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The Trials and Tribulations of an Outsider

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The Trials and Tribulations of an Outsider


Harry James Potter has always been the least ordinary there could be. To his primary school, everybody saw him as a delinquent and bully. To the students and residents of Hogwarts, he was both the hero and the villain (depending on which mood they were in). To all the adults who knew his parents and extended family, they assumed that he was exactly like them.

He was never seen for his own persona. He was always an outcast, putting together the pieces to his personality that he, himself, knew to be true. Fact: his heart was too big in any shape or form. Lie: he was an arrogant, pig-headed bully that terrorized people for no reason. Fact: he aspired to open an orphanage for muggleborn children that was both loving and informative of their heritage. Lie: he wanted to be an Auror and save the wizarding world, be their noble savior.

Of course, you would expect more to this, I assume. But, we haven’t even scratched the surface of truths, lies, and everything in between. But, one of the most outstanding ones must be the following:

Truth: Harry James Potter was pregnant. Lie: the conception of his child was consensual.




Forks, Washington was both a quiet and humble place. With a population of 3,297 people, it’s a town on the smaller side. Surrounded by wildlife and right next to the Pacific Ocean, it was a little dreary for most. But, it was a tight-knit community, through and through. You were raised by both your parents and the adults in the community. You grew up with your classmates, the others becoming almost like your siblings.


So, when someone decided to move into this small community, it was a shock. All the people who gossiped (especially the teenage girls), did their jobs and made up rumors of why this person decided to move in. As we speak, the current story is this mysterious citizen was a man running away from the cops and sure to be caught soon.


From Harry’s perspective, they were a bunch of idiots.


As he moved the final box into his house, Harry watched as the cardboard opened and the items flew out to their respective places. The seventeen-year-old smiled to himself, he loved magic. The house, itself, was an inheritance under the Potter name. He was pleasantly surprised at how cheerful the house was. It was three stories high, three bedrooms and bathrooms (not including the masters). It had an attic that was complete with a balcony and glass doors, where hopefully he could make into some sort of room in the future. The second floor, as well, had a balcony as well. But this story only had a simple yellow door. The exterior was a pleasant yellow color with white trim and a royal blue door.


He lived on a 50-acre lot, surrounded by trees and even a small man-made lake (with a dock as well. He lived in complete seclusion, ten minutes from even entering Forks itself. The only neighbors he had knowledge about was a family by the name of the Cullen’s, which hopefully lived far away from him.


Harry sighed, his hand on his non glamoured stomach. He looked down, thinking to himself he looked much more pregnant than ten weeks. But, that’s what happens when you’re having twins. “A new start for us, huh?” He said out loud, giving his stomach an affectionate pat and rub. “Alright, let’s get you something to eat, hmm?” He walked to the kitchen and sighed, right. He had to go grocery shopping. That’s fantastic.


Harry got his wand and silently whispered the spell to make it seem like his babies weren’t there, and smiled sadly. “Hopefully I won’t have to hide you forever, Babies.” He whispered. “But Daddy needs to keep us safe so nobody hurts you.” He sighed and dropped his hand, grabbing his car keys and walking to go get into his car.


Behind the scenes, he learned how to drive from none other than Arthur Weasley. He taught Harry the same time he taught Ron how to. He believed that everybody should know how to run a vehicle, magical or muggle. In purposes of both blending in, and plus it’s fun to drive.


Harry walked out to his white Toyota Camry and paused, hearing a sudden movement. His hand slowly shot to his wand, turning around to find nothing. The British teen shook his head. “You’re going barmy, Harry…” He mused to himself before hopping into the driver's side and heading to the grocery store.


What he didn’t know is that he wasn’t crazy, that there was someone out there watching him. In the trees, hidden from any view, stood a mysterious pair of glowing topaz eyes.