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Thirteen Darknesses

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Everyone looked on as Sora's throne ever so slowly rose. When it started to do so Riku and Mickey didn't hesitate to move forward and try to rescue Sora. However, as they started to make their way up they were stopped by Xemnas and Ansem. Riku hadn't even quite made it off the ground yet. What little progress they had made was ruined when they found themselves being pinned to the ground, both struggling to break free. Meanwhile, Xehanort couldn't help but grin. Everything was going as planned.

"Sora, you have to wake up," Riku shouted, not caring how pointless it was seeing as he would most likely never reach the younger teen, "Don't let Xehanort win!"

That went exactly as predicted and Sora hadn't made a single movement. At this rate there was no way they would win and with them stuck, Sora was completely defenseless. It didn't take long for the throne to raise as high as it could go, right in Xehanorts line of fire. The moment the throne stopped Xehanort's grin widened as he made a golden light form around his keyblade.

The golden light shaped as a ball, the piece of Xehanort's heart was now making its way towards Sora. Said ball went at lightning speed and with no one there to stop it, it easily hit it's target. Instantaniously the light faded and darkness surrounded Sora's body but the teen still hadn't woken up. That's when Axel suddenly showed up, standing right in front of Sora.

"Sorry, but unfortunately for you, I won't be letting you take him," Lea commented with a smirk, though he wasn't quite aware of the full situation at the moment, "I've got a promise to keep, you see."

The redhead had expected a reply from at least someone, after all, he did just interfere in their business. However, when he did get a response, it wasn't one that he ever saw coming.

"Axel, I don't know how you got here but you're already too late," Xigbar spoke up, wearing his usual grin, "We've already won. If you don't believe me, how about you turn around and have a look yourself."

Lea was going to comment however, he decided to turn around to see what Xigbar was talking about. Darkness was still surrounding the teen but his hair started to change. It was still it's original brown but there were some obvious white streaks mixed in. His skin had evening darkening slightly. To say that Lea was shocked would be an understatement. However, despite the shock, he wasn't going to give up.

He picked the unconscious Sora up with on hand and turned around, starting to take off to join Riku and Mickey. However, the moment he did he found himself being attacked by one of the seekers that still had the hood over them. The attacker summoned a familiar keyblade, striking Lea, who blocked said attack. However, when the figure's hood fell back Lea's eyes widened. It was Isa, also known as Saix.

"Isa…?" Lea said in shock as he used all his strength to hold his former friend back. However, he wasn't able to hold him back for long and was overpowered. In order to avoid getting hit, Lea back flipped and created a good distance between himself and Isa.

Just below him, Mickey and Riku managed to get the upper hand aimed to hit Xemnas and Ansem. However, they quickly moved out of the way, floating in mid-air. Ansem summoned his guardian almost immediately. The guardian then proceeded to grab Mickey and Riku. The two tried to get away but still ended up in it's grip.

Lea made it to the ground, but it was then that Xemnas pulled a surprised attack on him, knocking the red head back. Doing this caused Lea to lose his hold on Sora, who was also pushed back, but a little farther back than Lea.

"You've already lost, Axel, Sora is ours now," Xemnas said with a smirk, "So how about you just let us have the boy, after all, there is nothing you can do anyways."

"My name isn't Axel, it's Lea, get it memorized," Lea said and shook his head, "You haven't won just yet!"

It was then that Lea fully realized that he no longer felt the weight of Sora. In his peripheral vision, he noticed the teen land and slide back.

Just as Sora hit the ground, Goofy and Donald appeared out of thin air and landed on Ansem's guardian. The guardian instantly disappeared, causing Donald and Goofy to land hard on the floor.

"Were we supposed to do that?" Donald commented.

"I think so… did we make it in time?" Goofy asked as he slowly stood up as well as Donald.

Mickey and Riku looked at Goofy and Donald with sadness. They had made it, but they made it too late. Riku heard a sound behind him and turned his head to see what was going on. Axel… What was he doing there? But when he noticed Sora sliding on the ground he temporarily let it go and ran towards his friend.


The rest of the gang noticed as well and started to make their way over as well. Unfortunately. No one could get there in time as Young Xehanort appeared beside the still unconscious Sora. The Youngest Xehanort picked up the teen.

"The union of the thirteen darknesses has been achieved," Master Xehanort commented from above, "Now all we need is the union of the seven heroes of light. Once all of your heroes of light as united, we will meet at the fated place. The keyblade graveyard."

The seekers looked down at Sora in triumph before taking their exit one by one, disappearing within sight. The only ones left were Young Xehanort and the teen in his arms. The youngest smiled at them.

"Let Sora go right now," Riku snapped and pointed his keyblade at him, "He's not going anywhere with you."

Young Xehanort wasn't at all phased. "Don't worry, Riku, from now on we'll be the ones taking care of little Sora here. Until the next time."

A dark portal appeared behind the Young Xehanort and he turned his back to them, entering the portal. The portal closed immediately after, just before Riku could follow them.

"We have to report this to Yen Sid," Mickey spoke up, sadness and disappointment in his tone, "Don't worry, RIku, we'll get Sora back."