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Three for One

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“Papa, I’m going out for a bit.”

“Are you not going to accept an escort this time, either, as well?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Not even Tomura?”


Her father let out a calm, but exasperated sigh, drumming his fingers against his desk for a few seconds. He finally spoke in a low, commanding voice, “What are the rules?”

“Don’t use my quirks excessively. Don’t talk to strangers. Don’t be rude. Be polite, even to heroes. If they ask where my parents are or why I’m not in school, I tell them I’m homeschooled and I’m going to my parents right now. If they try to escort me, and won’t take no for an answer, I tell them to piss off --”


She pouted and shot a small glare to her father, before relenting, with a grumble and a short stomp of her foot, “I do something to get their attention off of me and then use Pause to escape, then go right home or call Kurogiri if my head hurts…”

“Good girl. Be safe, love you.”

She only nodded then, walking past her father as he sat in his wheelchair, in front of a computer screen, mindfully stepping over the many tubes and wires that on one end, connected to the machines that sustained her father. On the other end, was her father. She shifted around to stand at his side, and gently peck a kiss to his glass and metal helmet. He normally only wore it when he had to leave the base, but occasionally donned it along with his other life supporting systems for extra support when he was feeling particularly unwell, “I love you too, Papa.”

If he smiled, she had no way to see it, but she could see it in the way his shoulders rose ever so slightly. With that, she left the laboratory and slipped out into a back alley, pulling her phone out of her plain, black messenger bag, and called one of three contacts she had.

“Hello, Miss (Y/N), what do you need?”

“Are you busy, Kurogiri…?”

“For you, never.”

She couldn’t help the--more of a smirk--smile that curled the edges of her lips. Everyone underneath her father was wrapped around each of her fingers, and taking advantage of that?

It was so incredibly satisfying.

“I’m outside of Papa’s laboratory. Can you take me somewhere? I’ll text you where I want to go.”

“Of course, Miss (Y/N).”


In less than three minutes, she went halfway across the country of Japan, from the Kamino ward to Musutafu City.

“Please, call me whenever you are ready, Miss. (Y/N).” The tall black-mist man in a bartender’s suit, bowed lowly before her, not rising until you spoke.

“I will. Thank you, Kurogiri.” She sweetly smiled up at him as he stood up straight, with her hands held behind her back, “Tell Tomi I said hi.”

“Yes, Miss (Y/N).” In an instant, it was as if he was never there, leaving the fourteen-year-old girl, all alone, in an alley behind a video game store.

She hummed as she picked a direction and began to walk, stepping over trash and around puddles and keeping her eyes more so on the ground than in front of her.

‘Papa gave me a big allowance… I think I’ll buy some sweets, maybe something to bring back for him… Mmm… Not much he can eat, though… Tomura’s birthday is tomorrow, that’s why I didn’t want to bring him… Hmm… He likes mochi… I’ll get a box of ice cream mochi… That video game he was thinking about getting… Oof!’ Without realizing it, she had run into something, or, rather, someone.

“Ew…!” She coughed and spat out some sort of disgusting slime that managed to slip its way into her mouth, taking a few steps back and wiping it off of her face with a revolted curl to her lips.

“Watch where you’re going, you-- Oooh, well, well… You’re quite the pretty little thing, aren’t you…?”

She scowled up in revulsion at the towering slime-sludge-like-man in front of her, her eye twitching in annoyance, “This is a brand new blazer…” She snarled with her hands starting to shake.

“Aaaw, I’m so sorry, sweetheart… Tell you what, I’ll make it up to you… By… Tearing… It… O--”

“Don’t touch me, you disgusting thing.” She snapped as the sludge-monster tried to reach a dripping, slimy hand out, which recoiled, and was followed by his angered sneer.

“Why, you little brat…!”

“I was in a good mood, so I won’t kill you today.” She spat in his face, smirked at his outraged yelling as he raised a dripping arm up with the intention of bringing it down on her, then clicked her tongue.

Everything stood still.


The little green-sludge-like droplets that were falling off of his body froze in mid-air, the sounds of cars revving and air conditioners buzzing, chattering, wind… The world was silent.

‘And I really liked this blazer too…’ She glared down lightly at the stain on her jacket, before she shrugged off the black article and threw it in the sludge-monster’s face, choosing to walk around him and continue on her way. As she turned the corner that led to the street, she clicked her tongue again, and suddenly-- The world returned to life, movement continuing, sounds flooding air, wind moving it…

‘I’ll get Tomi’s game, breakfast… Hmm… Maybe I’ll go to the library… And get something to take home for dinner, I think…’


Tatooin Station was buzzing with a crowd-- A giant-quirk villain was holding the station hostage, apparently.

She was sipping a juice pouch as she passed by, right as a green-haired boy, in a middle school uniform and a bulky yellow backpack on his shoulders, darted past her, calling out a quick “Excuse me!” as he went-- And after he nearly made her drop her drink.

‘Well, at least he has manners.’ She grumbled internally, as she glanced up at the villain with a bored expression, ‘Useless people who don’t know what to do with their useless quirks. Hmph. Papa said not to use my quirks excessively, but maybe I should take it…--’

As she was thinking that, a hero swooped in-- “Illegal use of abilities during rush hour, as well as robbery and assault? You’re pure evil.”

‘Pure evil? Seriously? Bah, he’s a baby in diapers compared to…’

The hero was some guy made of wood, with wood-detailing in his costume, around a black leotard. Definitely one of the more uninteresting costumes.

‘He’d be good tinder, heh…’

“Lacquered Chain Priso--!!”


“Canyon Canon!!”

Ah, some giant lady-hero… Swooped in and stole the “kill”, as Tomi would call it.

‘Heh. I’d hate to see her insurance bill. Heroes are so careless...’

“Today’s my debut! Pleased to meet you all, you can call me Mt. Lady!”

‘More like Mt. Clumsy…’ The girl grumbled under her breath, rolling her eyes as watched the giant-woman restrain the villain. She sure knew how to steal the show, that poor wood-guy looked like he was having an existential crisis back on the bridge, while she was soaking up all the fame and glory.

‘Whatever. She’ll get what’s coming to her, eventually. All those annoying heroes will.’

“Taking notes!? I guess you’re aspiring to be a hero, yourself, too! Goodluck, kid!”


“T-Thanks! I’ll try!”

‘Ah, that kid…’

“Ah! I’m gonna be late for class…!”

‘He wants to be a hero, eh…? Heh… Idiot. He’ll end up in a ditch.’

Right as the kid began to run past her-- He reminded her of broccoli, with his wild, curly green hair… Disgusting-- She stuck her leg out, causing the kid to trip and land flat on his face with a yelp, his backpack flying open, allowing the contents to go flying.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She hummed cynically, watching as he scrambled to lean back on his knees.

He looked around wildly in confusion for a second, before he turned to look up at her with an awkward, apologetic smile, while he rubbed his reddening nose, “O-Oh! It’s okay! I should have seen where I was going…”

‘Oh. Shit. He is… He’s…’ His green curls were a little more tousled than before, the way he rubbed his nose but still had on a shaky smile… He screamed pure, untouched innocence, yet… Something about him...

“Are… Are you alright, miss...?”

“Eh?” She flinched out of her thoughts, feeling her face suddenly burn brightly, “I… Y-Yeah! Yeah! Are… Are you okay?” She fell to her knees and quickly began gathering his things up, not looking him in the eye out of sheer nerves… That she’s never felt before. Ever. ‘Am I getting sick…? I should talk to Kurogiri when I get home, maybe I’m catching a cold…’

“Ah, I’m f-fine!” He laughed nervously, allowing her to hand him his notebook and a pencil case. His hand had brushed up against hers, sending electricity through her skin, nearly making her flinch back.

‘That… That wasn’t a quirk, was it…? I… I want to know!’

Without thinking-- Not that she really ever did when it came to rash decisions-- She grabbed his wrist and ignored the startled yelp that had erupted from him-- She loved that noise… She wanted to hear it more.-- And placed his hand between her own, held it there, held it up, studied his fingers and flexed them around, looking at the digits and soft skin with a critical eye.

“U… Uhm… Can I… H-Help y-y-you with s-s-something…?”

She looked up into his green eyes to see his face red and sweating nervously, almost like a manga character who had never talked to a girl before, as if it were some sort of terrifying honor.

“... No.” She dropped his hand suddenly and stood up, turning on her heel while shoving her hands into her pockets, ‘Must have been my imagination. If he has a quirk, it’s nothing… Electricity based, his skin isn’t built for it. If he did, the skin wouldn’t be so thin and soft.’

So, with that, she left him a confused and stumbling mess staring after her on the sidewalk, with several of his items nearly getting trampled on by strangers as they carried on now that the show was over.

‘... I really like his hands, though…’


She was casually browsing a corner store assortment of junk foods, by now, a brand new headset with cat ears on her head blasting music of choice while she tried to decide on what her “big brother” would like more.

“Cheesy sticks or fried potatoes… Hmm…” 

She was probably thinking too hard on it-- If the tapping on her shoulder alerted her to that fact. Tomi would be annoyed that she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings.  

“Excuse me, young miss, but shouldn’t you be in school…?”

Her lip curled in annoyance, her glare becoming hard on the two bags of junk food in her hands, “Disgusting… These foods, and your hand… Daring to lay a finger on me at all…” She growled under her breath with a rapidly darkening expression, staring down at the annoying, bright, bubbly lettering and designs of the bags.

“E… Excuse me?”

“Don’t touch me again.” She hissed without looking up, gripping the bags hard enough that they began to creak with the inevitable bursting boom should she squeeze any harder, “You can pay for these as an apology, and I won’t kill you.”



“Annoying old man.” She grumbled, before shoving the bags of junk food into her bag, and turned on her heel, not sparing a single glance to the offender. If she did, she would probably snap their neck then and there. “I must really be in a good mood… First some disgusting slime creature, now this…” Mumbling, she walked around the frozen man and pushed her hands into her brand new hoodie’s pockets, striding past the cashier who had been paused in the middle of checking his phone and walked right out of the store.


“Tomi would say I’m losing my edge,” She sighed out, picking a direction to take and pouting because her day had been ruined, “Maybe I’ll take the train home… I like to people watch…” She was only halfway down the block when that damn man was calling out to her.

“H-Hey! Little girl! Get back here!”

‘Little girl…?’ She stopped in her tracks, feeling her lip twitch and start to lift up in annoyance, ‘... No, surely he wasn't talking to me. He isn’t that stupid, surely… Surely… Well, the morning rush is over, no one is around… If he tries anything, surely Papa won’t be upset if I make a bit of a mess...’ --


“My head hurts…” She grumbled, turning into an alleyway while adjusting the bag on her shoulder, “I’m going to run out of time for Pause for the day at this rate…”


“Young miss!” A large, strong hand landed on her shoulder this time, accompanied by a deep, commanding voice, “You should know better than to steal! Where are your parents? Shouldn’t you be in school? Surely, a child as young as yourself is not a crimina--”

“Don’t. Touch. Me.”


‘How the hell did he catch up to me so fast? Why is he being so damn persistent? I just want to have a nice day, why does…’ She pulled away from the man’s hold to glare up at the figure-- Instead, her eyes widened, she felt her mouth go dry, and a bead of sweat formed on her forehead when she recognized the man before her, ‘Why… Why the hell is… Why the hell is he… H… Here…!?’

There stood All Might, in all his glory, wearing a plain white shirt, baggy green cargo pants, a belt with a stylized “A.M.” as the buckle. His trademark bangs stuck right up into the air, bold and blonde, eyes overshadowed by his powerful brow. One hand was outstretched where it had been placed on her shoulder, the other held a plastic grocery bag.

Glee suddenly burst in her chest and made her fingertips tingle, “All Might! It’s really All Might! Uwah, Papa will be thrilled that I met him…!” She squealed in delight, dancing circles around the massive man, examining every inch of him, “Oh, oh, oh! I should take some of his hair… Papa will be so happy…!” She abandoned her messenger bag on the ground and got one last good look at the tall man, curling her hands against her face-splitting smile, before she reached up to his shoulders and tapped her index fingers on the both of them. Invisible strings attached themselves to him, and it took all her might-- Heh-- to puppet him into a kneeling position, his body moving slowly like a robot as it moved, her own brow starting to sweat. It was so taxing, using Pause and Puppetry at the same time…!

‘No! I can’t stop now! Power through! Power through! Papa… Will… Be… So… Happy!’

“Fwah!” She took in a gasp of air and released her strings, taking a second to catch the breath she didn’t know she was holding, leaning against All Might as if he was a pillar or chair, “All right , All Might…” She reached up with one hand, with an ever growing, cynical grin, “Papa won’t be happy if I kill you, that’s his dream, not mine…” With that, she pulled a pocket knife out of her other pocket and cut off several hairs from those annoying bangs-- Not enough that he would notice right away, of course.

‘My head is hurting really bad, now…’ She thought while twirling the blonde strands around her finger, flicking the knife shut and wincing when the quiet sound sent a migraine through her head.

She took a deep breath and tucked the hair into her pocket, with the knife, picked up her messenger bag and reattached her strings to All Might. Carefully, she used Puppetry to put him back into his previous position and was left with a decision, the itching in her fingertips from the strings being attached not helping her train of thought.

‘Do I stay and talk to him a bit, or-- Owch! Owch! My hea--’


“Tch!” She clicked her tongue in a failed attempt to use her quirk, but it only expressed her annoyance as she clutched her bag tightly as the world returned to life-- All Might stumbled back a bit with a grunt of surprise. To him, she had just suddenly moved.  

“Y-Young miss! Using quirks in public is…”

“Illegal. Forbidden. Yadda,” She lifted her hand, looking into his eyes, “Yadda…” Her eyes flashed grey, and the great hero suddenly became stiff, “Yadda.” She flicked her wrist.

All Might was sent flying backward, stiff and paralyzed in position, into the alleyway right across bustling the street, nearly hitting a bus as it passed. She took the opportunity the shield provided, with his view being obscured.

‘He’s seen three of my quirks, now,’ She thought, forcing her aching tongue to click and freeze the world despite the throbbing in her head, ‘Papa is going to be angry… Hmm… I can’t get far before Pause wears off… I need to hide and call Kurogiri.’

Her legs already began moving, carrying her down the alley and around the corner. She chose to reemerge through into the crossing street, and ducked into a coffee shop, ‘Restroom, restroom, rest r-r-r-room--!’ She hissed in pain and held her head as a searing burn shot through her brain, nearly barreling into a floral display as she followed a “rustic” sign pointing towards the bathrooms, opting for the single-person “accessibility” room. She slipped inside and released her hold on the world, taking deep breaths to try and soothe the throbbing in her skull. But the realization that danced around in her mind was enough to distract her from the pain.

‘How many people escape All Might…?’


‘How… How many get his DNA!?’

A thrilled, excited, satisfied and perhaps a little bit deranged smile nearly split her face as she pulled her phone out of her bag with shaking hands, almost dropping it several times as she slowly navigated the screen and hit the most recent contact-- Nearly missing a few times. She finally put it up to her ear, and it rang only once when a voice answered in a crystal clear tone.

“Yes, Miss (F/N)?”

“Kurogiri, you’re not going to believe what just happened.”

“What? Are you alright, Miss (F/N)...?”

“I’m wonderful!” She whispered gleefully into the phone’s speaker, while her fingers began nimbly texting a location ping to the warp gate, “I just sent you my location! Take me to the bar!”

Without another word, a large black and purple mist appeared behind her in the bathroom she occupied, which, she warmly embraced by walking right into.

“M-Miss (F/N), are you alright? You’re shaking…!”

“I’m fine, Kurogiri!” She laughed loudly, almost manically as she stepped through the warp portal and into Tomura’s bar, “Oh, I’m fantastic…! Aha… Ahahaha!” She was shaking as she flipped open her messenger bag, her fingers barely able to hold still as she pulled out item after item, lining them onto the bar before she couldn't hold down her laughter. She started happily beating her fists on the lacquered wood, tears starting to spring from her eyes as she couldn’t stop.

“Oi, shut it, you freak. I’m trying to beat this level…”

“Tomi!” She shrieked happily, grabbing his shoulders and forcing him to drop the handheld gaming device he was playing on to the floor, ignoring his yelling and protests as she babbled on in a shrill voice, “Tomi! Tomi! You’re not going to believe what happened! The best thing ever! Guess, guess!”

“Let me the hell go, (Y/N)! If you broke my game, I’ll kill you!”

She just slung an arm around his neck and hugged him close, pointing to the items as she called them out, clutching him closer and closer to her.

“I got Tomi’s nasty junk food…”

“Shut it and let me go. Tomi is not my damn name, and those aren’t--”

“I got some stuff for dinner for Papa and I…!”

“Oi, are you listening to me?”

“I got some adorable new underwear for me…”

“Let me go, you damn freak!” Tomura finally snapped, grabbing her hoodie and clutching it tightly, disintegrating it in his grasp. Sure, he’s done things like this plenty of times when he was annoyed or angry. She never really cared bef--

“N-No!” She shrieked wildly, eyes widening as she slapped his hand away-- She’s never done that before-- But it was too late, he had grabbed… Right… Where…

She shoved him away from her, hard enough that his side jammed into the edge of the counter. He let out a pained grunt, opening his mouth to yell at her again when she beat him to it…

By sobbing loudly.“No! No! Tomura, you big jerk…! You idiot…! I had a surprise for Papa in there…!” She wailed and fell to her knees, grasping the ashes as they fell to the floor, wildly sifting through them, “No…! No…! I… I had it…! I had All Might’s hair…!”

“You what!?” Kurogiri’s and Tomura’s collective shouts of surprise were drowned out, as she covered her face with her hands, smudging grey ash against her skin.

“I had it…! I had it…! I was going to surprise Papa with it! He was going to be so happy…! I nearly got killed getting it, too! Tomura… Tomura, you big fat jerk!” She shot up with big, bubbling tears falling from her eyes, her trembling lip flashing her angrily grit teeth while raising her hands shakily as if fire would sprout from her palms-- She had gotten rid of that quirk a long time ago, though. “I should kill you! I would kill you if Papa didn’t like you so much!”

“M-Miss (F/N), please, calm down… Your…”

“Take me home, Kurogiri!” She shrieked, clenching her fists shut before she buried them against her eyes, “Take me home…! Take me home…!”

“Y… Yes, Young Miss...”


As soon as the toe of her shoe went from lacquered wood paneling to cold, tile floor, she stomped off past her father, clutching her messenger bag in one hand and what little shreds of her hoodie remained in the other. The hoodie was violently thrown into a little trash can by the hallway, while she quipped, “I hate your stupid choice of a prodigy!” With a snarl, and she stormed off down the hall, then slammed the door to her room shut, hard enough to shake the walls.

Including the cute sign with her full name on the door, decorated with stickers and glitter. It swung and fell to the floor, the flimsy little piece of thin wood splitting in half. The half with her first name stayed face up, the half with her last faced down.


“Y-Yes, sir…?”

“Why is my little princess upset…?”

Kurogiri sighed inwardly-- If a warp-creature could sigh, that is, “She… She and Tomura had a bit of a… Fight. They’ll work it out, I’m certain, sir…”

“Hm… If you think so, then, fine. Keep a close eye on Tomura per usual.”

“Yes, sir.”


“Stupid Tomura! Stupid! Stupid!” She stomped on the games she had spent her hard-earned allowance on, shattering the cds, “I’ll kill him…! If he wasn’t so important to Papa’s stupid plans, I would kill him…! Stupid…! Stupid…!-- Ah!” She slipped on the CD case and tumbled to the floor with a yelp, then whined quietly and rubbed her back, “Stupid… Stupid…!”

Her eyes flickered up to her TV, that had been left on the news with the audio muted. Nothing about All Might, just some ridiculous segment on UA’s third years apprehending a dangerous villain while on their internships.

‘Stupid normal-kids, allowed to have fun with their quirks… I hate them… UA must be fun or something if they’re bothering to become heroes…’

… UA…

Her fingertips twitched.


She shot up from her spot, staring at the school’s logo as it slowly spun on the screen during an interview with the principle, a little bear-mouse-dog… Thing. Apparently, he had been the only known animal in all of Japan to develop a quirk. UA was full of interesting characters like that. Pro-hero teachers… Rigorous hero courses… Lots of fun activities where you can use your quirk all you want…

Before anyone could realize it, she had slammed her door open, yelling out into the laboratory-slash-home as she ran down the hall, “Papa! I. Want. To. Go. To. UA!”

The man didn’t move an inch, even as his daughter appeared at his side-- It’s not like he could see her, anyway, so he just remained in place and responded in an indifferent tone, “... What? Did I hear you right, sweetheart?

“I want to go to UA!” She repeated, crossing her arms and pursing her lips, “They have so much fun there! I want to go and play heroes with the kids I’ll get to kill when I’m an adult! Please, Papa? It’ll be a good learning experience, right? Right?”

Her father was silent as he contemplated his daughter’s demands, fingers slowly starting to drum on the arm rest of his wheelchair as he thought. He was starting to take too long for her liking, and she opened her mouth to speak when he finally responded, “Alright. Anything for you, my sweet. Are you sure you can keep up the act of wanting to be a… Hero?” It seemed to physically pain him to say the word.

“I want an apartment near the school, and I want a designer to help me with my costume!”

That was her answer.

“You need to pick a single quirk to use. I should take the others so you don’t accidentally…”

“Don’t take any of them!” She stomped her foot to get his attention-- Even if she already had it, frankly, undivided-- “I’ll be careful with them!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! I’ll use… Uhm…” Ah, she didn’t think this part out… What quirk would she use…? She pulled out the computer chair from the corner, that she used when she would sit with her father for long periods of times, and took a seat, wheeling over to sit by him as she pondered her ideas. “... What if… What if I just used my regular quirk? What if I told them about Three for One?”

“It’s too risky.”

“Is not!”

“Yes, it is, sweetheart.”

Ah, not a good tone.

“What do you think, then, Papa? What quirk should I use?”

Nevermind, she got him.

Once more, he began drumming his fingers, the thumping and clicking of his nails on hard plastic filling the otherwise silent room-- Besides the sound of machines humming and liquids dripping. This time, however, she was fine with him taking his time because she was also pondering the idea.

‘I have Paralyze, Puppet, and Pause… Paralyze is so… Useless for UA. Pause is… Also useless, if I don’t have some way to inflict damage. Puppet is all I have… None of Papa’s quirks I can take, they’re all useless to me… Hm…’

“Puppet is your only choice.”

“I know.” She huffed quietly, slowly spinning around in her chair, glaring up at the ceiling, “Can I have some dummies to use to practice using Pause and Puppet at the same time, at least? Earlier, I…”

‘… Stupid Tomura…! I can’t let Papa know why…’

“... There was some gross guy who tried to touch me, but I had trouble using Puppet and Pause at the same time on such a large target.”

‘Not an entire lie.’

“... Of course, darling.”

‘Good, he bought it.’

“You’re only allowed to go to UA on one condition, though.”

“Of course I’ll look out for fun quirks for you to take, Papa.”

“And, if you call me every day.”

“Of course!” She shot up and threw her arms around his neck, gleefully giggling and smiling wide, “Thank you, Papa, thank you, thank you!”


With that, the long, tedious process of creating an identity for her began. Her last name became (L/N), she would have gone to some random middle school in north-eastern Japan, her quirk would be Puppetry-- Not Marionette like the original user.

With her father’s quirk, her eyes remained (E/C), just like his used to be, but her hair changed and turned to (H/C), her skin changed to (S/C), her body type changed, her voice...

She couldn’t look like her father anymore, after all. A new identity was necessary, in case anyone recognized her after her… Less than reputable exploits. Except, she demanded to keep the eye color.

And training. So. Much. Training. She wanted to do it, but her father became worried and went so far as to try and get her to take it slow, yet she refused, choosing to train rigorously using all three of her quirks constantly.

… Those poor bastards father gave to her. Who cares, anyway? They were villains, too…

And she was training to be a “hero”, after all.