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It has been eight years since Draco Malfoy had last seen the Sun. On May 2 1998, the Dark Lord defeated Harry Potter in the battle of Hogwarts, sending the whole world into an infinite eclipse. Harry Potter and the rest of his supporters were forced to go into hiding and the Order retreated underground, with limited movements.

Offered a chance at survival by the Dark Lord, for his mother's treachery and his father's cowardice, Draco is forced kill his parents to prove his allegiance. Armed with the loss of his parents, Draco spends years honing his skills and dutifully obeying the Dark Lord's every command.

Nicknamed the "Dark One" by those within the inner circle; Draco Malfoy shows no mercy; as third-in-command to the Dark Lord, second only to Bellatrix, he has fought, injured, and killed many in his journey through the ranks. His rise to power as the Dark Lord's 'favourite' made him the most deadly, and dangerous of Death Eaters.

It has also made him the most valuable for the Dark Lord's twisted plans.

Pleased with Draco's progress the Dark Lord instructs Draco Malfoy on a secret mission, one that would result in Draco Malfoy having the highest honour of gifting Voldemort an heir. The Dark Lord arranges Draco to be married to a Pure-blood woman of his choice, in the hopes that they bestow upon him a male child, who will be taught and raised within the walls of the Citadel. So that one day when the time comes, the new heir can take over.

But the plan fails, and within a span of twenty-four hours, all is lost.

Voldemort has lost his heir.

Draco Malfoy had lost everything.

Ten months later, Draco Malfoy finds himself falling into the depths of despair as he turns to alcohol to keep himself afloat. Drowning in his memories, Draco has no respite from the nightmares as he sees the faces of the dead before him, and hears the cries of the fallen. He has no respite from the faces of his parents or from the laughing blue eyes and the sweet voice of his beloved. But above all, he has no respite from the sheer guilt and pain he feels when he thinks of him.

The one who was truly the innocent in all of this.

The only life he had hadn't been forced to take.

With the finale battle approaching, and the Order stronger than ever, the War at its peak; can Draco Malfoy find redemption, or is he doomed to live in this cruel and dark world with his regrets, without forgiveness and love, forever?



Hermione Granger, one third of the 'golden trio' never thought she would end up here. Forced to go into hiding by the Wizarding equivalent of Adolf Hitler, and without Harry and Ron, she has barely a moment's rest as she shuttles from place to place.

It's too dangerous in this post-War world, especially if you're a mudblood, with wand checkpoints at every corner and public executions, the more 'purer' your blood the better. There is no place for a Mudblood in this 'new world', and for Hermione Granger, the world may as well no longer exist.

She hasn't seen her friends and family for eight years and no longer knows if most of them are alive. Her contact with the Order is sporadic at best for fear of interception by the Death Eaters.

So, when she overhears two Death Eaters chatting about how they managed to snatch Potter's wife and their two brats, Hermione's entire world comes crumbling down. After all, Harry is their last hope in ending the war and the loss of his family would destroy him and end them all.

She acts on instinct as she grabs a knife and charges at the Death Eaters. What follows next is a result she would have never predicated―ever.

Saved by the one man she thought she would always hate. She comes to realise that perhaps War is not always black or white, right or wrong; but that sometimes in War, humanity comes in all forms of grey, "every cloud has a silver lining."

And her silver lining happens to be in the form of a man whose tortured soul is in need of healing.

Draco Malfoy seeks atonement from his sins, but what he needs is forgiveness to ultimately heal and whether he knows it or not, he needs Hermione Granger to absolve him.

Together, can these two former enemies put aside their differences and help each other find what they're looking for. Join them in a fight for love, forgiveness, and freedom that changes their world and the fate of the Wizarding World forever.





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sexual references ( nothing explicit )


slight violence



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