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The Second Meeting

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Hey, guys. Kas here. So, I was going through and proofing the next chapter for this when I realized... Man, does this story suck. Realistically, it wouldn't be copy/pasted of Time Twister. Time Twister and this fic are two totally different things. The Harry in Time Twister is just the Harry of the timeline Draco jumped into. Harry didn't follow him in that fic. So why would Harry and Potter be saying all the same things, doing all the same stuff? Honestly? We were just doing the Copy/Paste thing to fuck with you guys and troll you. In this WIP, Potter ended up revealing himself around Christmas, but... This story needs to get redone. And I know we're going to get some shit for redoing it but too fucking bad. Our fic, our rules. And this fic isn't actually that good. We could be doing way better. We owe that much to ourselves. As for now, we're gonna focus on Time Twister, and a couple of our other fics. ~Kas