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What Their Hate Caused

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The syringe was lifted up to the light and Michael Bukowski double checked to make sure the bubbles were gone. He didn't need to send an air bubble into his veins,no way.

No,he wanted to inject this bacterium and make sure those slags couldn't take him over. Like the police or the courts. Judge Kaiser had put him away,but thanks to his new friends Kaiser was dead,and very soon the rest of those aliens would be as well.

But until then he had to protect himself. And this would do it. The same bacteria that would kill the new comers would keep them out of his head. After all,it was safe for humans,Mrs Bryant said so. She'd made sure it couldn't hurt humans,so Michael would be safe.

Only what Michael Bukowski didn't know was what he was injecting into his body was 100% pure bacteria. It wasn't watered down or in aerosol form. Like this it was impossible to guess what its effects would be. But he didn't know this. In his mind this would protect him from an imagined threat and keep him safe from mind control. He had no clue that something new was growing,mutating within him.

Less than two hours later he was running from the police he was starting to suffer from a slight headache. Whilst being questioned his temperature started to rise and by the time his lawyer arrived he was was feverish and proceeded to pass out on the desk in front of him as his lawyer gave him options

He was dead before he got to the emergency room. The doctors performed CPR on him for thirty minute before he was officially pronounced dead when he sat back up and took a chunk out of the nurses arm.


George knew he should try and have a civil conversation with Matt,but it was hard when he was being so,so...human. But then again he couldn't really help it. Humans were complicated beings. They had impossible to decipher moods and emotions and honestly,George was getting tired of dealing with them.

Then again,the odd moods and his inexplicable emotions were part of what made Matt who he was. George knew that he had maybe, possibly, might have been flaunting a little more than he should have. And it looked that was going to end their partnership. He knew they should apologise to each other but every time they spoke they ended up in that tense nonspeaking situation that was impossible to get out of.

He was about to go and get them both a cup of coffee when Zapeda came to his desk.

"We've got a problem. A big one. Michael Bukowski is dead."

George froze in his seat."How? When?"

"About an hour ago. He suffered cardiac arrest, then he went ballistic and attacked he staff. When the security guard pulled a gun he went for him and-"she handed him a number and the notes she'd taken,"The witnesses aren't making much sense yet."

"Thank you. Do you know where Matt is?"

"He was helping Albert deal with a crazy. He's locked him self in the supply closet and won't come out."

George nodded and went in search of his partner, finding him on the next floor talking though a door. Albert was standing off o the side looking worried.

"Albert,how did he get in there?"

"He shoved me out the way took the keys." He pointed to the elastic that kept the keys attached to his belt, leading off to disappear in the crack in the supply closet door. Albert was as stuck as the man in the closet.




"What is it George."


"We need to get to to Saint Peters hospital. Bukowski is dead."


Matt pulled away from the door and looked up at his partner."Please tell me your kidding?"


"I'm afraid not."


Moving away from the door he rubbed his face."Okay. Albert, cut yourself loose and then go to the front desk and tell the to go find a crow bar or something. There might be one in the evidence locker. Just get the guy out of there."


"I will. Thank you for your help."



The Emergency room was quiet as they searched for the doctor they needed. Dr Froster was eventually found asleep in the laundry room, looking exhausted.


"Sorry,grabbing some shut eye whilst I can.""


"We were told you were the doctor treating-"


"The guy who went nuts,yeah. Came as DOA." Froster said,and led them to the drinks machine.


"If he was dead on arrival how did he attack a nurse. Was the attack in the ambulance?" George asked whilst Matt just looked confused."We may have been given the wrong information."


"No,you weren't. They tried to resuscitate him for thirty minutes. He was dead when he got here. I called time on him." Froster leaned down and picked up his coffee."He got up off that gurney and attacked Nurse Quatras and an orderly called Simon Says,a new comer. We sent them both home after they gave the statements to the responding officers."


"We'll still need to talk with them. Can you give us there addresses?" Matt asked,then his mouth tool over from his brain."So we can verify the details of your Romero moment in the ER."



"Doubtful detective. More likely there was an equipment malfunction that gave a false reading. After being unable to subdue him the security tried pulling his weapon.I think he wanted to scare the guy.Anyway all it did was get his attention."


"I take it this was when he went for the guard."


"Gun went off and took the top of his head off. He's definitely dead now." Sipping his drink he turned to Matt,"I don't know what happened, but during the attack I shot him up with enough sedative to knock out rhino. It didn't even make him blink. It wouldn't surprise me if he wasn't on something."


Doubtful, George thought. He may have acted weird during the interrogation but Bukowski had problems. George was certain he had some diagnosed mental illness. But high? No.


"Dr Froster to the ER. Dr Froster to the ER."The tanoy called, and then a buzzing sound made them look at Froster's hip.


"I have to go. Do you need anything else."


"No We'll get the addresses from the reception desk."


The doctor left and Matt watched him.


"Jesus. That must have been creepy to watch."


"Matt, what did you mean by Romero Moment?"


"Oh, there a director who specializes in zombie flicks. You know, dead come back to life, eat the living?"


George looked at him like he was trying to figure out if that was a joke or not. The Matt realised that maybe trying to explain zombie movies to George was a lost cause.

They left the hospital in silence and headed for the home of Simon Says, who lived closest to the hospital. George tried to say something, but found that each time he tried he'd catch Matt's eye and think he was about to say something. But then Matt wouldn't speak, and George was beginning to wonder if the human was doing it on purpose.

They arrived at the apartment bloke when Matt finally said,"Look George, I-"


Both were out of the car in seconds and raced into the building, the screaming getting louder as the reached the fourth floor. In the corridor ahead of them they saw a New Comer Male being shoved away of a young women who was covered in blood, screaming and sobbing as she bled on the floor.

"This Is George Francisco on Treven Street . We need an ambulance. Human female bleeding profusely from several wounds. Back up required to deal with suspect New Comer Male." Stripping off his jacket he knelt beside the women and applied pressure to the wounds on her upper arm. Four deep wounds, one of which allowed you to see nearly to the bone. But what George found most disturbing was the fact that the edges looked impossibly like teeth marks.

Matt was helping the women's hero push the attacker away. Simon was coming for them, trying to bite them as they tried to subdue him, but it wasn't working. Outside George could hear approaching sirens and decided to get the women out of the hallway.

"Matt, I'm going to get her out of here."

"Can't it wait."

"She's losing a lot of blood and I can hear, never mind, you can here the ambulance now."

With a grunt of effort Matt and the man managed to keep the New Comer on the ground.

"Take the girl. I'll deal with the loony."

George lifted the women easily an carried her swiftly down the stairs and out the door,meeting the Paramedics at the door and left the women with them before rushing back to Matt.

He returned to horror scene. Matt was unconscious on the floor beside the would be hero who had saved the women was lying in a pool of rapidly spreading blood.

The New Comer had his mouth buried in the throat of the unknown hero. He chewed and swallowed and George knew he had to get Matt out of there. Gut instinct told him to grab him and run,but he had to try and save the civilian.

So he edge forward a managed to hook his fingers into Matt's sweater before dragging him swiftly away as his partner groaned his way back to consciousness.

Once Matt was safely moved George drew his weapon and said."Step away from the man and put your hands above your head."

He got no reaction and he stepped closer. Behind him Matt was starting to try and sit up before two uniformed officers came up the stairs.

"One of you get Detective Sikes downstairs. The one stay here and help me."

A loud groaning made them look towards the victim,who was suddenly convulsing on the floor. Simon Says staggered to his feet and began advancing on them.

Blood dripped from his jaw and the man he'd attacked began to rise up. His throat was badly mauled,his blood oozing. The wound showed his trachea. Most of the skin was peeled back and showed the shredded muscle beneath.Without the muscle that was missing meant his head flopped over on the side as it didn't have the support it needed to keep the head upright.

They advanced and George raised his weapon.

"Get back!"

"Shoot him."Matt coughed. George looked over at him before giving the advancing threat another warning.

He didn't get the chance to fire as a door opened and an elderly women stepped out into the hall in front of them.She didn't stand a chance and the officer who now stood next to George opened fire as Matt was helped down the stairs.

The bullet caught Simon in the side,hitting his left heart. What shocked George was that the blood he bled looked almost congealed It made no impact,and both men slid though the door and the women started screaming.

They followed and immediately began firing, They hit both men with chest shots that did nothing to stop them. Then George remembered what Dr Froster had said in the hospital.

"Aim for head shots."he said.

"Yes sir."

This time they stayed down.


Captain Grazer listened to the story Detective Francisco and the officers told him and thought one thing. That these men and been severely traumatised by witnessing something terrible ad now they were a little confused as to what they had seen.

"I want you to go away and think about what you you just told me. Maybe go and speak to the prescincts therapist. Then come back tomorrow morning and tell what you saw again."he told them,and he could tell that they were annoyed by the fact that he didn't believe them. George stayed when the other two left.

"Sir.I don't know what made them behave the way they did,but I know what it looked like." He said.

"Look George,I understand that what you saw certainly looked like a couple of walking corpses. But most likely they were hyped up on the same thing Michael Bukowski."Grazer said,and leaned back in his chair."Just wait for the pathologist to ge-"

The phone rang an he held up his had to ask to to wait a moment,he pulled away for a second,"Well speak of the devil." George watched as Grazer lost his smile and grew pale. "Your certain of your findings."

George was feeling apprehensive. He spotted Matt though he window and waved him over, opening the door before he got to it.

"You could have called to me you know,I don't need you to wa-"

"We're about to find out what killed Bukowski."

Matt shut up and came into the room. When Grazer put own the phone he stared at it for a moment.

"Michael Bulowski was killed by an over dose of extremely pure bacteria." Grazer said,"The same Bacteria that killed Judge Kaiser and-"

"Crap!"Matt snapped."I though that stuff only hurt New Comers?"

"It seems as though the purity of what he took mad it susceptible to changes once inside the body." Grazer rubbed his mouth and reached for the phone."Get all of your note and reports together. Once I've called the Mayor I'll contact the FBI. This isn't just targeting key people anymore."

"It not?" George said.

"George,the pure stuff can kill Humans. Diluted it only effects New Comers. If that's pure then whoever is using it must have to water it down so it can be airoslised so it can be breathed in.

George felt sick. His stomach rolled and he had to sit down. Matt grabbed his arm to steady him. "They want to wipe us out."he whispered."I knew that humans could hate,but I didn't think that they would do this again."

Neither human had to ask what he meant. They knew their history all to well. "Do we know if its contagious?"

"It looks like its spread by bites and direct blood fluid transfers."

"There were three people bitten in the attacks. We killed one along with Says but that leaves..."

"Captain Grazer we need to send someone to the home of Nurse Quastra. She was bitten by Bukowski, me and George will start on the reports."

"Its done yesterday."


The elderly lady attacked after opening her door had been dead less than fourteen seconds before she was back. She spent the first ten minutes of unlife tangled in her IV before tottering off. With no teeth she merely badly bruised her would be victim. She was taken back to her room and after four attempts to sedate her the doctors were forced to have her strapped down.

Down in the morgue the door was being propped open by what was left of the examiner as he was slowly devoured. He had yet to rise,so his killer could feast leisurely until he rose or they were discovered.

Up in he emergency room two people had been bought in suffering from high fevers and convulsions,both harboring wounds sustained after being attacked by a 'crazy' encountered on the street.

Within a five mile radius of he hospital people were being dragged down and cornered, or managing to escape with only a story and a neat set of bite marks to show off to friends and family.

By 1am there would be 16 undead walking the streets,nine humans and seven New Comers By he tie the sun rose the number would have doubled.

And whilst this was happening Darlene Bryant was sleeping happily in her bed with no idea what was going on.