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I Wish I Had It Like You

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The breeze was soft with the slow ride to the open house Haruhi had seen in the paper. The sun warming everything its light touched was the sigh on summer. Now Haruhi originally planned on spending the summer at the bed and breakfast she always works at, however the boys wouldn't hear it. She agreed as long as she could find a beach house to rent, rather than fighting over which private condo to go to.The boys, eager to make sure Haruhi was a part of their summer agreed and here they are.

They pulled into the driveway of a rather large house on the beach. It was much larger then any of them had anticipated. There was only two other vehicles there, and Haruhi assumed on at least one belonged to the landlord. Which would make getting this place a lot easier without having to deal with a whole bunch of others trying to get it. (To be continued)