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In which the stupidest crossover happens {WELCOME TO EDDSSTUCK...?}

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Alright, I suppose this is where a story like this should start, isn’t it? However, it’s not automatically going to begin here. In fact, I actually want to say a quick word, if you will. Ah, that’s where the title of this chapter will be said. I just want to say that I deeply apologize for being terrible at writing for characters, and the Tom and Edd in this story are based off of the ones I use in roleplay, along with someone else that I cannot put my finger on. Maybe we should go to that prologue? Alright, here we are..


Years in the past.. Very, very many.

You’ve done it, after 7 years, you’ve DONE it. You’ve beaten the game. Saved the world. Your name is J___ E_____ and you have just finished the game with your many friends, some being aliens, and others human. Now all you’ve got to do is open the door! Well, you’d have to get D___ to go sometime in the future to actually get to see what it’ll become in those thousands or so years, or however long it’ll be. But now you can sigh, because the deed was done. You created the new world.


My apologies! The prologue must have.. glitched a bit. Well, that’s okay, because of course, you know who the characters are, right? Unless for some reason you.. haven’t read Homestuck. Which would be ridiculous, why else would you be here if you haven’t read Homestuck? Same with Eddsworld.