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Guard Me, Guide Me

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It was late but all the lights in the Anderson house were on. Victor Anderson was sitting in his study, drinking his expensive scotch, his eyes on the photo standing right in front of him. It had been taken so many years ago, when his sons had been so young. When everything had been so easy. He sighed as he took the photo into his hands. He wished things hadn’t been so complicated anymore, especially not with his younger son. He still remembered how hard the teenage years had been with Cooper but it seemed a lot worse now that Blaine was sixteen. Probably because he hadn’t had to worry about Cooper’s safety all the time like he did now.

He put down the photo and checked the time on his watch. It was too late. Blaine should have been back by now. He tried to prepare himself for the talk with his son because he knew for sure that it wouldn’t be nice. Blaine hated this situation, probably more than anybody else. Of course he did. He didn’t understand how much danger they were in.

He glanced at the letter sitting on his desk and pushed it away. He wished he could just make them disappear, that he could act like they meant nothing. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be so careless. The threats had become more serious in the previous weeks and he was scared that he might lose his family if he didn’t do something. But what could he do?

He heard loud voices just outside of his study and took a deep breath as the door opened. Puck, his security chief stepped inside first, followed by his very angry looking son. Victor sighed as he watched the boy. He knew that Blaine hated this but it was for his own sake. He couldn’t lose him like he had lost Pamela all those years ago.

"What’s going on, father?" Blaine asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"You left without a word. Again" Victor said, trying to keep his voice calm. He wasn’t too pleased that Blaine had left on his own and he had to send his own bodyguards out to find the boy, but he was relieved to see Blaine safe and that was the most important.

"I had to be there" Blaine said. "It was a Warbler party."

Victor wanted to laugh but there was nothing funny in the situation. Blaine could have died that night. They had to take it seriously.

"Blaine, I know how important these events are for you…"

"No, you don’t" Blaine cut in. "You keep me locked away from my friends. I’m losing everything important and you don’t even care."

Victor rubbed his tired eyes.

"You know that we have to be careful" he said. "There are people out there who want to hurt you to get to me. I have to keep you safe."

Blaine simply shook his head. He still didn’t understand.

"You can go to those parties once we are safe again" Victor said.

"When will it happen, dad?" Blaine asked. "I just want to live like any other teenager. I want to be free. Why can’t you understand that?"

"I understand that, Blaine. That’s why you have your own bodyguard" Victor said slowly. "You can go wherever you want. If you take her with you, of course."

"I don’t need a babysitter" Blaine said stubbornly.

"But you need someone to keep you safe" Victor said.

Blaine muttered something his father couldn’t understand and then left the room without giving his father a chance to say anything more. The two adults were silent for a while after that. Victor looked at Puckerman then and smiled. There was no emotion to be seen on the man’s face. He acted like always, like a real professional. He was used to these fights after all.

"What should I do?" Victor asked.

"Give him what he wants" Puck said honestly.

"I can’t do that, you know" Victor said. Both of them did. Ever since the first letter had arrived, it was clear that whoever was after him, they would hurt Blaine to get to him. Only because he created a successful company with a few inventions on his own and now he was rich enough to pay for the best scientists of the states who did the hard work for him, it didn’t mean he deserved to live on constant fear and keep his family away from the whole world. It wasn’t fair. But he wouldn’t survive if he lost one of his sons, too.

"I’m not saying that he doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore" Puck said. "I know what his problem is, though. Those guys, well… They are too old. They don’t understand Blaine. Maybe someone closer to his age would be able to get closer to him."

"Do you have someone in your mind?" Victor asked.

Puck smiled.

"I think I might know a man for the job."

~ o ~

Puck almost laughed as he watched his friend. Kurt was usually a quiet man but he hadn’t said a single word since Puck had told him about the job. He knew that Kurt needed money and he had no other clients right now but he seemed to hesitate.

"Come on, say something" Puck said.

"I’m not sure I want this" Kurt said. "I don’t want to be the babysitter of some spoiled rich kid."

"I know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing, right?" Puck said.

Kurt sighed and looked down at his coffee.

"At least you can practice your acting skills" Puck added.

Kurt snorted. Puck knew what he was thinking. Kurt wanted to be an actor, he had wanted to be one since their childhood but he had lost his chance to get out of Lima when his father had died. He had been left alone and he had had no money to go to New York. He had been so depressed back then, that was when he had started fighting and he had quickly become good in it. Puck had been working for the Andersons then and he had had connections, so he often got Kurt new jobs. This one would be even better, not just a temporary project. If he managed to get to kid like him, Victor would surely keep him.

"Say yes" Puck said.

"Does he know about it?" Kurt asked. "Because I don’t want to lie to him. I saw it happen in a movie once and believe me, it wasn’t nice."

"Of course he does" Puck said.

"And is he okay with it?" Kurt asked.

"Sure. He can’t wait to meet you" Puck said. "Come on. I know you want this."

Kurt looked back at his coffee and said nothing.

~ o ~

"I don’t need a babysitter!"

Victor sighed as he watched his son. He had thought that Blaine would like the idea of getting a more suitable bodyguard but his son wasn’t excited at all.

"You need someone to keep you safe" he said slowly. "This guy looks so young, we can say that he’s the new student in your school. No one will know who he really is."

"He would follow me everywhere" Blaine said.

"That’s the plan, yes" Victor nodded.


"Either this or your usual bodyguard, but you’re not going anywhere without protection" Victor said seriously. Blaine had to understand that he needed someone to keep him safe.

The boy sighed and sat down, watching his father thoughtfully.

"I really don’t have a say in this, right?" Blaine asked.

"I’m sorry, Blaine, but I can’t let you go out there all alone" Victor said. "I received a new letter this morning. Those guys are serious. I’m afraid that they might hurt you."

Blaine gulped nervously. Even if he didn’t like this, he didn’t want to get hurt. But he couldn’t imagine a bulky bodyguard as a high school student, it was impossible, his schoolmates would never believe them and it would cause more trouble for him than anything else so far.

"Meet him" Victor said when Blaine didn’t reply. "Give him a chance, try to get to know him."

Either this or a real bodyguard. Blaine had to decide which one he wanted. He didn’t have another choice.

"Fine" he said in the end.

"Wonderful" Victor smiled. "I’ll call him in the morning and arrange a meeting. Who knows, maybe you’ll get along well."

Blaine rolled his eyes. He was pretty sure that he would hate the guy.

"If we can believe Puck, he’s a quite good looking man" Victor added, hoping that it would cheer Blaine up a bit.

Unfortunately, his son didn’t seem to believe that it might work.