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Trauma Stitched with Love

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Trauma stitched with Love by Rinichey by TheMystiqueStarlight

There goes a saying in the human world, that “all men are created equal.” Clearly they had never seen the monster world, otherwise they would have retracted that statement out of their declaration. In this world, monsters were created unequal, some not even being born into the world. Some were birthed naturally, some were horrible experiments gone wrong, some were from other dimensions, and some found themselves transported from the world of humans to the world of monsters upon their inevitable deaths.

Vicky was the literal term of being created. She was the most successful reanimation of all of her father’s failed attempts, and was an only child because he “didn’t want to go through that again”. Starting with the body of a child, it was trial and error for her father to unstitch and re-stitch the right body parts to keep up with her growing mind. He even still had her original corpse that he brought her to life in displayed in a glass case in the front of their foyer for people to gaze upon and take pictures at his parties.

He was a genius known through Monstropolis for his rabid creations and breakthroughs in crimes against nature. There was never a worry about money, nor social status, but there was one thing Vicky wanted the most when growing up.

And finally, she was going to get it.

She had waited all her life for this day. No more private schools, no more home schooling, and no more hours spent staring at the ceiling in complete boredom. No, she had twisted her father’s arm, quite literally, until he finally relented to her demands. And now it was all she could think about, she couldn’t even get a wink of sleep the night before.

“Are you sure about this?” Vicky could hardly hear her father’s questioning tone as she bounced up and down in her seat. She eagerly watched the car roll past neighborhoods and the occasional tree set on fire and wondered if that was just a thing in this particular area. “I hear most monsters would jump at the chance to get out of situations like this. Not beg their father to take them there.”

“Don’t try talking me out of it!” Vicky let go of the window to turn in her seat, a beaming smile on her face. “You said you would let me go and I’m going! I’ll never get this chance again if we turn around now.”

“But public education?” Her father sneered just when saying the word and gripped the steering wheel tighter. It was actually impressive how he could drive, considering he was a giant pray mantis. “You’re way too smart for this cesspool of societal rejects. The only stimulation you’re going to get here is the final bell ringing to let you out of this infestation of neanderthals and hooligans.”

“No one uses those words anymore, dad.” Vicky noticed a strand of hair threatening to mess up her picturesque face and blew it to the side. “Besides, you went to public school.”

“And that’s exactly why I’m against you going! It was awful, a waste of my time, and certainly nothing I would want to relive.” He almost growled when listing off the negatives. “It’s not a place for sophisticated and intellectual minds like us.”

“Dad, you promised.” Vicky felt an oncoming frown when her eyes caught a glimpse ahead. Her eyes widened, pressing herself back up against the window with an over exaggerated gasp. “Oh my god! There it is!”

The giant skull adorning the front of the school was a dead-giveaway from the tour she had gotten just a week before school started, but the giant football field, the outside auditorium and the huge tower off the side of the school also helped. She could feel the car slow as her father parked alongside the curb, her hand almost ripping off the car door.

“Now wait a minute!” Freedom beckoned to her through the small crack she made before her father snatched her wrist. Vicky turned around with puffed cheeks. “I get it, you’re excited to go interact with your age group and maybe it was my bad that I didn’t make any friends for you to play with. But I’m letting you know right now; if you suddenly realize you don’t want this, we can go back to home-schooling and you don’t ever have to go through this again.”

“Doubt it.” Vicky knew her father was trying to be compassionate, so she moved over to quickly kiss him on the cheek. “Don’t worry so much. I’ll be fine. I’m tougher than I look.”

“You better be.” Her father let out a hearty scoff. “I paid good money for those super-human limbs.”

The two shared a grin before Vicky gave her father as awkward of a hug that can be given in a car. A swift kick to the door was all Vicky needed to blind the car with that taste of freedom and she was hasty to climb out. “Okay bye see you after school don’t wait up for me!”

“I’ll come pick you up after school! Remember that you’re a Schmidt!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Vicky did a cutesy turn, all the while helping her backpack swing over her shoulder and slip her other arm through it. She watched her father’s car drive past her and down the road, all the while knowing her dad was peering right at her through the rear-view mirror.

She imagined most kids who grew up isolated in their family’s mansion would be scared and timid on their first day of school. But not this reanimated corpse; she felt excitement and a longing to scream at the heavens. Finally, freedom!

She almost busted a move right then and there, but something told her that she wasn’t fun enough to really pull that off. Perhaps she’d have another moment to do so. Hopefully with her new friends!

She practically skipped towards the school when a blue Frisbee zipped over her head. She eagerly watched it float away and back towards her, ready to jump up and catch it when a voice yelled behind her. “I got it I got it I got it!”

She barely had time to register what to do as the figure smashed into her. She was thankful now that her father had spent so much on her enhanced limbs when she felt the full weight of the monster crush her into the ground, followed by a few more rolls until they finally stopped.

The world was spinning in Vicky’s eyes, or maybe her eyeballs had become dislodged, she didn’t know. She hoped it wasn’t the latter; she didn’t dare give her father the smug satisfaction of having her call him before she even stepped into the school to take her home. The figure above her scampered off while she tried to gain her bearings. “Oh man, I’m so sorry! I didn’t even see you! All I could think about was catching the Frisbee!”

Oh, a simple accident! Vicky finally felt the world stop spinning, chuckling even. So this was what high school was like! “It’s all good! No need to apolo—!”

That’s when she finally got a good look at her partner in crime. She could have written the excessive amount of hair off as some big foot descendent, and the long ears could have been simply from a deer person. But the second she saw the mouth full of canines her heart stopped, her hands pulling at the grass beneath her. Dread and horror tugged at her facial features to give her a terrified look.

Her attacker seemed eager to show off the pair of pearly whites, reaching a hand down to her. “Here, let me help!”

He reached his hand out and Vicky gave a slight scream that made him pull away. She kicked at her legs to help her stand and scurried off before the monster could even call out to her. She didn’t stop running until she had burst through the front doors and down a few halls.

When she felt she had successfully gotten away, Vicky pressed herself up against a hidden nook between some lockers and made herself small, despite the looks she got from other monsters just trying to get to class. Her heart pounded at her chest and she was almost afraid it had fallen out, gasping and trying to inhale deeply. No doubt about it; that was a werewolf, and the mere thought of his sharp teeth sent a jolt of paranoia through her mind alongside a horrifying memory.

The glistening fangs, the loud snarling, and the way it ripped into her arm. No, she wasn’t there anymore; she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She didn’t have to be afraid but god she was. No one had told her anything about a werewolf here!

“You all right?” Vicky didn’t ignore the voice aimed at her and steeled herself in case the werewolf had followed her. Instead three pairs of heads peered down at her, the middle one from a black woman with a spit of fire for hair. The other two behind her looked to be a zombie and some shadow creature; she didn’t know but was making her best educated guess. “You look like you just saw death.”

“I feel like it.” Vicky let out a pitiful laugh, still clutching herself tightly. The school bell rang from above, which got her to pop her head out of her shell. “Crap, this can’t be happening.”

She buried her head and let out a tired sigh. Late to her very first class, she couldn’t wait for her father to hear about it.

“You look like you need some de-stressing.” Vicky lifted her head to see the woman extend a hand to her. Her smile was warm, just like the embers on her head. “Come on, don’t leave us hanging.”

Unlike the other hand, this one felt way more inviting, so Vicky wasn’t too hesitant on taking it. She helped herself up and moved out of her tiny, cramped hide-out while noticing dust stuck to the sides of her sweater. She probably looked even worse on the back as the hand led her down the hall. “We going to class?”

“Class?” The woman almost laughed. “Nah, that’s boring as hell. You won’t miss anything. We’re going someplace even better.”

Even better sounded promising, though skipping class was probably not something she should do. Still, if going by her father’s logic that all monsters were neanderthals, and if the neanderthals thought the class was easy, then surely for a mind like hers it would put her to sleep. Maybe skipping wasn’t so bad after all. Perhaps she’d gain some foothold into this new school life with this little escapade.

With a small smile tugging at her lips, Vicky hoped that wherever they were going was towards a better morning than the one she was already having.