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Dark Brother's Avatar

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It had been two years ago when it had began, when Jaune had first encountered the being.

The being, looking like a weak old man, laid against an old tree stump as Jaune walked along to practice his sword skills away from home.

He was, overall, very amateurish about it, but the sight of the man gave him pause.

"Excuse me," Jaune asked as he approached the man, "are you doing alright?"

The man gazed upon him, and Jaune frowned as something in the back of his mind alerted him to an unseen danger.

"I'm doing quite well... How are you?"

The man's voice was deep, and Jaune nodded softly without thinking.

"I'm the same. Just... Training."

"Hmm... I see." He chuckled, before reaching his hand up. "Why don't you help me up then?"

Jaune, despite his instincts telling him no, took the plunge in helping him up.

The result was something he didn't quite expect, for obvious reasons.

His body stiffened as something foreign entered his mind, his energy pulsing outward from him at once as he gave a pained sound, the wizened man under him smiling as this happened, before the pair disappeared from sight.

Jaune reappeared inside of an old palace area, expression marred with pain, but him rising up to his feet slowly, looking up to find a woman with chalk white skin standing at the opposite end of a long table, gazing at him.

"Hello." Salem said with a curious glance, frowning at this, but deciding not to attack or anything without proper understanding of where this boy had come from.

Jaune stared silently at her despite this, and he walked towards her as his aura expanded over him, pulsing outward before a wave of energy brushed through the air and covered Salem, whose eyes widened in shock as she felt a potent force come over her body.

"What is this...?" Salem said, mind growing dizzy as a potent impulse rippled through her body repeatedly.

Jaune silently approached the cloaked woman, and without hesitation, he took hold of her cloak and tore it off and away from her body as his aura pulsed against her, harder and harder, until she finally lost all sense of self.


As he gazed upon the innocent young man going at it with the age-old humanoid creature, the Brother of Darkness chuckled lowly to himself, him spectating the raw spectacle and smiling, waiting to see what would come of this meeting.