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Mertens scared stupid

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Paullie was at gotham with his boyfriend:ra's.
Paullie: and that's how it happened.
Ra's: really?, that case was a bit short, right?.
Paullie: is because it happebed very quickly before we came.
Ra's: oh.
Paullie: i talked with paul about ending the cases thing.
ra's:dont worry about that, maybe you can do that while im occupied.
Paullie: ra's, you're always the best boyfriend i ever had.
ra's: thanks.
Paullie: what could possibly go wrong.
Then paullie login in her profile in goodholian weekly.
She typed this message:
Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus, I was starting to solve some crimes with my pal Paul, just like the good ol´ times,it was about someone killing people with some deaths just like the 9 plages, or it was 10, I don’t know, but i´ll explain this experience´
Then a user asked her:
``hey didya know about those 5 games starring you?´´
She replied:
``Me?, who made this a fan?´´
The user replied:
``No, it was posted anonymously…, it like sort of horror, but i´ll send you the download links so you can `play it with paul´´
She added: Thanks, i´ll post the gameplay in our youtube channel: the mert´s galore.
Stay tuned to our channel and blog!
Smell ya later´´.

The really end.
Fic made by Skeletonhypetrain.
All the stuff mentioned in this fic are from their respective owners.