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Loving You Is Red

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PROMPT: Jungkook's new red-pink hair become a new obsession for Taehyung. He can't leave the maknae's side without touching or kissing his pretty baby's hair for almost everyday. For Tae, his lover became more gorgeous and hot with that new hair and for Kookie, he became more brave and ready to make his hyung fall in love more with him! Flirty Kookie with whipped Taehyung, while the other members have to control the lovebird's actions more than ever.





“What color are you gonna pick this time, Kook?” Namjoon asks from his seat in the van. He, along with Jungkook and Seokjin, are scheduled for another session at the salon to have their hair colored yet again.

“We all know he’s going with dark brown again.” Seokjin answers, laughing at Jungkook’s disgruntled expression. What’s wrong with dark brown, honestly? But being him, he’s never one to turn down an obvious challenge, especially from his Seokjin-hyung.

“I can pick a light color.” he grumbles, and the eldest raises his eyebrows knowingly.

“Oh? Light brown instead?” Seokjin asks before doubling up in laughter, his squeaky laughs echoing inside the van.

Jungkook scoffs, “You’ll see hyung.”

“Here we go again.” Namjoon whispers to himself.


Once they’re in the salon, Jungkook immediately asks for the color palette to browse through the different colors, since he has in fact, already decided on a shade of brown, but Seokjin doesn’t need to know that.

He remembers Taehyung saying that red was his favorite color on himself — which Jungkook whole heartedly agrees — his boyfriend looked like he came straight out of the manwhas he loved to read, the vivid color making the natural tan of his skin stand out even better, making him look like some kind of a primal god.

He purses his lips, and taps on the page containing the different red hues, already considering picking something out of the page. He’s sure it would make Seokjin eat his words, and it’d be a nice surprise for Taehyung. It might also be a nice change for once, and his fans would probably appreciate the color. Plus he loves red, so it couldn’t hurt right? 

He decides to go with a red with a pinkish hue. It’s not the tomato red Taehyung had before, and’s it’s not the pink that Jimin also used, and it’s a lot lighter than the violet-red he had on for Dope. 

Satisfied with the color, he points the shade to the salon artist, and smiles in anticipation for everyone’s reaction.

Wanting it to be a surprise, he covers his hair in his cap as soon as it’s dried, not letting even Namjoon or Seokjin to sneak a peek, as he wants to reveal the new color in their dorm.

“You know,” Seokjin muses, eyeing Jungkook’s cap with a frown, “If the big reveal turns out to be another dark brown, I’m actually gonna be really disappointed Kookie.” he says, and Namjoon nods in agreement.

Jungkook laughs, “Trust me hyungs. I just want to see Tae-hyung’s reaction first.”


They arrive back at the dorm in 20 minutes, Jungkook practically flying out the van in his haste to show his boyfriend his new look, and barely shoots a glance back to his panting hyungs trying to catch up with him.

“Tae? Babe?” Jungkook calls as soon as he’s inside, he finds Jimin and Hoseok in their living room playing Overwatch.

“Kitchen!” Taehyung’s deep voice answers, and he quickly runs to the direction with a grin.

“What’s with him?” Jimin asks their leader after pausing the game, who was bracing himself on his knees, gasping loudly. He smiles tiredly, and just points to the kitchen, motioning for them to follow, and even Seokjin just shrugs, and walks towards the kitchen.

“Hey babe.” Jungkook greets Taehyung, and presses a soft kiss on his cheeks. He belatedly notices Yoongi on the side, and winces at the rapper who has holding his mug upside down, eyes closed and mouth open, as he sleepily waits for the coffee maker to finish brewing.

“How long has he been like that?” he asks, and Taehyung giggles, “5 minutes or so.”

“You think he’d get mad if I woke him up?” he asks, eyeing the elder warily, “I wanted to show you guys something.”

“Go for it. Coffee’s about done too.”

He walks over to Yoongi and shoots a thumbs up at the rest of his hyungs who have just arrived at the kitchen. Seokjin shakes his head at him as soon as he realizes that Jungkook is planning to wake up the sleeping grizzly bear.

“Bad idea, Kook.” the eldest whispers, but his eyes are dancing with mirth. Jungkook rolls his eyes at him, and carefully plucks the mug from Yoongi’s limp fingers, turns it the correct side up, and pours the now done freshly brewed coffee, filling it to the brim.

“Hyung.” he whispers in a sing song, moving the mug in front of Yoongi, and fanning the inviting steam into the elder’s nostrils. “Coffee.” he continues, and he hears Hoseok, and Seokjin sniggering behind him.

Yoongi sniffs, smacking his pouting lips together, but he slowly blinks his eyes open, zeroing in on the coffee, and he smiles sleepily at Jungkook. “Thanks Kook.” he hums, and the maknae resists the urge to scratch at his hyung’s hair like a cat.

“Okay, now that we’ve proved that Yoongi is whipped for coffee.” Namjoon states dryly, but Jimin lets an an indignant, “Hey!”

“Whipped for coffee, and Jimin.” he amends, and the dancer shoots finger guns at him. “Kook, it’s time for the big reveal.”

“Okay.” he exhales nervously, suddenly self conscious at all his hyungs staring up at him in anticipation, well except for Yoongi, who was blinking up at him with a confused look (he’s still half asleep). “So, I uh, had my hair colored today.” he starts.

“The three of us did actually.” Seokjin adds, “Thanks for the compliments by the way.” he adds wryly.

“Oh wow you’re blonde.” Hoseok gasps, “You look good, hyung. You too Namjoon.”

“Oh yeah wow, you guys look handsome.”

“Really suits you both.”


“Too late.” Seokjin pouts, and Namjoon rolls his eyes.

“Okay now back to me.” Jungkook says, calling everyone’s attention, “So yeah, I -, shit. I’m just gonna show you guys.” he sighs, and removes his cap, letting his freshly dyed hair frame his face.

There’s a collective gasp, and he chews at his bottom lips nervously as he waits for their reactions. “Uhm well?” he asks after another minute of silence.

“Fuck that’s bright.” Yoongi croaks, breaking the silence, squinting at Jungkook’s bright red-pink hair. Jimin elbows his side, and he clears his throat, “I mean, it looks good, Kook. You haven’t really done this color before.”

“It’s not brown!” Seokjin exclaims, and he pulls out his wallet to hand 50,000 won into Namjoon’s waiting hands.

“It looks good on you, Kook.” Jimin answers, smiling at him, “I’m sure army will be shook.”

“Wah daebak.” Hoseok muses, and he circles Jungkook, looking at the color from every angle. “You’ve really surprised us this time.”

He smiles at his hyungs, blushing as he thanks them one by one, until his gaze lands on Taehyung — whom he most wanted to hear the reaction of, and he finds the elder staring at him with his mouth open.

“Uhm Tae?” he prompts, and Taehyung shakes his head, his previous glassy eyes changes in a snap, and it focuses on Jungkook with a heated gaze that made him gulp audibly.

“And that’s our cue.” Jimin announces, pulling Yoongi with him out of the room, the other members on their heels, leaving Jungkook and Taehyung alone in the kitchen.

Jungkook runs his fingers through his hair consciously, as he eyes his boyfriend who still hasn’t moved from his position. “So yeah, it’s reddish.” he clears his throat. “Do you - do you like it?” he asks timidly, and that seems to snap Taehyung out of his stupor. He walks over to Jungkook with wide strides, and Jungkook barely had any time to brace himself as Taehyung hauls him up to his body, and crushes their lips together. 

Taehyung’s lips are soft, and firm, pressing against Jungkook’s deeply, but unmoving. Just two pairs of lips locked together in silence, while their heartbeats pound loudly inside their chests.

“Fuck, Kook.” Taehyung groans, pulling back a little, but still close enough that their lips touch while talking.

“Do I like it?” he repeats, before sucking at Jungkook’s lower lip, making the younger whimper, as his arms tighten around Taehyung’s body.

“I love it.” Taehyung whispers, “Damn, you look so hot.”

Jungkook smiles, gazing softly at the elder’s eyes, he removes his arms from Taehyung’s back and winds them up on his neck to pull him closer, “You don’t usually curse. I guess you really do like it.”

Taehyung chuckles, and Jungkook feels the rumble on his body, “I almost don’t want you to show this to anyone else.” he admits, voice low and possessive. 

“We’ve got the Lotte Family Concert though.” Jungkook giggles, his nose scrunching up adorably, and Taehyung wants to boop it, so he does. “Besides, you're blonde too.” he reminds him, tugging on the hair at the back of his neck.

“Yeah, but they’ve already seen me blonde before.” Taehyung pouts. “You’re different.”

“Don’t worry hyung, me and my red hair are all yours.” he whispers, inching closer, their lips a hairsbreadth away.

“Yeah?” Taehyung asks, licking his lips.

“Always.” Jungkook answers, and he finally closes the gap, and kisses him.


“Where’s Tae?” Jimin asks, searching the room for his best friend.

“Where do you think?” came Namjoon’s dry reply, as he points to the couch. Jimin snorts as soon as he sees Taehyung on the couch, his hands buried deep in Jungkook’s hair, as the maknae sleeps.

“I swear he’s obsessed.” he mumbles, rolling his eyes fondly at the couple.

Namjoon chuckles, “At least, it might be out of their system before we go public.” As much as Namjoon loves and supports his members, he knows that Korea is a very traditional country, and it’s not ready for top idols to come out to profess their loves for one another, not yet at least. And as much as it pains him, he’d have to remind them again to keep things on the down low.

“Well we have two days before the concert,” Jimin answers, running his fingers through his hair. “They’ll be good by then.” he pauses, “Probably.”

Probably Not. Why?


Exhibit 1.

After the heated make out session in the kitchen, the two youngest scarred their hyungs by practically devouring each other as they walk clumsily to their room, dropping off articles of clothing on the way. Their loud gasps, and soft moans could be heard even through Hoseok’s screeching of ‘my eyes! my poor innocent eyes!’


Exhibit 2.

The seven of them were eating dinner together; Seokjin cooked the food, Namjoon broke some glasses helping — a normal occurrence in the Bangtan dormitory. But.

“I don’t remember cooking a side of sexual tension in the air.” he whispers harshly at Jimin’s ears, eyes narrowed at Jungkook and Taehyung, who have done nothing but gaze at each other longingly over the table. They watch with bated breath as Jungkook bites his lips, then he slowly runs his fingers through his hair, pushing back his bangs, and revealing his forehead.

“And he totally stole my move.” Jimin whispers back, glaring at Jungkook. Mentally adding it to his tally of ‘I Was Born in Busan First’ sheet.

Their eyes snap back to Taehyung, who’s practically whimpering, fidgeting in his seat as he watches their maknae with his ministrations.

Like watching a game of pingpong, they look back at Jungkook, waiting for his next move, and Jimin barely stops a snort from escaping him as Jungkook smirks at Taehyung — because he’s a child, okay, a muscly man-child, but there’s no way that would work. He’s proven wrong on the next second, as Taehyung slams down his hand hard on the table, surprising everyone (except Yoongi again, honestly nothing shocks the rapper), breathing heavily.

“Jeon Jungkook.” he growls, his usual low voice even deeper, and guttural. “Bedroom. Now.” 

The rest of them groan in unison, complaining that they were eating, but the two paid them no mind as they practically run back to their room.


Exhibit 3.

Yoongi stops dead in his tracks, as he watches what seems to be a scene from a drama playing out live right in front of him.

Taehyung is on his knees, hugging Jungkook’s legs, eyes watery as he looks up at Jungkook, pleading with his wide eyes. “Kookie, don’t do it. Don’t go. What if-”

“Hyung. I really have to.” Jungkook answers, as he tries to gently unwrap Taehyung’s death grip on his legs. 

“Take me with you, please.” The elder answers, clutching at Jungkook’s pyjama bottoms desperately.

“Tae, you know I can’t. We can’t.” Jungkook answers with a trembling voice, but he successfully pries open Taehyung’s fingers, and he crouches down, cupping Taehyung’s face gently.

“It will be okay. I’ll be back before you know it.” he whispers, and kisses Taehyung softly.

Taehyung sniffles, but nods slowly, cupping Jungkook’s face back, and he tilts his head downwards to press a kiss at the crown of his hair.

Jungkook smiles gratefully at his boyfriend, before straightening up, and as he turns around, he notices Yoongi by the corridor.

“Oh hyung. Were you gonna shower too?” he asks, swinging a towel into his shoulders.

“Shower?” he repeats dumbly, and gazes at the scene in front of him again. Taehyung pouting on the floor, Jungkook with a towel, the bathroom behind him.

“Yeah, I was gonna shower off the smell of the chemicals.” he answers, plucking at his bright hair.

Yoongi counts to 10 before shaking his head, and turns around to walk away from the two. Because fuck, he almost got teary eyed watching his two idiot friends and it was only because Taehyung was scared Jungkook’s hair color would fade. Fuck his life.


Day of The Concert

Jungkook’s wearing another bondage harness outside of his black button up, and Taehyung’s literally wearing a dog collar around his neck. Out of all them, they were the only ones with extra eye catching accessories, and it makes him wonder if BigHit’s even trying to hide their relationship from the world.

Not that he’s ungrateful to the stylists, as he obviously cannot keep his eyes off of Taehyung, his beautiful collarbones are out on display, his blond hair falling in perfect waves on his face, and that damn collar. He looks straight out of Jungkook’s wet dreams, and he knows because he’s had quite a few.

He smirks when he sees Taehyung also gazing back at him, eyeing his body hungrily, as the harness emhpasizes his toned stomach, and small waist. He knows he looks good, and with his all dark ensemble, his new hair color stands out even more. Their stytlists should actually get a pay raise, he thinks.

“Okay, none of that.” Namjoon says, snapping his fingers and breaking their eye contact. “Tae, Kook, I just need you both to get through this concert.” he starts, eyeing both boys seriously, “Just a few hours, and you guys can go back to procreating like rabbits.” he sighs, “And yes, I know you guys can’t really procreate, but you know what I mean.” he finishes, waving his hands in the air.

Jungkook blushes, and he smiles sheepishly at Namjoon. “Sorry, hyung. I’ll keep it under control.”

“And you, Tae?”

Taehyung clears his throat and nods slowly, “I’ll do my best hyung.”

“Okay, good enough.” Namjoon answers, “Meet us outside in 5 minutes.” he says, “Don’t do anything to mess up your clothes.” he winces, and strides out the door, leaving the two alone.

“You look really good, Kookie.” Taehyung mumbles, biting his lips. 

“You too hyung. Really really good.” he answers.

Taehyung sighs, and stands up, brushing his wet palms on his pants, “We can do this, we’re not a couple of hormonal teenagers right?” he asks, determination clear on his voice.

“Right.” Jungkook answers with a nod. “Fighting, hyung.”

“Fighting, Kook. Let’s go.”

“Uhm hyung wait.”


“Can you keep the collar?”

“Jeon Jungkook.”