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Deal with the Devil

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As Savage drew closer to the small cache of Dark Energon, his spark raced with fear. He knew that what he was about to do was both stupid and dangerous, but if he was going to save his brother he had to do this. He reached forward and pulled a good size shard from the small cache, he looked at it for a moment, his hand closing around it as if he were having second thoughts.

May I be forgiven for what I'm about to do.

Without a moments hesitation, he shoved the Dark Energon shard into his chest, merging it with his spark. His mouth opened as he let out a silent scream, it felt as if an icy hot needle was being plunged into his spark and it surged throughout his body. He fell to his knees when it increased, darkness crept into his vision blurring everything around him, his optics flashed purple before everything went black.

"Well, well, well. It seems that Megatron's younger brother has followed in his footsteps." A sinister voice commented.

Savage's eyes snapped open the second he heard the voice, with a small groan he pushed himself to his feet, his now purple optics widened when he found himself surrounded by thick lavender fog, other then that he was alone so where had that voice come from?

"How do you know that I'm Megatron's brother?" He asked, thinking that he wouldn't get an answer.

He was wrong.

"You can read my thoughts and I can read yours. When one merges my solidified blood with their spark, I can read their minds and look through their memories," The reply as though it was coming from all around him. "I did the same with Megatron as I did with you."

Savage growled deeply, clearly annoyed with having his private life invaded by the dark god. "show yourself." He demanded.

"I am a God. Why would I show myself to one as lowly as you?" The voice replied.

"I don't make a habit of talking to swirling smoke, that's why." The flyer retorted.

A large being a suddenly materialized a few feet in front of him, sinister purple optics stared down at him. He could feel those eyes peering into his very soul and fear once again gripped his spark, he proceeded to back away from the hulking figure. He didn't get far as he backed into something sturdy. Before he could see who it was he had backed into, a pair of burly arms wrapped around his waist pinning his arms and holding him in place with tremendous force. He was amazed that his wings hadn't broken from the sheer force of the grip.

He couldn't move, save for his head and kicking legs, the more he struggled the tighter the hold became, it soon made it hard for him to breathe. Growling in defeat, he ceased his struggles and went limp, he felt his spark seize up in fear as the dark hulking figure stepped out of the fog, revealing himself. It nearly caused the fliers spark to stop all together when he saw that the hulking figure was Unicron himself.

"Do you know who I am, little mech?" The large being asked.

"Yes." Savage replied, voice shaking.

Unicron smirked, he could literally taste the smaller mech's fear. "Then you know my name."


The dark god smirked. "Say it."


The dark God let out a deep, rumbling laugh his purple gaze fell upon the small, weak creature in front of him. He could crush him for daring to take what was his, and use his blood to gain more power but... no. He decided against it, mostly because like Megatron, this little one greatly amused him.

"You dare to speak my name and yet you tremble with fear at the mere sight of me. Why should I let you live? What purpose could your pitiful little life offer me? Tell me, and I may spare you..." Unicron finally said, a dark fanged grin on his immense visage.

Savage paled and trembled in fear. this was Unicron; the Destroyer! How could he be of any use to this dark Lord? The feeling of being small and insignificant crept over him. He refused to show it however, he quickly regained his composure, and with a hint of defiance in his voice, he spoke.

"If you spare me I will serve you any way I can great Lord. I can lead you to where the remaining Autobots have gathered." He couldn't give him an exact location but it was better then nothing. He was tempted to take back his words. But he couldn't... he had to save his brother!

The God laughed again, and his voiced filled the void again, resonating and powerful. "I have no need for such information. I already know where they are hidden. I merely leave them to think they are safe." He seemed thoughtful for a moment there, and tilted his head to the side, his intense, piercing purple gaze on the small mech. He took a step forward, and his form seemed to shrink to a more suitable form. "You little flyer are far more daring then even your brother. Interesting... and enticing. I have rarely seen one that have the will to not show fear in front of me. Even your brother trembled at the sight of me..."

Savage's optics widen at the dark gods statement, Megatron afraid of anything? It was unheard of and it made the flier a little uneasy and having second thoughts about this, if Megatron; a deadly gladiator of Kaon and Lord of the Decepticons was afraid of the Dark Lord Unircron what hope did he; a lowly soldier who just happened to be Megatron's younger brother have?

Wait a second… did he just say that I was more enticing then Megatron?!

There was a deep rumbling chuckle inside his head followed by a sinister voice. "You heard correctly, little flyer."

Savage's optics widen in both fear and shock which caused Unicron to chuckle again.

"You forget, my blood flows through your veins giving me access to your thoughts. Not only that, but there are many thing I can make you do." Unicron practically purred that last part.

Savage flinched as he felt the Dark Lord's claws graze his chest plates, leaving four long yet shallow cuts.

"I may not have need of information but like every mech, I do have needs." He hand slivered its way down to the smaller mech's crotch.

The captive flyer's breath hitched as his panel was grasped by the dark lord, seconds later Unicron's face was inches away from his own, the back of his head bumped into the second Unicron's chest; the one holding him captive. The Unicron in front of him chuckled at his reaction and let go of his panel to run the back of his hand down the right side of his face.

"You fear me, yet you don't show it, interesting," He observed. "But I do have a question?"

"And that would be?" Savage asked, keeping his voice steady.

"Megatron infused himself with my blood to become powerful, I've looked through your memories and found no such desire, so why did you infuse yourself with my blood?"

"I-I," Savage cleared his throat. "I did it to save my brother."

The dark God lifted an optic ridge at this, his mouth quirking up in a evil smirk. He traced the edge of the mech's optic with a wickedly sharp claw and a thoughtful expression crossed his sharp, angular features. "Save him you say? Save him from what, little flyer?"  he purred, leaning closer and pressing against him, invading his personal space and enjoying how uncomfortable the flyer looked.

Savage gulped and tried not to flinch at the touch, the overwhelming presence of the God in front of him, Unicron felt like an immovable mountain, a force so great, old, and powerful  it could not be bent or pushed into surrendering. This was frightening yet awe-inspiring it make him realize how truly insignificant he was in the presence of a God. The smaller mech was finding it hard to find his words and answer the dark Lord coherently.

"Save him... from himself. He is... What he's doing... its destroying who he is..." He finally answered, and as he expected, Unicron just started laughing, his voice coming from everywhere around him and not only the being in front of him. The echo lasted a long after the dark one had stopped laughing, it sent shivers run down the flyer's back but he had to remain calm despite his racing spark.

"Megatron is far beyond saving. He gave me his spark a long ago, it's already been consumed and only cinders remain, little flyer. But you are welcome to try... this may prove... amusing." He taunted, smiling down at him like a predator to its captive prey. "His spark resides in the Pit, where it will remain for the rest of eternity with the rest of the Damned."

He rumbled the last words with a voice that yet again was coming from all and every directions at the same time, dark and powerful, chilling the flyer to his core, Savage trembled as he felt phantom hands touching and caressing his body leaving no part of him untouched, he managed to keep silent as claws traced the edges of his wings, the most sensitive part of him. Not only could the flyer feel Unicrons claws upon him but feel the unyielding eyes of the dark god focused on him, the insignificant Cybertronian who was foolish enough to seek the Devil himself.

"You too shall join him within the Pit, little Savage. Your spark is mine for the taking."

Savage swallowed nervously, he knew that his next words would either save Megatron or condemn them both for eternity.

"What-what if I trade my spark for his?"

Unicron grinned fangs bared. "I already have your spark, little flyer. Unless.... You have something else to offer me."

The Dark Lord's purple gaze lowered to Savage's panel before opening his own. A smirk appeared on his faceplate at the look of shock on the fliers face when his rock hard cock sprung free. The thing was... huge. It was very thick, large and ridged, looking almost like a weapon in itself, and it was already throbbing, the broad head already glistening with pre-cum.

"Impressive, is it not?"

Savage was too stunned to reply, he was certain it would tear him apart, how could a lowly Mortal endure being taken by a God? He'd certainly die in the process... but he realized that, to save his brother, he would need to lay down his life and forfeit it to the Dark God.

"Now... Open your panel and I shall consider sparing your brother's soul." Unicron purred.

Savage closed his optics, spark racing with fear, but he knew that he had to do this, for Megatron. Biting his bottom lip as he opened his panel, freeing his cock. He wasn't fully arsoued at the moment, but the thrill of seeing the God, of being wanted by a God, it was... it was making his dick hard and ready.

"My, my. Gifted aren't you?"

Savage flinched when he legs were forced apart, he let out a small gasp when the tip of the Dark God's member prod the slit that marked him as a breeder, It was so big! A shudder of fear shook his frame, and he let out a little whimper.

"You're mine now, Savage and when I call for you to return to me, you will come."

Savage bared his teeth in pain as the dark God slowly began to sink into him, stretching him to the point he was certain he would be split in two, but it did not happen. Unicron was already halfway inside. Through the pain, he heard Unicron speaking.

"Will you come when I call?"

"Yes." He replied as the pain increased as the God sank deeper inside him.

"To take what I will of you, without resistance?"

Savage knew that by agreeing with is terms, it would condemn him for all time. But as long as Megatron was safe, it would be worth it.

"Y-Yes..." Savage finally breathed, then cried out when the huge length pushed all the way inside him, tears feeling his eyes at the as he gasped in pain. "S-Stop! I-It hurts!"

Unicron laughed, his claws digging mercilessly into his hips, holding him still, his presence overwhelming and intimidating. "No protest, little flyer, or the deal is void..." He purred before sliding out for a moment then surged back inside the smaller mech, smirking at the agonized cry that came from his new pet. He could feel energon blood and juices coating his length as he took his pleasure. He gave Savage's audio a little nip before speaking in a whisper that still filled the fog filled void. "I accept your offer... as long as you do everything that i demand of you. Ugh! By the pit you are tight, I will certain enjoy ravaging you in the future."

Savage bit his lips, tears staining his cheeks, he briefly wondered if he made the right choice... His blood and lubricant was spattered his own and his master's legs. He writhed in pain filled pleasure, head thrown back his mouth gaping in a silent scream. "AGH! M-master! Have... have mercy!..." He finally cried out when pain and pleasure became too much to bear and his mind close to snapping like dry wood. He was being used, defiled in a way he had never thought possible, but he was wrong... he hadn't seen the worst yet.

Unicron was far from done. He laughed and clawed at his toy's chest plates, coaxing it open, he leaned forward and ran his tongue around the pulsating orb, smirking at the cry of pleasure from the flyer. Oh, how easy it would be for that pleasure filled cry to swiftly change to that of agonized screaming should he wrap his hand around it and squeeze. He made a mental note to use that as punishment should the need come for it, for now he would enjoy the taste of his pet's spark.

"Gods! Master! Please!" Savage cried, back arching as Unicron continued to lick and play with his spark.

The dark one gave his toy's spark one more lick before pulling away and opening his own chest plates revealing a crimson red spark crisscrossed with thin, spiderweb-like black lines looking like an infected wound. It somehow looked organic if that were possible, it was a truly terrifying sight... one last humiliation to bestow upon the smaller as he continued to take his own twisted pleasure.

"You are all mine little Flyer. I shall make sure that you can't merge with another. YOU ARE MINE! For all eternity." He growled, and violently brought his old, malevolent spark upon the smaller blue one, tainting it with his evil, twisted essence.

Savage's optics widen and his mouth opened in another silent scream as his spark was forced to merge with that of the dark gods, he couldn't help but flinch away from Unicron's twisted presence as their sparks met, Primus it was just like shoving the shard into his chest all over again only more intense and personal, that intensity grew until the flyer was overpowered by the menacing strength and power of the dark god. His entire body was on fire and all he could feel was the twisted presence of Unicron and thousands of rotten, Damned sparks that resided within him, he could feel his climax swiftly approaching under the vicious thrusts of his master. A twisted, unnatural kind of climax brought him out mire by sheer terror and overwhelming kaleidoscope of emotions then by pleasure, even if the carnal side of this coupling was making his body heat up and respond despite himself. He kept telling himself that he was putting himself through this to protect his brother, he was making a deal with the devil to save Megatron's soul. That was all that held him from going completely insane...

"You are mine, little flyer." Unicron growled. "Body and soul."

Savage screamed as he finally climaxed, his vision began to darkness but the last thing he saw was the dark and twisted smirk of Unicron followed by the words. "You are mine, in both body and soul…"

Unicron continued to take his pleasure long after the flyer lost consciousness, a pleased and sadistic fanged smirk on his lips. His roar filled the foggy void as he reached his own climax spark beats later, he was looking forward to their next meeting.

X x X

Savage gasped as regained consciousness, his optics back to their normal blood red color, he sat up and looked around, he was still in the cave and Unicron was nowhere in sight. He then realized that his chest plates were ajar and he quickly closed them, shaming reddening his cheeks as he remembered the feel of Unicron's tongue around it. He groaned as he stood up body stiff. He looked at the small cache of dark energon and gasped when he saw Unicron's face looking at him a twisted smirk, his voice soon filled the cavern.

"Never forget that you are mine. Your body, your spark belongs to me."

"Y-yes… master." Savage replied, lowering his gaze.


When Savage looked up, Unicron's face was gone and he was alone again, but he knew better, he could still feel Unicron presences and he knew that he wouldn't escape the dark lord.

As long as Megatron is safe, it will be worth it. He told himself, but he wondered if selling his body and soul would be enough to appease the dark one.