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Force Trouble

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“Rey, Rey!”

Rey groaned slowly opening her eyes to find herself what looked to be a hospital room. She looked up to find a man she didn’t recognize. “Where am I?”

The man with tan skin and curly black hair smiled. “You’re on D’Qar, the resistance base.”

Rey eyes widened trying to sit up, but the pounding ache of her head stopping her.

“Easy now.”

“Where’s Finn. He’s hurt.”

“It’s okay. I’m a friend of Finn. We’re taking good care of him.”

Rey sighed in relief.

“What’s the last thing you remembered? I’m sorry for asking, but our team is trying to figure out the story. We can’t really ask Finn since he…”

“Wait what happened to Finn?”

“He’s in a coma at the moment.”

Rey gritted her teeth thinking about the bastard Kylo Ren. Who did this to her friend? “Last thing I remember was the monster Kylo Ren killing his father and I was fighting him.” Rey smirked. “I sliced his face.”

Poe couldn’t help, but chuckle at that. “I would've loved to see that.”

Rey just smiled closing her eyes to get much needed rest.

Rey sighed touching Finn’s hand. “I’m sorry, but I have to leave. We’ll see each other again, I believe that.” Before leaving she gave him a kiss on the forehead.


Rey turned her head staring at the older woman in blue.

“May the force be with you.”

Rey nodded entering the falcon with Chewie.

Rey stared at cloaked man. She pulled out her light-saber holding it out to him when he turned around and stared at her. She walked closer to him placing the weapon into his shaky hands.

The elevators doors opened. Kylo looked around to find Hux talking to the supreme leader. He nervously walked in. Hux left giving him the smuggest look possible. Kylo got on his knees before his master.

Snoke stood walking towards him. “The mighty Kylo Ren, when I found you. I saw what master lived to see. I saw raw, untamed power and beyond that something truly special… The potential of your bloodline. A new Vader. Now, I fear I was mistaken.”

Kylo looked up. “I gave everything I have to you, to the dark side.”

“Take that ridiculous thing off.”

Kylo reached for his mask pulling it off with a hiss.

He touches Kylo’s cheek smearing the wetness he found. “Yes, there it is. You have too much of your father’s heart in you, young Solo”

“I killed Han Solo. When the moment came I didn’t hesitate!”

“And look at you. The deed split your spirit to the bone. You were unbalanced, bested by a girl who had never held a light-saber. You failed!”

Kylo gritted his teeth standing up, but a shock of lighting sent him flying back. Landing onto the hard ground.

“Skywalker lives. The seed of the Jedi order lives. As long as he does, hope lives in the galaxy. I thought you would be the one to snuff it out. You gave me the wrong coordinates and set the girl free! Unless you’re no Vader. You’re just a child… in a mask.”


He lifted his helmet up staring at it coldly. He moved his arm smashing his mask into the elevator wall. He removed the scratched up, misshaped mask from the wall only to hit it again and again. The elevator doors open the two officers outside went stiff. “Prepare my ship.” he said angrily stomping off. His lifeless mask laid on the ground smashed into pieces.