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Time to Pay Up

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Bucky grunted slightly as he strapped on his gear. Another routine mission. His role wasn’t that different from the stuff he used to do as a Hydra agent, but it was mostly during the day, there were more straight up fights, and the occasion when he actually had to kill people was significantly lower than it had been. It also helped that his best friend watched his sixth on these missions. It helped Bucky relax, knowing that he didn’t have to worry about the people with him turning on him.

Speaking of America’s golden boy, Steve was right there with him getting suited up. They worked in companionable silence. Steve had been patient and gentle with helping him to reintegrate into society. He’d set Bucky up with a therapist who helped him sort through the memories Bucky was still recovering, both during his time with Hydra and before, and the emotions that accompanied them.

Some of them were random and seemingly pointless. Memories of girls he’d taken swing dancing back in the day that held no meaning to him, but often came with a sort of nostalgia. Memories of past lovers that were sometimes vague and hazy, like he was drunk at the time or something, and other times clear and explicit. Waking up from a sex dream only to realize it was a memory and having a raging boner was… interesting. There were worse ways to wake up, certainly. Like waking up from cryo. Hydra cared about efficiency. Making something pleasant hadn’t been something that they concerned themselves with.

Oddly, all of Bucky’s sexual partners from back in the day had been men. He took women on dates, took them dancing, showed them a good time and such, but he had yet to remember ever having sex with one. He recalled one or two times he had taken 2 women out simultaneously, but these memories always came with the additional knowledge that the two women were going steady.

He and his therapist had spent several sessions sorting through these memories in particular. “Re-exploring his sexuality,” Bucky’s therapist called it. Talking about it openly had felt strange at first and it took a couple sessions for his therapist to get Bucky to actually admit that he had sex with guys. That had been the first time Bucky heard that it was more or less okay to find men attractive now.

It was the first time Bucky felt like this world actually had something to offer him, now.

Steve finished suiting up and sighed as he cracked his back and neck before standing. “So, geneticists who created vicious mutated monsters and lost control. Feels like a Tuesday,” he said.

Bucky chuckled. “Honestly, where do people even come up with these ideas,” he said as he finished tying his combat boots. “Imagine if we had problems like this back in the 40s.”

“Kids these days,” Steve sighed. Bucky laughed and shoved him playfully as he got up. Steve shoved him back and they laughed as they headed for the quinjet.

“Careful old man,” Bucky said. “Wouldn’t want you to break a hip or anything before work.”

“Ugh, Tony would have a field day,” Steve groaned. “Let’s try to wrap this up quickly. Things could get messy real quick.”

“Good thing we brought the assassins,” Bucky said as he hefted his sniper rifle.

“Hey, you want to make the mission today a little more interesting?” Steve asked. Bucky cocked an eyebrow.

“More interesting than hunting genetically modified super monsters?” he replied. “Sure, why not? I’m listening.”

“I bet you Natasha is going to bite someone,” Steve said with a grin. Bucky guffawed.

“Why on earth would she bite a monster?” Bucky demanded.

“Frustration?” Steve replied. Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Steve, I trained the woman,” Bucky said. “I can tell you with certainty that she has never bitten anyone because that’s a dumbass tactic unless you’re in a fistfight and you need to catch someone off guard. I trained her better than that.”

“Fine then,” Steve said. “I bet you that she’ll jump on a monster’s back while it’s running past her and bite it.”

“Stevie, if she does that, I’ll give you a fucking blowjob,” Bucky declared. He could have sworn he saw Steve’s eyes darken just a bit, but he put it out of his mind. Bucky had yet to think of Steve in that way and none of his memories ever indicated that Steve was interested in men.

“Sounds good to me,” Steve said, even as the tips of his ears turned pink.

“Really?” Bucky asked.

“A blowjob is a blowjob, Buck,” Steve said. “What do you want if you win?”

“Well first, I bet that Nat will be a consummate professional,” Bucky said. “And when I win, I want you to clean my apartment in a French maid’s outfit. Only a French maid’s outfit.”

Steve laughed at that. “Deal.”

Steve felt equally smug and anxious at the end of the mission. In the last 10 minutes of the mission, there had been one monster left. It looked like someone had tried to create a sort of Minotaur by mixing a bull with a gorilla. Natasha was berated by Bucky for doing what she did, though as soon as Bucky had left, she sent a conspiratorial wink in Steve’s direction.

They showered off in the locker rooms at Avengers Tower as soon as they got back and Bucky followed him up to Steve’s floor. Steve’s heart was beating so hard he thought that it might jump out of his chest. He hadn’t actually thought that he was going to win the bet, but once Bucky had taken the bait, there was no way to back out of it. He had been preparing himself to wear a ridiculous, frilly skirt in the back of his mind the entire way to the mission site. Getting a blowjob from Bucky… he hadn’t expected that to ever happen.

They walked through the doors and Steve headed towards the couch in the living room. He sat down and spread his legs with more confidence than he actually felt. Bucky stood on the other side of the room and scowled at him.

“Well?” Steve asked. His voice was a lot steadier than he expected it to be.

“Well what, punk?” Bucky replied.

“You lost the bet,” Steve said. Then he grinned and cupped his groin, feeling his half-hard cock through the fabric of his jeans. “Time to pay up.”

Bucky’s eyes immediately dropped to Steve’s groin and Steve pointedly rubbed at his cock again before moving his hand away to rest at on his thigh. His jeans were starting to tent noticeably and if it weren’t for the fact that Steve had someone to help him with it for once, he’d have kicked all his clothes off and started jerking off as soon as he got through the door. Bucky walked over slowly and dropped to his knees in front of Steve. His eyes rose to meet Steve’s as he unbuttoned Steve’s pants and pulled them down to the floor. Steve’s heart skipped a beat at the heat and lust in Bucky’s eyes.

“Whitey tighties,” Bucky said lowly. He lowered his face to Steve’s groin and mouthed at the clothed head of Steve’s cock. “Really, Stevie?”

“Shut up and get to it,” Steve replied breathlessly. Bucky ignored him and nuzzled his face in Steve’s crotch, mouthing and blowing hot air onto Steve’s dick. Steve was uncomfortably hard, now, yet Bucky didn’t seem to be in any great hurry. Actually, he seemed to be enjoying this. It was… unexpected… and hot. It took all of Steve’s restraint not to shove his underwear down and free his cock.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, you know,” Steve murmured. Bucky looked up at him and stilled for a moment.

“Thanks, but,” he said before he took the hem of Steve’s underwear in his teeth. “I’m fine.” He pulled the garment down to the floor. Steve sighed in relief as his cock sprang free. Bucky stared at his length for a moment before looking up at him again. “I’m more than fine, actually.”

Fuck, Steve thought. Bucky grinned up at him and licked one long, slow swipe up the veiny length of Steve’s cock.

“Fuuuuck,” he groaned. Bucky chuckled lowly in victory and Steve actually began to wonder who was actually getting the better end of the deal here. “God, you’re such a fucking tease.”

Bucky didn’t say anything. He just kept staring up into Steve’s eyes as he left little kitten licks along the head of Steve’s cock. Steve groaned when he felt something cold and metal fondling his balls. He shivered as he realized that it was Bucky’s metal hand between his legs, gently cupping and rolling Steve’s balls in his hand.

“Fuck, you’re gonna kill me at this rate,” Steve moaned.

“Damn, I’m good, but I’ve never been that good,” Bucky chuckled.

Steve had a fraction of a second to think about what he meant by that before Bucky took the head of Steve’s cock in his mouth and swallowed it down to the root. Steve moaned at the feeling of Bucky’s hot, wet mouth surrounding his cock. Bucky began moving in a slow, easy rhythm, taking his time as he stared up at Steve. Steve found himself transfixed, unable to look away from his friend, at the lips stretched around Steve’s length, at the tears forming at the corners of Bucky’s eyes, or at the stray strands of hair that framed his face.

Bucky moaned around Steve’s cock and Steve lost it. He reached down and seized a fistful of Bucky’s hair, eliciting another pleased moan from his friend as he worked his mouth over Steve’s member. His tongue teased the underside, tracing the veins, licking at the head. It was by far better than any blowjob Steve had ever received from either men or women.

“Oh fuck! Oh shit,” Steve groaned loudly as Bucky hummed around him. “Who taught you how to suck cock, Bucky? God, they deserve a fucking medal.”

Bucky came off Steve’s cock and offered a truly filthy grin. “We grew up in Brooklyn, Stevie,” he said. “You pick up a thing or two.”

“I grew up in Brooklyn, too, and I don’t remember any of this,” Steve moaned. “Course, I was sick for the most part.”

“Never too late to learn,” Bucky murmured, licking at the head. His metal hand moved from Steve’s balls to wrap around the base of his dick. Steve gasped at the contrast of Bucky’s hot mouth and his cold hand. “Think I could teach you a thing or two.”

“God, just suck me off, already,” Steve hissed. Bucky’s grin grew as he lowered his mouth to wrap around Steve’s cock again and sucked, moving his fist in tandem with his mouth. It felt incredible, like Steve was going to burn up any second now. His entire body was flushed with arousal.

Bucky’s metal hand released his cock and Steve sighed in relief as Bucky’s mouth sank down on his cock again. God, his throat was so hot and tight. What the fuck was I doing before this? Steve wondered. Bucky was amazing at sucking cock.

Bucky reached up to roam his metal hand over Steve’s flushed skin. The cool metal against his skin felt amazing, until the fingers grazed over one of Steve’s nipples. He moaned and bucked up into Bucky’s mouth. Bucky moaned around him and an electric current ran straight through Steve’s body.

“Fuck, Bucky,” Steve groaned. “Fuck, you’re so good at this. Such a pretty cocksucker. God, your lips look so good stretched around my cock.”

Bucky hummed and quickened his pace. He seemed to worship Steve’s cock, closing his eyes and sucking on it like there was nothing else that mattered. Steve’s hand in his hair twisted, burying it in Bucky’s silky strands. Bucky whined and came off, breathing in deep, ragged breaths. He opened his eyes and grinned up at Steve. He looked totally wrecked and like there was nothing in the world he’d rather do.

“Need a break, old man?” Bucky asked. He leaned down and licked up Steve’s cock. His flesh hand stroked over one of Steve’s thigh and up to Steve’s abs. His metal hand was still teasing Steve’s nipple and it took most of Steve’s concentration to focus on what Bucky was saying.

“I can do this all day,” Steve replied. His voice was huskier than he expected. Bucky opened his eyes and looked up into Steve’s as he kissed the head.

“Sounds good to me,” he said. Steve relaxed his grip on Bucky’s hair and the man descended on his cock with renewed vigor. Steve could feel his orgasm building, pooling in the pit of his stomach like fire. He thrust shallowly up into Bucky’s mouth.

“Jesus, Buck, I’m not gonna last much longer,” he moaned. Bucky quickened his pace, swallowing down to the root again and again. Steve’s other hand stroked up and down Bucky’s flesh arm, feeling the muscles beneath the smooth skin. Bucky moaned around Steve’s cock.

“I’m serious, Buck. God, you’re so pretty like this, I’m gonna come, you gotta get off.”

Bucky ignored him, moaning again around the head of Steve’s cock instead. Steve’s orgasm hit him then like a freight train. He shouted as he came in spurts down Bucky’s willing throat. Bucky’s mouth milked him through his orgasm until the last drop was teased from Steve’s shaft. Steve gasped for breath, his brain completely wrecked as his friend grinned triumphantly up at him, swallowing pointedly. Steve felt his cock twitch again in interest, despite having just come.

“That was… fuck, Bucky, I’ve never had a blowjob like that,” Steve gasped.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Bucky said, winking at Steve. Steve swatted his shoulder weakly.

“Jesus fucking Christ, you look amazing when you suck cock. I could have fucked you just like that,” Steve said.

Bucky looked up at him for a moment. “Why don’t you?” Bucky asked.


“Do it, Steve,” Bucky said. “Fucking fuck me. Right fucking now.”

All rational thought fled from Steve’s mind as he got up, pulled Bucky to his feet, and kissed him. He could taste himself on Bucky’s tongue, the subtle, salty flavor lingering in his mouth. It was hot and intoxicating. Steve grabbed Bucky’s thighs, lifted him up, and began walking in the general direction of the bedroom. Somehow, between bumping into a wall and narrowly avoiding the kitchen table, Steve managed to get Bucky to the bedroom and laid out on the mattress in one piece. He fished the lube out of the bedside table and tossed it on the bed before kneeling back over his friend.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Steve murmured in Bucky’s ear. Bucky moaned and arched up against Steve’s body, rubbing his crotch against Steve’s stomach.

“Maybe you should do something about that,” Bucky replied. Steve’s only response was to tear Bucky’s shirt off, almost literally. His hands trailed over Bucky’s body, the muscles rippling beneath the skin of his torso and his right arm, the scars where the gnarled tissue met his metal arm, and the metal arm itself.

“Jesus, you… you’re amazing. Gorgeous,” Steve whispered. He kissed his way down Bucky’s body, tracing the lines and grooves with his lips. He felt Bucky’s breath hitch when he got to Bucky’s left shoulder, but he ignored it and kissed it anyway. He kissed the line where flesh met machine that was all Bucky. “Gorgeous,” he whispered against it.

Bucky took a deep, shuddering breath. “Steve,” he murmured. “God, Steve, I’m so hard! Fucking do something, you punk.”

Steve’s hands dropped down to rub against Bucky’s crotch. He could feel Bucky’s hard cock straining against his pants. His heart raced as he palmed Bucky’s member, making him arch off the bed and rut against Steve.

“God dammit,” Bucky groaned. Steve chuckled and unzipped Bucky’s pants before fishing his cock out. Bucky sighed in relief as Steve stroked it lightly. Bucky’s cock twitched in Steve’s light grip. Bucky apparently decided that Steve was taking too long and unbuttoned his pants, shoved his clothes to his calves, and kicked them to the floor. He settled down, naked as the day he was born, on Steve’s bed.

“About damn time,” he sighed.


“Hey, you wanna put that pretty mouth of yours to use?” Bucky demanded. He rolled over and propped himself up on his knees, exposing his incredible, firm ass.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Steve growled.

He took Bucky’s ass and spread his cheeks apart. He looked down at Bucky’s puckering hole. As much as Steve wanted to bury his cock in his friend, he needed to taste him first. He knelt down behind Bucky and licked one long stripe over his ass.

Bucky moaned and pushed back against Steve’s face. Steve moaned against Bucky’s hole before he began lapping and licking at his hole hungrily. He felt Bucky’s hand reach back to grab at his hair. Steve swatted it away before reaching for Bucky’s other hand. A moment later, metal digits were fisting themselves in Steve’s hair, holding him against Bucky’s ass while Steve teased his hole.

Once Bucky was relaxed enough, Steve pushed his tongue past the tight ring of muscle. Bucky moaned as Steve fucked him with his tongue. The sound went straight to Steve’s cock, which begged for attention, for release. Steve resisted, though. He wanted the next thing he felt to be Bucky’s tight ass stretched around his cock. He almost came just from the thought of it.

“Fuck, Stevie, fuck, I’m gonna come,” Bucky moaned. Steve hummed against Bucky’s hole and kept fucking him. He lubed up a hand, reached around with one hand, and wrapped it around Bucky’s cock. He pumped Bucky’s cock as he fucked him with his tongue, listening to the symphony of sounds that escaped Bucky’s mouth. Bucky moaned loudly and Steve felt his ass clench as he came, hot seed shooting out onto the bed beneath them.

Steve got up, took the bottle of lube, and squeezed some out onto his fingers before he pressed one into Bucky’s hole. Bucky moaned desperately and pushed back against Steve’s hand. Steve hooked his finger until Bucky arched his back and moaned loudly. He teased Bucky’s prostate relentlessly. Bucky buried his face into the mattress beneath him, moaning and whimpering as Steve fucked him with a finger.

“You ready for more, Buck?” Steve asked. Bucky nodded and Steve pressed a second finger into him. Bucky groaned, writhing beneath Steve as he was stretched by Steve’s thick digits. “God, you’re so gorgeous like this. Can’t wait to feel you around my cock, baby. Gonna fuck you ‘til you can’t walk, talk, or think straight.”

“Well seeing as I’m gay, I already don’t do any of those things,” Bucky replied.

Steve paused. “Wait, really?” he asked. “Since when?”

“You really want to have this conversation now when your fingers are up my ass?” Bucky asked. “Thought you were planning on fucking me tonight.”

Steve angled his fingers over Bucky’s prostate again and grinned with satisfaction as Bucky’s back arched again when he moaned. He pressed a third finger into Bucky’s ass. Bucky moaned softly and Steve began thrusting his fingers in and out of his hole, teasing his prostate with each thrust. Bucky thrust back against him and Steve grinned as he stilled and watched Bucky fuck himself on his hand.

“God, please, Steve,” Bucky moaned. “Fuck me, fuck me, please. I need it.”

Steve didn’t need to be asked twice. He pulled his fingers out of Bucky’s ass and rolled Bucky over. Bucky looked up at him, confused.

“I want to see your face,” Steve said. Bucky leaned up and captured Steve’s lips in a hot, searing kiss. Steve kissed him back before he pulled away and lubed up his cock generously. He pressed the head of his cock to Bucky’s hole. Bucky nodded and Steve pushed in.

It was… Jesus Christ, it was amazing! Bucky was as tight and hot as Steve imagined. He pushed in slowly, inch by agonizing inch. Bucky breathed deeply, his hands digging into Steve’s arms, gripping him roughly as Steve pushed inside. When he bottomed out, Steve groaned and leaned forward, bracing himself on an arm next to Bucky’s head. He stared down into Bucky’s face. His mouth was curved in a loose, blissful smile. His hair clung to his face in a thin layer of sweat. His eyes were almost black with arousal. He was utterly beautiful and Steve wondered why he never noticed it before.

“I love you,” he murmured. That was it. The last piece fell into place and Steve knew why he had turned down Sharon nearly a year ago, why he had been satisfied with simply having Bucky back. He caressed Bucky’s face with his knuckles. His friend, his oldest, best friend, stared right back. He grabbed the back of Steve’s neck and pulled him down into another passionate kiss. “God, I love you so much,” he whispered against Bucky’s lips.

“God, Steve,” Bucky moaned. “God, I love you. Can’t fucking believe I didn’t know it.”

Steve’s heart soared at the words, not that he had expected anything else, not after everything they’d been through. He began to rock against Bucky’s hips, going slowly and relishing the feeling of being inside his lover or however they wanted to call this. He wrapped his arms around Bucky’s body and held him close. He thrust into him, aiming for his prostate and if the way Bucky arched against him or how his fingers dug into his back, Steve figured it was working.

“Fuck, Steve,” Bucky groaned. “Harder. Come on, fuck me harder, I can take it.”

Steve groaned and pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside and slammed back into Bucky. Bucky threw his head back and moaned loudly. Steve sucked on Bucky’s exposed neck as he fucked him hard and slow. Bucky’s nails dug into Steve’s back and it felt amazing. The slight pain, especially from Bucky’s metal hand, only spurred Steve onward.

Suddenly Bucky flipped them over and Steve was left momentarily confused. Bucky grinned down at him as he began to ride his cock, rocking his hips down against Steve’s. Steve’s hands rested against Bucky’s hips, squeezing and kneading his ass while he stared up at Bucky’s blissful face. Bucky braced his flesh hand against Steve’s chest and wrapped his metal hand around his length. He pumped himself as he rode Steve’s cock.

“Fuck yes, Buck,” Steve hissed. “Fuck yourself on my cock.”

Bucky moaned and rose off Steve’s cock as much as he could before sinking back down on it. Steve thrust up, fucking as deeply into Bucky as he could from this angle. Their hips smacked together with every thrust. The sound drove Steve to keep going, keep fucking, keep making Bucky moan and groan with pleasure. Bucky’s eyes were closed and his head rolled back as he moaned. Steve’s hands roamed over Bucky’s body, touching every inch until he reached the hand wrapped around Bucky’s member. Bucky’s metal arm moved to brace against Steve’s chest.

“I’m close, Stevie,” Bucky moaned. “Fuck me, God, fuck me. I’m gonna fucking come all over you.”

Steve thrust up faster into his lover. He jerked Bucky’s cock and stared up at him, the way his hair was plastered to his body by sweat, how his mouth hung open as a litany of gasps, moans, and grunts flowed from it, how his eyes were screwed shut, like he was overwhelmed with pleasure.

“Look at me,” Steve said. Bucky opened his eyes to stare down at Steve. “God, I love you so much.”

Bucky grunted as he came, his seed shooting out over Steve’s body and painting his stomach and chest. Steve moaned at the feeling of Bucky’s ass clenching around his cock, as if Bucky could actually feel hotter and tighter than he was before. Bucky collapsed on top of him and gasped for breath in Steve’s ear.

“Should I…?” Steve asked.

“Keep. Going,” Bucky gasped. “Want you to come inside me, doll.”

Steve redoubled his efforts. He was close, he wouldn’t last much longer, and fuck if Bucky moaning in his ear wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever heard. Bucky kissed Steve’s neck and sucked little bites on the smooth skin. Steve moaned hoarsely as he came, his come shooting inside his lover. Bucky’s ass clenched around him again, milking the come from his cock until Steve was utterly spent. Steve collapsed against the bed and grinned up at Bucky. They kissed lazily until Bucky rolled off Steve’s bed and sighed with satisfaction.

“You know, that was completely worth losing the bet,” Bucky said. Steve watched him walk to the bathroom. The slight limp in his step left him feeling just a bit smug. Bucky returned a moment later with a washcloth. “So what now?” he asked as he began to clean them off.

“You really think I would go back to the way things were after this?” Steve asked.

“No,” Bucky admitted. “But it’s nice to hear. So… are we sweethearts or something, now?”

“If you want to be,” Steve said.

“Idiot,” Bucky said as he lay down next to Steve. “Course I want to be your sweetheart.”

“I want to be your sweetheart, too, Buck.”

They kissed again. It was sweet and light this time. The heat of the moment had passed and they simply lay together, their limbs tangling together as they languished in each other’s arms.

“Say it again,” Bucky whispered. Steve thought for a moment before he realized what Bucky was asking for.

“I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.”

“Fucking sap,” Bucky chuckled. “I love you, too.”