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Force Trouble

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Finn felt his anger start to boil when Kylo entered their cell. What the hell is he doing here? He thought. He knew Rey lied, he knew Kylo did something to her.

Kylo looked around to find Rey sitting in the corner of the room on an old mattress. He slowly moved towards her, eying her up and down. He had to know if what happened was just a fluke. “Scav….” He reached his hand out towards her, but stopped before he could reach her face.

“Stay away from her!” Finn growled.

Kylo turned his head glaring at the traitor.

Rey swallowed the lump in her throat.

Kylo tried again reaching towards Rey’s cheek, but stopped at the traitors voice.

“Don’t touch her.”

Kylo felt his eye twitch annoyed that he got interrupted again. “I can touch whatever I want. The scavenger belongs to me.”

“She doesn’t belong you you, She doesn’t belong to anyone!”

Kylo clenched his fist clenching his teeth. He knew that look. It was the same look he gave to Rey, longing. Someone needed to show this traitor his place. Kylo smirked a wicked idea popping into his head. “Does he know?”

Rey paled.

“I see, so he doesn’t.”

“Know what?” Finn questioned.

Kylo pushed a loose strand of Rey’s hair behind her ear. “Should I tell him, or…” He bent towards Rey’s ear and whispered seductively. “Or should I show him.”

Before Rey could protest, he tilted her chin and forced his mouth upon hers.

The only sounds that could be heard were Finn gasps and Rey’s moans.

Rey moaned, running her tongue against his lips, trying to get him to open up for her.

Kylo chuckled, opening his mouth, feeling her needy tongue explore his mouth. He gripped the back of her neck pulling her closer to his mouth. He was glad to know what was happening to him was mutual.

Rey panted, feeling Kylo’s tongue meet hers fighting for dominance. Her body felt hot - it burned. It was happening again. She had no control over her body again. She wanted to stop this, but her need for him was too much.

Finn finally shook himself out of his shock. He tried to move his body, but it wouldn’t allow it. “No, stop this,” Finn begged.

Kylo smirked pulling away watching a small amount of drool fall from Rey’s lips. He watched as she panted. “Kylo.” She finally spoke.

Kylo smiled, circling his finger on her trembling lips. “Suck it.”

Rey opened her mouth hesitantly, trying to blink away her tears of frustration and sadness. Licking his ring finger in a up and down motion. Popping it into her waiting mouth, sucking it eagerly.

“Rey?” Finn questioned in shock.

“Yes, suck it!” Kylo growled tugging on her hair pulling it loose from her three buns. “Show the traitor who you belong to. Show him how much of a slut you are.”

Rey moaned, sucking his finger harder.

Finn felt a sharp pain go through his chest. “No.”

Kylo smirked, watching the traitor suffer. Good, he deserved it. He popped his finger out of her mouth, causing Rey to whimper in protest. Kylo shifted his body until his clothed hard-on was firmly pressed against her already soaked pussy. He rolled his hips teasingly. “What do you want scavenger?” He rolled and stroked his aching cock against her.

“You,” she whispered.

“What was that?” He pulled away, causing Rey to protest. He placed a hand into his pants, stroking himself. “What do you want?”


“You’ve got to be more specific.” He placed his free hand on her aching core, rubbing it teasingly over her pants. “What do you want?”

“I want your cock inside of me!” Rey called out, causing Finn to freeze in horror.

Kylo smiled, pulling his leaking cock out of his pants. “Good girl.” He grabbed his cock, rubbing it against her cheek. “Suck it.”

Rey eyes widened. “I thought…”

“You need to prove that you deserve this inside your dripping pussy.”


“Suck it!” Kylo growled, putting it against her lips.

Rey blushed but nodded, opening her mouth for the awaiting tip.

“Fuck…” Kylo groaned feeling her mouth engulf his tip. It took all his self control not to shove the whole thing down her throat. He threw his head back, feeling Rey licking his swollen head. “Rey,” he whispered.

Rey eyes widened, her head going in an up-and-down motion on him. She thought she heard her name come from his lips, but it couldn’t be.

Kylo’s breathing became ragged, feeling himself getting closer to his release. He eyed her licking and kissing his tip. He turned his head so he couldn’t look at her or he would cum on the spot. That’s when he noticed the traitor trying to avert his eyes. He almost forgot he was there.

Finn tried to look away, but suddenly he felt something keeping his head from moving. He tried to close his eyes, but couldn’t.

“Don’t you want to enjoy the show? Don’t you want to watch me fuck her? This is going to be the closest thing you’ll ever get to having her.” Kylo pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop. In one quick move, he pulled her pants down along with her panties. He licked his lips eying her soaking wet pussy. He wondered how she would taste on his tongue, but that could wait. He needed her.

Rey called out, feeling his cock rub against her.

“Do you want this?”

“Yes…” she sighed

Kylo laughed. “Such a good little slut.”

“Ahhhh!” Rey called out, feeling Kylo enter her.

Kylo groaned, moving his hips in a circle motion. God, she was so tight. “Scavenger.”


Kylo nodded, lifting her hips to pull out and then to thrust back in.

“Kylo… Aah.” She tossed her head back, feeling him swell inside her. “More, Kylo.”

Kylo gripped her hips, no longer holding back as he pounded into her

Finn clenched his teeth. He never felt so much anger before, but… he blushed in shame. He also felt desire from what Kylo was doing to her. He watched the angles, the movements Kylo would enter her. The way they moaned each other's names. He was getting turned on watching Rey get fucked by Kylo Ren and he hated himself for it.

Kylo pulled out and slammed back in, hitting her g-spot repeatedly. “Such a good girl,” he groaned, grabbing her ass, pushing her closer to his cock. “So slick and tight for me.” He twisted his hips so he could enter her deeper. “You were made for my cock.”

Rey bit her hand, trying to muffle her moans. “Ky..lo.” She was so close. She whimpered in protest, when Kylo stopped his movements.

“I won’t let you cum, until you say it.”

Rey raised a brow.

“Say you’re my slut.”

Rey felt tears form in her eyes. He hated his man, but she needed him so bad. She hiccuped and said… “I’m Kylo Ren’s slut.”

Kylo smiled, pulling out and slamming back in, causing Rey to finally cum. After a few more grunts and thrusts, Kylo also came.

Rey bit her lip, feeling the warm liquid enter inside of her. She finally felt filled, but it was short-lived with the guilt she felt.

Kylo sighed, pulling his pants up. He stared at Rey’s trembling body, guilt flooding him. He pushed her hair out of her face causing her to flinch. “I’m sorry.” He walked out the room shutting the cell door behind him.

Rey’s body trembled slowly as she sat up, staring at Finn’s hurt face. “Finn.”

Finn frowned, looking away from her.

Rey bit her lip, noticing the anger and betrayal on his face. She betrayed her best friend.