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The beginning

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Letty's point of view:

It's been hours since my mother, my father, my brother and I are on the road for our new house in Los Angeles. When my parents told me we were moving I said to myself that was maybe a good thing. After all there was not much that connected me to my home. I never like playing with dolls or this kind of thing so I was often alone. I am a real tomboy. I love cars. My parents say it's because I want to be like my older brother and that will pass me when I will grow up. After all I am only 10 years old but I know this is what I love.

My brother's name is Lorenzo, he is 16. Him and I we get along well in general but he never want me to stay with him when his friends are here, apparently that " suck" to hang out with his little sister.

We arrived, it's the first time I see our new house . She has nothing exceptional but she but it is not bad either. I get out of the car and I grabb my suitcase thatmy father is tending me before walk on my new house. We each have a suitcase the rest of our things have already been moved to our new home. The house is bigger than our old house. I do not linger on the living room, I go directly to my room, after all this is where I will spend most of my time. I drop my suitcase at the foot of my new bed before looking everywhere to find my stuff. I notice that my parents made an effort for the decoration, they put me a wallpaper with cars, I think that I will like me here finally.

Half an hour later I almost finished finding the location of my belongings and putting away my suitcase, when I hear voices in the street, it looks like screams. I went to the window and discreetly opened it to avoid being spotted. There was a girl who seems to be my age, she is screaming at an older boy who looks like my brother age, he looks very angry and he totally ignored the cries of the girl before entering his car and start in a rush despite the cries and crying of the little girl. I'm kind of curious so I can not help but go down and go see the girl to ask what's going on. I sat next to the girl who was now sitting on the steps of the house right in front of mine.

" Hi my name is Letty, I just moved in front. I heard you screaming after a boy so I came to see if you were ok." I said.

" Hi sorry if I bother you, I'm Mia, I live right there" she said showing me the house behind her " the boy I was shoting for was my big brother."

" No you did not bother me. Why were you screaming after your brother ?" I asked curiously.

" A girl in school is mocking me because I do not have a mother, when I tell my brother he is angry and he left to speak with the director of the school for her to be punished but I didn't want him to go because afterwerds she's even more mean to me." She replied looking at the floor.

" Why don't you hit her ? After that she'll stop bothering you." I said to her as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

"We do not beat people for that and then I do not know how to fight anyway. "

"I know, if she comes back to annoy you again you'll just have to tell me who it is and I'll do it for you." I hated girls like that who went after the other without any good reason.

"That's nice of you but you will not need to do it, I prefer not to get to it, you're in what class?" She asked.

"In 5th grade and you?"

"Me too, I'm in Marie Curie (french name) school and you?"


"Cool we will be together !! I'm sure we'll be great friend, "she said with a smile.

"I hope I usually do not have a lot of friends because everyone thinks I'm weird." I replied without looking at her.

"Why do they find you weird?"

"Because I love cars."

"I do not think it's weird, but at the same time I'm used to it, my brother is a big fan of cars too, he even races."

I looked up directly to look at her "Is that true? Is he talented?"

"Yes, he is the best."

"One day I will beat him." I said filled with determination.

"Good luck in that case."

My mother called me to ask me to go home:

"Sorry I have to go."

And I went home thinking about the day I would beat Mia's brother ... it makes me think that I do not even know his name. It's okay I'll ask him the next time I see him.

1 hour later I heard a car parked in the street, I looked out the window to see who it was and I recognized the boy of earlier, the brother of Mia. I decided to go out and introduce myself. I approached him, he looked at me strangely what was normal since it was never seen me before. He had to wonder who I was and what I want:

"Hello, my name is Letty, I just moved into the house opposite, I met your little sister, Mia, she told me that you liked cars." I say in one time without bothering to take a break to breathe.

He laughed a little before answering:

"Hi, my name is Dominic, but we call me Dom, you know you're talking a lot for a girl of your age ?!"

"For a girl of my age?! You think I'm a baby?" I replied, offended.

"That's not what I meant and it was not an insult, do not worry, how old are you?" He asked .

"I'm 10 years old and you?"

"I'm 16. You're the same age as my sister."

"I know and you are the same age as my brother."

"Well, little Letty, are you interested in cars?"

"Yes, I love it!" I replied with a big smile.

"Good to know, cars are my life."

After saying that he turned around and went home. It was from this moment I knew I was in love. Although I'm only 10 years old, I know how I feel. I love Dominic.