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Barry + Wally

“You killed out there, KF!” Barry exclaimed as he and Wally slowed their super speed to pause in an alley off the main road. “You’re really coming into your own!”

“Thanks!” Wally blushed through his broad smile.

Barry looked around the quiet alleyway. “Did you want to try out that other thing we practiced?” Barry’s eyebrow arched as he locked eyes with Wally, then glanced to his crotch.

“Here?” Wally asked, even though he’d already dropped to his knees. “Aren’t you afraid we’ll get caught?” Barry’s enormous shaft was clear through through the mesh material, which always sent a shiver down Wally’s spine, even as his Uncle stayed silent. Already hard, Wally’s mouth filled with saliva in anticipation for the throat fuck he was about to receive.

He extracted Barry’s erect dick. This wasn’t the first time they’d done it in a high risk area, and it wouldn’t be the first time they’d been caught, either. Though, Wally knew it was too hopeful to expect a horny college kid to stop and jerk-off to the show, like last time.  

“Do we have enough time before we have to be at Mount Justice?” Wally asked while Barry’s cockhead ran against his lips.

“With a mouth as good as yours-” Barry guided his shaft all the way down Wally’s gullet. “-we always have time.”

It had all begun a few years earlier, when Wally had been changing with Barry and was caught staring at the beautiful cock between the older man’s legs. His ever loving Uncle had been so generous in offering Wally an unobstructed view, that ended with the back of Wally’s head banging against the lockers as Barry fucked his throat.

When Wally admitted to Barry that him and Dick had fooled around, Barry took things further and fucked Wally. He made the red head go into explicit detail about his escapades with the Boy Wonder while he pounded into the young teen. One request Barry always seemed to have was for Wally to keep as much of Dick (and later, Conner’s, Kaldur’s, Roy’s and, or Kyle’s) cum in him as possible, which Barry would later lap directly from Wally’s recently fucked hole.

Since then, his mentor seemed to find every available opportunity to exploit Wally’s super powered throat muscles, which meant Wally found he was always full on his Uncle’s cum. Not that he minded. But it wasn’t long until Barry’s penchant for exhibitionism made itself known. Alleyways, balconies, rooftops, store aisles, inside the Rogue HQ’s. It seemed the more dangerous or depraved the situation, the more likely Wally was to find Barry pulling down the back of his pants and shoving in a finger to check his readiness. The idea that Wally had already been used that day propelling his Uncle.

Luckily for Wally, Barry’s penchant for his friends made it easy to get his Uncle to agree to a Titans gathering that Jason had organized. Kid-Flash and the Flash planned to put down a burglary ring and then run to the party, but that was before Barry had requested a blowjob in an alleyway.

Now, all Wally could imagine were his friends arriving at the Headquarters with their mentors, unnecessary parts of the costume falling to the floor, while the rest stayed on as the super cocks were worshipped by the next generation of heroes. The thought almost made Wally explode and he withdrew his cock to jerk as he gave his Uncle the most desperate, sloppiest blowjob of his life.


Bruce + Dick + Jason + Tim + Damian

Tim whined each time he bucked on Bruce’s cock as his mentor steered the ship with his free hand. Sounds of wet slurps and pants emitted from the co-pilot seat next to them as Jason and Damian knelt between the eldest Robin’s legs and gagged themselves on Dick’s leaking cock.

“Move over, Jason!” Damian barked. “You can’t have the head all to yourself!”

“Can’t I?” Jason looked Damian in the eye and wiggled his tongue in Dick’s cock slit, which made the older boy hiss.

“You’re such a fucking slut.” Damian shot at him.

“None of us-” Tim groaned from atop Bruce’s enormous cock. “-are in a position to talk.” Tim shuddered as he sank back down, feeling how the fat shaft pushed his inner walls to their limit.

“Well, you aren’t.” Damian grew more annoyed. “You know the Justice League used to call you the Boywhore Wonder?”

All the men chuckled. “I can live with that.” Tim groaned.

“Hey-” Dick tilted Damian’s head back towards his lap, this time with his cock pointed directly at the young boy’s face. “-here. We’re just having some fun with you.”

“Yeah, sorry Dami.” Jason kissed the tip of Dick’s cock, slathering his lips in precum and then turned to kiss Damian, roughly. “You’re just too cute when you’re worked up.”

“Shut u-” Damian started, but Dick guided his wet cock into the Robin’s open mouth.

“There you go…” Dick sighed, leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head, as Jason pushed Damian’s head and Dick’s cock sunk deeper into Damian’s esophagus. “...just like you wanted.”

The youngest Robin tried to mutter something back, but all Dick felt were the vibrations shoot down his shaft, and he rewarded Damian with a squirt of precum. After that, the boy seemed satisfied and nursed on Dick’s cock.

Meanwhile, Jason jammed his tongue into Dick’s open, smooth hole.

Jason-” Dick gasped, grabbed the back of Jason’s head and pushed his tongue in further.

“‘ow ‘uch ‘onga til’ wee ‘ere?” Jason mumbled with his tongue still fucking Dick.

“About another 20 minutes.” Bruce panted from the seat next to them. “But I want everyone cleaned up before we get there.”

“Gotcha-” Jason responded, and started to fill Dick with his saliva before he stood up and stroked his cock to full hardness. “Then we better make this quick. You finish in Tim, while Damian and I take Dick."


Hal + Kyle                                                                                                        

Hal remembered his first few years in the Corp and still considered them some of his best. When he wasn’t making constructs, or guarding the Sector, he was back on Oa, or at the base, servicing any Green Lantern that needed it. He’d spent countless hours on his knees in front of Lanterns like  Jon Stewart, Guy Gardner and Alan Scott all took turns roughly abusing his throat, and then filling his stomach with their seed.

But it wasn’t just the humans that Hal was tasked with pleasuring. The “alien” Lanterns also used Hal, and opened him up to the stimulation of alien biology. So by the time Hal was a seasoned Lantern, and Kyle Rayner joined the group, Hal was more than happy to take the young loud mouth under his wing and teach him all he had learned.

“You have to go lighter.” Hal instructed Kyle, who had an enormous blue cock filling his throat, but still managed to shoot his elder a look of annoyance. “Don’t look at me like that, Aranes’ aren’t human. The stimulation is like a constant orgasm for them, you’re not racing to the finish.”

Kyle spit the cock out. “I don’t even know what that means.”

Hal dropped to his knees next to the younger man, pulled the enormous cock toward his own mouth and very lightly ran his tongue on the underside of the Lanter’s head. The blue alien seemed to purr, and then relax. Over and over this happened, all while Hal continued his dedicated blowjob. And then after a few minutes, the Lantern patted Hal on the head, gave him a big smile, and left.

“What’s the point if they aren’t going to cum?” Kyle asked, both him and his mentor still kneeling on the ground.

“You’re thinking like a human. Don’t try to get from them what you want. Try and figure out what they want.”  

“Whatever.” Kyle looked around, hopeful. “Do we have time for one more before we have to be at Mount Justice?”

“Yeah-” Hal started. “We do. And he’s human.”

“Fuck yeah! Let’s get warmed up for the party!” Kyle beamed, when Simon Baz entered the room. With a dark smile, the Lantern reached in and pulled out one of the thickest cocks Kyle had ever seen, so thick he couldn’t even wrap his hand around it; and wagged it at Kyle.

“Still think it’s just a warm-up?”


Aquaman / Kaldur

“I don’t know how much longer I can go, my King.” One of the guards panted as Kaldur swallowed the fat cock with ease, letting it glide in and out of his throat, all while massaging the underside with his tongue.

Next to him, Garth pleasured the second Guard as both sat on the end Aquaman’s bed, naked and shaking with arousal.

“Don’t hold back.” Arthur stated as he paced the room, watching diligently with his arms crossed. Moments later, the Guard screamed and pumped his hips into Kaldur’s face, before falling back on the bed with a look of relief.

“That’s four.” Kaldur stated, but couldn’t take the excitement from his voice.

“Shit!” The second Guard moaned as Garth deepthroated him and swallowed frantically. “Get ready!”

The second Guard followed the first in feeding the apprentice his cum and fell back, resting on his elbows. With a few deep breaths, the first guard motioned to the second and with a nod to their King, they grabbed their armor and left.

“May I do you next?” Kaldur scooted on his knees toward Arthur, who nodded as he pulled out his cock. Kaldur took a sharp inhale of anticipation when he saw it, before he sucked it up and nestled the big shaft into his throat.

“Garth?” Arthur motioned to where Kaldur serviced him. “Did you want to?”

“Kaldur won.” Garth grumbled.

“He won the opportunity to swallow my orgasm. The competition was never to determine which of you got me there.”

Garth glanced to Kaldur for approval, and when he saw his friend give him a small nod and smile around Arthur’s cock, Garth was quickly on his knees and settled next to Kaldur, who pulled off Arthur and offered the dripping cock to Garth.

“Are you sure you sure you don’t want to go tonight?” Kaldur asked Garth as they switched between worshipping Arthur’s penis.

“I’ll be fine here.” Garth smiled back. “Somebody has to make sure everything is fair to the rest of the guards. Besides-”
Arthur’s breath grew heavy as he approached his orgasm. Garth directed the cock head at Kaldur’s face the moment it began to shoot. Even through the water, the force was so strong it shot all over Kaldur’s face. “-you won the challenge.”


Oliver + Roy

“Don’t cum yet-” Oliver said casually as he sharpened his arrow. “-keep fucking him.”

Both Count Vertigo and Roy whined but kept up their pace. Roy’s cock looked like it was about to fire at any second, and his face had gone as red as his hair as he tried to keep his orgasm in.

A few years before, Roy and Oliver developed an unspoken game. It happened after Roy shoved Oliver against a wall and demanded his mentor’s cock, which Oliver reluctantly gave. Once Oliver warmed up to the idea of using his sidekick, his sexual inhibitions grew, and the game began. It was simple. Oliver would think of new and humiliating things for Roy to do, and Roy had to do them. (Roy figured it might be retribution for making the first move).

Oliver’s latest kink was to lend Roy out to the most unseemly characters. It had started with the Clock King, after he’d been apprehended and bound. Roy went to dial the police station when Oliver stopped him and released his mentee’s heavy cock from his costume.

“What’re you doing?” Roy whispered to him through clenched teeth, giving a side-eye to the Clock King, who already had drawn his focused to them.

“That’s okay.” Oliver grabbed Roy’s hand and pressed the boy’s palm to his own hard-on. “I’ve got a new game for tonight.”

“Oh shit!” the Clock King said with a huge smile, still tied up on the floor. “Are you going to fuck him?”

“Nope.” Oliver grasped Roy’s shoulders, spun him toward the gangster, and pushed him forward. “You are.”

“What?” Both Roy and the Clock King said in unison, a spark of nervous electricity in the air.

“Get his cock out.” Oliver dictated to Roy in a tone that insinuated these orders were not optional. “And ride it.”

Even though he was blushing, and his hands shook as he undid the Clock King’s pants, Roy’s own erection stuck out lewdly from his zipper and flopped around as he positioned the villain's cock upward and sat on it.

Since that night, Oliver had a whole host of people fucking Roy, but tonight was the night he was going to see his fellow members of the Justice League fuck Roy. And he intended to let his friends completely ruin his sidekick.


Conner + Clark

“Come on! Harder!!! ” Conner demanded. Clark responded by pulling out, hoisting his clones leg high in the air and reentering him at a superhuman speed. “ Mother fucker!” Conner screamed.

“Hey-” Clark breathed into Conner’s ear. “-watch the swearing.”

The Superboy had to resist the urge to rolls his eyes; social graces weren’t something you usually worried about when the other person’s cock was already inside of you. But maybe that had just been from Conner’s experience. Unlike the others, Conner hadn’t been ‘taught’ the nuances of gay sex from his mentor. Instead, his Titan teammates had been more than willing to take on the role of teacher in that regard.

It seemed like only a few days after Conner had left the tank and settled into Mt. Justice that Wally and Dick knocked on his door, and casually brought up the idea of erections. Conner confessed to them that he experienced arousal frequently, but was unsure of how to relieve the tension. The two boys talked Conner into dropping his pants so they could take a look, and it ended with both of them on their knees, splitting the job of orally worshipping Conner’s super sized cock.

It hadn’t been long until they got to fucking one another; with Wally and Dick surprised to learn that Conner preferred to be on the bottom. It was nice; it meant Conner didn’t have to worry staying in control, and the faces his friends made as they unloaded torrents of hot cum inside his body was always enough to get him off, sometimes without even having to touch himself.

Which was how Clark found out about Conner’s new favorite activity. The clone was meant to meet Clark in the barn on the Smallville farm to train, much to Clark’s reluctance. But the Man of Steel had been shocked and aroused when he found Conner crouched in a corner, finger fucking himself. And every so often, he took the penetrating fingers and sucked the cum off. Whose cum, Clark didn’t know.

That afternoon, Clark and Conner had a new form of bonding, and Clark saw the benefits of having a sidekick when Superboy took all of his massive cock into his smooth asshole with little resistance.

It wasn’t long after that afternoon until Clark’s own tendencies came to light; he liked being fucked almost as much as Conner did. That epiphany led to long nights, side by side with his trainee and clone, getting fucked by an endless string of men, the large S proudly displayed on both their chests.

Now, while Conner and Clark were usually wing-men in getting fucked, Clark often turned his mammoth erection toward his side-kick when the two of them were alone, and Conner loved nothing more than feeling the obscene stretch of his anal ring, mixed with the brute strength in each thrust that only a Kryptonian could deliver.

“Are you going to moan like this in front of your friends?” Clark’s breaths grew heavy. Conner was the only one that could wear him out. “Do you want them to see how you whine, and beg for Daddy’s cock?”

“Yes!” Conner bellowed as his own erection swung from the weight of Clark’s pounding, and began to leak precum at the word daddy. “I want them to see how well you fuck me!”

“Nasty boy-” Clark buried his face in Conner’s neck as he took both the boys nipples and tweaked them roughly. “-I can’t wait to use you when the night is over, and you have all their cum pouring out of you. And I’ll be able to feel how used and wet you are while I fuck you, after fucking all your little friends.”

They both came from the idea.