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At 2 am one of the mobiles on the bedside table began to ring.  One of the many mobiles that were charging connected to the tangle of charger cords that was beginning to resemble a mass of tangled spaghetti with all their various personal and work mobiles.  "Alec.. Alec... Mobile ringing somewhere." Q muttered, his slender hand patted the chest of the Russian whose shoulder he was using for a pillow at the moment. "It's yours. Not my ringtone." Q snuffled his face into Alec's collarbone.

Alec half stirred finally comprehending what Q was saying to him and listened.  Not personal. Not MI6 issue. It was his other mobile, his undercover mobile. "Hush.  It'll wait until morning Q." Alec rolled over taking Q with him until he was spooned behind the younger man face buried in his dark curls.  "They'll leave a message or call back. Sleep.". His hand crept up Q's slender frame until he reached across Q's chest tucking him tightly to him.  "Nice..." Q sighed snuggling back into his bed partner pulling his arm tightly around himself. Drifting back off, he quickly forget for the moment that the mobile has even rang.   

5:30 am Alec was awakened again by a squirming Q pounding on his shoulder trying to disengage from the arms and legs trapping him. "Have to piss Alec!  Now!" Q frantically crawled over him and stumbled his way to the bathroom.

Alec fumbled in the dimly lit room half asleep for his mobile that has rung earlier. Managing to only drop it on the floor twice before his still asleep eyes and fingers found voicemail, speaker mode and played back the message.  "Makarovich! You ugly bastard! Where have you been? My life has been lacking. Have not had as much fun since our time in Yekaterinburg! You call me. I have a proposition for you. A deal that will make us both rich. I am coming to your lovely London soon.  We'll meet. Talk. Have a good time again."

"Who is Makarovich?"  Alec looked up startled by Q's voice to find the younger man leaning naked against the frame of the bathroom door.


"I assumed that, Alec. After all it is your phone.  I'm not unobservant, but who or better yet what is Makarovich?" Q asked as he crawled back into the bed snuggling back in under the duvet.

"Aleksandr Pavlov Makarovich.  Russian arms dealer. Purveyor of all your wants and needs for a price. At a very high price."

"Ahh. One of your covers.  And who or what was that leaving the message.  He didn't leave his name so I assume that he thought you would know exactly who was calling."   Q watched Alec carefully. There were times that Alec was an open book to him and other times that he could not read him at all.

"Stanislav Pankiv Rodionovich. Russian Mob. Higher up.  Nasty bastard. Not one bit of bloody empathy or concern for anything or anyone in that fucking bastard.  Christ. What the fuck does he want... Makes my skin crawl." Alec muttered under his breath as sat on the edge of the bed staring at the mobile clutched in his hand.

"Don't care right now, Alec or should I call you Sasha. Curl back up with me.  Couple more hours to sleep before we even have to consider getting up at all." Q sat up, reaching over Alec's shoulder he took the mobile out of Alec's hand and gave it a toss so it ended up on the bedside table again.  "Or do you need distracting?" Q nipped at the top of Alec's shoulder up to his neck before burying his face in Alec's neck just below his ear, scenting.

Alec allowed himself to be pulled back into bed. "A distraction is always good" he smirked, running his palm down Q's side until strong fingers could dig into the soft flesh above Q's hip.  Q growled, pushing his face harder into Alec's neck. Wolf stirred.

Q threw one leg over Alec's thighs, sliding his naked body over his lover without ever breaking his pleasurable assault on Alec's neck.  Alpha scent filled Q's senses making him feel a little drunk and a lot horny. "We really need to run today" he muttered against Alec's neck between sharp nips and long wet licks.  "It's getting impossible to concentrate on anything other than sex."

Alec gave a low chuckle, happy to be distracted.  His hands curved over Q's arse, pulling him closer. Q rutted lazily against him.  "A run definitely. Not that I'm complaining about this."

He teased a finger between Q's cheeks, pressing the tip against his entrance. Alec knew Q would find it frustrating as hell in his current state. Predictably Q's mouth grew less forgiving on Alec's neck, nips turning to bites and almost painful sucking kisses that darkened immediately.

"Stop bloody teasing" he whined, chasing Alec's retreating finger with a nudge of his hips.

Alec laughed and found the lube stuffed under the pillow, pressed it into Q's hand. "If you want it quick and dirty do it yourself you cheeky little shite."

Q grumbled good naturedly but had Alec deep inside him in less than ten minutes, straddling Alec's thighs and moving slowly. He leaned on Alec's chest staring down at his lover.

"You know most men would be a bit pissed off to realise their partner was thinking of someone else during sex" Q quipped. "Were you lovers, you and this Rodionovich?"

"Christ no!  Sorry, just unsettled me a bit."  Q kept up his sensual rocking, fingers wandering to Alec's nipple. Q twisted it sharply making Alec gasp and thrust up hard.  Alpha snarled. "Fuck no, Q. He's a fucking psycho. His tastes run to far more exotic pleasures than mere fucking. I need to get some Intel."

"Great. I'll help, just as soon as we..."  Q rolled his hips and brought Alec back to their current activity with another hard twitch of his nipple.

Alec tried to force all thoughts of the call from his mind.  Rodionovich in London was bad news. Alec wanted to move rapidly in the opposite direction as far from the fucker as he could possibly get. Not many men scared Alec Trevelyan, but he was one.  He smiled up at Q glad it was still dark in the room and began to move.

Alec had been so distracted thinking about the phone call from Rodionovich that he had not even registered that Q was taking the tube into work.  Much to Q’s delight, that for once he was not being smothered protectively by an agent hovering over him. “I promise I’ll be in later. Have a couple things to do here and then have an appointment with Tanner and M at 3 pm.   Maybe we can go catch some dinner later?” Alec called after Q who was heading for the door. One hand shoved in his trousers pocket, Alec fiddled nervously with his mobile thinking about needing to make that return call.

“Do I get to choose restaurant?”  Q paused leaning against the door frame.  “And run in the part later too, if I can get away early?”

“You press a hard bargain, Quartermaster.” Alec chuckled.  “But not going to argue with you because we both need a good meal and a run.’

“Find me later. Late.” Q dashed out the door quickly.  Wolf brushed briefly against alpha trotting out the door.

Alec pulled the mobile out of his pockets as soon as he knew Q was off and stared at it before shoving it back in his pocket.  He needed to think through things before heading into this conversation. It was one thing to deal with Rodionovich in Yekaterinburg.  It was an entirely different scenario to deal with him on home soil. Dead bodies and such things were easy to deal with when you were the Russian Mob in your own territory but not here in England, and god knows he hopes things didn’t get that out of hand here.  Rodionovich was one sadistic bastard with even for Alec bordered on the uncomfortable realm.

Breakfast first, then vodka.  Would have to get himself in the right frame of mind to make this call - Aleksandr Makarovich.  It had been a while but Makarovich was buried in there somewhere still. Two hours later, vodka in hand he settled into the sofa to make his call.

“Finally you call me back.” Rodionovich laughed in the phone.  “I thought you might have forgotten the good times with had together.”

“Stas, you bastard! Call me in the middle of the night and interrupt my beauty sleep.”

“You weren’t sleeping.  I know you. You were fucking some young thing tied to your bed.  Should have answered mobile. They weren’t going to run away.” the other man snorted.

“You know me too well, Stas.  I should charge you extra for interrupting me then.”  Alec took a long sip of vodka that burned all the way down.  “So you are coming to my fair city? London will be honored.” Alec chuckled.

“In need of a holiday.  Work related also. The first person I thought of was you, Makarovich, you ugly bastard.  You and I. We have a good time. Show me the finer delights of your city and then talk business.  I have a deal that is perfect for you and will be extremely profitable for both of us.”

“When are you coming to town so I can make some plans?”   Rodionovich threw out as date that was two weeks away. Alec inwardly sighed.  It would give him time to make plans and detail out the scenario for the bloody bastards visit.  “Alright. I’ll set up some entertainment for us. You’ve peaked my interest also with what you have in mind for a deal also.  Let me know your upcoming travel plans and I’ll set up a good place to meet.”

The two spoke back and forth for a few more minutes before the conversation ended.  Alec poured himself another vodka and slumped back into the sofa downing the drink all in one go.  He hated Rodionovich, the fucking bastard. This was not going to be good, nothing about this visit was going to be good.  He needed to speak with M.

Alec already had a meeting scheduled with M later in the afternoon.  He didn't see any purpose in bringing it forward. Before then he needed to sift through the surprisingly large amount of Intel he and Q had gathered in the half hour before breakfast.

And he needed to settle into Makarovich's skin. Stretch it, make it fit, fill in the blanks since Yekaterinburg.  Rodionovich would not be sloppy. Aleksandr may not have been mob but he had a profitable criminal history when last he and Rodionovich had met. Gaps now would make the Russian suspicious.  Alec retrieved his MI6 mobile and dialled.


"R!  I need to bring a cover out of retirement. Makarovich, Aleksandr Pavlov. Russian, arms..,"

"... Dealer. Yes, familiar with him. One moment. Retrieving."  The line fell quiet although Alec could hear the familiar rattle of rapid typing. "Last active four years ago, Yekaterinburg. Oh impressive... Walked away with quite a profit from that little adventure, didn't you? Your business partner fell off the radar shortly afterwards, suspected incarceration in his homeland, unknown offences."

"Christ. Guns, drugs, girls, boys.  Murder, rape, prostitution. Could be anything.  I'm coming in for a 2pm. I need a watertight background by then that I can take to M. Get Tanner on the case... You know how he loves to play and steal your biscuits."  She laughingly agreed and dismissed him with a promise to have the last four years of Makarovich's life mapped out by 2pm.

"Right, you sonofabitch. Let's see what fucking entertainment I can find to suit your kinks."  Alec sat down at Q's desktop PC and opened a browser.