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Lovers Episodes

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Akira and his friends patiently waited for Yusuke to finish his painting. But they were at a breaking point. Ryuji once again couldn’t control his anger. Now Yusuke was threatening them with police action.

“What the Eff man!” Ryuji was fuming. He couldn’t believe the guy they were trying to help was threatening him.

“Ryuji! That’s enough!” said Akira. He was getting frustrated too but he knew that being out of control won’t help anyone.

“Ryuji! Stop it! Calm down, Okay?” said Ann. She was trying to alleviate the tension boiling in the room as well.

“Dammnit!” Ryuji said.

He finally started to keep quiet… It was then that Yusuke came up with a deal.

“I won’t report you… but only under one condition.” said Yusuke.

The three Phantom Thieves were silent. They were wondering what the artist had in mind.

“What’s that?” asked Ann.

What he asked though was something the three of them didn’t see coming at all.

“I want you to continue being my model, Takamaki-san.”

“But you said that it wasn’t working out today…” said Ann.

“That’s because I was unconsciously being modest for your sake… however I have nothing to worry about anymore, if you’re willing to BARE everything to me…”

It was at this moment that Akira’s mind started to blow up.

“Wait…did he just ask what I thought he did?… He couldn’t possibly be asking….” thought Akira.

Before he could verify it himself, Yusuke made it clear what he meant.

“…I will put my heart and soul into creating the best NUDE painting EVER!” said Yusuke with so much passion.

Akira’s mind shattered. No words were coming out of his mouth from the sheer shock.

“WHHAAAT?” Ryuji said loudly. He couldn’t believe his ears either.

“NUUUDDEE?!” Ann shouted. She was so taken aback from the shocking revelation.

However Yusuke didn’t even seem phased from their loud reactions. He was an artist so devoted to his craft that his mind was so centered on making his “perfect work.”

“Ah, to think I’d be able to create a nude painting with my most ideal model!… Of course, you two won’t be allowed in, and I ask that you forget about our discussion today as well.

Akira couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Yusuke was going to be alone in a room with Ann undressed. He was going to blackmail them in order to paint her nude. That was crossing the line. He had feelings for Ann but he hadn’t told her yet. But before anything else, he could honestly say that he and Ann have become close friends if not already best friends. He would NEVER allow this. Yusuke was going to make Ann bare EVERYTHING. His face was turning red from even imagining it.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We’re not even going to consider allowing Ann to do that!” Akira never denied something louder in his life. He was breathing heavily as he looked to his friends for agreement.

“Right guys? Ann? Ryuji?”

To his surprise though, Ryuji was already leaving the room. His back was already turned. He talks to Akira while he leaves.

“Like Yusuke said…he needs a new piece for his sensei so that there won’t be anymore inconveniences.” said Ryuji.

“What?! Ryuji! You can’t be okay with this?!” Akira was shocked. Ryuji may have quarreled with Ann every so often but he wouldn’t be okay with her doing this.

“Ann! Let’s get out of here. This guy is—“ Before Akira could finish speaking further, what he saw startled him. Ann was starting to take off her black blazer and put it to the side. She looked at him directly and spoke to him in a straight voice.

“Akira. It’s all right. We need to do this. I’m fine…with baring it all.”

“Wait…What?” Akira stuttered.

Ann started to remove her white shirt as well. He could see clearly her cute pink bra. Akira was covering his eyes.

“Oh my God. Ann! No…No…”

He moves to head outside the door to not see Ann so exposed. Yusuke was starting to go back to his seat and paint again.

“Alright. Let us begin.” Yusuke said.

Akira looked back one last time and saw Ann unhook her bra. Ryuji was slowly closing the door to prevent anyone from seeing further. Akira couldn’t control himself. He shouted back.

“No! No! Ann!!! No! You can’t! No! NOOOOOOOO——!” he screamed to Ann.

“Akira…!” He heard a voice call out to him.

“Akira! Wake up!”

The boy jumped. He was breathing intensely as sweat was going down his face. He looked around to see where he was. He was on the second floor of LeBlanc. His room.

“Where…What?!” Akira was still panicking. He didn’t know what just happened.

“Akira…Are you okay?!” said a familiar girl’s voice.

“Ann?” he asked.

He turned around and saw a concerned Ann Takamaki slowly standing up from the couch. There he could see some pillows and blankets nearby on the floor.

“What happened, Akira? You started fidgeting in your sleep. You called out my name. Then you started to scream the word "no" loudly!”

It was then that Akira finally got his bearing. They weren’t at Madarame’s old place. Yusuke wasn’t asking Ann to be his model either. That happened months ago. That event didn’t even play out that way either. Ann never ended up baring it all, which he thanked the gods for. He was safe at the 2nd floor of LeBlanc with her. Ann and Akira confessed their love to each other some time ago and they were dating already for several months.

“What did we do…?” he says to himself quietly. He then recalls what he did that day.

The two of them just came back from a date. They then had a meal at Big Bang Burger and the two of them decided to head back to LeBlanc to relax. Finally, the both of them wanted to snuggle in close on the couch due to how cold the weather was lately. Before they knew it, the two of them fell asleep on each other. It wasn’t the first time they relaxed together on the couch of LeBlanc but Akira today got an unpleasant dream.

“I-I’m sorry… I just had... a really BAD nightmare.” said Akira. He was still huffing.

“What was it about?” asked Ann. He could hear the worry of her voice.

Akira though was starting to turn red about the nightmare he had. The idea of her baring it all was shocking. He knew that one day, both he and Ann would be more intimate but right now they haven’t crossed that line yet. He was patient and willing to wait till they were both ready. At this point, he already got nervous whenever Ann was wearing her gorgeous bikini outfit. She herself would be quite embarrassed at times showing so much skin to him. But they were slowly crossing a few barriers. Akira however couldn’t the handle the idea of she revealing herself to anybody else. He started to get a bit jealous and protective.

“Damn Yusuke…” Akira silently said.

“What was that?…” said Ann.

“N-nothing!” said Akira. He got more composed and remembered that Yusuke wasn’t a bad guy. Akira sighed and decided to slap himself till he was perfectly fine.

*tap* *tap*

The sounds of his hands hitting his cheeks helped get himself back together.

“Okay…” he said to reassure himself.

“You feeling… better?” asked Ann behind him.

Akira looked back and saw she was still very concerned. Akira’s heart once again melted when he noticed how much she cared for him. He was feeling happy about how they felt the same way. He really cared for her too. Deciding to alleviate the tension, Akira walks back to Ann and gives her a big hug.

“Uh-uhm…. Okay?” she said. Ann was a bit confused from the sudden action but she replies happily by wrapping her arms around him as well.

“I love you so much, Ann.” he said to her.

Now she was getting red. “What has gotten into him? What was that nightmare?” she thought. At that moment though she suddenly felt that everything was going to be okay. She decided to reply what was in her heart as well.

“I-I love you too.” Ann’s cheeks were red. She slowly rubbed Akira’s back gently. Calming him down and comforting him.

Akira decided to ask Ann something.


“Yes, Akira?”

“Can you do me a favor?”

“What is it?”

“Never pose for a painting unless I’m there…”

Ann was confused. Why was he asking him that? She didn’t seem to mind though.

“Okay. No problem. I’ll make sure to bring you.” she said honestly.

“Lastly. Remind me never to eat the secret menu of Big Bang Burger right before a nap.”

Ann giggled at his request. They did eat a lot a while ago, she felt.

“Alright. We’ll avoid doing that next time.” she laughed a little into his shoulder.

She and Akira started to look at each other in the eyes again. She saw a sigh of relief on his face. She kissed him on the cheek as a way to make him feel better. She thought right as Akira smiled from her gesture. He then gave a kiss on her forehead. She felt goose bumps from the action. They then both headed back to the couch. The young couple wanted to enjoy the rest of the early evening being comfortable in each other’s arms.