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T Is For Trouble

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"Okay," Kitty said. The brunette was out of breath. Her shirt was a little torn and her hair had come out of its ponytail. Her eyes were lit up with an odd mix of amusement and anger. "Yana, please put the sword away. Rachel, back up."

Rachel thought that the look was insanely hot, but now wasn't the time to think those kinds of things. Not when there was a homicidal Russian glaring at her over Kitty's shoulder. The other girl was pulling Illyana back farther.

Looking at Kitty, then at Rachel and then finally at Dani, Illyana scowled in disgust. She returned her sword to the place between again, and her tail disappeared with one last, irritated lash. "Fine. But only because you asked nicely."

"We really should get some place else before we cause a scene," Dani cautioned. "There's that cafe down the block, why don't we all go there, have some milkshakes, and talk about this like adults."

Kitty shot a look at Dani. It was the sort of warning look that usually preceded some kind of strike. A bit like a rattlesnake's rattle. "What's to discuss? I was hanging out with a friend and you two crashed the party."

"We're your friends too! We were worried!" Dani was the tallest one present and she was using that height to her advantage. She kept a death grip on Illyana's shoulder. There was an undercurrent of anger in her voice. "That hurts, Kitty. You could have talked to us."

The blonde swatted at Dani's hand. "That hurts, calm down before you cause a scene!"

People! Rachel’s voice rang through their heads and all three girls turned to look at her. She was pinching the bridge of her nose. “Lets do the milkshake thing.” Before she turned to lead the way, she gave Kitty a pointed look. She’s right, you could have talked to them. I’m not some dirty secret.

It wasn’t as easy as that, but Kitty kept that thought to herself. She did a remarkable job of keeping her expression neutral as she trailed behind them.Her friends were all mad at her and the only excuse she could come up with was that she wanted to keep Rachel to herself. It wasn’t fair to Rachel, and it wasn’t fair to her friends.

Kitty settled into a booth at the cafe and rested her chin on her hands. Rachel sat next to her, and the other two girls took a seat across from them. No one said anything. Dani sighed, and picked up a menu. She already knew what she wanted but it gave her hands something to do.

“Sorry.” Kitty finally broke the silence. “It’s just so...I don’t know.” She shifted her hand so she was propped up by her cheek. She needed french fries and she needed them right now.

You’re not a dirty secret.

Rachel glanced at Kitty as she ordered them fries. It feels like it sometimes. Like you’re hiding me. And I get that this...thing we have...almost have. Is scary. Does it bother you that we’re both girls, and that I want to kiss you?

Kitty flushed, hiding behind her menu and sank down in her seat. I don’t know. I don’t have a good track record with boys and I don’t want to mess this up. And I don’t know how other people would react, you know?

Other people? Or certain people?

“They are having a conversation without us,” Illyana complained, waving her hand like she was one-hundred percent done with this. “Katya.” She reached over and took Kitty’s hand. “We love you. You are my best friend. I am jealous because I do not want to lose you. You get wrapped up in...feelings. And you forget us. It has happened before.”

Kitty felt water in her eyes, and she blinked it away before peering at them over her menu. “I do get a little obsessive, don’t I.”

“It’s cute, but we want to be a part of your life.” Dani leaned forward, her braids sliding off of her shoulders as she moved. “Besides, if you’re seeing the headmistress’ daughter, we can get away with so much.”

Rachel started to laugh. “Oh you really think so, do you? Mom never let me get away with anything.”

“Only because you weren’t caught,” Dani said, raising her eyebrow. “Everyone knows who stained Ms. Frost’s panty drawer red.”

“You can’t prove a thing and I have an alibi,” Rachel retorted.

“We should do a prank,” Kitty said, and everyone looked at her. “What?”

“The last time we tried to do a prank we got stuck in Limbo.”

“I do not mind,” Illyana said, then gestured at Dani. “But this one, she has never let me forget it.”

Dani swatted at Illyana. “We got stuck in Limbo. Rahne still won’t talk to me. You don’t know how much that hurts.”

“No, I do.” The blonde leaned her head onto Dani’s shoulder.

I’ve been trying for months to get them to talk again.

Rachel exchanged a look with Kitty, then leaned on the table. “If we do this right no one will ever find out it was you. And there’s no danger of getting stuck anywhere. The worse that could happen would be detention.”

“Detention is pretty bad. They put Logan in charge of it.”

Making a face, Rachel replied. “Then we don’t get caught, for your sakes.”

“We could prank Logan,” Kitty suggested.

Once again all three girls looked at her. Dani and Illyana both looked positively delighted, and Rachel had a devious expression on her face. She picked the thought out of Kitty’s mind and laughed. “Oh my god. That’s perfect..”

“What? What is perfect!” Illyana’s tail wrapped around Kitty’s ankle under the table and tugged. “Tell us!”

“We swap all of Logan’s beer out for watered down vinegar. And his hidden whiskey stashes for Mike’s Hard Lemonade.”

“That is so sadistic and he will fucking kill us,” Dani exclaimed. “Lets do it!”

“He’ll be able to sniff us out, so we need to do something to mask or eliminate the scent.” The redhead tapped her lips with her finger.

“There’s some stuff in the lab we can spray.” Kitty slid her hand over Rachel’s leg. “I’ll just phase it out and it’ll make it impossible for him to know who did it.”

Rachel bit her lip, glancing at Kitty and wishing they had been interrupted five minutes later than they had. Illyana looked between them and rolled her eyes. “Kill me if I ever get that bad with someone.”

Kitty was saved from any further embarrassment when the fries and milkshakes arrived and promptly dipped her fries into some ranch dressing. “No, I’ll just take pictures for blackmail.”

The Russian’s eyes narrowed. “You would not dare.”

“I would, and I could. And I have.” She popped a fry in her mouth and grinned at her friend, who sat there like she was petrified. Some of the color had drained from her face, and Dani looked uncomfortable.

“Kitty, have you been phasing through the door without knocking?” Dani gave Kitty a stern look. The brunette blushed again and shrugged. “You really shouldn’t do that. That’s invading her privacy!”

“Guys!” Kitty held up her hands. “I’m messing with you, I don’t have any pictures! I didn’t even see who you were with, Yana. I’ve just been...hoping you’d tell me.”

Illyana slid down the back of the booth, closing her eyes and breathing a sigh of relief. “Well, now I suppose we are even in the keeping of secrets, da?”

Dani sipped at her milkshake, pointedly ignoring Illyana’s comment. To Rachel, it looked like she was giving the blonde a bit of a cold shoulder. Jealousy? She wanted to find out, but reigned herself in. If they wanted to talk about it they will. She put her hand over Kitty’s to caution her not to pry.

Fortunately, Kitty had something else in mind. “Hey. Why don’t we all see a movie? Girl bonding time. We could all squeeze into Rachel’s death casket of a truck and go to the theater.”

“Funny.” She elbowed Kitty. “Sure, what’s the worse that could go wrong?”

“Don’t ever say that,” Dani said. “That’s just asking for it.”