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It's All Fun and Games Until Time Travel is Involved

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It was a normal day for Bart, or at least as normal as it got after he was thrown into the past. Suddenly, though, an announcement rang out in the Hall of Justice.

Incoming Message From The Batcave !”

Bart frowned and quickly sped off to their main room.

Once there he froze when he saw who was on screen. The woman on screen looked no older than maybe 20 though Bart knew she was 18, with short black hair pulled back with a hair tie that had two green beads on it. Her green eyes had such a heartbreaking sadness in them that Bart had to suck in a breath and put one of his hands over his heart.

“I don’t know if this worked, but um… Here goes nothing? I’m Cassandra Todd-Harper, I took on the mantle of Red Hood. I...I just want to see if Bart can at least get this, if he can hear me um… I’m… I miss you, you idiot!” The sudden yell from her made everyone that had gathered jump.

“Anyway, if he doesn’t um… Hi? I guess? I’m not good at these things but in the future pretty much every hero has disappeared. A lot of us kinda took up the mantles for them... It’s been a mess. Bart probably didn’t tell you because he’s an idiot, but I guess he’s my idiot.” The chuckle that came after made Bart smile gently. “I took on the Mantle of Red Hood and my older step-sister took on the mantle of Arsenal. I’m getting this message out in hopes of finding our Flash, Bart Allen, and maybe possibly everyone who disappeared as we-”


“That was Quinn, I have to end this. No one exactly knows I’m doing this. I know it’s probably hopeless but...I’ve lost too many people. I can’t lose him, you, as well.”

With that the video cut off.

Bart didn’t hear anyone around him as he numbly raced off to his room. He didn’t hear them starting to try and figure out how to send a message back or even call them directly, he didn't hear the current Flash asking if he was okay. He just did what he did best, he ran. Once in his room, he took out his iPod and put in his earbuds, closing his eyes and relaxing on the bed. He just couldn't deal with this right now…


“What… Was that?” Tim, the current Robin, asked hesitantly.

“A message for Bart, clearly.” Bruce frowned. “What I want to know is what she was talking about.” Everyone nodded. Flash and Batgirl were more focused on how to get a message back, but they were still listening. Honestly, all of the were shocked. It never occured to any of them that Bart had a life in the future, and people who would miss him.

“We’ll find a way to contact her,” Barry stated after a few more minutes of silence. They all nodded.

“I wonder what she meant when she said that we all disappeared,” Clark suddenly spoke up. The room went quiet and turned to him.

“... She meant that similar to me, you all kinda just… Vanished, all at once.” Bart was suddenly back in the room. The normally hyper teen looked very forlorn and much more subdued.

He continued after a minute of complete silence. “No one knows what happened. Not really. It’s why I was so excited to see you all when I first came back to the past. It’s… Wow, this is hard…” Bart shook his head and sighed. “Cassie is my girlfriend. She originally brought us all together and convinced us to take up the mantles. No one thought she had it in her, if I’m going to be honest, but she did. She managed to keep us together through thick and thin… The Cassie I just saw… That’s… Sorry. It’s not the one I know, that listens to nerdy parodies of songs and plays video games and forgets which songs on her phone and iPod are covers and which ones aren’t.” He gave a breathless laugh, “Or gets angry at the twins and has the Batglare™ down to a ‘T’ or who knows her way around weapons and isn't afraid to cripple a villain to be able to catch them, or… Well I’m just rambling and I don’t want to give spoilers.”


“It’s fine, granddad,” Bart waved his hand. “You had no clue… I mean it’s hard to think of me having a life outside of this time for you guys… I just… I never really realized how much I missed everyone until now.”


It was a couple of weeks later that Bart held his breath as he watched the screen before him display static. It could take several minutes before they knew if this worked, several more minutes of waiting in silent anticipation. Bart truly hoped that it worked. He desperately wanted to talk to his girlfriend again, to see if she was okay.

“B-Bart? Is that you?”

A young woman with loosely curled black hair that landed just past her shoulders and green eyes blinked as the screen came into focus.

“Hey Quinn.” Bart gave her a grin.

He was about to speak more when a familiar voice, at least to him, screeched out over the black-haired girl. “BARTHOLOMEW ALLEN THE SECOND! HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME WORRY SO MUCH?!”

Ow !” Bart whimpered as he covered his ears. “Cassie, that hurt…”

“You deserve it, you asshole! I… Dammit, I thought you were dead, or something!” Cassie had bags under her green eyes, tears streaming down her face.

“Don’t cry, Cassie!” Bart exclaimed, eyes wide. “I’m in the past, and no, I don’t know how or why.”

“Jesus… Bart, I was so scared… I thought…”

“I know,” Bart sighed and shook his head.

“I- We can try and find a way to get you back, maybe, probably… Quinn?”

“We can work on it.” Quinn shook her head in amusement, already rapidly typing on the massive keyboard in front of her. “Probably will have to rework the Zeta Tube, but we’ll see.”

“We’ll do what we can to help you on this end.” Flash frowned. “And also help you find our future selves.”

“I’ll contact the others, including Helena. Time is kinda her bloodline’s thing.”

“Technically your bloodline as well, Quinn.”

“No one asked you, Bart.”

The speedster laughed and relaxed, fully at ease now that he could talk to his friends again. He really did miss them all. He was, however, glancing suspiciously at the Zeta Tube as Quinn seemed focused and typing away at the computer.

“Quinn, what are you-” he was cut off with a giant flash of light over took everyone. He made a mental note to kill her later.


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“Quinn, why?” Bart groaned as his eyes slowly adjusted to the familiar dim lighting of his time’s Gotham Batcave.

“It worked didn't it?” The current Nightwing smirked over at them. Bart gave a half-hearted glare as Cassie raced over and hugged him.

“Bart… Oh my god, you’re here. I missed you so much. I...I….”

“I missed you too, and I love you too.” He hugged the taller girl close. “I’m sorry I didn’t…”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Cassie wiped her eyes and gave a watery smile before looking over the stunned group of heros. “Oh… Um… Hi? Quinn, did you mean to bring everyone?”

“No,” Quinn admitted. “But uh… They’re here now?”

The people from the future either face-palmed, pinched the bridges of their noses or gave exasperated sighs.

“Still, we can use this to our advantage…” came a new voice before a girl dropped down from the rafters. She was in a strange suit, at least to the people from the past. It was remicient of Tim’s Robin suit, but had a hood and was a much deeper red.

“Agreed, sister mine!” A boy dropped down from the rafters, wearing the exact style of outfit as his female counterpart.

Bart rolled his eyes at the Wayne twins. Even with their green eyes hidden by their yellow masks, he knew there must be mischief sparkling in them. Like their father, Damian, they also had darker skin, however unlike him they had dark brown hair.

The heroes from the past watched as the two newcomers’ eyes scanned the group, before looking disappointed.

“Tim is still Robin at this point,” Bart explained to them and Tim gaped at him.

“You know my identity?”

“Dude, I’m dating your older brother's daughter. Yes, I know your identities.”

“Honestly, the bat clan is so big I’m surprised anyone can keep us all straight,” the male twin laughed.

“Hah! Straight, good one,” the female twin snickered.

“Our regular jokesters, Evie and Jacob Wayne everyone,” Bart introduced with a roll of his eyes and a smile.

“A pleasure,” they spoke together with a bow.

“Anyway, I’m calling everyone up,” Quinn warned. “Get them upstairs and into some of the guest rooms. We can probably deal with explaining everything to them in the morning.”

“Yeah, okay, okay,” the twins said together and raced up stairs. Bart zipped past them easily and Quinn went to make the calls.

“Follow me, Lian should be back from patrol soon.” Cassie led them out of the Batcave and into Wayne Manor proper. Cassie got them into some guest rooms before she herself went to her own room for the night.


The next morning, Cassie yawned as she went down to the dining room. She waved to her cousin Helena as she got a plate and filled it with the food Quinn had made them all. Almost All of the heroes had arrived either late last night or early that morning.

Soon, everyone from the past and the future trickled in.

“Introductions are in order I believe… Well, you know me. I’m Bart Allen, The Flash.”

“Cassie Todd-Harper,” She paused, “Red Hood.”

“Quinn Grayson, Nightwing.”

“Clarice Kent, Superwoman,” a very punk-looking girl with curly light-purple hair in a faux-hawk and undercut style and blue eyes introduced herself. Her right arm was covered in various plants as an arm sleeve tattoo. One of them, an aloysia, was shaped into a heart.

“I’m Spencer Kent,” the curly-blonde-haired girl sitting next to Clarice spoke up. “I’m the current Supergirl.”


“-and Evie -”

”- Wayne!” The two brunet twins from yesterday introduced together, their now uncovered green eyes shining mischievously. “We’re the current Robins.”

“Ryan Kent-Drake, the current Batman.” A blond male with dark brown eyes waved, freckles flecking his skin.

“Caleb Kent-Drake, currently a Green Lantern.” A mini-Roy smiled shyly.

“Lyssa Kent-Drake, I’m the current Batwoman. This is my twin, Michaela. She’s the current Batgirl,” a girl with long wavy brown hair and hazel eyes introduced herself, along with a girl who looked the exact same as her.

“Nikolas Todd-Harper, the current Red Robin,” a boy with short black hair with a white streak and one blue eye and one brown eye introduced.

“Helena Grayson, I’m also a hero but I just use my first name like my mom, Raven.” A lightly tanned girl with dark purple hair and bright blue eyes waved excitedly. “It’s nice to meet you all!”

“I’m Delaney Stone. I’m the current Black Bat,” a mixed-race girl introduced, brushing black hair behind her ears.

“I’m Rory Gordon-Brown,” a young boy with olive skin, red hair, and amber eyes announced.

Suddenly, someone came bursting into the room, panting, eyes wide. She was carrying a very much knocked out pale boy who had dark green hair. “Fuck guys, I have a prob-oh, hello nice to meet you I’m Lian Harper-Todd, Arsonal/Red Arrow- ANYWAY, I may have accidentally exploded half of some rich dude’s house and he had guard dogs and where’s Uncle Damian when you need him? I think there’s still a chihuahua on my ass.”

A growl was heard and Helena used her abilities to remove the green animal, which quickly came back as an even larger green dog, growling at Lian.

“Dammit, you bitch!” Lian cursed. “Can you not right now?”

The dog barked in response, before shifting rapidly into a teen girl with pale green skin, long green hair and a very angry expression. “You let Kai get hurt!”

“I didn’t make him come with me!” Lian glared as Helena went over. The tanned teen tried to suppress her nerves as she focused her abilities on healing the younger teen.

Rosa scowled and watched Helena heal Kai, arms crossed over her chest.

After several moments, the wounds turned to faint scars and the 15-year-old groaned.

"You're awake!" Helena sighed in relief and smiled at him.

“Kai! You okay? What happened? Why’d you go with her?” Rosa asked rapidly.

“Calm down, sis. Jesus.” Kai rubbed his temples and groaned in pain. “Can’t let you do this on your own, can I?”

“That’s Rosa and Kai Logan,” Lyssa told the group from the past. “Rosa is Beast Girl and Kai is Quake. They’re twins.”

“What kind of rich dude keeps those little fuckers as guard dogs?” Lian ranted as Helena healed her.

“Language,” Roy said without thinking. The people from the past gave him a weird look.

All the kids from the future except Bart froze.

“Fuck. Is that Dad?”



“Lian, there are children here!” Helena sighed.

“I’m sure they’ve heard worse in several different languages. Plus, I’m 34 years old. I can say whatever I damn well please.”

Roy spit out the milk he was drinking. “34?” he demanded.

“Oh shit… Um… Yeah?”


“Jesus, Dad,” all the Todd-Harper kids covered their ears and winced.

“Language, Lian,” Quinn sipped her tea.

“You’re not my dad! Ugly ass fucking-”

“Which father, Miss ‘I have horrible aim but decided to become Arsenal to hang out with the cool kids’?”

There was silence, then the kids from the future, including Bart, lost it as Quinn smirked and continued to sip her tea.

“Yeah? What about you, wanna-be demon spawn?”

Quinn glared, losing her cool for a second as she used a starbolt to blast Lian across the room.

“Shit!” Cassie raced over to her sister, who was groaning on the ground.

“Welcome to the mad house,” Bart told the shocked and confused and concerned looking people from the past. “We have attempted murder on aisle four, alcoholism on aisle six, and explosions at awkward times on aisle seven, plus whatever the hell is up with Clarice this week on aisle nine.”

“Lian? You okay?”

“‘m fine, kinda deserved that one.” Lian winced as she sat up. “Man, your technical sister packs a fucking punch. Can you do that?”

“Get me pissed and sure.” Cassie gave a relieved laugh. Bart facepalmed. These girls were way too used to being in the same room as people in the know.

“Technical sister?” Dick asked, the first person from the past to talk since Roy’s freakout. “How? You guys are cousins?”

“Biologically, Aunt Starfire is our mom,” they said together like it explained everything.

“I am your aunt and your mother?” Starfire asked with a confused frown.

“Biologically.” They nodded.

“For the love of everything… Cassie, I love you, but really…” Bart sighed and smiled at the heroes of the past. “Starfire is their surrogate mother. For Cassie, obviously two guys can’t have a baby together, and Raven was too afraid of her father to have a child, Helena was a happy accident. Their younger sister was actually planned.”

“Damn straight!” Helena piped up.

Dick looked between his two future children, confused, before looking over at Babs and then to Raven. “I’m confused.”

“Why’d he look at Aunt Babs?” Quinn looked at Bart.

Bart sweatdropped. “Well, um… You see he and Babs are dating.”

Silence followed.

“Wait, Aunt Steph’s wife and Uncle Dick are dating?” Lian asked, shocked “You sure I’m not dead or hallucinating because of a concussion or something?”

“Lian, shut up,” Lyssa spoke up, glaring at her cousin.

“Fuck off Lyssa,” Lian glared playfully. “Not like you have super powers.”

“You don’t either,” Cassie pointed out. She seriously wondered if her sister had a concussion. Probably, what with her being blasted across the room and into a wall.

“I marry Babs?” Stephanie asked, shocked. No wonder Bart acted so awkwardly when he found out Dick and Babs were dating.

“Apparently,” Barbara mused.

“I’m proof of that, along with my brother.” Rory rose his hand awkwardly.

“Wait…” Connor narrowed his eyes and turned to the Drake-Kents. “Your last names sound familiar… But why don’t you guys look alike? Except for the two females.”

“Well, Drake is Tim’s last name, and Kent is yours so when we were adopted that what we got,” Ryan shrugged.

Tim just stared at him. He was too sleep deprived for this. He needed his coffee yesterday to even begin to deal with this.

“You said in your message that everyone had disappeared?” Bruce spoke up gruffly.

“Oh, yeah, Pretty sure Papi is around. I haven’t… Talked to him much since I became Red Hood. He was super pissed that I decided to become a vigilante,” Cassie admitted. “Like Bart, everyone just kinda disappeared one day, gone without a trace.”

“None at all?” Bruce asked, sounding somewhat surprised.

“None… Papi and Aunt Babs looked for months to no avail,” Lian added. “Obviously there’s evidence they existed, some actually vanished behind locked doors we had to pickpocket open, like apartments and stuff, but it’s like they disappeared with no explanation.”

“Dad disappeared, Papi didn’t take it well,” Nikolas piped up.

“At least you still have one parent,” Helena grumbled and slumped on the table.

Bart winced and reluctantly nodded in agreement to that. The people from the past awkwardly glanced at each other, not really knowing what to say.

“Wherever your parents are, I am sure they are all trying to come home and are all worried about you,” Starfire told them.

“One can hope,” Clarice chuckled darkly, left hand going over and tracing the tattoos on her right arm.

“Ignore my sister,” Spencer sighed and gave Starfire a soft smile.

“Well for now we can stay in the Watchtower-” Clark started before he was cut off.

“Watchtower? What’s that?” Clarice asked her grandfather.

“You don’t know what the Watchtower is?” Clark asked, surprised.

“No,” came the group consensus from the people of the future.

Diana frowned. “None of us took you there?”

“None of us were heroes before you disappeared, well technically two of us were,” Clarice answered for the group, looking at Cassie and Bart. “There would have been no need to even tell us it existed.”

Diana’s frown deepened. “I see. Your tattoos are lovely.”

“Thanks!” Clarice smiled. “I was worried that they would fade or the needle wouldn’t penetrate my skin, being a quarter Kryptonian, but we found a way.” Her hand traced the heart-shaped aloysia.

“Is dad still as paranoid as he is in our time?” Dick asked suddenly.

“Oh definitely,” the Bat Family snorted.

Dick looked to Bruce. “The tracker at the Watchtower might be able to find everyone, don’t you think? Your paranoia may just save the day, old man.”

“Trackers?” The Justice League turned to stare at Bruce with raised brows. Diane and Clark weren't actually surprised.

Dick nodded. “About the time I ran off to Jump City, dad told me to keep a tracker on me just in case I got in trouble so he could find me. I know Tim has one too. It’s a safety precaution we introduced after we lost Jay,” he said, the last sentence muttered quietly.

The kids from the future all glanced at each other before Rory spoke up. “We’ll get into contact with Uncle Jason, tell him the news, then we’ll suit up and head to the Watchtower.”

Tim, Dick and Bruce all looked at Rory. “Did you just say Uncle Jason?” Bruce asked.

“Yeah, he’s Lian’s step-father and Nikolas and Cassie’s father,” Quinn said with a shrug.

“But how?!” Dick asked, eyes wide. “He… Jason is gone. We lost him,” he added.

“I can answer that,” Roy sighed reluctantly. “He said something about a Talia Al Ghul? And a Lazarus Pit? He doesn’t talk about it much.”

“Grandma Talia is like that” Evie sighed.

All eyes turned to Roy.

Suddenly, Roy was slammed against the wall by Dick. “Why didn’t you tell me, you bastard?! Jason is my brother! WHY?!” There were tears in Dick’s eyes.

“BECAUSE HE LITERALLY BEGGED ME NOT TO!” Roy shouted, shocking everyone.

Dick let him down and Roy continued. “Do you know how hard it was to watch everyone grieve? To have to hold him when he woke up from a nightmare that he was still in his coffin and he had to dig himself out? Of what Talia put him through when a delirious Jason who didn’t remember much emerged from the Lazarus Pit? He… He didn't want anyone to know, to know he was Red Hood, to know how fucked up his mind is…” Roy shook his head.

“Thought Red Hood’s fighting style was familiar,” Tim mumbled.

“We wouldn’t have cared, Roy! He’s still my brother! Who do you think he went to when he had nightmares before he died?” Dick aske, swallowing thickly. “He’s my brother. No matter what.”

“Who do you think he went to after he was resurrected, when he could barely remember his own name?” Roy challenged. “I get you’re emotional Dick but Jason asked me not to tell anyone so sorry for respecting his wishes like a good boyfriend.”

“Explains why you didn’t really react to my last name,” Lian hummed.

Dick clenched his jaw and looked at the floor, clenching his hands into fists as he forced himself to calm down. “Could someone please ask my brother, your uncle Jason, to come here?” he asked quietly.

“If he’ll respond,” Quinn muttered and got up, heading down to the Batcave.

Helena winced at the high emotions she felt in the room. This didn’t bode well for any of them. “Sorry, I just… I’m going to go call Aloysia and Riley… I need to step out.” She choked on her words as she raced out of the room, lights flickering.

Raven watched her go and looked to Cassie. “She got all my abilities, didn’t she?”

“All of them, even being able to stop time for a short amount of time, about 10 minutes last time she did it.” Cassie nodded.

Raven nodded and frowned a little. “Excuse me, I’m going to make sure she’s okay,” she murmured.

“Since none of you were heroes before our future selves went missing, does that mean no one’s trained you?” Starfire asked with wide eyes after Raven left.

“Nope, I mean Babs can only do so much...” Cassie admitted reluctantly.

Barbara rose an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

“Joker paralyses you from the waist down in the future, you become Oracle and man the batcomputer,” Bart explained, feeling the news would be better from someone she’s known for at least a year.

“I’m going to kill him,” Dick growled, protective of his girlfriend.

“Same,” Stephanie growled, protective of her future wife and pretty much every member of her family.

“Get in line,” Barbara huffed with a scowl.

“Why didn’t Jason train you?” Roy asked with a frown.

“Papi… Wasn’t happy when we decided to do this, take up your mantles,” Nikolas admitted reluctantly. “He and Cassie really went at it since she’s the one who brought us all together to do this. It was… Bad.”

“Why wasn’t he happy about it?”  Hal asked.

“We weren’t heroes, we weren’t… Vigilantes before this. You guys did a pretty good job of shielding us from this life. The only two who technically were are Cassie and Bart, and she took extra care to make it so people didn’t even see her, she went by Sparrow. Bart was Impulse and very publically a hero, though the rest of the hero community kinda… Weren’t happy with The Flash because of it. Uncle Jason especially didn’t want us to get into this life. It’s dangerous and it could very well kill us, he knows that more than anyone. Cassie was, is, right though. The world needs heroes, needs us.” Clarice spoke up then.

“Spoken like a true Kent,” Diana praised with a smile.

“I mean Jon is my dad so… Yeah.” Clarice sat up straighter at the praise though.

“Who?” Diana asked.

“Grandma Lois and Grandpa Clark’s son?” It came out more like a question from Clarice.

Diana looked at Clark and rose an eyebrow. “Clark?”

“He’s… 12-years-old...” Clark said reluctantly.

“And you never told us?” Diana demanded.

“I knew,” Bruce shrugged. ”I’m Jon’s godfather.”

“Of course you are,” Diana sighed, rubbing her forehead.

“Yeah, Uncle Clark is a true member of the Bat family now, keeping secrets,” Stephanie teased.

“Jon’s a good kid,” Dick said with a nod.

Clark groaned and buried his head in his hands, much to everyone's amusement.

“Guys, I got in contact with Uncle Jason. He’s on his way.” Quinn came back then.

“Thank you,” Dick said softly, looking to his future daughter.

“No problem. Besides he’ll want to be able to see Uncle Roy again.” Quinn shrugged. “Also, Helena and Raven went to Arkham to get Aloysia and Riley, they’ll be here in about ten minutes. We’ll suit up when Uncle Jason gets here, though it might take him a couple hours to get here.”

“Why would it take him a couple of hours?” Steph asked.

“He’s been safehouse hopping again. Plus traffic,” Quinn informed.

“Wait… Arkham?” Tim demanded. “Why the nuthouse? And why would any of you associate with the lunatics locked up there? It’s dangerous!”

“My girlfriend isn't a lunatic!” Clarice glared. “And what do you mean? Arkham City isn’t technically locked.”

“Arkham City ?” Dick asked, raising an eyebrow. “Don’t you mean Arkham Asylum ?”

“Um... No? Arkham Asylum closed down almost 15 years ago, Arkham City was built in its place, the villains run it, Riley and Aloysia are vigilantes there,” Clarice frowned.

“Just proves that no matter what, Justice will greet Injustice,” Nikolas mused.

“Stop quoting granddad,” Lyssa said, glaring at her cousin.

“Which of your Granddads?” Nikolas asked cheekily.

She narrowed her eyes further at him. “I hate you…”

“No you don’t,” Nikolas smirked.

“Behave for a change, you two,” Caleb said, rolling his eyes.

“Says the most unimaginative guy with the ring that could make anything,” Nikolas countered.

“At least I’m more mature than you,” the 13-year-old shot back.

“I can legally buy lottery tickets and buy things off of infomercials,” Nikolas pointed out. “Also, your power depends on a ring, my awesomeness doesn’t.”

Caleb sighed and looked to Lian. “Was he dropped as a baby?” he asked with a deadpan expression.

“Yes,” Lian answered back cheekily.

“I at least have dad’s good looks, you got Cheshire’s looks,” Nikolas huffed, pouting now that his sister sided against him.

“All of you stop,” Cassie went into her ‘leader voice’ and they all quieted down.

“Finally, something I can get behind.” Ryan rubbed his temples.

Damian’s twins had been suspiciously quiet for a long time, long enough that the future kids all forgot they were there, a very dangerous thing to forget. At least until Jacob pushed a takeaway coffee mug towards Ryan. “Here’s your morning coffee, cuz.”

“You’re amazing,” Ryan started chugging it.

Evie popped up with a camera in her hands. “Ha! You just drunk cement!”

Ryan paused, then continued to drink it. “I’m too tired for this bullshit.”

The twins paused and looked at each other.

Ryan finished it off and Delaney sighed, going to make him an actual cup of coffee.

The League watched in concern. “Are you okay, Ryan?” Barry asked hesitantly.

“He’s fine, just hasn’t had his morning coffee,” Tim said calmly, like it explained everything.

“Like father, like son,” Steph said, wiping a fake tear away.

“For real though, was that real cement?” Dick asked the twins. “Because we might need to take him to the hospital.”

“Just a Coffee and Redbull mixture,” Jacob reassured, dumbfounded.

“Explains why it tasted right,” Ryan yawned.

“It tastes better with Monster,” Tim told Ryan.

“Tim, no,” Connor sighed and ran a hand over his face.

“Thanks for the tip.” Ryan nodded.

Tim nodded.

Dick sighed, and rubbed a hand over his face. “Tim…” he muttered, so done with his brother.

“It’s true,” Tim shrugged as he defended himself. Delaney got both him and Ryan coffees. No energy drinks mixed in though.

“Please don’t do that,” Conner groaned. How did one even parent? He was only technically around two years old.

“At this point, it’d be impossible to stop him if he’s anything like Timbo,” Steph pointed out. “Oh, hey. Raven and Helena are back.”

“Hey guys.” Helena waved awkwardly as two newcomers came up behind her. One had an eyepatch over her left eye and had blonde hair with red and blue streaks throughout it. Her exposed eye was blue.

The other had red hair, greenish skin, and brown eyes. She immediately ran over to Clarice and kissed her gently.

“Hey Aloysia.” Clarice smiled gently at her girlfriend.

“Hey Honeysuckle.” Aloysia smirked when her girlfriend blushed. Clarice, badass punk Clarice, always blushed when Aloysia used an endearment on her.

“Hey… Cassie, why don’t you ever call me endearments?” Bart asked Cassie.

“Bart, our entire relationship is based around music and being assholes to each other.”

“True,” Bart chuckled.

“You guys are so cute it’s sickening, sis. Anyway I’m Riley Quinzel, Wild Card, and that’s Aloysia Isley, Nightshade,” the other girl introduced them.

“Nice to meet you?” Dick said hesitantly, recognizing the last names.

“Likewise, Dickwing,” Aloysia hummed.

“Al, no, they are from the past,” Cassie hid her face in her hands. Her team sometimes…


“Wait… You’re dating Poison Ivy’s daughter?” Bruce frowned in slight concern.

“Yep,” Clarice hummed and pulled Aloysia into her lap.

“You’re married to Catwoman, and your youngest son is Catlad/Catman,” Cassie pointed out.

“Hold up, what?!” Dick yelped, looking at Cassie.

“Damian is Catman now, but he once went by Catlad. He used to be Robin, then Selina bought him five kittens,” Cassie shrugged.

“Two things. One, not what I was reacting to. Two, who the hell is Damian?” Dick asked.

“Wait, how old is Tim?” Cassie asked

“I’m 15, why?” Tim answered.

“... Well shit, um… Damian is the biological son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul. He was trained by the League of Assassins until he was about 8 or 9 and then his mom dumped him on Batman calling him a disappointment because he had emotions, basically. Super obsessed with animals and no one is quite sure how Talia got Batman’s DNA considering she made someone else carry Damian for her because she didn’t want to be pregnant,” Cassie explained.

The bat siblings all looked at each other in shock and horror.

“It gets worse. We're all pretty sure Grandpa Bats was drugged at the time she acquired his blood or however else she got his DNA,” Lian added.

“Also, Damian is our dad,” the twins piped up.

“I have no recollection of any of this happening,” Bruce stated.

“I mean, you won’t technically know he even exists for another year? I think? Since Tim is 15,” Nikolas pointed out. ”Honestly, she probably got your DNA back when you were training with the League of Shadows before you became Batman.”

“That’s certainly possible,” Bruce conceded after thinking about it for a moment.

“You trained with the League of Shadows?” Connor asked. He and his team had gone against Cheshire before, another League of Shadows member. They didn’t exactly seem like the people Batman would associate with.

Bruce nodded. “I did.”

“He beat Ra’s Al Ghul then left,” Dick said, remembering Bruce explaining how he trained to be Batman.

“He’s a total badass, we get it,” Ryan piped up almost bitterly. Riley gave him a sympathetic look.

“Well, this is a nice family reunion,” a voice rang out as a man entered the room. Cassie glanced over, biting her lip.

“Hello Papi…”

“Heya Papi.”

“Hola Papi.” all three Todd-Harper kids said together. The man standing in the doorway looked almost exactly like Nikolas, except way more buff and taller. They even had the same hair.

“Jaybird…? Is that you?” Dick asked.

“So Quinn wasn’t lyin’. You really are from the past. Yeah, it’s me.” He waved and glanced over at his kids. “You three still being idiots and doing this vigilante thing?”

“Sí,” Cassie nodded, determination in her eyes.

“Well, I tried,” he sighed and shook his head. “Before getting them back to their own time though, I warned you. You'd be on your own.”

“And yet here we are,” Cassie retorted. “And we think we have a way of locating everyone.”

“Hey, Jay,” Roy said with a tired grin.

“Roy,” Jason breathed, looking over at the other. He knew it was past-Roy but seeing him again… Jason couldn't contain his excitement.

“This is, uh… Wow, you’ve grown?” It came out more like a question. Roy didn’t really know what to say.

“Yeah, thirty years will do that,” Jason laughed and smiled one of his rare genuine smiles.

“True. Now, what’s this about not helping our idiot kids?”

“We worked too hard to keep them from this life, Roy.”

“We all were around to keep them safe then. Now, we’re not,” Roy pointed out.

“Yeah, which makes it all the more dangerous, Roy.” Jason ran a hand through his hair in irritation. “Look, we all know how this life almost always ends. I’m not losing one of our kids to the baddie of the week.”

“I was already doing vigilante work!” Cassie exclaimed and Jay turned to her, eyes wide as she continued. “Before everything… I snuck to Arkham city and helped out Riles and Al. I’m fucking Sparrow.”

None of the kids were surprised, as they all knew.


“I was called Impulse, did you think I could ever keep her from doing it?” Bart shrugged and Cassie crossed her arms.

“Well, they’re all heroes now, Jay. So stop being an ass and support them. Lian is as stubborn as I am, and I have a feeling Nikolas and Cassie are both as stubborn as you are.”

“You do realize the other heroes disappeared?” Jason sighed and shook his head. “Fine, though if they insist on this-”

Cassie ran up and hugged her father.

“The future me would tell you the same thing, Jay,” Roy pointed out.

“Don't remind me,” Jason chuckled darkly and hugged her daughter back. “Anyway, you said you had a way to find everyone? Is it because of my old man’s paranoia?”

“Yes, we’re going to suit up,” Cassie pulled away and adjusted her ponytail.  The kids nodded and Bart felt a buzz of energy. He hadn't gotten suited up with everyone in about a year.

Chapter Text

In the Batcave, each of the Bat kids paused in front of the suits they’d inherited from the family.

Cassie put a hand on the case containing the Red Hood suit and Jason came up next to her.

“Man it's been awhile since I wore that old thing,” he chuckled.

“Yeah,” Cassie chuckled as well and smiled sadly. “Why did you give it up?”

“Responsibilities to my family. To you and your siblings, plus I almost died and… Yeah.” Jason shrugged.

Cassie nodded before pressing a button. The wall slid open next to the suit revealing an almost identical outfit, however instead of the helmet was just an simple red eye mask that matched the rest of the family’s, it also had jeans because like hell she was wearing those basically-sweatpants that her father wore.

“I’ll make you proud Grandfather,” Ryan murmured as he opened the paneling containing his own bat suit. It was much more reminiscent of Terry’s Batsuit from when he came from an alternate dimension. That was an story for another day however. Right now Ryan had a legacy to uphold.

“Don't worry Father, we won't fail,” the twins said together as they got changed. Their suits were a mirror image of their Father's old Robin suit.

Quinn was quiet as she slipped on the skin tight spandex of her Nightwing suit. It had a lot more blue streaks through it than her father's and was made to also be able to withstand her energy bolts. Her middle was exposed in the same way Starfire’ was, but she had shorts instead of a skirt.

Likewise, Lian was also quiet as she put on her black goggles with red lenses and put her hair up. Her suit looked like a female version of the Red Arrow/Arsenal suit except her quiver was around her hip like a sensible archer. Like her sister, Lian briefly put a hand on the glass of her father’s old suit.

“Why I ‘borrowed’ my Aunt's outfit, I will never know,” Clarice sighed as she adjusted the skirt of her uniform.

“You did it to yourself,” Aloysia teased as she pulled tan shorts on over her black leggings, a dark green, cropped tank top, and black combat boots. All her sister did was grab her bat. She didn't really bother with a special hero suit or outfit.

In a shine of green light, Caleb was in his Green Lantern uniform and ready to go.

Everyone else got changed, their outfits looking similar if not the same to their adult counterparts’.

“Ready?” Cassie asked everyone.

“Ready,” Lyssa confirmed as she put on her cowl.

“I really need to ditch the skirt, but ready,” Clarice huffed and crossed her arms.

“You stole our Aunt's uniform,” Ryan reminded.

“I didn't steal it! I just… Borrowed it without permission.” Clarice glared.

“That's stealing,” Evie pointed out.

“I couldn’t exactly ask for permission,” Clarice pointed out. “You all stole your parents uniforms as well.”

“Guys!” Cassie glared. “Now is not the time!”

“I always wondered, why do you call yourself Red Hood if you don't wear the helmet?” Jacob asked, “It’s not like you weren’t already Sparrow.”

“It's the principal of the thing Male Robin.” She smirked.

“How else were we supposed to distinguish it?” Evie huffed.

“You could have been Catwoman and him Catlad,” Caleb pointed out.

“But what would Batman be without Robin?” the twins asked with matching smirks.

“Let's just get to the watchtower. Can you fire up the Zeta tube?” Cassie asked Quinn.

Quinn nodded and soon joined everyone as she fired it up. They all waited as they were overtaken by a blinding light.


Though lights slowly turned on after two years of no use, the Watchtower was exactly as the people from the past remembered it.

“So this is the Watchtower?” Helena asked, intrigued as she floated around the entrance hall.

“Yes. Now let's get to the main computer.” Diana led them through the eerily quiet halls.

“This is so… Weirdly still,” Quinn admitted. It honestly made her feel really paranoid.

“You’re telling me,” Dick commented beside her. All the heroes from the past were in their uniforms, so Nightwing and Nightwing were walking together. “It’s normally so lively here. Uncle Clark and Aunt Diana trying to make dad smile, Uncle Barry goofing off…”

“Yeah?” Quinn asked curiously, smiled over at her father. “That sounds awesome, kinda like the batcave when we all get together for training or just to hang out. We’re usually busy with our own cities and stuff though.”

Dick nodded and smiled a little. “Not everyone lives in Gotham?” he asked.

“Some of us do, but obviously the speedsters live in Central City and Clarice visits her girlfriend from Metropolis. She moved there a year ago after everyone disappeared.”

Dick nodded. “We’ll get everyone back, kiddo. I promise.”

“I hope we can,” Quinn sighed and brushed her hair behind her ear. “I miss everyone, even if my family can be annoying at times… They’re my family.”

Dick chuckled. “I know how you feel. After Jay died, I ran off to Jump City because I was grieving and I got in a huge fight with dad. I was too stubborn to go home and apologise, but I missed everyone so much…”

“Seems to run in the family,” Quinn glanced over to where Jason and Cassie were talking with an amused smile. “But I wouldn’t have us any other way… Even if you did name me Quinnara,” she joked.

Dick laughed. “Hey, I did no such thing. My future self is the one responsible for that.”

“Still you,” Quinn teased back with a laugh.

“Not for another 30 years,” Dick pointed out. “Well, 11 technically. Since you’re 19.”

“Fair,” Quinn laughed and relaxed.

Meanwhile, Clarice and Spencer were both walking with Clark as Connor was walking with Tim and their kids a little bit away. Clarice honestly had no clue what to say to the other man sense technically he wasn’t the Clark Kent she remembered. Spencer wasn’t much better.

“So Jon is your father? Does he grow up well?” Clark asked to break the awkward silence.

“Huh? Oh, yeah dad grew up great, still works at my great-grandparents’ farm when he can,” Clarice nodded, running a hand through her hair. “Um… It’s kinda a joke between all of us now that no one knows how such a boy scout managed to raise a punk kid.”

“Of course, I’m exactly what people would expect out of a kid raised by our dad.” Spencer smiled at her grandfather.

Clark smiled and nodded. “I’m glad he turned out well. I’ve worried about it since he was born,” he admitted.

“He doesn't have all of your abilities, but he also isn't as affected by Kryptonite. We have even less, just flight, strength, enhanced senses and x-ray vision for me and heat vision for Spencer, but Kryptonite only irritates us slightly, like an itch you can’t satisfy,” Clarice informed. “Then again, we don’t have completely invulnerable skin and can get hurt a lot easier than you guys can.”

Clark nodded again and studied her for a moment. “You girls seem like good kids. I’m sure my son is very proud of you both, and that my future self is as well.”

“U-uh thanks.” Clarice blushed and looked away, flustered but smiling at the praise. It had been so frustrating, not being able to use the abilities she had to help others like her family. Now though… She didn’t know if she would stay in the hero life after everyone got back or not. She wanted to, but at the same time… There were enough Supers in the world.

Clark chuckled softly and ruffled her hair affectionately.

“Hey!” she laughed and grinned at him.

Spencer, however, simply beamed at the praise. “Thanks grandpa.”

“So, we adopted four kids?” Tim asked.

“Yep.” Michaela nodded. “You inherited grandpa’s ‘adopt all the orphans’ thing.”

Tim blinked and glanced over at Bruce. “Huh. Guess I did.”

“Lyssa and I are twins, and the only ones genetically related out of everyone,” Michaela informed.

“We’re a great little family,” Ryan joked.

Tim nodded. “And you four are happy?”

“Better than my asshole of a mother.” Ryan shrugged “Or former mother.”

“Foster care sucked ass,” Lyssa hummed.

“No one was willing to take both of us, in terms of adopting us. We ran away from several “homes” who only fostered kids for money as well,” Michaela added.

“I have these losers.” Caleb shrugged. “Didn’t have anyone before on the streets.”

Tim frowned deeply. “I’m sorry. No child should have to grow up like that.”

“Agreed.” Connor frowned in concern for his future children.

“I’m just surprised we don’t have more siblings. Dad gets serious empty nest syndrome when we’re not in the house,” Lyssa joked.

“Oh, definitely,” Caleb chuckled.

“The 101 nieces and nephews probably helps,” Ryan pointed out.

“True. I mean really who even can keep track of us all?” Lyssa frowned.

“I’m actually kinda scared to date a hero in fear they’re somehow related to me. Cassie has guts,” Michaela admitted.

“Surely I’m not that bad,” Tim huffed with a scowl.

“It’s more so our family in general, literally almost no one has just one kid, except aunt Cass, whom Cassie is named after,” Lyssa pointed out.

“Who’s that?” Tim asked, looking to Lyssa.

Lyssa frowned. “Our Aunt Cass was the original Black Bat, Delaney is her daughter and took up the mantle,” she explained.

“We mustn’t have met her yet,” Tim decided.

“I guess not.” Lyssa shrugged.

Cassie flinched as they talked. More siblings… She shook her head in an attempt to get a certain unknown cousin out of her head. She had bigger problems to worry about right then.

Meanwhile, the twins were slowly creeping behind their grandfather, grins plastered on their faces.

“I know you’re there,” he spoke up.

Evie groaned and scowled. “How?”

“I’m Batman.” He smirked and looked behind him. “You need to work on staying silent.”

Jacob and Evie pouted and gave their grandfather their best puppy dog eyes. “Teach us? Please ?”

Bruce couldn't help but let out a chuckle. “I don’t know… Considering the prank you pulled this morning…” It was rare he teased anyone, but these two seemed to bring it out in him.

“We’re 14, we’re allowed to play jokes sometimes. And it’s not like we’d ever hurt anyone with a prank,” Jacob said innocently.

“It makes everyone smile, which everyone needs sometimes,” Evie added with a firm nod.

Bruce pretended to consider it before nodding. “Very well.”

The twins cheered and hugged Bruce together. “Thanks granddad!”

Bruce chuckled. “You two remind me a little bit of a well rested Tim,” he admitted.

The twins gave him a surprised look. “There’s such a thing as a well rested Uncle Tim?” Evie asked.

“It’s very rare, but yes.” Bruce nodded.

“We’ve never seen it,” Jacob stated.

“At least…” Evie continued.

“We don’t think we have,” they finished together.

“Like I said, it’s rare.” Bruce shrugged.

The twins nodded slowly.

“Now, onto your first stealth lesson…”

The twins snapped to attention immediately.

“You have to be quick, but light on your feet. The less impact they make to the ground the better,” Bruce instructed.

They nodded, mentally taking notes. They had inherited their grandfather’s photographic memory, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to remember their lesson.

“Are you already lecturing the kids, dad?” Dick asked as he and Quinn caught up to the trio, the dark-haired male grinning cheekily.

“He’s giving us stealth tips.” the twins answered together.

“Just what we need, you two being good at stealth,” Quinn joked.

“Fight me, Quinn,” Jacob huffed.

“I’d win.”

“In your dreams!”

“Hey now, none of that,” Dick scolded lightly.

“It’s true.” Quinn shrugged and grinned.

“Quinn, Jacob, both of you. Be nice,” Dick chuckled.

“So I don’t have to?” Evie asked cheekily.

Dick narrowed his eyes at her for a moment. “I’m watching you, kiddo,” he stated good naturedly.

Evie just gave a shit-eating grin.

Dick rolled his eyes and looked at the trio of children. “You three are family. Just remember that and don’t be cruel to each other, okay?”

“We know,” all three answered.

“Doesn’t mean Quinn can’t fight me,” Jacob pointed out.

“It does now.”

“No fair!”

Dick chuckled and ruffled Jacob’s hair.

Eventually they all made it to the main room, where Diana was typing away at the computer.

“How’s it going, Aunt Diana?” Dick asked, stretching lazily and glancing around the room. Instinctively, he gravitated towards Barbara and kissed her cheek in greeting. “Hey, you. Having fun?”

All the kids from the future instinctively cringed hardcore.

“Anyway, let’s do this right?” Quinn approached the computer with Batman.

“Everything is set here,” Diana told Bruce, stepping aside.

Bruce nodded and Quinn watched him with fascination as he typed in a few commands.

“Stalker,” Riley muttered, watching from her perch on a bench, swinging her legs back and forth.

“Eh… Works for our benefit,” Aloysia hummed as she sat next to her sister.

Riley hummed and nodded. “Mama is gonna be so happy to see us.”

“I can’t wait to see Doctor mom and Plant mom again.” Aloysia nodded in agreement.

Riley rolled her eyes. “I still don’t know why you call them that, Aly.”

“Because it's true and annoys you,” her sister teased.

Riley glared at her sister. “I hate you sometimes.”

“We’re technically bad guys, sister mine. Comes with the territory,” Aloysia reminded.

Riley poked her tongue out at her.

Aloysia laughed, then frowned in concern. “Did you take your medication today?” While it didn’t cure her sister, it lessened the symptoms.

Riley nodded. “Uh huh! I took it first thing!”

Aloysia relaxed. “Good, can’t have you forgetting it…”

Riley giggled. “I wouldn’t forget. I know what happens if I do.”

“I know but that doesn’t stop me from worrying.” Aloysia pulled her sister into a side hug as a map appeared on the screen.

Riley cuddled up to her older sister with a smile. “I’ll be okay. Promise. I have alarms to remind me.”

“I know but with everything going on…” Aloysia trailed off as several red dots appeared on the map.

“Hey, Stalker Batsy for the win!” Riley cheered, noticing the map lighting up.

“Guys… This is it,” Quinn breathed. “We actually found them!”

Rosa walked closer, studying the map. “Where the hell is that?”

“We’ll figure it out, just...” Cassie wiped her eyes and her siblings and Jason pulled her into a hug. Bart nodded and joined the hug, kissing his girlfriend's cheek.

Spencer hugged her sister. “We’re finally going to be able to see our family again!”

“Yeah,” Clarice laughed and hugged back.

“That doesn’t look like anywhere I’ve ever seen,” Delaney spoke up, glancing at her grandfather.

Raven frowned and walked over to the computer. “This looks like it’s a pocket dimension,” she mused, eyes narrowed. “Something like my Nevermore,” she added, glancing over at the former members of the Teen Titans.

“Yeah?” Helena asked, remembering her mom describing it to her. “Do you think they’re trapped in some kind of pocket dimension then? Since I doubt they’re literally in someone’s head.”

“It certainly looks that way,” Raven confirmed. “The most difficult part will be finding where it is.”

“That’s the question.” Riley hopped down and went over, frowning as she inspected it.

“More so how to make the entrance an exit as well,” Helena pointed out.

Raven looked over at her future daughter and smiled a little. “I think between myself and you, we’ll be able to manage, my dear.”

“Yeah?” Helena gave a nervous smile. She wasn’t the most confident person when it came to her abilities.

Raven nodded. “I do.”

“Have more confidence, sis. You’re great with your abilities.” Quinn went over with a smile.

“I’m not the greatest with them…”

“You just need practice,” Quinn encouraged her.

“And I’ll be able to help you,” Raven told her.

“So would she…” Cassie mumbled to herself.

“I hate to be the one who says this,” Nikolas spoke up hesitantly. “But… I mean… It’s been two years… How can we be sure they’re… You know…”

The room’s mood dampened.

“We… We can’t give up hope!” Cassie exclaimed and everyone turned towards her. She had since dislodged herself from the hug pile.

She continued, pacing and looking everyone in their eyes as she paced by them. “We’ve been searching and protecting the world in their steed for two years. They wouldn't give up on us, so we can’t give up on them. We have to go forward and finish this. We’ll find them.” Her eyes hardened. “No matter what, they may be… Gone, but even then closure is better than not knowing. We’re a team, remember? Now who’s with me?” She smiled, stopping in her pacing and held out her hand. Slowly the kids from the future all put their hands in as well.

“Just like we started, huh?” Bart joked as he joined them.

“Cassie, you need to get into public speaking,” Evie joked.

“Shut up. Now, on three for family! One… Two… Three…”

“For family!”

Bruce was only minorly surprised Cassie seemed to be the leader of the group.

“She certainly knows how to rally people together,” Clark mused to Bruce.

Bruce simply nodded, proud of his granddaughter.

“First things first,” Bruce spoke up “You all need training. This will be extremely dangerous and I will not have untrained heroes on the field.”

“I agree with dad. You guys all need proper training before we try anything even remotely dangerous,” Dick agreed.

The kids nodded, most reluctant but some, like Lian and Helena, were excited at the thought of training.

“Sounds fair,” Rosa admitted.

“I’d love to learn to utilize my abilities better” Helena beamed happily, lights flickering. She blushed as her excitement turned to embarrassment.

Raven gave the girl a small smile. “I can help you with that.”

“And I can help Lian with her aim,” Roy added, smiling at his daughter.

“I’m not that bad,” Lian pouted.

“I had better aim when both my wrist were broken.” Cassie pointed out.

Roy chuckled. “It’ll be just like when I taught you to dance, Lian. It’ll be fun.”

“Plus you have me to help as well!” Oliver exclaimed. Roy gave him a hard glare.

“Plus, it’ll be nice for you to be able to actually hit a target and not accidentally blow up buildings and national monuments.”

“That was one time! And it wasn’t even my fault,” Lian pouted.

“You’ll be telling me that story later,” Roy chuckled.

“Of course, Dad.”

“Why do I have a feeling I’m not going to like this story?” Jason sighed and ran both his hands over his face.

“You’ve probably done worse, Mr Anarchist,” Roy chuckled, eyes glinting with mischief. “I seem to recall you blowing up a building purely to get the ‘good guy walks away from an explosion without looking at it’ picture.”

“Worth it,” Jason smirked.

“He’s done that more than once?” Cassie asked with faux-innocence.

“Well, I only know of twice since I am from the past,” Roy mused, looking at his boyfriend.

Jason blushed and ran a hand through his hair. “Cassie, why?”

“Vengeance!” she shouted mockingly in the most gravelly voice she could muster, making most people around them jump. The kids from the future all laughed.

Roy rose an eyebrow at her.

“It’s a future meme, you wouldn’t understand.” Cassie waved her hand.

He hummed. “I see.”

“Anyway, I’m sure we have plenty of stories that'll give you blackmail material for years to come,” Cassie joked.

“Definitely,” Nikolas mused.

“It would be interesting to see the difference in power between each generation of Kryptonian,” Spencer piped up and turned to Clark. “Sis and I aren't as powerful as you, obviously, but we’re still solar powered.”

“Very eco friendly,” Clarice snickered. “No wonder my girlfriend fell for me.”

“Damn gay!” was heard from where Aloysia was.

“I’m bi, Aloysia.”

“I’m gay though, honeysuckle.” Cue blushing from Clarice.

“You two are adorable,” Spencer chuckled.

“Gay,” Jacob called with a snicker.

“Better damn well believe it, Wayne!” Aloysia laughed.

Bart shook his head in amusement and smiled. He really had missed everyone and it was amazing to be back.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Cassie asked.

“Just glad to be back,” Bart admitted and happily took the earbud she offered him, putting it in his right ear and leaned against her right side. The two started listening to music.

Rosa glanced over at the two of them. “The lovebirds are flirting again,” she groaned, waltzing over to Riley and sitting down next to her.

“Where’s a hose?” Kai asked with an innocent expression.

“Wondered when they would start flirting. Took them longer than I thought,” Lyssa admitted.

“Flirting?” Barry asked, looking to where Bart and Cassie were listening to music together.

“That’s their weird way of flirting, shutting everyone else out and listening to music,” Lyssa explained.

“It’s part of how they met. Sis was in Central for something or other and went to a music shop, Bart was thrown through the shop by whatever villain they were facing that week and Cassie got upset for some reason and blasted the villain with a Starbolt. She gave him her number and got to keep the headphones she was trying out before leaving. A few weeks after that, they started talking regularly and maybe a month after that, he literally ran to Gotham and had her listen to a love confession made out of songs, they’ve been dating ever sense,” Nikolas explained.

“I want to disapprove of him but he’s way too good to her,” Jason admitted.

“Stop being grumpy,” Roy told him. “She’s happy.”

“And that’s why Bart isn't dead.” Jason shrugged. “And why I somehow approve of a speedster dating my daughter.”

“Hey!” Barry pouted. “We’re not that bad!”

“I feel like this is a story to share with the circle,” Dick spoke up with a laugh.

“Let’s just say when Bart first met me he was so nervous he spoke in puns the entire time,” Jason groaned. “Mostly speed related, because the little speed demon was born a speedster.”

Dick laughed. “Crafty! Fun fact, kids! Jaybird there used to be a pun master.”

Jason glared playfully. “Dick, I swear! I didn’t die and come back to life for this shit!” He was way too used to being able to casually making jokes about the fact that he died and came back to life.

Most of the past batfamily flinched at his joke.

“You used to like puns?” Quinn snickered. “Oh, how times had changed.” She didn’t sense the discomfort at the joke, too used to them by this point.

“Jaybird…” Barbara sighed.

“What… Oh, shit. They’re from before I came back. Shit,” Jason cursed, kind of feeling like an ass. “Well, came back into their lives… Um… For reference, I apologize for whatever hell my past self is about to put you through,” he said awkwardly.

“Why didn’t you come home sooner?” Dick asked sadly.

“Lot of reasons. Big one is well… Talia put a lot of bullshit into my brain, a lot of shit that wasn't true but I thought was simply because I couldn’t remember anything besides my name after coming out of the Lazarus Pit.” Jason shrugged. “Still have anger issues and a penchant for death and violence to this day, though it’s lessened over time.”

“Talia is like that… Playing God,” Cassie murmured, though no one seemed to really hear her or think anything of it.

Dick swallowed thickly and nodded. “I wish you had come home sooner. We’ve… We’ve all missed you so much, Jay.”

“Yeah I know, hindsight is 20/20 though,” Jason sighed. ”But Talia had me convinced I was abandoned by you guys on purpose that…” He swallowed. “That Dad intentionally left me to die, that you all hated me, and I believed every word… Finding Roy… It made it easier on me, and as my nightmares and dreams slowly pieced together my memory well…”

Tim stared at Jason in horror. “We never left you to die, Jason. I know we didn’t get along that great before you died, but you were still my brother. And Dick still has scars from where he got burnt trying to save you.” Cassie flinched. Tim might not have, but Cassie left her cousin to a fate worse than death.

“I know that now,” Jason reassured. “But the thing about the Lazarus Pit? It erases everything from you, even your past life. The fact I remembered my name was a miracle and the first year of my new life I trained with the League. Also, yeah I slept with Talia several times because she told me we were married. It was weird.”

“Uncle Jay! Ew!” Jacob groaned from across the room.

Dick crossed the room and pulled Jason into a firm hug. “You’re an ass, and I missed you.”

“It’s the truth, little man,” Jason laughed then blinked and awkwardly hugged Dick back. “Man… You haven’t been like this in years.” Well this emotional about Jason, not counting the time Jason almost died or the other time when he retired from being Red Hood.

“I just found out my little brother is alive, fuck off,” Dick muttered, not letting Jason go.

“Technically, right now I’m your older brother,” Jason joked with a grin.

Lian rolled her eyes at her Papi.

“Dad, Jason is being estúpido,” Dick whined, giving Jason a smirk and a wink.

“Verga(Dick)” Jason said affectionately.

Dick poked his tongue out at Jason before laughing and relaxing, letting his brother go.

Jason ruffled his hair with a  smile.

The rest of the batfam from the past took that as a cue to go hug their lost brother.

Jason just kind of accepted his fate, hugging each one of them. Then he noticed something.

“Where’s Dami and Cass?”

“They haven’t met them yet, dad,” Nikolas told him.

“La puta que te pari! (son of a bitch!)” Jason cursed.

“Jason,” Roy scolded. “There are children present.”

“Like they haven't heard worse from just Damian alone.”

“I have to agree with Uncle Jason on that one,” Evie piped up.

“Doesn’t matter,” Roy stated.

Jason huffed and pouted at Roy.

“Don’t give me that look. It doesn’t work on me in my time, and it won’t work just because you look older.”

“Aw, come on Roy! Babe! My life! !”

“Papi’s in trouble,” Lian snickered.

Most Definitely ,” Cassie mused.

Roy glanced at the kids and chuckled.

My apologies, please don’t be mad ,” Jason murmured and pulled Roy close. The non-spanish speakers just looked super confused

I’m not angry, love ,” Roy soothed.

Jason nodded and grinned into his shoulder, which he had to lean down for because he was actually taller than Roy for once.

“Wait… Cassie, you and Bart aren’t flirting? Usually we won’t see you for the rest of the day if you two start.” Nikolas teased.

“Cierra la boca (shut the hell up).” Cassie glared.

“Language,” Roy chastised his daughter.

“Yes, usually I have to cockblock you by knocking on your bedroom door late at night,” Jason hummed. He loved embarrassing his kids.

“You haven’t been able to cockblock us the last couple years,” Bart pointed out, then immediately regretted it from the very weird look Jason got on his face. No one’s smile should be that foreboding and creepy.

“What did you say?” he demanded, going into protective father mode.

Cassie groaned and buried her face in her hands, cursing her boyfriend's lack of filter.

“No killing our daughter’s boyfriend,” Roy chuckled.

“That’s a Batman look if I ever saw one,” Dick laughed at the same time.

They’re so fucked ,” Evie snickered.

Jacob snickered and nodded.

“Just kill me now,” Cassie groaned.

“Later,” Aloysia promised.

“Jason,” Bruce spoke up, giving the now adult a look.

“Si?” he turned to look to his father with a fake innocent smile.

“Bart, that is a smile that promises death and vengeance, run,” Barry suggested.

“No killing the children,” Bruce said firmly. “Pero puedes asustarlo (But you can scare him).”

“I know Spanish, and he already scares me enough,” Bart spoke up.

“You know spanish?” Cassie asked, surprised.

“Of course, it’s a part of who you are.” Bart smiled sheepishly.

“Why is he so smooth when Wally and Barry are horrible at flirting?” Diana marveled.

“He was raised around the Bats,” Delaney stated.

“He certainly knows how to please a woman… Not like that Dad!” Cassie exclaimed when she saw the look on Roy’s face. “Okay, like that too but not what I meant.”

“At least we’re not as bad as Clarice and Aloysia. I’ve walked in on them doing it in the Batcave before.” Bart shuddered. He then took one look at a very pissed Clarice and booked it at super speed out of the room. He was definitely being killed by either her or Jason.

“Get back here, you bastard!” Clarice raced after him.

“Should we stop her?” Dick asked

“Let him sweat a bit. That’s what he gets for telling my Papi we have sex,” Cassie hummed.

“And we’re back to our regularly scheduled program,” Riley giggled.

“You told them you two have sex, actually,” Quinn told Cassie.

“He told my Papi he wasn’t around to cockblock us anymore, my dad knows what that means.” Cassie defend herself. “But fine… If we have to save my no-filter having boyfriend, Aloysia, come on.”

“Aww… But the show was just starting to get interesting,” Aloysia huffed.

“Aloysia, your girlfriend is not allowed to kill my boyfriend, and she will do it,” Cassie pointed out.

“I'll grab them,” Riley huffed and left the room, bat in hand.

“I’m going to. To… Uh… Mediate. Yes,” Nikolas added.

“This certainly has been an eventful day”, Spencer sighed and ran a hand through her hair.

“How many views on YouTube do you think we’ll get if we film Riley and Clarice beating up Bart?” Rosa asked.

“Enough views to fund all of us to go to college,” Kai hummed with a grin.

Cassie quickly dragged Aloysia to go save her idiot boyfriend.

Chapter Text

Evie felt her heart pound in anticipation. This was it, after two months of training they were finally going to save their family.

“Ready, sis?” Jacob asked, a grin on his face. “We'll get to see alab again.”

“Focus, you two,” Cassie said, adjusting her jacket. “We have to get Raven and Helena to the centre point, from there beat whatever the hell is keeping them there while they work on making that exit.”

“We know, Cassie. But unlike you, we didn’t get to spend the last two months with both our parents. We’re allowed to be excited to see our alab again,” Evie stated.

“I won’t have you compromising this mission, and don’t get me started on this argument. I’ve only technically had dad around due to time travel,” Cassie said firmly.

The twins both glared at her. “You think we’d compromise getting our only parent home safe?!” they demanded angrily.

“I'm saying stay focused,” Cassie crossed her arms. Cassie was clearly not understanding why they were so emotional. At one point she would have understood, and even been happy with them at the prospect of having their families home, or just amused by their antics. That was before those two years though… “Debriefing will be in five minutes in the main room of the watchtower.”

“Don't worry about us,” Jacob snapped as the twins walked off.

Cassie stared, then shook her head and sighed, walking the opposite direction. She didn’t have time to figure out what the hell was wrong with the twins.

Five minutes later, everyone was gathered and the computer brought up where their family was. The twins were constantly glaring at Cassie and had seemingly recruited Delaney to their cause, whatever that was.

Cassie ignored them as Bruce started the debriefing.

“Remember, this is extremely dangerous and unknown territory, you'll have to watch each other's backs. Because of this we’ll be sending you in groups of four, Delaney, Evie, Jacob, and Cassie will be the first group, Cassie you’re team leader. I trust you to keep them in line. Your job is to to patrol the border zone designated on the map.”

“Can we be in a group with someone who isn’t insensitive? Especially after disappearing for a two year vacation.” Delaney asked.

“The hell, Delaney?” Cassie glared. Delaney had no clue what she went through and had no right to be a complete bitch right now!

“She’s right.” The twins glared at their cousin.

Before Cassie could retort, Bruce continued. “Bart, Spencer, Lian, and Quinn you’re on guard duty for Helena and Raven. Bart, I’m putting you in charge of the group, don’t let me down.”

“Yes sir,” Bart sat up straighter, surprised by being given a team.

“Good, Caleb, Rosa, Nikolas and Ryan are the next team, you’re on recon. Ryan, you’ll be in charge of the group.”

“I want to be with my brother though!” Rosa complained.

“No whining.” Bruce glared.


“Shit… Jacob is down!” Evie cried out through the comms system, making Cassie’s heart stop. Without thinking, she raced off to Jacob's last known location, blasting away some of the beasts that surrounded him and Evie.

“Jacob!” Cassie exclaimed and everyone paused as she raced over.

“He’s… He’s not breathing…” Evie gasped out from where she was knelt over her twin, shaking like a leaf. It felt like half her soul was taken from her. Both she and her twin were covered in blood, most of which came from Jacob. There was a dead creature lying close by with one of Evie’s weapons sticking out of its eye.

Jacob had a large gash over his chest and side that apparently came from the dead creature close by, and Evie had balled up both her cape and Jacob’s to press them firmly against her twin’s wounds with shaking hands. “I… I checked his airway, it’s clear, but he’s not breathing!” she told Cassie.

“No… I have…” Cassie carefully plucked off one of the beads on her hair tie and smashed it onto Jacob’s chest. She wasn’t trembling like Evie, used to seeing things like that and her hormones very, very diluted.

Nothing happened for a long minute, and Cassie silently cursed Talia. However, soon coughing was heard and Jacob groaned as he opened his eyes. He looked over at his sister, then over to Cassie, eyes wide.

“Y-you wasted one on me?”

“It’s not a waste, Jacob, you’re family,” Cassie said firmly, then spoke into the comm. “Jacob’s been revived, heading to Raven and Helena, we’ll all meet up there as promised.” Only those from the future would understand what she meant by ‘revived.’

Once there, all the kids hugged Jacob closely.

“What happened to one of your beads?” Barry frowned in concern.

“Nothing, I’ve always had one bead” Cassie said firmly.

“They’ll find out eventually anyway… Those beads are filled with water from the Lazarus Pit, Cassie received them in the mail on her birthday the day before you all disappeared,” Jacob explained. ”She used one on me just now, she’s only got one extra life left out of the two she had been given.” At least Cassie told them that’s how and when she received them.

“Jacob…” Cassie sighed. “Don’t talk, you need to-”

“I’m fine.” He gritted his teeth from where he was leaning on his sister.

“You are not fine,” Evie mumbled, shifting her grip on Jacob slightly. She wasn’t shaking anymore and seemed as though she’d never been distraught.

“You’re staying here, both of you.” Cassie clenched her fist, green energy glowing around them. “I have to go back out there, those things are getting closer.”

“Negative, we’re all staying here. Helena and Raven nearly have it,” Bruce answered back.

“Just a couple more minutes, they said.” Bart tried to calm down his pissed off girlfriend.

Jason eventually came over and dragged Jacob and sat him down. They talked softly, and Jason inspected the younger male. He wanted to make sure even as briefly as he was dead, the other was okay.

“I’m okay, Uncle Jason. I just wanna see my alab,” the teen admitted tiredly.

“You will, but trust me when I say dying is the shittiest thing ever, and I know what that water can do to people first hand,” Jason sighed. “Just… Let me worry about you okay?”

Jacob hesitated before nodding slowly.

Jason smiled. “Good, and if you need any help at all, with anything, call me okay? Your alab knows what it feels like as well, so he’ll be good to talk to.”

Just then a blinding light appeared, and everyone got engulfed in it…


Chapter Text

“Nn…”  Cassie groaned and clutched her head. What happened? “D… Did it work?”

“I… I don’t know,” Helena admitted and sat up.

“Call your name if you’re alive,” Quinn called with a pained groan.






Eventually, everyone said their names, even the adults.

Cassie felt relief flood over her, then looked around in shock. “Holy fuck… Where are we?”

“The Hall of Justice,” Bart answered, eyes wide as he looked around. “How though?”

“The what?” Rory asked, rubbing his forehead.

“Hall of Justice, it’s a… Thing, on Earth. It’s like the Watchtower but on Earth,” Bart answered.

“That doesn’t make any sense. How are we here?” Rosa asked.

“This is where we were before Quinn brought us to the future,” Bart explained.

“Are… Bart, are ya sayin’ we’re in the past?” Riley asked.

“I… It’s the only thing that makes sense” Bart shook his head.

Riley searched wildly for her sister, eyes wide. “I wasn’t carryin’ my meds with me!”

“Shit!” Aloysia exclaimed. “Holy mother of… Fuck!”

“You don’t have your meds?” Cassie asked, shocked.

Riley shook her head. “I left them on the bathroom sink like I always do! So I don’t lose them while fightin’!”

“It’s fine. You didn’t know.” Aloysia hugged her.

“What’s going on?” Bruce asked.

“My pills for my blood disease,” Riley explained, hyperventilating. She started coughing.

“Riles, it’s okay… It’s okay…” Aloysia tried to calm down her sister.

Rosa pushed herself to her feet and walked over, offering a cloth to Riley to cough into just in case she started coughing up blood, which was highly likely.

“Thanks,” Riley coughed and took it with a weak smile.

Rosa nodded and rubbed her back gently. “Slow breaths, remember?”

“R-right…” Riley slowed her breathing and leaned against her sister.

“What’s going on?” Tim asked with a frown.

“My… My parents are Harleen Quinzel and The Joker,” Riley explained. ”Well… Joker is biologically my dad. I… I have a rare blood disease thanks to The Joker.”

Tim’s frown deepened. “Well, fuck. What happens if you don’t have your meds?”

Riley looked hesitant. “Well… Um…”

“Riley could die,” Aloysia answered reluctantly. “It’s… It’s bad.”

“Not on my watch,” Tim said stubbornly, pushing himself to his feet. “If we are in the past, then my bedroom is here, with my laptop. Give me all the information you can and I’ll work something out.”

Dick nodded. “And I’ll call in some favours.”

“Alright… I can provide a blood sample as well,” Riley said. “I can describe the symptoms, my medications didn’t cure it by any means mind you, but it lessened the symptoms.”

The two batboys nodded, both already formulating a plan of attack.

“Hey, isn’t Harley in Arkham right now? Scarecrow too. We could get their help,” Steph suggested. “Just as long as Joker doesn’t get wind of it.”

“Joker is the one with the disease,” Riley pointed out. “But yeah, Uncle Crane is the one who developed my medication, he can help.” Scarecrow was sweet on kids, and was good friends with Harley.

“The Joker is also more likely to sabotage everything than he is to help,” Steph pointed out.

“Arkham takes yearly blood samples,” Riley explained. ”At least, that’s what mama said in my time.” She trembled as she tried to stand up.

“Riles…” Aloysia helped her and frowned in concern.

Steph bit her lip and looked at Bruce and Barbara.

“We’ll get the samples,” they promised.

“And mama and Uncle Crane? I’m fine, Aloysia. Just… Feeling a bit faint,” Riley chuckled.

“Let’s get you to a room so you can rest,” Starfire said, floating over to help Riley.

“Fine… Fine…” Riley allowed Starfire to pick her up and carry her off.

“I’m going to Arkham,” Dick said. “Who’s coming with me?”

“I will,” Jason rolled his shoulders. He was attached to Riley, sue him.

Dick nodded and looked to Quinn, his instincts telling him she wanted to come as well.

“Better believe I’m going.” Quinn smirked.

Dick nodded. “Come on then,” he said, leading the way out.

Jason and Quinn followed closely behind.

Aloysia had stayed behind, following Starfire to make sure her sister would be okay.

With Dick taking Quinn and Jason, they reached the asylum pretty quickly. Dick just had to flash the guards a winning smile and he was being let in with people greeting ‘Nightwing’. “Harley or Crane first?”

“Harley, she’s her mama after all,” Jason said, hands in pockets and looking completely at ease.

Dick nodded and led the way to where all three Sirens were in seperate cells. “Hey, Harley. I gotta talk to you for a minute. You sane today?”

“Hm? Oh Bluebird! It’s been awhile.” Harley smiled and raced over to the front of her cell. “I’ve been practicin’ those yoga moves you showed me!”

Dick smiled. “They helping any?” he asked kindly. He’d always had a soft spot for the saner half of Harley.

“A bit. At the very least, it keeps my mind at ease. What’s up? Who’s your friends?” she asked curiously.

“I’m happy to hear they’re helping your mental state. I’m probably gonna sound crazier than you, but I had a bit of an accident with time. These two are some of my family members from the future, which is why I haven’t been able to visit in awhile. This is my future daughter, Quinnara, and that’s my younger brother Jason. You remember Jason, right?”

“Oh! Jaybird! You’re so big! And Quinnara is sooo long so...I’ll call you Q!” Harley decided.

“Never change, Harleen,” Quinn chuckled then sighed. “Um… Your future daughter… She really needs your help right now…”

Harley’s eyes widened. “I have a kid? Ya sure I’m not off my meds, Dickiebird?”

Dick nodded. “I’m positive. Can you promise you’ll be on your best behaviour if I let you out?”

Harley nodded. “Uh huh! I pinky swear!”

“Oh, Nightwing go get a guard, Uncle Jason let’s go get Dr. Crane”

“I have no idea where I’m going, so I’m sticking with Dick,” Jason chuckled.

Dick chuckled and glanced at his brother before looking back to Harley. “Alright. We’re gonna go talk to Crane about getting him to help us and then we’re leaving Arkham, okay? And no, Selina. The invitation doesn’t extend to you. You stole from Penguin. You know that’s a stupid idea.”

“Spoilsport,” Selina pouted.

“Hi, Grandma Selina.” Quinn waved.

Harley cracked up in her cell, falling back onto the cot. “You’re a grandma! Old lady!” she giggled.

“You marry Poison Ivy,” Quinn hummed.

“Aww! Hear that, Red? We get married, all proper like!” Harley cooed happily, quickly sobering from her laughing and dashing over to her shared wall with Pamela.

“Do we now?”

“Yeah. You have a daughter, Aloysia, she’s cool.”

“Married with two babies?” Harley asked, looking at Quinn with wide eyes. “I bet they’re both as pretty as you, Red!”

“Yeah, super, just… Don’t freak out when you see an old… Injury of Riley’s.”

Harley tilted her head. “Okay?”

“We have to go now,” Dick told his daughter gently.

“Okay, Doctor Crane? Harleen? Come with us.” Quinn smiled gently.

“I haven’t been called Harleen in so long,” Harley mumbled, watching as Dick flagged down a guard to open her cell.

“That’s what we all call you in the future,” Quinn explained.

The insane blonde nodded, letting the guards cuff her before letting her out and into Dick’s custody.

“Let’s get going.” Dick led the group out, and to see Jonathan Crane, easily navigating the halls of the asylum. Occasionally, someone would call out a hello to either Dick, Harley, or both, and they replied back every time, stopping only when they reached the Scarecrow.

“Hey, Crane. Up and at ‘em,” Dick called.

“Mm…?” Crane sat up groggily. “Who’s there?”

“It’s Nightwing, Doc. I wanna call in that favor.”

“Oh? What for?” Crane went over, rubbing his eyes.

“I need a man who can create an impossible medication,” Dick said, giving the exhausted male a winning smile, though his eyes held fear for Riley.

“Nothing is impossible, not truly.” Crane frowned in concern. “There’s fear in your eyes… Interesting…”

“Please. Riley… She has a blood disease. She’s only 15,” Quinn said. “She… She could easily die without her medication.”

“I’m willing to let you out if you promise to help us and to be on your best behavior. I need your help, Jonathan,” Dick sighed.

“Of course I'll help you.” Johnathan frowned. “I’m not a monster.”

Dick’s shoulders slumped in relief. “Thank you.”

Quinn was almost crying in relief. “Thank you, Doctor Crane!”

Dick motioned for another guard to let Jonathan out. “Hey Eddie. You’re looking good,” he called, noticing the Riddler watching them.

“You too, Nightwing!” Riddler smiled and waved.

“Hey Eddie.” Quinn waved and smiled. She remembered Eddie used to babysit her.

“You get that book of riddles I sent you a few months back?” Dick asked.

“Yes! Thank you, it was a great gift!” Edward grinned.

Quinn giggled.

Dick smiled. “I’ll see you again the next time I visit, okay? And you can ask me some of them.”

“Alright! Have a nice day!” Edward waved cheerily.

Dick chuckled and led the two villains out of the asylum, glad that it was designed so they could completely avoid where the Joker was locked up on their way out.

“It’s so weird seeing Arkham Asylum, I'm way too used to Arkham City” Quinn stretched.

“Jaybird? You okay? You’ve been super quiet,” Dick said softly as Crane asked Quinn what she was talking about.

“I'll explain later,” Quinn whispered to Crane.

“Me in this time… God… He’s so fucked up… Seeing that place again…” Jason shook his head.

Dick pulled Jason into a one armed hug. “It’ll be okay. I’ll make sure of it. I won’t fail you again…”

“You didn’t fail me to begin with.” Jason hugged him back with a shaky smile.

“Yeah, I did. I should’ve gotten there sooner. Saved you…”

“You couldn't have, the bastard made sure of that,” Jason sighed and shook his head.

Dick grimaced. “I nearly beat his head in after… I ran away to Jump City after that. I couldn’t stand being in the city when you weren’t…”

“I get it.” Jason ruffled his hair with a smile. “We’ll find me in this time, Roy can help.”

Dick nodded slowly, and glanced back at Harley and Crane. “After we are sure Riley’s gonna be okay.”

“Of course,” Jason nodded with a soft smile.

Chapter Text

Once they got to the Manor, Riley was in the living room, a bucket near her as she shakily drank some tea.

“Hey… ‘m not coughing anymore.” Riley smiled.

“Riley…” Quinn gasped and ran over.

Dick walked over as well, Crane and Harley following him. “Riley? I brought some people to help you.”

“Huh?” Riley looked up and inspected the group. “Oh… I'm Riley, Mama, Uncle Crane.” She gave her best smile. Her eyepatch was off, just incase for some reason her scar bled.

Harley tilted her head and examined Riley for a moment with a slight frown. “You don’t look very well, kiddo,” she murmured, her usual exuberance muted to match the situation. “Dickiebird and Q mentioned that you’re sick and that you’re my kiddie from the future?”

“Yeah, Mama…” Riley messed with her hair to make sure it covered her green eye. She didn’t want Harley to see her scar.

“You’re very pretty, even though you’re not well,” Harley said, matter of factly.

“Yeah?” Riley gave a startled laugh.

“How’s your stomach? Is there any blood?” Quinn asked.

“Fine, no blood. It settled as soon as I vomited the first time,” Riley informed with a wave of her hand.

Aloysia came back with a few damp washcloths and placed one over Riley’s forehead after brushing her away from her face. “To keep the fever down,” she murmured.

“Oh! And you look just like Red! You must be her daughter from the future?” Harley chirped excitably, studying Aloysia who hadn’t yet noticed the guests.

“Huh?” Aloysia looked over, eyes wide. “Oh wow! Doctor Mom!”

Harley giggled. “Hi!”

“It’s great to see, er, meet you? Time travel is weird.” Aloysia turned her attention back on her sister. “You sure you’re okay?”

Riley nodded weakly. “The nausea has settled for now. Who knew Aunt Raven’s tea could help?” she murmured, shifting to look at Aloysia and Harley better.

That’s when Harley saw the scar. She remembered her promise to Quinn to not freak, but she certainly struggled with it. “Riley?” she asked, sounding nothing like her usual ditsy self and more like Dr. Quinzel from a lifetime ago.

“Huh?” Riley blinked and looked over het her mom, not even realizing her green eye, along with her ‘J’ scar with the top of the ‘J’ started as her would-be left eyebrow and went down and the top part of the hook ending right next to the bridge of her nose, was exposed. “What is it mama?” she didn’t register the different because she was used to Dr. Quinzel.

“Who gave you that scar?” Harley asked.

Riley froze, hand going to her scar “Da-Joker did,” she breathed, trembling now not just because of her illness. “I… I looked up to him when I was younger, then you did something he didn’t like… He was smart though, he made sure the eye itself wasn’t injured so I could still see, while making sure my eyebrow would never grow back again… He… It hurt, a lot. I felt so betrayed, you got super pissed… I'm surprised he’s not dead honestly. It was when you left that we moved in with Aloysia and Mom, you two getting married a year later. A month after you got married the first of my symptoms showed up, we think because puberty happened, but we’re not sure… Uncle Crane developed my medication and although it didn’t cure me it lessened my symptoms and kept the more deadly ones at bay. My blood gives me an immunity to the Joker Toxin though, but my blood as well as his is an activating agent for it, if someone were to get our blood in a transfusion they’d die very, very slowly.”

Harley exhaled slowly to calm herself down from her rage. “I will kill him,” she swore. “No one hurts my babies. He can do anything he wants to me, but not my baby,” she added with a growl.

“Do me a favor and make sure you’re pregnant with me first?” Riley joked and laughed, before quickly coughing into a tissue.

Harley moved forward and rubbed her back gently. “I will. Q said you’re 15?”

“Yep, and from 30 years into the future.” Riley relaxed against her mother.

Harley nodded slowly and glanced up at Dick. “Can I hit him with my hammer pretty please?”

“Don’t kill him,” was all Dick said with a nod. He was shocked and infuriated by the news of what the man had done.

Harley nodded with an evil grin.

“First though, symptoms if you would, and a small blood sample,” Jonathan said, eyes going hard. “I’ll make sure he gets a bit of an experimental dosage of fear toxin.”

“Muscle spasms and weakness, nausea and vomiting, often there’ll be blood in the vomit. More often than not the cough also has blood in it as well, though the amount generally differs,” Riley got into explaining. “Fainting spells and feeling faint in general, which tends to be accompanied by the muscle weakness or spams, I bleed excessively from any kind of wound, even a minor paper cut, and have chronic migraines/headaches.”

Jonathan nodded and took notes on a notepad that Dick handed him, the latter looked extremely sympathetic for the young girl who shouldn’t have to deal with any of this.

“Take as much blood as you need, but like I said I bleed excessively from wounds so be careful.” Riley smiled.

“I’ll go get Raven so she can heal you after the blood has been taken,” Dick murmured.

“Thanks.” Riley settled back down, continuing to sip her tea. Harley settled in behind her, stroking her hair like she barely remembered her own mother doing when she was sick.

Dick smiled a little at the sight and went to find Raven, running into Babs first. “Hey.”

“Hey, Dick…” Barbara smiled gently. “How are they?”

“Harley is being surprisingly sane and motherly, Crane is in doctor mode and Riley is… Okay,” he answered.

“That’s… God… Dick…” Barbara licked her lips. “Well, you see… We’re obviously not going to last, are we?”

Dick sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I was wondering when this was going to happen…” he admitted tiredly.

“We might as well do this now right?” Barbara asked and ran a hand through her hair.

Dick nodded. “I suppose… You know I do love you though, right? Even if you’re meant to be with Steph? I still really enjoyed our time together.”

“I did too.” Barbara hugged him. “Even if you’re meant to be with Raven,” she joked.

Dick chuckled a little. “I guess this explains why going further than kissing always felt so wrong, huh?”

“It would,” Babs agreed with a laugh.

Dick pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Still friends?”

“Always,” Babs promised.

He nodded. “Good luck with Steph. That girl is a handful.”

“I think I can do so, and be good to Raven, okay?”

“Of course. Speaking of, have you seen her? I need her help with Riley.”

“In the kitchen, she made Riley tea, and that’s the last place I saw her.” Babs smiled gently.

Dick nodded. “If she’s not in the kitchen, she’ll likely be on the roof.”

“Good luck.” Babs waved him off.

Dick waved back, moving the check in the kitchen before going up to the roof. “Hey. Penny for your thoughts?” he asked when he found the demoness standing on the edge of the roof.

“Just… Thinking, processing everything.”  Raven didn’t turn to look at him, just continuing to stare at the scenery.

Dick watched her for a moment. “This wasn’t your fault, Rae,” he murmured, as if he’d read her mind. “It was an accident.”

“But it was!” She exhaled. “This was my idea…”

Dick sighed and walked up behind her, pulling her into a hug. “It was still an accident that sent us all back into the past. Come inside where it’s warm? Please? You feel like ice.”

“I… But my ideas… Abilities?” Raven took a gulp of air. “What if I… Did this? What if we can’t fix it?”

“We’ll be able to fix this. I know we can,” he promised her. “Everything will work out okay in the end. Riley said the tea you made her helped with the nausea, by the way.”

“I'm glad to hear.” Raven turned and hugged him back. “Thank you…”

Dick tightened the hug a little. “I’m always here if you need anything, Rae,” he promised her.

“Thank you… Let’s head in,” Raven sighed.

Dick nodded. “Crane is gonna take some blood from Riley. Since she has a tendency to bleed excessively, I was wondering if you could heal her after he takes the blood? Then you and I can go to the kitchen and have some tea. I’ll make it?”

“Sounds great.” Raven nodded and pulled away, smiling at him.

Dick grinned and lead her inside, warming her up by keeping her close to him.

Raven kept close to him and allowed Dick to lead her inside as well.

“How long were you out there for, Rae?” he asked her quietly.

“Since we came to the manor, came in to make Riley the tea, then headed back out.”

Dick pursed his lips. “Let’s hope you don’t get a cold then.”

“I’ve never been sick,” Raven hummed gently.

“I’m pretty sure you have. When we were living together in Jump? Remember? Everyone except Cy got colds one winter. BB changed forms every time he sneezed.”

“I remember the form changing,” Raven laughed. “Oh man, he was so embarrassed.”

Dick laughed as well. “He was. I kinda felt sorry for him at first, but then he got me sick.”

Raven nodded and chuckled with a smile as she and Dick entered the living room.

Harley looked up as they entered. “Hiya. Stay quiet. She just fell asleep,” she murmured.

Raven nodded and smiled.

Dick nodded and slowly approached with Raven. Jonathan quickly took the blood sample, trying to make as small a wound as possible. As soon as he got a vial of her blood, Raven healed the wound, all without waking Riley.

“Thank you,” Harley said quietly, watching the young girl sleep.

Raven nodded and smiled a little, watching everyone in the room. She still felt terrible for what she thought she was responsible for, but her talk with Dick had put it on the back burner.

“We’ll figure this out, Harley.” Johnathan nodded to his fellow villian and friend.

“Thank you, Crane,”  Harley said quietly.

“Of course, she’s a child and you’re one of the few I consider a friend.” Jonathan smiled.

She looked up and gave him a bright smile. “Ya think of me as a friend?”

“Of course, even if you become quite nasty around the Joker.” Jonathan nodded.

“I’m sorry. He brings out the worst in me.”

“Just make sure he doesn’t bring out your worst around a child,” he waved her off.

Harley growled lowly, looking down at Riley, her eyes on the scar. “Never.”

Aloysia smiled at her Doctor Mom. She was really starting to remind her of what she was like in the future.

“Imma kill him if he tries to come near the kids.”

“Wait fifteen years so you’re pregnant with my sister first,” Aloysia piped up.

“Could always freeze his sperm,” Harley muttered darkly. “Then bash his head in with my hammer.”

“I’d be down to watch that,” Jason spoke up.

“True,” Aloysia hummed with a smirk. “Then my sis wouldn’t have her scar… I wonder if she’d still become a vigilante though…”

Harley shrugged. “He wouldn’t be able to hurt her though.”

“Still, she’s my partner in technical crime.” Aloysia pouted “You should see her skills with a bat!  Plus she, Cassie and I are like, the Sirens 2.0.”

Harley studied Aloysia for a moment. “Maybe when she’s better.”

Aloysia nodded as Helena and Rosa came into the room. “Is she going to be okay…?” Helena asked.

Raven nodded. “She will.”

“Good,” Helena sighed in relief. “She’s my best friend, so…”

Raven looked at her future daughter and smiled softly. “She’ll be okay. It’ll just take a little time to get the medicine.”

Helena nodded with a sigh and a smile, watching Rosa move to kneel on the floor next to Riley, watching her sleep.

“How long do you think you’ll need, Johnny?” Harley asked.

“Depends on what I find in the blood sample,” Johnathan answered after a few minutes, “If it’s something at least somewhat similar to any known blood diseases, it’ll be much easier to develop a medication for.”

Harley nodded. “Mmkay.”

“She’s going to need a lot of help and support while we work on this, Harley. Even after it’s made it might take some time for the symptoms to lessen/disappear” Jonathan pointed out.

“I ain’t going nowhere,” Harley stated.

“I’ll help too,” Aloysia piped up. “She’s my sister after all.”

“I will too.” Rory walked into the room. “I don’t work out in the field like the others, so if Aloysia is needed for some reason I’ll at least be here.”

“I will as well since this is kind of my fault and I am technically retired,” Raven said quietly, looking down.

“This wasn’t your fault, Rae,” Dick mumbled.

“If anything it’s mine,” Helena said with a set jaw. “My abilities… I don’t have the same control or confidence you have with them.”

“The time travel was no one’s fault,” Dick said, glancing between Raven and Helena. “It was just an accident, okay? This probably would've happened if Uncle Clark was the one doing what you girls did. This was just an accident.”

“Uncle Dick is right,” Clarice spoke up as she entered, arms crossed. “No matter what, this was a possibility. We can only hope it also freed our families in the future. We'll get back to them… Eventually.”

“Hey babe,” Aloysia greeted softly.

“Hey Aloy,” Clarice went over and kissed her cheek. “Grandpa Clark and Great Uncle Bruce wanted to speak to us about something, bribed me and my sis not to spoil what.”

Aloysia frowned a little. “Who is us, exactly?” she asked.

“Everyone,” Clarice stated simply and walked back towards the kitchen/dining room. Everyone in the living room glanced at each other and with the exception of Harley and Riley, followed after Clarice.

Following the group at the rear, Dick observed everything curiously, wondering what Clark and Bruce were up to.

“It’s come to our attention most of you are still school age,” Bruce spoke up.

“Can the adults pour ourselves a drink before you potentially piss off the younger generations?” Jason asked.

“Too late.” Cassie felt her hand twitch. Man, she wished she brought the kryptonite batarangs, or her gun.

“Enough of that, education is important.” Lian scuffed the back of her youngest sibling’s head.

“I already graduated, I served my nickel.” Cassie complained.

“Anyone else have no idea what that means?” Garfield asked.

“It basically means she served her time in jail.” Roy explained. “She probably gets weird phrases like that from her Papi.”

“Well, that just dills my pickles.” Jason deadpanned.

“I swear to god, I will punch you,” Dick muttered, glaring at Jason. “This is your fault, dad.”

Bruce rose a brow “Right, because I’m the one who named everything bat-whatever it is and said things like “holy bejeezus Batman” all the time with very little variation, Dick.”

“You’re the one who banned swearing,” Dick pointed out with a scowl. “And I was 10 when I did that. You’re the one who continued the trend.”

“Everything is named bat because you convinced Jason it was my idea.” Bruce ran a hand over his face.

“Good times,” Jason mused.

“Anyway, back to the school thing, how? We’re from the future we’re not even born yet except for Lian, who, may I remind you, is four currently in your time.” Helena crossed her arms.

“Where am I anyway?” Lian asked.

“Your mother’s,” Roy reassured. “She decided she wanted to see you for a while while she was between missions.”

“It’s not hard to falsify the needed records to get you lot into school,” Tim spoke up, answering Helena’s question. “And I’ve already been roped in to stop Uncle Clark, Aunt Diana and dad from lecturing me so no one better try to change my mind. They also bribed me, so deal with it,” he added tiredly, drinking straight from the coffee pot.

“I will literally make you a year’s supply of coffee mixed with energy drinks to not.” Ryan said.

“We’ll help,” Damian’s kids added. “And get you a lifetime supply of candy.”

“Dad bought me a Starbucks and a Krispy Kreme. Good luck kids,” Tim deadpanned.

“Dammit.“ Evie and Jacob glared at their grandfather in a very eerily similar glare to his own (and Damian’s). “Do you hate us? Why are you torturing us like this?”

“It is not torture. Schools are a place of learning. Besides, it’s already done. You all start on Monday,” Clark spoke up.

“I already graduated, can I not?” Cassie asked.

“That would be a no,” Clark stated.

“But I have a diploma! This is bullshit!” She clenched her fist, eyes glowing with power though the Starbolts hadn’t manifested around her fist yet.

“Think of it as undercover, Cassie.” Lian soothed her sister.

“Also, language,” Nikolas piped up with a grin.

“Fuck off Nikolas! You should be the one out of the two of us still going to school.”

“Not my fault you were born in July and I was born in December. Also, I graduated when you did, rude.”

“Stop fighting you two,” Roy sighed.

“Let them fight, apparently it’s healthy according to our Grandfather.” Lian rubbed her temples.

“Since when has Grandda ever been good with relationships?” Lyssa rose a brow.

“Sis, he did get Grandma Selina to marry him,” her twin pointed out.

“Look, either way, it’s already done,” Delaney spoke up, ever the voice of reason. “We just need to bear with it until we go home. So stop fighting and get over it.”

“Another problem, our names,” Cassie sighed in defeat, might as well help them with this at this point… Man she really didn’t miss those uniforms. “How are we going to explain that? Especially the Graysons or Waynes of the group.”

“I adopt a new kid every other week according to the Gotham Herald,” Bruce said with a shrug. “They won’t notice.”

“They will when they notice how much I look like grandma Talia.” Evie muttered under her breath bitterly.

“And Grayson? Todd-Harper for me? Unless you actually want to tell people Dick has kids.” Cassie sighed. Her family she swears sometimes…Then again she wasn’t exactly volunteering to tell anyone about her.

“There's also a matter of Cassandra, who legally doesn’t exist.” Aloysia spoke up “Or me and my green squad.”

“I use my father’s last name, Stone” Delany reminded her friend.

“Well… I could make some more of those rings that make me and the grass stain look normal?” Victor piped up.

“Yes, but do you have enough time?” Delaney asked her father worriedly.

“I’ll need a few extra hands but, I should be able to.”

“I can help!” Delaney piped up, then blushed in embarrassment. “I mean uh… I’m really good with tech and stuff since I was raised around it.”

“I'll help too,” Roy volunteered, before going out to make a quick phone call.

“Any of you speedsters good with your hands?” Victor asked, looking at Barry, Wally and Bart.

Bart gave a shit eating grin but as he opened his mouth, Cassie covered it with her hand. “Ignore him.”

“I am.” Barry sighed and nodded.

Victor nodded. “Great. We’ll start right away.”

“Bart, I have siblings. Licking my hand won’t work. Plus you’ve met Evie and Jacob.”

“Say what I think you were about to say, Bartholomew, and you are dead,” Jason threatened.

“Ys sr,” he mumbled behind his girlfriend’s hand. Cassie hummed and removed it after that.

Jason nodded. “Good boy.”

Bart proceeded to hide behind his girlfriend. It didn’t matter that Jason retired, Red Hood always terrified him.

“Can I do anything to help?” Oliver asked.

“You can help by improving Lian’s aim,” Nikolas snickered.

“It’s not that bad!” Lian huffed.

“Sis, I love you, but I’ve learned to just to shoot the arrows midair to make sure they actually do hit your intended target.” Cassie pointed out.

“I’ll give you some pointers,” Oliver said, giving Lian a grin. “Come on, let’s improve your aim.”

“Uh… Thanks…” Lian blinked. She never had met her technical grandfather face-to-face before, mostly because her dad never really got over whatever falling out they had.

Oliver nodded.

“We all might as well get in some training as the nerds tinker,” Cassie chuckled and stretched. The future kids all groaned.

Rosa, however, excitedly turned on her father, hands clasped in front of her as she looked up at him pleadingly.

“Sure, why not?” Garfield chuckled nervously, though it came out more of a question.

“Wish Ma was here.” Kai sighed.

“We could call her?” Dick offered with a small smile aimed at Kai. “Who is she?”

“Terra,” the Logan twins answered. The Titans all looked at each other, amused.

Garfield paled. “Wha?”

Dick snickered. “I’ll go see if I can’t find her.”

“Yeah, I get my abilities from her.” Kai grinned. “She’s really awesome!”

“I wonder on the power differences still between the different generations of Kents, considering Connor is only Half-Kryptonian,” Clarice mused.

“Half?” Connor frowned in confusion.

“Do explain, if you could,” Tim said.

“Wait… Do you guys still think Dad is a clone?” Michaela asked.

“I think they do.” Ryan choked on his coffee.

Holy fuck ,” Clarice fell to the floor laughing. Clark looked at her, startled by the Kryptonese.

“Connor is biologically the child of Grandpa Clark and Grandpa Lex,” Spencer explained with a  giggle.

“But how?” Garfield asked. “They’re both dudes!”

“Test-Tube baby,” Clarice explained. “Grandpa Lex put their DNA in a test tube, mixed it together, and developed our second favorite half-Kryptonian.”

“Dad is our favorite,” Spencer said unapologetically.

“How did he get my DNA?” Clark asked with a frown, looking at Conner curiously.

“Maybe he took tips from Grandma Talia,” Jacob snorted.

“Kryptonite or something? No one is really sure.” Spencer admitted, then remembered. “Sis! We can finally get your ears done!”

“Kent is my father, not my… Original or whatever?” Connor demanded. It did make sense why Luther would take him out to ball games and the movies occasionally.

“Uh huh,” Ryan hummed.

Batman punched Clark in the face with a very suspiciously green glowing ring. “How isn't important. He’s your son, Clark.”

“His punches hurt.” Oliver winced.

“As they should for you two being horrible fathers,” Bruce responded with a growl.

“Agreed, you know it’s bad when my method for parenting is be the opposite of my parental figure,” Roy pointed out as he walked back into the room. “What happened?”

“Men,” Diana huffed, grabbing Conner’s arm. “Come, we will go out for soda and pizza and leave the men to fight,” she decided.

“Can I come?” Tim asked, concerned for his (crush) friend.

“That is Conner’s choice, young Robin,” Diana told Tim.

”Yeah… Yeah, sure.” Connor nodded. Clark and Bruce were fighting in the background. Bruce was winning.

Diana nodded and smiled as she led the two boys out of the kitchen.

“Well then…” Dick chuckled. “I’m gonna go call Terra and then I’m gonna put a movie marathon on in the home cinema. Whoever wants to join can help make popcorn and snacks,” he called over the noise of the two men fighting, not concerned in the slightest.

“Alright!” those who heard called back. Clarice was filming the fighting boys.

Connor, Diana, and Tim all left.

Dick turned to Raven. “I’m sorry. Take a raincheck on tea? I can take you out somewhere so we won’t be interrupted again?” he offered softly.

“Careful, you might get my hopes up that it’s a date,” Raven chuckled but nodded.

Dick grinned. “You want it to be?” he asked with a low purr.

“Break up with Babs first, birdie,” Raven chuckled. “Then we can go on that date.”

“I broke up with him before he went up to the roof to get you. Hey guys,” Barbara hummed.

“Oh?” Raven rose an eyebrow with a smile.

Dick nodded. “Uh huh. Babs dumped me and broke my heart,” he said playfully, dramatically throwing his arm over his forehead. “I may never recover.”

Barbara rolled her eyes. “He’s yours now. Have fun,” she said to Raven.

Raven chuckled and shook her head in amusement.

Barbara grinned and went to go break up the fight long enough to send the boys outside.

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, Lian and Oliver had headed down to the Batcave to use their shooting range and so she wouldn't have to worry about accidentally destroying something expensive.

Oliver got her set up with a bow and a target and told her to just start shooting so he could see what he was working with.

Lian licked her lips and grabbed her bow and an arrow, cocking it. The arrow went slightly sideways and Lian cursed and readjusted it onto the bow before shooting.

Oliver watched her for a long moment. “Does that feel comfortable at all?” he asked.

“No? But it’s how I’ve seen Dad shoot and he’s amazing…”

“Your stance is all wrong and you’re holding the bow wrong. Which is your dominant hand?”

“My left.”

“Roy is right handed. You need to shoot left handed,” Oliver said, walking over and giving her a different bow before starting to help her get into a proper stance. “Now, pull back when you inhale. Yes, like that. Lower your elbow a little, just like that, and release as you exhale,” he instructed.

Lian took a deep breath in… Out… In… Out… She released the arrow on the next exhale.

Oliver watched with a smile as the arrow flew straight for the target and hit the bullseye. “Perfect.”

“Thank you.” Lian hugged him without warning with a smile.

Oliver stumbled a little, chuckling as he hugged her back. ”It’s no biggie. You just needed someone to sit down and show you what to do. Your problem was purely that you didn’t know what to do and were shooting with the wrong hand.”’

“Yeah… Everyone… Kinda hid us from this life, I snuck out to watch Dad either when he was practicing or on patrol. Out of all of us, I think Bart had just become a hero, Impulse, when everyone disappeared and my younger sister was going around Arkham City as Sparrow, though none of the kids or I ever told any of our parents or grandparents about that until she and Papi’s argument when you came to the future,” Lian explained. “Papi did teach all of us, Niki, Cassie, and I, how to shoot guns though, which is probably why I haven’t been a complete failure with this thing.”

Oliver nodded. “We’ll get you kids all home to your parents. Somehow.”

“And grandparents in some cases” Lian chuckled and smiled at him. “Thanks...I’ve been meaning to ask… What happened between you and Roy?” she asked curiously.

Oliver sighed and looked over to the main part of the batcave where Roy was helping Victor. “I was a really crappy father, pretty much. And he’d had enough.”

“Yeah, no offense but that’s pretty shitty of you.” Lian deadpanned as she cocked another arrow.

“It was,” Oliver agreed. “Bats beat that into me when he found out. Literally. I don’t expect him to ever forgive me, but I’m trying to be a better man. I didn’t even know he had a kid until we went to the future, but that’s to be expected after everything. I am proud of the man he’s become. And who he will become, though.”

“... I never met you before now,” Lian admitted after shooting the arrow. “Dad… He doesn't like talking about it, he never let you near me. Hell, the only reason Papi knows I exist is because my Father chose to continue to be in my life while helping out his current boyfriend and future husband… I don’t know all that happens, I do know that you always, always have time to change it and be better.” She paused. “It’s why I ultimately decided to take on the mantle of Red Arrow/Arsenal, going mostly by Arsenal. My sister was already Sparrow, she had… Offered to give me the mantle of Red Hood. I wanted that connection tough, to Aunt Artemis, to you, to my Dad… I just… I don’t know.”

Oliver nodded and gave Lian a smile. “You’re a good kid.”

“Yeah?” Lian smiled over at him.

Oliver nodded again. “You take after your dad. He was always really smart, even when he made stupid choices…”

“He has made a ton of stupid choices,” Lian snorted, “I mean, then again, we all put on spandex/latex suits, Riley, Papi, and Cassie are the only sensible ones wearing basically civilian  clothing with mask/helmets or just… Not her eyepatch for Riley.” She was fully aware her Dad used to do heroine, but… He got better, and turned his life around.

Oliver chuckled and watched her shoot for a little while. “Much, much better.”

“You think?” Lian beamed.

Oliver nodded and gestured to the target. “You’ve hit the bullseye every time.”

Lion's eyes gleamed mischievously and she pressed a button on her usual bow, making the arrows explode in a flash bang all at once.

Oliver laughed as everything exploded.

When the light from the flash bang died down, Lian was gone, hiding behind a close by cupboard.

Oliver looked around and chuckled. “Clever trick,” he called out, stepping away from the shooting range and towards the cupboards. “I remember when Roy did that the first time,” he added as he approached the cupboard she was hiding behind. “He hid over here, if I remember correctly.”

“What was that explosion?” Roy demanded as he ran over. “Where’s my daughter?”

Lian silently crept to the other side of the cupboard and did something stupid. She booked it as silently as possible to the top of the cupboard and looked down with a cheshire grin. “I’m up here, Dad,” she called after another couple minutes to spare her grandfather from her Dad’s rant that he was on.

Roy’s head snapped up to looked at Lian. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? What happened?” he asked quickly.

“I activated my flashbang arrows and like a bat snuck off then climbed on the cupboard.” She waved her hand. “I’m fine and I’m actually shooting right and true now!” She was clearly excited and happy as she jumped down with a front flip.

“You scared the crap out of me, young lady!” Roy yelled, tugging her in for a tight hug.

“Dad, I’m fine,” Lian chuckled and hugged back as Jason came down with a raised brow.

“I came down to see how everything was going…” Jason looked at the two. “Do I even want to know?”

Roy glared at Oliver and dragged Lian over to Jason. “She gave me a heart attack, that’s what.”

“Roy, she’s had those things activated close to her face by a bullet her sister shot.” Jason ran a hand through his hair. “It being that far isn’t going to hurt her, they’re flash bangs.”

“She what?!” Roy yelled.

“Dad, I'm literally Arsenal in the future,” Lian reminded. “Plus, I’m 34…”

“You’re still my baby girl, Lian,” Roy pointed out.

“Anyone got any popcorn?” Barry asked.

“Barry, what the fuck? ” Cassie stared down her boyfriend's grandfather. They had followed after Jason.

“What? It’s funny to watch someone get chewed out. Especially when it’s Roy chewing out two people taller than him,” Barry chuckled.

“I’m still growing, you asshole,” Roy yelled.

A speed scout appeared and suddenly Bart was holding back his girlfriend, who was growling and giving a Batglare™ at Barry.

“Grandpa, I wouldn’t,” Bart warned. “You’re lucky I had the speed scout take her gun.”

“That’s my girl.” Jason gave Cassie a thumbs up.

Barry shrugged and went back to helping Victor. Bart put his head-taller girlfriend down but held on to her waist.

“Dad, I love you, but it’s no big deal. We’ve done more dangerous shit in our lives.” Cassie took a deep breath.

“That’s not something any father wants to hear!” Roy pointed out. “You’re kids! You’re meant to be kids! Not heroes and getting into fights and getting hurt and oh my god, you’re the new Arsenal?! You are so grounded!”

“I’m thirty fucking four, you can’t ground me!” Lian shouted. “I can make my own damn life decisions and yeah, I wasn’t happy either when Cassie brought us all together and made us heroes and vigilantes in your stead, but know what? She was right to do it, she was already Sparrow, as you heard, even before all this shit! Jesus Dad! Yes, I’m the new Arsenal, I have been for two years and been helping Babs train them!”

Roy gaped at his daughter as everything they’d learnt over the past two months finally sunk in.

Cassie licked her lips hesitantly. Was this… How her siblings felt when she and Papi were fighting? She hated this feeling… She also stole her gun back and shot the bag of popcorn Barry had in his hands with a growl.

“Roy, I think you need a break,” Jason said, effectively breaking up the argument.

“Y-yeah.” Roy took a deep breath, hands shaking a bit. “I… I’m going to head outside for a breather…” Lian didn’t say anything, just set her jaw and crossed her arms. Luckily, neither of them really said anything they’d regret.

“Maybe help dad find the me from this time?” Jason suggested.

“Yeah… Yeah, good idea. There’s several places he could be, start with the last safe house… Sorry.” Roy ran out of the batcave.

Jason sighed and rubbed his forehead. “You know that all was because he’s worried about you and scared for you, right?” he asked his eldest daughter. “He lost me in an explosion, and that was pretty recent, I think…”

“I’m four apparently, sooooo 30 years ago for us,” Lian sighed. “I know he is, it’s just… I also know he sees me as little 4 year old me of this time. I get it, I do but dammit it’s just so frustrating since we were at least talking of his training me in the future and I just… The recent events, him disappearing… It’s hard.”

“I know, Lian. It’s hard for all of us.”

“Bart, I’m killing your grandfather,” Cassie whispered, gun aimed right at Barry, who had gotten more popcorn. “I’ve had practice with you and paintball and you’re faster so…”

“Please don’t. I’d like to actually exist in the future,” Bart muttered. “You can hurt him, just don’t kill him. Or you’re not gonna have an awesome boyfriend.”

“The awesome part is up for debate but you have a point.” Cassie turned off her safety just to give the tell-tale click of it being turned off.

“Hey!” Bart huffed.

“Love is an open door babe.” Cassie leaned over and kissed the top of his head.

“Frozen? That was so twenty five years ago, Cassie,” Bart huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

“You rather me do showtunes?” Cassie teased. “Or do you want even older songs?”

“Is there an option where you don’t sing?” Bart replied with a cheeky grin before racing upstairs.

“BARTHOLOMEW ALLEN THE SECOND GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!” Everyone jumped as Cassie raced after him, starbolt primed and ready.

“No thanks, I choose life!” he yelled back.

“Dammit Bart!”

“Ah, young love,” was heard coming from Delaney as she helped her father.

“Well, sis is distracted at least,” Lian mused.

Jason nodded. “Heard you’re shooting better? Wanna show me?”

“Sure!” She was definitely going to have to distract her father. Bart did his part now it’s hers. She grabbed an arrow and her bow and followed everything Oliver instructed.

Jason watched her with a tiny smile. “Looking good, kid.”

Lian grinned and pressed the same button, making the arrows explode into a soapy foam.

“This is why I’m always buying more ammo, huh?” Jason asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Maaaaayyybe.” Lian hummed, “That one was Evie’s idea.”

Jason chuckled. “I’m not surprised at all by that.”

“It has its uses.”

“Uh huh. And they are?”

“Impromptu slip and slide”

“You sure you’re 34?” Jason remarked with a cheeky grin.

“Last I checked.” Lian hummed, “Seriously though it’s nice to have some fun with the team, can’t be serious 100 percent of the time.” She then shot an arrow at Barry and activated the bubble explosion “That and getting revenge who apparently thinks we’re a soap opera, well… He wanted soap.”

Jason chuckled. “You spent far too much time with Dick and Damian as a kid.”

“I babysat the Wayne Twins.” Lian chuckled as Barry started slipping all around.

Jason reached over and ruffled her hair. “Things will work out, mija. Just give it some time.”

“If you say so, Papi.” Lian smiled gently.

“If they find past me before we go home, wanna convince Roy into taking us to see little four-year-old you?”

“Oh my fucking god yes!”

“You’re such a little cutie, if I remember correctly. You always follow your dad around like a little duckling.”

“Holy shit,” Barry giggled and Lian gave him a sickly sweet smile.

“My mother is fucking Cheshire, and unlike my sister I’m not dating your grandson. We’re having a moment, dammit.”

Jason pulled a gun out of literally nowhere and aimed it at Barry’s head. “Leave, Allen.”

Barry yelped and raced off, slipping again on the suds before getting away.

Jason tucked the gun away. “ Damn idiot ” he muttered.

Lian smirked. “Like father, like daughter.” Cassie had pretty much done the same thing.

“She does take after me, doesn’t she?” Jason hummed.

“Anger issues and how-are-you-not-deadshot's-child and all,” Lian chuckled.

Jason hummed. “You wanna head back upstairs to make sure your sister doesn’t kill her boyfriend?”

“That’s probably for the best. Thanks Grandpa Oliver!” Lian waved to Oliver and started up the stairs with her father.

Jason gave Oliver a nod, but didn’t say a word to the man.

Once upstairs, Bart immediately hid behind Lian. “I regret nothing. I at least still exist.”

“Not for long,” Quinn pointed out.

“Help me? Please?”

“What did you say to piss Cassie off, first?” Quinn asked. “Hey Lian, hey uncle Jay.”

“Hey Quinn.” Jason waved with a smile.

“... I may or may not have implied she couldn’t sing, so not total ‘I will kill you slowly’ levels but she was already incredibly pissed off at grandpa Barry.” Bart assessed.

Quinn blinked. “Nope. You’re on your own, boy. You dug your own grave.”

“Quinn!” Bart whined as he heard a gun cock. He jumped and switched to hiding behind Jason.

“Bart , dear, sweetie, love of my life.” Cassie suddenly appeared behind the three. “I’m going to fucking kill you.”

“Hey Cassie,” Quinn greeted nonchalantly.

“Hey Quinn.” Cassie waved.

“Cassie, as much as I loathe to say this, don’t kill your boyfriend.” Jason turned along with Lian.

“Please?” Bart added, giving Cassie the puppy eyes.

Cassie’s resolved faltered and she kissed him. “Ass. You know I can’t resist those eyes…” plus she already killed one love of her life… Cassie wouldn't be able to kill a second anyway.

Bart relaxed and kissed her back. “I love you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Love you too,” Cassie chuckled and kissed him again. Jason coughed.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear!” Bart yelped, ducking behind his girlfriend.

“You’ve done plenty,” Jason gruffed. Some of those things he never even wanted to know about.

“Never at your house though!”

“What?” Jason demanded, crossing his arms and glaring. Cassie groaned and buried her head in her hands.

“Out of one grave, and into another,” Quinn chuckled.

“Bart, just… Shut up. Please,” Cassie muttered and grabbed his hand and quickly pulled him away from the entire situation.

Lian giggled. Honestly those two…

Quinn rolled her eyes and chuckled. “You guys gonna come watch the movie marathon?”

“Yeah, we’ll meet you there,” Cassie yelled as they raced off.

“Yeah.” Lian nodded with a smile, significantly more relaxed.

Quinn nodded. “Awesome. I think we all decided on The Lord of the Rings franchise. Old, I know. But still good.”

“Sounds great, Quinn.” Lian nodded. “I love fantasies anyway.”

Quinn smiled. “Well, I’m going to go get drinks, so I’ll meet you there.”’


Chapter Text

Outside, Dick was pacing as his thumb hovered over Terra’s number, biting his lip. Things hadn’t… Ended well between the pair and now he was nervous about reaching out to her. Thinking of Kai though, he managed to press call and put the phone to his ear, waiting for her to answer.

“What do you want Robin?” came the reply after three rings.

“Your help. Terra, I… Christ… I’m sorry,” he sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “We… I said some things I shouldn’t have and I’m sorry.”

“Damn right you did. Now, what do you need help with?” Her voice definitely carried a lot of snark in it, though she did secretly appreciate the apology.

“I… I may have taken up my father’s habit of taking in strays… I have a few here from the future and one kinda needs help with their powers. He’s like you, Terra,” he said, not sure exactly how to explain it properly without sounding completely insane. “There’s so, so much more to the story, but it’s easier to explain in person…”

“Like me?” Terra didn’t even bother to hide her excitement. “I assume the batcave or Gotham or whatever? I’m in. And the future? What the hell?”

“Like I said, it’s complicated. We’re all at Wayne manor. Oh, by the way, I should tell you, my real name is actually Richard Grayson. Since you’ll be learning everyone’s secret identities soon anyway. Can you tell that I’m actually really nervous? Because I’m rambling.”

“Damn as in… Shit.” Terra let out a long string of curses after that. “I can be there by tomorrow, I’m all the way in Jump so I’ll be taking a plane. Not all of us can seemingly teleport.” They could, thanks to the Zeta Tube, but Terra didn’t know that.

“Well, I have a way for you to get here sooner? Remember Rae?”

“... Yes, I remember Raven.”

“She can come and get you? I’ll owe her big time, but I can ask? Or you can fly over and be here in… Five hours?”

“... Fine. Send Raven. This is obviously important if you’re even calling me.” in truth, Terra couldn't wait to meet someone else with her abilities.

“Thanks Terra. Oh, the kid’s name is Kai, by the way. He’s really lovely. 15. Where do you want to meet Rae?”

“You know the cafe you can see from Titan’s tower just across the water? There.”

“I know the one. I’ll tell Rae. Thank you so much, Terra. Really.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll be waiting.” With that, she hung up.

Dick ran off to find Raven, relaying the conversation with Terra and hugging her gratefully when she agreed to go get Terra.

“Yeah, yeah. Our first date better be amazing,” Raven chuckled and hugged Dick back.

“I’ll make sure of it. I promise.”

“Good.” With that, Raven left.

Dick went to the home theatre to watch movies with the kids.

Bart and Cassie were curled up in one of the recliners, Jason had claimed the side of the couch closest to them along with Lian. Most everyone else was either on the couch or on the bed of blankets and pillows on the floor right in front of it.

Dick smiled and took a seat on the floor, not surprised when he suddenly had both Helena and Quinn pressed up on either side of him. “Hey girls.”

“Hey Dad.” Helena smiled.

“Hello. Call Terra?” Quinn asked.

Dick nodded. “Yep. And Rae has gone to get her.”

“Really?” Kai looked down at them from the couch, clearly excited.

Dick gave the kid a smile. “Yup. Your sister not watching the movie?”

“Naw, she’s with her girlfriend.” Kai shrugged.

Dick looked surprised for a moment before nodding. “Okay.”

“How is Riley doing?” Cassie asked curiously.

“According to my sister when I went to check on them, in and out of sleep.” Kai answered.

Quinn frowned. “At least she’s not coughing up blood anymore.”

“Not when I last checked in.” Kai nodded with a sigh. It was clear all the kids were worried about her.

“Crane is doing his best to get her medicine made,” Dick soothed.

“I know… But Riles is kinda fragile right now, which is a shame, because damn , she may not be as flexible as a Grayson but she definitely probably took pointers in being aerodynamic from them,” Lian mused.

“Harley was a gymnast, if I remember correctly,” Dick hummed. “Alright, whoever doesn’t have someone to cuddle, c’mere. We’re having a cuddle pile.” Kai immediately joined him, along with several others who either didn’t have dates, or their parents were down working on the computer.

Once everyone was settled, Jason put the movie on. Everyone settled and eventually Rosa, Aloysia, Harley, and Riley all joined them, Rosa carrying her girlfriend.

Dick smiled in greeting and motioned for them to get comfortable.

“Hey,” Rosa whispered and they all got comfortable next to the cuddle pile

Kai extracted himself in favour of curling up next to his twin. “Aunt Rae is bringing mom,” he whispered.

“Yeah?” Rosa asked, exited.

Kai nodded. “They should be back soon.”

“It’ll be nice to see mom again,” Rosa hummed.

Kai nodded. “I’ve missed her…”

“Yeah me too…” Rosa sighed and as gently as possible as not to jostle her girlfriend too much, she leaned against her brother.

Kai glanced at Riley. “How is she?”

“I’m fine, not like I’m right here or anything.”

“Riley, you’d say you’re fine even if you’re coughing up anime levels of blood,” Rosa pointed out.

“Tha’ was one time. ” Riley pouted.

“Sorry Riley. I thought you were asleep,” Kai said with a sheepish smile.

“It’s fine darlin’,” Riley waved her hand, which wasn't shaking anymore.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“Symptoms seem to not be a thing for now, thank the lord,” Riley grumbled.

Kai patted her hand gently, sympathetically.

Riley just sighed and closed her eyes. “I hate this…”

Rosa pulled her in close and stroked her hair soothingly. “I know…”

Aloysia smiled gently at them.

Clarice grinned and flopped down next to her, laying her head on her lap. “Hi.”

“Hey.” Aloysia grinned and leaned down, kissing her gently before starting to stroke her hair.

Everyone turned their attention back to the movie and were all deeply engrossed in the screen when Raven returned with Terra, the purple haired woman leading the blonde into the room.

“Mom!” Kai, who didn’t have a sick significant other leaning against him, ran up and hugged his mom.

“Mom?” Terra blinked in confusion and automatically flinched before hesitantly hugging back.

Dick looked up from the bottom of the cuddle pile. “Oh, yeah. I should have mentioned that he’s your future son. Sorry Terra! Please don’t hurt me, I’m surrounded by children.”

“My future son?”

“I'm your future daughter.” Rosa raised her hand.

Kai nodded and smiled brightly up at Terra.

“Um… Nice to meet you?” Terra said, not sure how to process all of her emotions.

“We’re watching the Lord of the Rings movies. Wanna sit and watch with us?” Kai asked.

“Um… Sure.” Terra followed the male to the pillow/blanket bed.

Raven smiled and sat near Dick in the cuddle pile, finding Helena pressed into her side in a matter of seconds.


Chapter Text

“I fucking hate skirts,” Clarice huffed and did her best to adjust the offending article of clothing.

“There will be none of that language in this fucking house,” Jason scolded.

“Well that just dills my pickles, old man. Seriously though, why are they forcing girls to wear skirts? This is the late 2010’s not the fucking 1900’s,” Clarice complained.

“I hate my life,” Dick groaned, his head in his hands.

“Because it’s a stupid school run by a sexist PTA, duh,” Helena hummed.

“Fuck those assholes, fucking hell!” Clarice hissed.

“Calm the fuck down.” Cassie crossed her arms.

”Sis…” Spencer sighed and messed with her hair, which her Aunt Steph curled/styled for her.

“I don’t want to go,” Rosa whined, looking over at Garfield. She always had been a daddy’s girl…

“You do realize how terrifying Batman is? I’m no help here.” Garfield did feel bad though.

“I don’t wanna leave Riley though,” Rosa huffed with a pout.

“How is Grandpa Bruce scary? He's so mellow and helps us with pranks.” Evie frowned in confusion.

“No, you’re going to school,” Bruce said firmly.

Rosa scowled and turned on Harley. “I want hourly updates on her. Pretty please?”

“Sure, deary,” Harley cooed.

“I’ll make sure your teachers know you’re getting updates on a sick loved one and not to take your phone if they see you on it.” Bruce sighed but relented.

“Thanks grandpa Bruce! Thanks Harls!” Rosa chirped, dashing off to spend time with Riley before they had to leave.

“Wait, you guys aren’t scared of Bruce?” Barry gaped at the kids.

“No? Bruce is really pretty mellow and chill, it was a huge shock to my system when I came back to the past.” Bart admitted in confusion. “I mean his dad and granddad jokes are hilarious! We’ve heard stories of his anger and stuff of course but none of us ever experienced it.”

Delaney nodded. “Grandpa is very loving. Strict, but kind.”

“Agreed,” all the future kids said with various levels of amusement.

Dick looked at Bruce. “I don’t see it. I mean, I’ve heard the terrible dad jokes, but… Dad is scary when he wants to be. God dammit, Tim! That better not be what I think it is!” The last part was yelled as he noticed his younger brother from the corner of his eye.

“It is.” Tim sipped it, it was his usual coffee and redbull mixture. “I made Ryan one too.”

“Why?” Connor groaned and rubbed a hand over his face. Ryan just sipped his drink with a hum.

“Jesus christ…” Dick muttered, storming over and grabbing Tim by his ear and dragging him to the kitchen. “I swear to god…”

“It’s okay, I’m Batman,” Ryan hummed and continued to sip his own coffee monstrosity.

“Conner, deal with your kid!” Dick yelled.

“I don’t even know how to parent! I’m technically like, two,” Connor pouted.

“Fine. Aunt Diana!”

Diana went over and took the drink “No,” she then walked away. Ryan huffed in annoyance.

“Tim’s in trouble,” present Jason chuckled, leaning against a wall and watching his brothers.

“Oh, yeah,” four-year old Lian giggled.

Roy smiled softly at his young daughter, braiding her hair. She’d demanded to have pretty hair like her ‘future cousin Helena’ and so Roy had sat down to braid her hair.

Lian Sr. smiled gently at them. Roy really was a great father, despite how terrified he had been about possibly turning out like Oliver.

The future Jason watched the three from beside Lian, his hand on her shoulder.

“I really did have an amazing childhood.” Lian chuckled gently.

Jay nodded and smiled a little. “He adores you. Both the you from our time and his time.”

“I know,” Lian nodded.  “I just… I miss Dad from our time…”

Jay sighed and nodded, looking at the him from this time. “Me too.”

“Guys, we have to go!” Cassie called out, effectively getting the kids attention and got them gathered up.

“Have fun,” Quinn chirped with a grin, not having to go back to school as she was 19.

“I’ll try,” Helena hugged her sister and soon after everyone said their goodbyes they all piled into the Wayne family limo.

Those all too old for school stood outside as the limo left, watching it go.


“Ready?” Cassie hummed as she saw the crowds of photographers. The Wayne descendants and Bart all nodded.

“The usual business?” Helena asked with a raised brow.

“This’ll be fun,” Evie giggled with a grin from her brother.

Rosa shrugged and looked out the window, not really wanting to be there.

“Let’s face the music,” Caleb muttered and got out, smiling at the crowd of people and waving as he passed. The Wayne descendants all followed suit, as did all the kids from the present.

The Wayne kids were all natural, waving at the cameras, answering questions and the single ones, like Helena, even flirted with some of the younger paparazzi and reporter members.

Tim just rolled his eyes and stalked on to campus. Ryan followed after his dad with a very awkward Connor.

Rosa followed the trio, not in the mood to play the part of a charming hero.

Eventually they all got inside, the two of the Green Squad going to school a bit irritated since neither of them really knew how to act with people like that, hounds they once heard Cassie describe them as.

They were eventually approached by a student liaison and led the to the office to get their schedules. Those who already went to school just went to their classes.

“Hello, hello!” A blonde woman approached Jay as he entered the PTA meeting room. Lian was with him as well because no way was she missing this. “I’m Karen! I’m head of the PTA, it’s nice to meet you. Have your children just transferred here?”

“Yeah, Cassie.” Jay smiled and shook her hand.

“Oh! Miss Cassandra is in my home room! A lovely girl. Now, why don’t you two go sign in.” She waved them off and Jay’s hand twitched at Cassie’s full name. She hated being called Cassandra.

Lian scowled, unable to hide her distaste.

“Lian,” Jay sighed gently but lead her over and signed the clipboard with Lian.

“She’s called Cassie, not Cassandra. She hates being called Cassandra,” Lian mumbled.

“I know,” Jay sighed.

Everyone who was there froze when a surprisingly-professionally dressed woman walked in.

“Hello, I’m Doctor Harleen Quinzel.” Harley smiled and shook Karen’s hand. “I go by Harley though, I’m one of Aloysia’s mothers.”

“One of?” one of the other PTA moms asked.

Harley’s smile became strained. “Yeah. Red, Doctor Pamela Isley, is a biochemist and her other mother.”

Luckily for Harley, Dick and Raven came in then and distracted everyone.

Harley immediately went over and signed in before finding a seat next to Lian and Jason.

“Hello,” Karen approached Dick and Raven, recognizing Dick. “I didn’t realize you had kids, Mr. Grayson! You seem so young!”

“I should hope so, I am only 23,” Dick chuckled. “I’m here in my dad’s stead today. He’s busy with work but wanted to be kept up to date,” he added, using the excuse he and Bruce had come up with earlier.

“Of course! That’s so noble of you,” she purred.

Dick shifted awkwardly, glancing over at his now girlfriend, Raven. “Oh, Harley! You beat us here. I thought we’d beat you here for sure.”

“Hi Dickibird!” Harley waved and grinned.

“I’m Raven, Dick’s girlfriend.” She shook Karen’s hand.

Dick walked over to the table and pulled out a seat for Raven. “Here you are, love,” he murmured.

“Thank you, dear.” Raven kissed his cheek and sat down.

Dick smiled and kissed her temple before sitting down himself.

Jay grinned at how his brother skillfully and obviously, yet subtly showed Karen that he was taken and in a loving relationship.

“Smooth, those two,” Lian chuckled especially at the disgruntled look on Karen’s face.

“A shame your own husband doesn’t treat you like that, hm?” another PTA member addressed Lian.

“Husband?” Lian asked, clearly confused, then her eyes widened. “Wait… Holy crap, you think… No, this is my Papi. My sister goes to this school!”

“But you’re so…” The PTA member, whom is named Helen, hesitated.

“He’s my step father,” Lian sighed. She’s had this conversation a million times, and she was way too used to this by now.

Jay chuckled and grinned at his daughter. “You sound so tired, kiddo.”

“I know right? It’s like you can’t have a lighter-skinned kid like it’s completely unheard of to adopt or marry someone who already has kids or *gasp* have a mixed kid.” Lian rolled her eyes.

“Sit down, you two,” Dick said, rolling his eyes.

They did reluctantly. Lian just rubbed her temples and mumbled to herself.

Harley sat down as well.

Once everyone was situated, Karen began. “Hello and welcome old and new members to the first meeting of this semester for the PTA! For those who are just joining us, I’m Karen Samuels, I am a homeroom and Home Ec teacher here at the school. Now I’m going to have Helen pass out a quick sheet with the rules and regulations so you can either get refreshed or read through them and learn them.” The brunette woman named Helen quickly passed out the sheets.

“Gracias,” Jay hummed as he took his. He glanced over it but he figured the rules couldn't be that much different from what he remembered.

Lian nodded in thanks and started reading through them as Karen went through introductions and started into the meeting proper.

Dick observed all the moms while Raven read through the sheets. Many of the moms were giggling and very obviously checking out Dick and Jay.

Both boys, though used to it, felt very awkward, especially Dick who was sitting right next to his girlfriend (who was far more attractive than any of the bints could ever hope to be).

“Anyway, as you know the show choir is holding a bake sale. Now, most of the baked good they suggested are just unacceptable!” Karen said. “Things such as cookies and cupcakes and the like, filled with sugar and gluten and I simply think this is unacceptable. Beyond this students have not been following the only natural hair colors rule for dying their hair.”

The sheeple were nodding along and agreeing to everything. Raven looked up and rose an eyebrow at Karen.

“What’s the point of a bake sale if you’re not selling cookies and other baked goods?” Dick asked.

“They can sell baked goods! Just not those… Things.” Karen looked flustered, “Do you realize how unhealthy those things are? No, I suggest they sell some nice gluten-free and sugar-free snacks for everyone to enjoy!”

“They’re kids. A bit of sugar isn’t going to kill them,” Dick said dryly. “Let me guess, you’re against dairy and all that as well?”

“Of course!” Karen gaped. “It’s poison! Besides don’t you know gluten consumption causes Autism?”

“Hate to break it to you dear, but uh, licensed psychiatrist here.” Harley pointed out. “It really doesn't, it’s just misinformation spread by people like you who believe in anything they find after a two second Google search.”

“Besides, even if it did, what’s the big deal?” Raven deadpanned, looking at her nails. “Children need a healthy, balanced diet as that includes gluten, dairy, and yes, even sugar.”

Karen sputtered but let it go, for now. “Anyway, as I mentioned before, we’ve had a problems with kids following the no unnatural hair dye colors rule, in particular Miss Helena Gray and Miss Clarice Clark. Now we ar-”

“That’s Helena’s natural hair colour,” Lian interrupted.

“And Clarice dyed her hair light purple so Helena wouldn't be the only one with purple hair,” Jason added.

“I simply refuse to believe anyone could have that hair color naturally! Now I understand the need for self expression but we are a very elite school and we take the way our students present themselves very seriously. It’s bad enough Miss Clarice has tattoos though we certainly

don't have any rules against it yet, and she is 18. It’s simply appalling.” Karen snootily turned up her nose, pointedly looking at Raven’s own purple hair.

“What happened to the last head of the PTA? A… Miley, I think?” Dick hummed.

“Miley’s children all have left the school, so she had no reason to be a part of the PTA any longer,” Karen sputtered.

“I wonder if Karen had anything to do with that?” Lian sarcastically muttered to her Papi.

Jay chuckled and nodded.

“Mm, a shame. Miley was lovely. Vaccinated her kids any everything. I think one is in the running for a high ranking position in the local government already,” Dick mused.

“She was horrid! And vaccines are poison, I can’t believe the school requir-” She yelped as a knife oh-so-casually flew a fraction of an inch from her ear.

“Hand slipped.” Jay smiled innocently. “Also don’t give me that look Lian, you said don’t bring a gun, you never said anything about a knife.”

“Jason,” Raven scolded.

“Both medicine and science have proven that vaccines aren’t poison and all the benefits weigh out the potential side effects by far. Many diseases were almost eradicated before ignorant people like you stopped vaccinating your kids and ruined herd immunity. It’s people like you that are the reason children are dying from illnesses that shouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as they are,” Harley said with a scowl. “I don’t care if you think that they cause autism, because they don’t. And even if they did, I would rather my child have autism than have to bury them before their 18th birthday. I’m also a psychiatrist so I have a doctorates in medicine and I actually know what I’m talking about.”

“Couldn't have said it better myself, Harles,” Jay chuckled and got up, retrieved his knife, and sat back down.

Harley smiled brightly at Jay. “Thanks Jaybird.”

Soon after that, the meeting was hastily adjourned. No one was more happy about this than Jay, who really wanted to stab Karen by the end of it.

Dick grabbed his brother’s hand and dragged him to go see the kids before they went home.

“Someone's eager,” Jay teased gently.

“Of course,” Dick laughed. “I’m on patrol tonight, so I won’t be able to spend much time with the girls before they go to bed.”

“You sound just like future you,” Jay said fondly as they approached the soccer field.

“That a good thing or a bad thing?” Dick asked.

“Definitely good,” Jay reassured.

Dick nodded and smiled brightly.

“Hey Da-Dick.” Helena ran over with a smile. “What’s up?”

“We were just at this school’s pathetic excuse for a PTA meeting,” Dick hummed, hugging the girl. “How’s school, princess?”

“Good, my homeroom teacher is a total bigot though,” Helena huffed.

Dick frowned. “I’m sorry, princess,” he murmured, kissing her forehead.

“Mrs. Samuels?” Cassie came over. “My gods, she’s a total fucking bitch, I corrected her maybe 8 times today that I prefer Cassie but she said ‘you’re an adult! Act like it and use your full name like everyone else’ completely ignoring the fact she called several students by nicknames.”

“Samuels?” Jay frowned at the familiarity of the name.

“Language, Cassie. We don’t want you getting a detention,” Dick hummed.

“Oh, fuck me!”

“Cassie, that’s gross he’s your uncle,” Jay snickered.

Dick pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. “Jay… Cassie, c’mon…”

Helena snickered.

Cassie groaned “Paaaaaaaapppppiiiiiii!”

“Hey Un-Dick!” Kai and Rosa called, running over. “Hi Uncle Jay!”

“Hi kids,” Dick smiled and hugged them as Evie and Jacob ran over with a third person who looked almost exactly like Evie.

“I found mo-a friend,” she corrected.

“Hi there,” Dick greeted cheerfully, hugging Jacob and Evie after he finished hugging Kai and Rosa.

“Hi… I’m Melody.” The girl waved shyly.

“Hi Melody. I’m Richard, but I go by Dick. This is Jason, and his daughter Lian, and this beauty beside me is my girlfriend Raven. It’s nice to meet you,” the eldest Wayne said brightly.

“I-I know who you are, hard not too,” Melody chuckled nervously. “You’re ALL mom would talk about at home when she found out more Waynes would be going here.”

Dick rose an eyebrow. “Yeah?” he asked curiously.

“Yeah, dad seemed to get mad everytime.” The 11 year old shrugged. “I met Evie and Jacob during free hour today though, they’re super cool!”

The twins beamed in pride. “Thank you Mo-Melody,” they said together.

Dick glanced at Raven.

“Who’s your mom, Melody?” Lian asked curiously. “She sounds like a cow.”

Melody ducked her head. “Well um…”

“Melody!” Karen approached.

“Hi Mom…” Melody sighed heavily and gave her new friends a pleading look.

Dick straightened up and kept a blank face as he looked at Karen.

“Wow. She is a cow,” Lian mumbled to Jay.

“Hello… Dears.” Karen gave a strained smile to the rest of the people around before turning back to her daughter. “We’re leaving.”

“Leaving? But I still have a class left,” Melody sputtered. Karen frowned.

“Don’t you have free hour last hour?”

“Mom, no one does they didn’t want to risk people skipping.” The ‘like you’re trying to force me to do right now’ remained unsaid.

Jacob snickered, only to cough when Evie elbowed him in the gut. “Besides, we were introducing her to our family,” the female twin said with an all too innocent smile.

Karen frowned, but not being able to see past the smile huffed and stormed away.

“Thanks.” Melody gave them a relieved smile. “Hopefully she doesn’t find the stink bomb I planted on her earlier until she gets home.”

Dick looked at Melody with wide eyes before laughing. “I like you, Miss Melody.”

“Just Melody is fine,” she reassured. The twins shared a look with the people from the future, who all nodded in understanding. This was their mother.

“You’re welcome to visit Wayne manor whenever, Melody. Lord knows those two need someone to keep them entertained,” Jay chuckled. He wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly who he was talking to, and it was so weird to see her again, even if it was Melody from the past.

“Wow, really?” Melody’s eyes widened. “Thank you so much!”

“Maybe you should come over after school!” Jacob suggested excitedly.

“Yeah! Please, Uncle Jay?” Evie asked with wide eyes.

“If she wants.” Jay nodded. He couldn't find it in him to separate the Twins from their mother, especially after… Well, who was he to keep them apart?

The twins cheered.

“Just don’t disturb Riley. She was feeling really bad this morning,” Rosa piped up.

“Alright.” The three nodded.

Rosa nodded and relaxed. Noticing Harley approaching, she ran over to the blonde. “Hi!”

“Hey Girly!” Harley hugged her.

Rosa hugged her back tightly. “How’s Riley?”

“Feeling a bit weakened, nothing too bad, Uncle Crane said he’ll have the medication done by tomorrow.”

Rosa breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, that’s perfect.”

“Yep! Should be able to join y’all in classes tomorrow!” Harley giggled.

Rosa smiled. “I can’t wait.”

“Me neither. This place needs my sis, I might go crazy otherwise.” Aloysia approached, ignoring the looks she was getting from guys. She didn't even like guys, plus she had a girlfriend.

“Hi Aly. What’re you doing here?” Rosa asked the 20-year-old.

“Fucking with people mostly, plus the plants around here are amazing conversationalists.”

Rosa nodded and hugged the other girl. “Evie and Jacob found their mom.”

“Really?” Aloysia asked and glanced over at Melody.

Rosa nodded. “Mmhm. She’s nice. Likes pranks like the twins, but nice. Her mum is stupid and rude though.”

“At least she’s nice?” Aloysia tilted her head.

Rosa nodded. “Come over and meet her?”

“Sure…” Aloysia nodded and went over with Rosa. “Hey, I’m Aloysia, daughter of Poison Ivy, I hope you like plants.” She smiled and shook Melody’s hand.

Melody smiled. “Hi. Plants are awesome. Mom hates them though.”

“I already hate your mom.” Aloysia frowned in confusion. How could someone hate plants?

“Same here, babe,” Clarice said. “She’s an absolute bitch.”

“And head of the backwards PTA,” Dick huffed.

“She’s my mother,” Melody reminded. “But yeah I agree! She even hates my pranks! It’s so unfair!” It was the only time she could really do math.

Dick frowned, remembering what Karen had said about food during the PTA meeting. “Are you eating enough?”

“It’s all gross and bland.” Melody crinkled her nose. “So I tend to avoid eating at home, usually I just go to a friend’s house for dinner, and lunch on the weekends, and eat at the school for breakfast and lunch.”

Dick frowned and looked at Jay. “I’m going to start packing an extra lunch. Evie, Jacob, it’s your job to remember to bring it everyday, okay?”

“You don’t have to do that!” Melody’s eyes widened. “Thank you though.”

“On it.” The twins nodded, arms crossed.

Jay frowned back at Dick, obviously concerned.

“Kids need as much nutrients as possible growing up. Your mom forcing you to eat that crap isn’t good for you. I already pack like, 100 meals in the morning, so one more isn’t a big hassle,” Dick said with a bright smile.

“If you say so…” Melody smiled hesitantly.

“He’s not kidding,” Helena giggled. “There’s so many of us at the house.”

Melody laughed. “I had a feeling, with how many people Evie and Jacob mentioned.”

Raven smiled softly. “Bruce would be proud,” she remarked with a chuckle.

Melody tilted her head in confusion.

“Bruce has a habit of adopting strays,” Raven explained.

Dick blushed. “Hush you.”

Melody giggled at that.

The twins grinned. “Yep!”

Dick pouted.

“It’s the best thing ever about B,” Aloysia giggled.

Helena nodded. “It is!”

Tim and Conner gave over to the group then, the former looking tired and unimpressed. “Who wants to ditch?” he asked.

Dick frowned. “Tim, no.”

“Yes,” Cassie nodded. She hated school.

“Don’t encourage him, Cassie,” Dick groaned.

“School sucks.” Cassie shrugged unapologetically.

“That may be true, but that’s no excuse to skip,” Dick said.

“I don’t see why not?”

“How have you even gotten to your senior year of high school?” Helena asked with a raised brow.

“Because Grandpa Clark is annoying with his speeches,” Clarice answered for the dark haired teen. Really, she mostly just took classes online and had… Private tutoring.

Dick chuckled and looked back to Tim. “No skipping, and no setting anything on fire.”

The Wayne twins immediately hid their matches.

Lian noticed them hide the matches and chuckled.

Jason rose a brow at his daughter but didn’t comment.

Cassie noticed and held her hand out to Jacob. “Give them.”

Jacob smiled innocently up at her. “Give what?”

“Don’t play innocent, give me the matches.”

“You have a knife on you and you’re not even allowed to have that on school grounds,” Evie pointed out.

“Not my point.”

Dick frowned. “You have a knife on you?”

“We live in Gotham. Pretty sure half the student body has some kind of weapon.” Cassie rolled her eyes and Jay hi-fived his daughter.

“Don’t encourage her,” Dick groaned, glaring at his brother and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Dick, both my daughters, my husband, and I have killed people. I could really give zero fucks if she smuggled a knife to school.” Jay shrugged.

“Papi, shut up,” Lian hissed, glancing at Melody who luckily wasn’t listening, busy chatting with the twins.

“I mean those people I killed aren’t dead for at least 25 years, so they can’t prove we did it,” Cassie pointed out.

“Cassie!” Lian hissed. “We’re in public, idiots.”

“But we’re your idiots,” Jay pointed out.

“This is why I drink,” Lian groaned.

“I thought you drank because addiction runs in our family.” Cassie rose a brow.

“Nope. You’re the reason, Cassie,” Lian huffed.

“Pretty sure you get it from Dad.”

“Cassie...” Jay pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Too far?”

“A bit, yeah.”

“Don’t you lot have to get to class?” Raven spoke up.

“Uh….” Cassie froze. “Shit!” She raced off.

“She totally skipped gym, didn’t she?” Evie asked.

“Easier than explaining her strength,” Jacob answered his sister. “That reminds me, we need to copy her abilities for gym.”

“Go on, classes, all of you. We’ll see you when you get home,” Dick said. They all raced off.

The adults all went back to the manor.


The twins caught up with Cassie.

“Need my abilities for gym?” she asked with a raised brow.

Evie nodded. “Yes please.”

Cassie touched each of their cheeks with her hands and nodded. Immediately, a black bolt of energy seemed to extend form each of the twins and into her hand. A few seconds later they looked more like Cassie, though still themselves. They had darker hair and their eyes now

shone with power.

“Two hours, and no flying until after gym.” Cassie reminded, not that she was able to conjure up the joy of flight herself after her two years with the League of Shadows… Her hand subconsciously went to touch the single remaining bead. On the bright side, she had no problems with Starbolts anymore.

“Yes sir!” the twins said, giving her a mock salute before racing off for gym. Cassie watched in amusement before quickly heading to her own class.



Chapter Text

In hindsight, the twins should definitely have checked with their internal clocks before flying as high as they did.

“You two are idiots,” Quinn huffed as she gently put them back down on the ground from where they were in her arms.

“But we’re your idiots,” Evie replied with a sweet smile.

“No, Pandora is my idiot. You’re your dad’s idiots,” Quinn huffed, hands on her hips.

“What the fuck?” Jason blinked and Jay sighed.

“Did they fly too high with too small a time?”

“Yes,” Quinn answered her uncle with an eye roll.

“Hi uncle Jay!” the twins chirped. “Hi Delaney.”

“One of these days, you two are going to get hurt,” Delaney stated.

“Just wait, I'm sure they’ll immediately run off and find the nearest speedster so they can have superspeed for our training and whatever prank they have planned,” Quinn sighed.

“Hey guys. What’s going on?” Tim asked.

“The twins copied I’m guessing Cassie’s abilities and forgot to make sure two hours weren’t up,” Quinn sighed.

Tim blinked. “Right. Okay.”

“I don’t even know…” Jason rubbed his temples.

Jay patted his back. “Welcome to the family, past me.”

“I didn’t die just to put up with this,” Jason grumbled.

“Nice!” Jay high-fived him.

Jason chuckled and grinned at Jay. Quinn groaned, used to the jokes.

“Oh yeah! We have a thing we like to call Copycat! My brother and I can copy any ability for about two hours, so long as we touch them!” Evie explained.

Jason nodded slowly. “I see.”

“Their eye color changes to the person they copied and other physical changes could occur as well, for example their hair got a shade darker when they took on Cassie’s abilities,” Delaney explained. “Their skin gets a bit darker if they copy one of the Green Squad’s abilities.”

The twins nodded. “Yup.”

“I'm just… Going to go back inside….” Tim immediately turned and sipped his coffee, reentering the house.

“Uh… Tim? You okay?” Jason called with a frown.

“I don’t have enough caffeine to deal with this,” he called back.

“But… You’re drinking coffee right now.”

“Not even close enough, I'm only a half-cup into my first cup.”

Jason looked to Jay. “Is he okay?”

“He will be, they probably just confiscated his energy drinks again so he can’t mix them into his coffee like he usually does,” Jay reassured. “Replacement lives off of coffee.” He used Tim’s nickname very affectionately now that he was older.

Jason rose an eyebrow and looked after the kid. “Because that’s healthy.”

“He’s the current Robin.” Jay shrugged like that explained everything. “Also his motto is ‘sleep is for the weak’. We’re pretty sure he isn't dead yet purely out of spite.”

Jason nodded slowly, frowning a little.

“Don’t even try, we all have, I think he’ll be drinking those monstrosities well into his elder years.”

“He does,” Quinn hummed. “We’re all pretty sure he has a healing power like Wolverine does in those ancient comics.”

“You mean Marvel comics?” Evie perked up. “I love those! However the Assassin’s Creed series is soooo much better! I especially love the Frye Twins!”

“You would. You were named after them,” Quinn stated with an eye roll. “And yes, I mean Marvel comics.”’

“Ancient?” Jay rose a brow.

“Well, they’ve been around forever. I mean, yeah, they still make them in our time, but the good story arcs are all so old.”

“Yeah the new ones are so convoluted, I mean New Earth? Really?” Jacob rolled his eyes.

“And Hydra Cap,” Evie huffed.

“Hydra Cap is ten years old but yeah, agreed,” Quinn sighed. “Though personally I found it interesting. Even if it butchered his character worse than the movies.”

“They still make Marvel stuff in the future?” Jason asked. “Surely they’d have run out of ideas.”

“You’d think so, but now a new comic company has arisen, using like, the Justice League and stuff, though none of them know their identities so it focuses on all the heroes in suit.” Quinn sighed. “It’s so crazy…”

Jason nodded.

“They’re not all bad though, especially if the identity is public knowledge like Riley and Aloysia’s,  and Helena’s too I guess,” Delaney pointed out. “I’m pretty sure Riley gets regularly interviewed by them.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she was,” Quinn mused. Jason just blinked.

“Guys, whatcha doing?” Cassie walked out, hands in her pockets.

“Saving the twins from falling to their death and talking about comics,” Quinn hummed.

“I swear, you two…” But they already raced off to copy Bart’s abilities. “Don’t be late for training! We’re doing flash bangs today!” Cassie called after them.

“Everyone’s favourite thing,” Delaney remarked sarcastically.

“It’s mine.” Cassie smirked “After all, sis and I can see perfectly fine with flash bangs from when she was learning how to use them and shit.”

Speak of the devil, young Lian had decided to follow Cassie outside. Jason grinned and picked the small girl up. “Hey Lian. Where’s your dad?”

“Daddy’s inside! He was being really loud when he had to go talk to Papa, something about letting me play with one of his arrows.”

Jason frowned. “Oliver let you play with an arrow?”

“Yeah!” Lian nodded with a smile. “It was so cool! Daddy never lets me see or play with his!”

“That’s because they’re dangerous,” Jason said.

Jay, however, looked pissed. “Excuse me,” he said before going inside to help Roy rip into Oliver.

Lian tilted her head “Where is future Papi going?” Jason actually choked. Lian had never referred to him in any type of parental role before.

“He’s uh… Going to talk to your Dad and Papa.” Jason stuttered out.

“Going to kill Oliver, more like,” Quinn said to Cassie quietly.

“Def, want to go watch?” Cassie murmured back.

Quinn nodded. “Uh huh.” The two plus Delaney left a stuttering and very awkward Jason with tiny Lian who was oblivious to her Papi’s predicament.

Inside, they could heard gunshots and curses.

“Fun,” Cassie hummed and cocked her own gun. Oliver really wasn’t needed… Right?

“No murdering,” Quinn said, taking the gun from Cassie. “We’re just here to watch.”

“Fine…” They followed the noise of shouting and gunshots.

Jay and Roy were both yelling at Oliver, with older Lian, Clarice and Aloysia all watching everything.

“So how’s it been so far?” Cassie asked her older sister as the twins zoomed in with popcorn, apparently having found and caught at least one of the speedsters off guard, or her idiot boyfriend just let them copy his abilities.

“Amusing. Little me was playing with one of grandpa’s arrows. He was watching to make sure she didn’t hurt herself, and then dad walked in and freaked. Little me followed you outside and then Papi came in.”

“At least he was watching her, hate to lose you in some weird time-space anomaly or shift or whatever. I forget how Bart talks about them sometimes.” Cassie shrugged. “Also you just called Papi Papi for the first time, he’s totally awkward and flustered right now.”

“Please tell me you got a photo before you came in here. Also, the word you are looking for is paradox.”

“I didn’t, sadly,” Cassie sighed.

“That’s a shame,” Lian huffed.

“Agreed. Man, he’s so cute when he’s flustered. Is that weird to say since he’s my future Dad? What’s the weigh in on that? Bart!” she called out for her boyfriend. She didn’t really expect him to hear her over the yelling and the fact that the mansion was huge.

“I’m going to vote… Yes,” Lian hummed, Quinn nodding in agreement beside her.

“Hey babe. What’s up?” Bart asked from the doorway to the room they were all in.

“Hey Bart, is it weird my past dad is cute when he’s flustered?” she asked.

“Um… Yes. A little,” Bart said with a shrug. “I’m going to get food. Wanna come?”

“Out or to the kitchen?” Cassie hummed and leaned against him. “Because if it’s out, it’s a date.”

“Well, I was heading to the kitchen, but plans can change,” Bart hummed with a grin.

“Smooth Bart,” Cassie snorted but smiled. “A date then.”

“Should I tell her?” Lian asked Quinn.

“Do you want to do flashbang training tonight?” Quinn rose a brow at Lian. “Besides they haven't been on a proper date since before Bart disappeared.”

“Mm, true. Let the kids go out and play,” she chuckled.

“My room is right next to theirs,” Quinn’s nose crinkled. “Don’t remind me.”

Lian laughed. “Sucks to be you.”

“Aren’t you next to Aloysia and Clarice? I feel more sorry for you sense both parties ca-”

“Say another word. I dare you,” Clarice said, reminding Quinn that the couple was there and could hear her.

“It’s true though.” Quinn shrugged. “Plus it’s not like-oh wait, super hearing.” So Clark and Connor could both hear them.

“Next subject,” Lian said.

“Please,” Cassie sighed. “Or I will conveniently remember training is a thing.”

“Nope. Not happening. We’re going on a date,” Bart said, grabbing Cassie’s hand to drag her off.

“I meant after the date, but okay!” Cassie laughed and allowed herself to be dragged.

“Ah, young love,” Quinn chuckled.

“He’s good for her,” Lian mused.

Quinn nodded. “Yeah. Keeps her from being too serious all the time.”

“She definitely knows how to get him to focus when he needs to be as well,” Lian agreed.

Quinn nodded. “I’m gonna go see mom and dad before they have to leave for patrol.”

“Alright.” Lian nodded, but kept her eyes on her parents in case they actually tried to kill Queen.

“Uh… Hey, guys?” Jacob called, appearing in the room suddenly. “I need an adult.”

“Um… Why?” Lian looked over, then was floored by how panicked Jacob looked “What’s wrong?”

“Just… Just come with me. Please?” Jacob asked, almost begging. Lian silently nodded and quickly followed after Jacob.

Jacob led over over to where Evie was helping a very disoriented Wally sit down, giving him a glass of water.

“Holy fuck… Uncle Wally?” Lian quickly approached, looking him over.

“We found him while running around,” Evie said, biting her lip nervously. “We came right back here. We weren’t sure what to do.”

“You did the right thing bringing him here.” Lian paused. “Remember how we told you guys Uncle Wally disappeared for a really long time?”

The twins nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Well… He had gotten lost in the speedforce,” Lian explained.

The twins looked at Wally. “Should… Should we go get someone else? Something to eat? A doctor?”

“Something to eat and Great Uncle Barry, Bart is went on a date with Cassie.” Lian nodded.

The twins nodded and ran off in different directions.

“Where am I?” Wally asked.

“You’re at Wayne Manor, what do you remember?” Lian asked gently.

Wally didn’t have much time to explain before Dick sprinted into the room, eyes wide. “Wally?!”

“Hey Dick…” Wally smiled weakly.

Dick rushed over and hugged the other. “You bastard! I missed you!”

“I missed you too… How long was I gone?” Wally asked curiously as he hugged his best friend back.

“A year and a half. So, so much has happened since you vanished… What happened? We thought you died?”

“I… Got stuck in the speedforce is the best way I can explain it.”

Dick nodded, stepping away as Evie came back with some food.

“How much do you remember?” Dick asked, sitting down beside his best friend.

“Bits and pieces… Mostly I remember things like an outsider looking in. Things from the past, things from the future I shouldn’t know… It’s all jumbled.”

Dick nodded slowly. “Get some food into you and once you’re a bit more with everything, I’ll catch you up, yeah?” he asked softly.

Wally nodded as Barry and Jacob raced in.

Dick looked up. “Hey uncle Barry,” he greeted, not moving from beside Wally.

“Wally?” Barry approached surprisingly slowly. “It’s… Really you?” He hugged the smaller ginger.

“Here! Got some water and bread, Grandpa Bruce said it would be best to start with that? I don’t even know.” Evie helped him drink the water and handed him the bread.

“How are you feeling, kid?” Barry asked.

“Woozy, hungry, disoriented.” Wally assessed as he nibbled on the bread.

Barry nodded. “That’s to be expected.”

Wally gave a breathless chuckle and Evie glanced at Dick and Lian “Should we… Call Bart and Cassie home?”

“Let them have their date. Give uncle Wally a chance to feel a bit better,” Lian said softly.

The twins nodded. “Probably a good idea…” They glanced at each other then to the two Flashes. Wally was Bart’s Flash, at least back when he was Impulse.

Dick fretted over his best friend, wanting to help in any way he could.

“I’ll be fine Dickie,” Wally laughed then coughed. “I just… I need some rest right now, I feel like I just stopped after a week long run…” He quickly finished off his bread.

“Come on, you can stay in my room while I get a spare room ready for you,” Dick said, offering a hand to help his friend up. “Lian? Can you ask Dad if he could send someone else on patrol tonight for me, please?”

“On it, Uncle Dick,” Lian walked off, turning to the twins. “Get a room prepared for Wally okay?”

“On it!” The two raced off.

Dick and Barry both helped Wally up to Dick’s room where the former quickly tucked his best friend into bed. “I’m so glad you’re finally home…”

“It’s good to be home.” Wally curled into the blankets tiredly.

“Get some sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

“Alright…” He yawned and closed his eyes.


Meanwhile the kids had all gathered in one of the living rooms.

“This… Isn’t bad right? Him being found early?” Evie spoke up first. “We didn’t like, destroy the future?”

“Bart’s more of an expert on this since his Speed Scouts can go through time and universes.” Lian admitted reluctantly.

“How early has he been found, though?” Rory asked.

“From what we could get from the Flashes… About six years early?” Delaney frowned in confusion. “Bart would know the exact number.” Bart was still on his date with Cassie, however.

“How the hell did he survive a year and a half? Let alone six!” Kai asked.

“The Speedforce is… Weird.” Helena frowned. “It’s kinda like my mother’s Nevermore, but sentient? It basically kept Wally alive though I don’t know the specifics.”

“What are you kids talking about?” Harley asked curiously as she walked into the living room.

“Time paradoxes and the future,” Riley answered.

Harley rose an eyebrow. “Alright. Just don’t talk to weird things, kay? Or summon a demon or somethin’.”

ONE TIME !” Helena yelled and hid her face in her hands.

“We won’t mama!” Riley promised with a smile.

Harley looked surprised at Helena’s outburst. “Ya actually did that? Actually, I don’ wanna know,” she decided, ruffling Riley’s hair as she passed through the room.

“It was an accident, I swear,” Helena muttered into her hands.

“It was a great training exercise though,” Quinn reassured her sister.

“Hey, just had a thought,” Evie hummed with a grin. “Since you’re part demon, ‘Lena, does that mean we could summon you?”

Helena blinked. “I mean… Technically? There’s no specific ritual for me, Pan, or my mother as far as I know though, so it’d be kinda random. Half and quarter demons are a lot rarer to get then full demons though.”

Evie looked at her brother with a wide grin.

“No! I will literally confiscate all your ritual books, don’t tempt me.” Helena glared.

Jacob and Evie both pouted.

“I’ll help her,” Quinn spoke up. “But back to the matter at hand… There's really nothing we can do until Bart gets home. He can send one of his Speed Scouts through time, make sure everything is okay…”

“Woah, did someone die?”

… Speak of the Devil.

“Bart… Wally’s back.” Helena looked over at her friends. She also was the one who could evaluate his emotions the best.

Bart froze in the doorway beside Cassie, the pair having just returned from their date. His eyes were wide as he processed what Helena had told him. “U-uncle Wally? How? When? Is he okay? It’s too early…”

“We… Kinda pulled him out of the speedforce?” Evie’s voice came out more like a question.

“We didn’t know what to do so we kinda… Dragged him along.” Jacob finished.

“He’s tired, disoriented, but fine. He’s sleeping in Uncle Dick’s room right now,” Lian answered.

Bart looked at Cassie with a questioning expression.

Cassie shrugged, just as confused as he was but was the one with more social knowledge. “Let him rest, okay?”

“We just hope we didn't accidentally destroy the future,” the twins said together.

Bart’s shoulders slumped, but he nodded to his girlfriend. “I’m sure the future is fine. It hasn’t blown up yet and we’ve all been here for two weeks.”

“True… But this is more than us coming to the past or them to the future, this is literally changing events,” Helena pointed out.

“And me going back to the past wasn’t? Evie and Jacob meeting their mom before she knows who Damian is? Us bringing Jason back to the family while the Jason from our time is here? I don’t even know what preserving this timeline is,” Bart said.

Quinn gasped suddenly. “I’m an idiot!”

They all gave her a weird look.

“The Zeta tube! I programmed it to bring everyone to the future before everything, remember?”

The entire group facepalmed. They had all forgotten.

“We can call our parents and tell them how to use the Zeta Tube to bring us back!”

“Oh my God, we can go home,” Spencer gasped.

“I can see mom again,” Delaney whispered.

“We can all see our families again…” Cassie murmured, hugging Bart close.

“Your parents are here in this building,” Delaney pointed out.

“One of them,” Lian defended her sister.

“Technically both,” Delaney replied evenly.

“Not the time guys,” Bart spoke up. “Can’t we all just be blissfully happy?”

“It would have been cool to meet our Dad as a kid, but getting home is better,” the Wayne twins spoke up.

The group nodded and collectively went down to the cave.

Bart hovered back to speak with Delaney. “Hey… You okay? You’re not normally that snappy…”

“I’m fine,” Delaney snapped, then sighed. “I’m… I’m sorry, just… The parent I have here doesn’t even realize I’m his daughter, Mom isn’t around and I just…”

“I get it. Really, I do. But we’ll be heading home soon and you’ll get to see your mom and dad again,” Bart told her softly. “It’s gonna be okay, Delaney.”

“I hope so…” Delany sighed and rubbed her neck. “I… Bart, have you ever thought about what will happen once we return? I mean, they’ll be back right? We’ll no longer have to take up their mantles. We’ll...” Delaney trailed off. Saying it out loud made it real, concrete. She couldn't face not being Black Bat anymore, couldn’t face not being a hero anymore.

“I haven’t thought about it, no,” Bart admitted.

“I mean… You and Riley and Aloysia will be fine. Hell, even Cassie has Sparrow to go back to, but me? I’ve only ever had Black Bat. I… I don’t know what I’d be without that suit.”

“You’d be Delaney Stone. My friend and part of this giant, convoluted family that all loves you. Even if none of us are heroes when we get home, we’re still family.”

“We won’t be a team though…” Delaney sighed. “You’re right though... When we get home, whatever happens? It’ll be for the best. Hopefully.”

Bart gave her a hug. “It’ll be okay. You’ll see.”

“Come on, you two!” Jacob called. “We’re going home!”

The two smiled at each other and raced off to join everyone.

Chapter Text

“Come on, Come on…” Cassie bit her lip as the screen remained fuzzy.

The screen slowly crackled to life with the Batcave from the future in the background, and the top of someone’s back in the foreground as they leaned under the console of the computer. “I think that was the right cord…” The person the back belonged to said before sitting up, green eyes widening as they noticed that the screen had come to life and that someone was on the screen. “Holy… Cassie! Is that really you?!” Roy asked.

“Dad!” Cassie wiped tears from her eyes quickly. “Dad, oh my gods, you’re….”

“You have no idea how happy I am to see you, holy crap…”

“Go ahead and curse.” Jay smiled as he approached, the other people from the future staying off camera.

“Jay! Thank fuck, you’re with the kids…”

“I wouldn’t dream of leaving them, mi amore,” he hummed.

“Except when we became vigilantes,” Cassie pointed out.

Roy looked at his daughter. “We’ll be talking about that when I get you home, young lady. I’m too damn happy that you’re okay right now.”

“We’re in the past.” Bart raced up with a smile, ready to deflect attention onto himself. “Quinn originally got me and all your past selves to the future, then Helena and Raven got us back to the past while freeing you guys.”

Roy nodded slowly as he listened to Bart. “Alright. Okay. Give me a second while I call everyone here…”

“Like Father, like daughter.” Quinn rose a brow at Cassie.

“I got in contact with Bart… Somehow.” Cassie pointed out.

“Without telling us and behind our backs, and we all assumed Bart got lost in the Speedforce,” Quinn pointed out.

“The difference is Roy is an adult,” Jay pointed out with a chuckle. “The others probably all split up to try and find you guys all faster.”

“I’m legally an adult and graduated highschool a year early,” Cassie pointed out.

“You’re still just my little girl,” Jay hummed.

“This a bad time to mention Oliver helped me actually be able to aim and use my bow?” Lian walked into view of the camera. “Since we’re banking on Dad being too happy to see us.” They had been talking about training her in the future after all, since she was an actual adult.

“Wait until he gets back,” Jay hummed, right as Roy reappeared with Damian, Conner and Cassandra

“Lian! Hi baby!” Roy greeted happily when he saw his eldest.

“Hey! Oliver taught me how to shoot properly!”

Roy went to say something but was silenced by the twins.

“Dad!” the twins called as they burst into view.

“Mom!” Delaney grinned, following soon after. The Batfamily from the past looked shocked. Damian honestly looked exactly like Bruce, but taller and darker skinned.

“Hello Del.” Cass smiled.

“Not causing too much mischief are you two?” Damian laughed and smiled, happy to see his kids.

“Us? Cause mischief? Never!” the twins chirped with matching innocent grins.’

“Just like your mother.” Damian smiled softly as Connor greeted his kids.

“Hi daddy!” Michaela greeted happily, Lyssa waving at her dad.

“Hey dad,” Ryan greeted.

“You guys okay?” a much older Connor frowned in concern.

“Ryan’s been drinking that rubbish that papa makes!” Caleb blurted out. “And he’s not been sleeping proper!”

“Caleb!” Ryan glared, avoiding the Disappointed Superfamily™ look his dad was giving him.

“Ryan, we've talked about this.” Connor frowned in concern, though his voice was firm.

Lyssa giggled. “Told you daddy wouldn’t be happy,” she teased Ryan.

“Fuck off, Lys.”

“Language, Ryan.” Connor crossed his arms.

“Is everyone okay?” Cassandra asked over the Drake-Kent squabble.

“Yes Ma,” Delany smiled, wiping her eyes. “How’s Dad?”

“Cy is fine,” Cassandra laughed. Cyborg froze.

“Cy?” he asked.

“Shit,” Delaney cursed.

“Language,” Cassandra scolded gently. “Hello Victor,” she added to the dark-skinned male.

“Hello.” He came into view next to his supposed daughter. “You must be their Aunt Cass?”

She nodded. “I am. I take it my past self hasn’t joined the family, then?”

“That means they wouldn’t know who I am either, then,” Damian mused from beside his sister.

“Nope,” the twins confirmed.

“Delaney also conveniently left out that Uncle Vic is her father,” Evie added.

“And it’s about a year before you join the family, dad,” Jacob added.

“Well, it would have been if we hadn’t come to the past, that is,” Nikolas spoke up. “Granddad Bruce and uncle Clark have been searching for you both since we found papi from this time.”

“We also quite literally pulled Wally from the Speedforce,” the twins put in.

“Can’t wait until they find me 8 year old me,” Damian burst out laughing.

“How’s Leo?” Evie asked Damian with wide eyes.

“He’s just fine,” Damian reassured gently.

Evie nodded.

“We met mama already,” Jacob told his father cheerfully.

“Yeah? Good, her mother is a bitch and honestly…” Damian blushed. “She taught me it was okay to… Feel positive emotions like love and happiness. Take care of her.”

“I thought that was Dick,” Jay commented with a smirk. “He’s still your favourite sibling, after all.”

“He taught me positive physical affection was okay,” Damian corrected his shit of a bother. “Let me be a romantic, Jaybird!”

“Mm, nah. As your older brother, it’s my job to torture you, demon child.”

“Boys,” a new voice cut in with a laugh. “I know you both love me, but there’s enough of me to go around.”

“Daddy!” Helena squealed as Dick stepped into the view of the camera. Cassie suppressed a wince. She wondered if he would say the same if he met her.

“Hey, baby girl!” Dick grinned.

“Jesus Dick, I am not caffeinated enough for this…” another voice spoke up, approaching the camera.

“You’ve had three coffees already, dammit, Tim!” Dick huffed, switching quickly from being almost flirty to motherly in a split second.

“Fuck off, I've been on patrol all night.”

“Holy… I become him?” Tim approached, voice higher pitched than normal.

“Oh, look! Our past selves are there too!” Dick hummed. “I forgot how short and skinny you were, Timbo…”

“So did I, actually,” Connor added with a frown. “You need to eat and sleep more, Tim.”

Past Connor’s mouth was wide open. Wow, Tim was… Wow. He closed his mouth and licked his lip as his mouth went dry.

“Honestly, I’m not even sure how I’m alive.” Red Robin shrugged and leaned against his Connor.

“Well, I like you alive,” Connor murmured and kissed his temple.

“Red Robin! Report!” a voice came up over their side.

“Sorry, I gotta…” He took out his communicator. “What do you need Babs?”

“Why did Roy lock me out of the Batcave?” she demanded.

Roy’s eyes widened. “I did no such thing!”

“Well, I can’t get in!”

“Everyone else can. Maybe you’re just special,” Dick teased with a grin.

“Nightwing, that better not have been a joke about my paralysis!” Babs growled. “Check the elevator for me!”

“Love you too, Babs!” Dick laughed.

“Hate to break it to you Dick, but I'm married to your sister,” Babs deadpanned.

“My wife is cooler than yours,” Dick stated.

“Uh… There’s no power to the elevator. Like, at all,” Roy told them.

A pause, then, “Son of a bitch! One of you get up the stairs and help me and my chair down! Check the Zeta Tube as well. Apparently it’s not activating.”

Connor shrugged and went to get Babs.

“What?! But that’s our only way home!” Quinn said in horror.

“Maybe when you brought us there it overloaded it,” Bart suggested, frowning.

“Oh! Bart! Wally says hi, he told me to tell you that, he’s out on patrol, I'll call everyone and tell them what's up.” Red Robin waved.

“Wally’s my Flash,” Bart explained to the confused people from the past.

“Daddy, how’s Pan?” Helena asked Dick curiously.

“Pan is Pan, still no powers but has been doing stress gymnastics,” he informed.

Helena nodded. “I was worried about her…”

“I know…” Dick smiled gently at her.

“Holy fuck, I have muscles and tits.” Tim blinked. His brain took a little bit longer in his exhausted, uncaffeinated state.

“Those are pecks, Replacement,” Jay corrected.

“Oh my god, papa,” Michaela groaned.

“Why are you like this?” Caleb groaned.

“Fuck off,” Tim huffed.

“Tim, those are our future kids.” Connor gave his future boyfriend a pointed look.

“Connor gets hotter too, this is so unfair” Tim continued, not processing Connor’s words yet and kind of forgetting he was there.

Damian looked at future Tim. “This is what we had to deal with with you and Connor for years.”

Red Robin just shrugged and mass texted everyone. Past Connor was a blushing mess. Past Tim had yet to actually process what he just said literally right in front of his crush.

“Right… So! What’s everyone been up to? Tell me the goss,” Dick hummed.

“Bart dug his own grave a total of three times, once with his girlfriend to keep her from killing Barry and twice because he can’t keep himself from telling Uncle Jason he and her having sex apparently regularly.” Clarice shrugged.

“I hate you,” Cassie glared at her.

“I had to have Uncle Crane of this time make me my pills,” Riley spoke up.

Dick’s eyes widened. “Oh my. Are you okay, Riles?”

“Now I am,” she reassured.

“That’s good. I’m glad to hear that. And Cassie, really dear?”

Cassie groaned, hands covering her face as she blushed.

“Have I taught you kids nothing? Never when the parents can find out about it.”

“Not my fault my boyfriend has zero filter.” Cassie glared darkly at her uncle.

“Hey, don’t give me that look,” Dick chuckled.

Cassie glared harder. “Remind me to shoot you in the ankle when we get back.” She couldn't help it, after her (secret) two years training with the league, she tended more towards anger and violence. She blamed Talia.

“Cassie,” Quinn sighed. “Please don’t hurt my dad.”

“... Fine, only because we're friends.” she relented.

“Thank you.”

“Should we be concerned that Cassie is only not possibly permanently injuring you because your daughter asked her?” Damian frowned at Dick in concern.

“Naw, she’s gotten more violent the past few years.” Quinn shrugged. She assumed it was a Todd thing.

Jay looked at Roy with a small frown.

Roy frowned back.

Cassie clenched her first and walked off, her other hand going to mess with her bead. Stupid Talia… Stupid rules... At least they actually worked, as seen with Jacob.

“What do you guys mean?” Bart frowned in confusion after his girlfriend walked off.

“Oh that’s right, you two didn’t meet until after her two years of being MIA,” Quinn blinked. “Come to think of it, she hasn't flown since she came back either…” Cassie and Quinn used to fly around the city together.

The four-year-old Lian toddled off after her big sister.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Helena murmured. “Her emotions have been all… Strange since she got back too…”

“What do you mean?” Jay frowned in concern. His daughter had always been good at hiding what she really felt, at least on the outside. Obviously she couldn't hide her emotions from an Empath.

“She didn’t have those beads… Well bead now,” Jacob placed his hand where his fatal wound had been. “Until she appeared again.”

“Yeah… I noticed that,” Dick agreed.

Damian frowned, then his eyes widened. He let out a string of arabic curses.

The twins looked at their father with wide eyes. They hadn’t heard swears that bad before.

“I'M GOING TO KILL MY MOTHER!” Damian's eyes flashed dangerously. “Talia is dying tonight, holy fucking shit!”

“Now, now little D,” Dick said softly. “What’s she done?”

“Those beads… We had a phrase back when I was with the League, One Year for One Bead. Desperate people from all over were invited in… And in exchange for one bead filled with water from the Lazarus pit, they had to stay and train with the League for a year, generally getting very accelerated course if you catch my drift.”  Damian explained, hands clenched.

“Bart, go comfort Cassie. Dami and I have a mission to go on,” Roy snarled.

Bart saluted and raced off.

“Helena, this is very important, what do you mean exactly by her emotions being strange?” Damian asked, eyes flashing.

Helena swallowed. “Um… She’s quicker to anger than she’s ever been… I guess the best way to explain it is she used to be a pretty calm person? Like, yeah, she got upset and angry, but she had a longer fuse than most. After she came back it was almost a numb feeling, like her emotions were actively blocked. She still felt them but they're dulled, except for emotions such as hate, and by extension love sense they activate pretty much the same parts of the brain, anger, and anything connected with violence. Her fuse became much shorter as well.”

Damian let out an Arabic curse and turned to Roy. “You can sharpen my blade for me, time to take that old dusty thing out of retirement. No one hurts my family.”

Roy nodded. “No one hurts my baby girl.”

Everybody was silent, shocked by what they discovered.

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Meanwhile, Cassie was in her temporary room, shirt off and using two mirrors, one a full length mirror and another a vanity mirror, to just… Stare at all of her scars from her two years with the League. It was frustrating. She wanted to cry, but it was like her body was actively working against her. She thumbed at her remaining bead nervously. At least… At least the rumors were true, and they did work. She hated that she had to use one, but she knew deep down that this life was dangerous and so took those two years to train and be prepared for the worst. Of course she had no clue their families would disappear, but Cassie had always done everything for them, even… Cassie flinched back from the thoughts of her.

“Sissy?” Lian asked softly from the doorway. “Sissy, what’s wrong?”

“Li.” Cassie blinked and pulled her shirt back on, going over and picking up the four year old. “Did you follow me?” she asked as gently as possible.

Lian nodded. “Uh huh.”

“Why?” Cassie blinked in confusion, not really understanding why anyone would follow a very obviously angry/upset person… Then she remembered this Lian was only 4. “Were you worried about me?”

Lian nodded again and cuddled in closer to her sister. “You seem sad. Cuddles help me when I’m sad.”

Cassie gave a humorless laugh at the innocence. Lian was weak, vulnerable… One good blow… Cassie mentally shook her head and brought her to the bed, cuddling her close. This was her sister, her family. Besides, she would never harm a child, not after was she and… they went through.

“I’m a little sad, I guess, angry, and frustrated too. At myself.”

“But why?” Lian asked innocently.

Cassie paused, then explained best she could. “Bad people took advantage of me and hurt me, for this.” She tapped her bead. “They gave it to me in exchange, One Bead for One Year.”

Lian frowned. “Meanies!”

Cassie gave a startled laugh. “I guess so… But I get it too, I mean they can bring people back from the dead.”

“But they hurt you! That’s not okay! Daddy says hurting people is mean and wrong!”

“It is,” Cassie chuckled. So much like her older sister… “But people still do it. That’s why the world has heroes.”

Lian frowned and hugged her tightly. “No one hurts you. Nuh uh.”

Cassie gave another chuckle, looking at the door briefly when she heard a noise but dismissed it, stroking Lian's hair. “It happens, Lian.”

Bart had been standing at the door, wanting to comfort his girlfriend but after hearing everything, he needed a moment to process it all, sitting on the floor outside the room.

“It shouldn’t, Cassie. And never again. I won’t let it happen!” the toddler decided with a determined nod.

“Yeah?” Cassie asked with a smile. “I won’t let anything happen to you either, or anyone in our crazy family.” It was the whole reason she got the beads in the first place though one of them was also reserved for Riley incase something went wrong or her disease worsened. Even, no, especially her .

Lian hugged her tightly. Cassie hugged back, burying her head in Lian's hair. She didn't cry, and wasn’t that the most frustrating feeling, but she just sat there for several minutes.

“Cassie?” Bart asked softly from the doorway. “Can I come in?”

Cassie looked over at the door, before nodding. “Yeah, of course… Get Lian to my Papi first though?”

Bart nodded and walked over, picking the small girl up. “Ready for a run, kiddo?” he asked her with a bright smile.

“Sure!” Lian beamed excitedly. Cassie chuckled and nodded to Lian when the small girl gave her a glance. It was more than okay for the older sibling.

Bart nodded and sprinted back to Jason and Roy, giving Lian to them before running back to his girlfriend. “I’m back, Cassie.”

“Hey,” Cassie murmured, shirt back off as she observed herself in the mirrors. It wasn’t like Bart hadn’t seen her with her shirt off before anyway. Most of her scars were from her time with the League, but a few were from the criminals and rogues she fought against in her time as a vigilante.

He moved closer, hugging her from behind. “So, I think we need to talk,” he murmured, pressing a kiss against her neck.

Cassie tensed at first, then relaxed against him. “You know talking is not something my family is good at, Bart…”

“I know, but I think it needs to happen anyway, love,” he told her.

“Fine… Let me at least put on my shirt though, can't have you distracted.” she joked weakly. Cassie was not looking forward to this.

“I can focus, you know,” Bart chuckled softly, kissing her jaw lightly. “Cassie, I love you no matter what. You know that, yeah?”

“I’m sure you can,” Cassie chuckled darkly, then sighed. “I know… Bart, you didn’t know me before my two years though, so you don’t exactly have a previous me to go off of.”

“I know, but you’re still my Cassie. And I’m fully aware that that comes with issues. We both have ‘em.”

“Yeah, yeah, just… I actually met you about a week after I got my beads… And a day before I reunited with my family.” Cassie explained.

Bart nodded and stepped back so she could put her shirt back on, sitting on the bed. “Let’s start from the beginning?”

“I guess that would be a good place.” Cassie nodded and put on her shirt before joining him, leaning against him.


By the time the couple finally returned to the Batcave after their lengthy talk, most of the future clan had assembled. The kids were chatting with their parents happily, all trying to distract from the fact that the Zeta Tube was, in fact, broken.

“Hey guys” Cassie waved awkwardly, unsure how she should act now. She had actually managed to cry, which was a big shock to her system, but it did make her feel a bit better. Her hair was down and her hair tie with the bead on her wrist.

“Hey baby girl,” Roy greeted. “You okay?”

“I will be, eventually.” Cassie shrugged and rolled her shoulders. Roy nodded and gave his daughter a smile.

“Welcome back to the madness,” future Dick called to his niece.

“Thanks Uncle Dick!” Cassie called back with a chuckle. She leaned against her boyfriend with a small smile.

“We’re all embarrassing Tim right now,” Jay told his daughter with a grin.

“I’m always up for embarrassing family.” Cassie smirked.

“Oh, come on,” past Tim groaned.

“Get used to it,” Red Robin sighed, sipping his coffee.

“Tim has no filter when he’s tired, I can only imagine what he’s been saying. Have you guys match made him with Uncle Connor yet?” Cassie tilted her head.

“Cassie, oh my God… Not yet. We really should… Riles?” Aloysia turned to her sister.

Riley turned from where she was chatting with her mom and blinked at her sister. “Huh?”

“Do you think we could get Doctor Mom and Plant Mom to get our Matchmaking book?”

Riley turned wide puppy eyes on Pamela and Harleen. “Pretty please?”

“Oh, I can’t deny that eye!” Harleen sighed and turned to Pamala “I’m going to go get it, suppose it’s in their room?”

Pamela shrugged. “Most likely.”

Harley grinned and raced off shouting, “Be back in a couple minutes!” Past Connor buried his face in his hands and groaned.

“Just accept it,” Future Connor sighed. “This is your insane family.”

“And none of you have even met the demon child yet,” Red Robin hummed.

“Tim, I swear to god,” Dick muttered from where he was standing with Raven and Pandora.

“I wasn’t talking about your kids,” Red Robin reassured.

“I know you weren’t,” Dick deadpanned. Cassie rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly.

“Why are you two still like this? I thought you two grew out of your rivalry/hatred for each other?” Jay rose a brow.

“Why do you still call me Replacement?” Red Robin replied easily.

“Because it’s accurate,” Jason snorted. Jay high fived him.

Tim glared at the pair while Red Robin just rolled his eyes.

“How many times has Tim Tim-berred?” future Dick snickered.

“I got about five more pictures.” Jay grinned.

“This week or this month?” past Dick asked tiredly.

“Is that even a question? Day,” Jay hummed.

“Three,” past Dick answered. “That I’m aware of.”

“I hate you all,” past Tim huffed and finished off his coffee.

“Seven times, actually,” Bruce told everyone.

“Tim, are you okay?” Connor asked eyes wide. “Also what’s Tim-ber?”

“A game,” Cassie smirked. “Not as punny with Ryan though.”

“How many times has Replacement Tim-bered today?” Jay asked future Connor.

“Four that I’m aware of.” Future Connor pulled a tired Tim close.

“Can confirm five,” Damian spoke up.

“I got one on camera,” Steph snickered.

“Connor, you have betrayed me. How could you? I’m your husband!” Future Tim pouted at his partner, hand over his heart.

Conner shrugged. “You’re the one who goes without sleep for long enough that you just pass out. Besides, there needs to be at least one upload to the youtube channel a week.”

“YouTube channel?” Future Tim frowned in confusion.

“I started it,” Lian hummed with a grin. “With aunt Steph’s, and uncle Damian’s help, of course.”

“Okay, Damian I can see, but Steph?” Tim pouted at his sister.

The blonde just shrugged. “It’s funny.”

“My family has betrayed me…”

“We have videos of Ryan as well,” Lyssa piped up. Ryan rose a brow and sipped his own coffee (which his past father made for him).

Michaela nodded. “Yup. One of the best was when Ry was in the Batman costume.”

“Definitely,” Lyssa agreed with her twin.

“I remember that one!” Evie laughed.

“Don’t worry, I made sure he didn’t fall to his death,” Caleb waved his hand that held the Green Lantern ring when everyone gave them looks.

“Didn’t stop him from falling on me though,” Rosa huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“That was the best part.” Caleb shrugged. He was salty he wasn’t allowed to be a part of the green squad.

“He could have broken my back!” Rosa snapped.

“But he didn’t,” Cassie pointed out. “Plus at the speed and angle of decent, it would have been impossible to cause any more damage than maybe a few scraps and bruises.”

“I was a dog at the time, Cassie,” Rosa deadpanned.

“You were a large dog, calm down. I did all the calculations.” Cassie waved her hand.

“Hang on…” Bart mumbled. “Didn’t you fail math?”

“I’ll have you know I graduated a year early fair and square and totally didn't cheat in math class,” Cassie huffed. “Plus, my time with the League helped teach me how much damage certain things can take. Don't know why they taught me about animals, but eh...”

“Cassie, love, you failed math,” Bart told her gently.

“I passed fair and square!”

“I helped you cheat,” Nikolas reminded.

“I helped you cheat in English,” Cassie retorted.

Future Roy cleared his throat, giving both his children a stern look. Jay high-fived them. “Jason,” Roy snapped. “Don’t encourage them!”

“We and all our kids have literally killed before,” Jason reminded. “Cheating is the least of their delinquent activities. Plus, they’re out of school.”

“Impressionable four-year-old. Right there,” Roy reminded, looking at little Lian.

“I warned you when we started dating I’m a horrible role model.” Jay pointedly looked anywhere but future Roy.

“I wouldn't worry about her” Cassie said, remembering the talk she and Lian had before she talked with Bart. It reminded her of talks they would all have together, the talk with Bart anyway.

“As the grown up version of said kid, I would,” Lian muttered. “I mean, what? I didn’t say anything.”

“Lian…” Roy turned his Look™ towards her.

“Love you dad,” Lian said with a bright grin.

“True, Lian. I mean you learned archery from Queen of all people.” Cassie hummed. Nikolas snickered.

Future Roy was silent for a long moment before turning a dark glare on Jay. “Jason Marco Esteban Fernando Ingelisis Miguel Todd,” he growled.

Jay tensed. “Yes amor…? I mean, you were talking about teaching her anyway?” he squeaked. The full name was used. He was fucked, and not in the fun way either.

“I will deal with you later,” Roy growled.

“Well!” Future Dick interrupted, pushing Roy’s chair away from the batcomputer and taking his spot. “Let’s ignore that! Quinn, my beautiful girl, you were telling us how to fix the Zeta Tube?”

“It’s less we’re fixing it” Rory spoke up suddenly. “And more we’re trying to find a way to generate enough power for it that we can come back to the future without immediately overloading it while not overloading it with the added power.”

Dick blinked and glanced at Babs and Steph. “Your boy is taking over your job, Babs.”

“Techncially Quinn has,” Babs ducked her head. She still hadn’t admitted to helping them become vigilantes.

“No, I took over from dad,” Quinn hummed.

“You were the one on the computer and communications most of the time,” Babs reminded.

“Only for a bit.”

”When I thought I got a signal” Babs hummed.

“Quinn, Mom, please can we not,” Rory rolled his eyes. “Besides, Mom you’ve been teaching me the ins and outs of the computer while you taught everyone else how to run around in spandex.”

“Beats yoga pants anyday,” Helena mumbled, though she never really wore a spandex outfit like the others.

“Jeans for the win,” Cassie hummed.

“Wait, Babs you helped them?” Jay gave his technical sister a look.

“Someone had to help us,” Kai spoke up. “Everyone else was gone.”

“Or you could have just not.”

“I was already Sparrow,” Cassie reminded.

“Wait... You were Sparrow?” future Dick gaped at his niece. Cassie nodded and shrugged, crossing her arms.

“I plan on continuing as Sparrow as well.”

“Over my dead body!” Roy yelled from off screen.

“Too late, Dad!” Cassie called back.

“I already had this argument, mi amor, you won’t win.” Jay spoke up with a tired sigh.

“You didn’t have a proper argument then!”

“I’m going to continue to do it, Dad!” Cassie crossed her arms. “I didn't train with the fucking League to get these beads just to sit at home and die of boredom. I know this life is hard, I legitimately had to use one on Jacob, but here’s the thing, I don’t care. I'm going to continue to

help people and help Aloysia and Riley.” Like those she couldn't help before.

“You used a bead on Jacob?” Damian cut in.

“When we released you, one of the damn things got me, I was careless. Cassie literally smashed it against my chest and saved me.” Jacob nodded. Death… Was not fun.

“That’s not what happened! You weren’t careless!” Evie piped up.

“Evie.” Jacob gave his twin a look.

“It’s not! I was there! I was the one not paying attention! You died because of me!”

“It wasn’t… Dammit Evie.” Jacob glared at his sister. He loved her but she really needed to let him take the fall for things.

“It doesn’t matter, Jacob you died?” Damian asked, eyes wide.

Evie nodded. “It was really scary, daddy,” she whispered. She’d been burying all of her emotions from losing her twin since it happened and now it was coming out.

“E…” Kai bit his lip and hesitantly hugged the Wayne twin close. He didn’t like seeing her upset.

Evie turned into the other teen, still trying to keep her emotions together even as she clung to Kai and buried her head in his shoulder.

Cassie just blinked at them. This just seemed so… Out of nowhere to her.

“He’s alive now, he’s here,” Kai murmured to the distraught girl.

“But it was all my fault… If I’d just been paying attention…” Evie mumbled miserably. Most of the future kids all glanced at each other, not quite sure what to say.

“Evie…” Kai sighed gently. “It’s not your fault, okay? No one could have predicted what happened. Those… Things are to blame if anything. You didn’t cause the wound yourself after all.”

“But it should’ve been me!”

“Then Jacob would be in your position,” Kai murmured gently. “Besides everything worked out in the end, those weird bead things actually worked. He’s safe and with us…” None of the future kids were actually sure if the beads were legit or not, and were grateful Jacob was alive.

On the sidelines, Helena motioned for Jacob to say something to his distraught twin while Rosa gave her own twin an encouraging smile from where she was curled up with Riley.

Jacob blinked, having absolutely no clue what to say. “Sis, it’s fine, I’m here, we’re okay. It’s in the past, alright? They were the strongest thing we’ve ever faced, we were unprepared.”

Evie sniffled a little and glanced to her twin. “ I can’t lose you. I already lost mom, I can’t lose you too!

You won’t, ” Jacob promised.

And I can't lose either of you, so please be more careful next time ,” Damian spoke up.

“Of course, after all what would Batman be without Robin ?” The two gave small smiles to their father, Evie breaking the hug with Kai, though she remained close.

More of an idiot ,” Damian answered them.

“I’m right here,” past Bruce pointed out. Ryan just looked confused.

“I’m aware, Father,” Damian replied.

“Um…” Ryan blinked.

“Does Father know who he eventually marries?” Damian asked Jay curiously.

“We’ve made vague mentions but nothing explicit,” Jay answered. “Why do you ask?”

Damian nodded. “Because it sounds like he and Mother are back.”

“Oh fuck. I had to clean up the mess in the lounge before they got back!” Steph yelped, racing off.

“Jesus, Steph…” Babs shook her head in amusement at her wife.

“This’ll be interesting, eh Catlad?” Jay smirked.

“I will stab you when you get back,” Damian deadpanned. “You know I haven’t gone by that name in years.”

“You went by it because Catwoman bribed you with five cats,” future Tim chuckled.

“Catlad?” Bruce rose a brow.

“They were the perfect minions,” Damian hummed.

“I still find it hilarious.” Red Robin stood on the other side of Connor.

“Not as hilarious as you tripping into a pile of Batcow’s droppings,” Damian pointed out.

“Because someone tripped me you animal freak,” Tim glared.

“I did no such thing and you can’t prove it was me,” Damian chuckled.

“The trip wire was cat themed.”

“Who needs cable when you have those two?” Jay chuckled.

“Agreed,” everyone from the future said.

“I hate everyone but my children,” Damian huffed.

“My family has betrayed me.” Tim pouted.

“Hey Selina,” future Raven greeted as Selina and Bruce entered the batcave.

“Moooooooooooommmm! My family has betrayed me!” Tim pouted at Selina.

“What are you, five?” Dick muttered.

“Fuck off,” Tim glared.

“Ah, I love my batshit crazy family. Hey grandpa, hey grandma,” Lian greeted.

“Hah, Batshit, good one,” Selina hummed.

“Thanks!” Lian hummed. “We’re at the batcave 30 years in the past and I think we just broke grandpa.”

Past Bruce was in fact just standing there, frozen in shock.

“Oh! Hi, past future husband!” Selina hummed and waved as Harleen came back with the matchmaker book for Riley.

“Thanks mama!” Riley hummed cheerfully.

“Of course sweetie!” Harleen smiled.

“Oh yeah, that’s Selina Wayne, Catwoman though I’m pretty sure she’s retired, my grandmother,” Quinn introduced.

“Only partially retired, dear,” Selina corrected.

“How is one only partially retired?” Quinn asked with a raised brow.

“When she doesn't steal unless something particularly shiny comes her way.” Future Bruce gave a long, drawn out sigh. His wife, he swore…

“Or if it doesn’t belong to someone in the first place,” Selina hummed. “Really, how could I let Monague get away with parading around with art that clearly belonged to Lady Karin?”

“Which perfectly explains why it’s currently hung up in our art room.” Bruce shook his head.

Selina just smiled innocently.

“Grandma, never change,”  Cassie snickered.

“Oh, yeah, how’s your work as Sparrow doing?” Selina asked.

Silence, then, “How the fuck do you know about that?” Cassie asked.

“You forget Harleen and Pamela are my best friends.” Selina pointed out.

“Aww,” past Harley cooed.

“We’re the Sirens, my dear Harleen,” Selina laughed.

“Not at the moment. You and my Red are still in Arkham,” Harley told Selina.

“We get in Arkham so many times, I don’t think it matters.” Selina shrugged.

“Still doesn't explain why you didn’t tell anyone or try to stop me,” Cassie huffed. Secretly though, she was grateful.

“Like I’m going to stop you and leave the crime fighting to the men.” Selina snorted at the look Roy gave her.

“Hey!” Bart huffed.

“Bart, you were called Impulse, enough said.” Selina rose a brow.

He shrugged at that.

“While you lot argue about the pros and cons of letting the women be the best heros, I’m gonna go check on Wally,” past Dick hummed, getting to his feet.

“Oh yeah, Jacob and I copied Bart’s abilities and found uncle Wally, and literally dragged him out of the speedforce,” Evie explained.

“That… Damn, that’s early.” Future Wally blinked.

“Only by about six years,” Damian deadpanned.

“Well, you haven’t exploded into a paradox yet, so I think we’ll be okay,” past Dick mused. “I’m just happy my best friend is actually alive.”

“Plus, how many times have you gotten lost in the Speedforce?” Bart snorted. “I mean, really, I'm pretty sure you’re its least favorite speedster.”

“Rude,” Wally pouted. “I trained you!”

“You may be my Flash but yeah, still gonna tease you cousin,” Bart chuckled.

“He spends far too much time around the kids, get used to it, Wal,” future Dick chuckled.

“I mean I’m literally dating one of them, so…” Bart grinned.

Roy and Jay both grumbled at that.

“Yep,” Cassie hummed. “Or else kissing you and going on dates would be super awkward.”

“Sex would be super awkward too,” Lian muttered.

“Lian, you were born because of a drunken one night stand,” Cassie pointed out, blushing.

“Key word there is drunken ,” Lian pointed out with a grin.

“Why are my kids like this…? Also Bart once you get to the future, you’re dead.” Roy ran a hand over his face.

“I didn’t say anything!” Bart yelped, zipping to hide behind Cassie.

“No, but from what you’ve told me you’ve done plenty.” Jay glared.

“Hey, cousin, how does one get stuck in the speed force?” Bart asked Wally with wide eyes.

“Nope, I’m not having you disappear on me again,” Cassie huffed.

“I don’t even know.”

“Wally, you’ve gotten lost 7 times,” Future Dick pointed out.

Wally shrugged and grinned sheepishly. “Maybe I screwed someone over in a past life or something?”

“Or the speedforce doesn't like you,” Bart piped up.

“You’re just smug because you’re the speedforce’s favorite since you were born with a connection to it.” Wally retorted.

“How do you think uncle Roy will kill Bart?” Helena asked curiously.

“I don't know,” Quinn mused. “Maybe sell his organs off to the black market? Or test out one of his new weapons?”

“Organs actually don’t go for that much at the moment, no point,” Harleen piped up.

“It’s the principal of the thing.” Quinn shrugged. Bart trembled behind his girlfriend.

“Mm, true, but still. You’re only gonna get like… I dunno, $2,500,000 for the whole body?”

“Money isn’t the point though, it’s getting rid of a certain speedster.”

“Guys, can we not give him ideas?” Bart whimpered.

“Dad, dont kill my boyfriend please,” Cassie sighed. “It’s not like I can get pregnant anyway…”