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Distant Together

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There are two sisters sitting on the porch, drinking lemonade and watching two aliens try to disintegrate a hornet’s nest with ray blasters. Another, much smaller alien ran circles around their ankles, shouting words of excitement and encouragement in fond gibberish.

It was, to put it simply, a catastrophe, and the Pelekai sisters were enjoying every second of it.

Lilo leaned toward he r big sister and whispered sagely, “Should we get up and stop Jumba from making Pleakly invisible?”

Nani leaned back against the stairs and stretched. “Oh, I would, but I’m too tired. But let’s make sure they don’t make each other explode.”

Lilo nodded and shoved her sunglasses toward her eyes. A sweet mild breeze tickled her toes and she leaned casually back against the steps. There was a quiet sense of peace.

Even with the singing song of laser, the two sisters had each other.