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Connor's Aesthetic

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Connor's hand tightened around the gun in his hands, his eyes not leaving Markus'. His mission was almost complete.

Markus broke eye contact first, looking him up and down.

"Hold on, no, put the gun down. I am not getting killed by someone wearing that. We're going shopping right the fuck now."

Connor's mouth fell open. His vision paused, as he became surrounded by a red wall, screaming 'kill Markus' at him in more red text. The wall shattered around him.

A new message appeared in the corner of his vision.

I like this outfit??

"Wait, what the Hell? I picked this out myself!"

The gun was limp at his side, all-but forgetten. Connor's eyes were furrowed in confusion. He thought it was good!

"...You have so much to learn, jesus fucking Christ you look awful."

Connor lifted the gun again, pointing it yet again at Markus.

"Fuck you man my aesthetic is valid."