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An Old Hope

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The deserts of Tatooine stretched in front of Maul as vastly as his thoughts seemed to be doing, at the moment. Catching one of the Jedi Order's most focused and skillful Jedi would be no easy task, but with the vast amount of opportunity that he could gain from this mission laid directly in front of him by Lord Sidious himself, the Sith Apprentice couldn't see any sort of failure as an option. The Empire will rule over the galaxy once and for all, and Maul will be the one to ensure of that future.


Cloaked in a veil black as the galactic sky above, Maul made his way quietly through Tatooine’s nightly market, and closed in on an abandoned desert mound where he would be able to get in touch with the force that would soon guide him to his final destination.


Stepping swiftly inside of the mound and reaching out for any living presence that may lay within it, Maul slipped off his cloak and sat in the middle of the smooth sandstone floor, the sandstone cool against his calloused hands from the encapsulated darkness of the mound.


Sitting cross-legged, he reached out for any presence - anything. A human, a small animal… and felt for their life force...


Maul was never very good at meditating, and the force always threw him back to the time that he was taken away from his family, and dragged into the life that was…


“This, again.” Maul thought as he sighed slightly, keeping his thoughts projected into himself and away from anybody that could listen.


“Blast this…”


Maul stood up frustratedly within the black hole of the mound alone; his deep, soft spoken voice echoing back at himself and off of the rounded walls. Running his fingers over them gently, he suddenly felt a jagged stab through his chest - 


The air within the mound became sharp and freezing as Maul began to shake violently, emotions ranging too far out of his control to grab a hold of…


Scratching a sharp-nailed hand over his tattooed cheek, the softest, most frustrated cry escaped his lips as thick streams of blood slid easily down his face and neck. Much too easily.


Maul fell to his knees with a loud crack and pressed his fingers to his temple -


“Breathe… Breathe… Use your hurt as your power, not your weakness… your anger...” A sharp voice in his head repeated over and over again, nearly breathing down his neck.


Don’t fight me, JOIN ME.” The voice snarled, violently.


After holding off the pain of the dark side’s words for quite some time, the air within the mound became warm enough to bear, and with that, Maul had found his supposed path.


While focusing his very hardest. A softer voice began to speak -


Obi-Wan Kenobi…  Will be a great deal of help to you. Find him, and he will guide you on your path to great success.”


Maul sighed yet again, and stepped outside to breathe while he could. Sweat dripped down his forehead, and the blood that once trickled down his face and neck had long-since dried and blended into his deeply red-pigmented skin.


“Obi-Wan… Ke-no-bi…”


The words rolled off of his tongue in soft drawl, nearly romanticizing their purpose as the force did for him earlier.


“Who are you…”


Maul whipped out his small holo-chip and searched his name, and an advanced citizen’s profile of a posh-looking Jedi Padawan debut before his now squinted eyes:


Obi-Wan Kenobi:


Age: 25


Hair Color: Brown


Eye Color: Blue


Height: 6’0


Current Residence: Jedi Temple, Coruscant


Occupation: Jedi Padawan


Braid: Yes


Kyber Crystal: Blue (light)


Fighting Style: Ataru (IV)


“Ataru…” Maul nearly scoffed, and began making his way quietly through the city streets and back to The Scimitar, where he would set his course to the planet of Coruscant for a short… visit, with this Jedi Padawan.


Of course, he had to inform Lord Sidious of his whereabouts:


“The force has guided me to the planet of Coruscant… To meet a Jedi Padawan by the name of Obi-Wan Kenobi…”


Maul’s voice was soft-spoken as usual, but held a hint of uncertainty that seemed to be noticed within the way his right eye twitched ever so slightly. He hoped that Lord Sidious wouldn’t take notice of his mood, and always tried his best to keep it hidden from him as always.


Sidious scowled.


“Yes, capture him… he will make good use to us as a pawn; as I believe that he is Jinn’s current padawan… they have a very close relationship that I have witnessed at the temple, myself. It would be such a shame to see them split apart and tormented to the bone…”


Sidious smiled and reached a holographic hand to Maul’s blood-dried cheek, causing maul to blink slowly and become slightly flustered at the… unusual, affection....


“We will prevail…” Sidious whispered into Maul’s ear, the hot breath of his promise radiating into his skin and making it tingle with the slightest bit of hop-


“We will rule the galaxy, I… the Empire will rise, once more…” the Lord’s voice shook with anticipation as his hologram flickered from existence, leaving a flustered and stiff Darth Maul standing in the middle of his ship, staring at the wall and eyes shining slightly with the hope that once seemed so impossible…


Feeling his cheek softly, Maul swallowed - 


"Yes, my master..."