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I Knew You in Another Life!

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Vampire! That was the word that caught her attention as she leaned back in the cab. She has been hired by a distant relative of the Queen Family to look into the history of the Queen Mansion. There were rumors floating around that the current owner, Oliver Queen was actually a vampire. Felicity huffed in annoyance. How could anyone believe in vampires? That was like believing in ghosts or witches, they simply did not exist. Felicity leaned her head back against the seat as the scenery flew by. Her partner Barry was sitting next to her going though pages worth of online information on his tablet. She could feel the excitement humming off of him as he saw the history of the home. The pictures were quite amazing. The home had been built in the 1700's and had been maintained over the centuries. A full renovation had been done 6 years ago by the current owner, and from what Felicity had seen, the owner had been careful to keep the history and the character of the home while making some crucial updates. As the cab pulled up to a large iron gate, and the cab driver pushed the button to alert the owner they had arrived, Felicity and Barry looked up in awe. The pictures did not do the home justice. It literally looked like a castle, and Felicity had been fascinated with castles since she was a child.

The gate slowly opened and the cab pulled up a long driveway into a porte-co-chere. Felicity and Barry stepped out of the cab, looking around as the cab driver pulled their luggage from the trunk. They would be staying in the house for several months, and Felicity was excited about getting to explore the mansion. Felicity and Barry looked toward the door as they heard it open and a handsome african american man stepped out. He was massive. He looked like he could take a man's head off with one swipe of his arm, but his smile was warm.

"Felicity Smoak? Barry Allen?", he asked stepping toward them holding out his hand.

"Yes.", she said, taking his hand. 

"Names John Diggle. I am the caretaker of the estate.", he said shaking both their hands. "Welcome to Queen Manor."

Barry shook his hand eagerly. "Wow, thank you so much. This house is amazing.". Barry looked like he was about to leap out of his shoes in excitement and Felicity placed a hand on his arm to calm him down.

"Let me grab your bags Miss Smoak.", John said as he reached for her luggage. Felicity and Barry followed as he carried them into a huge foyer. Felicity gasped in pleasure as she looked around. Wood covered the walls and matching staircases, and there was a huge fireplace straight ahead that a man could easily stand inside.

"Wow, this is beautiful!", she said, running a hand lovingly along the wood of the wall.

"Mr. Queen will be pleased that you think so.", John said with a smile. "I'll show you both to your rooms."

John took her luggage and headed up the stairwell. Taking a left he walked down a hall littered with fine paintings and finally stopped at the first door. "Mr. Allen, you will be in this room.", he said, opening the door.

Barry walked in and smiled in glee. The room was amazing and bigger than his apartment.

"Come with me Miss Smoak. Mr. Queen has asked that you be put in the green suite.", he said heading further down the hall. Stopping at the last door on the left, he opened the door and Felicity's breath hitched as she walked inside. The room was decorated in a soft, sea foam green. There was a huge fireplace to the right, with a couch and chair set before it. A desk and armoire sat along the left wall, with a door. The back wall held one of the biggest four poster beds Felicity had ever seen, covered with a satin green duvet. And then there was the picture window, that had a window seat. It covered almost one whole wall and overlooked the grounds behind the house.  The last thing she noticed was two doors to the right between the window and the fireplace.

John set her bags down on the floor and moved to the door. "Dinner will be served in 30 minutes Miss Smoak, so please get settled in and I will meet you both at the bottom of the stairs in half an hour." He smiled warmly, closing the door behind him. 

Felicity looked around the huge room and immediately walked over and looked out over the gardens behind the house. She was looking forward to exploring that. Felicity walked to the two doors, and opened the first. She found a huge bathroom with a huge soaking tub and separate glass shower. Trying the next door she found it locked. The other door must be the closet, she thought. Hurrying over she placed her luggage on the bed and started unpacking. The bed looked so inviting, and she was tired from traveling, but that would have to wait until later. Hanging up her clothes and placing her lingerie in the dresser, she brushed out her hair and freshened her lipstick. Not sure of the dress code for dinner, she decided to stay in what she wore for her travels. Her jeans hugged her hips and her blouse was a pink button up with short sleeves that did wonders for her complexion. Pushing up her glasses, she headed down the hall to Barry's room. 

Barry opened the door immediately when she knocked and he pulled her inside. "Can you believe this Felicity?", he asked excited. "This room is bigger than my apartment.", he gushed.

Felicity smiled and looked around. His room was slightly smaller than hers but no less opulent. 

"Come on Barry..", she said tugging his arm. "Time to head downstairs for dinner."

Placing her arm through his, she walked with him down the stairs, seeing John waiting at the bottom. 

"Right this way!", he said walking down the hall to the left. "Mr. Queen has decided to use the dining room tonight. Since it is normally the two of us we usually just eat in the kitchen."

Felicity looked around in fascination as they passed a huge sitting area, and a library before walking into the dining room. The room held a 12 person table and was flanked on both sides with a fireplace. There was a beautiful chandelier over the center of the table, and a sideboard along the back wall. John led them to the table, seating Felicity to the left of the head and Barry to her side.

"I am going to alert Raisa that we are about ready and Mr. Queen will be here shortly." John said with a smile before heading out a swinging door that obviously led to the kitchen.

Barry leaned over, "This place is amazing Felicity. Did you see the size of that library?", he asked. 

Felicity smiled and laughed, when suddenly she felt a shift in the air in the room. Looking over her shoulder, she saw a man standing in the doorway, with an intense blue gaze that hit her straight in her gut. He was absolutely the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Short brownish blonde hair, a gorgeous square jaw littered with scruff and the most intense blue eyes she had ever seen. And as her gaze traveled down, she took in wide shoulders with muscular arms that were highlighted by the blue henley that he wore. Her eyes moved lower as they scanned tight blue jeans that encased slender hips and muscular thighs that made her clench her own, and she swallowed before looking back at the table, trying to catch her breath. 

He seemed to glide into the room, and stopped at the head of the table, seeming to look right through her. "I am sorry I was not here to greet you both, but I had some things to attend to today.", he said in a deep, throaty voice. "The names Oliver Queen", he said.