-T-That’s not true-- W-Well, that uhm-- That is to say, you, uhm--!”  

You blinked and looked to him, taking in his pinkening face and slightly trembling lip,

“... You think I’m pretty…?”

He instantly turned fire-truck red and began sputtering, trying to turn his head away as much as physically possible--Without risking falling down the stairs-- “W-Well-- Y-Yes!?”

“I… Izukuuuun!”

“O-Ow! C-C-Careful for my arm, p-please--!”


Just like Papa had predicted, there was a ridiculous crowd of reporters in front of the school.

And they were blocking your’s and Izukun’s fucking path.

“How annoying, fucking vultures…”

“What was that, (F/N)...?”

“Hm? Oh, nothing!” You gave Izuku a bright smile in return for his confused glance, while you two were nearing the gate-- And immediately, one of the reporters pounced on the two of you.

“You two, high school lovebirds! What’s it like learning from All Might!?”

“Eh!?” Izuku jolted back, “S-Sorry, we’re due at the nurse’s office…!”

“You’re being a nuisance, get outta here, ya hag…!” You growled to the reporter on while Izuku was guiding you through the crowd, out of his earshot. The surprised look on her face made your inner-villain smirk in satisfaction.

People can be so annoying. Even if they were here for a reason.

You had briefly caught Tomura’s figure, as he stood across the street. He physically seemed just as annoyed to be here as you were internally, if his slouch was any indicator.

The reporters swallowed you up in an instant, and then somehow, the two of you made it out to see Mr. Aizawa trying to keep the reporters at bay himself. He took one glance at the two of you, then looked away with a sudden lack of even less amusement than usual.

‘Bitter Spinster.’


When all was said and done and the two of you, along with the rest of the class, had arrived and settled into your seats.

Everyone was dead silent as Aizawa stepped into the room and took up his spot at the podium, flopping down a stack of papers, “Good work with yesterday’s battle training. I’ve looked over your grades and evaluations.” He looked up, staring right at the second seat in the last row, the one you occupied, “Bakugou, grow up already. Stop wasting your talents.”

‘Ouch. That’s gotta sting.’ Even if you were internally gleeful at Bakugou receiving a scolding. He had it coming.

“... Got it.”

“... And, (L/N).”

‘Ah, shit,’ You did your best to not seem fazed while you glanced up from the pen you were rolling between your fingers.

“Same goes for you. Heroes should finish things quickly and cleanly, you’re perfect for that. Don’t waste time.”

‘I have nothing but time.’

But you decided not to argue or talk back… This time. The sooner the day was over, the better. “Sir, yes sir.” You gave a lazy salute with your pen, a small snigger tugging at the corners of your lips while his eyebrow twitched.

“Right, well…” He pulled his annoyed frown away from you and turned back to the general class, “Onto homeroom business… Sorry for the sudden announcement, but…”

‘... Why the hell does everyone look like they’re on the edge of their seat?’

“Today… You’ll pick a class president.”

A sigh was let out by nearly the entire class, someone muttering, “Such a normal school thing…!”

Then, everyone suddenly erupted it absolutely begging to be picked. Well, Izuku just meekly raised his hand.

‘Well, I guess it’s a big deal for UA Heroics. They lead the pack and it shows off their leadership skills, huh?’ You rolled your eyes away from the crowd, choosing to stare out the window, ‘... Everyone should shut up. Izukun is the best to be president, anyway.’

Four-Eyes proposed a voting system, even if his hand was raised the highest, explaining that whoever got more than one vote is obviously suited to lead.  

You folded your arms and laid your head on them while Aizawa was zipping up his sleeping bag, saying he didn’t care as long as it was sorted out quickly.

‘Old man has the right idea, maybe I should get me one of those.’

It was obvious who you voted for.

“Right, with four votes…” Aizawa rose out of his sleeping bag, “Midoriya will be president and with two votes, Yaoyorozu will be vice president.”


“Who the hell voted for Deku!?”

“I did!” You called out in a sing-song voice, smiling while resting your head on your propped up hands as Bakugou whipped his livid snarl around, “Dunno who the hell would vote for you, Baka-kun! You’re so angry, who would wanna follow you around?”

“Why, you--! I’ll fucking blast you away, you damn bi--!”


“Lunch period has begun,” Aizawa huffed, slinging his sleeping bag over his shoulder, “Get outta here.”


‘Any minute now,’ You thought begrudgingly as you waited in line for your lunch amidst an annoying crowded cafeteria, ‘Then this place will turn into a madhouse.’

Izukun, Uraraka, and Four-Eyes had somehow managed to get several people in front of you, and while normally you’d want to go ahead and cut in line… You just… Didn’t feel like it.


You didn’t want them to see your lack of surprise when hell broke loose.

“... Hey?”

Really, your dad had been a pain last night during dinner. He absolutely grilled you for information on the school, on All Might, etc.

“Hey, Crazy Girl.” A hand tapping on your shoulder dragged you out of your thoughts.

‘Don’t fucking touch me--’ You whipped your head around to glare into the face of your soon to be greatest enemy-- Then immediately softened in surprise when you were met with tired eyes and wild purple hair, “... Oh! It’s you!” You smiled and clapped your hands together, unconsciously stepping backward with the line as it progressed ever so slightly, “Shinsou, right!? How are you? Did you get into the hero course? Eh, who am I kidding! Of course, you did! You must be in the other cl--”

“No, I didn’t.”

He looked so… You couldn’t express it in your own words. He was… Stoic, emotionless, but… Like how you are when you’ve finished crying and can’t cry anymore.

Needless to say, you frowned, letting your hands fall to your sides, “Oh. Well, that’s stupid. Why not?”

“Because my quirk doesn’t work on robots.” He snorted, shoving his hands into his pockets, “Only on people. Enough of that, I was just going to ask why you were leaving a trail of blood for the janitorial robots to clean up yesterday. Did the first-year hero course’s number one really get messed up so easily already?”

You blinked in confusion.

‘I got messed up? When--?’

Then it hit you. Then you laughed. Like you had to clap your hand over your mouth to keep from drawing the attention of anyone in the immediate vicinity, you were giggling so much.

“No--Snort!--No!” You took a deep breath, giggled some more and continued with the line, waving a dismissive hand, “Please, you should have seen “number two” before then, I dragged him around like a ragdoll. I had just done a lot of training throughout the day and it used up the entirety of my quirk, so I started bleeding everywhere. No big deal.”

You didn’t have to look at Shinsou to see the disturbed curl in his lip or how one of his eyes twitched, “Well… Then.”

“Yep.” You clapped your hands together again, giggling quietly, “So, where are you now? General Studies, right? Is it fun?”

“No, it’s boring.” He grumbled, “Look, we don’t have to talk now, you know--”

“Why’s it boring? Oh, well, I guess it’s pretty obvious, you guys don’t have to worry about All Might’s shitty teaching.” You let out a sigh, shaking your head and shrugging with your entire arms, “Two boys nearly died! Well, one was because he was trying to kill my boy, but that’s beside the point. It’s probably more fun than sitting at a desk all day. Don’t worry! I’m sure you get into the hero course, Shinsou!” You shot him a big smile and a thumbs up, which seemed to… Annoy him. Oh well. You’re bored without Izukun, so he’ll just have to suffer. He talked to you first, after all. “What’s your quirk, anyway?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He snorted, rolling his eyes as you stepped up to one of the counters, he himself going to the one next to you, “Pork miso udon noodles, please. Bowl of rice. Can of blueberry green tea.”

“I’ll have what he’s having! Oh-- But add two red bean buns, please!”

Shinsou shot an annoyed glance at your chipper chirp, but didn’t say anything, even as you followed him with your matching tray.

Izukun’s table was full, and while normally, you would probably clear away the trash so you could sit next to him… Shinsou seemed very interesting right now.

“So, where do you want to sit, Shinsou!?”

“Why-- I didn’t say you could sit with me.” He let out a huff, “Go back to your hero friends, will you?”

“Can’t, all their seats are taken.” You whined quietly, pouting as you pushed through to walk closer behind him, “Hey, over there! There’s a spot in the back free, let’s go there!”

“I said--”



He was suddenly sitting down.

Not just sitting down, he had a napkin in his lap, his tray was in front of him, and the crazy girl from the entrance exam was sitting right across from him, cheerfully biting into one of the red bean buns she had added.

What the hell…!?

Did she have a… No, she doesn’t, that’s right. Her quirk is Teleportation or something like that.  

… But to have him suddenly sitting down with a friggin’ napkin in his lap… The hell kind of teleporting quirk was this?

“Sorry, you were taking too long,” She spoke with her free hand covering her mouth while she chewed, then swallowed, taking it away so she could grab her open can of blueberry tea, “So I just used my quirk. Hope you don’t mind getting through the crowd to a free table in zero time at all.”

“... Uh--”

“So! You know what my quirk is! I know yours works on people, not robots, so it’s going to have something to do with fleshy stuff. Probably minds, too, since you look like you haven’t slept a single night since your quirk manifested. I know a few people with mind-based quirks who look worse than you do, so work on that.”

‘She got all that just from a few words and context clues?’

“And, since you went so far as to try and take the entrance exam for the hero course, that means it’s got a lot of potential to be pretty heroic, huh?” She smiled up at him, shining and unassuming, “I know a person or two I’d like kicked out of the hero course, so… Tell me about yourself.”

‘This girl really is crazy… Kind of cute, but all kinds of crazy.’


The one bad thing about being able to pause the world? You can’t figure out what someone’s quirk is just by looking at them. If they aren’t using it, you could be completely clueless, especially if it’s an emitter. And it was dangerous to start a fight every time you wanted to find out.

So, you had to resort to using a silver-tongue.

‘There has to be a better word for that.’

But that's besides the point; Shinsou was so interesting. Maybe it was how he looked, the way he carried himself, the uninterested look he’s held ninety percent of the time you’d known him…

‘And,’ You thought, holding your polite smile while you stared at him in anticipation, ‘It’s like daddy always said. Not everyone can be heroes… Especially if they have a “villain’s” quirk. This guy obviously does. I want to know…! Maybe it’s something fun, like Persuasion! I kinda miss that quirk… Too bad the storage Nomu I gave it to died…’

“I have purple hair and eyes and I’m in the general studies department.”

You let out a laugh at his sarcasm, which seemed to catch him off guard, while you tore your half-eaten red bean bun in half, “You’re funny! I guess I wasn’t specific. Your quirk, tell me about it. I’d love to hear!”

“You really wouldn’t.” He grumbled as he picked up his chopsticks, purple eyes on his bowl of noodles in front of him. You had a feeling this was going to take a while.

“I would! Ah, you probably think you’ll out yourself and I’ll find out your weaknesses, huh?” You comical sighed, flopping back in your chair, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, there’s only one person in my class I’d share information with, and he’s…” You remembered the training class with All Might just yesterday. “... A little loose lipped, so I won’t be telling him anything else. Ever, probably. Come on!” You leaned over your tray, putting on your sweetest smile, batting your eyelashes, “You don’t have any friends yet, right? You need allies in the hero course to help you get in! It’s only logical.”

“And you’re going to be my friend?” He met your eyes again. Good. Even if he seemed skeptical and grouchy, eye contact was good. Then he looked back down to his food, slurping up a few noodles and a slice of pork.

“Only if you’ll let me.”

He looked back up.

“I’m here to be a hero, too. Helping people is my goal.”

‘It’s not.’

He looked away, chewing slowly, squinting a bit at the salt and pepper shakers.

“You can’t do much from the General Studies. You should be in the hero course… Well, if your quirk is strong enough. But I won’t know that unless you tell me, now, will I…?”

He paused for a second, swallowed, while you picked up the can of tea and took a sip.

“... Brainwashing.”


“What was that?” You hummed, even if you heard his mumble quite clearly.

He looked up with a slightly annoyed twitch, “Brainwashing,” He repeated, then seemed to hesitate, “... I… Can control anyone who verbally responds to me when I use it.”

You stared, wide eyed, almost dropping your can.

‘No. Fucking. Way.’


‘Guess crazy girl has a limit to creepy,’ Shinsou thought ruefully starting to sweat under her surprised stare. Really. He should be used to this by now. But, this girl could have been a direct ticket to the hero course, and now she was probably creeped out and terrified, and will never help him now, let alone speak, because his quirk is so villainous --

The gasp she let out made him jolt back, “That is so fucking cool.”

Oh. Maybe not.

“Think about it! Well, I’m sure you have-- You can get villains to just give up without having to do anything but say “hello” or whatever!” She was practically shining so bright his eyes were hurting, “If they recognize you, all you have to do is insult the shit out of their momma until they reply! But you can change your costume all you want so they don’t recognize you, you can have the support department make you a voice distorter and an amplifier, you can have all sorts of neat gadgets to help you get around and you can try out all sorts of neat apprehending weapons with me! I have a couple chains on reels, but you can have all sorts of cool stuff-- Hey!”


He barely blinked out of the daze she talked him into.

“You’re going to be an awesome hero, Shinsou-kun!”


‘Not after I steal your quirk, though.’





Chapter Text

“Deku-kun? Are you okay?”

“Eh?” Izuku blinked back into reality, pulling his eyes that had been staring past Iida and Uraraka back to the latter, “Oh! Y-Yeah!” He haphazardly threw a smile on his face, “I’m fine! Everything is fine! Why?”

“Because you’re here--” Uraraka snorted, covering her mouth to keep from spewing rice.

“... Oh! I get it!” Iida raised his arm that didn’t have a hold of his orange juice, “You’re making an All Might joke! Very clever, Uraraka!”

“Thanks, Iida-- But besides that,” She frowned back at Izuku, little brows knit, “You seem distracted, Deku-kun… Is something-- Wait, where’s (F/N)? I thought she was only a few people behind us in line…”

“Ah, well…” He looked past them again, pursing his lips, then quickly snapped them back. “S-She just decided to sit somewhere else, I guess! Haha…”

Uraraka frowned, slightly, and Izuku made the mistake of glancing over her shoulder again. So, she turned, and Iida followed suit, trying to catch a glimpse at just what…

She gasped like she had just read about a juicy, gossipy scandal.

“Deku-kun! Who is that your girlfriend is sitting with!?”

“I uh, don’t kn-- S-S-She’s not my girlfriend!”

After that, Izuku barely managed to redirect the conversation-- Uraraka was a big help, although he isn’t sure she really meant to. He found out Iida’s older brother is Ingenium, Uraraka likes white rice quite a bit, and--


“T-The alarm?!” Izuku shot up, along with most of the other students.


He immediately snapped his eyes over to (F/N)-- No, no need, she was already being pulled along by the purple haired boy she was sitting with.

“Midoriya, come on!”



You’d like to think of yourself as a patient person. You don’t panic or make rash decisions. You might have “all the time in the world” to decide on things, but even if you didn’t, you never ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Like literally every single fucking student in this dumbass school, and how they all ran to the exit like ants from a flood.

It would be hilarious on any other day, seriously. You would be busting a blood vessel in your brain from laughing hard enough to puke.

Except on this day, at this moment, you were being pulled along by your wrist, being touched without your say-so, and normally you would be tearing the person holding onto you a shiny new one.

Shinsou was pulling you in with the rest of the ants. He growled, more so to himself than you or anyone else, “Come on, shouldn’t these people be acting a bit calmer than this?”

All the yelling, and pushing and shoving and being touched when you did not say you could be touched-- It’s too much. Your skin is crawling. Your chest is suddenly pounding, your heart won’t rest, your stomach feels like it’s going to reject your entire lunch--


Crazy girl had gotten a certain twinkle in her eyes when the alarms went off. The same one he saw before she went to attack the Zero-Pointer in the exam. He knew it; if he didn’t hold onto her tight, she would try to go find the villains to fight them herself.

Which, would be incredibly stupid.

So he grabbed her, held on tight, and dragged her into the crowd of students in hopes of getting outside. No way he was going to let someone get hurt when he could do something. She knew what his quirk was, no doubt she wouldn’t say anything back to him and give him the chance to take her under his control.

Although, he didn’t plan on her simply yanking out of his hold, instead of teleporting out.

Shisou whipped around, ready to yell at her to not try anything, only to see her…


Shinsou knows a panic attack when he sees one.

Her eyes were wide and darting from place to place, her chest was heaving, she was curling in on herself and wincing and flinching at every touch and shove--


Shit, he fucked up.

He fucked up and now this girl who apparently has a fear of crowds or touching is freaking out.

“Oi!” His shout caused her eyes to snap over to him-- Away-- Back to, “Get a hold of yours-- self--!” Shinsou didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence before he was swept up into the crowd and got knocked down-- His back hit the ground and the wind got knocked out of him. He winced in pain then opened his eyes to see a foot about to collide with his face--


It never came.

One second, he was about to have his face broken, the next, he was… Standing… Up…

Right back in the cafeteria, on the outer edge of the crowd that had yet to make it into the hallway. Crazy girl was standing next to him with her hand on his shoulder and clutching her chest with the other, head bowed-- She was shaking and sucking in breathes through clenched teeth.

“Oi--” Shinsou knit his brows, “Are you alri--?”

“I’m fine,” She suddenly hissed, jerking her hand away from him--he swore he felt something else tugging on his coat where her hand pulled away, but wouldn’t realize it until much later--and took several steps back, shaking her hands furiously as she stumbled into a chair and sat down.

“You’re not.”

Her eyes snapped up to him, and he almost wished he kept his mouth shut-- If looks could kill, he had a feeling he should have written his will.

“Yes, I am.” She flexed her hands and scanned the crowd with a critical eye, frowning. Shinsou only studied her for a few more seconds to make sure she really was okay--She wasn’t. She was still shaking.

It’s a little hard to help someone who doesn’t want it, though. For now, they were relatively safe; in numbers. Now was the time to formulate a plan to get outside…--

“Everyone! Everything is fine!”

‘What’s that?’

He was barely able to glance over the many heads of people.

“Everything is fine! It’s just the press! There’s nothing to panic about! This is UA, behave in a way that is befitting of this institution!”

“That’s Four-Eyes,” Shinsou glanced over at Crazy Girl while she muttered, to see she was suddenly eating a red bean bun.

‘... Did she steal that?’

“Come on,” She tossed the last bite into her mouth and stood up, dusting her hands-free of nothing. Her eyes were still narrowed everywhere she looked, arms crossing while she led the way back to their table, “All that for nothing, huh.” More muttering. Shinsou wasn’t sure if she was talking to him or herself, “You’d think these people would know to chill the hell out, huh.”

“... Yeah.” He responded weakly, as she sat back down and snatched up her can of tea, taking his place back across from her.

She whipped her phone and began swiping her thumb over the screen, frowning at the display while drinking. For several minutes, as chatter slowly returned to the cafeteria, they were silent. At some point Shinsou went back to his meal.

“Mm,” She set her drink down and pocketed the device, turning her attention back to him, “So, where were we?”

Where were they…? It’s hard to remember after all that excitem--

‘You’re going to be an awesome hero, Shinsou-kun!’

“No idea.”

“Oh.” She frowned, then pursed her lips, staring past him for a moment, before shrugging and returning to her previous smile--the bright one--meeting his eyes again, “So, what makes you want to be a hero?”

Shinsou just slowly blinked.

‘... What? Why the hell else would I want to be?’

She didn’t waver, only tilted her head slightly, still staring expectantly despite his several moments of silence.

“... We can’t help what we want to be.”

“Because everyone thinks you’re villain material, huh?” Her quick response made him suck in a breath between his teeth and jerk his head up in surprise, while she just casually leaned back, staring absently past him again.

He was about to open his mouth to speak, to tell her yes, everyone thought he was a villain in the making because of his quirk. And he wanted to prove them wrong, that he could be a hero.

But she fixed her eyes back on him, and he immediately snapped his mouth shut. He had at least expected pity in her eyes.

But no.

She, instead, held a sour glare.

“Those golden eggs sure are lucky. Being born with quirks that are powerful and physical, huh?”

‘Yes,’ He immediately, internally agreed, ‘They can just--’

“They can just punch things and move on. Isn’t that just the shittiest thing? Society favors the powerful. Forgets the clever. The ones that really get shit done.

‘Yes, they… They do… Where is she going with this? Probably something about…’

“But if you had the chance to take on a physical quirk, would you?”


“... What?”

“If you had the chance,” She leaned in, crossing her arms on the table, smile turned almost… Sickeningly sweet, “To exchange your quirk for something that’s physical, strong, and flashy… Would you?”

‘Would I?’

“Pretend, just for a few minutes, that it’s a very real possibility,” She snatched up and tore the other red bean bun in half, inspecting the filling thoughtfully, “You could be rid of that quirk that people hate, and you can get something they’ll appraise. Super strength. Absorb and Release attacks. Create spears from your bones, make multiple limbs, recoil impacts, air cannons, muscle enlargement…” Her eyes sank into his again.

Shinsou suddenly felt like he was staring judgment day right in the eyes.

“If you could exchange Brainwash for a quirk that could put you on par with All Might’s physical prowess... Would you?”


Izuku was left to do some important thinking after the false alarm.

Well-- He already decided that Iida should be class president, not himself. That much was obvious.

What else? The fact that (F/N) seemed to just… Abandon him.

Well-- surely she didn't mean to! The boy isn't sitting with anyone else, she probably wanted to keep him company! She's selfless like that!

… Kind of stung how she didn't stop by to check on him once everyone filed back into the cafeteria, though. She just went straight back with the other guy, and they returned to talking-- She laughed at things he said, smiled, looked thoughtful, looked… Happy…

'Well, she's making friends so that's good, right? Besides, it’s only one time, and the third day of school.’

Yet he still felt a pang in the pit of his stomach that he’s only ever felt for two reasons. One, when he saw someone showing off their quirk, and that was before he got one himself. Two, when he saw footage of someone meeting All Might. Before he met the legend himself. And got his quirk from him.

'Am I really jealous that (F/N) happens to be talking to another guy for the first time?’


“A-Ah! Yeah?!”

“Are you jealous that (F/N) is sitting with another guy?”

“Uraraka-san! You should be more considerate when you ask about sensitive subjects!”

“N-No, of course not!” Izuku tried to laugh it off, quickly swiping his chopsticks and bowl of katsudon back up, “I’m glad she's making friends! Really! It's a good thing! She barely had any friends before me--uhm--I don't think she had any at all? But she's making more friends now! So she’ll have lots of people to talk to, and, uhm--"

He barely looked over their shoulders once to see (F/N) smiling with half-lidded eyes as she rested her chin on her propped up hand, leaning towards the boy who was smiling as well--

“S-So… yeah. She doesn't have to be with me all the time.”

'Even though I was kind of getting used to it.’

Uraraka didn't look convinced, but at least she dropped it.


“... No.”

The answer didn’t surprise you.

Even if you would have rather been surprised.

Regardless, you held your tight-lipped smile as he continued.

“I… I don’t hate my quirk,” Shinsou continued slowly, thoughtfully poking at his noodles with his chopsticks, “I just hate the way people view it. If I lose my quirk, it’s… It's like losing a part of myself, even if I get something else.” He trailed his eyes up to meet your’s, “... Understand?”

You let out a throaty giggle, eyes half-lidded while you smiled softly, “Yeah, I do.”

‘I gave him the chance to be complacent.’ You passed him half of your last red bean bun, which he glanced down at, to you, and reluctantly took it, ‘I’ll have to give Papa a visit tonight.’



You were supposed to have dinner with Izukun and his mother. You’d have to ask dad to let Fumiko come over and help you cook-- By that, you mean do all the cooking.  

And tonight, he’ll want your presence to go over the next phase of the operation.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

“Why the sudden panic?” Shinsou’s monotone drawl brought your attention back to your current “company”, “One second you looked like you were going to eat someone alive, now you look like you’re going to be eaten alive.”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” You waved a hand and snatched up your chopsticks with your other, “I just have a lot to think about.”

“What? Do people seriously think Teleporting is villainous?”

You barked out a laugh and let yourself fall against the backrest of your chair, kicking your feet back and forth a bit, “No! That’s not it!” You calmed your giggles and slurped up some noodles, trying not to laugh while you ate, “I just realized I have some important plans that are going to overlap. Mm, but that aside,” You returned to your pleasant, cheerful… Persona , “I’m going to work on helping you get into the hero course. I know a couple students that are just…” You frowned, thinking about your choice of words for a moment, “... Pathetic.”

“That so.” He mumbled around a bite of the red bean bun you gave him, “Well, you know my tragic backstory. Why do you want to be a hero?”

“Partly to piss off my father,” You smiled when he made a mildly surprised noise, “Partly because…” ‘Lie. He’s one of those “true heroes”, so he won’t accept your silly reasons. He’s bitter about not getting into the hero course.’ You frowned, looking off to the side, observing the salt and pepper shakers like he had, “... He was attacked. By a villain. Nearly died, too. He lost almost his entire face, he only has his mouth now and has to breathe through tubes. Meanwhile, the villain got away scot-free.” You sighed, shaking your head, “The only reason he can’t force me to stay home is that he physically can’t.”

“So, what? You want to get revenge on the villain who hurt your dad?”

Your eyes flickered up to him, with a sly smirk curling your lip, “Yeah, you could say that.”


“I have to go to my dad’s, but we’re still on for dinner! Does seven sound like an okay time?” You were walking backward next to Izukun with your messenger bag slung over your shoulder, trying to ignore a headache that still hung around from lunch. The school day had just ended, and you both, along with most of the rest of the student body, were leaving through the front gates.

“Ah-- Yeah, I’ll let mom know…” He had a hand on the back of his neck and frowned, watching the ground in front of himself pass by.

‘He’s been like this since we got back from lunch…’

“Izukun--” You turned around and walked normally next to him, frowning, “Are you okay? Is something wrong?”

‘Who do I have to kill.’

“Y-yeah? Why?” He tried to perk up and put on a smile-- But it was his usual wobbly one.

“Don’t lie, Izukun.”

‘That’s my thing.’

“You’ve been acting funny since lunch, did something happen?”

“N-No!” He quickly flailed his hands in front of himself, “I-I’m just-- Thinking! Is all!” He went quiet, then spoke a bit… Quieter, “... D… Did you know that boy you were sitting with?”

You blinked. Once. Twice.

“Shinsou?” Then panic shot up your back.

‘Oh… Oh no-- He thinks--’

“Y-Yeah!” You laughed-- Strained--and waved a casual hand, “We met at the entrance exam! We were just chatting. He didn’t make it into the hero course, but I think he’ll be able to transfer in, in time. He’s got a really powerful quirk--! Ah, not that I’ll say anything, I promised not to tell. I was going to sit with you, but your table was full, and Shinsou looked lonely, so--”

“I can be your hero!”

“Shit--” You swore quietly and paused in place, quickly rummaged around in your messenger bag, pouting in frustration until you had it in your hand. “Hey, Papa--”

“What took you so long to answer?”

“S-Sorry, I had to find my phone--”

“Are you out in public? Why aren’t you back to your apartment?”

“I just got out of school--!”

“Forget it, just duck into an alley somewhere off school grounds and have Kurogiri bring you to me. We’ve got big plans and I don’t want them to go a toe out of place.”

“Y-Yes, Papa--”


“I gotta go,” You muttered, shoving your phone into your skirt pocket, “I’ll-- I’ll call you when dinner is ready, okay?”

“(F/N)--” Izukun caught your arm before you could run off. You looked back to see him with his brows creased worriedly, “I-Is everything okay…?”


“Yeah!” Your face broke out into a bright, blinding smile, ‘Lie. Lie. Lie.’  “Everything is just fine! I’ll see you in two hours, Izukun!”

He slowly let you go, giving a timid nod, “R… Right. T-Two hours.”


You had broken out into a run as soon as Izukun let you go, rounding the corner past the gate until you got to a string of shops-- You ducked between a tea shop and a corner store, looking around cautiously for cameras.

Satisfied that you were alone and not being watched, you pulled your phone back out of your pocket and quickly opened up Kurogiri’s text conversation-- And pinged your location.

A moment later, an inky, black and purple mass appeared in the air, and you stepped through.

You stepped into your father’s laboratory, landing right next to him where he sat at his desk in front of his screens. A quick scan around the room told you that the two of you were alone.

“Good, you’re here.” He held the arm next to you out, inviting you in for a one-armed hug, “I was beginning to worry. I don’t like you being surrounded by heroes.”

‘Oh… So… That’s why he sounded so intense on the phone.’ You didn’t try to bite back the relieved smile that nearly split your face as you dove in, stringing your arms around his neck, ‘He’s not mad, he just cares.’ “I’m sorry, Papa-- I promise, I’m doing good. No one suspects a thing and I even found someone with a quirk I want!”

“Hmm, really?” He smiled, allowing you to take a seat on the armrest of his chair, “What quirk is that, sweetheart?”

And once more, an alarm instantly went off in your head.

‘No. He’ll want it.’

That was the downside of this relationship.

You both secretly competed for quirks to steal.

Papa could have as many as he wanted. You could only have three. You’ve already lost several fun ones to him-- Rivet. Bonespear. Tool arms. ‘Those aren’t good quirks for you. I don’t want you to mutilate your body.’ So you relented and gave them up.

Brainwash was incredibly powerful.

No way you would give it up. But if you took it, you’d have to tell Papa, and then he’ll want to take it… If you told him, he’ll take it for himself…

Damnit. Well, Shinsou would be able to keep it for now. Not like Papa planned on attacking the general studies department.


“It’s a secret!” You clapped your hands together, “I’ll show you when I get it!”


‘Shit shit shit--’

“Alright then, sweetheart. Just be careful and make sure you pick a quirk that you don’t need and leave it with a storage Nomu.”

“Okay, Papa!” You leaned over and pecked his forehead with a big smile, then turned your attention to the screens.

Tomura was in a warehouse with Kurogiri next to him, the camera behind them. In front of them where they stood on a makeshift stage…

Was one hell of a crowd. At least a hundred-- Maybe not that big, but a hundred people of all shapes and sizes could give the impression of being massive.

“Watch and learn, (F/N).”

Tomura began to pitch the plan.

“I’m quite surprised at the turnout. I expected more.” He sighed, crossing his arms, then changed his pitch to a more pleasing tone, “But I suppose that just means you are the best of the best.”

‘Flattery.’ You frowned, narrowing your eyes, ‘Please, I use that trick all the time. What am I supposed to learn from him?’

“So, you all are here for one reason and one reason only--” He spread his arms, “-- To kill The Symbol of Peace, to end All Might.”

He was met with a chorus of cheers and whoops.

“It’s because of him that we can’t live our simple lives, use our quirks as we please-- he inspires more and more heroes. Well, to kill a hive, you simply kill the Queen Bee.”

You snorted. All Might? A queen bee? You had to cover your mouth to prevent your laughter from bubbling out, imagining All Might in a bee costume with a stinger and a crown--

“Oi!” One of the villains in the crowd called out, “If we’re supposed to kill All Might, how are we gonna do it!? He’s number one-- I’ve seen him in action! Dude is no joke!”

Tomura had to take a second to breathe, to control his anger from being interrupted. Worse, underestimated.

Tomura’s low, eerie voice barely came over the speakers, “Nomu.”  

The creature stepped into view on Tomura’s other side.

Anti-Might. You shivered slightly just from looking at the creature. The thought that it had nearly gotten the jump on and could have killed you returned, from the night of the exam day.

Papa briefly squeezed you against him, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. It’s completely under Tomura’s control.”

‘For some reason, that doesn’t comfort me.’

“This guy here is stronger than All Might… When he was in his prime.”

A hushed murmur flooded the crowd.

“You see, the media doesn’t show it…” Tomura once more gained their attention, “Because he’s so great at hiding it. But if you know what to look for, you would see that All Might is weakening. He’s getting older. So… Why don’t we nudge him along?”

You briefly glanced at the time displayed on the corner of the screen, “Papa,” You whispered to him, received with a grunt in response, “I don’t want to be rude, but can I have Fumiko tonight? I’m having my friend and his mother over for dinner as thanks for all they’ve done for me.”

“All they’ve done for you?” He murmured, still facing the screen--Well, he doesn’t have eyes, anyway--and snorted, “What could they have possibly done that's more important than this?” It was more of a statement than a question, “Now, pay attention.”

“... But can I borrow her or not?”

He sighed, “Yes, yes you can.”

“Thank you Papa!” You quickly pecked his forehead again, “But, I’m sort of in a hurry-- Can you just tell me what my part is?”

He drummed his fingers on his other armrest.


“You’re in… Class 1A, correct?”

“... Yes, I am.”

“That’s the class we intend to go in with.” He hummed, still drumming his fingers, “I’d like to keep you in the class in case something just happens to go wrong. You’ll cut through all those pathetic cannon-fodder in minutes if you’re expected to take the hero’s side. So… Take a sick day. Go to Dr. Nishimura and have him give you a light cold or something in case you have to see anybody… And get a doctor’s note.”

“T… That’s it?”

His drumming fingers stopped, “Yes, that’s it.”

You fidgeted a bit and turned back towards the screen, frowning. In a way, you were glad you didn’t have to go along with Tomura’s half-baked plan. In another, you were… Sort of…


No, that’s not right. You were…


You were worried.

“... Papa?”


“Will…” You purse your lips and wring your hands a bit, darting your attention between Tomura, the Nomu, back to Tomura, the crowd, the Nomu, Kurogiri, Tomura, the Nomu-- “Will anyone get hurt? Well-- Besides All Might, duh… Like, uhm, my classmates?”

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

You felt a bead of sweat run down your neck.

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

“It depends on how much of a fight they put up. Why do you care?”  

“I don’t want some of them to get hurt,” You blurted out before you could stop yourself.


“... Really?”

Your heart leaped into your throat and did somersaults, and suddenly, you could hear the blood rushing in your ears.

Too late now, you have to finish what your big mouth started.

“Y… Yes.”

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

“Yes, really, Papa. I like them. I want them to live-- Maybe I could bring them to our side...” You paused for a second, trying to come up with something that would really sell your story. “... I at least want their quirks.”

“This is Tomura’s mission, I can’t guarantee anything--”

“I don’t care if it’s Tomura’s mission!” You shot up, spinning around to face him and clutched your fists at your sides, “Tomura this, Tomura that, I’m your daughter, damnit! Not some dingy brat you found on the streets!” You start to raise your voice, “It was my plan to go to UA in the first place, I should have dibs on anything that happens there! And if anyone hurts my Izukun,” You shook, grinding your teeth, “I swear, I’ll ruin everything! Tell him not to let anyone touch my Izukun, Papa!”

“Watch your tone, young lady--”

“Tell him!” You stomped your foot, “Tell him! Tell him! Tell him! Tell him or I swear I’ll out all of you--!”

“Shiikan (F/N)!”

The building shook. The lights flickered and you had to catch yourself or else land on your rear. The monitors nearly fell, and on the screens, Tomura and the rest of his entourage looked around in confusion as the camera quivered.

And suddenly a hand was on your throat.

You were dragged to stand in front of your father, lowered down so you were face-to-not-much-face with him, scrambling for footing as you clutched at the appendage-- Trying to pry it off--

‘I can’t-- I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe--!’

You stared with aching, wide eyes into empty sockets.

The voice didn’t even sound like your father’s.

This voice was cold and crept up your back and settled in your bones.

“Don’t you dare threaten me, young lady,” He spoke low and slow, and the hand tightened, even as tears pricked your eyes and your head began pounding, like your heart in the pit of your stomach.

‘He’s going to kill me.’

“I am your father. You will not stand in my way. Don’t think for a second that you could ever inhibit me, don’t think for a second that I won’t get rid of you the second you prove to be too much trouble.”

You were turning blue with your lungs screaming for air, your eyes watering until they spilled over.

‘He’s going to kill me he’s going to kill me he’s going to k i l l m e --

“Know your place.”

And just like that, you were dropped to the side like a ragdoll. He turned all his attention on the screens, retracting his expanded arm, while you were on the ground gasping for air, coughing and sobbing, one hand cradling your bruising neck and the other weakly pulling yourself away.  

‘I’m the shittiest daughter ever. How could I ever think about getting papa arrested…? How could I ever think about stopping his dream? Was I really going to throw him away for the first boy I meet?’

You slowly swallowed, and whimpered out meekly, “I… I’m sorry, Papa…!” You reached up and wiped your eyes on the back of your hand, drawing in quick and shaky breaths, “I-I’m sorry…!”

Your life wasn’t immediately threatened anymore. You could leave now and he wouldn’t stop you. So why were you apologizing? You didn’t have to beg for forgiveness.

‘But it’s my fault. It’s my fault he got mad. It’s my fault he hurt me. I should be ashamed. He’ll never forgive me and I deserve it--’

“It’s fine, sweetheart.” And just like that, it felt like the world was taken off your shoulders. “Just don’t let it happen again. Go ahead and take Fumiko and enjoy your night. But you are not allowed alone with that boy, understand?”

“Y-Yes, Papa.” You stood up on wobbly legs and bowed, “I-I’ll see you later...”

With that, you straightened up and scurried off. Except, as soon as you entered the hallway and slid the door to your father’s laboratory shut, you clasped your hand over your mouth and sunk to the floor against the wall.

‘He forgave me…’ You swallowed again and drew in a breath through your nose so fast your entire windpipe stung, ‘He forgave me. He forgave me. He forgave me.’

The hand slid down to rest against your neck and the other slapped over your eyes as you let out a quiet whimper, ‘I don’t deserve it. I threatened him. I threatened to get my own father arrested. How could I? What’s wrong with me?’ Memories of spending happy moments with him began to flash behind your eyes.

When you were little and he took you to the carnival. When he won you a stuffed teddy bear. The nomu he gave you to play with-- He had even sat in at a tea party. Helping you study, enjoying dinner together, giving you some of your favorite quirks that you still have stored away, teaching you how to make nomu…

His cold demeanor as soon as you started going to UA. His cold, sharp voice when you went one toe out of line.

The fact that he almost killed you and threatened to go through with it.

‘He almost killed me… How stupid can I be? It’s my fault. I should know better…!’

Just as you were rearing a hand to slap yourself, a soft voice interrupted you, barely audible over the electronic sound of people cheering from the speaker in the closed-off room.

“Miss (F/N)?”

Fumiko wearing her usual faded, worn attire-- A pale forest-green cardigan that was stretched out beyond restoration, sleeves of it and the thin grey cotton shirt beneath pushed up, a long grey skirt that went to her ankles, and worn out pink house slippers. The most different thing about her at the moment was her hair was pulled back in a loose, small ponytail.

She slowly crouched next to you, smoothing out the back of her skirt so it hugged her legs, still speaking in almost a whisper, “Do you need something?”

You furiously shook your head and roughly rubbed your eyes on your school uniform, scrubbing away any hint of tears, “N-No-- Well, yes-- I need you tonight.”

Fumiko never asked questions, thank god.

“I want to make my friend and his mom homemade dinner but I can’t cook. Will you come to help me?”

The older woman only softly nodded, “Of course, Miss (F/N)...” She slowly stood, holding her hand out for you-- Which you waved away, standing up on your own and ignoring the aching in your muscles and head.

“I want to make donabe. Can we do that?”

Another nod, “We’ll… Have to go shopping.”

She glanced down at you, opening her mouth to murmur something-- Then went wide-eyed as she winced.

Her eyes were on your neck.


Strange. She didn’t use a title.

“... Let me find you a scarf.”


Izuku was able to hear his neighbor(s?) through the walls before he and his mother were supposed to head over for the evening. It was around half an hour until seven, while he was working on his homework at his desk, when there was a thud and a quiet yelp next door.

Followed closely by muffled yelling.

“Fuck! Ow! Fumiko, help! This stupid dish rag tried to kill me! Throw it on the stove and light it up! … No, set it on fire! It deserves to die!”

“Uhg, fine…! Only because I don’t want no stupid firefighters poking around my apartment…”

Whoever Fumiko was, they must be pretty experienced with handling (F/N).

Izuku had a feeling he would’ve been burning a dish rag.

“I can handle cutting some stupid vegetables, Fumiko. It’s just a knife, how dangerous can it b-- Fucking shit--!”


Izuku hadn’t taken two steps out of his room until he was bombarded by his mother.

“Izuku, does this look alright? Do you think I’m overdressed? I wanted to look nice but-- Are you going to wear that!?”

“Huh?” He looked down his t-shirt that read “T-SHIRT”, quirking a brow, “W-What’s wrong with it…?” He looked up to the matriarch and suddenly felt… Underdressed.

She was wearing a nice black skirt, shiny green blouse--silk? Since when did she wear silk?--with a black blazer and went so far as to wear sheer leggings and heels, and even broke out the matching gold and emerald necklace and earrings set his father had sent her for their anniversary. Her hair was even curled and she wore makeup.

“You have to wear something nicer! Your girlfriend invited us for a meal, show her you’re excited and respectful!”

“S-She’s not my-- Ah!”

Too late, she dragged him back into his room.

Five minutes later, he emerged wearing black slacks, loafers, and a green dress shirt he didn’t even know he owned with a black vest over it. She even wrestled a tie around his neck.

“M-Mom, we’re just going to (F/N)’s, she has almost every meal with us every day anyway…”

“It’s the principle of it, Izuku!”

“Uhm, o-okay…”

And at seven on the dot, they were next door in front of (F/N)’s apartment, knocking on the door.

A muffled, “Just a second-- Fumiko, they’re here!” and another minute later, the door opened, hitting them both with the smell of mouth-watering food, and revealing a bright smile on (F/N)’s face as she appeared in the doorway. “Hey! Come on in!”

Izuku’s mom had to give him a nudge on the back, he was too busy taking in her appearance. He noted the band-aid on her finger, but mostly the simple black dress knee-length dress, with a turtleneck and mid-length sleeves. It was surprising plain for her but, holy cow is she --

“P-P-Pardon the intrusion!” He’s stuttering in sync with his mother. Again.

(F/N) shut the door behind them while they took off their shoes, prancing off down the short hall, just as a woman Izuku had never met before appeared from the kitchen, wiping her hands on a washcloth.

“Izukun, Ms. Midoriya, this is Fumiko! She’s my dad’s nurse and my caretaker since I was little.”

The woman was…

Long? Tall. Long arms, long legs, very tall--she had to rival All Might in his True Form… And even resemble him, if she were slightly thinner. The shortest thing about her was her hair that was blunt, white, and chin-length. But it was also thin. Even her clothes seemed… Fitting. Long, loose, dull everything.

He wondered what her quirk was.

“Pleased to meet you!” His mother and himself quickly bowed, putting on friendly faces. Ms. Fumiko only gave a slow bow and straightened up, not saying a word.

“Alright!” (F/N) clapped her hands together, still smiling wide, “Let’s go ahead and get to the food before it gets cold-- We made donabe!”

“Oh, really?” His mom gasped softly, following (F/N) and Ms. Fumiko, Izuku behind her, “That sounds wonderful-- It smells it too!”

“Fumiko is a great cook.” (F/N) led them to her living room-- Where her pink kotatsu was set with an impressive spread. Simmering individual hot pots stuffed with all sorts of ingredients, seasoned sticky rice, bean buns…

Izuku had to swallow to keep from drooling, just the rich smell from the beef and simmering vegetables in their clayware pots was enough to make his stomach growl.

‘Maybe I should ask her if we can eat at her place more…!’


“And now they have all taken their seats. It appears the boy is… Midoriya Izuku, another UA student, along with his mother, Midoriya Inko. The profiles our mole was able to procure only have the absolute basics listed, not including their quirks.”

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

“You know, Kurogiri, you hear those stories about protective fathers going to extremes to… “Protect” their daughters…”

Kurogiri felt a chill run through the air. The silence was stretching as his master uselessly stared at the screen before him, the camera placed in the young misses living room, hidden in a smoke detector, showing a perfect view of the little get together she was having.

Tell you what, if she knew she was being watched all hours she was home…

But when the silence continued on for several more minutes, Kurogiri finally came up with a response.

“... I supp--”

“Tomorrow, make sure he never walks again.”

The cold laboratory suddenly became a freezer. Kurogiri searched his memory, but can’t remember the possibility of his Master having taken an ice-based quirk.

“Take a leg. An arm. All his limbs, I don’t care if he dies, make sure he never becomes a hero.”

“... Yes, sir.”

All for One was his master first, or rather, his only master. He shouldn’t have any qualms about doing something the young miss explicitly didn’t want.

But the girl was as unstable as Shigaraki Tomura. Naturally, retaliation was sure to be ugly… He’d have to be careful.

And if she comes for him, make sure to redirect her anger to her father.  


“So, Ms. Fumiko,” Izuku’s mother briefly lowered her chopsticks, looking across the table to the other woman, who slowly looked up, “How did you begin working for Mr. (L/N)?”

Ms. Fumiko blinked once. Twice.

“... Who--”

“Koff--Koff! Koff!” (F/N) suddenly started coughing into her sleeve, going so far as to leaning away from the table and beating a fist on her chest.

Izuku stammered, eyes widening, “(F/N)? A-Are you okay?” ‘She isn’t getting sick, is she? We have more hero training tomorrow! She wouldn’t want to miss that…!’

“I-I’m fine!” She laughed, sitting up straight, creasing her brows, “I’m fine--Fumiko here started working for my father after, ahem, they met through an help ad when she was a teenager and I was a toddler. She was my first babysitter. And then…” She coughed into her closed fist, frowning, “I uhm… Never told you about my father, did I, Mrs. Midoriya?”

“Hm…?” The older woman tilted her head a bit, “No, I don’t think… Well, you did say Ms. Fumiko here was his nurse…” She suddenly flailed slightly, flustered, “Y-You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to!”

(F/N) just laughed softly--A sound that made Izuku relax and tense all at once.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t mind talking about it.” She briefly cast a glance to Ms. Fumiko--Did she flinch? No, maybe he’s just seeing things--and straightened up, clearing her throat, “Well, few years ago, my father was attacked by a villain and… Mortally wounded. He did survive, but…” She frowned, pushing the ingredients of her donabe around in their pot, “He lost most of his face. It took the doctors nearly twenty-three hours to piece him back together, and it took years to… Mostly heal. He has no eyes, or nose, or ears… He has to stay hooked up to machines to keep him alive…”

She gripped her chopsticks so tightly that they creaked, on the verge of snapping.

“And the villain got away and gets to live happy and free.”

She cleared her throat again, and suddenly, the air lightened--he didn’t even notice how heavy it got until the figurative blanket was lifted--He was able to take a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

“But, I guess that’s why I want to go to UA so badly.” She smiled softly at his mother, “To fight against the same evil that hurt my father.”


‘Well, the same “evil” that all of you worship.’ You held your soft smile with a lot of difficulty. Looking at Ms. Midoriya as she rambled on praises and condolences helped.

Your aching throat did not.

‘He’s just frustrated. It’s a stressful time and I was being unreasonable,’ You silently told yourself, while Fumiko and Ms. Midoriya turned the conversation to a subject that may have had something to with cooking. ‘He’s just trying to reach his goal so he can protect me better. I shouldn’t have been so demanding.’

‘Not wanting someone you care about to die isn’t unreasonable, though.’

‘Shut up.’

‘Who else is going to talk to you? The actual you?’

‘Izukun will. I don’t need a voice in my head anymore, so go away!’

‘Come on, be realistic. Izukun wouldn’t want anything to do with you if he knew who you were.’

‘Just-- Shut up! This is my time, got it!? Mine! The only time I don’t have to think about being a villain or fake-training to be a hero, so back off!’


Sweet, sweet silence.

… And not just in your head.

You blinked back into reality and looked up, meeting Izuku’s wide, worried eyes-- Then saw Ms. Midoriya’s, and Fumiko’s… Tired staring.

“What?” You looked between them, “Is something on my face?”

“Y-You just looked… T-Troubled.” Izukun tried to let out a placating chuckle, even if it came out dry and broken. ‘It’s the thought that counts.’

“You were scowling at your dinner and grinding your teeth,” Fumiko bluntly murmured, lifting some noodles with her chopsticks, “Dr. Nishimura won’t be happy if you wear down your enamel.”

“Dr. Nishimura?” Inko blinked in surprise, “Nishimura Hayato?”


“No,” You quickly cut Fumiko off, “Nishimura, uhm, Hideyoshi I believe. Nishimura is--it’s a common surname.”

“Oh, yes, I suppose so.” Mrs. Midoriya waved a hand, “Sorry, sorry, Dr. Nishimura Hayato was Izuku’s quirk pediatrician, that's why I was asking.”

‘Fumiko, quit being so loose-lipped!’ You resisted the urge to glare at the woman, in case Izuku or his mother caught it. You opted to just casually slurp up the rest of the noodles from your donabe, let out an exaggerated satisfied sigh, just as Izuku was finishing up.

“That was delicious, Ms. Fumiko, thank you!” He politely nodded, smiling to the older woman.

She nodded once, slowly, “You’re welcome…”

“Here, let me take that-- Fumiko, help me with the dishes, please?” You cast her a look that she immediately blinked at, and understood.

“... Of course.”

One minute later, you stood close next to Fumiko at the sink as the two of you washed dishes, hissing quietly to her, “Can you be any more loose-lipped?! That’s sarcasm-- Be careful about what you say, alright!? You keep almost exposing facts that can get people suspicious of us!”

“... Sorry, Miss (F/N).” Fumiko was focused on scrubbing the ring of caramelized soup at the edge of your pot, “I’ll be more careful from now on.”

“Thank you.” You sighed, nudging her a bit, “Break out the dessert with Ms. Midoriya. Find out some cute facts about my Izukun.”

“Yes, Miss. (F/N).”

You both returned fairly quickly, Fumiko returning to her seat, while you smiled to Izuku, “Izukun! You wanna see my room?”

“H-Huh?!” Izuku looked up from something he was showing his mother on his phone--Steam practically spewing from his ears when he turned red, “Y-Y-Y-Your r-r-r-r- room?” He stiffly turned to Ms. Midoriya.

She just held back a giggle, “Go ahead, Izuku, I don’t think it’ll hurt.”

You practically pranced as you led Izuku down the hall, humming a bright tune until you stood in front of the master bedroom. You waited for Izuku to catch up-- He was walking so stiffly and slowly, it was cute how nervous he was!--with your hand on the doorknob. As soon as he stopped in front of you, you opened the door, holding your arm out to allow him in first, “Welcome to my humble boudoir!”


… Izuku wouldn’t call it… Humble. It was blinding hot pink against black-- Even the walls were painted in pink and black stripes. Black comforter on the bed with pink heart-shaped throw pillows, a black kotatsu with a pink blanket and cushions, black wardrobe with pink knobs, pink and black lace curtains, a tv on a black entertainment center with pink knobs on the drawers, and so on and so forth.

“It’s…” He nervously rubbed the back of his neck, smiling shakily, “I-Interesting!”

“Do you like video games?”

“Huh?” He blinked, looking from her ridiculously comfortable looking bed to her, “Y-Yeah, I do.”

“What about the new Hero Vs Hero, International Edition?”

“What!?” Izuku shrieked, gaping in awe when she pulled it out of a drawer in the entertainment center, smiling wide. She waved the case in the air, showing off the shiny gold ink on the cover, “It’s only been out a week and it’s been out of stock--! How did you get it!? Deluxe edition too!?”

“I have my ways,” She smirked now, sitting back on one of her kotatsu cushions, “Wanna play?”



“So, Ms. Fumiko…” Inko lightly cleared her throat, holding a cup of tea between her hands as she sat across from the (L/N) Nurse/Nanny, a small plate that previously held a slice of cheesecake beside her--She had to resist the urge to scarf it down and remember her manners, but the woman was an excellent cook and an even better baker.

Ms. Fumiko slowly looked up from her own cup, seemingly… Staring… Into Inko’s soul with that dead-eyed gaze-- No, no that’s rude. She’s just different, that’s nothing to be insulted.

“Uhm, h-how long have you been working for the (L/N)’s?”

Ms. Fumiko blinked once, twice, looked up slightly in thought, and answered in a quiet voice, “... Fourteen… Years. I was… Sixteen at the time. Miss (F/N) was… Only two years old.”

“Ooh! A little (F/N)!” Inko brightened up at the thought, “What was she like as a toddler? Izuku was as sweet and eager as he is now! Always bouncing around and learning new things so quickly!”

Her host was still slow to answer. Whether she was meticulous in how she spoke or it was simply how she functioned, Inko wasn’t sure, “She… Got her quirk then… Very quickly… And when she wasn’t… Training with her father… She was…” Ms. Fumiko paused again for several moments, “Eating… Sleeping often… Or playing with her father’s…” Another pause, “... Employees. Tea parties… Dress up… Or studied…”

“Studying?” Inko blinked in surprise, “At two years old? Well, all those are rather advanced for a two-year-old, don’t you think?”

She remembered Izuku still having a little trouble walking… Let alone using is hands with their still-limited motor skills to write something comprehensible .

“She is a genius… And her father’s…” Fumiko paused, again, and stared off into space. Something seemed to flash behind those dull, grey eyes. Inko could tell what it was. She was an expert in it, after all.


… And then she continued, a little quieter than before.

“... Pride… And… Joy…”

Inko, after being a mother for fifteen years, could also figure out a lie when she saw one.

Chapter Text

“What the--! How did you do that!?” Izuku gasped as his All Might was thrown into the air, spun around, slammed on the ground and then pierced with your Edgeshot’s finishing move, rendering the digital No. 1 Hero unconscious. A colorful backdrop took over the scene, showing a “distraught” animated All Might in the background and a “victorious” Edgeshot doing a quick, flashy spin-move, then striking a pose.

“R1 and L2, circle the joystick twice and then snap it d--Do-- Down--Achoo!” You suddenly sneezed loudly into your sleeve, feeling a chill go up your spine as you sniffed and shook your head furiously.

‘Shit. It’s already starting.’

Hopefully that virus the Doctor gave you wasn’t contagious.

No. Hopefully, it was.

You cleared your throat-- It felt slimy all of a sudden. Whatever Dr. Nishimura gave you better not be super gross.

“Achoo!” You sneezed again, sniffing.

‘Oh god, it’s so gross. This is payback for something, I know it.’

“Someone is thinking of you…?” Izuku offered with an awkward chuckle, reaching into his pocket, then offered you a little sleeve of tissues.

Oh, right, Mrs. Midoriya always makes sure he has pocket tissues.


“I guess so,” You took them, smiling awkwardly before you quickly blew your nose, trying to remain graceful.

But something was… Bugging you.

You mindlessly moved over the characters in the selection menu, speeding through them without much thought. You weren’t trying to pick any in particular, just decided to pick the next one you landed on. “... Hey, Izukun?”

“Hm?” He hadn’t budged from his own character, instead opting to check his phone.

“... Why do you always go with All Might? There are over a hundred characters in here, you know.” You stopped on Mirko, the Rabbit Hero, wearing her most recent summer costume. You flicked through the different outfit selections, settling on her debut suit. “... It gets kind of boring beating the same hero over and over again.” You teased, trying to hide your… Serious curiosity.

His costume looks like him.

He talks about his endeavors as they happen.

Even rambled about one of his fights a few years ago when it was mentioned on a TV interview while the two of you ate breakfast the other day.

“W-Well, I guess…” He laughed nervously, letting his phone fall into his lap, then rubbed the back of his neck, “He’s my favorite hero!”

“Why?” You tried to keep from quipping at him, you really did. But you were getting frustrated.

“W-Why?” You saw him shift uncomfortably out of the corner of your eye.

“Yeah. Why him? There are lots of heroes.” ‘Too many, frankly.’ But you kept that thought to yourself.

“W-Well-- Because he’s the strongest! He’s…” Izuku’s voice became a bit softer. You could barely see him smiling towards nothing in particular in thought, “He’s a true hero. You know? He’s super famous, strong, and beloved… B-But he’s also… Humble, about it. Like… He would still be a hero even if he didn’t have any of that! Because he really cares about the world-- He’s determined to be a symbol! To bring together the good, provide hope for the innocent and discourage the bad! I mean, organized crime doesn’t even exist any more thanks to him!”

You felt your heart twisting.

“He’s… He’s just--Amazing. Inspirational! He’s everything I want to be.”

You felt it break.

“Aha, well, you know…”

‘Don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think about tomorrow.’

“There is only one All Might…”

‘Yeah, think about it like that. There can only be one , so we’re doing Izuku a favor so

he can be the next All Might!’

You’d keep telling yourself that. Maybe, if you say it enough times… You won’t feel awful about killing off the hero he looks up to most.

“... Who’s your favorite?”

Your fingers twitched, shifting your character’s outfit to a “party” theme. You frowned, selecting Mirko’s debut costume, then leaned back with your controller resting in your lap.

It wasn’t a question you wanted to answer. Maybe you misheard him.

“My favorite hero?”

“Yeah--I, uhm, never really heard you talk about any…”

You idly picked at your nails, frowning down at a cracked cuticle.

This was probably something you should have thought of sooner. Surely, someone would have asked you sooner or later. Now you were struggling to come up with a viable response that he would believe.

The thought of saying All Might was your favorite made you want to retch.

Endeavor was just… Distasteful. If Izukun mentioned something like that to the Todoroki kid, it could make things weird.

Hawks was… Not your type. Just… Weird. Annoying .

“Mirko.” You finally answered, hitting the “Ready” button. The hero on screen did a brief flex and kicking motion, calling out a robotic “Yeah!” “She’s strong and doesn’t take shit. I like her style. If I had to pick a hero, it’d be her.” You hummed, trying to think out how else you could flesh out your lie and make it believable, “... And rabbits are cute.”

‘Nailed it.’

Izuku let out a soft chuckle, “Yeah, they are, I guess… Mirko is really cool, too! She’s extremely strong and agile-- She’s perfect in hand-to-hand combat, no wonder she’s number six in Japan!”

The coughing started before you could reply.

You were doubled over where you sat on a cushion, hacking into your sleeve-- Suddenly, everything felt hot, really hot. You tried to hold in your choking, tugging your sleeves up to alleviate some of the burning. It didn’t help.

“Are you alright?” Izuku turned back towards you worriedly, leaning over and trying to glimpse at your face to gauge your expression.

“Y-Yeah--! I’m, uhm, fine…” You began tediously, holding in your body’s urge to convulse and sputter. A quick ding and Izuku whipped his phone out that had gone off, giving you the opportunity to tug on your dress collar. It was sweltering in the damn thing, but it was the only article of clothing you had that would cover up… “I just need… To get… Some tea--” Your finger jerked away, snapping your dress collar back into place as you coughed and tried to hide it in your sleeve.

“I’ll go ask Ms. Fumiko, then! W-Wait here!” In the blink of an eye, Izukun launched up and quickly sprinted through the door, nearly slipping on the hardwood floor thanks to his socks.

You were left blinking in surprise.


And sneezing.


Kurogiri really did not want to be that guy.

The one who had to tell his super-villain boss that his daughter went into her room.

Alone, with a boy.

And shut the door.

So, to save his own “skin” --(as in not be in the direct warpath the immortal man was bound to create, and almost certainly ruin their carefully cultured plans years in the making)-- he remained quiet and pretended that all four occupants of the young miss’s apartment were still at the table, enjoying a nice, family-style meal.

(Of all things he expected to be in his job description, monitoring the screen right in front of his blind boss in order to spy on his child was not one of them.)


Izuku was shaking while he stiffly walked down the hall-- Not even his usual, nervous quivering.

This was more…


No. It was angry.

‘She had bruises on her neck.’

He only caught a glimpse of them, but there was no mistaking it. In the light of the tv screen, there was angry, dark markings on her neck-- And they looked like… Fingerprints. There were even crescent-shaped marks left by nails.

There was only one person Izuku could think of that she would let touch her like that.

Izuku poked his head into the living room, trying to smile politely, “M-Ms. Fumiko, (F/N) n-needs some tea--I think she’s uhm, getting s-sick!”

The older woman simply looked up from her conversation with his mother, and slowly blinked.

Then, silently, and painfully slowly, removed her hand from her cup of tea… Slipped it into her skirt pocket… Got her phone… And chicken-pecked with her other hand’s finger onto the screen, slowly. Slowly. Slowly…

Then finally placed it back into her pocket, stood up, and nodded, dragging her feet into the kitchen.

Izuku took the chance, trying to push his growing frustration down, and scampered over to his mother.

“M-Mom, I think that--” Then he froze, staring into her big, confused eyes. A realization had struck him.

‘What will happen to (F/N) if I tell someone?’ He internally panicked, ‘It’s not okay-- It’s not right! But if they separated her from her father, even if they are already living apart, they could put her into a foster home instead… She’ll get sucked into the system, won’t she? They could remove her from the school, and… Her chance to become a hero could be ruined--!’

“Think what, Izuku…?”

He jerked back into reality.

“Oh! Uhm! N-Nothing, n-nevermind!” He tried to laugh it off and casually wave a hand, startling when Ms. Fumiko moved in the corner of his eye.

She stared at him in the doorway, holding a bamboo tray with two cups and a teapot, “... Here.”

“Ah! T-Thank you!” Izuku shot up, startling his mother, and quickly strode over to Ms. Fumiko and politely took the tray.

She only slowly nodded. He took that as his cue to retreat.

And then another idea struck him.

‘I’ll… I’ll talk to All Might.’

“Oh!” He turned back when his mother called out, “I’ll go get her some of my homemade lozenges!”

Izuku internally cringed. As much as he loved his mother, those things were… Unsavory. But she was already heading out the door, humming about how she made a brand-new, extra special batch just the other day.

Now it was really time to retreat.


“Fumiko has informed me that the young miss has been affected by Dr. Nishimura’s infection.”

“Good,” Her father rubbed his chin in thought, his other hand preoccupied with simply tapping on his chair’s armrest, “... And it’s not infectious , correct?”

“According to the doctor, no sir, it is not.” Kurogiri placed his phone back into his back pocket, returning to the neutral position of folding his vaporous hands behind his back.

“Good...” His master murmured to himself in a low, cold voice, “Then we won’t have to worry about her deciding to switch sides and get in the way of tomorrow's plans. She’ll be too out of it.”


“T-Thank you, Ms. Midoriya…?”

It was a sudden whirlwind. One minute you were sitting at your room’s kotatsu, sipping a cup of tea he brought, the next you were tucked in bed with a cool towel on your forehead, a fresh cup of tea, and were being handed a “cure-all” lozenge, homemade by Mother Midoriya herself.

Hah, as if this back-woods herb mixture could counter anything Dr. Nishimura made--


Oh god, it’s disgusting.

“Don’t spit it out!” Mrs. Midoriya lightly scolded from where she sat next to you on the bed, while you resisted the urge to choke, “Suck on it until it’s gone and you’ll be good to go to school tomorrow! Trust me! They always work for Izuku, he hasn’t had a sick day in years!”

“Yeah, sometimes because I just didn’t want to stay home with you standing over me…”

“What was that, Izuku?”


“Young Miss,” Fumiko appeared in the doorway with a phone to her ear, “It’s your father. He says he would like you to come home with me.”

“What!?” Mrs. Midoriya flinched back in surprise, “She’s sick! She’s in no state to travel-- She could get worse, or get other people sick!”

Fumiko blinked slowly, then slowly glanced to the phone against her ear, as if someone was talking to her. “... Yes, sir.” And, rather quickly--this surprised all three of you--crossed the room, holding the phone out, “He… Would like to speak with you…”

You felt a chill go down your spine.

“N-No-- Here, let me talk to him--”

Before you could snatch the phone away, Mrs. Midoriya had taken it from Fumiko and stood up, walking a few paces to the side, “It’s alright, sweetheart,” She gave you a small smile, “I can handle talking to your father.”

‘No, you can’t!’ “P-Please, Mrs. Midoriya--”

“Hello?” She had put the phone up to her ear, her free hand grasped over her chest, “Yes, this is Mrs. Midoriya.”

Your hand was still outstretched as you clenched your teeth, staring with wide, fearful eyes at the back of her head. ‘Please, Papa, don’t say anything bad…! Don’t be mean to her!’

“O-Oh, really, it’s no problem at all! She’s a sweet girl, we enjoy having her around. She’s been wonderful to Izuku, my son, as well--” The corner of your lip twitched at Izuku’s surprised squeak. “--They’ve both helped each other adjust to UA, and just generally she’s been a wonderful friend! Really, I should be thanking you!”

‘He’s… Thanking her…!?’

“Oh, you’re too kind! But, really, she’s beginning to run a fever, so… I don’t believe she should travel… O-Oh, really…? Is it alright to use it…? Oh, I see, I suppose that makes sense… Alright, then… Okay, it was lovely speaking to you. Please take care of her-- Have a nice night-- You two! Bye-bye!” She handed the phone back to Fumiko, who slowly placed it back in her pocket. “Well,” Mrs. Midoriya cleared her throat, smiling slightly as she pressed a hand against the side of her reddening face, “Y-Your father was very polite! He said he’s bringing his doctor in to see you, so he wants you to be home and comfortable so he can keep an eye on you. He also said, ahem, he has a teleporting quirk to bring you home…?”

Izuku’s surprised grunt sent off alarms blaring louder than those in the cafeteria early in the day in your head.

‘Lie, lie, lie.’

“H-He meant his assistant, who has a warp-type quirk!” You laughed nervously, quickly waving a hand to try and dash away any questions, “H-He’s a little loopy sometimes, you know, had his brains scrambled and all! Haha--! Koff--Koff--!” You broke out into a coughing fit--not even a fake one. Whatever Nishimura gave you, it was potent.

“I’ll… See you two… Out.” Fumiko rested a hand on Mrs. Midoriya’s shoulder before the older woman could even try to reach out to comfort you. The other landed on Izuku’s, and you felt something twitch in the pit of your chest-- Not sinus drainage, that was for sure.

“O-Oh, uhm, right…”

“G-Goodnight, (F/N),” Izuku gave a weak wave, which you returned with an even weaker smile, using your other hand to wipe your mouth.

“Seeya, t-- Koff!-- tell me all about class tomorrow, alright?”

“R-Right! I’ll take notes!”

You breathed a bit easier as your bedroom door closed.

When the front door opened and shut, muffled slightly by the walls blocking the way, you were able to sigh in relief.

‘They bought it. That was way too close.’

Your lies were wearing thin.

Hopefully, tomorrow, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.


The foul stench of a long-since stolen quirk filled your mouth and your nose-- And within seconds, you were sitting on a cold, tiled floor, coughing and sputtering for breath and clenching your aching chest.

“Did you have your fun?”

You swallowed thickly, trying to keep from vomiting everywhere. Rather than verbally answer, you nodded your head and made a small “m-mhm” hum, wiping your mouth as you stood on shaking knees. Fumiko’s arms were suddenly holding you up.

“Good. Go to your old room,” Your father didn’t swivel around in his chair, simply stared ahead at the screen depicting Tomura’s bar, “And get some rest. There’s a futon in there you’ll use tonight. Consider this little grounding your punishment for your behavior earlier.”

“... Yes, Papa.” You took a wobbly step away from Fumiko in the direction of the hallway, sniffling quietly, “I… I-I’m sorry.”

“You’re forgiven. Now, go to bed.”

Fumiko herded you away and back into your old bedroom-- It was… Weird, being in there when it’s so empty. And a little dusty. In the corner, there was indeed a thin futon with a plain, faded green comforter. It was Fumiko’s old bed. You cringed a little, the longing for your plush mattress at home growing stronger with each step towards the pathetic substitute.

She gave you a change of plain clothes, tucked you in, but lingered, resting on her knees and sitting on the backs of her calves by your side.

Staring at you. With… Absolutely no emotion.

… It sort of made you uncomfortable.

“... D… Do you need something, Fumiko…?”

… Another minute of silence, with an almost unblinking stare.

She finally answered just as you were about to ask her again or tell her to go away.

“You… Have changed.”

You blinked, tilting your head against the flat pillow, “Uhm… How?”

More silence. More slow blinks and quiet breaths.

Finally, an answer.

“You used to be… A brat…”


‘The nerve--!’ Before you could sit up and snap at her, she held a hand up, silencing you. Effectively .

“Before you decided to go to… A hero school… You were… Demanding. Short-tempered. And…” She looked up in thought, “... Greedy, self-centered… Whiny, egotistical--”

“I get the picture, Fumiko.” You shot her a glare, which she only blinked at. “What’s your point?”

“... You aren’t, anymore. Tonight, at dinner, you showed… Manners. Empathy. You insisted I stay… To eat with the three of you… And you…” She frowned deeply, “... Even helped wash dishes… And that boy… You like him… Romantically. Correct?”

Your lip curled in a slight snarl, “... What are you getting at?”

“Don’t trust heroes.” Fumiko answered quickly but stood slowly, smoothing her skirt, “... When I was your age, I trusted a hero… And came to regret it quickly. If you… Get caught… You will go to Tartarus, almost definitely.”

She paused.

“... No, definitely… Then you won’t ever see that boy, or your father, again.”

You sucked in air in a surprised grunt, flinching back slightly. Then you slowly smirked, “Please. I haven’t been caught yet, and I never will be. Have some faith,” Your light snarl returned as you relaxed back, turning onto your side to face the wall, “And don’t doubt me ever again. You’ll regret it.”

“... Right.”

Fumiko didn’t sound convinced, but you didn’t have the energy to respond. You were exhausted. Too much happened today.

Your throat still hurt.

Slowly, you reached for your phone by your bed, and opened up your second-most recent text conversation, and typed out a quick text.

“I think you should stay home, Izukun, I’m feeling pretty bad and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if our classmates get sick through you.”

You hit send, locked your phone, and let it fall back in place, before falling asleep yourself.


“Error! Message could not send, please check your connection and try again.”


“Midoriya-san! You’re late!”

“A-Ah! Iida-san--! C-Class doesn’t start for another ten minutes, right…!?” Izuku had jumped back a foot after opening the classroom door, instantly being met with a fired-up Iida right in his face. He quickly glanced at the clock on the wall--He was definitely ten minutes early.

“Good students should always be half an hour early!”

“I-I’ll add that to my notes…” He laughed nervously, watching as Iida robotically strutted back to his desk, entering himself.

“Deku-kun--Oh?” Uraraka waved from her desk behind Iida, “Where’s (F/N)-kun...?”

“She’s sick…” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck, glancing down at his shoes worriedly, “I-It was pretty bad pretty fast. One minute, we were just playing video games after dinner, and then--”

“You shouldn’t be playing video games after a meal, you should exercise and then get sleep, especially on a school night!”

“Iida, let him finish!”

“My apologies for interrupting… But you still shouldn’t engage in electronic activities on school nights…”

“R-Right…” Izuku laughed awkwardly, “Well, er… We were just playing video games in her room--”

“You went in her room!?”

“Uraraka, didn’t you just chastise me for interrupting!?”

“S-She just suddenly started sneezing and coughing!” Izuku quickly semi-shouted--

… And caught the attention of other students, and a slightly distant, “Shut the hell up, Deku!”

“A-And, well, she started running a fever too, so, uhm, she went home to her dad’s…” He cleared his throat, “S-So… Yeah… She’s not…” He gestured vaguely, “... Here… Today…”

‘I feel like I’m talking like Ms. Fumiko…’

“We should make her a get-better basket!” Uraraka clapped her hands together, then instantly… Paled, “... I… Came up with the idea, so you guys should execute it! Haha!”

She had just yesterday shared her story about becoming a hero for financial benefits…

The bell rang before Iida could contradict her idea, much to her relief.

Everyone was in the seats just as the door slid open, and Mr. Aizawa shuffled in, looking tired as usual with a file tucked under his arm. He took his place behind the podium, took one look over the class, and then turned his tired gaze to Izuku.

He almost instantly started sweating.

‘D-Did I do something…!?’

“Where’s (F/N)?”

‘... What? Why is he asking me directly!?-- Oh, why do I even bother…’

“S-She’s sick, sir…”

The teacher’s eyebrow twitched, “She should have called the school, then, rather than--”

The room’s intercom dinged right then, a chirpy woman’s voice sounding, “Hello, Eraserhead! I have Miss (L/N) on the line, she says she’s out sick for the day! Should I put her in through your private line!?”

“Ah, sure…” The teacher didn’t seem to perk up at the excessively chipper voice, in fact, he seemed to become more annoyed as he shuffled over to his desk and picked up the phone from its base, pressing a button with an agitated tap. “Hello?”

Aizawa’s suspicious eyes darted up to Midoriya, instantly shaving off a few years from his life.

“Yes, Midoriya told me. You don’t sound very s--” He winced and flinched away from the phone, lip curled in annoyance before he returned it to his ear, “What? Of course, he is. He doesn’t look sick, either. Look, if you’re expected to be a hero, you shouldn’t lie through your teeth to m--” His mouth stayed half-open, his eyes suddenly darting towards the phone, “(L/N)? Are you-- Alright, alright, get some rest then. Don’t miss any more days than you absolutely have to, or you’ll struggle to catch up… Right. Goodbye.”


Your finger shook as it hovered over your phone screen, the end call button having been pressed moments ago.

A realization was sinking into your spine and fear was curdling in your stomach, out matching the burning in your throat from your fake imitation of hacking.

Izukun wasn’t safe at home.

He was at school.

You navigated on your touchscreen to his text conversation--

“Error! Message could not send, please check your connection and try again.”

‘No,’ You thought with horror, ‘No, no-- I need, I need to stop this--’

You wanted to puke, but you hadn’t felt the urge to since the second your stomach digested the lozenge Mrs. Midoriya given you. It had nothing to do with the counter-acted illness Dr. Nishimura injected you with and everything to do with absolute fear for someone else’s life.


The door to his office was practically busted down when you shoved it open.

“Papa--! Y-You-- You need to call this all off!”

“What?” You didn’t see his confused scowl, or hear the wolf in his tone awakening, “What are you talking about?”

“Today! The attack at UA, on USJ!” You had practically teleported to his side and clutched his arm-- You also didn’t notice he wore his good suit. You had picked it out and bought it for him months ago, “You have to stop it!”

“Absolutely not!”

His voice was red-hot. You should’ve flinched back as if burnt.

“Papa, you have to-- Please, stop it! Izuku is going to be th--”



You high-pitched yelp and body falling back onto the floor was nothing to the blood roaring in his ears. Machines were blaring. Alarms were sounding. Everything telling your father to calm down, to step back, to not strike you again was mute at the moment.


You let out a strangled cry as your throat, still bruised, still sore , was grasped. Next thing you knew, you were lifted into the air, bare toes reaching for the ground because now you couldn’t breathe--

You were brought face to face with a modern-day monster, grasping at a hand, at a wrist that you could never pry off on your own.

“Twice in two days,” His voice, your father’s voice, was cold and low as you stared into empty, grown-over eye sockets, “You have tried my patience, (F/N).”

Your gasps and choking were minute to the fear commanding your soul.

‘If he doesn’t let go, I’m going to die!’

The edge of your vision slowly inched black, your eyes felt like they were going to pop out of your skull as you were held captive.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, speaking to me this way, as if some brat you met a few months ago holds a candle to your father?” The hand got tighter. “Disgraceful, (F/N), I’m beyond disappointed in you.” Your vision grew smaller. “You think that “Midoriya Izuku” is worth more than all my hard work?”

‘Izuku could die.’

“Well, I’m glad I told Kurogiri to get rid of him.”

You saw red.


This was dangerous. You were still losing air even as the world stopped.

It took all ten of your fingers on each hand to painstakingly pry off a single finger at a time, being rewarded with little relief each time.

You barely had enough breath left in you to pry the final finger away from your neck, and to the floor you fell, your thirst for air outweighing your urge for a soft landing.


“Did you just use your quirk on me!?”


“(F/N) Shiikan, this is the last st--”


You barely managed to hold onto the dial of time as you lost your breakfast by your father’s feet, gasping for air, grasping onto consciousness.

You used his unmoving body to haul yourself up, grasping onto and wrinkling smooth fabric in angry fists.

‘He wants to hurt him he wants to hurt him he wants to hurt him…’

Your dark, calculating eyes flickered up to his scowl.

Anyone looking in on this could definitely see the family resemblance.

With one hand trembling in a fist tight enough to dig fingernails into the flesh of your palm, the other shook almost violently as you raised it up, up, up…

And resting it on his forehead, clasped it almost gingerly-- then your nails dug in.

‘He wants to hurt my Izukun.’

Your body felt like it was fighting an earthquake and lava was pouring, boiling in your ears.

‘My Izukun, he wants to hurt my Izukun? He wants to hurt him!? Papa… Papa, why would Papa want to hurt me like that? Why would he want to hurt something that’s mine?!’

A realization struck you.

‘He… He wants to hurt something of Izukun’s too…! He wants to take away Izukun’s favorite thing! B… But that favorite thing is All Might. So!? All Might, he’s the man who hurt Papa! He hurt Papa! So you should let them hurt him--’

Your grip loosened.

‘But he’s Izukun’s favorite thing… No, you should help Papa! What’s he compared to your own father!? Papa is the greatest thing ever!  But… But her… Papa hurt me.’

Your grip returned even tighter, blood was boiling in your ears and red blinded you.

‘Papa hurt me! And he wants to hurt Izukun! He wants to hurt Izukun’s favorite thing, and Izukun, and me!’

Nails dug into scarred tissue.

‘Izukun is the only one who won’t hurt me.’

Your breathing evened out.

‘So… So I should make sure he won’t get hurt!’



The flesh beneath your hand tensed. The skin sweat. The machines had relaxed for half a second, before the one monitoring papa’s mind was on the verge of wailing.

“D… Darling, what are you doing?”

With gentle pressure, Papa let himself be guided-- forced-- to his knees, much more comfortable for you to hold onto his head. Your arm wasn’t aching from stretching up anymore.

“(F/N), Pumpkin, you wouldn’t… Really try to take Papa’s quirk, now, w… Would y--”

“I’m thinking.” Papa stopped talking. You slowly, softly smiled. Papa was listening! He was letting you think without pressuring you, thank goodness! Maybe you won’t have to take from Papa after all! He’s calming down, it’s okay now. You can talk now.

Without realizing it, your fingers had begun tapping on his scalp.

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

“Papa,” You began softly, “I don’t want to hurt you…”

He relaxed ever so slightly.

“But... You want to hurt Izukun’s favorite thing…”

Tense, trembling. When was the last time something trembled under your thumb?

“And Izukun is my favorite thing now.”

“Sweetheart, my little girl--” Papa sounded worried. Why did he sound worried? “Listen to me, remove your hand--”


He just doesn’t want you to take his quirks.

Selfish, selfish, selfish…

“--Papa is here, princess. Think about this. That… Boy, you like so much… He won’t love you like your papa does. Papa will always be here. Why don’t you let go? We can get some ice cream, and… Why don’t we go somewhere nice? We haven’t done that in a while. You have the school day off, we can have a father-daughter day.”

You didn’t hear soft footfalls behind you, too busy listening to him.

A day with papa!? You haven’t done that in years! He won’t hurt Izukun or Izukun’s favorite thing, and you can be with Papa again! And then, at the end of the day, you can go back to your apartment and see Izukun and tell him all about--

W H A M !


He let out a sigh of relief, the machine’s whirring slowly dying down as he raised a scarred hand, wiping away tiny, tiny trickles of blood where his own daughter’s nails dug into his skin.

“Thank you, Fumiko.”

The tall, slow, and quiet woman slowly lowered the cooking pan, looking at the bottom of it in disdain. Blood. She would have to clean it. Again.

‘Brat,’ She thought simply, quietly stepping over (F/N)’s unmoving body, reaching out with her free arm to help her master up.

“I’m almost tempted to do away with her.” He frowned, unseeing gaze sensing her form on the cold tiled floor.

Fumiko looked up to him expectantly.

“No,” He shook his head, settling back into his chair, “Have Dr. Nishimura give her a sedative. If all goes well today… Well,” He frowned, and would be scowling with his eyes if he still had them, “If things go well today, she won’t exactly have any choice but to run back to me.”

Taptaptaptap. Taptaptaptap.

And if they don’t, I’ll just recondition her. A few days in isolation with a couple doses of PARALYZE will have her crawling back into submission.”

Fumiko refused to shudder.

‘No emotion.’

“You know what that’s like, hm, Fumiko? Your old husband’s favorite technique…”

‘No emotion, no emotion.’

“I’ll just take a page from his book. Go on, then. Let’s get this mess cleaned up. Nothing can sour my mood now.”

“Yes, sir.”

Chapter Text

“I may have failed this time… But I will kill you next time… Symbol of Peace, All Might… Even if I have to swallow my pride and get a little girl to do it…!”


All Might was internally replaying the last minute over, and over, and over again.

“Little girl…?” Tsukauchi frowned slightly, his pen pausing over his notepad as he glanced up, “A little girl that can supposedly kill you?”

“That’s what he said,” All Might sighed, rubbing a hand over the mass of bandages on his side. If that Nomu was bad, he didn’t want to know about this “little girl”. A villain was a villain, but…

Tsukauchi tapped his pen thoughtfully, frowning, “... A little girl…? Any idea what that means?”

All Might just sighed and shook his head, shifting in the lumpy nurse’s office bed, “No, I don’t. But if they have that… Man-child, and that Nomu, I wouldn’t be surprised anymore.”

The detective was temporarily silent, flipping through pages of his notes, “... One of your students was absent today, it looks like… A (L/N) (F/N). It says her quirk is--” Tsukauchi frowned deeply, “... Teleport.”

All Might didn’t like the way Tsukauchi’s eyes squinted suspiciously at the paper.

“Young Midoriya said that she was out sick,” He quickly waved a dismissive hand, “She was running a fever and nearly passed out. She’s...”

He couldn’t bring himself to call her “a good kid”.

“... Shaping up.”

“Teleport is a strong quirk,” Tsukauchi murmured, scanning over the page again, “... Pretty similar to Warp Gate , really. Do you know all she can do?”

“Well…” He held his chin, frowning deeper than his usual resting face, “She can teleport herself a certain distance, and anything she pleases in a distance, many items at once, many heavy items at once. She once moved four refrigerators, a wrecked car, two full-size chest freezers, a tractor tire, and two desks at once…”

“T-that much at once…?” Tsukauchi’s jaw dropped, “She’s just a kid, you’d think--” His mouth snapped shut.

All Might slowly looked up to the detective.

“She’s just a little girl.” They both said together.  

Young Midoriya.

Before he left, he had murmured something to All Might.

“W-When things settle down, I uhm, I need to talk to you about… Something important, about (F/N). I-It doesn’t have anything to do with today, but, well… W-Whenever you’re available! S-See you, get well soon!”

The kid had been fidgeting as if he was about to tell his elder that he killed someone. Which was ridiculous, he knew that.

He was just worried about just what it was that had the kid looking anywhere but directly at him, about his girlfriend, who is now…

“She’s at home now, right?”

“God, I hope so.”  

Tsukauchi stood up abruptly, “We can’t take a chance with today either being a distraction or a failed kidnapping. I’m going to get my partner and check on her.”

“I’ll go with y--”

“You stay here and rest. I’ll call you if you’re needed, and with updates.”

“She’s my student! Possibly a kidnapping target! She could have been kidnapped while all the attention was here!”

“And you can’t do much right now when you’re beyond out of time and injured.” Tsukauchi lightly tapped the top of the hero’s head with his clipboard, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”


“Goodbye, Toshinori.”


Left bleeding at front of her door. Phone calls that left her on the brink of tears. Running back and forth. Bruises on her neck-- And her cheek. He hadn’t noticed it before, because it was under makeup, but after she blew her nose there was the faintest discoloring.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. Bruises. Bruises. Bruises.

Izuku wanted to keep quiet so he wouldn’t lose her under the guise of ruining her chance of becoming a hero.

That was selfish of him.

He should have said something in the first place.

What kind of hero was he shaping up to be?

No. He couldn’t keep quiet. USJ shouldn’t put off (F/N)’s direct safety. Worse-- She always plays it off like it’s nothing. Nothing! Like being hurt by her own father wasn’t bad…! No, it’s not right, she has to see that.

He’ll talk to All Might as soon as possible.



Deafening, unnerving silence.

No hum of an air conditioner or refrigerator. No distant rumble of the occasional vehicle. No random bumps and knocks from neighbors, no television in the background, no music, no…


Only your own breathing.

And the darkness.

It took several moments of squeezing your eyes open and shut just to realize you were in pitch-blackness.

You couldn’t move. Not as if you were tied down-- Well, you were. In fact, you were strapped in rather tightly to a rickety bed. But you couldn’t move. Not a finger, not a toe, and it was terrifying.

The only thing that told you that you weren’t dead was your feeble attempts to breathe loudly, the feeling of itchy polyester over your form, and the fact that it was freezing cold.

And the absolute, throbbing, pounding headache you had. It felt like someone had hit you with a skillet. And your scalp itches and borderline burned like dried blood was caked over a wound. Probably was.

You couldn’t remember a single thing from the past… Hour? Day? How long were you out? How long have you been awake?

And the infuriating thought that you were forgetting something, something really important was maddening! What were you forgetting!?

You recited your name in your mind. Over and over again, you recited things you knew. Your age. Your height. Weight. Hobbies. Quirks.

You couldn’t tell if your quirks were working.

Pause was impossible through the silence and the darkness, even if you could move your tongue swiftly enough to activate it. Hover and Puppet were unthinkable, considering you couldn’t even twitch the tips of your fingers.

Wait. You couldn’t move.

‘I’ve been drugged.’

That should have been your first conclusion. Your brain must have been scrambled more than you thought.

So what the hell? Did the heroes figure you out, capture you, and decide to keep you drugged and isolated so you couldn’t escape? So you’d be easier to interrogate once you’ve stewed a while?

‘Well, it won’t fucking work--’



Class 1A, Mr. Aizawa, Mr. Present-Loud-Mouth, Mr. Ectoplasm, Mr. Cementoss, Recovery Girl… All Might.



Unforeseen Simulation Joint, League of Villains, your papa, the attack, the nomu, the attack, All Might, the attack, Izukun--


Your thoughts came to a screeching halt.

That sound wasn’t your doing. It was metallic, came from across the room. No, just outside the room? On the wall? In it--?

Clink, clank, crank, crank, crank, crrrrrrrk…

Upon the first ray of light, you couldn’t even hiss in pain as it assaulted your eyes. You shut them tight, wincing as they burned.

“Ah, you’re awake, aren’t you?”


You were barely able to crack your eyes open--clicking of his expensive loafers at a pace much slower than your heart--now that the light was partially blocked, but hardly dimmer…

He was standing over you. The industrial helmet he wore glinted in the low light as if it was freshly polished.

You tried to move your mouth, tried to make a sound, ‘Papa, what’s going on? Where am I?’ But all that came out was garbled mumbling.

“Shh, shh, it’s alright. Papa is here, princess…” A callous hand reached out and gently swept your hair away from your forehead, stroked your face affectionately, and tapped your nose playfully, “It’s been a very difficult day… For Tomura… For me… And you, I suppose…”

You could feel every major artery in your body sloshing with ice.

Papa slowly sat down by your side, letting out a long, drawn out sigh as he crossed a leg over the other, “And Tomura isn’t helping either. He’s injured and bedridden… Shot with a bullet in each arm and leg… Absolutely inconsolable, also. He’s been blaming me, blaming Kurogiri, blaming you…” Another sigh, “He says you’ve been lazy. That you should have simply come along and used your quirk to take All Might’s life… Part of me agrees. Well, he’s the one that didn’t want to “cheat”, and you’ve been digging your heels in…”

‘So they didn’t kill All Might. They failed.’

“I wanted to have you ready in case Tomura needed you today, but you went and had another meltdown,” He clicked his tongue wistfully, “I was even going to spare that boy you adore if you helped.”

‘H… He was going to leave Izukun alone?’

He stood up, drawing something from his pocket.

If your blood was iced before, it was sub-zero now. Frozen solid--Even if you could hear your own heartbeat in your ears.

“So, until you remember who you are and are willing to cooperate and carry out your duties…” He uncapped a syringe, lowering it down to your arm as he pushed your sleeve up, “... You’re going to stay here. Wondering. If he’s alive or if I decided to get rid of him anyway, since you misbehaved, if we didn’t already go ahead and reveal your identity so you couldn’t go back and have your “fun”...”

You hadn’t even realized you were able to wiggle your toes and your fingertips until the needle went in and it pinched and burned--Until that feeling was gone, and you were just as limp as when you had woken up.

‘No,’ Your eyes widened in panic, ‘No, no--Papa, Papa, please! I’m sorry, please don’t leave me here! It’s dark and it’s cold…! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, don’t… Don’t leave me here!’

You couldn’t scream. You could only whimper pathetically.

Your father just recapped the syringe, slipped it back into his pocket, and turned his back, “Perhaps if you hadn’t tried to act like I was beneath you, it wouldn’t have come to this… Better yet, if you didn’t act like a hero.”

‘Papa, papa, please! Don’t leave me here! I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’

Footsteps, away, the light hitting your eyes that stung with more than just sensitivity to the light. Tears fell from your eyes.

The door swung shut.

Crrrrk… Clank, clink, clank…

Locked. Darkness. Numb. Cold.

So. This is what death felt like.

‘Papa… Papa…!’ You choked on sobs that would be convulsing your body if you could move.

‘I want to go home… I want to go to my bed… I… I want Izukun, I want Mrs. Midoriya…!’

Hell, at this point, you’d take Round-Face or Frog-Girl, Shinsou, maybe even Four-Eyes. Mr. Aizawa would even be welcomed.

Something to fill the silence. The darkness. Something. Anything.

‘Someone… Save me…!’

“Don’t trust heroes,” Fumiko’s voice echoed in the back of your mind.

‘I’m scared…’

Nobody was coming, you knew that.

‘I’m scared…!’

Nobody would.

… Who would, for a villain?



“H-Hah?!” Izuku nearly dropped his school shoes before he could put them into his locker, as he whirled around--How did he get snuck up on so easily--Was it--!?

No, it wasn’t her. It was…

“O-Oh, uhm, you’re--”

The wild, purple-haired boy cut him off almost immediately by holding up a hand, “Is the crazy girl okay?”

Izuku might have taken a moment to blink and process, but he already knew who Shinsou was talking about. “Y… Yeah. She’s actually… Out sick, today. So…” He bit his lip and frowned, bowing his head to look down at his shoes, “She’s… Fine. I think.”

‘As if you could call possible abuse fine…’

“You think?”

“I-I’m sure she is!” He quickly backtracked, and waved his hands, snapping his eyes up, “S-She was nowhere near here when the attack happened, don’t worry!”

“Tch. Good to know, I guess…” Shinsou muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets as he turned, trudging off, “... Not that I would be worried.”

“Huh!?--O-Oh, that’s right-- You were in the entrance exam with her!” Izuku quickly put his shoes away and closed his locker, jogging to catch up--Even if it wouldn’t be welcome. It didn’t matter. Shinsou knew (F/N) to some degree, and to another they were friends. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only one seeing certain… Things, “D-Do you uhm, talk to her much…?”

“No.” Shinsou pushed through the doors and turned right, heading for the bicycle rack. There was a single, purple street-cruiser there.

“Oh. Uhm. You seemed to be… Really close during lunch, yesterday…”

“We just talked.” Shinsou pulled his bike out of its lock and rolled it past Izuku, tired eyes looking straight ahead, “She actually did most of the talking, kinda like a lunatic sometimes. Not sure I want that on my plate.”

Something in Izuku strained, ready to crack, as he muttered, “W-Well, you must if you were worried about her…”

Shinsou stopped, still silent, not looking back. Then he swung his leg around and mounted his bike, sighing with an exhausted shrug, “... Yeah, you’d think so.”

And off he went. As quickly as the encounter happened, it ended, with Shinsou leisurely pedaling away.   

‘Think so…?’

His phone vibrated. Mom was waiting for him at the gate.

“Izuku!” The woman had to resist the urge to barrel through the gates to get to him, he could tell by how she was shaking. He quickly closed the distance and crossed the threshold, immediately wrapped up in warm, trembling arms, enveloped in the smell of home and safety, “Oh, my baby, I was so worried…!”

“I-I’m fine, mom, I’m fine!” He tried chuckling to ease her stress--It did work, she only squeezed him hard enough to nearly cut off his air supply. “M-Mom, I can’t breathe…!”

“Oh! I’m sorry, Izuku, I didn’t realize…” She sniffed away tears as she loosened up, keeping her hands on his arms as she looked him up and down, “I-I nearly fainted when I got the phone call…! Are you okay…?”

“Yeah, All Might saved the day. I just needed a quick visit to Recovery Girl.” He managed a shaky smile, deciding to spare her any details he could.

She didn’t need that stress, and he just wanted to get home.

“N-No, Izuku, I mean are you okay?” Her grip on his arms tightened slightly, “Mentally. Do you need to talk…?”

Izuku blinked.

Was he?

Well, sure, he was worried about All Might, the rest of his classmates, Thirteen, Mr. Aizawa…

… (F/N).

But he… Didn’t feel like he needed to talk about any of that.

Yet. Right now, he wanted to get home, take a shower… And make a phone call.


“Thank you, principal Nedzu.” Detective Tsukauchi bowed his head briefly as he accepted the file with both white-gloved hands from tiny fuzzy ones.

“You’re very welcome, Detective.” Nedzu nodded, folding his paws on his desk with a small, uncharacteristic frown, “I’ve dialed the phone number with Mr. (L/N)’s label multiple times to no avail. Now, please remember to bring that copy of Miss (L/N) (F/N)’s file back or micro-shred it yourself. This information is entirely confidential; All her records we have on hand. Everything you need to find her.”  

“I will,” Tsukauchi flipped through the file for a second, scanning over the information, “So, she lives here in the city while her family resides in Niigata… Oh, just her father?”

“That’s correct,” Nedzu nodded, “According to records her mother is deceased and had when (L/N) was born, I’m assuming by the date.” He let out a soft sigh, drumming his fingers--toes?--on the tabletop, “I wish you luck. She’s… A concern of ours.”

Tsukauchi paused in his page-flipping, “How so?”

“Well,” The mammal cast his gaze to his desktop screen, displaying the paused video of recent training footage, “... She’s… Impulsive. Easy to anger. And has a tendency to get into fights with other students--Not during battle training, either.”

“Ah.” Tsukauchi looked back to the files, humming in thought, “... How likely do you think it is that villains could convince them to join her?”

For once, Nedzu was quiet. He stared at the computer screen, still frowning.

It was a long, tense moment before he spoke again, “... Very.”

Tsukauchi promptly shut the file, “Then I’ll find her, quickly.”


Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

“Hi, this is (L/N) (F/N)! Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now--Leave a message and I’ll get back to you A-S-A-P! Ciao!”


Izuku frowned upon being met with a voicemail.

(F/N) always answered.


Tap, tap, tap.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

“Hi, this is (L/N) (F/N)! Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now--Leave a message and I’ll get b--


Tap, tap, tap.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

“Hi, this is (L/N) (F/N)! Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now--


Tap, tap, tap.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

“Hi, this is (L/N) (F/N)! Sorry, I can’t co--


Tap, tap, tap.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing… Rii--


The call was finally answered.

But not by (F/N). This voice was… Oddly enough, familiar, but Izuku couldn’t place it no matter how hard he tried. But it was mostly annoyed.


“Miss (F/N) is ill and asleep. Please, stop calling. She’ll get back to you when she is better. Goodbye.”

“W--Wait!” Izuku leaped up from his bed, eyes were blown wide and freezing little droplets from his still-wet hair hitting his shoulders did nothing to cool him down.

A deep, annoyed sigh. “Yes?”

“W-Who are you…!? And--I-Is she okay?”

“I’m her father’s private physician, and I am not going to disclose any information regarding my patient.”

His heart sank.

“... However, if it will stop your pestering… Yes, she’s fine. Bed rest and medicine is all she needs for a few days. Now, goodbye.”


Izuku let his body fall back and seat itself onto his bed, allowing his phone, still in hand, to plop down in his lap.

Well. That wasn’t what he wanted to hear. He wanted to hear her voice, reassuring him, telling him she was fine and was going to come back… A lot sooner than days .

Nerves were prickling on the back of his neck.

He didn’t believe she was being held there because she was sick. If that were the case, why wouldn’t she have her phone? Why would it be with her doctor?

Nothing is adding up. He’s getting frustrated.

But he can’t do anything.

He felt like taking a jog.

So he got up, changed into his usual tracksuit and told his mom he would be back after a quick run. He didn’t give her the chance to protest before he tied on his sneakers and went out the door--



“H-Hah?! Oh--I’m so sorry--” Izuku nearly slammed the door shut after he hopped out, finding the poor person that had smacked right into his door again-- ”O-Officer Sansa?”

The cat-man was rubbing his nose and… growling in pain, fur puffed up. Behind him, there was another man--In front of (F/N)’s apartment.

“D-Detective Tsukauchi…? What’s going on?”

“Midoriya?” The detective sounded surprised, taking his hat off politely and walked over to the two of them, “You live here? I didn’t know.”

“Y-Yeah, uhm…” Izuku nervously rubbed the back of his neck, “Did you need something with (F/N)...?”

“Ah, so she does live here…” Tsukauchi frowned, glancing to Officer Sansa for a moment, “Well, I can’t say much, but we do need to ask her a few questions and just generally make sure she’s alright. We’ve knocked and rung the doorbell, but there hasn’t been an answer. Do you know where she is?”

Izuku’s stomach churned.

‘Did they already find out?’

“S-She’s not home,” He did not like the way Tsukauchi’s face seemed to darken so subtly, “She’s at her father’s until she’s better… U-Uhm, I called her, but her… H-her… Father’s private doctor answered, and said she wouldn’t be back for a few days…”

“Seriously? He lives all the way in Niigata…” The detective looked back up to Sansa, then back to Izuku, “Have you met the doctor before?”

“N-No, sir…”

Tsukauchi frowned deeply, then slipped his hand into his pocket, producing his phone, “I guess we’ll go to the school and get her father’s address… In the meantime, Midoriya, I would appreciate it if you gave me her phone number.”

“Huh? Y-yeah, sure…”

He didn’t have a good feeling about this. But there was only so much you can do in the face of law enforcement.

“And you should go back inside,” Tsukauchi’s voice became a bit more stern, “You were attacked by villains at your school today, it's too risky to be out and about when we don’t know their motivation yet.”

“I-I know--” Izuku paused before he could stutter out an apology and an understanding.

The detective seemed to silently realize his mistake.

‘Isn’t he supposed to be the best of the best?’

“What do you mean…” Izuku felt a drop of sweat go down his cheek, “What do you mean, you don’t know their motivation? Wasn’t it to just try and… Kill All Might?”

The two officers looked at each other, obviously in some sort of distress.

“What is it, then?” Panic was rising in his gut, “W-What does this have to do with (F/N)...!?” It was crawling up his back.

“We can’t say.”

Izuku opened his mouth to unleash a borderline yell.


He backed down, momentarily, as the detective continued.

“... She’s alright. Safe.”

That’s the second time in ten minutes that Izuku heard second-handedly that (F/N) is okay, and he really, really didn’t believe it now.


Tsukauchi sat in his office, rubbing his temples and staring down at the slowly growing piles of files and paperwork.

USJ. All those captured villains to interview tomorrow. (L/N) (F/N).  

He looked down at her open file in front of him, eyes scanning for…

Father/Emergency contact: (L/N) Tatsuo

Below the name, was his phone number and address in Niigata.

He’s already dialed the number three times, only to get an automated voicemail. After the third failed call, he left a message.

“Hello, Mr. (L/N), this is Detective Tsukauchi with the Quirk Related Crimes division. There’s been a break-in at your daughter’s school, a large scale of villains. While everyone is alright, I would personally like to meet with your daughter in person in order to interview her to see if she knows anything about the incident the day prior during the press infiltration. Please call me back as soon as possible at…”

He dialed (F/N)’s number provided by Midoriya…

“Sorry, the number you are trying to dial is disconnected at the moment or does not exist. Please try again later.”

It was frustrating. Incredibly, incredibly frustrating. The longer it’s taking to get a hold of them, the more certain he is that something is seriously wrong and the “League of Villains” possibly having something to do with it.

He glanced down at the address.

Looks like he was going to Niigata.


‘Second time Fumiko came and gave me a protein pouch.’ You frowned to yourself as the heavy vault door swung shut, followed by a series of clicks and cranks as it was locked. ‘So that was “dinner.” Papa had said “today” didn’t go well, so I haven’t been in here for more than most of the day. With the attack, it’s almost certain they’re closing the school tomorrow, but it’ll be back to business after that. I just have to stick it out until then. Surely he’ll let me out for school. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll be fine.’

You were not fine.

You were losing your mind. Or rather, yourself in it.

First, it was panic. Fear.

‘Oh god, he’s never going to let me out of here. I’m going to live on protein pouches, and I’m never going to see Izukun again, and, and, and…’

Then realization.

‘If Izukun was actually dead, he wouldn’t be holding me in here. He just wants me to know I’ve been bad so he’s making sure I know to be good from now on, because I know if I go against him I’ll be shoved back in here…’

Then it was boredom.

‘I’m hungry for katsudon. I wonder what’s going on outside. Wish I could see Tomi’s stupid face when he realized he shouldn’t have messed with my Izukun. I’m missing my favorite show. I want ice cream. I wanna play video games with Izukun. I bet I can figure out how to beat his All Might even faster using Best Jeanist. Best Jeanist… Kind of a weird dude. His quirk lets him control fibers, right? I want it… I wonder if I can make stuff with it… I bet I could mix it with Puppet and make something fun. Maybe I won’t even have to touch people to puppet them.’

Then just insanity.

‘Oh god, what if he never lets me out? Why did I have to do that… Take his quirk? What was I thinking!? What’s wrong with me!? Why… Why am I such an idiot!? Papa’s taken care of me all this time, and we were just going to throw that in his face…? Idiot… Idiot… You’re an awful daughter! No wonder he threw us in here…’

Us. No. Not us, not we, I. Me. Myself.

‘I am (L/N) (F/N). I am fifteen. I go to UA high school. I’m training to become a hero. My best friend in the whole wide world is Midoriya Izuku. His mom gives amazing hugs and makes great food. Izukun is going to be the greatest hero ever, and I’m going to be right there next to him.’


No, no, no.

‘No, no, n o, no, no! Wrong! Wrong, wron g, wrong, wrong, wrong! That’s… That’s all wrong. That’s not who you are, you idiot. Remember who we are! Remember what we are!’

You took in a wheezing, weak breath.

‘I am Shiikan (F/N). I am a villain, I am the daughter of the greatest villain ever. I have infiltrated a hero school in order to undermine the next generation. My papa is all I need, everyone else is just excess that will be trimmed to perfect our world. I will help Papa do it, and I will be right there behind him.’

… There was a bitter taste in your mouth.


“... Sansa, check the address again--”

“I did, sir.” Sansa quipped, borderline snapped as his claws dug into his phone’s case. On the screen, a map, with the (L/N)’s address keyed in.

… Meanwhile, they stood in front of a near-dilapidated, only four-story apartment building. In a bad part of town. It didn’t make any sense; If this is where her father lived, how could he afford to put her in a nice apartment in a whole other city?

“Well…” Tsukauchi sighed, frowning and scratching the side of his face, “... Let's go.”

They entered the lobby, with only an unoccupied counter and a half-burnt out TV playing a random news station. Straight ahead, the elevator was decorated with a piece of paper barely holding on by a single piece of tape, reading “OUT OF SERVICE” in poor handwriting and cheap ballpoint pen.

Well, four flights of stairs to get to 4-23 it was. As if attempting to call both (L/N)’s phones only to be met with one automated voicemail and one excessively cheerful and extremely taunting message was bad enough.

They passed a man with reptilian features mostly hidden by baggy jeans and a black hoodie, face ducked down. Yellow, slit eyes briefly met Tsukauchi’s, instantly squinting at him in suspicion. But they made it up to the fourth floor with no other encounters, no… Sounds.

As they were walking down the hall, a woman in dark and slightly ratty clothes stepped out of an apartment and was just about to lock her door--Then spotted Tsukauchi and Sansa, flinched in surprise, and immediately went back inside, four deadbolts audible as they passed.

“Friendly residents…” Sansa muttered, fur bristling a bit in mild worry, “This is where the kid grew up…?”

Tsukauchi didn’t answer, and just continued down the poorly lit hall--At the very end, where a light bulb was flickering ominously, was their destination.

The door was the same as the others. Old, wooden, slightly fallen apart, duct tape covering up a few bullet holes and others were left in plain sight.

The two officers exchanged glances before Tsukauchi reached out and knocked.

A moment passed, not a sound from within.

Knock, knock, knock.

“… Maybe he’s not home, sir?”

Tsukauchi frowned, obviously getting frustrated. Which was not like him.

Knock, kno ck, knock, knock--

The door suddenly swung open.

“What the hell do you want!?” A man that towered over the two of them and rivaled All Might’s height stooped slightly in the doorway, snarl baring sharp teeth. Greasy blue hair that was buzzed short still brushed against the doorframe and his white muscle shirt had seen better days. So had his jeans. His gaze darkened when he saw their uniforms, “I ain’t done nothing, get outta here!”

“Uhm…” Tsukauchi cleared his throat, trying to remain as friendly as possible, “Mr. (L/N)...?”

This was (L/N)’s father? They looked nothing alike!

A bushy eyebrow rose, but the snarl remained, “Who? You got the wrong apartment, buddy. Scram.” Sansa barely managed to dart a paw out to hold the door open, causing the resident to let out a low growl. He must have just kept it open to be polite because there’s no doubt he could overpower both of them at the same time, should he get... Hostile.

“I’m sorry about this sir, but are you new?” Tsukauchi tried to placate with a calm voice, “There’s no (L/N)’s that live here?”

“No, I’ve been here for years,” He grumbled, glaring at Sansa, who was holding back a throaty growl, “Never heard of no (L/N)s around here. Ever. And unfortunately, I know most the scumbags here!” He raised his voice slightly and poked his head out and look down the hall--Tsukauchi and Sansa followed his gaze, just in time to see the woman from before squeak quietly and retreat back into her apartment. “Are we done here?”

“Er, yes, thank you for your--”


“... Time…” Tsukauchi sighed, clicking his tongue, “Well. So much for that…”

“What should we do now?” Sansa murped, following behind the detective as they walked back down the hall. Absolutely fruitless.

“All we can do is call Nedzu, tell him the address was either incorrect or phony, then go from there. Maybe get access to her apartment to find any clues about where she is.”

The woman’s door cracked open as they passed it.

“E-excuse me…”


The woman peeked out from the tiny crack she made, dull blue eyes who have seen too many things looking up at the two men as they stopped, “Y… Y-You’re looking for a (L/N), right? I uhm… I heard…”

“That’s right,” Tsukauchi turned towards the woman--Who flinched and nearly shut the door again, “Do you know them…?”

“M-Mr. Nata was right,” She murmured quietly, “T-There’s… Never b… Been any (L/N)s around here. But, uhm…” She peeked behind her for a second, then turned back, voice trembling, “Y-You investigated the break-in at one of UA’s facilities, I saw you on the news. My… M-My boyfriend was one of the villains arrested.” She looked down, almost in shame, “H-His name is Kita Ayumu, if… If you tell him that I know about him--M… My n-name is Maki Chihiro. Tell him “Chi-hihi knows and wants you to fess up”, he’ll tell you anything you need to know.” She looked away for a second, coughing loudly into her shoulder, then continued, “I’m… I’m sorry about the trouble he’s caused. I… Didn’t know he was a villain until today...”

“It’s nothing you should trouble yourself with, I’m sorry you had to find out this way.” Tsukauchi frowned sympathetically; His quirk was activated. She was telling the truth.

“It’s… Fine…” She sighed, “I should have known better than to think he was actually doing something useful with his nights… But… Thank you for your hard work.”

Before either could say a thing more, the door shut, and the deadbolts once more clicked one by one.

Sansa got out his notepad and immediately scratched down names.

(... With a pen)


Dinner was… Quiet.

Very, very quiet.

Midoriya Inko had become accustomed to her son’s friend constantly bubbling in at random moments, most meals. Izuku seemed to be happier than ever before, always working hard--And with (F/N) coming around, he practically burst from his shell.

They’d talk animatedly about anything and everything under the sun. Movies, comic books, manga, anime, tv shows, more recently school…

… Heroes.

Inko had noticed (F/N) always got a bit quieter when the talk of heroes comes up--And it did fairly often. The two teenagers were in training to pursue the career, after all.

Izuku could go on all day and night about heroes. (F/N) would get a far-away look, as if she were spacing out. Yet when he asked her a question or her opinion, she always answered accurately, which meant she was paying attention. Inko couldn’t say the same for herself.

This was the first night that (F/N) hadn’t been around in the three months she’s shown up.

And with the incident at the school…

… Izuku was quiet. Very quiet. Even though she had made his favorite, katsudon, he ate slowly and thoughtlessly.

Even she was having trouble eating.


She knit her brows together worriedly, “Izuku?”

“H-Huh?” Her son flinched and looked up, blinking back into reality, “Y-yeah?”

“Are you okay…?” She began carefully--And when he seemed taken aback for half a second, then looked away worrying his bottom lip between his teeth, she knew something was wrong. “Izuku--Please, talk to me. If something is bothering you,” He briefly glanced at her, “I’m here.”

Izuku held her eyes for a moment, then sighed and looked back down to his food, eyebrows creased together, “T… The detective, the one I told you about, from school… H-He was in front of (F/N)’s apartment when I was going to take a jog.”

Inko blinked in surprise, “Why would he… Oh, to check on her?”

“That’s what they told me, but he… He also made it sound like… Something was wrong.” Izuku seemingly unconsciously rested a hand against his neck, the corners of his lips curling down deeply, “Like… Like she had something to do with USJ.”

“What? A-Are they accusing her of being a villain!?” Inko suddenly flared, leaning up on her knees. How could they!? Accuse that sweet, sweet girl of being evil? (F/N) would give her life to save someone, Inko knew it! She should go down there and give them--!

“N-No!” Izuku flailed, “No, I don’t think so!”

“Oh…” She took a breath of relief and relaxed back down, eyebrows once more knit together, “S-sorry… But what, then, Izuku?”

“I…” He looked incredibly unsure of himself, fidgeting and biting his lip, “I-I don’t know yet. I’ll… Try and find out tomorrow, I guess…”


“The police have investigated the group calling themselves the “League of Villains…” Tsukauchi addressed the teacher’s council of UA, reading a report he had set copies of in front of each of the staff members, “There appears to be no one registered with the name Shigaraki, in his twenties or thirties with a quirk that lets him disintegrate anything he touches. There is the same thing with Kurogiri, with the quirk warp gate.”

The closest they got was a sludge-warping quirk, belonging to a man who had been found murdered two months ago, but he left that out, thinking it irrelevant.

“They are probably not citizens and are using fake names. In other words, they are people with unregistered quirks, who are part of society’s underbelly…”

“You mean,” Blood King, AKA homeroom teacher of class 1B, spoke up with a grumble, “We don’t know anything.”

“We must hurry,” Snipe murmured behind his mask, “Once their ringleader, Shigaraki’s bullet wounds heal, they’ll definitely try again. It’ll be a pain.”

“Their ringleader, huh…?” All Might thought aloud, deflated form looking especially exhausted tonight. Rightfully so. The incident might have been yesterday afternoon, but he was still relatively injured. And they all had to be up in eight hours to start the school day.

“What is it, All Might?” Nedzu’s light voice contrasted to the No. One hero’s exhausted one.

“It was a bold attack that normal people wouldn’t have carried out even if they had thought about it. To suddenly go on and on with wild statements like that… Although he didn’t reveal his own quirk, he bragged about that Nomu’s quirk… And when things didn’t go his way, he was visibly upset.” He leaned back, holding his chin and looking up at the ceiling in thought, “Well, that incident with the quirk was to force my hand, but…”

“Even so,” Nedzu raised a paw to gain attention, “It was foolish to throw away the advantage of unknown quirks when fighting against heroes”

“But, he made wild, immature statements with a straight face.” All Might continued, “He bragged about his possessions. He thought everything would simply go his way. Adding that to what I saw of him when he carried out the attack, the picture of Shigaraki I got was… Someone who hasn’t gotten rid of his childish sense of omnipotence--A man-child.”

“A child with power?” Kan gruffly thought aloud, leaning forward.

Midnight added, “Could it be he didn’t receive the quirk counseling every child gets in elementary school?”

Snipe pressed on, “Well, what does that have to do with anything?”

“There were seventy-two villains arrested the other day at USJ,” Tsukauchi read from his report, “They were all small-timers who lurked in back alleys. But the problem is, how they all agreed with that man-child and followed him. In the current environment saturated with heroes, villainous people who have been oppressed will be drawn to that kind of simple-minded evil.”

“That’s true,” Kan muttered ruefully.

Snipe sighed, “There are plenty of people who don’t know what to do with their quirks.”

“This is alarming, though…”

“Today, however… Well, I suppose I might as well give you the entire story.” Tsukauchi sighed, straightened up, flipping a page in his hand to the back of the stack, and began, “... (L/N) (F/N), the student with the ability to teleport, is officially missing.”

Chapter Text

“Missing?” Midnight guffawed in horror, the other men in the room, besides Nedzu, made noises of equal surprise, “The girl who scored number one in the practical entrance exam?”

“Yes,” Tsukauchi solemnly nodded, “Principle Nedzu and I believe that during the press’s intrusion, not only All Might’s schedule and the coordinates for USJ were stolen, but (L/N)’s files were tampered with. I visited the address listed for her father in Niigata and were met with…” He sighed, “... Not her father, I can tell you that. The address was false. Yesterday evening beforehand, my colleague and I visited her apartment--We were only able to gain entry thanks to her neighbor,” He only briefly glanced at All Might, “... Midoriya Izuku. One of the students at USJ. He said that (L/N) had left the day before to go to her father’s in Niigata while she was sick to be treated by his private physician. When we entered her apartment, we found no clues about her whereabouts. However, Midoriya also said… When he called her, the “physician” answered her phone.”

“Recovery Girl had told me that (L/N) was supposed to be responsible for transporting her father to the doctor,” Nedzu folded his paws over one another, his frown more apparent than ever, “So the fact that he was possibly at their home, makes us believe that whoever answered the call could have been lying.”

“When I attempted to call the number myself, the phone was turned off. When I attempted to call her father, I received an automated voicemail and have yet to be called back.”

“When Shigaraki was warping out,” All Might gripped his hands on the desk--He was shaking-- ”He said, “I may have failed this time… But I will kill you next time… Symbol of Peace, All Might… Even if I have to swallow my pride and get a little girl to do it.”

“So you reckon the invasion was also a distraction to abduct the kid,” Snipe let out a grim sigh, “And she’s the Lil’ lass the man-child was talkin’ ‘bout.”

“(L/N) often expressed erratic behavior…” Nedzu folded his paws under his chin, “I don’t believe that it’s… Not impossible that she could be swayed to the side of villainy.”

All Might sat up straight enough that he nearly bolted out of his seat, “My apologies, principle, but I believe you’re wrong!”

“All Might,” The mammalian principle tried to use his soothing voice, “You’ve viewed the security footage of (L/N)’s incident with Bakugou Katsuki, right?”

“Well… Yes, but…” He let out a soft sigh and rubbed the back of his neck. ‘I want to view her as highly as Young Midoriya, yet…’

He had seen the tape. And it… Worried him.

“... I believe she was doing what she thought was the right thing to do. Obviously, it was not, and Young Bakugou was no better. But Young Bakugou wants nothing more to be a hero, and Young (L/N)... Both of them need guidance. But neither are capable of being villains, sir.”

“Regardless of that,” Midnight raised her voice, “She’s missing! We don’t need to focus on whether or not she’s villain material, we need to make sure she isn’t in the hands of them!”

“She’s right,” Snipe nodded, “Do we have any other leads at all on how to find her? If she’s captive, putting out a bulletin with her face on it won’t help; Hell, it could make it worse if villains find out she’s missed.”

“But it could also alert her father if she isn’t missing,” Kan objected, “So, what do we do?”

“The press would have a field day… Again.” Midnight sighed.

“We will inform the police force and hero network about her, but keep it out of the public eye so she isn’t at risk,” Nedzu nodded, “That way the investigation won’t be interfered with, nor hindered.”

“It isn’t, and it’s thanks to you heroes that we’re able to devote our time to investigation, instead of chasing after all those villains. We’re going to expand our search network and continue to arrest the perpetrators involved with the League.”

“A missing student, and the man-child…” Nedzu sighed, looking down at the papers. He was smiling thoughtfully, although it was definitely not with a hint of joy, “In a way, he’s like our students. He still has room to grow. If there was someone capable of backing him, of cultivating his malice, what could they do to Miss (L/N)...?”

All Might frowned, sighing through his nose, “... I don’t want to think about what could happen.”

“If we’re done here, I’ll call Yamada and tell him what’s going on,” Midnight stood up, reaching into her pouch for her cell phone, but hesitated. She glanced over at Nedzu, “Do… Do you think it’s alright for him to tell Aizawa about all this?”

The little furry mammal folded his paws under his chin again, unusually quiet for several moments, “... Aizawa has been through quite a bit. It will stress him out knowing the one student that was supposed to be safe… Was potentially kidnapped. But, if he finds out we were keeping this from him, he’ll be quite upset, as well.”

“Tell him,” Kan crossed his arms and sat back, glaring down at the papers--or was that his normal expression?--with near loathing, “He needs to know. Just make sure it’s prefixed with the fact that all nineteen other children are alright, and make sure he knows we’re doing everything possible to find her.”

Midnight nodded chastely, pulling her phone out, “Agreed.”


Aizawa wanted to beat himself up. Which, was the very definition of illogical at the moment--Considering he was nearly dead, and the “win” in the end was nineteen to one.

Nineteen of his students, present during the attack, all alive and well. (Well, Midoriya still got injured, but that’s… Frankly, typical.)

But the one student, the one that was supposed to be safer than safe?

“So, the lead detective is putting the word out to the force and as many heroes as they can, keepin’ it outta the public eye, I’m sure you’re plenty happy ‘bout that, eh, ‘Raser?”

He wants to tell himself that her asshole father was just holding her on extreme lockdown and lost his phone along the way, and she’ll be right back in her seat tomorrow morning.

And he would be right there to see for himself that she’s safe and sound, and he won’t have to hear second-hand that all his students, that he decided to keep, that he very nearly died for and was fully prepared to, were alright.

“-ser? Eraser--Yo, Sho, did you fall asleep sittin’ up?” Hizashi’s fingers snapping in front of his face hardly drew him out of his daze.

“No,” He grumbled. The backs of his eyelids were stained with the faces of his terrified students. For once, he wanted to keep them open, for as long as possible. “I’m… Worried.”

Hizashi leaned back in his seat, uncomfortable as hell--Probably because he’s hardly left it since Aizawa got out of surgery, “... What are you thinkin’?”

He was silent for a few moments, trying to ignore the itch in his cast. Trying to think about anything but the fear creeping up his back.

One of his students was missing. She was in the top of his class and it’s hard to be at the top with as many strong kids as there are--Kids. She’s a kid. She’s a kid who was somehow, in some way outsmarted. She was probably terrified-- Would she be, though? The last time he saw her, she was on the verge of attacking Bakugou again as Midoriya practically dragged her out of the classroom. The only time she showed fear or remorse was that phone call with her father.

But a phone call wasn’t something that should leave her like that; trembling and on the verge of tears.

‘I couldn’t protect her. Not from that, not from them when I’m like this.’

Aizawa hasn’t felt so low in years.

“... I think... I want to sleep.”


‘Fumiko should be coming with “dinner” right about now,’ You numbly thought into the darkness, not even sure if your eyes were open or closed at this point, ‘I feel like she’s late, and I’m good at keeping track of time without a watch. What’s taking her? She’s always on the dot. I mean, she’s slower than a tortoise, but really…’

You grimaced at a thought that you were possibly now just going to be simply starved until you’re begging for forgiveness.

‘Maybe you should. Shut up, we can’t talk anyway. So what? Why not try? Yeah, and sound like a four-day-old brat? No, I’m done being embarrassed. Embarrassed how? We might as well have embarrassed father. So what!? He was going to hurt Izukun…! Yeah, and what makes you think he won’t really hurt him now?’

Your eyes, that had been closed, snapped open.

‘Yeah, that’s right. Papa knows where he lives. He knows of Mrs. Midoriya now, too. He knows how much he means to us… He knows he’s our’s and what if Papa tries to take them away…? What then? Do we really want Izukun or his mother to die!?’

‘No!’ You internally screamed--Even made a garbled noise of alarm, ‘No no no no! Izukun-- Izukun won’t get hurt! We won’t let him!’

‘Then we have to behave for Papa… If we don’t what if we’re not just thrown back in here…?’

‘No no no no no--!’

You didn’t want to think about it.

But you couldn’t stop.

‘Papa is giving us a second chance! He could have killed Izukun a long time ago but he didn’t for us! He can only be so lenient, can you blame him? He’s very stressed… We weren’t helping… We should apologize… We should help…!’

You felt your fingers itching and blinked curiously, then wiggled them. You could move them. You could move .

You swallowed and let out a sigh of relief of the feeling of your body being back in your control--It was like your blood was finally moving again.

… Except you were still tied down.

Time to fix that.

‘I need to tell Papa I’m sorry.’

You bent your wrist inward-- reaching, just a little… More…! Ignoring cramps and burning and probable ligament tearing, you finally managed to tap a string with your middle finger to the leather strap on your wrist--And as soon as you snapped your hand back, it ripped right off the hinge, the metalwork clinking on concrete when it landed across the room.

Slowly, you sat up as far as you could with one arm still pinned, groaning in pain as your muscles screamed at you for being so still for so long.

Clink, clank, crank, crank, crank, crrrrrrrk…

The door swung open with light stinging your eyes as you squinting towards it--The excessively tall and thin figure of--

A tray hit the ground.

“Master! She’s esca--”


Oh, it felt so weird to use Pause after so long… Wait, it hasn’t been that long, has it? Just a day, right?

No time to ponder it. Well, there is, but--

You reached over and used your free hand and Puppet to rip off the other strap, then your ankle bindings, and finally you could get up--And nearly fell on your face instantaneously.

“Oh god, it feels so weird to walk--” It felt weird to talk. Moving was painful, you walked like a new-born deer with extreme arthritis.  

You leaned against the bed, shivering as your feet touched the cold concrete--You were still only wearing Fumiko’s old clothes. Uhg. So ugly… So itchy.

Slowly and methodically, you inched your way towards the door, arms splayed out comically for balance.

You pushed past Fumiko, kicked away “protein pouches” and stumbled down the hall, looking around and trying to get your bearings.

‘He really put me far down here,’ You huffed, pouting, ‘Did I really do something so bad that he had to put me in uncle’s old chamber...?’

You didn’t dare unpause the world, even though that itch in the back of your head, that soft throbbing pain was already starting to manifest.

‘No. I have to be careful. Papa will be angry I left without his permission and I need to do this right in order to show him I’m really sorry.’

Stumbling through the halls, you passed by doors that would normally be filled with the sound of bubbling tanks, whines and pained moans. Things that would churn a hero’s stomach.

Briefly thinking of those things made your stomach do a small (but unacknowledged) flip.

Double doors, those from a hospital, were the last barrier between you and your judgment day.

You only hesitated for a second, before pushing past them, the doors barely swinging back towards their resting position when you let them go.

Papa sat at his desk, head barely turning towards the direction you stood in now. His suit was bulging around the shoulders--So, he intended to use his morph quirks as soon as possible…? Why?

You were a good girl. You were coming to apologize. Why would he act like you were going to attack him? The corners of your eyes began to sting. Why. Would he think you were bad? You just wanted to protect your favorite thing. Why was that so bad? He does worse things to protect his stuff… You were just doing what he does…!


You didn’t even acknowledge the fact that the world unpaused without your consent as your rubbed your teary eyes, sniffling and trembling softly.

No… That’s wrong… Papa was just making sure I wasn’t getting attached to a hero. He was protecting me.

Your body hurt from bed sores, from a headache from adjusting to (dim) light, stinging eyes from tears that were now streaming down your cheeks.

He was just protecting me, and I threw it in his face again.

Two large, callous hands rested on your shoulders. You hadn't even heard the soft taps of loafers on the tile.

With a trembling lip, you sniffled and looked up at half of a frowning face.

“I’m sorry, Papa…” You whimpered, choking on quick puffs of air, suddenly lurching forward to wrap your arms around his midsection and hide your face in his dress shirt, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…!”

“Hush…” A hand rested against the back of your head and gently pressed you closer, “It’s alright, princess. Papa is here… And, I forgive you.”

It suddenly felt like the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders.

Papa’s forgiveness. That’s all you needed.


You whipped your head around and shot a hard glare to the figures in the doorway, casting dim shadows across the two of you.

Papa seemed to sense your anger, as he gave you a brief squeeze, “It’s alright, sweetheart--”

“They were mean to me, Papa!” You spat, causing Fumiko to flinch and Dr. Nishimura’s shoulders to lift up ever so slightly. Traitors, the both of them! Treating you like that!

They should pay--

“How about Fumiko makes your favorite for dinner, and Dr. Nishimura can make you a kitty for your apartment, hmm? Will that make you feel better?”

You frowned and continued to stare back at them… You were relishing their fear; it would be nice if they were still scared of you for a bit longer.

… But you were hungry…

And it does get kind of lonely whenever Izukun isn’t ar--


Izukun. Izukun. Izukun. Izukun!

You whipped your eyes up to Papa--He was none the wiser, he must think you were just wanting those two things. Not like he can see the way your eyes widened ever so slightly, your mouth dropped a little--Probably thought your thundering heart was because you were like a little girl getting a kitten just so she’ll forget all about something.

That’s all it was. You were just a little girl to them and if they give you something shiny to distract you, you’ll forget whatever you’re supposed to be mad about and they can do whatever they want, they can step all over you all they please.

( Your head still hurt. You could feel the crusty blood on the back of your head, your own body odor that told you that you needed a shower, the taste of sickness still in the back of your throat.)

No more.

Lie .

It’s what you’re good at.

You turned back to look up at your Papa, put on a smile he wouldn’t see, and talked in the cute voice you always used when you wanted to have something your way, “Really? Is that okay, Papa?! I can have a kitty?”

“Of course, sweetheart. Dr. Nishimura can make it a storage Nomu, even.”

“Really!?” You squealed happily and jumped up, wrapping your arms around his neck in a tight hug, “Thank you thank you thank you, Papa! You’re the best! Can I go back to my apartment to shower, though? All my stuff is there.”

“Of course, sweetheart,” He let out a soft laugh that was only used for you, as he wrapped you up in a tight hug, “Of course.”


‘I should have told him sooner. I should have told All Might sooner!’ Izuku stared at the computer screen from where he was sitting in his desk chair, knees pulled up to his chin with his arms wrapped around his legs.

The video of All Might’s debut played proudly for the hundredth-thousandth time, his laughter that said “nothing can defeat me” going in one ear and out the other for once.

‘What if he’s holding her captive?’ Izuku frowned, almost rolling his eyes, ‘Yeah, right, like someone can hold her captive. Ridiculous…’

… But he still worried. Her father obviously had some sort of emotional manipulation over her. If he actually was abusing her. Maybe Izuku was just seeing things, it was kinda dark…

Bloody on her doorstep. Phone calls left her on the brink of tears.

No. Something was definitely wrong--And Izuku had to do something.

He snatched his phone off his desk, hit pause on the video right as a man was yelling about how All Might had saved over a hundred people already and navigated into his contacts.

The list was pretty short--it was shorter--But now he added Uraraka and Iida… There’s Mom’s… (F/N)’s

He tapped on All Might’s, and hesitated over the green call button.

Is he just seeing things? Is this the right thing to do? Will he… Will they take her away and ruin her dreams? Is there another way to make sure--

He hit the button.

‘I have to do this… For (F/N). I’d rather find out I’m wrong like this than find out I’m right by…’  

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

“Hello-- Young Midoriya? What are you doing awake? It’s a school night!”

Izuku glanced at the clock.

Okay, maybe he shouldn’t have come to terms with an internal battle at eleven in the evening.

“S-Sorry, All Might! I didn’t wake you up, did I…?”

There was a soft, humored scoff, “No, my boy, I actually just got out of a meeting.”

“This late? Isn’t it a school night?”

All Might laughed, a nice, hearty one that unknowing to Izuku, he really needed, “Yes, I suppose you’re right. But there was, ah, some important things to discuss…” Just like that, the joy was sucked right out of his voice.

Maybe this should wai-- No. No, it won’t wait anymore!

“So, what did you need, my boy?”

Izuku swallowed with a dry throat--he hoped it wasn’t audible--and cleared his throat nervously, “W-Well, uhm, you see… I-I have this friend and uhm… Sh-- They… I uhm… I-I think…--”

The muffled sound yelling next door made his tongue stop working.

‘I think… I think--That's coming from (F/N)’s apartment…!’

“... Young Midoriya? Are you there?”

“Ah! Y-yeah, I uhm--” He got up, quickly dashing out of his room--Nearly knocking down his mom who was carrying a basket of laundry.

“I-Izuku! Where are you--”

“Sorry, mom! Uhm, be right back!”

“Young Midoriya? What’s going on?”

“I-I’ll call you back!” He barely managed to hit the end-call button as he was stumbling into his sneakers at the genkan when the door in the apartment next to them slammed shut.

Izuku opened his, just as a tall figure was passing by, speed walking and hugging themselves.

“M-Ms. Fumiko?”

The woman briefly looked Izuku’s way--he noticed she was barefoot--scoffed, and continued on with a scowl on her normally placid face.

‘W-What in the world…?’

“I-Is (F/N) home!?” He quickly stepped out the door and shut it behind him, calling out to Fumiko, “Is she--”

“She’s fine.” Fumiko hissed back at him, causing him to flinch back in surprise, “Just. Fine.” With that, she stormed down the stairs, and out of view.

… Okay, then…

He turned to his left. The light next to the door was on, meaning…


You whirled around and snarled up at a much taller woman, as Kurogiri’s portal disappeared and you were left alone with Fumiko in your own apartment.

She flinched, taking a step back, while you took a step forward.

“How. Could. You!?”


“Don’t “Miss” me, Moto!” You borderline shrieked her surname in anger, gripping your hands into tight fists at your sides, “How could you hit me!? I never hurt you, ever, once! Yet you took a skillet to my head like it was no big deal! I thought you were my friend!”

“You were about to take your father’s quirk,” Fumiko’s voice rose higher than you ever heard it--She scowled as she straightened up, glaring down at you.

Well, now you sort of knew how Papa felt.

“I was not!” You stamped your foot on the ground, causing a hollow shake to rattle the apartment, “I was not, I was not, I was not! I just wanted him to listen to me for once! He wanted to take my stuff! He wanted to take away my Izukun!”

“You’re putting too much stock in heroes, Miss,” Fumiko’s hands landed on your shoulders and forced you to look at her, “What did we tell you? You shouldn’t just blindly trust--”

You put your hands on her wrists and Puppeted her away--Only sent her skidding backward a few feet, but she did end up stumbling and landing on her rear with an annoyed “oof!”

“I don’t care what the hell you tell me now,” You quietly snarled--Now, now Fumiko looked up at you with big, fearful eyes, “You… You wanted to take me away from my Izukun too… You wanted to take him from me…”

‘Kill her. Kill her kill her kill her kill her kill Dr. Nishimura kill Kurogiri kill them all--’

You slowly raised an arm, pointing at Fumiko who was beginning to sweat and tremble. You still had strings attached to her. She started to lift into the air.

Then you threw her towards the door, where she barely slid on the floor and landed on the edge of the genkan.

“Get out.”

She did. She scrambled to unlock and open the door, and all but slammed it when she was on the other side. She probably doesn’t have her phone and would have to struggle to find a way to contact Kurogiri to get home. Serves her right.

Then, you sniffed and rubbed your stinging eyes, and lowered yourself onto your knees.

‘Stupid. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid--All of them! Stupid! Traitors! Jerks! I’ll kill them next time!’ You choked on a sob, sniffing and trying to keep from looking like the spoiled, snot-nosed brat they probably thought you were. Then a whole new wave wracked your body.

You honestly, honestly thought at least Fumiko was your friend.

But no. No, no, no. She wanted to take away your Izukun, too. She wanted to take away everything you worked hard for!

And Papa…

No. No no, you need to trust Papa. He just wanted to protect you. He doesn’t want you to get hurt, that’s it, that's all--

Knock, knock, knock!

“(F/N)...? Are you there? I-It’s Izuku!”

All your thoughts were suddenly thrown out the window.

Izukun. Izukun! Izukun!

You hopped up and ran to the door, then paused in front one of the mirrors hanging in a decorative frame. ‘Oh no, I look terrible--’ The bruise on your face was obvious now, barely starting to fade, and the plain, faded t-shirt you wore obviously showed off your black and blue neck. You lifted your arm and smelt yourself, ‘And I smell awful…!’


“I-Izuku! Hey! Uhm!” Her voice was muffled behind the door, and she sounded… Distressed. Worried. Scared? “C-Can you come back later?”

Something wasn’t right. “Are you okay? Uhm--Did anything happen while you were at your dad’s…?”

A pause. Too long of a pause.

“What do you mean? I was sick, so I was asleep most of the time… I only woke up a little bit ago, actually.”

“I-I heard yelling, earlier, and Ms. Fumiko…”

“Oh, don’t worry about her, she’s just in a huff because, uhm, she had to take care of both Papa and I. That’s all! She must be tired. Sent her off home.”

“But she was barefoot--”

“Hey, Izukun, I’m still kinda achy and I need to shower, can we uhm, continue this conversation another time? I’ll see you in the morning for school, okay?”

“... Open the door, (F/N).”


Izuku went for the door handle himself, turning and pushing against the door, “Pardon the intrusion--”

“N-No!” She let out a startled yelp and pushed back, “Go away! I’m smelly and gross and might still be kinda sick!”

“I’m fine, just let me in! What is up with you!? You’ve been acting weird, (F/N)!” Izuku pushed against the door harder, getting it open several centimeters--

And then it slammed shut, nearly vaulting him across the walkway and over the balcony edge.

“W-What the--”


Izuku regained his balance and returned to the door, jiggling the door handle--That didn’t budge a single bit.

“I’m sorry, Izukun! I-It’s for your own health--I’ll shower and be right back, okay?”

“(F/N)! Wait--”

The footsteps told him he failed, and she was gone.

Well, less gone than she was than before, at least. This time, he just… Had to wait until she was done.

He let out a frustrated groan--He wanted to help, dammit…! It was almost like an itch he couldn’t scratch, how his worry was eating him alive.

But then there was…

‘How did she manage to shove me out like that?’ There’s no way (F/N) is stronger than him. He’s been rigorously training his muscles just to be able to hold One for All. Even if he wasn’t using it…

No. Not the time to wonder if he should add another weight to his barbells. He considered calling All Might back--But he wanted to talk to (F/N) first, now that she’s here.

… So he took a seat next to her door and waited.


“... Huh.”

“What’s up?” Tsukauchi briefly glanced over at the phone in All Might’s hand, then immediately returned his attention to the road as he drove, “He hang up on you?”

“Yeah,” All Might scratched the side of his head, staring down at Midoriya’s contact. It was the picture of him on the day of the entrance exams; probably the proudest he’s ever been of anybody in years. “It was probably nothing,” He locked the phone and slipped it into his shirt pocket, “He’ll call me back.”

There was an itch in the back of his skull.

“... Actually, Naomasa?”


“Can we make a detour?”


You pulled your fluffy, pink robe around yourself tighter, pushing open your bedroom door with your shoulder. Everything was exactly as you left it, as it should be--

Someone touched your stuff.

There, on the nightstand, the picture of your Papa and yourself was four centimeters to the right and slightly angled further out than in towards your bed.

You tried not to lose your marbles. You really did.

But someone was in your room , someone was in your home , your apartment, someone trespassed into your private space.

Now , are they still here?

Like a badger that’s territory had been intruded upon you tore through the apartment, throwing open doors to rooms and closets and cupboards, moving around things in them to make absolutely sure that whoever dared enter your house was gone--And you found more things moved. The few letters of mail you got were shifted, your acceptance letter from UA that you had framed was removed and replaced.

Your phone. Where is your phone?

You stormed back into your room and rummaged around in your discarded clothes--Aha!

… It was dead.

You groaned in frustration and went to go plug it in next to your bed, glowering up at the shifted picture of you and your papa.

It was your favorite. You both still looked the same back then… Dark, dark blue hair that was nearly black, eyes that were white with barely a hint of shadow to discern the iris from the white of the eye. Your hair had been coiled into curls and put up in a high bun, and you wore a pretty white and pink frilly dress he chose, while Papa wore one of his best suits with a tie you picked out--Red with black pinstripes.

Papa was smiling, soft compared to your five-year-old self’s big, bright grin as he held you up in his arms. You loved that picture.

You missed your old Papa.

All Might’s disgusting face flashed in your mind’s eye. You scowled, lip curling as you ground your teeth.

‘That bastard. That stupid, stupid bastard… It’s his fault… Everything is all his fault… Why Papa is so stressed out… Why I can’t just have fun… All his fault…!’

Deep breath. Calm down.

You left your phone to charge and quickly got dressed in a black turtleneck shirt and pink pajama pants, and ran back into your bathroom.

You stared into the mirror, at your purple cheek, and frowned.


A few minutes and several layers of concealer later, you deemed yourself presentable and finally stood in front of your front door.

Deep breath. Calm down.

You opened the door to…

… No one? Where did…  



“A-Ah!” Izuku shot up from a spot down by the wall, quickly wiping his mouth, “S-Sorry! I fell asleep! A-Are you done?”

Everything you had talked to yourself about was thrown out the window.



You jumped into his arms, falling with him with a thwump! And an “Oof!”

“I missed you so much!” You wailed, hugging him tightly around his neck, sitting between his legs, “When I heard about USJ, I was so worried…!” You couldn’t help it, tears were pricking your eyes like tiny daggers.

It was just Izuku. You could stand to be a little weak around him.

“I… I thought I was going to find out you were killed…!”

“I-It’s okay!” You felt his typically nervous arms wrapping around you, “We’re all fine now! W-Well, I did sort of break my legs again…”

Your breath hitched… And stopped. The world stopped. Not with pause--No, this was more… Figurative. Every noise, every breeze was still there, but it wasn’t registering.

Izukun got hurt. He got really, really hurt. He probably almost died. He probably could have died.

‘I’m never letting him out of my sight again.’

You slowly pushed yourself up with his shoulders and pulled him up with you, sniffing quietly, before sliding your hands down and gently holding his wrists, “... T… Tell me everything, okay?”


Knock, knock, knock!

Knock, knock, knock!!

“Uehg… What do you want…!?”

“It’s detective Tsukauchi, and… Your coworker!”

And annoyed groan, following by a pained one, “Come in.”

Tsukauchi pushed the door open and stood aside, letting All Might into the small hospital room, before shutting the door behind the two of them.

“Yo, yo, yo! What’s happenin’ big guy!?”

“Mic, you’re still here?” All Might took one of the seats on Aizawa’s left, who was sitting up in bed; Mummified, frankly. Perhaps Recovery Girl went overboard…

Then again, he had seen Aizawa and briefly carried his broken body.

Maybe this would keep him from overexerting himself for a while.

“We wanted to--”

“Why are you here?” Aizawa’s muffled growl nearly made All Might jump out of his skin, and judging but the quiet noise next to him, Tsukauchi too, “Why aren’t you looking for my student?”

“Oi, Sho, they--”

“You better be here to tell me she was found alight!”

“Shouta, calm down,” Mic half-slapped a hand onto Aizawa’s shoulder, “Detective, you had something to say?”

“Er, well…” Tsukauchi let out a sigh through his nose, rubbing the back of his neck, “... No, I don’t. We have no leads. The father’s address in her file was faulty, she wasn’t at her apartment, no phone calls went through, we have no leads as to where she could be or who could have her…”

Tsukauchi didn’t catch Mic’s gesture across his neck, a silent ‘Stop fucking talking-- don’t tell him that!’

Too late, Aizawa’s hair was rising--Then there was a hiss of pain as he doubled over.



All Might’s hand was slapped away by a cast, as was Yamada’s, his junior’s voice coming back in a bristled snap, “Did you talk to her boyfriend?”

“Her boyfriend…?” Tsukauchi was pulling out his notepad.

“Midoriya Izuku. Green hair, freckles, broke his legs.”

“Oh--Yes, but, he didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know.” The detective sighed, sitting back down, “He did get us into her apartment because he was trusted with her spare key…”

‘I knew they were dating,’ All Might resisted the urge to nod to himself.

“Did you try the quirk registries?” Mic interjected, “Surely the villains didn’t mess with that.”

Tsukauchi was silent as the three of them turned to him.

“... I did.”


“... They were locked.”


“Aren’t only high-profile people’s files locked?” All Might leaned his elbows on his bony knees, trying to alleviate the sudden pain in his non-existent gut, “Like mine, politicians, other top-ranking heroes…” Safety purposes. Some common cop that could be a villain in disguise didn’t need to be finding out the details of certain people’s quirks.

Apparently, Naomasa was lumped in with them.

The detective rubbed a hand over the back of his neck, sighing, “I tried and tried again to get those files opened, but I couldn’t get clearance. Not even for this.”

“For fuck's sake…”

All eyes snapped to Aizawa. Despite all the layers of bandages, he was visibly trembling.


He shifted, then swung his legs over the bed, “I have to go find her.”



All three men jumped up, trying to corral the injured hero back into his bed, Yamada trying to talk some sense into him, “Come on, man! The meds are messing with your head-- You can’t leave yet, and you definitely can’t go try and find Future-Delinquent, not like that!”

“Future Delinquent?”

“T-The staff sort of nicknamed her that. They usually go with “F.D.” for short--”

All Might’s explanation to Tsukauchi was interrupted when Aizawa dug his elbow into Hizashi’s gut, earning a sputtering yelp from the radio hero.

“Alright, that’s enough!” A brief hiss of steam, and less than a second later, Aizawa was back in bed and being forcefully tucked in by a bulky All Might, “My junior, you can’t be running around like that! You should rest and leave the problems to us, you’ve been through enough to warrant a break--”

“She’s being abused.”

Everyone in the room froze, including All Might’s aggressive-tucking hands, “... Come again?”

“(L/N), her father is abusing her.” Aizawa repeated, grumbling as he tried to shimmy out of the bedsheets--To no avail, there was no escape for him, “I don’t know how; emotional, physical, both, but I swear he’s mistreating that kid and I swear to god if I ever get a hold of his ugly half-face...” He kept muttering obscenities and threats he wouldn’t consciously utter.  

Meanwhile, Yagi felt himself falling back into his chair as he returned to his true form, forcing the blood bubbling up his throat back down.

‘Young (F/N). Abused?’

“That could explain why we can’t get a hold of her or her father…” Tsukauchi sighed quietly, rubbing a hand down his face, “If her father… Is, then he could be holding her phone hostage and purposely ignoring our phone calls.”

“She’s not the kind of girl to just let someone lay their hands on her, or walk all over her in any way, shape, or form.” Yagi resisted the urge to grind his teeth angrily. But if Aizawa said it, lucid or not, he must have a strong hunch.

“F.D. ain’t weak, yo! I tried to call her listener and she kicked my shin--”

Aizawa’s casted leg thrust up at Mic’s face, pulling the sheets with it, “Don’t call her that! She’s my student!”


“I’ll… Email Principal Nedzu with this information…” Tsukauchi didn’t look up from his notepad, even as All Might and Mic were trying to wrestle a fully-grown man in full body bandages back into bed and struggling with it, “Maybe we can get clearance for those files now…”


“... And Sero, Asu--T-Tsuyu, and I were carrying Mr. Aizawa to the entrance, but I… Ran back to help All Might.”

You clutched your cup of lukewarm tea hard enough to nearly crack it with one hand, the other threading through your hair and cupped your throbbing head.

‘Izukun, Tsu-frog, and Tape-Boy took out all the water villains that easily, huh? Sure, Izukun still broke a finger, but considering what was at stake…’ Your stomach churned painfully, ‘What was at stake…’

“A-All might had tried to suplex the villain, but, the warp gate villain had created a portal at the last second… Nomu got a hold of All Might, and--”

“Stop,” You rose your hand from your cup, the other falling from your hair to cover your mouth. You felt like you were going to be sick. Izukun, Tsu-frog, they…

They must have been as scared as you were.

“I’m… I’m just glad you’re safe.”

“I’m glad you’re safe too,” Izuku’s soft voice made you look up in surprise. He was looking down at his cup, frowning, eyebrows creased. His typical expression when he as thinking deeply about something concerning. “I-I tried to call you, but you didn’t answer, and I… Was worried…”

You laughed chastely, “Please, Izukun, I was in bed sleeping! You guys were…” You frowned, sniffling quietly, “Y-You were fighting for your lives…”

I could have stopped it. I could have stopped it but I didn’t.

“W-We’re strong,” You timidly looked up to see Izuku smiling softly, even if it was shaky, “We handled it just fine, (F/N)--We won, so… D-Don’t worry, okay?”

Trusting smiles wasn’t easy for you in the age of All Might.

But Izukun’s, on the other hand…

The corners of your lips quirked up even when you tried to force them down. “Yeah,” You nodded, letting out a small sigh, “I’ll try not to.”

‘I wouldn’t if my father wasn’t the reason you all nearly died.’

Chapter Text

“Brrr! I-I-It’s so c-c-cold…!” Your teeth chattered as you shuffled along the dorm’s path to the school, leaning into Izuku to try and steal some of his warmth, “I’m wearing two sweaters and a jacket and I’m still cold…!”

“It is weirdly cold already this year…” He murmured thoughtfully, unaware of your encroaching hands, “Perhaps it means Spring will come early, tho-- Y-Yikes! C-C-Cold!”

Your hands ended up on either side of his neck, stopping the two of you in your tracks as you laughed, greedily soaking up the warmth you needed to feel your fingers again. He was turning scarlet like the red beanie you made him to match his shoes, “You’re just so warm, Izukun!”

“It is against the rules to show unnecessary PDA, Midoriya, (L/N)! Separate immediately and walk in line with--”


You rolled your eyes and tilted your head to look behind Izukun, spotting Four-Eyes’ wild gesturing hand before his annoying face.

Removing your hands, you shuffled past Izuku and up to Four-Eyes, smirked, and darted your hands underneath his blue scarf to the sides of his neck.


“--The rest of the-- A-Ahck! Cold!”


You cackled maniacally as you “reappeared” at Izukun’s side, grabbing a hold of his hand, then pulled him with you as you ran towards the school with a skip in your step.

“(L/N), you shouldn’t touch people without their permission!!”

“Four-Eyes, you shouldn’t be so uppity so early in the morning!” You stuck your tongue out back at him, then clasped Izuku’s hand between both of your’s as you slowed down, soaking in his warmth and leaning up against his shoulder.

His little squeak of surprise made a smile dance onto your lips, but the fact that he didn’t try to move away made your heart flutter. In fact, you swore he moved a bit closer.

Heading to the entrance, you noticed a sort of slow-down from the students ahead of you--And… Orange flyers in their hands?

“Hey, here you go! Hope you first-years have fun!” A third year with the head of a gazelle whom you didn’t recognize practically shoved a flyer in each of your hands--Izukun let go to scramble to keep the paper from falling, boo. She continued on passing out invitations from a huge stack in her arms… Probably more than necessary.

“T-Thanks!” He stuttered out while you continued on, frowning down at the paper forced upon you.

“UA annual Halloween Gala…?” You mumbled under your breath, scratching the side of your face with a free hand, “What the hell is this…? Is it like the Cultural Festival?”

“Oh!” Izuku smiled brightly, pointing down at the flyer in your hand instead of his, “Kind of--Not really, actually! There’s free food, games, festivities… But we don’t have to do any of it this time, it seems like. Looks like a group of third-years from the business course are throwing it as practice for hosting actual business parties… It’s just something for us to enjoy.”

“That sounds like fun…!” You gasped quietly, scanning over the flyer with renewed vigor and a smile creeping up on your face, “I’ve never celebrated Halloween before!”
“Really, you never celebrated Halloween?”

“Nope, Papa is pretty traditional.” You skipped over a bit about Present Mic’s DJing and costume no-no’s, “Halloween is for westerners!” You talked in a mocking “dad” voice, “We have more important things to do on Halloween while all the heroes are b--” Shit! “Koff, koff, koff!”

“A-Are you okay?”

“Yeah! Just need water!” You laughed it off, pretending to clear your throat, “I-I’m gonna go get some before…”

You had glanced back at the flyer, and zeroed in on one headliner in particular, toward the bottom.

“Costume contests, solo, couples, and groups. Couple’s contest winners will be crowned Halloween Royalty for the rest of the evening! Prizes include Grande Treat Basket from Gourmet Divine made by the Cooking Hero: Delectable Deity, Coupon for free lunch at Lunch Rush’s Cafeteria for one month, Movie tickets at the Grandoise Theatre for any film, Gift Cards to any shop in Wookies; The Kiyoshi Ward Shopping Mall.”

“Izukun!” You held up the flyer in front of his face, “Let’s enter the couple’s costume contest!”


“C’mon, it’ll be fun! I want the crown! And the treat basket!”

“I… I dunno, it might get in the way of training--”

“Heroes need rest, too! Please, Izukun? Please? Please?”

“... Okay--”

“Yay!” You wrapped him up in a hug, pecking his beet-red cheek, “I know just what we’ll dress up as, too!”



You had texted Mrs. Midoriya your costume ideas as soon as you sat down at your desk, and all through the day, although it was a month away all you could think about was the Halloween festival.

People cheering you on as you twirled in your costume, Izukun unable to look at anything else but you, eventually sweeps you off your feet and dips you low in a kiss, displaying to everyone that--

“(L/N)! Did you fall asleep!?”

“Example three is incorrect. English speakers don’t say “Jinkies” anymore, Mr. Mic.”

“... Right. Well. At least try to look like you’re paying attention!”

“At least try to teach with enthusiasm that isn’t grating…”

“What was that?”



“Izukun--Do you--Like green--Or blue--Oof! Gotcha!--More?!”

“Oi, oi--” Tape-Dispenser muttered from underneath the pin you had him in, bending his arms painfully against his back as you sat on them, “At least act like I’m putting up a fight…!”

“You did! It was pointless, but you did!”

“U-Uhm--G-Green, I guess--!? A-Ahck!” You watched Izuku fly up into the air after getting touched with Uraraka’s quirk, officially losing his sparring match with her.

“You shouldn’t get distracted in a fight, Izukun!” You called up, giggling when you saw him sigh and nod from his spot rising closer and closer to USJ’s ceiling. Taking initiative, you hopped off Tape-Dispenser and slipped your hand under your chassis, clasped it around a familiar, cold, metal hook--attaching a few strings to it--And threw it out quick as a whip. The reel whirred as the chain shot out, your fingers ever so slightly twitching, working invisible strings that puppetted the metal to wrap around Izukun’s arms and waist, (a distant yelp made your heart flip), the hook securing it all in place.

Your other hand pressed the button on the reel, then you quickly held your arms out with a big smile.

… As Izukun flew at you at break-neck speeds, yelling, wrapped up in a heavy-duty chain that you once wrapped around your knuckles to knock Bakugou’s teeth out (All Might stepped in before you could--the bastard is lucky you were out of time. Bakugou too.) He’s getting pretty close-- He’s going pretty fast--Did Uraraka deactivate her quirk!?



“Tsss! Ow ow ow…!”

“H-Hold still, please, (F/N)...”

“It hurts…!” You whimpered as Izuku gently dabbed away at the scrape on your cheek with a cotton ball, while you sat on a stool in Recovery Girl’s office. “Stupid Round-Face…!”  

“In her defense, Kacchan and Ashido did come out of nowhere…” Izuku smiled slightly, gently smoothing an (unbeknownst to you) all-might themed band-aid over the small wound. “There, all better.”

“Thank you, Doctor Midoriya.” You giggled when he turned red. Even under the large plaster on his cheek, chin, and forehead, it was beyond obvious.

Not to mention the ones on his shoulders, back, arms…

He had managed to wriggle out of the chains in time to wrap himself around you--Right before you two crashed and slid on the ground, avoiding a sneak attack from 3D-Printer and Disco-Belly-Button.

Granted, you chained both of them up afterward, swung them around a bit, and then launched them into the shipwreck zone.

That’s what they get for hurting your Izukun.


“Oh! Final bell!” You hopped off the stool and grabbed your messenger bag brought to you by an apologetic Round-Face, “Let’s go and buy some buns for dinner. I heard they’re selling pumpkin buns now! Can you believe that?!”

“You really like steamed buns...” Izuku picked up his own yellow backpack, brought to him by a mildly begrudged Sero, “Pumpkin things are very popular in October, huh? Just yesterday--” He slid the door open for you, allowing you to go through before following and sliding it shut behind him, “--I saw pumpkin crepes and pumpkin soda.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” You whined, “Pumpkin crepes sound amazing!” You made a grabby motion with your hand until he got the idea and clasped it in one of his, the two of you walking side-by-side down the hall to the front entrance, “Let’s get pumpkin soda too! If it tastes gross, it’ll be hilarious tricking Bakugou into drinking it.”

“T-That sounds like a bad idea…”

“Pft, it’s only a bad idea if he catches us.”


The next four weeks pass… Uneventfully. Shockingly, considering this was class 1-A we were talking about.

The night before the party, you had been roped into helping out with decorating for Bird-Boy’s birthday--Halloween-themed, of course.

“Pumpkin carving…?” You watched as Invisi-Girl and Pinkie were pulling pumpkins out of a wagon they borrowed from UA’s toolshed, placing them onto the tables in the dining room. “Like, what, to make pie?”

“No! Well, Satou will probably do that after Halloween--But before then,” Pinkie was nearly juggling three pumpkins in her arms, “We carve designs into them and then put candles in them and display them!”

“I’m surprised you’ve never carved pumpkins before, (F/N).” Tsuyu croaked as she picked up a smaller gourd, “Halloween seems like a holiday you’d enjoy, ribbit.”

“Yeah, like, does your dad let you have any fun!?”

“Sure he does,” You stuck your tongue out in Invisi-Girl’s direction, hopping onto the table and taking a couple pumpkins into your lap. One was a particularly odd-shaped, having grown slanted, the other was taller than it was wide, “Just not…” You used one hand to make air quotes, “‘Pointless fun’.”

“Fun isn’t pointless!”

Uhg. Here comes…

“Fun is important!” Bootleg-Pikachu was sauntering in, carrying a box, followed by Tape-Dispenser and Rock-Boy, also hauling in cargo, “Heroes can’t work all the time! Too easy to burn out!” He sauntered up by you, shooting that annoying flirty grin he began using when he figured out you weren’t going to rip his head off for looking in your general direction.

Ever since you started being… “Approachable” and less… “Abrasive”, you’ve had to deal with the repercussions of that; Excessive friendly interaction.

“Yay! Halloween-Birthday decorations!” Pinkie hopped between you and Bootleg-Pikachu before you could threaten to rip his head off for looking in your general direction. She threw open the flaps and immediately pulled out purple, black and orange tinsel--Then threw it into the air, “Decoration party while Iida is gone with Tokoyami!”

“Oh, you guys are decorating? Do you need more help?”

You immediately perked up at the newcomer’s appearance.

Izuku walked in with his notebook under his arm, wearing his green t-shirt that said “t-shirt” and sweatpants.

“Izukun!” You hopped off the table and nearly barreled over Rock-Boy and Tape-Dispenser, “Look at my pumpkins! Aren’t they great!?”

“W-What--!? Oh…” He let out a sigh of… Relief? What? Why was he relieved?

(You didn’t hear the snickering behind you.)

“Y-Yeah, they’re… Great?” He chuckled nervously, “Are you going to carve them?”

“Yeah! But just one per person--Here! This one is for you!” You held the slanted pumpkin out for him, smiling brightly.

(“She gave him the ugly one…?”)

“Oh, thank you?” He blinked, taking it from you, looking down and turning it over in his hands, “Oh, it’s got a good canvas to project stuff onto the ceiling, don’t you think?”

“That's what I was thinking!”

(“Oh. They’re weirdly in tune, huh?” “It’s cute!”)


By the time the group was done decorating, tinsel lined the walls, tables, and backs of couches. Ghost, spider, bat, and skeleton decals were in the windows and on the walls, some “spooky” orange lights backlit the room. The rest of the class finally showed up to help… When the group was already near-finished. Sugar-Rush, Round-Face, and Punk-Girl came out with Bird-Boy’s cake--Punk-Girl helped because she knew Bird-Boy’s taste the best, and you were pretty certain Round-Face just wanted to sample the sweets first.

“They’re back!” Invisi-Girls voice and footsteps interrupted the chatter--She apparently “changed into her hero costume” and went to go keep watch, “Everyone hide!”

“What? Why? Are we under atta--”

“No, (F/N)--Come on…!” Izuku grabbed your hand and pulled you down under a table.

“I-Izukun, if you wanted to be close, all you had to do was ask…”

“T-Th at’s not--!”


Izuku yelped, slapping a hand over his red face, whispering, “I-I-It’s a surprise party! We hide until Tokoyami comes in and then we pop out and yell “surprise!”--”

Multiple shushes cut him off this time.


“... Thank you for… The experience, today, Iida…” Bird-Boy’s “deep” voice was getting louder, accompanied by two pairs of footsteps.

“Of course!” Uhg. Four-Eyes and his boring, boring… “As class representative--”

You were already zoning out.

Actually, you were kinda tired…


“I can’t believe you fell asleep under the table…!” Round-Face laughed as you begrudgingly stuck a fork in your gothic-themed and kinda-wrecked piece of cake, “Like, you fell asleep against Deku and he didn’t want to wake you up, so you both were just… Under there? You didn’t even wake up when we shouted “Surprise”!”

“I was tired, okay? I put a “hug-me” sign on Bakugou’s back and Mr. Aizawa made me run laps around the field!” You spat, slamming your free hand against the coffee table with three carved pumpkins on top, (an “Alien queen” by Pinkie, a vampire with red sharpie fangs by Bootleg-Pikachu, and what was supposed to be a zombie complete with fake blood by Tape-Dispenser) “Like it wasn’t funny! I mean, Rock-Boy is the only one with the rocks to hug him!”

Round-Face just started another round of cackling from her spot on the couch, sitting criss-crossed and cradling her Thirteen-themed pumpkin in her lap. You were the only two girls left awake, and as for the two guys…

“That was still incredibly rude to sleep through Tokoyami’s birthday party, (F/N)!” Four-Eyes was lecturing you as he paced behind the couch, “And shameful that you let her continue on, Midoriya!”

“S-Sorry, Iida, but I had…” Izukun apologetically bowed his head as he sat down across from you, brandishing his own slice of cake, “... Remembered that she worked very hard today! S-So, I thought she deserved the rest! You know, during the rescue simulator, she was the first to go and… Rescue...”

Before Four-Eyes could go off on another tangent, you quickly cut in as your phone caught your view, “Izukun! Tomorrow, after school, we have to go home to get ready for the party! Your mom texted me earlier today that our costumes were ready!”

“Ooh, you two are entering the couple’s contest, right?” Round-Face’s curiosity was piqued, “And you’re going as…?”

“It’s a surprise!” You huffed, waving a hand, “I know you’re trying to one-up us and all with your costume with Frog-Girl to get those coupons, but I assure you, whatever you pick, it won’t be better than Izukun’s and I’s!”


Definitely, nothing was better than your’s and Izukun’s costumes.

You were now standing in the middle of the Midoriya Matriarch's bedroom, holding still as Mrs. Midoriya was putting on the finishing touches to…

“... There! All done! What do you think?” She moved out of the way from her full-length mirror, “I think you make a beautiful princess, (F/N)!”

You did a little twirl in the pink, fluffy ball gown, silver and rhinestone tiara on your head with flowers in your hair.

She already could tell from how your eyes were twinkling as you looked at yourself.

“It’s. So. Beautiful! Thank you so, so, so much, Mrs. Midoriya!” You quickly wrapped her up in a hug, squealing excitedly, “It’s perfect! It's beautiful! Izukun is going to love it, too!”

“Ah! You’re welcome, sweetie--”

Knock, knock, knock!

“A-Are you guys ready in there…? We’re going to be late…”

You instantly let Mrs. Midoriya go and spun around, throwing open the bedroom door, “Izukun, look at my dress!”

“O-Oh…” Izukun was in his costume: shining (plastic) silver armor adorned his body, his knight’s helmet under his arm, and a foam sword sheathed on his hip.

He looked so dashing--

“Y-You’re r-r-really p-p-p- pretty…!”

It felt like you instantly combusted.

“Really…?” ‘He thinks I’m pretty… He thinks I’m pretty!’

“A-Are you crying!? W-What’s wrong!?”

“I’m happy…!”

“Don’t cry yet, (F/N)! You’ll ruin your makeup! I still have to take pictures of you two!”


After Mrs. Midoriya took almost two hundred pictures in varying poses, you and Izukun finally managed to leave--Except now you were running against the clock.

And for once, you didn’t have any time , thanks to Mr. Aizawa’s stupid training exercises earlier in the day.

“Hurry up, Izukun!”

“I still don’t know how you can run in heels! I can barely run in this armor!”

“I’ll show you how to some time!”
“I don’t think that’s necessary--D-Damnit!”

The train doors closed right in your faces--Izukun had to grab your chassis to prevent you from slamming face-first into the metal pod.

“Damnit! We’re gonna be late…!” You cried out, gripping your wig, “I really wanna win that costume contest!”

“We’ll just have to wait for the next train… Let’s see, it should be coming in…--”

A round of screams suddenly rang out in the train station--People were beginning to run past you, crying out warnings, some abandoning costume props even. The lights were flickering and there was a sudden brief rumble beneath your feet.

“What’s going on?!” Izuku caught the arm of a man dressed as a zombie.

“T-There’s a villain! He’s got--Some sort of monster-minions!”

“Mwahahahaha!” You looked up with an annoyed frown as a deep, throaty voice suddenly cut in through the intercoms, “Runaway, pathetic worms! Face the wrath… Of the Halloween Hitman!”

“Aaahahahahhaa!” Several high-pitched squeals of joy were heard before the source was seen--translucent, glowing ghosts were flying overhead--Then there was groans and moans of…


“And skeletons.” You made a disgusted face as creatures began pouring in from terminal entrances.

Zombies, werewolves in torn flannel and jeans, skeletons wielding swords and other medieval weapons… Vampires…? There was vampires. Dressed in cheap “Dracula” costumes. Mummies, ghouls, monster clowns, goblins. And they all… Looked the same as the last monster of their type? No, that didn’t matter. What mattered was that there had to be at least a hundred of them, maybe more.

“The doors are locked!” A distraught civilian called out--There were more screaming and wails of dismay.

“There’s no way out!”

“Is there a hero in here!? Someone call for help!”

“My cell phone won’t work!”

“Is there really no heroes!?”

“Izukun.” You slapped his shoulder, breaking him out of his trance from staring at the slow advancing hoard, “Let’s get to it.”

“Right! Wait--Y-You’re out of distance, (F/N)!”

“Can’t be a hero--” You reached under your chassis on either of your sides, stepping forward with a big smirk, “--If you’re a one-trick phony!”

“Isn’t that’s Mr. Aizawa’s line…?”

You pulled out your hooks, the chain’s reels clinking as they were pulled on, “It is! And I like it! So I’m using it!”

“Hey, those are UA students, right!? The first years!”

“Oh, geee. We’re saaaved. By a couple of kids against a fuckin’ horde!”

You resisted the urge to send your chain towards the sarcastic asswipe you were about to protect. ‘Just his way of coping. Calm down now, (F/N). We’ll show him.’

With a string attached, you threw out a chain--The hook landed straight in the middle of a zombie’s face.

… And then it… Dissipated. Illusions?

‘No, the hook definitely hit something,’ You thought as you reeled your chain back in, ‘I felt the vibration in the thread. That means…’  

“They’re weak-ass clones!” You called to Izukun, “One hit and they’re down!”

“Got it, let’s go!”


The zombies were beyond pathetic, rubber and fake blood that looked like strawberry syrup in your opinion. And the skeletons looked like they were made of plastic! Their weapons were foam and wood! Werewolves were cheap fur and latex! Oh, and the vampires? Cheap life-size dolls, all were like they were meant to be placed in a yard for decoration.

Except, they started getting stronger. One hit turned to two, two to four, then they started catching on your chains and throwing off the trajectory instead of fizzling into nothingness.

“Is it just me--Huff!” You wrapped one chain around a zombie and the other around a vampire, bonked them together, then whipped them around and took out several more “monsters”--Except, some of them were still able to get up, “--Or are they getting stronger!?”

“No, they definitely are!” Izuku darted behind you to take out a monster in your blind spot, dug his heel into the back of a skeleton’s plastic skull with a round-house kick, leaving the “bones” to crumble to the floor and crumble to dust, “Maybe the smaller the number, the stronger the ones remaining are!?”

“If that’s the case,” You stood back-to-back with him, holding the handles of the chain hooks tightly, “I can wait to see how strong is the last one is!”

“Mwahahahaha… Well done, heroes…” The voice returned and the lights flickered--And suddenly, one by one at first, then quickly, the remaining monsters crumbled and gave way to dust and unoccupied air, “You’ve already figured out my riddle…!”

“That was a riddle? What a fuckin’ joke--”

“Q-Quiet, (F/N)!”

“Silence!” The voice shouted, causing a tremor in the ground and bits of debris to fall from the ceiling, the crowd of citizens behind you to let out frightened cries, “You don’t like my riddles!? My challenges!?”

“A riddle makes you stop and think, dumbass! You learn that in primary school!” You shouted up at nothing. You were frustrated now. Your dress was torn up, your makeup ruined, Izukun’s suit was partially discarded and scuffed, you were both sweaty and tired and you missed the fucking costume contest by now! “And a challenge!? Please! These guys are pathetic! Quantity over quality? More like your head up your ass!”

“Fine, then! You don’t like this!? How about you get the real thing!?”

There was rumbling again, and the ground was shaking, the terminal’s lights flashing--Citizens were screaming.

“Why would you provoke him like that!?” A woman screeched behind you, “You’re going to get us all killed--!”

“No, that isn’t it!” Izuku cut her off, getting into a readied position by your side, “She was…”

The dust on the floor from defeated monsters began lifting into the air--Before shooting to a midpoint on the other side of the train stop, collecting in hues of browns, greens, reds, and greys, until finally…

A new beast was made.

“... Luring him out!”


There was a man dressed in a Victorian-era count’s suit, atop a glowing skeleton horse, and the most notable thing about him despite the flowing coat?

He didn’t have a normal head. He had a pumpkin. A jack-o-lantern, glowing eyes and all as his noggin.

Well, frankly, you’ve seen weirder things in today’s society.

“Tremble before me, weaklings!”



The Headless Horseman got a five-pound metal hook right in his face, knocking him off his horse--Which disappeared.

He fell to the ground with a yelp and a thud, while you laughed mockingly, wiping a bit of blood that was starting to trickle from your nose, “Gotcha, bitch.”

“You…!” The horseless jack-o-lantern man jumped up, the carved mouth and eyes displaying a scowl, “You’ll pay for that!” He yelled out, throwing his hands out to his sides--Two flaming pumpkins appeared in his hands, then hovered above them--Before shooting towards you both.

“Uh oh.”

Damnit. Everything in you told you to dodge, but if you dodged, it’d hit a civilian…!

Izuku acted faster than your chain and hook, sweeping out both pumpkins with a single kick.

Then Pumpkin-Fucker started throwing more flaming pumpkins.

“Shit!” You yelped, one of the pumpkins Izuku missed landing in front of you, flaming guts spraying your body and singing your dress and leaving tiny burns on your exposed skin.

Okay, time to act smarter. If any of this gets on a citizen that wasn’t hiding behind a pillar or trashcan, they won’t be as good of a sport about it as you were.

“Izukun, keep him busy!” You called to him--The villain was still laughing maniacally, surely he couldn’t hear you over his own laughter, “I’m going to go try and open up the doors!”


You sprinted for the doors, a couple other citizens hiding in the small area they were set into; A woman in a “sexy” undead nurse costume, and a man in an undead patient costume, “Don’t worry,” You flashed a grin and a thumbs up, “We got things under control!”

You tried opening the door normally by yanking it open--Nope, nothing.

Izukun yelped somewhere behind you, “S-Shoot! My armor is all melted…!”

Alright then.

“If anyone asks,” You clasped both handles, attaching all your strings, “... I’m just that good.”


Whatever the Horseless-Pumpkin-Fucker used to lock the doors shut was nothing compared to twenty tons of strength. The doors ripped out of their places with ease.

“Izukun!” You whipped around, throwing one towards him, “Use this as a shield!”

“Ahck--!” He barely managed to catch it, skidding backward a bit, putting it up just in time to use as a shield against another flurry of pumpkins, “Thanks!”

“Alright, let’s move it, people!” You ferried people to and fro, using the door as a shield from pumpkins as you guided up to three people through the battle zone. It was a mess; flaming pumpkin guts taking time to turn to dust.

You were really sick of pumpkin-flavored everything now.

The real question though, why wasn’t he getting closer?

With the last two civilians free, you heard police sirens and some shouting.

Time to finish this up, fast.

You ran back to the playing field, wielding your pumpkin-gut and dust-covered door, wincing slightly with each new gourd meeting it’s end there.

“Alright!” You called out, “The police are about to show up here, and with them, there’s gonna be a lot more heroes! You can give up now,” You sniffed a bit of blood back up your nose, as Izukun came to your side with his door. He looked worse for wear, most of his costume destroyed and revealing his regular street clothes underneath. His helmet was abandoned, sword long is forgotten…

Mrs. Midoriya worked so hard on your costumes…!

“Or we can knock your teeth out for good this time!”

“Hah! Like I’d ever surrender to school children!”


Your door slammed into the villain and threw him against a wall, cracking the concrete and rendering him unconscious.

“Welp.” You uselessly wiped the blood away from your nose and the corner of your mouth, spitting out a bit of the coppery red onto the ground, “Happy Halloween. Can you carry me before I pass out?”

“(F/N)--! We could have taken care of it without you overusing your quirk…!” Izuku quickly tossed away the door he had used and caught you as you swayed on your feet, using his sleeve to wipe away blood and dust from your face, “W-We could have handled it!”

“I think you mean “good job”.” You giggled light-headedly, “C’mon! Let’s go have fuuuun! At the party!”


You wouldn’t call this fun.

Sitting in the middle of Recovery Girl’s eerily off-hours office, on a cot with your arm strapped up to a blood transfusion, cutesy “Halloween” decor mocking you. Izukun was at least asleep on the cot next to you, so you had him as company. Sort of. You could hear everyone else having fun outside, too! Music and laughter and…

… So much for having a happy Hallow--

“Happy Halloween,” The door slid open, a tired mummy trudging in carrying a pumpkin-shaped plate, “Feeling better?”

“Come to hide away and take a nap, Mr. Aizawa?” You grinned slyly, then crinkled your nose when he set the pumpkin-flavored cake next to you on the side table, “... Thanks…”

He snorted, easing down into a chair by you, “I just happened to check the news on my phone. “Princess Saves the Knight in a Halloween-themed villain attack in Musutafu train station.”

“That's bull,” You waved a hand, eyeing the cake when your stomach rumbled, “Izukun did half of the work.”

“You evacuated civilians and kept them calm,” He lazily scratched the underside of his neck, “Did a lot of fighting in an enclosed environment, made use of it... Good job.”

“Did I get an A-plus?”

“You overused your quirk unnecessarily and could have resulted in being a burden to your allies. C minus at best.”


“Eat your cake.”

“I saved like, thirty people!”

“You have half an hour left on the bag.”

“I took out almost a hundred villains, not including the boss and his stupid horse!”

“The party doesn’t end for another hour, so, take it easy.”

“Who won the costume contest!?”

“Uraraka and Asui; They dressed as Godzilla in a two-person suit.”

“Son of a bitch!”

Chapter Text

‘She’s been really quiet all morning…’ Izuku worriedly glanced to the side, where (F/N) was silently walking, clutching the strap of her pink and white bunny-themed messenger bag in both hands. Usually, she’s holding his hand and swinging it back and forth--As embarrassing as it was, holding hands with a girl he wasn’t dating, he didn’t… Dislike it.

Last night must have been harder on her than she let on.

He slid the classroom door open and allowed her in first--She only responded with a hum in thanks, rather than the teasing “Gee, what a gentleman!” he’s come to just chuckle at.

And then instead of heading for her desk, she turned right down the first aisle, heading for…

Asui and Sero, where they were talking next to her desk.

‘Oh no, did she misinterpret something!? Is she going to--?!’

(F/N) took her bag off her shoulder and set it on Kirishima’s desk--who looked up in surprised confusion.

… Then she lowered down onto her knees, placed her hands on the ground, leaned forward, and nearly slammed her head onto the tile floor.

“Thank you for fighting alongside Izukun and for saving him! I am in your eternal debt!”

The class erupted.


“O-Oi! I-I-It’s no big deal!” Sero rapidly waved his hands, nearly elbowing Asui, “H-Haha! Get up! Please, don’t worry about it!”

“(F/N)-chan,” Asui’s tongue shot out and wrapped around (F/N)’s waist, yanking her up, before setting her back on her feet, “We were all in dire situations, and did what we had to do to help each other get out al--”

“I don’t care about all that! Just accept my thanks and eternal debt, dammit!” (F/N) swatted at Tsuyu’s tongue, then one second she was there, the next, she was at her desk with her bag, hugging it to her chest and glaring out the window, silently stewing.

‘W-Well, that’s… More like her…’

And just like that, everyone returned to normal.

… Except (F/N).

Everyone returned to their desks, and (F/N) was quiet behind him, not saying a word. He glanced back a few times, only to see her with her chin resting on crossed arms, staring out the window.

He wanted to say something, but every time he tried to open his mouth, it snapped shut when last night’s talk popped back into his head.


Everyone was so noisy.

“Hey, hey? Did you two watch the news last night?”


“Did you see how everyone in the class was on-screen for a second? I didn’t stand out at all…!”

“That’s true.”

“I-Its hard standing out at all with your quirk, huh…?”

They just wouldn’t stop.

“But man, all the news channels made a big deal out of it.”

“I was seriously surprised.”

“Can you blame them? The school that keeps pumping out heroes was attacked.”

You don’t want to hear about it…

“Who knows what would’ve happened if the teachers hadn’t come when they did.”

You tuned out.

‘Nope, don’t want to think about it.’

The door slid open, followed by a tired, and muffled, “Good Morning.”

The class erupted again, someone shouting, “Mr. Aizawa, you’re back too soon!”

“You’re too much of a pro…!”

“So you’re alright, sir!?”

“C-Can you call that alright…!?”

“My well-being doesn’t matter.”

You let out a huff and looked up, boredly scanning until you saw a familiar mop of black h--

Your heart clenched hard enough in your chest to leave you breathless.

Mr. Aizawa was wrapped head to toe in bandages, wore casts on both arms--hell, you couldn't even see his face. He limped over to the podium and stood behind it, looking(?) Out over the class, and started talking.

You wanted to puke.

Some of the students cheered at the mention of the Sports Festival.

You were going to puke.

Your hand shot up, catching Mr. Aizawa's attention, “S-Sorry for the interruption, b-but uh, may I go to the bathroom?”

He paused, possibly to stare at you for a moment, before slowly responding, “Class just started, (L/N).”

“You want your classroom to turn into a modern art piece based around bile?”

“... Alright, just make it f--”


You didn't wait any longer, you shot up and quickly went to the door, unpausing as you opened it, and slid it shut a little harder than necessary as you exited.

‘He was covered in bandages, why would he have to be covered in bandages?’ you took a few steps down the hall, then had to brace yourself against the wall as you doubled over, holding your stomach, ‘You idiot, why else? He obviously fought the Nomu and lost… The bare minimum, at least.’

Bandages. Casts. Just how bad was he?

‘I think I'm gonna be sick….’

It was only All Might that should have been hurt--well, killed… Yet, Mr. Aizawa…

Mr. Aizawa, the only adult you’ve met that would not take your shit smiling and actually cared about your well-being. He wasn’t supposed to get hurt. No one but All Might was supposed to get hurt, you were promised and now you were lied to--

You dry-heaved, gasping for air as your eyes shook with the strain to keep your breakfast down.

You imagined what Anti-Might could have done to Mr. Aizawa.

What it had.

Anti-Might has bioengineering to make him incredibly strong without needing a quirk. You were there when Dr. Nishimura had injected that man--no, the creature that had become Anti-Might with the bio-steroids made from a strength-enhancing quirk. You had even watched with little interest how the doctor had removed the crown of its head to allow the brain to expand and not burst in his skull.

“Pay attention,” Papa had put his hand on your shoulder, “You’ll need to learn how to do this in case I’m not around anymore.”

“Yeah, right.” You huffed, noting the beaked face as it opened up to breath, the nose passages probably constricted too much by the expansion of the brain-- Its eyes were bulging slightly. Definitely is, then.

Its fists clenched and unclenched, a sound like fresh leather gloves straining around too-large hands crinkled in the quiet room.

What had Mr. Aizawa endured at those hands?

The door sliding open and shut didn't go unnoticed.

“(L/N). Where have you--”

“I'm sorry…”


“Are you sure… We should have let her… Go back?” Fumiko was polishing the holding tank of one of several Nomu, located in Dr. Nishimura’s main laboratory. She squeezed the cloth with uncertainty, trying to ground herself as she was staring into the lifeless--but living--eyes of the scalpless beast, “I trust Master, of course, but the child has been…”

Well, Fumiko has been with the boss for a long time, almost as long as his little monster is old, and she’s seen her… Phases. But she’s no mother, she’s never had any maternal instincts or “protective emotions”. She won’t sugarcoat things; The kid is a nightmare.

“I believe her Stockholm Syndrome came back stronger,” Dr. Nishimura was scratching something down on a clipboard with a cheap pen, as he examined one of the other Nomu, “And so long as she has regular contact with the Master again to keep it fresh,” He pushed his goggles off of his eyes and rubbed one with the back of his hand, sighing in relief from the dull aching of being awake for almost twenty hours, “She’ll remain loyal. Besides, if we suddenly removed her from the school there would be questions.” He glanced over to Fumiko, then back to his work at hand, “From what you told me, I’m surprised she figured out you had been the one to almost give her a concussion.”

Fumiko frowned at the beast in the bubbling tank, then continued polishing the acrylic so she could move onto the next, “She’s… Smart. Too smart.”

“Yes, well, her father wanted a scientist to be her mother so she would be above-average since research shows intelligence is mainly maternally passed on… But,” He had to crack a grin, “... Geniuses tend to be the most insane, too.”

“Well, we’re all sort of… Psychopathic… Especially Tomura.”

“No, no,” Dr. Nishimura waved a hand, “I would diagnose Tomura to be more sociopathic. There’s a big difference between the two,” He pulled a flashlight from his pocket and shone it into the eyes of the Nomu he inspected, “Sociopaths feel some range of emotion, it makes their manipulation into Stockholm Syndrome much easier. They steal your wallet and will feel some degree of guilt, but ultimately go through with it anyway by reasoning they need the money--Except with Tomura, his emotions are only tied to Master and hate for heroes. Now, psychopaths,” He pursed his lips when the creature’s pupils didn’t react, taking a moment to think and scratch something down.

Fumiko slowly moved onto the next tank, the Nomu contained in there sporting large wings.

The poor brat used to make that one was the same age as the Young Miss, he was easy for her to lure--

“Psychopaths,” The Doctor continued, “Don’t have any “negative” emotion. They feel no guilt-ridden repercussions to their actions, or sadness when someone dies, or fear of the blood they spill, even if they might pretend to, just to manipulate people to get what they want. Like, a bond with a sociopath.” He turned to Fumiko, tired eyes flickering in mild amusement, “Sound familiar at all?”

“You can say my name.” Fumiko breathed in and out slowly, staring into dead eyes while she polished and spoke clearly, “Although, I don’t enjoy spilling blood and getting messy.”

“I was talking about Master, but, you’re right behind him. Not all are the same, of course, but you don’t care if blood is spilled anyway.”

“I don’t like it, though. It makes a mess,” She straightened up, frowning at the droplets of electrolyte water that bubbled out of the tank and dripped down the acrylic, “It means more work, and more work means less sleep.”

“Less sleep means a grouchy Fumiko who hits the bane of her existence over the head and covers it up with “I was protecting my master”.” The doctor snorted, clicking his pen shut, “Did it feel good?”

Fumiko ruminated for only a moment, more concerned about how she was going to remove those hard water stains, before nodding slowly, “Very.”


“I’m sorry…”

A beat of silence, gears turning in his head.

“… What?”

Aizawa stared down at his student, (the student he made himself sick over worrying about) crumpled to the floor on her knees and shaking with…

“H… Hic…!”


“What in the world are you supposed to be sorry for--?”

“I could have stopped it…!” She whimpered, “I-If I was there, I could have stopped it…! I could have gotten everyone out, I could have stopped the Nomu, I could have stopped S- Shigaraki, I could have ended everything before it began and I was too weak to do a thing…!” She convulsed with a loud sob, beating her fist on the floor, “Instead, I was sleeping away as everyone was fighting for their lives a-and you… You…” She slowly turned, and for a second Aizawa could see her red and watery eyes, and the raw emotion that he didn’t even know she could display so vulnerably, clenched his heart…

(… He’s seen it before. A civilian who’s baby daughter had perished in a fire, blaming herself. He had just been an intern at the time, a first year, but for a brief second he swore he saw that same woman in the girl before him. )

But just as fast as she turned her head, she snapped her gaze away, as if appalled by what she saw.

No, she was remorsed.

“(L/N),” Aizawa slowly approached the young teen, his hero training coming to surface.

(She flinched at her name being called.)

He slowly crouched down next to her, grunting softly but otherwise trying not to display the fact that his bones and cracking joints were screaming in pain, “Listen… You had no idea this would happen. No one did.” She only curled further into herself, quivering harder--No, she’s hyperventilating. It’s worse--an anxiety attack.

‘Damnit. Not working. Think back… What did that old bat teach you?’

“(L/N). I need you to breathe.” He spoke softly and calmly, trying to get through to her, “Everything is fine now--All is said and done. Here, sit back.” He reached a casted hand forward--She flinched when it brushed against her arm, but a second attempt and she allowed it. It was awkward guiding her down into a sitting position with casted arms, but he somehow managed. It helped that she was unusually complacent.

His heart leapt into his throat as he looked down at her, closer than when she was halfway across the room.

She was unusually disheveled, hair looked as if she only took two seconds to do it (he couldn’t say much, but his was easier to manage) and her eyes were red, dark and puffy from both crying and lack of sleep. Her uniform was barely passing as decently maintained and the makeup she wore--

A streak of dark was beneath her makeup where tears trailed down. It was black and blue and purple, barely noticeable, but Aizawa Shouta couldn’t be a hero, underground especially if he didn’t notice the small things.

He could see a bruise hidden in fear or shame any time of day. And it was on the student who did not leave his supervision with them.

Now wasn’t the time to ask about it, though. She was still breathing hard, staring down at her clenching and unclenching hands in her lap.

“Count to seven as you breathe in through your nose, and count down from it as you exhale through your mouth.”

She opened her mouth to say something but slid it shut as a hiccup escaped her, then she nodded and did as he said. Seven seconds breathing in, seven seconds out-- Did she not even brush her teeth this morning?

There was rapid clicking of heels footsteps down the hall, and Shouta didn’t even need to look up to know whom it was. Trust Midnight to always check her texts in record time--Her third-year class was probably trusted to train on their own for the moment.

“I got your text,” Midnight murmured quietly as she kneeled down, “Go to your class, I’ll take it from here--”

“I’m sorry…” (L/N)’s soft whisper grabbed their attention again--Not that she ever lost her teacher’s. She had buried her face into her hands, curling in on herself, “I’m s-so sorry…”

Midnight gently nudged Aizawa away, encouraging him to leave the situation to her. He did, hesitantly.

She didn’t understand the girl as much as he did, she had joined in on calling her “Future Delinquent”. Aizawa didn’t want to trust her with anyone else again, because the last time--

“Hey, sweetie, I need you to come with me for a bit, okay? Somewhere nice and quiet where you can relax. Can you do that?”

“Mr. Aizawa,” A sudden tug on his sleeve and a surprised grunt from Midnight stopped him from using his foot to open the classroom door, and he turned to see (L/N) with her head bowed, “I’m fine. I just needed a second.”

Aizawa squinted down at her, “You need to--”

“I’m fine.” She then raised her head to show a perfectly clean face, her hair was suddenly kept and even her uniform was neater. She looked… Normal. “We’ve missed enough school, don’t you think?”

He stood there in flabbergasted silence, as she slowly let go of his sleeve and slid the classroom door open, slipping in past him quietly. She was enveloped by her friends--frankly, he’s surprised she’s made any this fast--before he could say anything else, Uraraka chattering away about what had happened during the incident.

Not that it’d stop him.


She turned to the teacher’s grunt, dull eyes trained where she assumed his eyes were.

“Go to the teacher’s lounge at lunch.”

“... Okay, sir.”

He pretended his eye didn’t twitch at “sir”.

“Well, that was… Interesting.” Midnight pursed her lips as Aizawa slowly ambled towards her, “Good to know she’s alright… I expected to hear from her a little sooner.”

“You and I both.” He mumbled, passing her by.

“Where are you going?”

“To talk to a certain principle.”


The door slid shut, and you turned back to Uraraka and Tsuyu, crossing your arms as casually as you could to hide your shaking, “So, after Kurogiri warped everyone away, what happened?”

“Ah, it was crazy! Thirteen tried to use his quirk on him, but--”

“Wait,” Tsuyu raised an abnormally large hand, cutting off Uraraka who still had her arms raised up in gesturing the vague shape of the villain, “... We never mentioned his name.”

“Izukun told me his part of the story last night,” You smoothly explained, leaning against Uraraka’s desk a little more, staring down at your shoes.

‘Redirect them.’

You talked in a lower voice, “... I’m sorry. I should have been there.” You added a slight waver, one that could be detected but you could “brush off”, “I… I could have gotten everyone out and stopped the whole thing before it even began.”

‘Look sad. Imagine them dying--Okay, don’t… Don’t imagine that. Don’t--’

“No, no! It’s okay, (F/N)!” Uraraka grabbed your hands and held them in her’s, big brown eyes staring into yours with innocent determination of a Mother Teresa wanna-be, “No one had any idea it was going to happen, besides, we all made it out just fine--Well, for the most part, but still--Don’t worry, we’re all stronger for it, d-don’t cry!”


The sudden blur in your vision and you realized your eyes were welling up unwillingly.

‘Shit, shit, shit, not in front of them!’

“A-Ah, sorry, it’s been a long few days…” You tried to let out a care-free laugh as you delved your hand into your skirt pocket, yanking out a handkerchief to quickly dab your eyes, looking up as you did so, “A-Anyway, guess I won’t be joining you guys for lunch until a bit later. Here,” You pulled your wallet out of your other pocket, pulling out most of the cash you had before holding it out to Uraraka, “Get me something and buy yourselves lunch, too, on me! Whatever you want, go crazy!”

“Wah!?” Uraraka took the bills, staring wide-eyed like it’s the most money she’s ever seen, “W-We couldn’t! I couldn’t--”

“I insist.”

“--W-We’ll keep it cheap, then, and get your change back--”

“I just said go nuts!” You poked Uraraka in the forehead, “Don’t make me repeat myself, Round-Face.”

“I thought you were over that nickname…!”



You sighed, pulling a little red heart-shaped mirror compact from your pocket and looked into it, gently dabbing your eyes while walking around Uraraka and Tsuyu, taking the long way around the rest of the students to come up to your desk from behind--Now that you thought about it, this was the first time you’ve been able to… Examine them, up close.

A tall, bulky boy who looked more like a third-year sat in the desk right next to Uraraka. He wasn’t very interesting… Sugar-Rush was his quirk. He’d get super strong and fast after eating a ton of sugar.

Big deal.

Half-and-Half was next to him, quietly reading a book. His quirk was… Very powerful. You heard someone say he was the “strongest” in class. You knew two things: One, he got in on recommendations. Two, he was the son of the No. 2 hero of Japan.

It’d be too dangerous to attempt stealing his quirk. Scratch that, it’d just be a hassle.

You’d just have to knock him down a few pegs and make sure these punks knew who was really in charge.

You turned into the aisle between him and the last, heading for your seat. Behind you sat 3D-Printer-- Momo Yaoyorozu. Besides her clear skin, great posture, perfect hair, and… Other things, she was a fairly average appearing Japanese teenage girl. With a very strong quirk.

Unfortunately, the Yaoyorozu family was very influential in many fields--No doubt she was richer than a bowl of Lunch Rush’s creamy chicken noodle soup.Taking her quirk would also prove to be an unnecessary process.

Not to mention the unfortunate problem with Paralyze, you found out the hard way when taking a quirk that allows the user to telepathically control metals, is that they can still use certain quirks that doesn’t require movement. Hence, Half-and-half could use his ice to freeze you, and 3D Printer can build a plate of armor or even a spear to stab your hand or you.

No, it’d have to wait for a time when either were completely exhausted, but then there was the problem of their families.

Stupid Tomura. He’s already drawn too much attention.

… Actually, that could be--

A sharp pang in your head told you to quit overthinking and hurry the hell up. You already used a lot of time fixing your hair, uniform, and face. In the bathroom, running the time you had down.

Taking your seat, you got a look at your own neighbor, Bird-Head boy with the thing living in him like a parasite. Or maybe it was a symbiotic relationship?

Whatever. You did not want to risk transferring it’s consciousness to yourself, it’d be more trouble than it’s worth, learning how to control it. Or forcing it.

You looked ahead, your heart fluttering lightly in your chest when you saw Izuku, smiling fondly, looking towards…

A sinking feeling settled in the pit of your stomach as your eyes landed on the one holding his attention.



If the door hadn’t slid open and caused everyone to scramble into their seats, you would have begun to grill Izuku as to just why he was looking so lovingly at--

Oh. Wait. Weren’t you standing there?




Aizawa kicked on Nedzu’s door in form of a knock, a cheerful “Come in!” inviting him inside only a second later.

He waited a few moments, staring down at the door handle. After a second, it turned, and the mammalian principle swung the door open, laughing softly, “I thought that was you, Aizawa. Can I help you?”

“Why didn’t you tell me she was in the school.”

Nedzu’s smile didn’t waver, “I sent you an email that a hero spotted her this morning.”

“Principle,” Aizawa took a slow breath, trying not to aggravate his aching body, “I can’t use my phone.”

“Mic isn’t reading them to you?”

“He’s been busy with the sports festival preparations between his teachings, show, and hero duties.”

“... Ah.” Nedzu was silent for a moment, then cheerfully spoke, “(L/N) is safe and sound, I was watching the student entry logs in real-time and saw her enter the school grounds!”

Aizawa felt like he was going to have to sleep for a long, long hour after this.

“You don’t have to worry about your class until P.E. later in the day, right?” Nedzu obviously knew he didn’t, “Come in, have some tea, let’s chat for a bit!”

Yeah, he’s gonna need a nap.

As soon as Aizawa had sat down onto the couch in the corner with a cup of tea--with a straw--and Nedzu had settled across from him with his own, the principal began his speech.

“Legally we cannot allow Detective Tsukauchi to interview Miss (L/N) without her parent, guardian, or a lawyer present.”

“I know.” Aizawa would have liked to have Tsukauchi once and for all decide if (L/N) was being abused by her father, but it looks like it would have to wait.

… The thought of having to use his quirk, instead of her simply trusting her teacher enough to simply be honest, left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Even if it was illogical.

“Midnight had alerted me that Miss (L/N) had a sort of mental breakdown.” Nedzu settled his teacup onto its saucer in his lap, “Do you have any idea why?”

Aizawa shifted, choosing his words carefully, “... She might have been overwhelmed by the fact that her friends could have very well lost their lives at USJ. Seeing me like this is what set her off, I think. She blamed herself for being sick, saying she would have been able to get everyone out and stop the whole thing before it even started.”

“Aaah, so she’s become emotionally attached to some of the students? And yourself, it seems.” The principals ever-persistent smile became a bit brighter, “And she’s realizing just how her talents can be used for good. And she intended to do so.”

Aizawa was silent for a moment, then bluntly stated, “She had a bruise on her cheek.”

“... Ah, I’m guessing you’re bringing that up because…?”

“She didn’t leave here with it.” He shifted again, trying to relieve the dull aching in his joints to no avail.

“Well, lots of students train on their own.” Nedzu set his tea down and threaded his paws together, “Are you sure it wasn’t from anything like that?”

“I don’t think it is,” Aizawa murmured, staring down at his cup uselessly, “... I have reason to believe she’s being emotionally and physically abused by her father.”

“... Really? That aggressive girl? Well,” Nedzu sighed, humming for a moment, “... It would make sense. Human children--They tend to be more aggressive if they have trouble at home. Usually in the absence of a parent, lack of attention, comparison to siblings, divorces, etcetera…”

“I’m pretty sure most of that is true as well.” The teacher leaned back for a second--Then straightened up again as a white-hot pain shot through his muscles, “Her mother died when she was a baby, she complains about her brother getting all her father’s praise…”

“Perhaps we should hold an impromptu Parent-Teacher conference one of these days,” Nedzu suggested, “A home visit perhaps.”

Aizawa slowly nodded, “... Yes, perhaps.”


Lunch came… Much too fast for your liking. Somehow, Mic with his interactive activity of speaking to a partner in English--you got stuck with bird boy, and no matter how much you tried to sneakily ask about his quirk, he was even better at redirecting you. He'd make an excellent villain if he wasn't so straight-laced.

And Cementoss with his literature lecture made time pass by surprisingly fast, talking about the lessons of a book about four friends in the early quirk era escaping prejudice.

The lunch bell rang and you felt your stomach sinking.

‘Great. Here we go.’

… There was just one problem.

You had no idea where the hell the teacher’s lounge was.

“Damn spinster…!” You kept letting out a soft string of swears under your breath, glaring around the tenth hallway you’ve been trudging through, tempted to break out hover to give your aching feet a break. But there were cameras everywhere. Not an option.

A figure stepping around a corner and walking in your direction just ahead caught your attention.

“Hey!” You called out, breaking out into a light jog towards the man, tall and blonde and coughing into his hand, “You have any idea where the teacher’s lounge is…” Your voice died out and a confused eyebrow rose as you slowed down--The figure had jumped in surprise at your call, covering his mouth as he coughed.

He was in an oversized, navy blue suit and had wild blonde hair, was terribly thin, and…  

“Young (L-L/N), it’s uhm, nice to see you again--”

“The hell are you doing here?” You squinted questioningly at Izuku’s mentor--Who you have definitely never seen on UA grounds. ‘Wait--He’s important to Izukun. Be nice.’

“Ah, I’m a part-time teacher here.” He seemed to answer with relative confidence, but you still took his explanation with a grain of salt, “I had seen you had been accepted here, congratulations.”

You had been wondering who the traitor Papa employed was…

How ironic if it was him.

“Thank you,” You nodded your head politely, forcing a small smile, “I’m grateful to be able to attend with Izukun here.”

“Oh, you were looking for the teacher’s lounge, right?” He pointed to the sign above his head, “Here you are. Aizawa is already inside.”

“... Thanks.” ‘Except, I technically found it myself.’ “How did you know he called me here?”

“He mentioned it to me a short while ago,” He slid the door opening, nodding towards it to let you in first.

With your head held high, you took the invitation, entering the office. There was a long table in the middle of it, bearing computers and outlined with chairs at each. A comfortable looking couch was in a corner, with two chairs were drawn to the coffee table in front of it-- Mr. Aizawa occupied one if the head of unbrushed, slightly oily hair was any hint.

Izuku’s mentor walked in behind you, sliding the door shut softly, before shuffling off to one of the computer stations and taking a seat.

You, on the other hand, begrudgingly strode with confidence over to your teacher, coming around his side--To see the other chair occupied by a familiar mammalian… Man. The principle, sporting the same outfit he wore on that talk-show interview you had watched over half a year ago.

“What’s this about?” You stood next to Mr. Aizawa, darting your eyes back and forth between them.

“Hello, Miss (L/N)!” Principal Nedzu chirped cheerfully, looking up at you with beady eyes--One bearing a long scar that stuck out against his fur, “I’m sure you know me, I’m Principal Nedzu! Please, please, take a seat! Have some tea!”

“I’d rather stand, th--”

“Sit down, (L/N).”

You shot a weak glare down at Mr. Aizawa.

Bandages. Bandages. Bandages.

… And slowly walked around, taking a seat in front of an already poured cup of tea. You didn’t touch it.

“We just wanted to check in on how you were doing!” Principal Nedzu continued, clapping his paws together, “I’m sure the past few days have been rather stressful, and while we’ve been able to relatively monitor the other students, I understand you were having some problems yourself--”

You rose a hand to cut him off, “No, I’m not. Thank you for your concern, sir, but I was just momentarily overwhelmed. I’m fine now, it won’t be a problem in the future.”

“We’d still like to encourage you to attend some sort of therapy session, if only once--”

“Not necessary.”

“(L/N),” Aizawa warned, “Stop being rude and listen to the Principal, or I’ll have you running laps for the rest of the day.”

Your eye twitched. If he wasn’t hurt, you’d be fighting back a lot more.

“... Sorry, sir.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Principal Nedzu still held his gentle smile, “I know you must have been very stressed lately. As I was saying, I would like you to have a session with our counselor, Mr. Inui. At least once, and then you may continue your schedule per usual. Does that sound like an okay plan?”


You looked to Mr. Aizawa, face turned to yours.

Bandages. Bandages. Bandages.

You held bile in your throat, and gritted out, “When… Do I see him?”


You’d rather be pulling your own teeth than sitting in a supposed to be stuffy office while your classmates were out training.

Mr. Inui’s office was spacious, well organized, and modernly decorated. Grey carpet, neutral walls, ceiling to floor windows for one, his desk in front of it. He was facing you behind it, sitting in a surely custom chair meant for his size and mutant body type, muzzle dawned as part of his costume.

Meanwhile, you sat in a chair just like your’s in your classroom, a cup of strong smelling tea in front of you.

You don’t touch it.

Chapter Text

“So, (L/N). Why are you here today?”

“Because Mr. Aizawa forced me to come.”

“Forced is a strong word. I didn’t see him dragging you in.”

“Same difference.”

Hound Dog hummed skeptically, hands --paws?-- folded on his desk, “Well, you’re here anyway. So why don’t we start off with you telling me about your life at home.”

“I live alone.”

“I mean your other home. When you’re with your father.”

“Oh. No thanks.”

“... Okay. What about your friends?”


“... How are your studies going?”


You both stared at each other in stiff silence for several moments. Well, it was stiff for him. You were just counting the ticks of the clock and calculating how long until P.E. was over.

“(L/N),” He warned, “You’re here because of a mental breakdown. If you don’t tell me just why and let me pick your brain a bit, I won’t be able to clear you to go back to training.”

Your eye twitched, “With all due respect, sir, nothing is wrong. I was overwhelmed for half a second and now it’s over.”

“Eraserhead seemed to think otherwise, he would have normally just expelled a student for showing weakness like that--” The hound-hero seemed to cut himself off instead of naturally finishing his sentence, coughing into a hand--paw?-- and looking away.

Your eye twitched again, “Come again?”

He took a moment to study the grain of his desk then, without moving his head, looked back to you and spoke carefully, “... I’m saying Eraserhead is keeping you around because he sees something in you, so don’t let his concern go to waste and speak up already.”

You stared at him for a long second, and finally took a soft breath in, and sat up straight, “Alright, I’ll play along. Imagine if you were in my shoes for a second.” You crossed your legs and neatly folded your hands in your lap, “You nearly lose your father in an absolutely horrifying freak accident. You don’t, but you’re scarred for life after seeing the results. You take care of your father for the most part from then on. Then you’re hell-bent on being a hero to prevent things like that from happening ever again…” You dug your nails into your skin without thinking as you continued with a weakening voice, “And then you finally make a friend after a decade of near isolation. And you make a couple more. And then in one day, when you’re sick and useless, you nearly lose them all.” You raised your arms in a shrug, “Everyone looks fine and is acting fine, so maybe you’re overreacting. Everything is fine.” You reached up and clenched your tie, loosening it slightly as you forced your voice to tremble, “A-And then you see what they could have been or could have been lucky to have been, stride in the room when you’re telling yourself everything turned out alright.” You swallowed thickly, letting a singular tear fall down your cheek, “What did he look like, Mr. Hound Dog? Did you see him? Because to me, he looked exactly like what my father did. At least, this time I didn’t have to see what was beneath those bandages.”

The counselor was silent for several moments.

“... I--”

“But now I have my composure back,” You smoothed out your skirt and finally looked him in his wide-blown eyes.

You could see it; He bought every word.

(They were true, even if you were lying to yourself that they weren’t.)

“So I promise this is the last time you’ll see me in regards to this. Can I go now?”

Hound Dog blinked for a second, then sighed out his nose, shaking his head.

You resisted the urge to bite it off.

“Just a couple more questions, then I’ll let you go.” He “promised”, raising a placating hand(paw?), before resting it back over the other, “How did you get that bruise on your cheek?”

You resisted the urge to recoil in surprise--Then realized Mr. Aizawa must have been able to see it even around all those bandages, even when you had hoped that hadn’t been the case.

(You saw that day all over in its entirety, Papa backhanding you, leaving you to crawl away and beg for forgiveness--)

“I slipped and fell when I was in a daze while sick.”

“And the blood that I smell?”

You mentally cursed your mistake--of course, he’s a dog, he must have enhanced smell. You should have figured this. You should have sprayed some perfume or something of the sort before coming.

You were getting dull.

“I had hit my head as well--Don’t worry, my father’s private physician was doing a home visit and he checked me. It’s just going to be sore for a few days.”

“That’s right, I noticed your medical history wasn’t synced into your profile…” Hound Dog made a low noise that you assumed was a hum, turning to his computer and chicken-pecking on the keyboard, presumably looking at your file, “All it says is that you’ve had all your vaccinations and your current weight and height. They’re supposed to have logs of previous doctor visits as well, including what doctor you’ve seen previously… Mostly for Recovery Girl’s piece of mind.”

‘Shit shit shit--’

“That can’t be right…” You frowned, thinking fast, “I’ll make sure it gets fixed then and have my doctor email the information to the appropriate recipient. Who should I have it sent it to?”

“Good to hear, just a second, let me write it down.”

‘Uhg, I have a headache and it is not from having my scalp tenderized with an iron skillet.’

“And while I’m at it, here’s a note to go see Recovery Girl. You can’t focus with that headache you must have.”

“Ah, thank you very much,” You took the two notes he held out to you with both hands, nodding graciously, “Is there anything else?”

He drummed his long, clawed fingers on the desk for a second, then shook his head, “I think we’re good here. But if you need to talk, feel free to email that address and set up an appointment with me. You have resources, (L/N). Don’t forget to use them.”

You pretended to nod in understanding, standing up and bowing slightly, “I understand. Thank you, Mr. Inui. I… Actually feel a bit better after talking about everything.”

He gave a toothy smile that you could barely see through his muzzle, “Don’t mention it, we’re here for a reason. Train hard, (L/N).”

“I will. Thank you, sir.”

“Oh, and one more thing, (L/N).”

“Hm?” You paused mid-turn, looking back, ‘What now…? I just wanna--’

“Because you were number-one in the entrance exams, you have to give a speech at the beginning of the Sports Festival. Nothing long-winded, just quick like… “Let’s all do our best, plus ultra.” Simple like that.”

“... Do I h--”

“Yes, you do.”


‘Stupid dog,’ You resisted the urge to smirk as you left the room, trying to keep the skip out of your step while you made your way to Recovery Girl’s office, ‘Scratch behind their ear just right and they’ll believe anything you say… Is that racist? I feel like it’s racist...’

You stopped in front of your next destination, knocking twice and shifting your weight between your feet while waiting for a response.

A muffled, elderly “Come in!” came from within.

You slid the door open, glancing around the room, “Pardon the intrusion--” Your eyes landed on a familiar mop of green hair sitting in a stool next to an occupied desk chair, receiving a wet kiss on his cheek, “I-Izukun!?”

“Ah! (F-F/N), you’re back!” Izuku let out an awkward laugh, rubbing the back of his head--He was wearing his gym uniform, dirt in random patches scattered among the previously pristine white and blue sweats. You noticed one of his shoes and socks was removed, and a white bandage was pasted to his opposite cheek, “You missed a lot of excitement…”

“He dropped a forty-kilo dumbbell on his foot!” Recovery Girl fumed, turning back to her desk and typing away at her keyboard, “And got tossed around like a ragdoll by one of his classmates and let himself be tossed down a ravine!”

“What!?” You screeched, not even teleporting over to him--You were in front of him in the blink of an eye, holding his face in your hands and turning his head every which way and inspecting him, “Are you okay!? Who did this to you!? Are you hurt anywhere else?” Your eyes turned dark, “They scratched your cute face. Tell me who did this so I can make them pay.”

“I-I’m fine, (F/N)! Really!” He gave a nervous smile, raising a shaky thumbs-up as his face was slowly turning red, “I just bit off a little more than I could chew when I was sparring with Shouji! You should have seen it, it was fun! He threw me up super high a-a-and--”

“Tentacle boy.” You whispered darkly, “Got it. He’ll suffer before the day is over.”

“P-please don’t--”

“Behave yourself, young lady!” Recovery Girl chided, and you yelped (in surprise, more than anything) when a rolled up magazine connected with your shoulder,Why are you even here, (L/N)?”

“I just hit my head yesterday!” You whined, putting one hand over the spot as if it actually hurt, and held out the nurse note with the other, “I fell while in a sick-daze! Mr. Inui wanted me to come to get healed before I go to gym class...”

“Oh, dear--Midoriya, move over, please. Sit down, (L/N), let me check you.” The elderly nurse waved him away, and he dutifully stood up, but stayed nearby as you sat down--As in, stood right at your side as Recovery Girl gently moved your hair aside, sucking in a soft breath, “My my, you must have hit it pretty hard, I’m surprised your skull isn’t cracked--or that you aren’t still concussed!” She tsk’d while you winced as she gently poked it, feeling around, “You should have come seen me earlier--Your scalp has bruised the size of a softball and you have a bloody egg to match!”

Midoriya made a noise of surprise at the sight, and you assumed it’s either that bad, or he’s just being protective.

“I’m sorry, I was really sleepy this morning and didn’t want to be a bother…” You spun back around and received a big granny kiss on the cheek--And immediately felt the throbbing pain in your head and cheek go away, even if you were left kind of tired, “Thank you, though…”

“Don’t worry about it, now go, both of you,” She waved you off, “And don’t come back today, got it?!”

“Yes, ma’am…” Izuku laughed awkwardly, opening the door for you as you both left the office.

“What a gentleman!” You lightly teased.

He gave his signature, cute, bashful chuckle, “You seem to be feeling better…”

“Mhm!” You snatched up his hand and swung it back and forth as you both walked down the hall, putting a skip in your step.

“... What did Mr. Aizawa want you for during lunch that took so long?”

Your skip died immediately and your hands dropped to simple holding.

And your headache returned.

“Nothing too important,” You tried to put that charm back in your voice, but feeling Izuku’s worried gaze made it hard, “Just some stuff with my files got messed up. Had to sort it out with Mr. Inui is all.”

“Ah, I see… Is that really all?”

“Mhm.” You gave his hand a brief squeeze and shot him a smile, “Hey, you wanna spar when we get to gym class?”

“O-Oh--Sure! That could be fun…”

“Ah, I gotta go change into my gym clothes first, go on ahead without me!”


Inui Ryo was not stupid. He had a degree in psychology, and he had experience.

But if (L/N) wasn’t ready to open up, forcing her is impossible.

Now he would just have to explain that to Aizawa at the staff meeting tonight.

Hound Dog sighed, discarding his muzzle to the desk so he could run his hand down his face and muzzle, half-hearted glaring at the computer screen. It displayed the profiles of a few students, namely (L/N) (F/N), Bakugou Katsuki, and Midoriya Izuku.

(L/N) with her mysterious and concerning lifestyle.

Bakugou Katsuki with his intense and already notorious anger mismanagement.

Midoriya with his self-sacrificing, destructive tendencies.

This year is going to be one hell of a challenge.


Your stomach was growling angrily as you entered the girl’s locker room, causing you to growl angrily.

‘I only got a couple protein bars thanks to that damn shrink…!’ You internally whined, ‘“Yeah, don’t worry, this will be plenty for me!” Bullshit!’

You stopped in your tracks when you glanced down, seeing an out-of-place object on the bench.

There was a bento, wrapped up in cute pink and flowery cloth, next to a water bottle with a note on top--You picked it up and read bubbly, curvy handwriting.

“(F/N), we figured you wouldn’t be getting back for lunch and therefore getting a proper meal, so the girls and I bought and made you this bento. Please enjoy quickly before you get back, the hot packs Yaomomo made may not be hot for very long!!

XOXO, Uraraka.”

You tried not to cry.

… You were failing. When you untied the cloth, a pair of pink chopsticks and your change was sitting there on top--About half of what you gave them and a few coins. They didn’t spend as frivolously as you told them to.

You rolled your eyes and shoved the money in your skirt pocket, then opened the container up. It was cutesy-themed, with octopus sausage, a cat-shaped Tupperware that contained you assumed was curry, a section with noodles--the carrots were shaped like flowers--and rice balls with seaweed to make them look like pandas-- Is that an Izukun riceball!?

Your lip was trembling and your eyes were watering dangerously.

‘They thought so deeply of me...?’

Friends. By god, you had friends.


You were broken out of your sappy daze by a familiar chime.  

You pulled your phone from your skirt and unlocked it, viewing the message in the notification’s bar rather than opening it.

One new message

Tomi: Come home for dinner.

… Your stomach suddenly wasn’t that hungry.

Then the smell of the noodles wafted up to your nose.

Nevermind, you were still hungry.

You opened the message as you sat down, beginning to quickly dig into the meal--starting with a panda rice ball as you tapped away at the screen, frowning.

You: Can’t. I promised to have dinner with my friend and his mom. You guys can get along without me.

A lie, sort of. But you did want to see Mrs. Midoriya again…

You: I’ll come tomorrow for leftovers, promise.

You picked up your chopsticks and was working on slurping up some noodles when another message dinged.

Tomi: It wasn’t a suggestion.

You scowled at the screen, tapped out a reply, and hit send before you could think better of it and stop yourself.

You: Tomorrow. I’m tired teacher saw my cheek and another smelled my blood on my fucking head I had to sit through a counselor meeting. be grateful I'm good at what I do. not my fault you aren’t

… The phone ended up being shoved into a locker, along with your uniform after exchanging it for your school tracksuit, and the rest of the bento.

You couldn’t eat now. The thought of Tomi telling Papa why you didn’t want to go to a briefing-slash-meeting-slash… Whatever it’s called when villains gathered together to talk about future… Villainous activities.

‘They are just going to have to bloody wait,’ You grumbled internally, already imagining him crying to Papa about how you were an awful sister and were definitely going to the hero’s side.

… Maybe you should have been nicer…


The phone disintegrated in Tomura’s hand faster than most things do.

“Master Shigaraki?” Kurogiri pretended to not be disdained by the foul-smelling, metallic dust now falling to his previously spotless countertop, “What is it?”

“Sensei…” Tomura’s sandpaper voice was dangerously low, “Can I go visit my little sister tonight…?”

“Why, you normally don’t seek her out…” The voice from a speaker sounded amused, absolutely grating Tomura’s nerves more, “What’s the occasion? You know we’re having a family dinner… Did she not accept the invitation?”

“If I don’t kill her, she won’t be trashing them anymore--”

“Stay home, Tomura.”

“But, Sensei--!”

“You’re still healing, and so is your pride,” The voice tsk’d, “I’ll speak with your sister later.”

Tomura barely muttered under his breath, “She’s not my sister…”

“What was that?”

“I’m going to bed!” He growled, a little too loudly, and stood up from the back, using the counter to walk his way towards a hallway, breathing the way he does when he’s about to have a meltdown.

“Ah, alright.” Sensei didn’t believe him. “Goodnight then.” Sensei always coddles that little brat.

Nails were dragging on the drywall as he shuffled against it, grinding his already weak teeth, ‘Not wanting to risk her getting hurt fighting All Might even when she has those useful quirks. Insisting she’s too young to fight for herself so she’s getting more physical training at UA than she can get here… Absolute… Bull… Shit…!’


You felt a shiver go up your back as you were pushing through the gym doors.

“A-augh… Felt like someone was walking over my grave…” You muttered to yourself, looking around the area your class was occupying. It was a simulated forested area, with jogging trails, pools of water, things that made it seem like a camping park…


Ah, another shiver.     

“Over here! Come jog with us!” There was frantic waving in the treeline to your right at the entrance of one of the trails, Uraraka yelling her lungs out as if you didn’t hear her the first time. Froggy was next to her, and the other girls were lined up behind them.

You mentally counted the time you had left.


When you re-appeared to the outside world, you were in Uraraka’s round face.


“Aiyee!” She let out a shrill yelp, the other girls making their respective noises in surprise, and stumbled backward, flailing--


You were holding her up under her arms, giggling, “Sorry, sorry, but that was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. Do you have any combat skills? I expected a sock to the jaw.”

“Don’t do that anymore…!” She wheezed, then giggled a bit herself, “N-Not really, if I’m being honest…”

“We can work on that then. I’m going to go spar with Izuku, so do you wanna--”

“(L/N),” You felt an annoyed vein twitch in your temple with the tired, gruff voice calling you, “Get over here, you aren’t getting out of warm-ups just because you weren’t here for the first half of gym.”

“Shit,” You grumbled to yourself, heaving your arm’s occupant up, “I hoped he had forgotten…”

Ten minutes later after stretching, you were begrudgingly doing push-ups, under annoying supervision that occasionally grunted to straighten your back or move slower or more purposefully--whatever that meant. The sound of rumbling of your classmates no doubt having a blast testing their limits. Occasionally the teacher would glance around, but not many students were out in the open, others probably having found their own little niches and groups to work in.

You still couldn’t look directly at him.

“Alright,” Mr. Aizawa finally spoke when your arms were about to give out, “Free training time, get lost.”

“Alright!” You flopped down and sighed deeply, then rolled over and sat up, declaring to no one in particular, “I’m gonna go spar with Tentacles.”

“No, you’re not.”

You jerked as you were standing up, whirling around, “And why not?” You put your hands on your hips, glaring weakly… Past the teacher.

“Because you’re only allowed to spar with supervision on school grounds,” Mr. Aizawa shuffled past you, “Maybe if you ask--”


“Watch it!”

Aizawa let out a loud grunt as you tackled him, rolling so you slid on your sides and your shoulder took the brunt of the fall, just as a tree, roots and all, rocks and miscellaneous debris accompanying it shot over your bodies from the right and crashed into the concrete wall that contained the training facility, shaking the section of building.

“Sorry!” A voice you could only briefly recognize through your ringing ears as that annoyingly positive red-head shark-tooth boy’s came from a distance away, “We were getting a little carried away!”

“You guys okay!?” You glanced up to see Shark-Teeth and Sugar-Rush breaking the treeline, both looking more than sweaty and gross .  

A vein nearly burst in your head.

“What’s the big idea!?” You yelled, sitting up and releasing your captor, “You tryna’ kill someone?!” You were standing up, glaring daggers, “The old man hasn’t been through enough?!”

“(L/N), it’s fine.”

You flinched painfully and looked down to the voice, who was kneeling and trying to stand. Instinctively you reached out and grabbed under his arms, hoisting him up--Puppet doing most of the work. As it had when you grabbed onto him. And how hover had launched you forward.

You really hoped no one saw that.

“Sato, Kirishima,” He called out, grunting in pain a bit as you helped him straighten up, “Three laps. You should have been paying attention to your surroundings.”

“Ah--Yes, Mr. Aizawa. Sorry about that!”

“Dumbasses…” You muttered quietly, taking a few steps away from your teacher, “Absolute--”

“You’re supposed to ask the person you’ve saved if they’re alright, (L/N).” Aizawa chided, albeit… Weakly.

“Would you tell me anything other than “Fine”?”

… His silence told you he begrudgingly agreed.

“Save-ees usually thank their heroes.” You turned, huffing.

… His continued silence meant you weren’t going to get one--

“Thank you, (L/N).”

Your eyes widened.

“Good reflexes. We'll work on the rescue etiquette later.”

‘The old man got his brains seriously scrambled.’

“You want to spar with someone or not?”

“Y… Yeah…” You watched him walk for a few paces, then began to follow-- and winced as a sharp, burning pain radiated from your shoulder. Glancing down, your gym jacket had a few tears in it, and a bit of red was peeking through.

‘Nothing doing,’ You grumbled internally, ‘I’m not going back and forth from the old lady--’

“So why didn’t you just teleport us?”

“Uh--!” You nearly tripped over your own feet and ended up stumbling a few steps, “It--It was just… Reflexes.”

“It's a reflex to use your quirk.” Aizawa skeptically retorted.

“Not always,” You muttered, “My legs just moved on their own. What does it matter? Not like I froze up.”

Either Mr. Aizawa was tired of dishing out wisdom, or he genuinely didn’t have an answer --you doubted that-- but instead of answering, he just kept trudging.

And you followed. This time, a lot more alert.

Oddly enough, when you both came upon the large dirt training area, you lost all urges to pummel Tentacles into the dirt.

You did, however, see Izuku and remember who else you were supposed to spar.

‘Oh no,’ The blood drained from your face as you saw him talking to, who else but Tentacles with the addition of Bird-boy and Pikachu, ‘I forgot.’

Before you could turn tail and scramble away, Izuku glanced over--A smile split his face. Too late to run away now.

“Hey, (F/N)!” He called out, waving an arm to get your attention (that he already had), “Are you ready to spar?”  

Everyone within earshot stopped what they were doing. You noted a dumbbell Round-Fa-- Uraraka was floating landed with a loud thud and Pinkie squeaked when it almost hit her.

‘Ah, shit.’

“Y… Yeah!” You weakly raised a fist, smile shaking as Mr. Aizawa stepped away, with Izuku trotting towards you.

‘Why did I agree to this!? I don’t want to actually spar with him!’ Your internal panic went unheard as you both were putting on padded shoes and fingerless gloves, already dawned head guards, now taking positions, Invisi-girl coming in with her excessive cheer and waving a headband like a flag, ‘What if I hurt him!? He’s technically stronger than me, even though I have puppet to make up for th--’

Invisi-Girl’s shrill voice pierced your thoughts, “Ready… Fight!”

His fist was heading for your face when it clicked in your mind that you should probably do something.


“Jeez, you don’t wait for anything, do you…!?” You sighed, looking at the appendage about to connect with your-- wait.

No, that’s not right. He’s off the mark, his fist was going past you.

“You’re going to go easy on me?!” You shrieked into the otherwise silent world and glared at his frozen face. “Oh, no no no! It’s on now, Fanboy!”

He’s going to expect you to disappear and reappear behind him.

‘So let’s mix it up.’

You grabbed his wrist and attached all five strings.


Twisting, you flung him over your shoulder, and slammed his back to the ground.

A series of pained, empathetic “Ooh!”s rang out.

“Hey, isn’t that the move he used on you?”

“Shut the hell up, Shitty-Hair.”

“I-Izukun! I’m sorry!” You shrieked, turning and crouching over him.

He shot you a shaky smile and slowly raised a trembling thumbs-up.

‘Don’t forget.’

‘Are you okay!?’ nearly came out of your mouth. Instead, your eyes turned dark, “But you shouldn’t have tried to go easy on me.”

He let out a shocked squeak as you reached out and gripped the front of his uniform, Puppet helping you to drag him up.

“Holy shit, how strong is she!?”

“Now,” You put him on his feet and let go--he nearly fell back down in shock--then took a few steps back, and took a readied position with your fists guarding your face since it seemed to be a favorite of his, “Let’s get serious.”

A sharp, determined smile suddenly broke out on his face with his brows creased, and he mirrored your position albeit a bit looser.

“Yeah,” Izukun nodded, “Let’s.”

“Ready…” Invisi-Girl raised the headband, then whipped it down, “Fight!”

This time, you went in first.

“Hyah!” You cried out as you went in with your dominant leg, going for a kick in the side--He backed up, barely in time for your toes to graze his stomach. You twisted around, moving forward, intending for your heel to connect with his headgear.

He ducked just in time and grabbed your ankle on it’s way past and yanked, sending you over his shoulder.

You were facing the sky as you reached down and grabbed his shoulders, Puppet giving you strength.


When Izuku’s world returned, he was flipped and slammed to the ground face-first, more “Ooh!”s ringing out.

With a triumphant smirk, you hopped back, allowing Izuku to scramble to stand, coughing and trying to fill his lungs with air that had been knocked out of his lungs.

You heard Pikachu mutter, “Coated like a chicken strip and ready to fry.

“Kaminari,” Ear-Jack girl scoffed, “What the fuck?”

You didn’t hear the rest of the bicker, as Izuku came at you again, yelling out a war cry as he started raining punches around your face--Each one you either blocked or dodged.

‘He’s distracting me, wearing me out.’ You kept getting pushed back farther and farther, ‘He knows he has more stamina than I do, so he’s wearing me out--’

His leg rose high, aiming for your head.

You grabbed his ankle, and instead of flinging him over your shoulder like he had done like he probably expected, you swung around in a circle, holding him out, and let go, flinging him past Mr. Aizawa and earning a few surprised noises from students moving out of the way.

He hit the ground, rolled a few times, and finally righted himself, grouching and skidding backward--then lost balance at the last second and let out a yelp as he fell on his back.

“I don’t like being underestimated, Izukun, you should know this by now!” You put your hands on your hips and threw your head back, letting out a loud laugh.

(Several people recognized who’s trademark that was, you will never admit just who yourself.)


You bent backward at the waist as a figure whirled over you, and watched, upside-down, as Izuku went flying again, rolling, rolling-- that tree is getting awfully close--


“Ahck!” His back hit the tree, upside-down.

A satisfying chorus of empathetic hisses and “Ooo’s” let you know your point got across.

“I thought you knew how to fall!” You… Mocked, there was no other excuse, “Come on, Izukun, I’m not even sweating yet!”

He fell forward and scrambled to his feet, coughing and rubbing dust from his face, “O-Okay! Here I--”


With an elegant twirl mid-air, the back of your heel connected with the side of his headgear and sent him once more to the ground, “Never close your eyes!”

He let out a yelp as he connected with the dirt.

“You close your eyes,” You bent over his sweaty dusty head, silently admiring his cute dazed face as he panted, “You don’t see what kills you.”


“Never close your eyes.” Papa calmly called out, while you were sent flying backward into the sand, adding another drag mark to the previously smooth, wave-smoothed beach. At least this time you managed to right yourself and skidded back in a crouched position--then immediately lost balance and fell on your back.

Your younger self let out a whine as you sat up, muscles and bones begging you to just lay down and never get up, as you picked at the corner of your eye and hoped to get out the grain of sand that could have been life or death.

A shadow blocked the blistering sun, and when you looked up, Papa was holding his hand out, grey eyes sparkling, “But you landed better this time. We’ll work on it tomorrow. Maybe get you a quirk that lets you sense things without seeing.”

“I’m sorry Papa, I failed again today...” You took his hand and let him help you up, whimpering--You didn’t even realize your ankle was hurt.

He tsk’d, and picked you up, carrying you gently towards the summer home. Tomi was sitting on the steps, playing on a hand-held device with pinkies sticking out. He didn’t even glance up as Papa set you down next to him, giving your head a gentle pat.

“You rest up and then go wash up. Fumiko should have lunch ready soon. Tomura,” A quiet hum was the only response. Papa ruffled his hair as he walked up the steps, earning a groan in protest, “Go to your studies. I want to see that B turn into an A by the end of the day.”

“Yes, sensei…”

“I can’t believe this is our last summer at the beach house.” You sighed, propping your chin on your hands and your elbows on your knees, “Stupid heroes, ruining Papa’s business. You think we’ll be able to fight some soon?”

“You’d get killed,” Tomi muttered, “You wouldn’t last longer than a mouse in a room of alleycats.”

“Rude!” You scoffed, “What if I actually was in trouble? Would you help me?”

“I wouldn’t have a choice,” He snarled, shooting you a sideways glare, “You die, and Sensei would…” He paused, looking forward toward the ocean and squinting.

“What? He’d what?” You pressed your lips together in a fine line.

“Nevermind.” He muttered, then closed his console, slipping it into his cargo short’s pocket as he stood up, “I’m hungry.”

“He’d what, Tomi!?” You yelled, chasing after him. Of course, you never got an answer.

It wouldn’t be until three years later when Papa nearly died, that you realized it. Tomura meant Papa would give him his empire with no strings attached to you.

Nowadays, you believed he would even if you were still in the picture.


“Tap out.” You urged, smile was gone and now replaced with an unamused frown, “You’re not winning today, Izukun.”

“I… Won’t… Give up… That easily!”

Before you knew it, Izuku had flung himself back to his feet, and you were now blocking and exchanging blows at a rapid pace.

Dodge, punch, missed, dodge, scoot back, dodge, kick high, now low, roundhouse--jump, reverse roundhouse, grab, toss--Failed, dodge, dodge, dodge!

You went to click your tongue right as Izuku swept your legs out from underneath you and promptly bit it when your back hit the ground. Hard.

You yelped and your hands flew up to your mouth, tears filling the corners of your eyes, “Fwuck! Shwit!”

“C-Crap! Are you okay!?” Izuku crouched by you, hands shaking and hovering around, “I-I’m so sorry! Ahck, are you bleeding--!? Ah!” It was once more Izuku’s turn to yelp when your foot connected with his face, sending him onto his back.

“Ooow…!” He whined, cradling his face in his hands while you sat up.

“Alright, I think that’s enough.” Aizawa finally broke in, standing between the both of you, “Recovery Girl, now. Gym is almost over anyway.”

“So who won?”

“I don’t think there are any winners this time, Kaminari…”

“Hah! Shitty Deku, got his ass handed to him by his own girlfr--”



Your foot connected with Bakugou’s face, sending him stumbling backward, “Call him Shitty Deku one more time,” You spat blood on the ground to your side, “And I’ll turn you into little-bitch pulp!”

“Whut dud oo suy!?” Bakugou was holding his nose with one hand and raising the other open-palmed towards you, “Dui, Shh-tty gurl!”

“Enough!” Aizawa’s bark made everyone flinch, “All three of you and anyone else that’s significantly injured, Recovery Girl, now! And no fighting on the way there, or you’ll be running laps until the end of the school day!”


“Geez, that lady might be old, but she can pack a punch with that cane!” You grumbled, rubbing the shoulder she had hit when she saw you and Izuku were back.

“Yeah…” He laughed nervously, failing to straighten his tie as the two of you walked back to class, “I thought she was just going to refuse to heal me…”

“I’m sorry about breaking your nose…” You murmured, “I was in fight or flight mode after I bit my tongue.”

“It’s okay, I’m sorry about your tongue, b-but…”

“You were hoping I’d do that, huh?” You did a three-sixty in personality, laughing loudly, “That was a good idea! I’m gonna have to use a mouth guard from now on. Any idea when we can submit adjustments to our costumes?”

“Hmm, no idea.” He looked up in thought, “I think it won’t be until after the Sports Festival, at least.”

“Uhg, I almost forgot about that.” You muttered, “Hound Dog told me I need to give a speech at the introduction of the festival.”

Izuku made a small noise of surprise, then promptly coughed into his hand, “R-Really? That’s… Great!”

“What?” You looked at him with a pout, “You think I can’t make a good, inspiring speech?!”

“N-N-Not at all!” He squeaked, waving his hands rapidly, “I-Its just that…”

“I’m coarse.”

“N-No--! W-Well…”

“I know I am,” You shot a glare to the ground, watching your feet disappear and reappear beneath you, “... I’m working on it.”

“Well--the festival isn’t for another three weeks, so you have plenty of time to think of something good to say!”

You let out a soft sigh through your nose and pursed your lips for a second, before timidly murmuring.

“W-What was that?”

“I said--” You let out a groan and felt your face heating up, “Will you help me?”

“Y… You want my help…?”

“A-Are you crying...!?”

“Of course I’ll help you! Oh, we need to think about the subject, of course, it should be something along the lines of “Plus Ultra”, that’s the tradition… B ut after so many years of the festival, how can we make it unique and really capture your spirit in a way that also pumps everyone else up? How to make a proper impression with its originality? Maybe if…”

You watched in mild amusement as Izuku held his chin and muttered to himself, droning on--You let him and thought about things on your own.

‘Originality. Pretty rare nowadays.’ You frowned, ‘And I have to make a good impression on heroes? Uhg…’

A thought suddenly popped into your mind.

‘I’ll ask Papa! He knows how to inspire people!’

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“W-W… What is this?!”  

“What business do you have with Class A?”

You frowned as you slung your messenger bag over your shoulder and walked past Uraraka, Izuku, and Four-Eyes, glaring straight at the crowd of students blocking the classroom doorway, “They’re just trying to get an idea of the competition,” You calmly narrowed your eyes and looked at each face, “Wasting their breath and our time.”

You earned an outcry of gasps and growls.

“Wow, (L/N), didn’t know you could be so cold.” A familiar figure leisurely pushed his way through the crowd, “Hope the rest of your class isn’t like that; Arrogant and rude.”

“We are not! She’s the only one that’s nuts-- Well, there’s Bakugou too…”

“You wanna run that by me again, Raccoon Eyes!?” Bakugou yelled from his spot on the floor--he hadn’t realized how… “close” his pencil case was to the edge of his desk… Heh.  

Your smile nearly split your face when you saw your friend (acquaintance, in his mind) entirely, “Shinsou, welcome to the classroom!” You clapped your hands cheerfully, “What are you doing here?”

“Idiot,” Bakugou was trudging up behind you, seething after his minor “inconvenience”, “Just like the rest of them, scoping out the competition.”  

“I came to check out the famous class that survived the villain attack.” He casually rubbed the back of his neck, frowning tiredly. He didn’t move even as Bakugou stood next to you, obviously tired of the day, “Gotta say, I’m a little disillusioned if this is what you’re offering.” He narrowed his eyes at Bakugou, “There are lots of students who didn’t make the hero course stuck in the general department course and other tracks. You know that, right? Depending on the results of the sports festival…” A dark look came over his face, “They might consider transferring us to the hero course. I understand the reverse is also true for you. Scoping out the competition? No… I’m here to pick my new seat. Consider this a declaration of war.”

You stared up in awe at Shinsou.

‘His face is cute like that.’

“Hey, I’m from 1B! Heard you guys fought some villains, so came to check you out--But all I’m seeing are these arrogant bastards! Don’t you go making a fool of the hero course at this thing, got it!?”

“Shinsou!” You grabbed his arm before he could turn away, “Come get ice cream with my friends and I!”

You barely heard Round-Face peep nor see her zero in on you, “Icecream?”

“Can’t.” He frowned, then actually pulled away from you-- roughly, “I’ve had enough of you hero-course guys for the day.”

You stared, stunned, as he pushed his way back through the crowd, without looking back at you once. Bakugou was next, scowling something about being number-one and shoving people out of his way.

“Hey, (F/N), wasn’t that your friend…?” Uraraka’s voice was soft as she came up by you, holding onto her backpack straps, “What did he say--A-Are you alright?”

You sniffed quietly, looking down as the crowd outside began moving along, “Yeah…” You glared, looking up without moving your head, “I just have another ant to crush at the festival.”

A few people in the hall shot looks your way.

“S-Stop making a bunch of enemies for us…!”


“Hm-hm-hm-hmm…” You hummed a random tune while setting your laptop up on your bed, placing it on top of a lap desk raised to the perfect height for the webcam to capture your face.

You navigated to the secure chatting program your father’s technician created, and clicked on one of three contacts, labeled “Papa”.

You pressed the call button and waited.

Riiing… Riiing… Ri--

“Sweetheart, there you are.” Papa’s voice was flat, sounding before a webcam feed appeared, ever so slightly grainy--He was resting his cheek in a hand, elbow on his chair’s armrest. He looked… As bored as he physically could.

‘He’s not happy with me. Shit. Gotta redirect before he starts yelling.’

“I have some interesting news, Papa!” You smiled brightly; even if he couldn’t see it, it would keep you nice, cheerful, and grounded.

“Oh, do you now?” You didn’t think he could sound any more condescending, but he managed.

Your eyebrow twitched, “Yes, I do.”

His frown deepened.

You continued with a light tone, “Because I scored highest in the exam, I get to give a short speech at the beginning of the first year’s sports festival.”

He seemed to perk up at that, “That’s right, you do… How many points did you and second place get?”

You let out a quiet whine, “I told you! Second place-- uhg, I hate him!-- got seventy-seven points, I got a hundred on the dot--that's a twenty-three point difference!”

“Heroes, their system is so flawed.” He sarcastically tutted, then slowly smiled, “Then again, any child of mine is more than a simple prodigy.”

You straightened up, drinking in the praise with a bright grin, “So, I was hoping you had some advice for the speech I’m to give. It has to be inspiring. But I was thinking, it also needed to be…”


“Very ironic. I thought about it, and I was thinking…” You hummed, drumming your fingers on the laptop, “... Something like, “May we always triumph”. Because… You know.”

“Ah, a good line.” He sighed with a smile, “My clever daughter. Let me think…” He leaned forward and began typing on his keyboard--You had to be impressed, he might be blind, but he had good muscle memory.

You waited patiently, until a particularly hard button press, and a message popped up on the black screen of the chat.

“Thank you to UA, for giving me the tremendous opportunity to attend this prestigious hero school, and thank you to my father for always supporting me. May we always triumph over our enemies!”

A smile slowly curled your lips, “I’ll have to add plus ultra per tradition, but that is perfect. Thank you, Papa!”

‘I’m not using that.’

“Of course, princess. Is there anything else you need?”

“Hmm… Does your spy know what’s going to be going on during the festival?”

“Ah, we had discussed that at dinner…” He sighed, shaking his head, “A shame, you would have liked what the doctor cooked up… It’s going to be an obstacle course race first, with the robots from the exam, a chasm only with tightropes to get you across, and a minefield. Next will be a cavalry battle--four people in a team, and then, a one-on-one fighting tournament.”

You nodded, humming softly.

“I want you to win.”

“Of course I will--”

“I mean it, (F/N).” Papa threaded his fingers beneath his chin, nonexistent brow furrowing slightly, “Win. It. All.”

“... Don’t worry, Papa. I will.”

The call ended abruptly, so you closed your laptop, and glared at nothing straight ahead.

‘Well, that wasn’t helpful at all.’

You clicked your tongue in annoyance--Then promptly did so again when the pang in your head struck, rolling your eyes.

“What do I do…” You muttered, drumming your fingers on your knee, “Pause has a set cap, Hover can only go as fast as I can run, Puppet… There’s nothing else I can do to improve it…”

You groaned, “Then I have to make sure to always only ever go thirty meters at a time. It’s so tedious! I’ll just have to do some good old-fashioned skill-honing and body-building, huh…?”

‘Wonder if Shinsou is smart enough to do that.’

You huffed and growled to yourself, “Who cares? He was acting like such a dick earlier…! How dare he!? I was going to help him!”

‘... Maybe Bakugou just soured his mood,’ You reasoned, nodding to yourself as you got back out of bed and slipped into your house shoes, “Anyone can get annoyed with him around. That was probably it. I’ll get him at lunch tomorrow, and explain that Bakugou is just an asshole!”

‘For now…’ You glanced at the time on your phone, “Six-twenty-five. Izuku will be going for his evening jog in just a bit until seven, then he’ll go back home to do homework until nine and then go to bed…’ You pocketed your phone and skipped out of your room, already wearing a pink and white tracksuit to go running in, ‘... Is it weird I know his schedule so well? No, no, I know Papa’s schedule, and Tomi’s, and Kurogiri’s, and even Fumiko’s!’

You ripped one of the laces off of your shoe as you were tying it.

‘Screw Fumiko. I can handle myself.’

Regardless, you were waiting outside his door as Izukun was leaving.


“A-ah! (F-F/N)--Don’t scare me like that…!”

“Sorry!” You laughed lightly, briefly internally gushing over his cute green tracksuit, “You going on a run? Can I join you?”

“O-Oh, yeah, sure!”

“Actually, can I join you for every morning jog too? And evening, as well?”

“W… Well, of course?”

“Great!” You clapped your hands together, “Let’s go!”


“So… Are you okay?” Izuku paused, jogging in place as he and (F/N) were waiting for the crosswalk light to give the okay, while (F/N) was leaned over with her hands on her knees and panting.

“Y.. Yeah… Just… Outta practice…”

‘Today was out of practice?’

“N-no, I mean, earlier--With your friend from general studies,” The crosswalk chimed and turned, so they both returned to the run, crossing the street while he looked back and forth. She just went on without looking. “Shinsou, right…? Purple hair… Uraraka said you looked like you were going to cry after he said something and--”

“I was not,” She suddenly snapped, Izuku actually feeling a pang of fear as he flinched and blinked in surprise, “Shinsou was just upset because of Bakugou being so rude to him and the others!”

“... Like you were?”

She continued as if she didn’t hear him, “Can you blame him? Bakugou is so coarse.”

“Like you are?”

“Just wait. Tomorrow he’ll see me and apologize like he should if he knows what’s good for him.”

Izuku could have sworn he saw one of her feet hover above the pavement before continuing on to the next.

‘I… I’m probably just tired, trick of the light, it’s getting kind of dark--’

“And if he doesn’t, he’s just going to have to deal with getting crushed.”

C-Crushed?” He flinched, meekly murmuring, “He’s your friend, right…?”

She let out a low growl, then started running faster--Izuku didn’t struggle that much to keep up with her, but she was scaring him, “Shinsou is a jerk and an ass and needs to learn that if he wants to get anywhere in this world, he needs to know when to accept help and to not embarrass that help in front of her--” She grabbed onto and leaped over a trash can in her way, “--entire class, or else there’s going to be some repercussions!” She weaved around a light post, jumped up onto a bench and ran across it, leapt towards the young tree planted nearby--grabbed a branch, swung, and leg go, rolling with her arms guarding her head as she hopped up, taking a few steps, before finally stopping.


“How… Could he… Treat me… Like that…?” (F/N) rested against another lightpost, gasping for air through grit teeth.

Izuku watched as she roughly rubbed her eyes with the back of her arm, suddenly feeling his heart sinking into his stomach.

‘She’s really upset, huh?’

“Well…” Izuku stopped jogging in place, letting out a soft breath through his nose to calm his pulse, “... The… Sports Festival is a pretty stressful time for first years, yeah? And… He seems like he really wants to get into the hero course. Maybe seeing our class--well, Bakugou and...--a-acting so… Coarse, was frustrating for him?”

She was otherwise silent as she got her breathing under control, only looking down at the sidewalk. When she calmed, she slowly nodded, brows creasing as she pursed her lips for a moment, “... Yeah… You’re right. Shinsou… He really wants to be a hero. His quirk… It’s so unconventional to have let him get in through the exam. It’s not fair.”

“Anything not physical would make it impossible,” Izuku muttered, then slowly reached forward, resting his hand on her shoulder. She leaned into it, so he took that as a good sign, “But… If you really think he can get into the hero course, then he probably will.”

She sniffed, looking up at him with glossy eyes, “You think?”

“Yeah, I mean, look at me!” Izuku gave her his brightest grin, “I was so sure I completely blew the exam, but instead, I got the seventh place! Lucky number seven!”

A smile slowly blossomed onto her face, Izuku’s heart leaping into his throat when he took in how cute she was when she was so happy, “You’re right, Izukun. I’m always right!”

“... Huh?”

“Of course Shinsou will get in!” She laughed, standing up straight and putting her fists on her hips, “Because as soon as I win the sports festival,” She started marching off, swinging her arms back and forth, “He’ll apologize after seeing how strong and influential I am, beg for me to help him, and then I’ll make sure he will!”

“T-That’s not what I… Hey!” Izuku trotted after her, pouting, “I want to win the festival too, you know!” She stopped so fast he nearly ran into her back, “A-And everyone else--They’re all giving their all, (F/N), you can’t ignore that--”


He blinked, stopping in place. She never called him just plain… Izuku.

“My papa told me to win, so that’s what I’m going to do.” She continued her stride, leaving him in his spot. She turned her head, looking back at him with the most calm, determined face he’s ever seen, “I’m sorry, Izukun, but I won’t disappoint him.” She looked forward again, not seeing the smirk slowly curling onto her lips, “But maybe I’ll get over if it’s you who somehow beats me.”

‘I’ll never understand her.’ Izuku watched as she broke out into a skip, humming a tune while he slowly trailed behind, ‘But with Bakugou, him saying he’ll win just encourages me to try to beat him… When (F/N) says it, it’s like a promise. I know she was going easy on me during our spar earlier, but what about when she’s giving it her all? How am I supposed to beat someone I can’t touch!?’

Looks like he had some studying to do.


You dragged your feet the next day, even after making a whole big deal about giving your all to Izuku.

Shinsou was nowhere to be seen at lunch, and worse, your… Friends noticed.

At least instead of addressing the issue, they tiptoed around it.

“Hey, (F/N), do you want a bite of my mochi?”

“Why would I--I bought it for you, Infinity-Girl, you eat it.” You shooed away her chopsticks with a piece of strawberry mochi, then the smell wafted up to your nose. You then promptly paused, snatched it from between her utensils with your mouth, and unpaused the world before chewing with a serene smile.

Round-Face grunted when she bit down on nothing.

“Wh--Hey! I thought you didn’t want any!”

“I figured it was a good chance to practice teleporting “stuck” things.” You hummed, smiling deviously.

The table laughed lightly, besides Four-Eyes, who started lecturing you on manners or something-or-other.

You paused the world, reached over to him where he sat by Izukun in front of you, and removed his glasses, then used Puppet to slip them onto Froggy’s face--who sat two seats down from you--and unpaused, biting into your redbean bun.

“--And you should--” He froze, arms raised comically and mouth hanging open, “... Why can’t I see!?”

“(F/N) put your glasses on me, kero.” Tsuyu croaked in amusement.

“Woah! Tsu-chan, you look so cute with glasses!”

“You think so?” She was gently touching the side of the frames when you leaned forward to look, before she carefully took them off and holding them out to their actual owner. She did look kinda cute.

“Thank you, Tsuyu-chan-san,” Iida took them and set them back on his nose with a humph, shooting you a stern frown.

You just smiled, sipping from your juice box, and gave a little wave with your free hand’s fingers.

“Hey, (F/N), now that I think about it,” Round-Face poked your arm, “You have to give a speech at the start of the festival, right?!”

“Uhg, don’t remind me.” You muttered, waving your chopsticks around lazily as you talked, “What am I supposed to say? ‘Let’s all do our best and have fun!’? That’s so lame!”

“I think that’s exactly what the third-year spokes student said last year…”

You didn’t pay any mind to Izuku’s muttering, “I asked my old man, but I didn’t really like his idea of what a speech should be.”

“You should write something yourself, anyway, don’t you think?” Froggy hummed from the other side of Round-Face, “It’s not going to sound right when you say something someone else wrote.”

Round-Face nodded in agreement, “Mhm!”

“I’ll think of something,” You sighed, leaning backward in your chair, “Eventually. Maybe. Hopefully.”


The day passed otherwise slowly. P.E. class, you sparred with Izukun some more, even got a round in with Round-Face--Then had to carry her to Recovery Girl’s office right after, when she twisted her ankle trying to avoid one of your kicks (spoiler, she didn’t).

You and Izukun were walking up to your apartments when you remembered.

“Shit!” You scowled, smacking your palm against your forehead, “I forgot--I have to meet my dad for dinner…!”

“O-Oh, you aren’t eating with mom and I…?”

You tried not to react strongly to the hurt in his voice.

“D-Don’t worry, I’ll bring something good back for dessert!” You smiled to him, then rushed to your apartment door, quickly shoving your key in the lock and twisting, “Ask your mom is she wants mochi or sweet buns, okay?” You opened the door, taking a step in and waving again, looked forward--then yelped and fell backwards. There was a tall, dark figure standing in the dark of your hallway.

“(F-F/N)!? Are you okay--!?”

You scrambled to your knees and slammed your door shut, “Y-Yeah!” Your strained smile was not okay as you pressed your back against the door, “J-Just remembered--I uhm--Forgot to…”

Your pupils shrink as the door slowly started opening, pushing you forward at a snail’s pace, and building up the tension in the air.

A small, black cat with big green eyes padded out and took a seat next to you, then let out a soft “Mew.”

“A… Cat?” Izuku stared, confused, “I-I didn’t know you had a cat… How did it…?”

A voice sent chills down your spine, and you didn’t know it, but Izuku’s as well.

“(F/N), there you are.”

You screeched again and slammed the door shut again.

“W-Who was that!?”

“Nobody!” You scrambled to your feet, scooping up the cat with you, “I-I’ll see you later, Izukun! Bye!” You opened and slipped in the door, slamming it shut behind you--And promptly locking all three deadbolts (two added after you had purchased the lease).

The cat jumped from your arms, your gaze following her as you turned, and watched her weave between a pair of legs. You following the legs up to the face--

Or rather, the lack of. Where a head was supposed to be was the black mask Papa wore when he had to leave the house to run errands.

Which you were apparently one of.

“What are you doing here!?” You whispered hastily, turning to quickly look out the peep-hole. Izuku was nowhere to be seen, not to say he couldn’t be hiding below the peep-holes’ sight--He probably wouldn’t, though.

“What? Can a father not visit his daughter on a whim?”


The sound of a door opening and shutting nearby told you he went into his own apartment.

“I hoped for a warmer welcome. I cleared my schedule for tonight, you know.”

You sighed and turned, putting on a smile that he couldn’t see, but it would give you a false cheerful tone, “I’m sorry, Papa, I was just surprised!” You kicked off your shoes and dumped your bag next to the door, praying he wouldn’t ask about your friend, “What are you doing here…?”

He had picked up the cat and was cradling it against his chest, scratching her beneath her chin and earning a loud purr, “Normally I would send Kurogiri or Tomura to speak to you, but Tomura is still quite injured, and Kurogiri is tending to him amongst other things. I thought, “I should go and see how my darling princess is settling in myself!” And I nearly forgot, the present I promised you.” He held the little cat out to you, one hand under her bum and the other holding her beneath her chest, “Fumiko had found her outside the laboratory. The doctor couldn’t make her a storage Nomu like I promised, however. I thought she was too cute to put through that.”

“R… Really?” Your lip twitched as you took the kitten from him, straining your smile.

She was cute, not completely black as you had assumed;she had white whiskers and paws. Not to mention, a scar on her lower lip, probably where another cat had clipped her. The kitten gave a quiet mew as you cradled her against your chest, bringing a smile to your face.

“T… Thank you, Papa, she’s… So cute!” Your smile genuinely split your face when you brought her up to it, the kitten licking your nose before rubbing against it, purring louder than you thought possible.

You forgot how soft he could be.

“Now, come on sweetheart… Let’s have dinner.”

You hoped he couldn’t sense your stomach sinking like your face was.

Dinner. Code for meeting to talk about villainous plans. No food. Not even drinks if Fumiko wasn’t around.

Just what you wanted to do after a day like today.

You followed him, on autopilot, as he led the way into your own living room and grunted as he took a seat on one of the cushions at the kotatsu, muttering about how he was going to buy you a proper set of furniture soon. You sat across from him, setting the kitten on the table. She padded over to him and crawled between his arms, which he had rested on the table, purring as she circled and laid down.

‘This cat has no self preservation,’ You thought, eye twitching, ‘She doesn’t know a bad person when she meets them.’

You definitely weren’t jealous, either.

He gently stroked her with a large hand as he begun the briefing.

“So you’ve heard of the Hero Killer, Stain, correct?”

“Yes?” You frowned, squinting skeptically, “He’s been going through city after city, killing at least three heroes and wounding one. Spews all his philosophies about how heroism isn’t heroism anymore, it’s all about paychecks, status, power…” You shrugged, “He’s not wrong, really.”

You’ve heard enough hero scandals to fill twice as many hero journals as Izuku has.

“Indeed, he is right.” Papa hummed, and you could imagine the sinister smile slowly creeping onto his lips, “That’s why Kurogiri is busy, he’s looking for the Hero Killer to recruit as an ally.”

You felt a vein in your head pulse.

‘Why is he telling me this?’

“Tomura’s wounds are healing nicely thanks to the Good Doctor, and we’re basking in all the information we gained from the USJ incident--Not to mention the recognition .”


“With the Hero Killer in our organization, we’re sure to attract many more friends to join us at the dinner table soon.”  

‘I don’t care about Tomura! Besides, the hero killer hates gold-digging heroes, why would he want to be buddy-buddy with villains cut from the same cloth!?’

“We’ll have a few more Nomu finished within the next few weeks, then we’ll be able to make another… Statement. I just hope Tomura doesn’t get frustrated, especially after USJ, and make a premature move.”

“That’s great to hear.”

You held your tongue.

‘No need to repeat the last time I spoke my mind.’

“Anything else I should be aware of?”

‘... So much for that.’

Papa paused mid-stroke of the cat, a bead of sweat trying to build up on your forehead, then simply continued on, “The cat’s name is Hime.”

‘... He named the cat Princess.’ A vein in your head throbbed, ‘He named the cat Princess.’

“It sounds like you’d rather have her than me!” You forced a giggle, smiling stiffly, “Are you sure you want to leave her here?”

“As cute as she is, I’m too busy for a pet.”

A string in your heart snapped.

‘Ah. He still thinks I’m playing around.’

Knock, knock, knock!

Your body froze.

“Uh--(F/N)? Are you there? M-Mom wanted me to uh--Check on you…”

“Who is that?” Papa’s hum made your skin crawl, “Your little friend?”

“He’s no one.” You turned around towards the door, yelling, “I’m fine, Izukun! Tell her I’ll be over for breakfast in the morning!”

“A-Alright, seeyou…”

“Sounds like a nice young man.”

You shot a glare Papa couldn’t see right between where his eyes might have been.

“What’s his quirk?”

“Enhanced strength,” You muttered, not caring for how he seemed to perk up in interest, quickly adding, “But it breaks his body in turn.”

“Really?” His voice suddenly dropped with disinterest, “How unfortunate. Have you made any other interesting friends?”

Your mind shot back to Shinsou, Uraraka, 3D-Printer--Yaomomo, apparently--and you shook your head, “Not really, no. A few, but you wouldn’t care about them.”

“Aah? Why’s that? I’m interested in my daughter’s life away from home, is that such a bad thing?”

‘Just hold out until he runs out of medicated oxygen and has to get back to his machine.’

“Papa,” You began slowly, wincing as the cat had began sharpening her claws on his leg. He didn’t even flinch, so you continued, “Why are you still here…? I’m all caught up, aren’t I?”

He rested his hand on the tabletop, and began to drum his fingers.

“How are your studies going?”

Your head throbbed.

“They’re fine.” You answered shortly, crossing your arms, “Last I checked, I’m in the top five of my class.”

“Top five? Why not number one?”

Your mouth opened and closed several times, before you settled on a curled-lip snarl, “Because not everyone had private tutors.”

“Was your’s not enough?”

“Some random person you happened to have been associated with happened to have been a teacher does not count as an actual--Uhg!” You slammed your hands on the table, startling the cat out of his lap as you stood up, shouting, “Can I not be good enough for you for one minute!?”


Instead of listening to his most likely sharp reply with something about respecting your father, you stomped off past him, and went towards your room--

“Not so fast.”

You yelped as your legs were swept out from beneath you. Instead of landing on your rear, you were held up by long, black, blocky tendrils, one under your knees and the other your back.

They carried you back to your seat and dropped you into it, earning an annoyed “Oof!” from yourself.

“I have another half hour before your “Uncle” comes to pick me up.”

‘What, we’re calling Kurogiri ‘uncle’ now?!’

“So why don’t you tell me all about your new friends? Your teachers? What about your studies?”

You sank lower into your seat with every question.

“Papa, I’m… Really hungry, so can this w--”

The door to the kitchen slid open, a tired, but tall-standing Fumiko standing in the doorway with a tray in her hands. She was wearing the usual faded and stretched green cardigan, this time with a long, grey wool skirt.

You shot her a glare that would sour milk, Fumiko herself flinching ever so slightly.

“What is she doing here?” You snarled, bristling slowly. The cat, spooked, ducked into the hallway.

“Fumiko here has something to say to you.”

“Well, this is going to take all night.” You replied with snark, crossing your arms on the table and ignoring the brief leer you got from the woman, as she crouched down and set the tray in between the two of you.

A bowl of traditional ramen with shredded nori, half a hard boiled egg, and different vegetables was set in front of you, flanked by a teapot and three cups with saucers.

‘Three cups. She’s hanging around.’

She gently removed the bowl and set it in front of you, placing a set of dark wooden chopsticks across the top, then proceeded to set cups down and pour tea into them. The entire time you stared down at the bowl with as much hate as you could muster.

It smelled so good.

Your stomach growled, sealing your fate.


The woman held her cup of tea, and spoke without looking up from it, her voice… Softer than you expected, “I am… I must apologize… For my actions… When we… Last saw each other.”

“You hit me over the head with a frying pan when I was trying to hold a conversation with my father.”

“Not even I would call that a conversation, sweetheart.”

You pursed your lips and shot him a look he couldn’t see.

‘You were trying to take my things…!’ You wanted to scream, ‘You were trying to take my Izukun!’

But you held your tongue.

“I… May have… Acted rashly…--”

“You hit me with a frying pan!” You slapped your palms on the table, baring teeth like a dog, “You never gave me a chance--”

“Accept the apology, (F/N).”

You stared at him, gaping like a wide-eyed fish.

You drew your lips into a pout, sat up straight and set a hard stare on him, and you finally said something you didn’t think you’d ever say.


‘I said it. Holy shit, I said it, I said ‘no’ to Papa. I--I said ‘no’!”

“What was that?” You could hear the frown in his voice, the silent test, the chance to backtrack, ‘Are you sure you want to go with that?’

Regret instantaneously filled your bones. Your tongue suddenly felt like lead and tasted bitter, like you just licked a dirty shoe.

You wished you did that instead.

‘Don’t back down. Don’t back down. You can do this, stand your ground!’

The thickening air was doing everything it could to stop you from repeating the same mistake twice.

“I said, no.”

Too late.

‘Stay calm, or else, this is going to end badly. Stone. Remain like stone.’

“Your forcing Fumiko to apologize, for something she clearly doesn’t regret, is your way of “apologizing” to me without actually saying it.” You picked up your chopsticks, casually dipping into your bowl of noodles, “I’m not accepting a second-hand apology--No, it’s not even second hand. It’s like someone took an apology, swirled it around in some bathwater and passed it off as a nice, clean slate.”

You slurped up some noodles and glanced up at him, seeing the man actually rather… Relaxed in his position.

That meant he was about to explode.

You glanced over at Fumiko, seeing her staring down at her tea, wide-eyed and shaking.

You chewed, swallowed, and sighed.

‘I’m going to die, might as well go all the way.’

“I thought half-assing wasn’t our way of doing things.”


You picked up your bowl and teacup, stood up, taking a sip as you took a few steps back… And to the left for good measure, putting Fumiko between him and yourself.

You took a few more slurps of your ramen, having a feeling it wouldn’t survive the next millisecond after you unpaused the world, and finished your tea.


There was no sound as your table was splintered, chunks suddenly appearing lodged in walls, in pictures, in the television and it’s stand--

In Fumiko.

You watched with mild interest as she slowly fell backwards, her shattered cup of tea in her lap, chunks of wood littering the front of her body. She was staring, wide eyed up at the ceiling, until they slowly trailed to your form.

Your bowl of ramen had been pierced by a large splinter and was now leaking broth onto the floor.

Father was sitting in the same spot, large, bulging arm still raised where it had collided with the tabletop.

“There,” His voice echoed in your chest, and filled you with fear you refused to show, “Happy? You’re even now.”

‘I lived this long. Should I push my luck…?’ You looked around the room, ‘No. He might not have apologized, but I already have a lot to clean up. I have a feeling Fumiko will be out of commission for a while.’

You settled on your answer, carefully picking a splinter out of your bowl, then deciding it wasn’t worth the risk of a splinter piercing your esophagus, etc, “Yes.”

“Good. Then we can continue forward.” Papa slowly stood up, then leaned down, picking up Fumiko and pulling his phone out, hitting a few buttons on the standard flip-phone, “I’ll be watching you, (F/N).”

A black mass appeared, swallowing him up as he spoke.

“Don’t forget to feed the cat.”

When the last speck of black mist disappeared, you slowly looked around your surroundings, taking note of each and every disaster you would be cleaning up, then at the clock on the wall that had a chunk of wood in it as well.

‘Looks like I have a long night ahead of me.’


The apartment was an absolute nightmare to clean.

… You still ended up having to strategically place furniture, pictures, and decor to hide the marks. Not to mention, getting rid of the evidence--including the TV, which took Pause and Puppet to get down into the dumpster without anyone noticing.

The rest you dealt with the next day. How did Fumiko manage to remove blood so effortlessly!? You had to go and buy a new rug to cover the mark! And liquid drywall--Thank the bastard that invented it.

You’d be in trouble if Izukun wasn’t so busy training to ask why you weren’t inviting him to your apartment to study.

And then there was training on your own.

Thirteen days left until the festival, you were sitting up on a hill the middle of one of UA’s simulated forest training areas, against a tree, just… Staring. At nothing in particular, out over a training field with a few of your classmates doing their own things.

You haven’t heard a single word from Papa, or Tomi, Kurogiri, the Doctor, and  definitely not Fumiko…

“The hell am I supposed to do...?” You muttered to yourself, tearing up blades of grass and staining your nails green.

‘I’ve been physically training my body for the past week, but it’s getting so boring…! I’m leagues ahead of all these losers, and I’ve pushed all my quirks to their limit, there's no point but I still want to do something...’

‘Not all of them,’ The voice in your head suddenly cut into your train of thought, ‘You haven’t pushed all of them to the limit. You haven’t pushed your quirk to the limit.’

Your eyes slowly widened.

‘No… No, I haven’t,’ Then your face suddenly fell into a deep frown, ‘Uhg, but Papa is mad at me. No way he’d let me in the house, let alone the warehouse to my storage Nomu. If I go, I’ll have to go the old-fashioned way and… No, no, hold on. Don’t think about that right now. If you go all the way, what’s the point? Think instead about what you have there in the first place…’

You crossed your legs and pressed your back against the tree, pressed your fingertips together, and closed your eyes.

‘Start simple. What would happen… If we mutated Hover and Spring?’   


“She’s not joining us for dinner again?” Midoriya Inko worriedly furrowed her brows, carefully flicking her wrist while holding a sizzling saucepan to keep the vegetables within from burning, “That’s the second time this week, I made all this food…”

“I can put it in a bento for lunch tomorrow,” Izuku rested his dumbbell against his knee, grunting and wiping a bit of sweat from his hand, resting it on his other leg so the couch wouldn’t dirty. He frowned, staring down at his feet--He was wearing a pair of green socks printed with little cartoon cats that (F/N) had bought for him. “She said she was going to surprise her dad because he hasn’t been feeling well lately…”

“Well, that’s nice I suppose. She must get homesick being so far away, don’t you think?”

Izuku was quiet for a moment, then slowly nodded, “… Yeah, probably.”

Chapter Text

“Uhg, I’m so nervous…!” Round-F-- Uraraka was fanning herself with her hands, lip trembling slightly as she bounced between feet, “I don’t like the idea of being on camera…!”

You were zipping up your jacket and rolling your eyes, “You should get used to it. Heroes are always on camera.” You crossed your arms, “Not a big deal at all.”

“I mean so early on!” She sighed, taking a seat on the table next to you, thanking Tsuyu for the water bottle the frog-girl handed her, “I mean, it was scary enough when we were coming out of USJ, now we’re pit against the whole first year and it’s up to us to make a statement!”

“We’ll be fine,” Tsuyu sat in the chair on your other side, putting a large finger to her cheek and looking at you curiously, “... You seem tense, (F/N).”

“I am not!” You spat--Tsuyu wasn’t even fazed--and aggressively crossed your legs, as if that would state your point, “I just…!”

“Just what, kero?”

‘Wish Papa would acknowledge me again.’

“Wish everyone wasn’t making such a big deal about this.” You huffed, glaring at the plain tabletop.

“You look like you haven’t been sleeping well…” Uraraka poked your forehead, small brows furrowed, “What’s really the matter?”

You lightly waved her hand away, growling softly under your breath, “Just… Training. I’ll be fine.”

That wasn’t a lie, at least.

It turns out moving quirks around at the rate you were wasn’t so easy after all.

“Is everyone good and ready!?” You flinched at Four-Eye’s yelling, “The event is about to begin!”

“Wish I coulda worn my costume…” Pinkie sighed from the other side of Tsuyu, “Woulda looked so cool!”

“They’re not allowed in the interest of fairness.” Tail-Boy sympathetically responded as he was stretching, “I do have to agree though… I look so plain otherwise…”


‘Hm?’ You glanced behind you with narrowed eyes, to see… Half-And-Half, approaching Izukun, who had been trying to calm his racing heart behind you.

“T-Todoroki… What is it?” You didn’t like how tense he was.

“Objectively speaking… I’m stronger than you. More capable.”

Uraraka’s hand suddenly resting on your shoulder was the only thing keeping you from turning around and lashing out.

“H-Huh? S-Sure, yeah…”

Scratch that, you were getting up.

“All Might’s got his eye on you, doesn’t he.”

You stopped, cemented into place.

No thoughts were even coming into your head.

“Now, I’m not about to go prying into why that is…” (and then he did) “... But, I will beat you.”

“Ooh! A declaration of war from the strongest in class!?”

“Hey man, why pick a fight now? We’re about to go on…”

You shot a glare at Pikachu, then stood up and whipped around, zeroing in on the back of Half-And-Half’s head.


“I don’t really care, I’m not here to pretend to be anyone’s friend.” He was shrugging off Shark-Teeth’s arm, and that’s when you noticed the temperature in the room plummeting.

You were about to take a step forward, clutching your fists hard enough to leave marks when Izukun’s voice stopped you.

“Todoroki, I’m not sure why you felt the need to tell me you’ll beat me.” Your eyes softened as Izuku clutched his own fists at his sides, looking down at his shoes, “You’re clearly stronger, and I can’t measure up to most of the others in terms of skill… Objectively speaking…”

“H-Hey, no need to be so negative, Midoriya…!”

You wanted to run forward, push Half-And-Half to the side and grasp Izukun in your arms.

“But!” Izukun broke the brief trance you had, “Everyone… Even the kids from the other tracks are giving it their all, aiming for the top… And, lemme say this--I’m not going to fall behind. I’m going for it too,” He looked up, brows furrowed, a determined gleam in his eyes, “With everything I’ve got!”

You couldn’t hold in your giddy hops and smile, letting out a soft giggle as you bounced back and forth, then sprinted around the chair and Half-And-Half, snatching Izukun up in your arms, “That was so inspiring, Izukun!” You squealed, twirling him around.

“A-Ah! (F-F/N)--!”

A bell suddenly rang, stopping your little moment, and a familiar voice sounded over the speakers, “Hey, hey, hey! It’s time to get moving!! Classes, start coming out!!”

‘This is it…’ You set the red-mess that was Izuku down, feeling chills go up your spine, ‘No turning back.’


“The first year stage students… Are coming out! It’s the UA sports festival, the one time every year when our fledgling heroes compete in a ruthless grand battle!”

‘Way to sell the heroic ideal, teach.’ You glared up at the commentator’s box that you assumed was where the Screeching English teacher was housed. You were leading the charge of the class, keeping your head held high and pride in your stride. Just like Papa taught you.

“First up, you know who I’m talking about!! The miraculous rising stars who brushed off a villain attack with their steely willpower…”

You internally flinched.

“The first years… Of the hero course… It’s class A!!”

“Following class B, it’s class C, D, and E of the general education course! And here comes the support classes, F, G, and H! And the business course…”

You stood at the head of your class, crossing your arms and taking a well-planted stance as the first-year’s referee took the stage--

Your eye twitched as Midnight cracked her nine-tails whip, calling out, “Now, for the athlete’s oath!”

“Oooh, our first-year referee is Midnight, the R-Rated hero!”

“R-Rated…? Should she really be in a high school?”

“What about the principle?”

“He’s always assigned to the third-year stage--”

“Shut it!” Midnight cracked her whip again and yelled, obviously annoyed with the chatter. You had to hold back a smirk. “Pipe down! Your first-year representative is…”

‘Here we go…’ You groaned internally, feeling your stomach churn, ‘Don’t make a fool of yourself, Papa is listening--’

“(F/N) (L/N), from class 1-A!”

You swallowed thickly, and without showing an ounce of hesitation, strode forward and up the steps, straight to a microphone already ready on a stand, with Midnight smiling brightly beside you.

“Been a while since we had a girl representative!” She murmured, too quiet for the mic attached to the collar of her harness to catch, “Go for it!”

You cleared your throat and uncrossed your arms, gently resting your hands on the mic to ground yourself, and forced yourself to speak clearly and calmly, “The school motto is “Plus Ultra”.” You began, starting with your eyes on the mic, and drawing them up to look up at the many cameras in the stands, “And, I’ve always wondered… What exactly does that even mean?” You cracked a half-smile, looking around at the crowd, “… And then I get here and suddenly, I’m being put through a wringer!”

A round of light laughter rung through the stadium.

“But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, this opportunity, and I don’t think anyone else here would either. We’re all here for a reason, we wouldn’t be standing here if we didn’t have any potential. We’ve got the strength to overcome it all, and we have the power to keep plowing through the obstacles our enemies put in our way. We’re only getting stronger. Indeed, Plus Ultra, it means to give it your all and then some.”

Cheers came out, the closest you could hear from behind you, from your class.

A smirk broke out across your face, “I look forward to giving more Plus Ultra than the rest of my peers, that’s for sure.”

You kept the grin on your face as you pranced down the steps, drinking in the angered yelling of the opposing classes and the dismayed cries of your classmates.

“R-Really, (F/N)...!?” Izuku whispered, looking like he was on the verge of a breakdown, “Did you have to…--”

“Yeah.” You murmured back, turning your face back to stone as Midnight began announcing the first event, “I did.”

“Without any delay, let’s get the first event started!” She called out, pointing her whip at the screen, “These are the qualifiers! It’s in this stage that so many are sent home crying every year! And the faithful first event this year is… This!”

“OBSTACLE COURSE RACE” Shined on the big screen behind her.

“It’s a race between all eleven classes! The course is a four-kilometer lap around the stadium itself! Our school preaches freedom in all things, hehehe…! So as long as you stay on the course, anything is fair game!”

‘Wonder if that means I can throw people off the course.’

“Racers, take your positions!”

Once more, you were spearheading the position, getting into a crouched position with everyone else. Izuku was on your right, and you could feel his nervous energy, with Half-and-Half bastard on your left.

“S T A R T ! !”


You launched forward in the silent world, into the gate, rising higher than Hover used to take you, and faster.

“Ready, Jet, Set!” You laughed to yourself, blasting through the air and doing a few spins--Then landed, sprinting.


‘Jet-Set is great…!’ You gasped to yourself, smiling wide as you ran a few steps, Paused, raised up and bolted forward again, breaking out of the gate, ‘I’m hardly using any time and going pretty far pretty fast! That speed-booster was perfect for mixing with Hover and Spring!’

By the third repeat, your feet were stinging, forcing you to land with a hiss in pain. You glanced back as you ran, to see the other students hardly even to a quarter of the way through the tunnel. You cracked a grin and faced forward again, allowing yourself to slow down ever so slightly.

‘Better conserve energy--’

“And class 1-A’s representative breaks through the tunnel in absolutely no time!! She leads the charge and leaves everyone else in the dust to squeeze through the tunnel in her wake!”

‘Wow, selling it for me, why should I even bother.’ You wanted to roll your eyes, but a white drone was focused on you, the whirring almost inaudible between the roaring of the blood in your ears and Present Mic’s yowling.

You skidded to a stop, yelping and ducking as a green blur rushed over your head. “These guys again!?”   You leaned back in a quick dodge from the bot’s next swipe, a 3-pointer, “I’ve had enough of you things for one year…!”


“I’ll let the rest of them have some points,” You slyly grinned, dashing around the first bot, activating Jet-Set to propel you forward over several other three, two, and one-pointers, looking back to see how far the competition had gotten.

‘Looks like Half-And-Half is freezing everyone up--’


“Fuck!” You slid to the ground and landed in a puff of dust, hearing the world return to life as you were whining and rubbing your nose.   You looked up with bleary eyes, “The hell was…”

“Target found--A good one!”

The zero-pointer’s red light flashed as its head looked down at you.

“Every obstacle course needs obstacles!!”

You growled, glaring up at your offender.

“Starting with, the first barrier… Robo-Inferno!!”

“You made that up just now!” You scowled and rolled several times to the side, narrowly missing a violent punch from the massive bot.

‘I gotta get away from these things, I can’t waste time--’ You glanced back, Half-And-Half was getting closer, a trail of ice tailing him, ‘Or distance!’

You jumped to your feet, sprinting to the side and between two bots, ignoring their robotic taunting and attempts to turn you into ketchup.

“Not so fast!!”

‘Shit!’ You skidded to a stop again as a one-pointer sped out from beneath the zero-pointer to your right only ten meters ahead, and then began barreling towards you, ‘What is this, Cloverfield!?’


You continued running ahead and slapped the bot with your right hand as you went by, attaching puppet strings--And swung your arm to the left, violently flinging the bot to the side and into the zero-point’s mechanism.


You broke past the two giant bots flanking you, in time to hear one mechanically groaning, and then a series of CRASH! And BOOMS! In your wake.

“Amazing!! (F/N) is already past the first barrier, and Todoroki and the others are barely at the start! Guess it’s hard to beat something you can’t hit--Huh!? Todoroki has frozen the zero-pointers in place and is making a break for it!!”

‘Shit.’ You glared behind you to see a figure in an icy tunnel--created by freezing the bots mid-fall, ‘Let’s get this moving a little faster--No, I can’t use up Pause, I only have so much time, I have to save it for the rest of the events…’

You swallowed and set your gaze straight ahead.

‘Gotta be a little old fashioned… Again.’


‘Can’t believe I have to take the fucking train… Like… Some degenerate!’ You glared out the window from your comfy recliner in the long-distance train car, chewing on a bean bun as you watched the cityscape pass you by with the sun getting close to setting. ‘Stupid Kurogiri, won’t answer my texts…!’

So you were forced to take the train home, to Kamino, to the place you would be frequenting every evening.

Papa’s storage warehouse.

When you arrived, the main entrance was locked tight with a hefty looking deadbolt. Your keycard wouldn’t work, that’s for sure.

None of your keys worked on it, either.  

In a fit of frustration, you Paused and ripped it open with Puppet, sending metal bits flying. Sure, you could have probably picked it…

… But making Papa buy a new lock felt more satisfying.

You Unpaused and entered the warehouse, appearing bored as you strode but really, you were looking around carefully for any signs of life.

Besides the ones in the tanks, that was.

It was nearly nighttime, plunging the place into darkness, save for the lights in the tanks.

You went to the very end of the rows and looked at your own Nomu. They seemed rather basic compared to Anti Might or the others that were special projects, but in them, they held dormant quirks.

You noted a camera in the rafters was whirring, no doubt turning to focus on you.

‘Good, let him know I’m not slacking off.’

Rolling up your sleeves and kicking over the nearest stepstool, you got to work.


You skidded to a stop and made a “N-nn-nn!” grunt when you nearly ran right off the edge of the track.

“So the first barrier was a piece of cake, huh!? How about the second!? Fall and you’re out!! You gotta crawl across if you wanna make it! This is… The Fall!!”

“That's a totally lame name!” You stuck your tongue out and looked down at the distance, squinting. ‘How the Hell is a normal person supposed to get across this?’ You timidly pressed a foot onto a tight rope, then leaned down and grabbed on with Puppet, swinging yourself down to grab with your other hand. You dangled from the line, beginning to climb across like a monkey and avoiding looking down into the cavernous abyss, ‘I doubt Shinsou has the arm strength…! Well, he can brainwash someone to carry him, but…’

The rope started moving, and as you looked back up, a figure was skating down the rope--on ice.

He wasn’t slowing down, he was going to ice your fingers right over!

‘Shit, shit, shit--’


“So anything goes, huh?” You glared back at Half-And-Half as Puppet lifted you up, setting you standing on the rope, facing him.

To the world, you were suddenly at the other end of the first tightrope, holding the up-ended anchor in surprisingly strong hands.

Half-And-Half was frozen-- heh-- in place, staring at you in horror.

“Au Revoir,” You smirked--

“What’s this!? (L/N) has used her Teleportation to take out the stake holding the cable in place! She’s crazy strong if she’s holding onto it AND Todoroki!”

--Your fingers uncurled from the cable, allowing it to slip from your grasp, “Frosty.”

You didn’t look back as you turned and sprinted, “teleporting” your way across the course. You could hear explosions and angered yelling, ice crackling, but you were way ahead of the pack.

‘Gotta conserve, gotta conserve…’ Your headache and the time you’ve been mentally keeping track of told you that you had used up about twenty minutes of Pause. You swung like a monkey on the last cable, confident you had enough time--Frosty, your new name for Half-and-Half and Bakagou were hardly halfway through the course.

“And just like that, (L/N) is already on her way to the final obstacle!! How’s she gonna get around this one!? Gotta be careful where you land, Super-Star, it’s like a minefield out there!!”

‘Hah,’ You rolled your eyes as you trotted ahead, looking back to check on your tail’s positions, ‘He didn’t even try to name it this time--Wait, why is the ground soft here--?’



“W-Wah!?” You screeched in horror as you were sent flying backward, sliding and then rolling on the ground, a sharp pain in your cheek where you had bit it, coughing up dust and dirt and feeling pain radiating around your entire body, “Shit…!”

“--Because it IS!!”

‘Fuck you, Present Mic, I’m stealing your quirk next!’ You glared ahead at the seemingly empty field--No, definitely not empty, if you focused there were patches of disturbed dirt, slightly off-colored and raised. ‘Trying to slow me down? Nice try.’ You rubbed the back of your hand across your mouth, tasting blood, ‘But I’m not letting a little petty trick like this beat me.’

Explosions were getting closer, no doubt Frosty and Blasty were closing in, and with them a wave of others.


You activated your newly mutated quirk, and sent yourself flying forward, eyeballing the meters--


“Oh!! It looks like instead of hanging out on the ground, (L/N) is just teleporting into the air--But Todoroki and Bakugou are closing in fast!!”


With as much grace as you could muster in the paused world, you landed with a mine between your legs, a sweat drop falling off your brow and darkening the ground it hit. Your feet were burning and blisters from the quirk you weren’t yet used to were forming, your brain was throbbing and tongue aching from the constant activation and deactivation of Pause…  

You glanced behind yourself--Bakugou and Todoroki were about fifty meters back, fighting each other to get ahead.

‘I can spare some time.’

You carefully stepped on the mine between your feet, pressing slowly until you heard an audible click! -- and quickly pulled your hand back.

No explosion.


You quickly trailed backward, carefully triggering the mechanism in the mines just enough to begin the internal chain reaction--But not enough to send yourself flying. When you got right in front of the two boys, you frowned at their gross, angry faces…

… And left a surprise in each of their arms, before Jet-Set’ing your way back to your original spot--And going up several meters in the air, wearing a smile as you propelled forward.


You were soaring through the air, into the last quarter of the obstacle, a curtain of explosions behind you.

“Woah!! What happened!? It looks like (L/N) set off a huge amount of mines at once--!! And left some for her classmates to enjoy--!! Woah! They got blasted away from each other!!”


You quickly used Jet-Set to avoid hitting the ground, instead, soaring forward until it ran out.


‘Ow, ow, ow!’ You hissed in pain as you hop-scotched around the increasingly dense mines. There was an explosion or two going off now and again behind you-- louder ones, Blasty recovered quickly, no doubt the Frosty did too--

“(L/N) is nearing the finish line, with Todoroki and Bakugou in hot pursuit and no doubt mad as--”

B O O M ! !

You looked up with wide eyes, as a figure soared over your head, briefly blocking out the sun, watching, stunned, as it continued, sliding--


“Class A’s Midoriya rides the waves of a giant blast… Or something!! Was that on purpose!? He’s passed his classmate, (L/N)!! Todoroki and Bakugou called a cease-fire to chase ‘em down!! When a common enemy appears, people stop fighting! Well, they’re still fighting, just not each other!!”

You broke out of your paralysis when the air behind you got cold on one side and hot on the other.

They blasted past you on either side.

‘Shit. I hesitated.’


You flew forward, feeling tears pricked your eyes as you passed by Izukun, activating the mines in front of the other two.

He was midair, face full of panic. Probably didn’t plan his landing.

“I’m sorry, Izukun…” You murmured softly to the silent world, and went forward another twenty meters, leaving the mines in front of him un-activated.

Had to keep up the ten rule, after all.

You unpaused as you landed, finally, on untampered ground, and ran as fast as your burning legs and stinging feet could go towards the gate. The light was breaking through, you could see the stadium--


You stared, wide-eyed in shock, as Izuku is flung ahead of you and through the gates.


The blasts behind you spurred you to go faster.



“Who coulda predicted such an incredible turn of events so early on!? The one who made it back to the stadium first is…” You collapsed to your knees, panting, staring down at the grass beneath you in wide-eyed horror.

“... None other than Midoriya Izuku!!”

A pair of white boots passed you, then red boots with an angrily screaming boy attached wearing them.

“Taking second--(L/N) (F/N)!!”

‘Second place… I… I got… Second… Place…’

“Tying for third, Todoroki Shouto and Bakugou Katsuki! Fourth, Ibara Shiozaki…”

Your mind went numb.

Your chest hurt.

Your back was crawling with what you’ll have to face when you returned home to Papa--


You looked up slightly, with a trembling lip, at a hand being held out to you, then slowly followed the arm up, to see a smiling face blocking the sun from your eyes. Izukun’s brows were furrowed slightly, and he looked beyond proud of himself. He was breathing hard too.

He had also pushed himself to the limit.

“You… Were amazing!”

‘No, I wasn’t,’ You forced a smile, blinking back your tears as you took his hand, ‘I wasn’t, you were. You didn’t use your quirk at all. I… I have three, and…’ You let him help you up, giving his hand a light squeeze before letting go. He was still grinning ear-to-ear.

Round-Face and Four-Eyes came to your sides, spouting one thing or another about their places.

You just looked at Izukun, or rather, through him.

‘I have three quirks and I was so worthless compared to you.’



Everyone began gathering back around the stage as the rest of the students continued trickling in. You just stood between Round-Face and Izukun as they talked, using them as your guard to the rest of the students.

‘No doubt they’re laughing at me,’ Internally you were berating yourself, holding an idle smile on the outside, ‘Can’t wait to give more plus ultra? I was as good as beaten by a quirkless person. Papa is going to be so insulted…!’

A few minutes later, Midnight struck a pose, adjusting her glasses, “So it’s finally over! Let’s check out the results!”

You glanced up to see snapshots of yourself and the other forty-one finishers--Whoever chose your picture had enough sense to pick one where you looked confident, smirking as you were falling slightly, looking ahead with confidence, hair flowing.

Poor Izukun’s picture was from when he was riding what looked to be a piece of a bot, fear screaming on his face as he rode the wave of explosions.

“The top forty-two from this qualifying round will move on --But for those of you who placed lower, don’t worry, we have another way for you to show your stuff! And now, the main selection begins-- The press corps are gonna be jumping out of their seats, so give it all you got! The second event… Dying to know what it is?! I already know it, of course… Next up is…”

Midnight swung her arm out behind her, “This!”

“CAVALRY BATTLE” flashed across the screen.

‘Uhg. Teamwork.’ You winced, squinting at the screen as an example picture popped up. Thirteen and Present Mic were holding up All Might in a formation. Physically impossible.

You briefly imagined the “team” tumbling to the ground, Present Mic’s last view before he dies being All Might’s--and had to suppress a snort as Midnight screeched for your peers to shut it so she could explain the event.

“Midoriya Izuku… Is Ten-Million points!!”

You choked on your chuckle.

Everyone was suddenly looking right at Izukun, including yourself.

‘I guess I shoulda fought harder… Now, Izukun…’ You gave him a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, to which he didn’t even react, ‘... Looks like he astral projected into a volcano.’

“The match will last fifteen minutes!” Midnight cracked her whip again, “Each team’s worth is decided by its members. The rider will wear a headband with the total number of points! Until the match ends, you’ll all compete to grab each other’s points and maintain the ones you have. Any headbands you grab must be worn around the neck or higher! But the more headbands you got… The harder they’ll be to manage! Most importantly… If your headband is taken… If your horse formation is broken… It’s not over till it’s over! Quirks are allowed, so it’ll be a brutal battle, however… It’s still a cavalry battle! Maliciously attacking another team with the intent of making them fall will get you the red card, that means you’re out of the game! You got fifteen minutes, time to form your teams!”

‘So, I’m only worth two-hundred and five points, eh…?’ You squinted, glancing around--

--And were suddenly surrounded.

“Hey! (L/N)! Let’s team up!” Pinkie was at your side, flopping a hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t touch m--”

“(L/N)--Let me on your team, come on!” Floating clothes told you Invisible Girl was the one jumping right in front of you.

“G-Get back, I need air to live, damn--”

The sugar-rush boy was yapping, Tapey, Belly-Button-Laser--

Everything was closing in, you couldn't breath--

You were beginning to shake and your chest was tightening. No one was paying attention to what you were saying.

‘Too close--Too close--Too close!’

“G-Get away from me, you freaks!”


You shot up using Jet-set and soared over the crowd, rubbing your eyes as you landed on shaky legs on the edge of the square, wheezing softly--


You gasped at the sharp pang in your head, stumbling a bit as your chest was working to relax.

“Woah, trouble in paradise, Queen Bee?”

You looked up with a trembling lip to see Shinsou with a curled-lipped frown, hands shoved in his pockets.

“Still don’t like crowds?”

You were still trembling but managed to give a weak nod, still breathing heavily.

“Well,” He sighed through his nose, as he looked towards the crowd, then turned his body in that direction, “Seeya--”

“Be on my team.” You reached forward and grabbed his shoulder, glaring hard up at his surprised face. You slapped a hand over his mouth just as he was opening it, not taking any chances, and whispered harshly, “If you use your quirk on me and tell me to use mine, you will end up tearing a hole in the fabric of time and space. Or it just won’t work.” He raised a wide-eyed brow, “I’m serious,” You frowned back, “I want to help- Wh--! Aw, nasty!” You screeched after feeling something warm and wet against your hand, ripping away from him, “Shinsou that was gross!”

He just had a wide, toothy grin, “That was the goal. Look,” He gained a slight frown as he leaned down, putting an arm on your shoulder, “Having you guarantees I have a spot in the next event, so I’ll work with you. Let me guess, though, you get the be the rider?”

You slowly smirked, nodding, “Don’t worry, I won’t be too heavy.”

He raised a confused eyebrow.

“Ten minutes left!”

“Just go get some wanna be's,” You waved a nonchalant hand, “I have a feeling no one will wanna team up with me willingly, now…”

‘Sorry, Izukun.’ You looked through the other students in brief breaks, seeing your Izukun looking around frantically with Round Face by his side. You frowned. ‘... But I don’t take kindly to having something snatched from right in front of me.’


“Hey--Give it back!” You wailed as Tomura took the little pink game-boy from your hands, standing and trying to grab it from him, “What gives, Tomi?!”

“You already got a Salamance…? It’s a shiny, too…” His cracking voice was a sign that puberty wasn’t being kind to your big “brother”.

Thirteen was a tough age, but not as bad as being a ten-year-old with that thirteen-year-old as a brother.

“I haven’t even gotten that far in the game…” You didn’t like the tone in his voice, he always used it when he was going too--”--I want it…”

“What!? No!” You tried twice as hard to grab the game back, tugging on his arm and trying to drag the hand down, “Give it back! I worked super hard for it!”

“Get off, it’s not like you can’t just go back and get o--Auhg!”

You had kicked the back of Tomura’s knee and forced him to tumble down, giving a triumphant “Hah!” as you went to snatch your game--

… It turned to dust with all five fingers of one of his hands touching the device, down to the game cartridge.

Fumiko was carrying a full basket of laundry as she was passing by your room, where you were sitting on the floor crying your eyes out, while Tomura was swearing and saying it was all your fault.

She kept walking.


You neatly situated the headband around your neck and cleared your throat, nodding down to Shinsou.

He had chosen well. Tail-Boy on your right, and some random, larger boy with blue hair and a constant state of worry on his face from class B on your left. Both of the boy’s eyes were dull, with dilated pupils, and creepily steady breathing. Even, and especially, brainwashed, they were strong enough to make up for Shinsou’s noodle arms.

You had said so and he shot a glare your smirking way.

Together, your team was work four-hundred and ninety-five points.

“Remember the plan,” You murmured down to him, squeezing his shoulders as you scoped out your competition, “Keep away from everyone for as long as we can--That won’t be too hard, my class has an idea of my range. Right before the bell goes off, I’ll snag all the headbands in range. Questions or concerns?”

“Do you think snails have feelings?”

You flicked Shinsou in the back of the head.

“Ow! Okay, whatever, you be the boss, then.”

‘Next time I’ll just take your quirk if you try to use it on me again,’ You shot a glare down at Shinsou’s wild hair. Truthfully, you knew he’d probably do fine on his own.

You just didn’t want to fall behind anymore.

“Your fifteen minutes are up!” Midnight called out, stretching her arms in her spot on the stage, “Let’s get this started!”

“Hey, wake up, Eraser!! They’ve had time to form teams and strategize, and now all twelve teams are lined up and ready to move!”

A softer, more gruff voice was hardly audible, “Interesting… The teams they’ve come up with…”

You looked up out of the corner of your eye to the spectator’s booth--It was too far away for you to make out any detail, and the glare from the sun didn’t help. Still, you felt… Different eyes on you. Not all the cameras. Not all the heroes and scouters in the stands.

“Let’s get a battlecry!!” You hid a flinch from Present Mic’s screeching with a casual shift on the arms you were currently sitting on, “Here comes the starting signal! Blood begets blood in the UA grand march!”

‘... What kind of--’

“Formed your teams!? Made your plans!? Too bad if you haven’t!! Here we go! The countdown to this brutal battle royal!!”

“Oh, just get on with it!” You hissed quietly, shooting a glare up at the booth this time.


You tapped a finger to each boy on your side and one to Shinsou’s head.


“What is it?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“... One--Start!!”

Your team stayed perfectly in place while three-fourths of the other teams charged at Izukun’s formation.

“They’re dead, aren’t they.” Shinsou’s deadpan was a statement, not a question.

“No,” You hummed softly, equally emotionless, watching as they began running away, “Izukun is too smart for everyone here.”

You briefly regret your words when some freaky-faced 1B kid turned the ground to mush, then felt a surge of relief when they suddenly shot into the air--Uraraka was making everyone but herself float, no doubt, so that jet-pack Izukun was wearing would send them flying.

‘Smart,’ You felt an internal pang, not from watching his team fighting off various attackers, ‘He picked well.’

You looked down at Shinsou.

‘So did I.’

“Watch it,” His murmur brought you out of your sentimental state, “... We have company.”

You glanced up to see two teams heading straight for you both, electricity and ice flaring in the background, explosions and yelling ringing out.

One, a strange, green, lizard-looking boy riding a blonde foreign girl with horns and hooves, the other--You couldn’t see much of the other three members around a curious kid that was, more or less, a yellow pot with some holes drilled in the front.

“Don’t worry about it,” You kept an eye on the main battle.

Pikachu was electrocuting a bunch of teams, then Frosty froze them in place. Mic was yelling, Aizawa was calmly explaining, seven minutes were already up.


“... They aren’t a threat.” You were fastening two more headbands around your neck. Shinsou made a grunt of surprise--You were suddenly towards the inner part of the field, your backs to the two teams. You smirked down at him when he looked back up at you.

He grinned back at the yells of shock hit your ears, “Thought we were waitin’?”

“I got bored.” You shrugged, then looked back up, frowning again, “... I don’t have a lot of distance left with my quirk for the day, I have a set amount. I just used up quite a bit there.”

‘It was awkward as all hell moving these three around without accidentally dropping one of them and breaking Shinsou’s quirk. I used up three minutes doing that--I have about thirty minutes left now…’

“So I have to be conservative,” You swallowed a metallic taste in your throat, glancing around--The two teams recovered quickly and were turning back towards your’s, “... Now, we run. Go around the edge of the main scuffle--bait some losers into following us.”

‘Seven hundred and thirty points won’t be enough to get us to the next round,’ You glanced up at the live scoreboard as you were shaken up and down by your team’s steady trotting. Izukun still had his points, Frosty was right behind him, some weirdly repetitive name… ‘But I have to wait until the clock is nearly up before I can snag anymore--What the--!?’

Shinsou and thus the rest of your team skidded to a stop as a wall of ice shot up, nearly catching the rest of you--If you took a wrong step, you’d be out of bounds. But you could barely see over the small of the wall--Izukun was trapped in an ice-pen with Frosty’s team.

You heart screamed to help him.

“(L/N)!” Shinsou’s worried grunt smothered it, “We’re cornered--do something!”

‘He can handle himself,’ You ripped your eyes away and glared at the three other teams heading your way-- two of which were your previous foes, no doubt coming to seek revenge. The third, in the middle of the two, had some angry looking grey-haired boy, the one with the quirk that melts the ground, another kid who’s quirk you had yet to see, and a girl with vines for hair.

“Trust me.”

Bakugou was in the background, screaming and blasting towards some other group made up of B students.

“Five minutes left!!”

‘I want to fight those two assholes, and Izukun too.’

You waited until the last possible moment, with several pairs of hands and vines heading for you, and the timer hitting four minutes.


You snagged the headbands of the middle team and reappeared to the world at the edge of Frosty’s Field of Unfortunate Souls.

“Three minutes left!”

“Oi,” You called out to Tsuyu, as you were passing them, who was on Tentacle’s back along with Belly-Button-Laser, who looked to be having an existential crisis with that weird smile on his face. “No hard feelings, Froggy? Hope we get to battle together next time.”

“Of course, (F/N)...” She croaked, largemouth in a frown, “None at a--”

You were holding up her team’s headband, along with the others retrieved from that team.

You slapped away the tongue that shot out, nudging Shinsou to get moving since those other teams were turning back towards you. You shot a small smile over your shoulder at her, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your points don’t go to waste!”

“Two minutes left!”

“Alright,” You organized the headbands around your neck, choosing to dawn a high-point one on your head just to be condescending, “I think this is enough time left, we’re gonna start grabbing any other headbands we can…”

“Team Bakugou has stolen two, putting them in third place! A late shake-up in the rankings--That’s the spirit of youth for ya!!”

You glanced back at Bakagou’s team--they were… Sliding… Towards that B team that stole his headband.

Shinsou followed your gaze, shifting a bit to get a better grip on your feet, “Are we going to try and get his--”

“No.” You said sharply, pouting slightly, “We probably can with no problem, but…”

He voiced your thoughts for you, “You want to fight them. The loud one, Endeavor’s kid…”

“Yeah.” You nodded, pursing your lips and flexing your fingers--your fingertips started to burn a long time ago, now they were screaming. But you couldn’t listen and let go yet.

Not yet.

“Bakugou, absolutely merciless! What a perfectionist, anything worth doing is worth doing right! We’re nearing the end of the game!--With just one minute left, Todoroki’s got four headbands! He snatched breakout star Midoriya’s headband and with it, first place! Have we found our four winning teams for this event!?”

You snapped your head back toward the rink with wide, horrified eyes. You looked up to the scoreboard. Sure enough, team Midoriya… Zero points.

‘Can’t worry about that. Can’t… Can’t… Worry about…’

“(L/N)! Snap outta it!”

“Times almost up! Everybody say… Ten! Nine! Eight!--”






Explosions were going off by the ice rink, yelling from the field of frozen teams.

“H-Hey! Where’d our headband go!?”


“Our’s is gone too--!”





“It’s that teleporting girl!”



You gingerly set the team down at the opposite end of the field to Frosty, Bakagou and Izukun, and released your strings, massaging the tips of your fingers with a soft hiss.


All headbands not in Bakagou, Frosty, or Izukun’s possession, were neatly tied around your neck.

“Times up!!”

The crowd’s cheering was deafening as you demounted, the two boys on your sides looking around in absolute confusion, while Shinsou grinned widely at you, holding his hand out. You returned the smile, gripping his hand and giving a firm shake.

“Thanks for your help,” His voice was mocking to the other two as he glanced over to them, “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“In first, team Todoroki!”

Horror filled your gut. ‘Izukun lost his headband.’

“Second--Team (L/N)!”

You glared up at the screen, seeing that shining, silver number-two next to your name again. The other numbers were still adding up as they went down the line.

“Third--Team Bakugou!”

Izukun’s was flashing.

“Fourth… Team Midoriya!!”

You let out a sigh of relief.

“These teams will proceed to the final event!”

“Looks like your boyfriend is moving on, huh? Can’t wait to see you fight him… Though it might not be much of a match with your quirk.” Shinsou’s grin didn’t falter when you shot him a half-hearted glare.

“We’ll proceed to the afternoon portion after a one-hour lunch break! See you then! Hey, Eraserhead, wanna grab some food?”

“I’m taking a nap…”


“I’m not letting anyone off easy,” You walked with him toward one of the tunnels, glancing behind your shoulder--Izukun was sobbing wildly with Uraraka jumping up and down in excitement, “Just teleporting them out of bounds is what you’re thinking, right? Nah, that’s no fun.”

“What the hell happened to us…!?” You passed by the silver-haired boy’s group, where they were sulking in a semi-huddle, “How’d we end up with zero points?!”

“I dare say this is divine retribution for the unfair manner in which we stole that frog-girl’s points…”

‘Damn right it is.’ You smirked as you passed them--their heads whipped up when you giggled softly. “Better luck next time,” You waved lightly, only innocently smiling at the scowls and glares you received.

“I’m starving,” Shinsou yawned, not taking his hands out of his pockets to cover it, “Wanna go sneak up to the vendors and get some takoyaki?”

“Sounds good to me! Oh, but I want a taro bun...”

“Hah, of course.”  

Chapter Text

“Who coulda predicted such an incredible turn of events so early on!? The one who made it back to the stadium first is... None other than Midoriya Izuku!!”

His nails dug into the leather of his chair. Tomura’s silent but obvious amusement next to him was annoying enough, to hear the squawking of that hero…

“Taking second--(L/N) (F/N)!!”

Telling the world that his daughter was second best to those hero brats…

“Tying for third, Todoroki Shouto and Bakugou Katsuki! Fourth, Ibara Shiozaki…”

“He didn’t even use any quirks to win,” Tomura thought he could hide the smirk on his face, but certainly not in his voice, as he scratched his throat, “How many does she have…?”

“Nobody likes the obvious to be pointed out so blatantly, Tomura.” The man tried to keep his tone calm and even, but contempt was obvious.

He was furious.

“Third place--Team (L/N)!!”

Oh, he now was livid.

‘I told her to win. I told her to win, and this is what she gives me?’

“We’ll proceed to the afternoon portion after a one-hour lunch break! See you then…”

“Tomura,” His prodigy didn’t even glance over, only gave a soft hum to indicate he was listening, “I have to make a phone call. Go have lunch and give me some privacy.”

“Yeah, yeah… Have fun getting anything outta her, she’s probably too busy kissing hero a--”

“Now, Tomura.”

“... Fine.”

As soon as his student left, he plucked his phone up from beside him on the small side table--And simply held it in his hand for a while. Thinking carefully.

After a while of contemplating the pros and cons of letting his daughter know his contempt, he hit the second most-used speed dial button.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

Don’t lose your patience. She’ll pick up. She always picks up.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

The muscle where his brow used to be twitched.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…

“Hi, this is (L/N) (F/N)! Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now--Leave a message and I’ll get back to you A-S-A-P! Ciao!”


He was silent for several seconds as the voicemail recorded nothing but the highlight replays of the Obstacle Course Race and the Cavalry battle. Only when there were only a few seconds left, did he finally speak.

“Call me back. Now.”



Shinsou had gone off with the rest of his class, leaving you behind as you carried an arm full of pastries around the packed cafeteria--and finally found Izukun after walking around for what felt like forever to your aching feet.

You spotted the green mop of hair next to Round Face, at their usual lunch table--Tsuyu, Four-Eyes, and others in attendance. Pinky and Pikachu had joined in.

You dumped the treats on the table with a big smirk on your face, “Guess who snuck up front and got some limited edition goods.”

“Oh! Wow--” Izukun started wide-eyed at the pile, “We were wondering where you were…”

“This looks awesome!” Pinkie squealed, scooping up a bear-shaped mochi cake, “Thanks a lot!”

“(L/N)!” You felt your soul leaving your body as Four-Eyes started up, “You shouldn’t leave the designated premises for students just so you can get sweets--We’re competing in a sports festival and should be avoiding sugary confections as they can inhibit our performance! Furthermore, we aren't even allowed up front until--!”

You shoved a candied orange stick in his face, “Stop that.”

“Talking.” Your glare shut him up. He gingerly took the sweet treat from your hand, murmuring a quiet “Thank you.”

“Is that--!”

“It sure is!” You smirked to Round-Face when you saw her mouth wide-open and watering--staring right at a particular confection, “Fresh. Pounded. Mochi.” You gestured to the entire pile, “Dig in! I got a frog matcha taiyaki for the frog girl, Mochi for Mochi-face, candied oranges for the orange-fueled square-shaped uptight--”

“We get it.”

“--And, for my favorite,” You flopped down next to Izukun, and held out a brown paper bag to him with a toothy grin, “Something special.”

He took the bag with a skeptical brow raised, “Y-You didn't have to get me anything…?” He opened it up, and his eyes widened and a smile split his face, “Holy cow!” He gasped, pulling out a large yogurt parfait--it was All-Might themed, with blueberries, strawberries, mango, and coconut bits layered in the clear cup to look like the hero's suit--with the addition of star sprinkles mixed into the granola and an All-Might cookie on top. “This looks like it's almost too good to eat!”

“Oh, I’ll take it then--”

“Back off.”

You let out an amused snort at Izukun’s dark look directed at Pikachu and his quickly retracting hand.

Your phone vibrated in your pocket. You glanced down and reached in, only pulling it out enough to see the screen.


“So what do you guys think the next event will be?” Round Face hummed around a mouth full of strawberry mochi, “It’s always some sort of one-on-one tournament, right?”

“Yeah,” Izukun nodded, popping off the lid of his parfait and carefully picking up a spoon, looking down in wonder as he tried to figure out where to start, “One year, they were fighting with foam swords. Another on a tightrope… It’s usually different.”

“I hope it’s either real swords,” You shoved your phone back into your pocket and reached forward, snagging a taro-filled, mochi cake “Or just a plain one-on-one. I have some new tricks up my sleeve, that I want to use on some certain people…” You shot a look to your left, down a few tables.

Bakagou and Shark-Teeth were sitting together, the latter animately talking, while the other was definitely uninterested as he glared hard enough to make whatever was on his plate boil.  

“That sounds dark, (F/N)...”

“So what, like you don’t have a vendetta against anyone, Round-Face?” You waved a hand, “You can’t pretend to be all nice and innocent all the time, that’s how you end up getting walked all over. Like I did, when we were sparring, remember?”

“D-Don’t remind me, my back still hurts in the middle of the night…”

“Yeah, well, you’re gonna have a reason to stay up at night after today, I guarantee it.”  

“I-Is that a threat--!?”

“Hey hey hey!” You all glanced up in acknowledgment of the sudden boisterous announcement over the intercoms, “Lunch is almost up, this is your fifteen-minute warning! All first-year students, show your faces at the center stage so we can introduce the recreational events and the final matches!”

“I’ll see you guys back at the arena,” You stood up and crumpled your mochi wrapped, tossing randomly onto the table--much to Four-Eye’s chagrin, “I gotta make a call.”

“O-Oh, okay--” Izuku called after your figure, even though you were already walking away to a random hall, “If you aren’t there in ten minutes, I’ll come to find you!”

You raised a hand without looking back in thanks, then shoved your hands in your pockets, and stalked off to find somewhere quiet, a group of… American cheerleaders cutting off their view of you.

When the chatter from the cafeteria became a distant murmur, you dipped into an empty classroom and pulled your phone out, turning the screen on and checking the notifications.

One new text message from: Smelly Hands

“Nice going, princess.”

You made a mental note to sneak into the hideout and put bleach in a load of Tomura’s clothes.

Missed call from: Papa

Voicemail from: Papa

You swallowed down the lump in your throat and opened the audio clip--A whole minute and a half long!?--and placed it to your ear.

For what seemed like the entire duration of the voicemail, all you could hear was the distant sound of Present Mic’s voice excitidly recapping… The obstacle course race… And the cavalry battle…

Your heart leaped into your throat when a dark voice cut in.

“Call me back. Now.”

You pulled the phone away from your ear and looked at the time it was left.

Ten minutes ago.


Even though your entire body screamed to just put your phone back in your pocket, ignore it, pretend you never received the call…

… You pressed the call-back icon, put the phone back to your ear, and waited.

Riiing… Riiing… Riiing…


You couldn’t hear anyone on the other end, except for indistinct chatter of television commercials and--

“Are you having fun?”

You flinched.


“Listen to me--”

“I’m sorry, please let me expl--”

“Quiet! Let. Me. Talk.”

Your mouth snapped shut. You felt your heart falling with you as you let yourself sink into a chair, not trusting your legs to hold you up.

“You were supposed to win.”

His pause was not an invitation to speak.

You did anyway.

“I-I was going to, Papa! But I had to limit my quirk, o-or else I could have accidentally lost control--”

“That’s no excuse. You didn’t even use my speech, not a word of it. Why would you waste my time asking for help?”

“You don’t understand! It’s so tedious making sure I don’t slip up--”

I don’t understand!?”

You flinched away.

“Understand this, Shiikan (F/N), if you don’t redeem yourself in the final event… I’m removing you from your little game.”

… What?

“No more UA.”

… No…

“And no more little boy to play with--”  

No. No no no no--

You shot up faster than a bullet, shrieking, with panic filling every inch of your bones, “That’s not fair! You can’t just--!”  

“Fair? I am your father. The only unfair thing is how much I’m shelling out for you to live in that town when you’re not even bringing in any results.”

You felt your resolve cracking, you had to fight to keep your breath from cracking and turning you into a sniveling mess.

No more Izukun. No more UA. No more Mrs. Midoriya’s cooking, no more messing with Round Face and Frog Girl and Four-Eyes, no more jump-scaring Shinsou, no more--

“Okay,” Your voice was quiet and meek.

It was weak.

“I… Swear, Papa, I’ll--”

“Just don’t embarrass me again.”


You line went dead, leaving you in silence.

No more Izukun.

Your chest tightened.

No more UA.

You couldn’t breathe.

No more Mrs. Midoriya and her cooking, no more messing with Round Face and Frog Girl and Four-Eyes, no more jump-scaring Shinsou, no more no more no more--

Everything was crashing down on you as you sink back into the chair, vision blurry as tears fell from your eyes.

Looks like you only had one choice.


That’s all you could do.


‘Sounds like I’m not the only one with a shitty father.’ Todoroki Shouto kept his hands shoved in his pocket as he leaned against the wall outside the classroom he had just had lunch in.

A certain student entered from the front end as he was leaving the other.

He had planned on just continuing on to the cafeteria to rejoin the others, but when a weak “Papa” sounded right before he was going to pass the open door…

… He has eavesdropped on his father’s conversations plenty of times. He didn’t think he would be doing anything like it in school, though.

He really didn’t care about the other students.

He could barely hear the speaker of the phone inside. Something about winning.

“I-I was going to, Papa! But I had to limit my quirk, o-or else I could have accidentally lost control--”

‘Control of her quirk…?’ Todoroki’s eyes narrowed considerably, ‘What would happen if…’

The voice on the phone was so loud it was hard to decipher, no matter how much he strained his ears.

“You don’t understand! It’s so tedious making sure I don’t slip up--...” Silence, then the screeching of the chair she probably sat in, “That’s not fair! You can’t just--!”  

Something about being fair, being her father… Shelling out money? From what he’s overheard, she’s supposed to be well off, like him… Results? Of what? Hero-training? (L/N) might not be at Todoroki’s level, but she wasn’t a pushover…

A weak, cracking voice was hardly audible, “Okay… I… Swear, Papa, I’ll…”

Continued silence told him the caller probably hung up.

Just a few seconds later, there was the soft sound of whimpering and then muffled sobbing.

For a brief moment, he was five years old again, standing in the doorway of that kitchen while the kettle began to whistle and his mother was quietly sobbing to her own on the phone--

The sound of a chair moving and quiet footsteps told him it was time to get out of there.

He barely managed to retrace his steps and silently duck back into the classroom--right as (L/N) was leaving it. He stood with his back to the wall and listened carefully for the sound of her footsteps fading, and let out a soft breath, then ducked back out--

“It’s rude to listen in on other people’s conversations.”

Shouto let out a soft grunt of surprise when he was face-to-face with (L/N) herself, who glared hard enough to curdle milk.

Despite her eyes being red and puffy.

“How much did you hear?”

He opened his mouth a few times, trying to find out how to answer that without starting a confrontation (which she was known for; just last week, Kaminari made a joke about Midoriya’s and her’s relationship being borderline creepy, and she teleported him continuously in the air until he built up enough speed, then reversed him, sending him flying up to the height of simulated dilapidated tower, where he barely managed to grab the ledge of the roof and scream for someone to help him before he fell and, no doubt, regained all that speed…).

His silence seemed to just irritate her more.

“Your father... Doesn’t seem like a good person.”

She flinched back as if struck, and a range of emotions flashed on her face--anger, disbelief, understanding… And anger again.

“Yeah, well…” She blew a frustrated breath through her nose, shooting him one last scowl as she turned back towards the direction of the cafeteria, “Your old man isn’t anywhere near All Might either, Frosty.”

His eyebrows raised in surprise, despite his eyes remaining half-lidded and seemingly uninterested, “No, he certainly isn’t. Never will be.”

She tripped on her own feet and stumbled to a stop, looking back with brief surprise… That turned into a sharp, incredulous stare, “... What?”

“He isn’t All Might,” Todoroki calmly started his pace by her, looking ahead and trying to keep a cool head. Letting one person in on his personal backstory was enough for one day.

… But for someone who was just sobbing from a phone call from her own father, he felt she deserved… Something that would let her know he wasn’t judging her.

And the petty side of him didn’t want anyone to think Endeavor was a good father.

“Never has been, never will be. Ever.”

There. That’s all he needed to get off his chest--

“You’re quirk is half-and-half, isn’t it?” Her footsteps caught up to him quickly, and he saw her just out of his peripheral to his-- “Why don’t you ever use your fire side?”

A twinge of annoyance sprouted in his temple. He really didn’t feel like spilling his guts again, let alone to a rival that he would probably be facing again, soon.

“I just don’t.”

“That’s stupid.”

It was his turn to stumble in shock, as she passed him, hands shove in her pockets.

“Your quirk is half and half. You think you can be the best of the best with only half your strength? Tch, don’t make me laugh.” She held up what he thought was a peace sign for a moment, “There are only two people in this world that can do that. One,” She put her middle finger down, “Is All Might. The other,” … She put her index finger down and raised her middle, “Sure as hell is not you.”

He watched as she shoved her hand back in her pocket and imagined the smirk on her face, as she disappeared into thin air, right in front of the cafeteria doors.

“Five minute warning, listeners!! Get in gear!”


‘I just had to be a show off,’ You muttered to yourself internally, eye twitching as you glared a path through the moving herd of students, ‘I only got maybe twenty-five minutes left, now. Damnit. Why did that Frosty bastard have to go and get on my nerves…!? I don’t need the likes of that hero-bred-brat telling me what I already know. What the hell does he know!?’

You couldn’t think of anything… Particularly incriminating he could have heard. So you were safe there. Hopefully.

Your eyes burned and struggled to adjust to the glaring sun as you and the rest of the herd reentered the stadium, the roar of the crowd deafening and… Suffocating.

‘Stay calm. No more playing around, from here on, everyone is to be crushed.’

“This is still a sports festival, so we’ve prepared recreational activities for ALL participants! We even shipped in some cheerleaders from America to get you pumped up--Hope everyone enjoys this little recreational competition--Once that’s over, we’re onto the final event!”

Your class and class B were the closest to the stage, where Midnight was at, smirking down at the lot of you with a devious look in her eyes, holding an obvious box behind her back.  

Totally wasn’t creeping you out.

“Once that’s over, we’re onto the final event! Between the sixteen members of the four winning teams…”

The screen behind Midnight flashed to light, displaying a flow-chart.

“We’ll have a formal tournament!! A series of one-on-one battles!”

‘One-on-one,’ You felt a grin crawling onto your lips, ‘Just what I need to shine brightly.’

“The matchups will be decided by drawing lots!” Midnight cheerfully held the box up in front of her--one you’ve seen many times, “Once that’s settled, we’ll move on to the festivities and then the tournament itself. It’s up to you sixteen finalists whether or not you participate in the fun--I suspect some of you would rather take a breather and save your strength. Now, let’s start with the first-place team…”

“Uhm, excuse me…”

You glanced behind you, slightly startled.

‘He better not try to sabotage--’

“I’d…” Tail-Boy had his hand held up, as he looked solemnly down to the ground, “... Like to drop out.”

“Ojiro, why!?”

“This is your chance to be seen by the pros!”

“The cavalry battle… I have no memories of anything that happened up until the very end.” He glanced off to the side, towards a certain purple-haired boy, “It was probably his quirk that did it…”

Shinsou just turned away without a hint of interest.

“I know this is a great opportunity,” Tail-Boy gripped his fist, shaking slightly, “I know how stupid it must seem to be throwing it away. But this final tournament… Everyone else here made it on their own strength. Yet I’m standing here, and I don’t even know why or how--I just can’t take it…!”

“You’re thinking about it too hard!” The invisible girl shrilly cut in, “Just show what you got in the final tournament!”

Pinky grumbled, “By that logic, I shouldn’t really be here, either!”

‘Idiot,’ You turned back to the stage and crossed your arms, shaking your head with an annoyed twinge in your brows, ‘Bakagou’s team wouldn’t have gotten far if she didn’t melt all the cement that Bondo guy spewed. But to throw away the opportunity to move on…’

Tail-boy just sighed and put a hand over his eyes, slumping over. “No, I’m talking about my pride here… I don’t think it’s right.”

“I can’t remember anything either… I wanna withdraw too.”

You jerked your head up and around to see the class B boy stepping forward, “This is a contest of skill! Letting someone who didn’t do anything advance… Doesn’t it defeat the point of the sport’s festival? Isn’t it even against the rules?”

‘Idiots, both of them, idiots! Tch!’ You turned back around with more of a huff, glaring down at the stage, ‘Shinsou hands them this opportunity on a silver platter and they throw it away!? Ungrateful!’

“What a strange turn of events… What will the umpire, Midnight, decide…?”

“How naive and green…” The dark look in her eyes was startlingly familiar, up until she aggressively cracked her whip and yelled, “I like it!”

‘She liked it…!?’

“Ojiro and Shoda have officially withdrawn!” She called out, “Replacing those two will be members of team Kendo, which took fifth…”

“If it’s gonna be like that,” You assumed the girl now talking was Kendo, “Shouldn’t it be Tetsutetsu’s team instead? I mean, we were immobilized the entire time!” You glanced back to see the red-head with we fists on her hips, giving a crowd-winning smile, “But they were giving their all, up until the very end! We’re not colluding or anything… This just feels right.”

‘Idiots.’ You looked back ahead, gaze softer, ‘Why are they so eager to throw away their opportunity…? What's the big deal, being all chivalrous and shit. That’s not getting them anywhere.’

There was a bit of squawking from Tetsutetsu’s team, before Midnight called out again, “Alright, that’s that then! Moving on will be Tetsutetsu and Shiozaki to bring us back up to sixteen competitors! And the matchups are here!!”

You finally looked up to the screen and scanned the roster, raising your eyebrows briefly at who you would be facing.

Izuku Midoriya vs. Hitoshi Shinso
Shoto Todoroki vs. Hanta Sero
Denki Kaminari vs. Ibara Shiozaki
Mei Hatsume vs. Tenya Iida
(L/N) (F/N) vs. Mina Ashido
Fumikage Tokoyami vs. Momo Yaoyorozu
Eijiro Kirishima vs. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
Ochaco Uraraka vs. Katsuki Bakugo


Your heart sank in your stomach.

‘Izukun and Shinsou, first, against each other…!? What sick bastard decided these?!’ You didn’t dare look back as you heard a fuss, choosing to swallow the lump in your throat and continue scanning until you found your name.

“Hey!” A hand landed on your shoulder with a chipper Pinkie attached to it, “Maybe the best one win, (L/N)! No hard feelings, right?”

“I’m gonna crush you.”

“O-Oh. Okay…”

‘Looks like Round-Face is going to have a rough time,’ You crossed your arms and sighed out your nose, ‘Tch, she better not lose to Baka-gou. Well, if she does, that means I get to give him hell… In the second rounds…’

“Now, let’s set aside the tournament for the time being… And get on with the thrill-a-minute festivities!”

You immediately turned on your heel and walked through the crowd, the first to move and prompting everyone else to begin going on their way.

You barely caught Izukun’s eye--Tail-Boy was wrapping his tail around his face--Ah, Shinsou was walking away. That’s why.

You marched on, head held high.

‘Today isn’t about friends,’ You reasoned your coldness away, ‘Today is about winning and getting to keep everything I worked hard for.’


You ended up finding a secluded lounge room, probably for your exact reason for residing in it, and found a relatively comfortable couch to stretch out on. A screen was hung on the wall opposite, the current recreational events playing, as well as highlights of the obstacle course race and cavalry battles in opposite corners.

You intended to take a nap until the next time Present Mic’s grating voice filled your ears, but ended up tossing and turning on the couch made for sitting for five minutes--Then cut your losses and crossed your legs, sat up straight, and closed your eyes.

‘Okay, let’s see if that blue lady on that random channel at three in the morning was actually onto something about meditation. Seven seconds of breath in, seven seconds out. Easy enough.’

It was not easy.


“Papa,” You nervously wrung your hands, glancing up at him with uncertainty creasing your thin-plucked brows, “Are you sure…”

“Being still isn’t good for your body’s muscles, not using your quirk to its limits is the same thing.” He gave you a gentle push on your back, smiling down into your grey eyes.

The ones that matched his own, since the day you were born.

He was pushing you towards a dark street where a woman was walking, constantly looking over her shoulder and scanning her surroundings.

The chameleon-zone quirk Papa had instilled on you both was the only thing keeping the two of you out of her sight.

“You can do it, Princess. I know you can.”

‘Use my quirk or manage to get out of this with my limbs intact…?’ You swallowed thickly and nodded despite your hesitation, taking a timid step out of the safety of the bubble that would have kept you nice and safe, out of the view of anyone who relied on sight to sense things.

‘Papa has been casing this woman for months for me, I… I should give it my best shot!’ You looked around just like the woman was.

She spotted you, lingering her gaze for a second, before turning back around and continuing her brisk pace, the same one she used every night after her shift at a bar in a not-so-great part of Roppongi.

This wasn’t the same as the Nomu you practiced on. This woman could, and would fight back.

‘I’m ten years old now, I can do this.’ You internally psyched yourself up, increasing your power-walking speed to begin to catch up to her, the only other person on the street with only a flickering streetlight on the opposite end, ‘Papa believes in me. Papa believes in me, so I won’t disappoint him, and that’s that!’

“E-Excuse me, ma’am?” You called out in a way you would call pathetic and meek.

She was slowing and looking back at you

‘Oh, I hope she’s not very bright...’

“I’m so-sorry to bother you--” You faked the scared-child shtick to near perfection, “I’m… I’m lost…” You false-sniffled as you slowed to a stop in front of her--she had stopped and turned around, cheap sweatshirt pulled around her tightly to cover the upper half of her bartender’s uniform--the exact same one Kurogiri wore, now that you thought about it. “I-I was at my family’s new shop--we just moved here, but… There was this cat, a-and I followed it, because it looked hurt! And now I… I don’t know where I am...”

Her pink eyes softened considerably as she tucked a bit of blue hair behind her ear to join the rest of her messy bun, “Oh, that’s not good at all…” She pulled her phone out, the screen illuminating her face and showing off blue and pink speckling across her skin, “Here, I’ll look it up and take you there. What’s the name of the store?”

“I’m sorry for being a bother,” You shivered, truthfully this time. You had worn a short-sleeved, light blue button-up shirt and a pair of khaki shorts… In the middle of fall.

You had to expose as much skin as possible. All you needed what ten seconds of skin-on-skin contact to steal a quirk.

You hoped, at least. Normal people were a lot different than Nomu, who don’t fight back.

“It’s called Shiikan’s Tea and Supply,” You dared to step a bit closer to her. She didn’t move away, so that was good.

That night you learned people were the definition of moronic when you gained their trust. When they thought you weren’t a threat.

… You also learned they would do whatever they could to protect what’s their’s if it’s precious enough.

A part of who they were as a being was just that.

Two more things stuck with you that night.

One, if someone has a quirk with the ability to control the position of an item, restrain their hands.

Two, keep Kurogiri close by at all times.

The woman’s screams were transported to another place, far far away, the black mist keeping her not only from alerting nearby people but also from ripping off your limbs. Like she had nearly done before when her Marionette Strings had touched your skin as you grabbed for her exposed neck.

Your shoulders and arms were angrily protesting any movement, the limbs limp even as you had flopped your hand over her forehead. Her eyes glowed as did your own, illuminating the alleyway your scuffle had migrated into.

Ten seconds and you removed your hand. The woman looked like she had just run a ten-kilometer marathon without stopping for a second, sweaty--Ah, much of that was tears.

Kurogiri removed the portals and allowed the woman’s body to slump against the brick wall behind her.

“Are you alright, young miss?”

“Yeah,” You winced when you tried to turn towards him, not able to bear the sight of the broken person before you for another moment, “I just need to see the doctor and get my shoulders put back into place. They’re dislocated.”

A sudden slow-paced clapping filled your ears, prompting you, and Kurogiri, to turn towards the entrance to the alley again.

“Well done, well done my little princess. I knew you could do it.” He kneeled down to your level, wearing a proud smile that shone in his eyes, “A little help from Kurogiri this time, but now that you have that quirk, it will make using your own much easier!”

Easier to hold people down, but that wasn’t something he said aloud. But you knew what he meant.

“Here, let me see your arms.”

You winced and whimpered softly as Papa had you lean over, while he rotated one of your arms slowly--there was a soft “Pop!” as it went above your head, and you could move your arm once again--he did the other, giving you full control of your limbs once more.

“There, all better?”

“Yes!” You sighed in relief, rubbing your shoulders--as he took his suit jacket off and draped it around your shoulders, “Alright, now, Kurogiri. Please send the woman to Dr. Nishimura, and take my little girl and I here home.”

‘We could have done this in the lab!?’

“Yes, sir.”


“Alrighty, alrighty, alrighty! Any students hanging about, head to your designated seating area…”

You frowned with eyes still closed as Present Mic’s voice cut in above your head.

‘Why did I have to have a flashback now? Puppet’s master is long since gone.’

“... Because we’re about to get started on the final event!! Midoriya Izuku, please go to gate A, and Shinsou Hitoshi to gate B!”

‘Oh… Right. They’re first up.’

This was going to be tough.

Round-Face was the first to greet you when you arrived at the stands.

“(F/N)! There you are!” She leaped up from her spot, smiling wide and waving to you with one hand, pointing to the spot next to her with the other, “I saved you a seat, come on!”

“Thank you, Cementoss!! Hey guys, are you ready!? You’ve been through hell to get here, but now it’s time for the one-on-one tournament!!”

You glanced down at the nearly empty back row of seats, nearly making a move to sit there instead.

“You’ve got only yourself to rely on! Even if you're not a hero, this saying holds true! You know it!!”

Then you looked to the second row and realized Bakugou would be in your peripheral.

“Spirit, technique, strength, wisdom, and knowledge--Use em and show us your best!!”


You cut your losses and stepped quickly down the stairs, shooting Bakugou a sour look that he returned, and crossed in front of Shark-Teeth, Bird-Boy, and Four-Eyes, taking the seat on Uraraka’s left side, next to 3D-Printer.

“Thanks.” Your mutter was soft as you looked out into the stadium, eyes lidded as you hummed quietly.

“The first match!! Making a weird face despite his excellent performance, it’s Midoriya Izuku from the hero course… Versus… Sorry, but this guy hasn’t really done anything to stand out yet! It’s Shinsou Hitoshi from General Studies!”

“This is gonna be kinda hard for you, huh, (F/N)?” Round-Face murmured to you, and you could see her gripping her fists against her knees out of the corner of your eye, “You and Shinsou… You’re friends, right?”

“The rules are simple! Win by knocking your opponent out of the ring, immobilizing them or getting them to up and say “I give up!”

“No.” Your eyes were dull as you watched the two get into their positions, eyes set on the curly green hair of the nervous boy, “Shinsou and I just had a business deal.”

“--And fight dirty if you must! Ethics have no meaning here! Well, of course, going for the kill is a no-no! You’ll be disqualified! Because a true hero’s fists fly only when in the pursuit of villains!”

“B-Business deal…?”


“His devotion if I help him out.”

“But he lost that when he insulted me.”

You could see Shinsou’s lips moving.

“… Staaaart!!”

To the world, you were instantaneously at the railing, gripping the metal with an iron grip as you screamed, “Izuku!” You filled your lungs, and yelled, “Don’t you fucking dare roll-over!”



“If you’ve got any kind of vision of your future, there’s no sense in worrying about how you get there.”

His eyes were wide as Shinsou stared him down.

“Like that monkey, babbling about his stupid pride.”


“What kind of dumbass throws away a chance like this?”

He saw red. Thoughts racing in his head as he began to move towards his opponet. Ojiro went through so much trouble to explain everything that happened to him, Ojiro gave up his chance to fight in the tournament because he felt so strongly about being manipulated, this guy was the one that manipulated Ojiro--


He stopped in his tracks as a familiar voice, although a bit faint from the distance, screamed to him from the stands.

“Don’t you fucking dare roll-over!”

He slapped a hand over his mouth, shooting a thankful glance to the girl who’s silhouette was a bit hard to see. But he knew who it was all the same.

‘Shit. I almost answered him…! Thanks, (F/N)--’

“Uhg, that bitch.”

Izuku’s eyes zeroed in on Shinsou, whose hands were in his pockets and a disgusting smile on his face, “She’s so annoying. How do you stand to be her lapdog? Oh, my mistake, she’s probably always in your lap, huh?”

If he saw red before, now it was a bonfire blazing in his eyes.

“I know she’s always bouncing on mine, is she that easy with you too?”

He charged, and snarled, raising a fist that flashed with color, “You shut the hell up--!!”

He suddenly came to a stop. Panic filled his mind, why did he stop moving!? Why… ‘I can’t move. I can’t… I can’t move!’


“Hey hey hey!? What’s going on?! The battle just started, and Midoriya Izuku is stuck in place!? Come on, show us some spirit! Looking confounded, Midoriya isn’t even twitching!! We were barely able to see that this guy existed, but now… He sure is one to keep an eye on!”  

“Would you shut the hell up with that insulting crap…!?” You snarled up at the spectator’s booth, then turned your glare down to Izuku, “You impulsive idiot, why would you respond!?”

Shinsou raised a hand and made a little circle gesture…

And Izuku turned around and began walking. He looked like a robot, or like one of your dolls you practiced Puppet on when you first got the quirk.

“Woah!! What’s this!? Midoriya is following orders like a good little boy!!”

“Damnit, Izuku!” You screamed down to him, rocking against the railing angrily, “Snap outta it! Don’t go down like this!”

It was no use, you knew it. Nothing you said would get through to Izukun, even if you said the most devastating or dramatic line, begged him to break through and regain his own control.

You wanted to teach Shinsou a lesson yourself, but Izukun… Izukun can’t lose! He can’t, not like this! He’ll be inconsolable!

Just as Izuku was a few feet from the edge of the ring, a sudden blast of air was strong enough to force Shinsou to brace himself--You felt the breeze as light and soft against your skin.

Your eyes widened in both disbelief and joy.

“He broke out…” You watched as Izuku covered his mouth and shot his glare at Shinsou--And then the scuffle began. You stumbled backwards into your seat, sighing in relief as you watched, “It’s impossible, but then again, it’s Izukun we’re talking about, huh?”

Uraraka hummed in agreement, making a quiet squeak as Shinsou punched Izukun in the face and pushed against his broken finger.

Then Izukun flipped Shinsou over his shoulder, and out of bounds.

“Shinsou is out of the ring!” Midnight cracked her whip out to the side as she called out, “Midoriya moves on to the second round!”

You sighed again, out your nose, smiling… But not as sweetly as you wanted to, knitting your brows, as the rest of the crowd cheered.

‘Izukun won… Of course, he did. How could I expect any less?’

“Good gracious, we’re off to an uneventful start! Well, put your hands up for our fierce competitors!”

“I swear to god I am going to choke that man one of these days…”

“What was that, (F/N)?”


Shinsou was hunched over as he slinked off the stage, pausing to say something to Izukun, before he continued to his exit gate--and looked up again.

You could barely make out who you would assume to be general studies students, his classmates, no doubt.

‘Ah, right. He has friends.’

You watched as Izukun went through his gate--And immediately got up, shoving your hands in your pockets as you crossed in front of the front row.

“(F/N), where are you going?”

“The next match is gonna start! Don’t you want to support your fellow classmates--”

“Not really,” You shrugged, going up the steps, “We got some time between matches, I’m gonna go walk Izukun up.”

‘I wanna try and talk to him a little privately.’


“Papa,” Your little hands tugged on his sleeve as you looked up at his sitting form, “Who’s this?”

“Hm?” He pushed back from his desk a little bit, setting the pen in his hand down and pushing up his reading glasses--then put them back down on his nose when you handed over a little picture, in a plain black frame, “Oh, you’ve been snooping in the storage room again, haven’t you…” He hummed, only a small twinge in annoyance apparent in his voice.

“Is that you?” You pointed to one of the little boys in the picture, who’s smile was bright and wide.

“Yes, it is.”

“And that?” Your chubby little finger slid to the other boy, who Papa was hugging to his side. He was shorter and had longer hair that hid part of his face, and his smile was smaller, less blinding that Papa’s. But it had a sincerity to it that reached his visible eye… The same color as Papa’s, and your’s.


He hesitated.

That’s weird. Papa never hesitates.

“... My little brother.” He ran his thumb over the picture, solemnly frowning, “Your uncle.”

“I have an uncle?” Your little eyes widened, “Where is he? Can I meet him?”

“I’m afraid not, princess.” He set the picture down and picked you up, setting you down in his lap while you picked it back up, looking between the two boys who couldn’t be much older than yourself at the moment. “He died, a long, long time ago, pumpkin.”

You softly murmured, “Oh.”

You knew what death was but not… Really. You knew people’s souls left their body, and they never ever came back.

“Do you miss him?”

He hummed thoughtfully, picking the pen back up as he looked over your hair at the paperwork--and the picture, “... Sometimes, yes. But he’s better off.”

“What was his quirk?”

You were a Shiikan, of course, you wanted to know his quirk.

“He had a couple.”

“Like us?”

“No, like…” Papa hesitated again. This must be a difficult subject. “He was born with an “invisible” quirk.”

“Like… An emitter?”

“Sort of. He had the ability to pass on his quirk through his DNA.”

“Oh, like you did with me?”

“No, it’s… More direct than that. If he wanted to give you his quirk, he had to give you, say… A hair.”

“And his other quirk?”

“I gave him a stockpiling quirk.” Papa gripped his pen tightly, you noticed a crack forming in the resin.

You looked down at the words on the paper, it was some sort of notification for a building being destroyed. You didn’t know which.

“It mutated with his original one.”


“I’ll explain much more in-depth when you’re older,” He pat your head and began writing something on the paper, humming a soft tune that soon had you laying against his chest and breathing softly.

If he didn’t want to talk now, that’s okay. You love Papa, you trust him.

You’ll be patient.


“In other words, that vision wasn’t what broke the brainwashing. Rather, your own strong will allowed you to see those faces.”

Your hand hovered over the doorknob of Recovery Girl’s office as you squinted at the door, straining to listen in on a familiar voice inside.

‘Vision? Faces? What in the… Is that Izukun’s mentor?’

“And as far as Shinsou’s brainwashing… You overcame it! Just for a second! You managed to move that fingertip all on your own!”

“Yeah, but I’m not all that convinced…” That was Izukun, he sounded pretty distressed.

“Well, don’t dwell on it--Shouldn’t you be worrying about your next opponet!?”

“Right!” His voice got closer and the doorknob turned before you could grasp it, “Thank you bo th--” The door opened, Izuku stopping dead in his tracks with a small squeak as he made eye contact with you, “(F-F/N)?! Wh-What a-a-are--What did you--”

“I came to walk you up,” You worriedly creased your eyebrows, “Are you okay, Izukun? I heard you’re seeing things--Did Shinsou do something to you besides plain brainwashing? Should I end him?”

He seemed more relaxed than he should have been art hearing that, letting out a sigh of… Relief as his shoulders relaxed, “N-No, that’s not… Necessary, I’m alright.”

“Well, anyway,” You peeked over his shoulder, looking at the familiar, tall skeletal man--who was wearing a suit that was way too big for him, “Hi, Mr. Mentor! It’s been a while! I didn’t know you were here!”

“H-hello, (L/N)...” He smiled stiffly, giving a small wave. Recovery Girl was next to him, pouting slightly.

“You two get back upstairs, the next match is going to start! Go support your classmates!”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” Izuku semi-guided-semi-pushed you forward a bit, giving them a tight-lipped smile and shut the door--He let out another sigh, wiping his forehead, “Well, sh-shall we…?”

“Are you okay?” You reiterated as you two began the walk, worriedly looking him up and down, “You seem… Tense… --er. Than usual.”

“Oh, I-I’m fine. Must still have some adrenaline from my match, haha!”

You didn’t like when he brushed things off with a smile and a laugh.

You really didn’t. But… If he wasn’t going to talk now…

… You’ll be patient.


“That was close…” Yagi let out an exasperated sigh--then fell into a coughing fit when his single lung was agitated.

“Indeed,” Recovery Girl hummed, lingering her eyes on the door for a second, before turning around to her computer as she began to tap away on the keyboard, “I’m interested in watching her match.”

“Really? You aren’t normally interested in them. You said you don’t like watching them get hurt.”

“She can end the match simply by teleporting her opponent out of bounds,” Recovery girl’s fingers paused over the keys as she murmured, rather darkly, “I want to see for myself if she actually will.”

Yagi stared down at his folded hands, making a small noise of agreement.

‘Yes, I hope she does too. But I don’t think she will.’


“Deku-kun! You’re back! How’s your hand!?” Round-Face eagerly greeted the two of you as you took your seats--you made her and Four-Eyes scoot over so you could sit between Izukun and her.

“Alright now, Recovery Girl took care of it.” He displayed hand for them to see--after removing the unnecessary bandaid on the way up.

“The wait is over!!” Present Mic’s booming voice gestured for the audience, including yourselves, to look to the arena, “Moving on, there they are! The cream of the crop, yet this guy is still as plain as they come, it’s Sero Hanta of the hero course!”  

Your eye twitched. ‘How dare he insult Tape-Boy, he had helped Izukun…!’

“Versus… The best of the best! The strongest of the strong! It’s Todoroki Shouto, also of the hero course!! You both ready!? Start!!”

The tape shot out as soon as Mic finished his sentence.

Then the ice came.

You stared at the gigantic iceberg that was in your face. And everyone else’s.

“Geeze. Frosty has some major daddy issues.” You raised an eyebrow as Izuku made a quiet noise of both surprise and agreement, and the crowd started chanting, “Good try…! Good try…!”

“S-Shouto Todoroki moves onto the second round!”

“Welp, it’s gonna be a while before the arena is thawed out.” You stood up, again, “I’m gonna go get some takoyaki.”

“R-Really? You haven’t had enough sweets?”


You watched Pikachu get absolutely annihilated by Vine-Haired girl from class B up on the screen as you were ordering your food, snickering to yourself the entire way back.

‘That’s what you get for being a stupid lil’ perv!’

You didn’t get back until the next match was starting, and you squinted down at the two figures skeptically, both oddly… Clunky.

“... Why is Four-Eyes...?”

“The first round of matches is halfway-over! Next up, it’s Iida Tenya of the hero course! Versus… Covered head to toe in support equipment, it’s Hatsume Mei of the support course! And… Iida is also decked out!?”

You slapped your hand over your face and dragged it down as Four-Eyes began blabbering something about the crazy Support-Girl’s sportsmanship, something about being equal and fair…

“What an idiot…” You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose, “I can’t watch this, I gotta get to the prep room.”

“Ah--(F/N)--” Izuku tugged on your sleeve, grabbing your attention. He put on a bright, encouraging smile, lowering his notebook--which he had been taking notes on--into his lap, “Good luck!”

You blinked, then grinned back, nodding, “Thanks, Izukun.”

“Good luck, (F/N)!”

“Thanks, Round-Face.”

“It’s Uraraka!!”


You sighed, slumping over the table in the room tiredly as you looked at your phone and waited for your cue to head out.

No new messages. No missed calls.

You just scrolled through your gallery and noted the drastic change from pictures with-and-of Papa and Tomi to pictures with-and-of Izukun… And even a couple recent ones with Round-Face and Frog-Girl.

‘I hope Mrs. Midoriya is making fried pork cutlets tonight. Oh, and dumplings… And bean buns and mochi for dessert…’

Riiing! Riiing! Riiing!

You raised an eyebrow as the call notification screen picked up, displaying an unknown number.

You shrugged, hit answer, and put the phone to your ear.


“Heeeey! Little (F/N), how’s the best little hero-killer there is!?”

Your eye twitched, “What do you want, Giran?”

“Think you can get me a business card from that support kid on TV right now--oh, she stepped outta bounds?”

“Good bye, Giran.”

“Hey, wait, will you!?--”

You rolled your eyes and ended the call, standing up and tossing your phone into the locker provided.

Just as you were shutting the door, your cue sounded above your head, a muttered, “(L/N), get out to the gate and wait to be introduced.”

“Energetic as always, Mr. Aizawa.” You murmured to yourself, stretching as you went through the door you had come in--And nearly bumped right into Round-Face.

“Ah!” She hopped back, “S-Sorry, (F/N)...”

You took only half a second to read her face. She was sweating, her brows were furrowed rather un-cutely, and she was shaking.

You put a hand on her shoulder, “Good luck, Uraraka.” You pat it as you walked past, seeing her surprised face out of the corner of your eye, “He won’t go easy on you, so extend the gesture and don’t go easy on him.”

“Thank you… G-Good luck, (F/N)!”

You slid one hand in your pocket, raising your other as a wave, and made your way to the gate.


“Alrighty!! Everybody, put your hands up for the alien queen, the business end of burning spirit, lookin’ like she ate too many shrimp, the one and only Ashido Mina!! Versus…”

You took your first step out, into the spotlight.

“... The queen of mean, the…”

You were staring, right up at the booth, into Present Mic’s sunglasses. Daring him.

“T-The princess of power, th… The… It’s (L/N) (F/N)!!”

‘That’s what I thought.’

You took your place in the middle of your side of the ring, nodding respectively to Ashido.


“Goodluck, (F/N)!” She called, waving enthusiastically, “I’ll go easy on you!”

“Don’t.” You stared her down and cracked your knuckles, slowly cracking a sinister grin.

She flinched back slightly, black eyes widening.

“Because I won’t.”


You were ready.

Mina threw a wide spray of acid, expecting you to teleport away. You slid under the first wave, jumped over the second, getting closer--

She threw a large wave in a panic, shielding her view at the same time.


‘She’s gone--!! Shit--!!’ Mina let out a cry as her legs were swept out from under her, landing her on her back and knocking the air out of her lungs and shooting pain in her body and the back of her head, forcing her to see stars.

As she was gasping for air, a figure blocked out the sun above her eyes, their hands on their hips, “Is that all?”

“Just gettin’ started!” Mina rolled to her left, right hand shooting up another spray--

“Mina Ashido is out of bounds!”

‘... What? What?!’ Mina whipped her eyes down…

“(L/N) moves on to the next round!”

… She rolled herself right out of bounds. She didn’t even know she moved!

“And that’s that!! (L/N) moved Ashido right at the last second, and it’s over, Ashido went out of bounds herself!”

Mina and her returned to the center, both bowing respectively… Even if she was bitter about it.

“Sorry,” Mina whipped her head up at the uncharacteristically soft voice. (L/N) had crossed her arms, looking down with a soft frown, “I could have given you more of a chance…”

“... Nah.” Mina laughed, lacing her fingers behind her head and giving her best humble-loser grin, “Don’t worry about it--I wouldn’t wanna win because you weren’t giving it your all! So... I’ll get you back next year!”

“Well, then I’ll really crush you.”

“... Ah…”


“Oh--(F/N), congratulations!” Izukun was the first to greet you on your return to the prep room, your jacket loose on your shoulders as you rubbed the tips of your fingers.

You blinked in surprise when you saw three figures converged around the table.

“Why are all three of you here?” You looked to Izukun with his notebook open… To a specific page, “Oh, you’re giving her pointers on how to beat up Bakagou?”

“Well… Y-Yeah--”

“I don’t want any help.”

You all turned to Round-Face.

“Thank you, Deku, but…” She pressed her fingers together as she looked down at the table, a small, worried smile curling her lips, “No thank you. When Iida challenged you at the cavalry battle…”

You shot a glare to Four-Eyes, who quickly looked anywhere but at you with seat suddenly building on his brow.

“... It made me realize--I thought teaming up with friends was the easiest strategy, but I realized, I was just putting my faith in you, Deku…” She stood up, and you could see it--She was shaking. “It made me feel embarrassed about myself. Everyone here is fighting for their futures, doesn’t that make us all rivals? So… Thanks, but no thanks.”


“She’s right.” You crossed your arms, letting your eyes slide shut as the three of them looked to you, “We’re rivals-- today. Bakagou won’t go easy on you, Round-Face, but you aren’t just gonna roll over either, are you? I hate to admit it, but he’s smart. Tactical. He’ll be cautious since it’s his first match and he doesn’t know what you’re capable of.” You opened your eyes, cracking a malicious smile as you looked too her, “So give him hell for me, got it?”

Uraraka broke into a wide, shaky smile, “Y-Yeah… I will!”


“What happened while we were gone?” Four-Eyes asked as the three of you, now minus a Round-Face, returned to the stands; Izukun on your right, Four-Eyes next to him, and a space between 3D-printer and yourself.

Pikachu, who had recovered from his ass being beat, was sitting directly behind you, “Tokoyami pushed Yaoyorozu outta bounds, and Kirishima and that Tetsu-guy from class B had a draw.”

Present Mic was aggressively announcing Bakagou and Round-Face as they entered the ring below.

“For the last matchup for the first round, a celebrity since his middle-school days, with a face only a mother could love--”

You snorted and had to cover your mouth to keep from howling with laughter.

“--It’s Bakugou Katsuki of the hero course!! Versus… My personal pick! Uraraka Ochako, also of the hero course!!”

‘Don’t disappoint me, Round-Face!’


Chapter Text

You were gripping the railing, bowing your head and grinding your teeth, heaving with rage.

He won. The bastard beat down Uraraka’s plan in one single move.

“Bakugou Katsuki moves on to the second round.”

You wanted to strangle the bastard heroes who doubted her strength. You wanted to choke that damn Present Mic and you wanted to beat Bakagou so. Damn. Much.

You let out a frustrated grunt as you pushed back from the railing, falling back into your seat, growling, “I can’t believe I have to wait till the third rounds until I can beat the shit outta him…! I swear, I’m going to grind him into dust for Round-Face!”

“Rest in peace, Tokoyami my dude.”

“... Thank you for the encouragement, Kaminari.”

“Well… I better get down to the prep room…”

You grabbed Izuku’s hand as he was getting up, giving it a tight squeeze without looking up at him, “... Goodluck.”

You could see his smile out of the corner of your eye as he squeezed your hand back, “Thank you.”

… You were too antsy after Izuku left and Round-Face wasn’t back after several minutes.

“Ooh, rough match, villain-face?”

“Awkward matchups aside, you do great at playing the bad guy, Bakugou.”

“Shut the hell up, all of you!”

“No, really, nice job blowing up that frail little girl!”

Red filled your vision.

You stood up fast and whipped around, snagging Pikachu by the front of his uniform and pulling him forward--he yelped, eyes wide and staring straight into your’s, as several of the others gasped and-or stared.

“You had your ass handed to you on a silver platter, Pikachu. You think Ochako is frail, huh? You think girls are frail?” Your voice got quiet as you slowly smiled, sinister and sweet, “I can break every bone in your body right here, right now, and feel nothing. Does that make me frail or your bones?” A scowl returned to your face as you snarled, “Bakugou was doing what anyone should do when facing an opponent when they don’t know what they’re capable of. He was respecting her. You,” You spoke louder, “And everyone else! Should learn the same before I beat. It. Into. You.”

“Oi, oi! (L/N)! Unhand Kaminari right now, that’s no way to treat your fellow--”

You shoved Pikachu back into his seat and shot a glare at Four-Eyes, curling your top lip, “You should be ashamed of yourself for not speaking up for Ochako!” You turned around, spitting out as you shoved your hands in your pockets, crossing in front of him. You scowled down at him, “You’re just a tool like the rest of em.”

With that, you stormed up the steps, not shooting a single look to Bakugou as you disappeared into the halls.

You never saw his shocked face.


“Geez… I think I just lost years off my life…” Kaminari wheezed, holding a hand over his heart as he slumped in his chair.

“She was right, though.”

Several heads turned in surprise.

“Nothin’ frail about her.” Bakugou muttered, arms crossed, as he was slouching where he sat next to Jiro, “Not her, not that crazy girl.”

“Ooh, you worried ‘bout fighting (L/N)?”

“Kero… You didn’t learn anything, did you, Kaminari?”


“Sorry about missing your call, Dad…”

Your hand was hovering over the door handle to the prep room.

“... It wasn’t close… And I wasn’t great. I panicked at the end, and that last-ditch move left me with nothing. I totally lost.”

Your heart clenched tight enough to leave you breathless.

‘No… No, Round-Face, you were awesome…!’

“It only matters if you win, though. You gotta show how you deal with all different types. The scouts can’t learn anything from losing a single match… I mean… I have to… For you and mom…”

She’s crying.

Your own eyes got watery.

She’s crying for her parents because she wanted to win for them. She’s crying to her father, not because of him, he wanted her to win but he wasn’t upset that she lost.

‘Why… Why is he okay with that? She… She lost, she’s crying about it, but he’s comforting her. He’s okay with her being a loser…!?’ You squeezed your eyes shut tight, like your chest, ‘Why… Can’t my dad be like that?’

When you heard hiccuping within the room, you slammed the door open, yelling, “Ochako, you were amazing!”

“E-Eek! (F/N)!?”

You stomped forward, Uraraka shrinking backward and holding her phone to her shoulder, “You lead Bakagou around by the nose like a dog and you were awesome!”

“Well, Ochako, it sounds like you have a pretty smart friend there!”

“Y-Yeah--” She held the phone to her ear--even if she looked terrified by the face you were making, “I’ll uhm, talk to you later, dad…”

“Tell your friend I wish her luck, hopefully, she gets some good old-fashioned revenge for you!”

“R… Right. Love you.”

You opened your arms up.

Uraraka’s eyes widened slightly before they got watery again--she slumped forward and let you engulf her in a tight hug as she softly sobbed into your shoulder.

… It was more awkward than anime and manga portrayed, holding a crying person.

Then you thought back to what Pikachu and the others were saying, and your blood boiled, prompting you to hold her tighter.

‘No friend of mine is weak.’

She calmed after a few minutes, sobs slowing to occasional sniffling.

“C’mon.” You pulled back and pulled a handkerchief from your hand, holding it out to her, “Izukun is up next, I wanna see him kick Frosty’s ass.”

A small smile curled her lips as she took the handkerchief, “... Okay. Let’s go.”



You were back at the railing, hands cupped around your mouth as you yelled as loud as you could, “Go, Izukun! Kick his arse!”

Your heart leaped into your throat as the ice shot out--and a burst of power burst through it.

Izuku already broke a finger.

And another.

And another.

Anxiety was coursing through you as you leaned over the railing and clenched your hair tightly-- He broke his whole right arm!

“Izukun!” You screamed desperately--then choked on your words.

Did you want him to continue?

Did you want him to continue wrecking his body like this? Or did you want him to give in? Give up? Was that even in Izukun’s DNA?!

You wanted him to win, but…

A punch to Frosty’s gut, his arm didn’t break, Frosty is still alive-- More ice, another finger--

Not like this!

Fire filled the air.

Not like this! Not like this! I have to stop it--I--I can’t, I have to save my time--It has to stop!

“Stop the match!” Your panicked screech probably went unheard as your eyes darted rapidly between the two, you gripped the railing and didn’t realize Puppet was crushing it, “Stop the match! Stop the fucking match, they’re going to kill each other!”

Cementoss’s walls did nothing to stop the explosion. It knocked you back into your seat, knocked the air out of your lungs, and you could only think one thing.

‘He’s dead. Izukun is dead. There’s no way he could have survived that, Izukun is dead. He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead!’

Images of Papa’s face, bloodied and missing flashed in your mind.

The smoke cleared. Izukun was up against the wall, beyond out of bounds. He slumped down and fell to the ground.

“Midoriya is out of bounds… Todoroki moves on to the third round!”


“(L/N)! Get back here!”

You didn’t think, only leaped onto the railing and pushed off of it, paused, activated Jet-Set and used it to carry you, pushing it as fast as you could, unpausing when you were a few meters in the air, a few meters away from Izukun, dropped and rolled the last bit to him.

Tears were streaming down your face as you crouched by him, turning him face-up.

“Izukun, Izukun wake up--Don’t you dare die, I’ll never forgive you if you’re dead! You idiot, what were you thinking!?”

“Looks like Midoriya’s girlfriend got a little worried--guess we got a romance going on--Ow!! What was that for, ‘Raser!?”

“Cut the cameras away, right now.”

You pressed two fingers to the side of Izukun’s neck.

Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

He’s alive.

Your tears turned from panicked to relieved in an instant as you cradled Izukun’s head, wiping soot and dirt away from his sweaty face, “Izukun, Izukun wake up, I need you to look at me…”

“(L/N),” Midnight’s voice was soft as she placed a hand on your shoulder, “Get back up to the stands, we can handle it from--”

You slapped her hand away and shot her the most furious, murderous glare you had mustered in a long time. You didn’t realize your body was flashing in and out of practical existence, your clothes seemingly floating in mid-air, “Like you handled it before!? You should have stopped the match ages ago--Don’t fucking touch him!” You shot a wild snarl at the medical bots going to pick him up. They recoiled, backing away behind Midnight in what one would assume would be fear.

“(L/N)!” It was Midnight’s turn to glare down at you, “I am your teacher--!”

“You’re a shitty excuse for one! You and all the others!” You shielded Izukun with your body as Cementoss came over, your wild glare switching between them and the bots, your chest heaving as you struggled to breathe properly, “Don’t fucking touch him--I’ll take him to Recovery Girl myself!”

“(F/N)--” You whipped around to see Uraraka coming from the tunnel--She flinched back slightly, but preserved, “Let me use my quirk on him, okay…? It’ll make transporting him a lot safer…”

Your eyes shot down to her hand as she reached out and crouched by him. You watched intensely but allowed her to gently touch his forehead, a brief, soft pink glow before he began to float.

You didn’t waste any time then, shooting up and bringing him with you as you carried him along, disappearing into the tunnel with her following behind a few feet.

Your tears were falling full-heartedly now.

“He’ll be okay, (F/N)--P-Please wait up--Recovery Girl will take care of him…”

You weren’t listening to her.

Your attention was on his broken body, images of your father in his near-dead state flashing in your mind, and nothing else.


You had drawn your knees up to your chin and covered your head with your hands, silent sobs wracking your body as you sat, curled up with your back against a wooden crate.

Tomura sat on top of it, clutching the disembodied hands he called Father.

Fumiko was across the room, her bathrobe drawn tightly around herself as she guarded the door to the storage warehouse.

None of you have uttered a word in what felt like an eternity.

Kurogiri was still gone. Dr. Nishimura was nowhere to be found. Giran was in the office, doing whatever it is Giran does.

Papa hasn’t returned.

Papa should have returned ages ago.

Where was he!?

You whipped your head up at the sound of whirring to see a purplish, black mist forming just above the ground.

You screamed in horror when it pulled back to reveal the mangled body of your father.

You only knew it was him because of the red and black pinstripe tie loose around his neck.

There was no face to be seen.




Dr. Nishimura was portaled in, as well as a few others wearing lab coats that you’ve never seen before.

Your eyes were too blurry from tears bubbling up rapidly to see properly, the blood roaring in your ears as the doctors set to work saving his life drowning out their quickened speech.

He’s dead. Papa is dead. Papa is dead, he’s gone, he’s never going to hug you again or train you or buy you ice cream or show you how to make Nomu--

It was hours and hours later, after Papa had been taken away by the doctors to a separate room, that Dr. Nishimura finally returned. He was coated in blood, pulling red gloves from his hands--Oh, no, they’re actually white.

“He’ll live.”

You were relieved enough that you slumped to your knees, wheezing as your chest heaved.

“He’ll lose his sight. And he’ll be stuck to a machine… But he’ll live.”

He’ll live. Papa will live. That’s all you needed, Papa will live.


Recovery Girl kicked you out as soon as she announced that she’ll have to perform surgery to heal Izukun’s arms and legs.

You sat with your knees drawn up to your chin on one side of the door, Izukun’s mentor leaned against the wall on the other.

“... You should get to the prep room,” His voice was soft, “They’ll finish fixing the arena soon, and your match is right after the next--”

“Shut up.”

He let out a surprised grunt at your blatant disrespect.

“This stupid sports festival means nothing if Izukun isn’t okay.” You pulled your knees tighter against yourself, “If he has to leave UA because he can’t fight anymore, then I’m leaving too.”

“... Recovery Girl will take care of him. He’ll be just fine. Why would you want to throw away your dream if--”

“I don’t have dreams.”

“Next up, now that the arena is all fixed up, it’s Iida Tenya versus Shiozaki Ibara!!”

“People who dream eventually end up,” You lifted a hand and jerked a thumb behind you, gesturing to Recovery Girl’s office, “In there. And their dreams end up in the garbage.”

“It’s over in an instant--Shiozaki is out of bounds, Iida Tenya moves on to the next round!”

You shoved your hands into your pockets as you slowly stood up, head bowed as you walked past Izukun’s mentor, “People who dream to be heroes are suicidal.”  

“Dreaming isn’t a bad thing, Young (L/N).”

You stopped in your tracks, just past him.

“They make the world go round. They give people a reason to continue on a rough path--and to live. Without dreams, people are hollow and living day by day with no reason to improve. Are you sure you don’t have one?”

You stood silently, contemplating for a moment.

‘I dreamed to crush hero society for my Papa’s sake, because it’s what he wants, and what he wants, I want. But now… If I do that, Izukun’s dream won’t survive. I can’t do both.’

“Sure, I did,” You continued walking, “But then I got realistic.”


“Alriiiiight! Time for the next matchup--The prince of darkness, Tokoyami, versus the princess of power, (L/N) (F/N)!! READY!? STAAART!”

“Dark Shadow!”

You immediately ducked below the shadow creature that shot out from Bird-Boy’s stomach, crouching, slapping your hands to the concrete below.


You didn’t waste a second and raised them again, with them, your fingertips tingling and large chunks of concrete ripping up from below you.


“WOAH!! (L/N)’s teleport ripped up the concrete!! That’s ins--”


Bird-Boy’s face was locked, shocked. You sent one flying straight for him.



Bird-Boy let out a grunt as he barely managed to throw himself to the left.

“A close dodge for Tokoyami--What’s this!? Where’d (L/N) go!?”


The second chunk came at him, Dark-Shadow caught it, the first whirling back at Tokoyami again--neither of them saw you “falling” from the sky, too busy avoiding the chunks of concrete launching at them.

You landed behind him, winding your dominant hand back in a fist.

“Tokoyami!” Dark-Shadow whipped around, “Watch out!”

As soon as he began to turn around, you landed a hard punch to the side of his face, below his eye, just on the corner of his beak. His head snapped back.


You had ducked under Dark-Shadow’s attempt to grab you, swept Tokoyami’s feet from under him with a swift kick to the back of his knees, grabbed onto his jacket before he could land on you--Dark-Shadow tried to grab at you from beneath it’s master.



“Tokoyami is out of bounds!” Midnight cracked her whip, in a gesture to the heap on the ground, on the other side of the white line where you stood, “(L/N) moves on!”

“Tokoyami has been tossed outta bounds right on his head! (L/N) moves on to the third round!”

You shoved your hands in your pocket and looked down at Bird-Boy, face neutral, “Sorry to turn you into collateral,” You turned, striding across the arena towards the tunnel you entered from, “But I have some loose ends to tie up.”

‘I only have about sixteen minutes left. I have to be careful. I still have two more matches left… No more wasting it.’

Anxiety was filling your bones, even as you held your head up high, drinking in the cheers from the crowd.

‘I can do this. I’ll win.’

You were passing by another figure as you entered the tunnel.

“See you in the next round, Glitchy.”

“Try not to get your ass kicked before then.” You shot Bakugou a glare as you passed him, “I have a bone or two to pick with you.”

“We’ll see about that.”


You closed the door to the prep room, staggered over to the chair and flopped down into it, quivering. You rested your head on the table, covered it with your arms, and shook.

‘Am I going to have enough time? I can’t possibly have enough time. I only have sixteen minutes--I don’t even know if that’s right, what if I’m being too generous!? I still have two matches, with two strong opponents, I have to be so careful to make sure I don’t do too much-- I can’t just move them out of bounds, that’s so pointless…!’

You gripped your hair in your fists.  


You didn’t move at the quiet voice that had opened the door.

“Are you okay…?”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do, Izukun…” You whimpered softly, dragging your hands down to hide your face, in them, “I’m almost out…”

“Of distance?” You heard the sound of what was no doubt a cast hitting the ground as he hobbled over, taking a seat across the table. His voice was soft, “How much do you have left?”

“Not enough…” You sniffed, rubbing your eyes, “I can’t lose, Izukun…! If… If I lose…”

“You don’t want to just teleport them out of bounds, because it won’t feel like you deserved the win, right?”

You gave a small nod. “But I have to win.”

“Well… If you think you have to for Uraraka and I--”

“No, Izukun, you don’t get it,” You slowly looked up, briefly taking in his form.

One arm was in a sling, both in casts, one leg as in a cast and brace, his chest was bound with bandages and his jacket was on his shoulders, a large patch on his left cheek. He looked like hell.

‘Do I put this on his shoulders?’

“(F/N), what…”

“Iida gets immobilized by Todoroki’s ice--Todoroki moves on the finals!!”

‘Can I keep doing this on my own?’

Your voice quivered as you stood up slowly, “D… Don’t worry about it.” You cracked a weak smile, turning towards the door, “I’ll figure something out. Cheer me on, okay?”

“Y… Yeah…”

You shut the door before he could say anything else, and made your way back to the arena.


“It’s the last round of the second-to-last round, everybody!! It’s Explosion-Extraordinaire Bakugou Katsuki versus Power Princess (L/N) (F/N)!”

You stood on the other side of the arena from Bakugou, cracking your knuckles, before reaching up and drawing your thumb slowly across your neck, knowing Flicker was causing you to appear and disappear to the naked eye, “Ready to meet your maker, Baka gou?”

Bakugou smirked widely, raising his hands palm-up and letting off a few small explosions, “You’re the one that’s gonna die, Glitchy.”

“Ready!? START!!”


“Fuck!” You swore and jerked your hand away from the nomu’s head, hissing in pain and shaking it, glaring down at the blisters forming on your hand. One had popped and got soaked in the Nomu’s water tank.

Which wasn’t exactly water.

Guess you were going to be spending some time with the med-kit again tonight.

Your body was already littered with random band-aids and wraps, whether from sparring in class or your… Personal training endeavors.

This would be another one.

‘Wonder if Papa ever got physical retaliation for transferring quirks super fast when he was starting to train.’

You switched to your left hand and pressed it to the Nomu’s head, closing your eyes and letting your mind envelope it’s own.

‘Take back Inhibit, it’s useless to me… I want to switch it with… Oh, I forgot I had this one! Eh, Hopscotch isn’t that useful right now anyway… Bi-Morph isn’t either… Fairy Lights was just for that one dinner I had with Papa… Oh, hello, who do we have here…?’

You retracted your hand and looked down at it, humming thoughtfully as you studied it.

Your hand was flickering in and out of what was either existence or view, randomly turning invisible and then reappearing.

‘Ah, Flicker. I forgot about you. The user just turns invisible in short bursts. Very interesting but ultimately useless until it can be trained to hold longer. Overuse results in skin burns, nausea, and occasional internal bleeding.’ You hummed, ‘... What the hell, I don’t have anything else to use.’


Bakugou unleashed a massive explosion as soon as the match started, matching the one he used to turn Uraraka’s plan into dust in terms of power.

‘So he wanted to take me out before I could move, huh? Smart…’ You shrugged your jacket off from where you stood behind him as he was unleashing the attack, the power of it blowing your hair wildly, ‘But not smart enough.’

The explosion fizzled out, and Bakugou’s smirk as he stared at where your figure should have been when it was blown out of bounds… Turned to a panicked snarl. He whipped around, surely you would have moved behind him if he didn’t make a large enough range--

--And didn’t see you.


He let out an angered cry as he tried turn around while unleashing another explosion where you had appeared in front of him--only for his wrist to be grabbed and his arm twisted around--you held his wrist against his lower back, Paused and Unpaused to grab his other and press it against his face--He ended up unleashing a large explosion on himself, as you “teleported” to “safety”.

Bakugou let out a cry that was both pained and enraged, as his hands now pressed against his eyes.

“(L/N) has forced Bakugou to blind himself, always nimbly escaping even the largest-scaled explosions he could let out!! Don’t worry, shouldn’t be permanent, Recovery Girl can fix it no problem!”

Bakugou ripped his hands away from his eyes, heaving wildly as he tried to open them, looking around for you feverishly--To see nothing.


He looked up just in time to see your foot connect with his face.

“Yowch!! Coming down from above like a falling angel, (L/N) has a vendetta against Bakugou’s face!!”

“Raaaah!” He let out rapid-fire explosions in every-which-way, missing you every time but one--you let out a yelp as your attempted punch was foiled--And that was all Bakugou needed, “Gotcha!” He let out more explosions in the same direction--pointless since you had moved by then, holding onto your singed arm.

“For the first time, Bakugou lands a hit, but (L/N) is barely deterred!”

You hopped backward, glaring at the wild-fire-sprinkler as he tried to hit you in his hot-headed rage.

‘The hell is with him!? He’s usually so much calmer and collected when he fights!’

“You getting worried--” You called out then immediately moved, avoiding an explosion by actually dodging without using Pause, “--About fighting something you can’t see!?”

“Like hell!” He yelled back, a smirk curling his lips, “You worried about fighting someone stronger than you!?”

“Yeah ri--” You yelped at the explosion fired at you, barely managing to avoid it with a burn to your shin that ate through your pant leg and left an angry red welt forming.

“You should give up now! Your boyfriend isn’t here to cry like a bitch for me to let you off easy!”

A vein nearly burst in your forehead.

You screeched, shrill, “Izukun would ne--Fuck--!” You were sent careening backward, ears ringing and face burning, skidding and nearly rolling over the boundary line.

‘Goddamnit, he’s baiting me!’ You ground your teeth in realization, shooting a death glare his way, ‘You idiot--he’s not stupid, he knows your--’  

“You should go ahead and drop out and run back to your daddy, it’ll hurt less!”

You snapped .

“You shut the fuck up!”

The explosion couldn’t stop your charge, Jet Set powering your feet as you broke through it, the burns encompassing your body not felt, even as most of your clothes were caught on fire and were eaten away.

You broke through the fire and grabbed Bakugou’s throat with one hand, looking into his shocked, squinting eyes, “I’ll rip that annoying tongue from your mouth!”

Puppet gave you to strength to swing him around, and slam his body into the concrete. He let out a strangled choke, spittle flying out and landing on your wrist, as you lifted him back up.

He aimed his palms, open, at you, eyes wide and murderous to mirror your own.

You both spoke in unison, his strangled and cracking, your’s wild and venomous.


You threw him backward, his explosion sending you both flying in opposite directions.

“Oi, oi! Can’t see a thing, there’s too much smoke!! What happened--What’s this…!?”

The smoke and dust rose and fell, taking a long moment to dissipate enough to reveal your forms.

You both lay on the concrete, on either side of the arena, next to the white, battered line.

Your ears rang and eyes stung with smoke and burns, your skin was raw and bleeding from open wounds.

“Bakugou Katsuki is out of bounds, with (L/N) barely staying in…!! (L/N) (F/N) moves onto the final round!”

You let out a relieved sigh, closing your eyes and rolling onto your back as your chest heaved with labored breaths.

The crowd’s roaring was muffled and distant despite their enthusiasm.

You let the medic-bots load you up on a gurney and wheel you away.



A shiver ran down your spine as much of the pain you felt subsided, but the feeling of a wet-granny-kiss didn’t exactly make you feel better. “T… Thank you, ma’am.”

“No problem, sweetie…” Recovery Girl swiveled in her chair, turning to type quickly on her computer, probably cataloging your injuries and treatment, “... But…”

“I know.” You pursed your lips and stared down at your hands in your lap, at your fairly tattered and singed clothes, “... I don’t have very much stamina left. You can’t fully heal me and send me out into the arena.”

The nurse-slash-doctor was quiet as her typing slowed to a stop.

“... I’m afraid so.”

You both were quiet.

‘I only have five minutes.’

If your world was crashing down around you, it didn’t… Feel like it. It was more like the dread was the exhaustion taking you over, weighing your limbs and dragging down your eyelids. So you laid back, placing your head on the pillow as you let your eyes slide shut.

“Then that’s that,” You took in a deep breath, winced, and let it out slowly through your nose, voice weak “... Tell them I can’t go on --”

The door whipped open.

“(F/N)! You were so awesome!” Round-Face bounded in first, leading the charge, with a huge smile on her face as she gripped her fists in excitement, practically appearing by your bedside, “You had Bakugou on his toes the whole time! And you beat him! It was hard to see through the smoke but you managed to lead him the edge without him realizing, you were so cool!”  

“I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, kero…!” Tsuyu came up to your other side, a large finger pressed against her cheek, “How did you have the willpower to run straight through his atta--Oh, your eyebrows are almost gone…”

“How are you feeling?” Izukun was slower to hobble to your side, standing by Uraraka with his brows furrowed worriedly, “Are you…”

You closed your eyes, not trusting them to stay open… And not wanting to look at them.

“... I can’t go on.”

“W-What!?” Uraraka’s gasp drowned out Tsuyu’s and Izukun’s, “Why…!?”

“Look at me,” You grunted in pain as you sat up, “I have bruised ribs, burns, my stamina is almost depleted, my quirk is nearly dry...” You looked down, feeling your eyes get watery, “It’s pointless. It… It was all so pointless… So… I told Granny to tell ‘em I withdraw.”

‘I should have known better than to think I can go off on my own without Papa.’

“Are you kidding me?”

Your eyes flew open at the uncharacteristic growl.

“You’re just giving up without even trying?” Izuku gritted out through clenched teeth, his body shaking as his head as bowed, “You of all people?”

Your face softened.

‘He probably feels worse about this since Frosty had beat him.’

“Izukun, there’s no point in me going out there if I’m just going to lose. I can’t do anything against him--”

“You’re the one always pushing us to the limit!” His whipped his fiery gaze up, startling you enough to flinch back at his sudden bite, “ You’re the most tactful in our class--I’ve seen you send ten cars flying at once, lead most of our classmates by their nose into traps during hero-villain training--You had Kacchan panicking the entire time during your match! If anyone can come back from the brink, it’s you!”

Your heart swelled in your chest.

Izuku shifted forward, prompting Uraraka to step back, allowing him to be directly at your side.

“(F/N), if you win…” He leaned forward and murmured something into your ear.

Your eyes widened briefly, before you leaped up, standing on the bed and pumping your fists into the air, yelling at the top of your lungs, “Granny, tell ‘em I’m ready to fight!”

“Really, (F/N)!?” Uraraka instinctively held her arms out, ready to catch you, with wide freaked-out eyes, “What did he--”

“I’m gonna fuckin’ win this thing!”

“Watch your language young lady or you’re not going anywhere! Quit acting like a monkey and get down!”


“Aaaaaat last, we’ve arrived!! The best of the best of the UA first years will be decided!! It’s the final match--Todoroki versus (L/N)--Who looks a little roughed up and ain’t givin’ up without a fight!”

‘Gee, thanks for telling the world.’ You shot a glare up to the commentator’s booth, but Present Mic wasn’t wrong. The sleeves of your brand-new jacket were pushed up, displaying the bandages wrapping up your entire lower arms--Really, most of you was bandaged. You had a plaster across your nose, on your forehead, chin, and cheek, and those were just the visible ones. You let your jacket hang open, the black tank top underneath allowing the plaster over the right side of your chest peek above it.

You wanted him to see the damage you had been dealt.

You wanted him, your father, to see you’ll still beat everyone in your way, even when you’re battered and barely standing.

Frosty’s silence was typical as you both bowed on your respective sides of the arena.

Yours was not. You were actually afraid to speak.

‘I don’t want him to go hard on me because of my big mouth,’ You both took several steps back, waiting for the signal, ‘Just… Focus on throwing him out. If he doesn’t use his fire, that’s fine, he’ll get too chilled and then I can make a mo--’


“Ahck!” You yelped at the massive iceberg that shot out at you, barely clicking your tongue in time to cease it.

‘Clock is starting, can’t waste a second!’

You shot up into the air as high as you could, almost twenty meters, feeling your heart thud violently in your chest.


The iceberg was just below your feet, allowing you to land on it--tapping your fingers to the ice as you used Puppet to keep your balance.


You set your sights on Frosty, who was crouched on the ground directly in front of you, hand on the icy pavement as the formation sloped up from his position.

Jet-Set propelled you down at a high speed.



His eyes shot open.

You flew just over him, grabbed the back of his jacket, flipped, and used the momentum and Puppet from a single finger to send him flying.


The force from Puppet and the speed you built up sent him off like a bullet, while you dropped and rolled, coming to a crouch with one hand steadying you on the ground, the other out to the side for balance… And flare.

A wicked grin was on your face--until a snarl replaced it, when an ice wall shot out, barely preventing him from passing the boundary.

“That was close!! Todoroki barely managed to catch himself--(L/N)’s “Peekaboo Pitch” has one heck of a punch!!”

You let an annoyed tch, your body feeling slightly fuzzy in random bursts-- Flicker was…

… Using your energy.

‘Shit. Shit! I should have known better!’


You leaped straight into the air with Jet-Set--


--And barely avoided the ice that shot out at you as Frosty landed back on the ground.

‘Of course, it’ll drain my energy, it’s a fucking quirk!’


You let out a battle-cry as you came from above, intending to smash Frosty beneath your feet--He moved out of the way at the last second, the straight-on impact you made on the ground sending shooting pains up your legs.

Definitely some hairline fractures, at the least.


You reappeared behind Frosty at his left, crouched, and swung your leg around, sweeping his feet out from under him.

“I won’t--”


You came from above, feet together, and drove them into his gut, and him into the ground, “Lose everything because of you!”

He impacted, letting out a strangled choke, spit flying into the air. Some of it was probably his lunch.


You reappeared several meters away, barely avoiding the ice that shot out with the intent to capture you.

Frosty wheezed as he slowly sat up, holding his gut and sputtering out onto the ground to the side, definitely some of it being his lunch.

“L… Lose… What?” He hacked, spitting, “What could you…”

“I know you heard me on the phone with my father!” You snapped, gripping your fists and curling your lip, then pointed towards him, “If you think I’m gonna let an edgy bitch like you make me look weak to my father, to anyone, you got another thing coming--My fists!”

“Your father… Still sounds like a real ass.”

“Hah!?” You snarled, eyes widening, “What the hell do you know!?”

“I know my father wants me to be the best so badly that he hurt my own mother, myself…” Frosty slowly stood, holding his stomach, “Your’s sounds like he’s cut from the same cloth.”

You flinched back.

“Emotional manipulation isn’t any better.”

Your chest tightened.

“But unlike me, it sounds like you’re fine with getting played and being a tool.”

You wanted to be mad. You wanted to scream, kick, punch and cave in that stupid Frosty’s face, add to the scar on his eye so he’ll never forget you and your victory over him.

But you couldn’t.

You began to breath harder--faster--

‘I’m not getting played, he’s… He’s wrong. Papa loves me! Papa would never manipulate me, he only wants me to be the best… I can… Be…’

Your body was shivering from the ice creeping up around you, lungs stinging from the cold air sawing through your windpipe as you were hyperventilating.

‘Papa loves me, Papa loves me, Papa loves me!’


Your eyes snapped open.

“Don’t give up!”


You had let Frosty emotionally manipulate you into freezing up so he could freeze you in place. The ice was mere centimeters from your feet.

‘How could I be so stupid!?’ You seethed at yourself, ‘Letting him and Bakagou get under my skin--’

A bullet of pain shot through your head.

‘No, no more moping. No more bitching, it’s time to finish this!  

You shot straight up, into the air, zeroing in on your target, extending a leg out.  


Your kick connected with his gut, sending him flying backwards--he built an icewall just in time to catch himself… Only for you to drive your foot further into his stomach. He ended up nearly vomiting on your shin.

“If you wanted to really spite your daddy…” You stepped back as he crumpled to the ground, hacking, wheezing and coughing, holding his stomach, “... You should have been a villain.” You slowly smirked, crouching in low next to him as he quivered, before whispering into his left ear so closely that your lips nearly grazed his ear, “It’s what I would do.”

Flames shot out, barely giving you enough time leap back with only singed hair and a light burn on your cheek and nose, cackling almost maniacally.

“What’s the matter, trust-fund baby!?” You taunted, shifting your weight onto one leg, jutting out your hip as you put your hand on it. Your grin slowly became more sinister, “Don’t like when someone talks about your papa?

The fire burned even hotter as he stood, eyes wide, teeth grit as he heaved through his teeth in anger.

‘Ah… Didn’t I say I wasn’t going to poke the bear? Well… Too late now.’

“What a hypocrite your mommy raised!”

The fire and ice that shot out at you could have nearly held a candle to the iceberg he had graced Tape-Boy with, but now he was tired and wearing out, using both of his elements. If you hadn’t ducked behind one of the formations he had already created, you would have, almost definitely, been frozen or burned to death--if they even found any of your remains if it was the latter.

‘Okay, maybe keep the ‘mommy’ issues to minimum.’

You looked up at one of the screens displaying the fight and spotted the camera pointed at Todoroki. He was standing in place, heaving with his head bowed.

‘Shit.’ You scowled, resisting the urge to make a growl in annoyance, ‘He’s thawed out. I just had to go and run my mouth… Not completely recovered from my hits, but he’s lucid enough to attack.’ You purse your lips, looking side-to-side and trying to come up with a plan and fast, because he’s walking forward, and you only have two minutes at best of Pause now--

You leaped to your feet, coming around the corner with a roundhouse kick to his face--only for him to freeze your leg up in a pillar.

You cried out, crying in pain, “Aaah! S-Stop!” You screamed, “I-It hurts! It hurts!”

This caused him to flinch back with wide eyes, before his left hand reached forward towards the pillar--

“Just kidding.”

Your other leg lifted and cracked him in the jaw, your foot taking a deal of damage as well-- Pause, and you were gone in the blink of an eye--So was the tip of the ice that had encased your leg, leaving a half-imprint of it.

It came out of nowhere, crashing into his back and sandwiching him between the other half of the pillar.

“Oooh, that’s gotta hurt…!”

It fell back, Todoroki landing on it again, no doubt adding injury to injury, before it rolled away and dumped him onto the ground. He was wheezing, grimacing with every breath with his arms splayed out at his sides.

You took the opportunity to stride over, crouching down at his head and smirked as he looked up made eye contact with you. No doubt he was seeing double, triples of you, if his unfocused eyes were any indication.

“Thanks for the entertainment,” The microphone of a nearby drone, buzzing around you at a safe distance, caught your voice and echoed it around the stadium, “Too bad it was pointless.”

Ice shot out at you, but it was a sad, desperate attempt, only cutting into your arm--which still hurt, of course.

“Tsk, tsk, Todoroki!” You glided your thumb over the spot, examined your thumb, before licking it as you glared down at him with a smirk, the coppery taste coating your tongue, “Are you already taking my advice?”

He breathlessly muttered something.

You frowned, “What was that?”

He spoke just loud enough for you to hear, “I want to be a hero.”

You rolled your eyes reaching down and grabbing the back of his collar, “Well don’t we all. But right now, I want to go on a date with Izukun, so you just relax now and--”

Ice encased your arm up to your elbow, then slowly crawled up it.

‘Shit, I thought he was at his limit.’

You growled, dragging him along anyway despite the burning frostbite already building around your arm, “Just give the hell up!” You slammed him against one of his walls of ice, earning a choke of pain from him and a hiss from you as the ice tore some of your skin as it cracked and splintered off in several places.

“Not… Yet…” He wheezed, and suddenly reached around over his head and grabbed your arm with both hands--You cried out as fire burned your upper arm and ice once more encapsulated your lower, forcing you to let him go.

“Alright!” You snarled, tossing off your flaming jacket, “That’s it!”


You whipped your foot around and kicked him in the face as he was attempting to stumble to his feet, sending him spinning and crashing into the ice form. He slid down to his feet, before crumpling to the ground on his hands and knees, heaving from the air being knocked from his lungs again. Blood dripped onto the icy concrete, no doubt from his broken nose.

“You either give up right now,” You hissed as you slowly marched towards him, fingers twitching as Puppet begged to be released, your fingertips nearly smoking. If you could see your eyes now like the cameras could, you would see eyes that were so familiar to you;calm… Condescending . Mocking. Like a cat with a mouse, even when you were beat up and bloody, “Or face my wrath head-on and get knocked out, because now, I’m not giving you the luxury of being thrown out of bounds.”

He wheezed heavily as you stopped a few meters in front of him, raising a hand and looking down at him, “I can go all day, Todoroki.” You bluffed, darkening your gaze, “Can you?”

Todoroki glared up at you, and spat out some blood in your direction, some splattering onto your shoe.

A moment passed, he looked down.


Your smile slowly grew.

“... Give up.”

“T… Todoroki gives up! (L/N)... Is the winner of this year’s first-year’s sports festival!”

You slowly raised your right fist in the air, shutting your eyes as the crowd roared, some in dismay for Todoroki, many for you.

‘I told you, Papa. I told you I’d win.’


You coughed and a wave of blood flew from your mouth.

“Oh--Commercial break, commercial break!!”


‘Shit, I’m fuckin’ tired.’

You opened your eyes to find yourself in a now very familiar bed, surrounded by a light-blue curtain that hid you from the rest of the room.

Recovery Girl’s office.

“Uhg…” You grunted as you attempted to sit up, only for intense pain in your chest to force you back down. The sting in your right arm told you to straighten it out and hold it still-- Glancing over, you saw that you were hooked up to a blood bag. A look at your left, and you saw it was in a cast. You couldn’t really wiggle your toes--one was in a cast and the other in a brace.

There was a brief rolling of a chair and the curtain pulled back a bit before it was pushed completely out of the way, “I see you’re awake.” Recovery Girl’s wrinkly smile was wry behind her visor, “You gave us all quite the scare, I was worried you weren’t going to wake up for hours .”

“How long have I been out?” You wheezed, blinking rapidly, trying to get your eyes to adjust to the light… They were blurry.

“Close to an hour. Don’t worry, they haven’t started the award ceremony. How do you feel?” She rolled closer, snagging a flashlight from her pocket. You turned your head slightly and let her check your eyes, worried when she hummed softly in thought.

“Like I got hit by a train… And won.”

She tsk’d, but smiled nonetheless, “Well… Won you did. However,” She frowned, accentuated by her wrinkles, “I think you have some burst blood vessels in your eyes from the stress of your quirk and the exertion of your body. I’ll be able to heal them in a few days, along with the rest of you--You have a lot of hairline cracks in your legs, your left arm ulna is fractured, the radius is cracked, the scapula has also fractured, and your cracked ribs have severely worsened. I’ll be able to heal you enough to go to the ceremony, but anything after that isn’t until you’ve rested up--a lot. Got it?”

“Yeah,” You tried to nod, only for the room to spin and pain to shoot through your body, “Don’t have to tell me twice.”

“And don’t use your quirk until then.”

“... Yes, ma’am.” You didn’t argue, just the thought of activating Pause made your head hurt and nausea creep up your throat.

Knock, knock!

“Pardon the intrusion,” A quiet, sing-song voice sounded as the door opened, Ms. Midnight poking her head in, “Is she… Ah, she is!” She entered fully, smiling brightly as she adjusted her glasses on her nose, “Congratulations Missy, you’re the first girl to win the first-year’s sports festival in a few years! How are you feeling?”

“Like I fought a train and won,” You cracked a smirk as you repeated your earlier comment with more gusto, even if it hurt a bit.

Ms. Midnight chuckled, putting her hands on her hips as she came to stand by you, “Guess that’s to be expected!” She turned to Recovery Girl, brows creasing even as she was smiling, “Think she’ll be good to go to the awards ceremony?”

“She will, but that blood bag needs to be finished first.” Recovery Girl nodded.

Ms. Midnight pouted slightly, glancing at how much was left in the bag, “Well, the ceremony is supposed to start in a bit…”

You cleared your throat, gaining both of their attention, “Actually, I have an idea… Can you call Tape-B--Err… Sero Hanta down here?”


“Now, let's move on to… The award's ceremony!”

You held your right arm up, fist in the air as the pedestal raised from the ground, careful not to bend it. The blood bag was plastered to your back with Sero’s tape, the stickiest stuff there is, with the tubing and needle hidden beneath your gym jacket.

The crowd roared at your pose.

Frosty was standing quietly at second-place at your right.

Bakugou had the sleeves of his jacket pushed up and his hands shoved deep into his pockets, a severe scowl on his face as he stared at the ground.

“In third place, we have both Bakugou and Iida, but Iida was forced to leave due to a family emergency, we hope you understand!”

You furrowed your brows briefly as you carefully lowered your arm, keeping it straight.

‘Family emergency…? Four-Eyes?’

“Now for the medals! Presenting this year is you-know-who…”

You cringed when the sound of laughter filled your ears.

‘Oh no.’

“I am…--”

A figure leaped from above the stadium, doing several front flips.

“He's everyone's hero--”

“--here with th--”

“All Might!!”

“--e medals!!”

There was a brief moment of tension.


“Congratulations, Young Bakugou!” All Might lifted a bronze medal from the holder Midnight held, putting it around his neck, then gave him a light hug with a pat on his back.

‘... Oh, no.’

Bakugou muttered something only All Might heard--who visibly stiffened, before straightening up.

His smile became tight, but he murmured something back that made Bakugou snap his eyes up.

In the end, Bakugou's scowl returned, albeit weaker as he looked back down.

All Might relaxed as he moved on to Todoroki, raising the silver medal, “Young Todoroki, congratulations,” Then gave him a hug and a pat on the back.

‘No no no no no--’

“Young (L/N)! Congratulations!” The sun was blocked out as All Might stood in front of you.

You put on a bright, tight smile, and quietly grit out as the gold medal was put around your neck by massive hands, “Hug me and I'll send you flying, old man.”

“I know you're injured,” He laughed quietly, which was odd, “Don't worry, I would never hurt you!”

‘Oh, thank God--’

You internally screamed as massive arms wrapped around your shoulders in a loose hug nonetheless, a gentle pat on your back just above the bag.

“Well done, Young (L/N), and to you both as well!” All Might pulled away before you could make good on your promise, standing up to his full height and giving a thumbs up to the crowd, “Well, these are your winners! But hold up!! Everyone here has the potential to be standing up here as you all have witnessed!! Competition, encouragement, pushing each other to climb higher and higher! The sprouts of today will grow into the heroes of tomorrow! In that spirit, let's have one final cheer!”

He pointed a finger to the sky, shouting at the same time as the crowd, “Thank you for your--”


“--hard work!!”

… A brief pause. If you had a free hand, you would have facepalmed.

“... It's supposed to be Plus Ultra, All might!!”

“Oh, right, well I really did think they worked hard…”


You sighed, gently rubbing the inner vein of your elbow against the corner of your desk, wincing slightly. You had finished the blood bag half an hour ago, but moving around still had left your arm aching.

Izukun was worse off than you. Seeing him sitting in front of you like that…

‘I know it’s his quirk, but damn, I got off easy fighting Frosty, huh…’

“In light of the Sports Festival… You’ll have the next two days off.” You looked up as Mr. Aizawa murmured around his own bandages, “Scouting reports and such from the pros will be waiting for you, so look forward to that as you enjoy your time off.”

‘Oh… Right.’ You sighed through your nose, ‘I have to deal with more of them now…’

“Make good use of your time. Dismissed.”

Almost everyone lingered even as Mr. Aizawa lumbered out the door. Of course, Bakugou and Frosty were quick to leave.

“Hey, Izukun,” You stood up as he did, grabbing your messenger bag and his backpack for him with your good arm, “What happened to Four-Eyes?”

“Ah, well…” He hummed, furrowing his brows, “I don't know if I should say, but… It'll probably be in the news, anyway… A villain had attacked his brother, Ingenium… We don't know if he'll live or not yet.”

… Your heart actually stung . It was brief, but there.

‘Why? Like I care if some hero brat loses their hero brother or not.’

‘Because you know what it's like to almost lose someone.’

‘Shut up.’

“He'll probably be fine,” You bobbed your head back and forth casually, “Ingenium is a high-ranking hero, isn't he? Don't worry about it. Four-Eyes will be back to his obnoxious, goodie-two-shoes self in no time.”

Izuku's shoulders seemed to relax slightly, and he nodded, humming softly, “Yeah… You're probably right.”


Your eyebrow twitched almost violently.

“Hold on…” You muttered and set your backpacks into Izukun's chair and fumbled for your phone in your skirt pocket, finally managing to get it out and check it.

One new message

Papa: Come home tonight.

You felt an annoyed pang go through your gut.

You had half a mind to say no. But after the last time you saw him…

“But unlike me, it sounds like you’re fine with getting played and being a tool.”

Your phone screen cracked.

“(F-F/N)!? Your phone--!”

“It's fine!” You put on a smile, even though you could see the panic on Izukun’s face as you used your thumb to type a reply, definitely harder than necessary, “It’s old, anyway. My dad was going to get me an upgrade soon.”

You: Only if there is a hot pot and taro buns.

‘He sure as hell is now. No congratulations!?’

“Hey, I’m gonna go to his place for dinner,” You scooped up your backpacks-- Pause may have been aiding you just a bit--and strolled with Izukun after shoving your phone into your--



Papa: It’s not that kind of dinner.

You were about to pout when another text popped up.

Papa: But anything for my little girl on her big day.

A smile slowly formed on your face.

‘Checkmate, Frosty.’


You were smiling big and bright the entire way home, the gold medal still around your neck--several people recognized and congratulated you both--well, mostly you, but many were praising Izukun after they noticed him.

… And sometimes after you pointed him out, hugging his arm and talking about how his match was so much more interesting than your own. He’d turn red as a beet and stutter each time.  

A group of middle school girls signed your arm and leg casts with congratulations and little hearts and other cutesy things with pink and purple markers on the train ride. Any other day, you would have been cold, or even lashed out. But you were in a good mood.

Everyone was praising you! Papa was even surely happy, Izukun…

… Looked like he had a lot on his mind.

“Hey, Izukun,” You lightly nudged him were you two sat on the bench, smiling mischievously, “I expect you to make good on your promise.”

He turned beet red again and stuttered nervously, looking around rapidly at anything but you, “R-R-R-Right! O-Of c-course! I would never f-f-forget! A h-hero alwa-always ma-ma-makes g-good on his p-p-pro-promises--!!”

Your grin only widened as you giggled, resting your head on his shoulder, “I know, you especially, Mr. Hero.”

His breath hitching spurred you on.

You scooted up closer to him, voice softer and… Genuine, “I’ve never met anyone more deserving of the title of the number-one hero than you.”

The squeak he made when you rubbed your cheek against the shoulder of his uniform (mostly to scratch an itch you couldn’t get with your aching arm, not to mention the one in a cast) was absolutely thrilling.

You got up close to his ear, wickedly grinning, “And my hero…” He made a noise akin to a whimper, “Isn’t going to cheap out on the dinner we’re having for our date, right?”

He seemed to deflate, sighing out, but with a tired smile, “O-Of course, not…” He muttered something about goodbye to his allowance as the train rolled to a stop and the doors opened, your stop having arrived almost too soon.

You’d have a skip in your step if you could. Izukun finally managed to wrestle his backpack from you, even though you insisted you were fine. It kept slipping off his shoulder and you had to keep pushing it back up.

Thank god the elevator worked, because neither of you could look at the stairs without wanting to curl up on the sidewalk instead.

“See you tomorrow…?” Izukun was tentative as you both reached his door--you had to open it for him, hand pausing on the doorknob for a second in thought.

‘He doesn’t normally ask to see me, even if this is a bit roundabout… We usually see each other every day, even on days off, but that’s mostly because Mrs. Midoriya says I can come over any time and I use that offer--’

“Yeah, I may not get back till later in the day, though.” You swung his door open for him, smiling… Tighter than you wanted to. Thinking.   

He noticed, “Is something wr--”

You were already leaning in, pressing a kiss to his unbandaged cheek, maybe a second longer than needed. “See you tomorrow, Izukun!” You skipped around him, giggling as you entered your apartment to see him, once again, a fiery red and stiff in his spot.

‘Now…’ You frowned down at the little black cat happily napping on