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Plot Bunnies That Have Run Away - Glee

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I run my hands down my outfit once more before I walk into the high school, heading to Glee. I hadn't shown up today for school but I called Schue to tell him that I would be there for Glee. He said that he called my mother and Vocal Adrenaline would be there to apoloigse. I sighed as I remembered spending three hours getting all the eggs out of my hair. During that time, I decided that Rachel 'Diva' Berry had to go and Rachel 'Bitch' Berry had to come out of hiding.

After telling my fathers that I was changing things and if they had a problem with it that I would leave, I pulled out my 'vacation' woredrobe from the attic. I pulled on a pair skinny jeans, black high heel boots and green tank top with my black leather jacket. I smiled as I noticed my reflection in one of the windows I passed before I reached the chior room.

"Why should we have to apoloigse?" A female voice asked, I placed the voice as the girl who pushed Jessie to egg me. "The little child isn't even here, probably to tramitized. Crying her eyes out."

I laughed as I walked in the room, everyone looked to me in shook as I stared at her, "Cry? Over eggs? You have got to be kidding me?" I walked up to her, ignoring Jessie beside her. "You think egging me was tramitizing? That is fucking pathetic." I heard gasped at my cussing. I smirked, "Listen here, you little bitch, the only thing egging me did was prove to me that 'pretending' to be a nice, shy, diva was not going to be the way to go anymore. All it did was bring the real me out to play. You want a war, you finally got one and let me tell you... when I'm done, you'll wish for Diva Berry back." I laughed at the fear in her eyes, "I may not be from Lima heights like Santana but I'll break everything about you. I don't want your worthless, meaningless apology now get the fuck out of my school!" I snapped at her, she took a step back before rushing out of the room. I look to the other Vocal Adrenaline members, "What are you looking at?"

They rushed out of the room, Jessie reached out to put his hand on my arm, "Rachel?"

I lifted an eyebrow at him, "Get your hand off me, St. James."

"Please this isn't you?" Jessie whispered.

I laughed, "Oh really? You know me? Please." I took his hand, pulled it off me, twisting it behind him causing him to cry out. "You don't know anything but you will." I pushed him away from me, "Get lost." Jessie stared at me for a moment before rushing out of the room as well. I turned to looked at Shelby, "You can leave to, you're really good at it."

Shelby looked shocked, "Rachel..."

"Don't." I waved her off, "I don't want to hear it. You sent Jessie here to pick out the so called weakest and break them, well he failed. I don't care if you felt bad when you figured out I was daughter, I just don't. You are teaching them that it is okay to cheat and that is something I can't stand so stay the fuck away from me, Shelby." I walked to an open chair and sit down, crossing my legs in front of me. "If you leave now, you can catch up to them seeing as they are walking."

"What did you do?" Shelby asked.

I smirked, "Me?" I gasped and placed a hand on my chest. "Why would I do anything? I'm just a naive little girl, who was egged by them." I laughed as she looked terrified before leaving the choir room. "Well that was fun."

"Rachel, are you okay?" Mr Schue asked.

"I'm fantastic." I smiled at him, "Now what is the plan for today?"

"That was hot Berry." Santana stated.

I smirked and winked at her, "Course it was, what else can I be but hot?"

Puck laughed, "Damn straight baby."

"Okay, how about we spend today figuring out what to do for Sectionals?" Schue asked.