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This Is What Fate Feels Like

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Crowds of people were gathered together, talking and laughing, enthusiasm for their plans spent with family for Christmas the common topic. Winter had settled in, snow falling lightly, but no one seemed to care as they talked and laughed, looking forward to the next few weeks away from campus.

If Bruce were going home, he would not be as happy as he was now, though he didn’t show it at all. He stood far apart from everyone else, a bag slung over his shoulder, his eyes focused on the ground at his feet as he pretty much ignored everyone else. Not that any of them would talk to him. At Princeton, one couldn’t through a rock without hitting a spoiled rich kid, but even amongst those Bruce stood out in the crowd. After all, he was the last surviving member of the Wayne family.

He couldn’t help but hear a lot of the conversations around him, and it only made him wish that Tony would hurry up. Stark drove like a bat out of hell every time he got behind the wheel, but most of the time he still managed to arrive late to wherever it was he was going.

Hunching his shoulders against the chill while shoving his hands even farther into his coat pockets, Bruce couldn’t help but shiver. As he glanced up briefly, his eyes darted up once again at the all-too-familiar car making its way, rather cautiously, down the road toward the front entrance of the building. Bruce couldn’t help but smile as he began walking, stopping on the side of the road just as the car pulled up. He wasn't surprised to find that when he tried the door, it was locked.

Instead of opening the door for him, Tony jumped out of the car, pulling his sunglasses from his face in such a dramatic fashion, that Bruce couldn’t help his smile from becoming wider.

“Question, cupcake," Tony began, looking around at everyone with a look on his face that said 'I am better than all of you'. “Do you want me to come around there and open the door for you like a proper gentleman? Can I kiss you first? On the mouth? For a considerable length of time?”

Bruce shook his head. “Just unlock the door, Tony, so we can go.”

“Fine,” Tony said with mock exasperation. “But don’t think for a second that I am taking you away out of the goodness of my heart or in light of our friendship. I expect you to put out and I mean it.”

Bruce had to laugh at that as Tony climbed back into the car. The door was soon unlocked and Bruce through his bag over the seat and into the back, not caring that it fell into the backseat floorboard. He was just shutting the door, reaching for his seat belt, when Tony peeled out from the curb, nearly fishtailing into several other cars, laughing as they sped off.