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To say that you ran your ass off tonight would be an understatement. For some reason, your small diner had been packed full on what should have been a quiet Sunday evening. It had been weeks since you had been busy enough to cause you to stay so long after close. Thankfully, it was nothing you couldn’t handle. Successfully flipping table after table, you were now walking up the hill to get home; although gracefully stuffed with dollar bills, there was no extra weight to the trek.

You opened the fairy door with ease, letting the warmth of the magical world wash over you. Like you were expecting, the village was quiet. Only the sounds of nature could be heard in the world around you. As you walked along the stream, you noticed again the brightly colored fish that inhabited it. Ever since you had soul-bonded with Hoseok, animals and living creatures of all sorts had started flocking to you.

These fish are following me upstream, you mused as the scaled creatures tried their hardest to trail behind you in the water.

Approaching the treehouses of the village, you made note of the ones that still had their lamps on. From what you could tell, Taehyung seemed to be in bed on account of the darkness radiating from it. A few trees down, however, you could see the soft glow of the yellow fairy’s home. Namjoon was, no doubt, reading another one of the books you had brought him from the city below.

“Kim Namjoon, go to bed right now!” You hissed upwards, loud enough for him to hear, quiet enough not to disturb the other sleeping fairies.

He poked his head out the window, blink profusely to accommodate to the darkness outside. Glancing around, he finally found your shrouded form.

“I can’t I’m already halfway done with this book!” He whined as you glared up at him.

“Kim Namjoon, get your ass in bed right now,” he opened his mouth to reply but you quickly shut him up. “That’s not a question, it’s a command.” You rarely used your authority over your friends, or any fairy rather, but it was necessary for the sake of Namjoon’s health.

“Yes, your majesty,” Namjoon grumbled before removing his head from the window. After a few minutes, the light was turned off and his treehouse was enveloped in darkness as it should have been over an hour ago.

After walking a little bit longer, you reached the royal premises. A guard was near the entrance of the building, as he always was on nights that you would return from work. You muttered an apology to home for causing him to stay so late, but he waved it off with a laugh. 

Making your way down the halls, you began to wonder if Hoseok had stayed up for you. During the week it wasn’t uncommon for you to arrive home so late, but a Sunday night was a rarity. Your lips curved downwards slightly into a frown at the thought of him needlessly waiting for you to come home. However, it would be nice to inform him of the success of the night; Hoseok was bound to be ecstatic at how much closer you were to your vacation.

Thoughts of warm, sandy beaches and an even warmer sun flitted through your mind as you opened the door to you and Hoseok’s shared room. Although, the word room would be an understatement; there were multiple rooms of various assortments that needed to be passed through before reaching the bedroom. A majority of the lamps were still alight, but there was no trace of Hoseok having been in the area any time recently. One by one, you let the room be enveloped in darkness as you blew out the lamps.

Upon reaching the long grass curtains that acted as a door to your bedroom, you paused in alarm. Behind the curtains came a groan that was deep and wanton, one that caused your heart rate to pick up. Sticking your hand through the curtain, you pushed one of the large blades of grass to the side. Immediately, your breath caught in your throat.

Sprawled on the bed was the king of the fairies, your magical lover. His beautiful bright red wings were fully expanded underneath him; the wingspan was far wider than the bed itself, despite the necessity of having such a large one. Hoseok’s hair, which was equally red as his wings, was clinging damply to hair forehead. You realized now that his eyes were shut so tight that there was no way he could have seen you, and by the look of concentration on his face he hadn’t heard you either.

Trailing from the sight of his clenched draw and his heavy breaths, you let your eyes skim down the rest of him. His tanned torso was completely bare, allowing you to savor the amount of skin you were witnessing. As you raked your eyes over his muscular chest and toned stomach, you could feel your arousal collecting in your panties. Clenching your thighs together to provide some tension release, you made note of the way Hoseok’s right bicep rhythmically flexed with every moan that spilled from his plump lips.

Catching his bottom lip between his teeth, Hoseok quickly pulled the covers from his lower half to allow his ministrations some freedom. The veins protruding from his hand sent a coil through your stomach as you watched the grip he had on himself; with swift motions, Hoseok pumped the length of his hard member. Your breath was caught in your throat and you had taken your own bottom lip between your teeth in the effort to not reveal your spying actions. Watching as Hoseok’s grunts grew more and more ragged, you realized you couldn’t stand on the sidelines anymore. Since you knew the way he made love in bed like the back of your hands, you watched as his hips began to jut upwards as he brought himself towards his climax.

One. Two. Three.

“Hosoek?” You stepped through the curtain, alerting him of your presence.

You allowed a small smirk to play on your lips as you watched your plan succeed; you interrupted him a few pumps before his orgasm.

“Y/N? Wh-what-” If it wasn’t for his chest rising in such a delicious, heavy rhythm, and the way his pupils were blown wide with desire, you would’ve found the stammering adorable.

Instead of teasing him for being caught in the act, you silently gazed at him as you began to strip from your work clothes. With your back facing him, you bent over to untie your shoes at an antagonizing pace. Once you had rid your feet of their confinements, you slowly began to remove your shirt. You could hear the groan he let out under his breath and you smiled to yourself, turning around to face him. The covers he had used to hide his lewd actions upon your arrival had once more been tossed, and his hand had found its way back to his cock. Slowly, he glided his hands up, and down. Up, and down; the movements were too slow, and it drew out a low moan from your own lips.

“Hoseok, my king?” You purred, knowing the words would rile him up even more.

“Y-yes?” He stuttered as he picked up his pace to coax himself closer to his orgasm.

“Come here,” murmured, your voice low and laced with desire. Hoseok only quirked an eyebrow at the request, “I think your queen would like some help undressing herself.”

Visibly gulping at the dominance in the tone of your voice, Hoseok ceased his movements before sitting up.  You eyed him carefully as he swung his muscular legs over the side of the bed before standing to his full height. With every step he took towards you, you grew wetter and wetter at the sight before you. His hair was disheveled, and you watched as a bead of sweat traveled down his face, down his neck; down, down, down. If his wings were white, you would have mistaken him for an angel, but that was far from the truth.

Because are angels capable of looking this deliciously sinful?

Would angels be swiping their thumb over the slit of their throbbing member, only to coat their length with their pearls of cum?

If Hoseok was an angel, he would most certainly not be stroking himself with every single step that he took towards you.

With his free hand, he grabbed yours, silently leading you to the bed. His voice may have been silent, but his lust-filled eyes that peered down to where you were now sitting caused a fraction of your feigned dominance waver.

His kiss was soft as he barely glided his tongue along your bottom lip to ask for access. The kiss turned heated, however, when you obliged him. For a moment the two of you let yourselves drown in the passion until he pulled away as fast as he had dived in. His lips found refuge at the top of your neck, at the juncture of your jaw; at first, it was simple kisses that ghosted your skin, but as his red lips trailed lower and lower, he became rougher with his ministrations.

Kissing down your neck, he left a trail of love-bites that painted a trail of roses past your collarbones and to the swell of your breasts. Tauntingly, he trailed his tongue along the hem of the cup of your bra; he snaked a hand up your bare side and grazed his fingers over your clothed nipple. Pulling the cup down, he finally wrapped his mouth completely around the aroused bud, swirling his tongue around it until he sucked harshly.

“Hoseok, fuck,” you hissed as you threw your head back, tangling your hands lightly in the fiery locks of his hair.

He teased his way across your chest, before trailing his tongue across the hem of your other cup. The arousal had long since soaked your panties, and you had to clench your thighs together to relieve some of the tension.

“Hoseok, please,” you whined underneath his painstakingly slow actions.

“What was that, baby girl?” He hummed as he pressed wet kisses along your chest. “If you want something, you’ll have to ask for it,” he murmured before capturing your neglected nipple between his teeth.

“Touch me, fuck me,” you writhed, “just please do something.”

Hoseok smirked as your feigned dominance washed away from you at his ministrations, but happily completed your request; a quick flick of his fingers behind your back hard your bra falling down your arms and flung to the side.

He pushed you down to lay with your back on the bed, the leafy blankets feeling like clouds under your bare skin. He leaned down, pressing soft, featherlike kisses down your abdomen; he nipped at the skin around your navel once before he continued his descent to where you needed him most. His lips traveled along the waistband of your pants, kitten-licking at each hipbone.

A sneaking hand brushed its way over your jeans, trailing up the inside of your thigh. His fingers dug into the side of your thigh before brushing along the apex of it. Popping the button of your jeans open, he grabbed the zipper and pulled it down in an antagonizingly slow pace. The sound of it could barely be heard over the noise of the crickets outside the open window, and your slowly heaving chest didn’t help.

“Hoseok, take them off,” you groaned when he passed a hand over your clothed core.

You lifted your hips from the bed and Hoseok hooked his fingers inside the waistband to pull them down in a swift motion. Your soaked panties came down with the pants, and both were tossed to the side as Hoseok gazed into your eyes again; you watched with half-lidded eyes as he dragged a single finger upwards along your burning core, collecting the arousal leaking from it. He shifted, kneeling in front of you at the edge of the bed. Moving a leg to the other side of his shoulders, he nestled himself between them; His breath was hot as it ghosted over your slickened heat; plump lips hovered close and you jutted your hips upward to prompt a release from the torture.

He made a tsk noise at the movement, and his wings twitched in anticipation as he waited for you to settle down. When he decided you were behaving enough, he peppered a kiss, then a second over the aroused bud before licking a wide strip up your soaking slit. After his teasing, even just the slightest attention to your core had you rocking your hips into him again.

“Y/N,” he all but growled at you, looking at you with a stern gaze and furrowed brows, “if you move one more time, I’m going to have to punish you.”

He was trying to rile you up with the seductive tone of his voice, and it almost worked. You let out a low groan from the back of your throat and barely managed to keep your hips to the bed. Hoseok sucked and kitten licked at your swollen clit for a moment, testing you to see if you would break.

“But you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” His voice was dripping with thick honey, and he had a knowing glint in his eyes. “You’d like me to teach you a lesson, wouldn’t you?”

He smirked, but your reply had him cursing under his breath, “I want you to do whatever you want to me, my king.”

“Fuck,” he breathed under his breath and you noticed the way his wings flapped once, then twice, before he dived between your legs with earnest.

He swirled his tongue around the bud harshly, forcing you to arch your back off the bed and throw your head back closer to it; a hand came up to push your hips back to the bed and a warning grunt escaped his busy lips.

As he worked his mouth against your core, you felt the smallest warning travel through your stomach.

“Hoseok,” you rasped out as you began to tremble slightly against the comfort of the bed, “please,” you whined.

“Please what?”

“Your fingers, Hoseok, please,”

You thought he would continue to bring your release to a slow burn when he hummed against you; somehow, he thought you deserving of a reward as he slipped a single digit in you. It made the softest of slickened sounds until he put a second one in without warning; it wasn’t enough to give you the edge you needed.

Until he moved them.

Even if it was a twitch of his fingers, you felt the movement against your walls and it had you moaning in desperation. You fisted the sheets to try your hardest to not rock your hips against his mouth as he proceeded to tongue the alphabet around your clit and caress that spot; the pace at which he set his fingers increased with every moan you gave him, and shortly you were clenching in earnest around his digits

“I-I’m c-close,” you stuttered as the coil in your stomach wound itself tighter and tighter the longer he thrashed his fingers into you.

Upon reflex of your approaching release, you wove your hand through his hair, gripping it enough to cause a groan from him.

“Hos-seok, I’m g-gonna c-” your body arched as you prepared for that feeling in your core to snap, but Hoseok only pulled away from you with a “pop” of his arousal coated lips.

“What the fuck, Hos-”

“Ah, ah, ah,” he cut you off with a chastising noise.

Hoseok hovered over you, putting rough hands on your waist as he guided you up the bed; he kissed you harshly, ravishing the inside of your mouth with his tongue. The two of you stayed like that for a moment; your release slowly fading from reach as he devoured you with the taste of yourself.

His member was far beyond the point of throbbing, and you could feel the warmth of the precum leaking from his reddened tip on the inside of your thigh. While he was immersed in the liplock, you reached a hand between the two of you to swipe the pearly bead across his head and down his length. You wrapped your hand around him, but only managed to give a single tug before he pulled your hand from between your bodies.

“Bad girls don’t get what they want, remember?” His voice was gruff and deep as he stared at you with a mischievous grin on his face. “I thought I told you no moving baby,” he leaned down to whisper against your ear. The warmth of his breath caused a shiver to run down your spine, and you tried to wriggle your hands free from his grasp.

“That’s it,” he moved back from you and released your hands. Instantly you began to move your hand down to where you needed him most until he barked a command. “Hands and feet towards the corners, now.”

You gulped visibly, and you decided it would be in your best interest to listen to him if you want to cum at all this evening. Spreading yourself out for him, he climbed off the bed to walk around you; his dominate gaze had your cheeks reddening and you clenched around nothing to feel something. What you thought had been a sneaky act was, in fact, another disobedience.

Hoseok looked down at you the second you tried to relieve some tension and held his hand up. You didn’t understand the motion at first until he winked at you and gave an upwards flick of his wrist.

Gasping loudly, vines shot forth from beneath the bed to wrap themselves around your joints; your ankles were secured at the foot of the bed, and your wrists were pinned against the head of. You gave a tug of your limbs, only to find out that Hoseok had already let them solidify.

“See, now look where your impatience has gotten you? You humans never learn how to behave, do you?”

He let the very tip of his left wing move ever so slightly over your bare leg, causing you to whimper at the soft touch.

“If you can whimper like a slut, then you can answer like one too. Now, can you behave?”

“Yes, I can,” you writhed against the restraints of the vines, and Hoseok only chuckled as he grasped himself by the base of his cock and squeezed. “Please fuck me, Hoseok, I’ll be good I promise.”

“Hm,” he hummed, climbing on the bed to hover over you, “I don’t believe you.”

He gave you a teasing kiss, one that left you chasing after him, before he moved back to your neck; he wasted no time to trail his mouth down to your hardened nipples once more, just to get that last whine to roll from your tongue.

“Hoseok please just fu- oh!” You let out an estranged moan as he pushed himself into you slowly.

Letting you adjust for just a moment he leaned down to press a sweet kiss to your lips, “I said I didn’t believe you could be good, I never said I wouldn’t fuck you.” He winked at the words and the harsh snap of his hips.

His pace was relentless as he pulled almost all the way out of you before filling you to the brim with his thick cock; one hand gripped harshly onto the skin of your hip while the other kneaded mercilessly at your breast.

“Hoseok, oh-oh g-god!” You tried to bite back the cry of his name, and you threatened to break the skin of your lips.

With the restraints having such a tight hold on your legs, your thighs began to tremble as you used all your strength to raise your hips enough to let his cock hit you at a better angle. The sight and the feeling had Hoseok grunting heavily as he threw his head back in pleasure.

“Look at you, using all you’ve got just to get fucked a little deeper,” he slapped his hips against your core as he ravished your pulsating pussy before flicking his hand up to release just the restraints on your feet “to get fucked a little harder.”

“Oh g-gods, Hoseok yes! Yes!” The moment your feet were released, you were able to hook your ankles behind his back and he pulled your hips upwards to drive himself further into you.

“You’re going to wake up the entire fucking village,” he panted, his chest heaving as he continued to abuse your cunt, “if you keep screaming my name like that.”

The idea of being heard, paired with the domineering persona Hoseok had taken on for the night, had you clenching around him as he pounded bruises into the skin of your hips from the grip.

“I bet you’d like that, though, wouldn’t you, you fucking slut?”

“H-hoseok! Fuck!” You began to feel that high run through your body as his degrading words filtered through your ears.

Still snapping against you, you felt his own rhythm falter as you knew he was chasing his own release now as well, “I bet you want the village to know h-how much of a slut their queen is,” he sneered, breath hitching as you convulsed around him.

“Only for you!” You cried, white flashing behind your eyes as you were just moments from crumbling.

“I’m gonna fucking cum, Y/N, f-fuck,” he grunted as he put all his effort into the last few thrusts of his hips, “oh fuck, Y/N, just like that,” he moaned wantonly as he felt your walls convulse around him. “Cum for me baby, just like that!”

He brought a hand between your bodies, and gave your neglected clit a harsh rub; his thumb worked into the sensitive nub for what only felt like seconds as you thrashed under him as the coil that had been building finally snapped. Hoseok gave a few uncoordinated thrusts before he captured your lips in his as he followed you in his release.

He rode out his high and yours as he slowed his thrusts before coming to a halt; Hoseok all but fell against you when he pressed his face into your neck. His breath was hot and ragged as it fell against your neck, and you were positive you could feel his heart beating inside his chest.

Hoseok pulled out of you, and both of you groaned at the oversensitivity. Curling his wings into his back, he rolled over to lay on his back at your side.

“Um, Hoseok?” You coughed to get his attention and he looked at you with fucked-out eyes.

“Yes, love?” He murmured, still at a loss for air.

“Untie me, god damn it!”

The volume of your voice caused him to look to the sides where your hands were still held down by the vines, “oh fuck, I’m so sorry Y/N!” he yelped at the realization and promptly flicked the vines away with a twitch of his hand.

You nursed the red soreness of your wrists before sending a playful glare his way, “Hoseok, where the fuck did that come from?”

“Was it too much? I-I found a video on your laptop and I th-thought it was something you’d like,” he was a stuttering mess at the concern of your well-being, an adorably endearing contrast to the bold fairy that had fucked you to the stars just minutes before.

“That was probably the best sex we’ve ever had, but,” you hissed, and he gulped.


Stop watching porn on my fucking laptop, Hoseok.”