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Make Love, Not War

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When Izuku made it back to his dorm, he was fucking exhausted. Training the whole day, on top of hero classes, tended to do that to him. All he wanted to do was change and go to sleep in his own nice, soft bed, which should have been all made and ready for him.

Instead, as he opened the door, Izuku felt an audible gasp come out of him; his room was a certified disaster. Used dishes littered most of the surfaces, the meals varying from barely touched to wiped totally clean. Izuku’s clothes were scattered across the floor, looking hastily gone through for specific pieces. A small shelf of his notebooks and some CDs was toppled over with the contents strewn like a blood splatter.

And on the bed, his bed, the bed that was supposed to be perfect and clean, was absolutely ruined. There were even more plates and dishes scattered around. Sheets, blankets, and pillows, mixed with those clothes from earlier, stacked into a small makeshift fortress. Inside of it, whining as he woke up and stretched, was his angry, in heat omega, Katsuki.

Katsuki sat up, whimpered as he moved causing him to pause and let whatever cramp he just had settle, before he yawned and stood upright to greet Izuku.

“Hello, alpha,” Katsuki’s voice was muttered, he was rubbing his eye, and either was too tired or too feverish from his heat to change from a docile tone, even title dropping. Izuku surveyed the mess again, emotional state compromised in his exhaustion, and felt even more agitated from Katsuki being so casual.

“Hello? Is that all you have to say for yourself?” He snapped accusingly. Katsuki seemed to sober up out of his stupor, jolting upright.


“I come back and my room is a damn mess! How many times do I have to tell you something, Katsuki!?” Izuku’s voice rose more. The lack of nickname usage was startling. Katsuki’s eyes widened, and he stepped back. Izuku acted before he thought, the alpha in him was telling him to just discipline this disobedience. His arm shot out, and he gripped onto Katsuki’s wrist. The omega flinched.

“Don't try to leave!”

“D-Deku, don't-”

“Be quiet for once! Listen to me! You need to clean up this mess!”

“My wrist, you're-!”

“I had a rough fucking day, I just wanted to get back and go to bed, but the whole place-!”

“Izuku, it hurts!” Izuku froze. Again, no nickname, this time it managed to surprise Izuku out of his episode. Katsuki was sniffling and fighting hard against Izuku’s grip. He hadn't realized he had kept tightening his hold the more Katsuki tried pulling back. At once, Izuku let him go, right as Katsuki attempted to really wrench his hand away. This lead to Katsuki stumbling backwards, tripping over the edge of the bed and falling into the shelter he had made. The whole thing was destroyed, and Izuku gasped again. Messing up an omega’s nest was considered incredibly disrespectful of their space and privacy.

“Kat-... Kacchan…?” Izuku said quietly. Almost as quickly as he'd fallen, Katsuki jumped up again, tossing the objects his nest had been made up of into where they should be hastily. As the omega rushed an armful of Izuku’s own shirts back to his closet, Izuku reached towards him gently. However, Katsuki dodged away sharply, a distraught look in his eye. Izuku could tell from his body language that he was scared, that he thought Izuku had been reaching to grab him again, had a lost sense of trust.

“Don't! Don't… Please, I'll fix it, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I'll clean it!” He shouted it all adamantly as he continued buzzing around the room. His next step was picking the clothes off the floor and putting those back. Izuku watched in stunned disbelief, trying to break through.

“Kacchan, hold on-!” Katsuki dodged him again, piling dishes up into his arms.

“No, don't, I can listen, I can do it…!” Izuku knew trying further would just upset him, so he backed off, still hearing Katsuki sniffle and mumble over and over that he could listen.

While he cleaned, Izuku sulked while he changed. He hadn't expected the raw fear and submission from Katsuki. It wasn't normal at all, shouting back and defending himself would have been more in character for him. The hormones from his heat must be twisting him up completely. When Izuku got to his bed, he made a decision, and started rearranging his bedding.

Izuku had been laying down for a short while when he heard the tap shut off quietly. That meant Katsuki had finished cleaning. But he honestly couldn't tell what he was doing, until he heard the door to his room creak open and light poured in. Izuku looked up sharply; Katsuki, form shaking, was trying to slip out and away. Izuku wasn't having that.

“Kacchan.” He froze. Without looking back, Katsuki lifted his head to show he heard.

“Stay here.” Katsuki remained frozen in place. Izuku rested his head down, saw the light disappear as he closed his eyes, and heard the door close again. He waited for Katsuki to join him, but it seemed to take a long time. Then, he heard rustling.

Izuku peeked his eyes open to see Katsuki starting to sit beside the bed rather than in it, moving slowly, in a manner as though he expected to be reprimanded again. Izuku sat up.

“What are you doing?” Katsuki flinched, and looked up at him from ducked eyes.

“I… I didn't wanna get in and ruin your bed again…” He explained quietly. Izuku’s heart ached. He didn't expect his words to cut his omega so deep.

“Forget about it, I'm sorry, it was stupid… C’mon, up.” Izuku patted the bed space next to him. Katsuki looked up at him questioningly, before slowly climbing up with him. Once he did, Izuku pulled him closer, grabbed a spare pillow, and put it around Katsuki’s back.

“Here, I know your nest got messed up, I made you a new one… “ Izuku said softly. Katsuki wasn't looking at him. He turned away, wrapping his arms around the pillow for a moment before slowly scooting back into Izuku’s chest. The alpha smiled, a sad sort of smile, and wrapped his large arms around the lean boy gently, protectively. Katsuki nuzzled into his pillow, resting part of his head on Izuku’s bicep.

“I'm sorry for not cleaning up…” The defeat in his voice wounded Izuku. Katsuki was pretty strong for an omega, and he proudly flaunted his status when he could to combat the stereotypes. However, cleaning and home maintenance was one of the most basic general omega duties, and Katsuki likely felt as though he failed to uphold his own standard.

“You’re alright…” Izuku began running his hands through Katsuki’s mane of hair soothingly, willing himself to give off comforting alpha pheromones. The omega seemed to relax more against him, breathing out in relief. Izuku hugged him just a bit tighter.

“You're absolutely fine…”

Izuku’s hands slowly trailed down Katsuki’s sides while he sung quiet praise. At first, it seemed to relax him, and the rest of the tension in his body slowly loosened. However, before long, his limbs tensed again, Katsuki let out a low whine, and his body scooted back further.

Katsuki’s hips flexed back against Izuku. The alpha’s breath hitched; Katsuki was basically flagging him. The omega was almost dog-like in nature. He didn’t want to get intimate until he did, and when he did, he usually was pretty demanding. However, the events earlier seemed to have subdued that, and Katsuki whimpered as he pressed back against his alpha. It was a question, a request, really.

Izuku finally snorted in frustration, sat up and flipped Katsuki onto his back. Usually Katsuki would sneer, maybe insult him lightly, say something to be a tease. But tonight, there was none of that. Katsuki let himself be manhandled, even spread his legs and rested them on Izuku’s hips. Izuku settled there, leaning over Katsuki and running his hands over his body. It was partly to soothe him, and mostly because Izuku just wanted to touch him. Judging by the response of soft cries, Katsuki wanted to be touched.

Katsuki’s hands covered Izuku’s guiding them, running down his sides until they found the edge of his shirt. Katsuki pushed them under his shirt, leading to Izuku pulling it up. The late evening air was mild, but seemed freezing to Katsuki’s burning skin. He writhed against it, whining long and low, until Izuku placed an open hand on the center of his chest.

“Hush. Relax,” His voice drifted to sounding like a command, and that worked. Katsuki’s breathing was heavy, but he stopped squirming as his hands fell off of Izuku’s limply and his legs spread further. Izuku watched Katsuki’s chest heave. His skin was feverish, and his neck and under arms were already starting to sweat. Izuku took only a second to thumb over Katsuki’s chest and slide down his torso. Foreplay wasn't really his priority; at this stage in his heat, Katsuki didn't need it. Although, he does indulge Mr. Touch-Starved with some gentle kissing down his chest, all down his abs, and halting at the rim of his pants where his boxers were poking out.

Before long, Izuku was pulling back just far enough to yank Katsuki’s shorts down and expose him. The omega barely reacted, only really sighing in relief as the restrictive fabric was taken away. Tossed aside, Izuku grabbed one of his legs and lifted it to expose him more, mostly to test his reaction. If Katsuki growled at him or showed signs of denying him, Izuku would slow to his pace. But instead, Katsuki just let him, shifting his hips slightly and whimpering softly. His entrance was already soaked. Clearly, Katsuki had reached the ‘ready’ part of this cycle.

That was all the permission Izuku needed. He stood up on his knees for a second to slip the front of his sweats down. It didn't take much; Izuku didn't need to fully strip for this. Hopefully, this wouldn't take long, and it would satiate Katsuki enough to sleep off this sudden episode of submission. While it was appreciated, Izuku wasn't used to this side of his omega. He was used to the aggressive domineering presence who could shout him out of a room. Plus, as much as he enjoys plowing Katsuki silly, he was still fucking exhausted.

Izuku felt his affection rise though, when Katsuki looked up at him with ‘fuck me’ eyes and reached a hand out to trace down the veins in Izuku’s arm. The alpha felt Katsuki try squirming his hips closer to Izuku’s exposed dick. Izuku smiled, and leaned down to kiss another light trail down Katsuki’s stomach.

“That's my good boy, you want it?” Izuku knew the answer. It was just that the last words out of Katsuki’s mouth was an apology, and that wasn't really the note Izuku wanted to start this on. Katsuki whined, nodded furiously, his hips twitched up. Izuku siddled himself against him so his cock slides against Katsuki’s. The omega let out a heated, weak cry, and his head tossed back. Izuku grinned, gripped Katsuki’s small hips, and began to grind harder. This time, it was more of a short scream that escaped him.

“Say it, Kacchan. Tell me.” Again, Izuku’s words came through as an order. His omega wailed pathetically, grinding against the friction given. It felt good, but it wasn't what he wanted.

“Dekuuu…” Katsuki grasped for Izuku’s arms, trying to pull his hips up so Izuku would fall into the proper position. But Izuku forced his hips down, swaying his hips slightly to, again, force their cocks together. Katsuki yelped, and Izuku reached up to slide a finger down Katsuki’s jaw, leaning over him, pushing his hips down with more force.

“You heard me… Say it.” This command had more strength behind it, his finger forcing Katsuki’s face to tilt up. Finally, Katsuki let out a breath he'd started holding, glancing up at Izuku with what could only be described as Bambi eyes.

“Izuku, please… Give it to me.” Katsuki forced it out, trying to buck his hips again but the alpha was still holding him in place. Izuku grinned; good enough. He pulled back, lining up, knowing from experience.

“That’s my good boy.” With that said, Izuku ducked down to catch Katsuki’s mouth as he pushed in, using his grip on his hips to pull him down to meet the thrust. Katsuki shrieked into his mouth, arms flying up so his nails could dig into Izuku's back. His legs caged Deku’s hips in. His whole body tensed around Izuku's.

The alpha gasps harshly back. Katsuki was, of course, almost unbearably hot, and despite the ease of entry, managed to stay tight around him. His perfect little omega. Izuku gently kissed his neck and jaw, comfortingly, soothingly, asking him to relax.

Pausing for just a moment, Izuku waited until Katsuki stooped death hugging him and loosened his arm grip. Izuku sat up, and Katsuki’s limp arms slumped to the bed under him, chest heaving slightly as he gasped.

“You alright? Doesn't hurt?” Izuku checked, hand running down Katsuki heated skin. The omega took a deep breath, shaking his head.

“No, god, no… Izuku, please…” Katsuki moved on his own, trying to press further against Izuku despite the fact he was already buried as far as he could be for now. Izuku’s hand quickly slid to grip Katsuki’s thigh, the other on his hip.

“Good, have to make sure.” Izuku’s tone was unfittingly calm and cheery, before he pulled out slowly, causing Katsuki to whine again. However, before long, Izuku slammed back forward, using his grip on Katsuki to pull him to meet his thrust. Katsuki’s eyes shot open wide and his mouth opened in a silent cry.

Izuku set a ravenous pace, only quickly withdrawing to slam back into the now wailing omega. Conscious of the rooms around him, Izuku put his hand up again, this time to cover Katsuki’s mouth. The omega paid little mind, continuing to scream behind the gag. Izuku concentrated on his thrusts, harsh and fast, animalistic in nature.

When Izuku refocused on his omega, Katsuki had stopped screaming, and gone rather limp. Izuku took his hand away, and Katsuki’s head rolled limply to the side. Izuku almost paused.

“You alive?” He joked. Katsuki nodded, quickly but lazily, hips trying to grind down into Izuku.

“Don't stop…” Katsuki slurred out. That was all Izuku needed to continue wrecking him.

Izuku could feel that he was reaching his limit. The knot at the base of his dick was starting to ache. Thrusting quickly a few more times, Izuku slowed his roll to go from fast to slow and harsh, trying to push in fully. Katsuki felt and started squirming his hips, grinding back against Izuku yet again.

Finally, with one last strong thrust, Izuku forced himself in fully. Katsuki gasped, and when Izuku cried out as he reached his finish and his knot popped, Katsuki sighed in a similar sort of relief.

Coming down from his high, Izuku glanced down, seeing cum sprayed across Katsuki’s stomach. He snorted lightly, reaching for his nightstand, careful of his connection to the omega. He didn't want to pull on the tie and hurt Katsuki. The omega whimpered lightly, but was limp for the most part.

Izuku got a few tissues and wiped off Katsuki, starting with his stomach before moving on to pat his body down of excess sweat. His skin had cooled down significantly, meaning his body had been successfully satiated. Izuku was glad, until he paused to realize what that meant. He glanced down at the tie; Izuku hadn't put any form of condom on, and the fact that Katsuki had been a week into his heat meant he most definitely was not on any form of contraceptive or heat blockers. This was for health reasons, Katsuki’s wacky hormones meant such things had side effects, but it also meant that now they were at very real risk of Katsuki taking and coming down with a severe case of the pregnant.

Izuku almost shared his panic, but stopped; Katsuki was breathing softly and steadily for the first time since Izuku had gotten home, head rolled to the side and lips parted just so. Despite his fear, Izuku couldn't ruin this scene. He sighed; they could talk in the morning, it was Saturday, Izuku would run to the store and get Katsuki some plan B.

Izuku gently lifted Katsuki up so he could rotate him, resting him on his side as Izuku laid down so they wouldn't hurt each other. Katsuki finally opened his eyes, but he was clearly exhausted. Izuku fixed his hair to be out of his eyes, smiling at him.

“Can you sleep now? Feel better?” Katsuki gave a tired but genuine lopsided smirk, sighing loudly, barely blinking his eyes open, and nuzzling the pillow.

“Mhmm…” With that, his eyes closed and he yawned again. Izuku leaned slightly, adjusting his hips to give Katsuki what little leeway he could, and rest his forehead on Katsuki’s.

“That’s good. Night, Kacchan…” Izuku’s voice trailed off, the fatigue of the day and their activities hitting him at once. Katsuki tilted his head up for a second to kiss the alpha’s chin, before resting against him again.

“Good night, alpha-... Deku…”