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Push and Pull

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“Feeling okay, Deku?”

“Yeah,” he breathes as Uraraka pushes another finger into him. Bakugou lifts his head up for a kiss, slick and heavy so that Deku keens for more. He fucks himself back on her fingers ever so slightly, chasing the pressure on his prostrate.

“You’re so fucking hot like this, Deku; you just can’t wait to get spit-roasted, can you? Desperate for my cock in your mouth, hah?”

Bakugou has his face clenched between his hands, and he grins at the whimper Deku makes as he says “yes, yes, yes.

“Better hurry up, Ochako, this little slut can barely take it. Look at you, already leaking for it. For us.” He moves his hands up to pull on his hair, short curls poking through the gaps between his fingers.

Uraraka squeezes more lube onto her fingers and Deku’s hole, shifting herself forward to kiss up his back. He’s quivering under her lips. As she straightens up, she wonders if he’ll be able to hold himself up once they get going, or whether his core strength will fall short and she’ll end up fucking him into the mattress.

She’s struggling to hold herself back too, really.

“Okay, Deku, I-I’m gonna—,” she starts, gripping her strap-on and stroking it to get it slick. She pushes it down to get some friction against her clit. “Ohh.

“Please, Ochako, need—need you, need you so much.”

“You two are both pathetic. C’mon, Deku, you’ve got better things to do with your mouth.”

Deku dips his head down to Bakugou’s dick like he’s famished for it, swallowing it up as Uraraka eases herself into his hole.

Fuck.” Bakugou lets his head fall back and shudders with his whole body.

Uraraka’s eyes rove across his defined chest, then up to his slack jaw and blushing cheeks, turning that aggravated expression into something simultaneously relaxed and anticipative. He’s gorgeous, and all the more gorgeous for the bobbing head of green hair sucking him off to get him like that.

When Uraraka bottoms out, she fumbles on the bed for the remote, and turns it to the lowest setting. She sucks in a breath at the gentle vibration on the base of the strap-on, and starts shallowly thrusting into Deku, each push into him increasing the feeling on her clit. “Deku, you’re so good, hnn, so good.”

“Yeah, yeah, fuckin’ taking us so well, aren’t you? You ready to deepthroat me?”

Deku moans and jerks like he can’t tell if he wants to take Bakugou in deeper or fuck himself harder on the strap-on.

Uraraka turns the vibration up higher and grabs onto Deku’s hips to steady herself for faster thrusts, gasping for air at the on-off-on-off tease she gets from the base. “So—hot—!”

“Me or him?” Bakugou asks as he stops Deku’s head from moving, tugging on his hair as he takes control.

Both of yo-ou,” she says, trailing into a moan as she holds herself against Deku’s ass.

Deku’s arms are shaking as he holds himself up, and though Uraraka can’t see his face well from her position, she’d bet her precious, precious money that he’s got tears welling up in his eyes. Bakugou’s driving into him at a steadily-increasing speed, Deku’s untouched cock weeping into the sheets as his body is forced backwards and forwards between his partners. Noises pour out of him like his precum, frequent and insistent.

Shit, fuck, your tits look amazing right now, by the way, god, Deku.”

“Thanks,” Uraraka replies a little helplessly, giggling as she says, “yours are fantastic as always.”

Bakugou groans lowly and leans over above Deku, grappling for Uraraka’s shoulder to pull her into a kiss. She grinds her hips as he plays with her tongue, sucking on it when she licks her way into his mouth. She can’t quite tell if he means it as a reward for her comment or a punishment.

Uraraka skips up a few settings on the remote when they separate because fuck, she really needs to come already. She puts Deku’s pleasure on hold for a few moments as she shifts herself against him, and then holds her position where her clit is perfectly against the vibrations until—until—Ah!” she exclaims, tremors wracking through her body as she rides out her orgasm. Quickly pulling almost all the way out and wrapping her hand around the strap-on, she gives herself some space whilst she’s oversensitive, then she lets go, the bands of the toy smacking against her. Once she’s ready, she drives herself into Deku hard. He chokes on Bakugou’s cock at the sudden force, caught between the two’s push and pull.

“Katsuki, don’t you—don’t you miss his babbling?” she asks as she takes a hold of Deku’s length, moving her hand in tandem with her slow, strong thrusts. “I love—haa—love the way he can’t hold himself back when we spoil him like this.”

“I think the fuck not.” He emphasises his point by holding Deku’s jaw wide open and burying himself to the hilt, muffled moans and—she sees when she leans down—tears gushing forth from their number one hero like heavy rain. “He’s perfect like this. You know, when he shuts up.”

“Says the person who came in, like, a minute when Deku was telling him how much he loved him.”

“Fuck you, Round Face.”

Her laugh is almost entirely breathless, concentrating on changing her angle. She stretches up on her knees a little higher, and beams when Deku’s back arches with a sharp “Hnn!” Letting her free hand come away from his hip, she rolls a nipple between her fingers, kneading her breast.

She can feel another climax coming up, but she wants to get Deku there first; she ups the pace of the hand on his cock, feeling it twitch under her ministrations.

“Katsuki, Katsuki, he’s—he’s close, ah, just a little more, love, just a little more, please, please, please,” she rambles.

His voice has a tremor in it when he says, “Yeah, Deku?” His nails dig into his hair, cock sliding in and out of his mouth without mercy. “You getting off on being our little whore, hah? Nothing more than a sleeve for my dick and her toy? Fuck, you’re so desperate.”

“So incredible,” Uraraka chimes in.

“Fucking amazing.”

Deku winces, and when she twists her hand, he’s coming hard. She stills, letting the heat in her gut build up from the pulsations in her strap-on, and throws her head back with a cry as her second orgasm hits.

“Jesus Christ, you two are so goddamn hot.”

Uraraka turns the remote off and pulls out only for Deku to fling himself forward, mouth free to say, “Kacchan, you haven’t—let me—please…!”

His voice is wrecked. Bakugou groans as he falls back against the headboard, Deku plastering his chest with open-mouthed kisses as he works his way down to his crotch again. Uraraka undoes the bands around her hips. She crawls over as he says, “Shit, Deku, you want me to come in your mouth so badly, don’t you? Fuckin’ shameless. God, I love you.”

Deku moves up and down his cock with his wide, shining eyes looking up at him. Bakugou sucks in a breath when Uraraka presses herself against his side and bites at his neck, then his collarbone, then shoulder.

“Fuck, I can’t—fuck, fuck, fuck,” he stutters, and Deku groans as he finally gets what he wants. His hand is jerking him off to make sure he gets every last drop, and when he pulls off, it’s to let his tongue stick out, come coating it and his lips. Bakugou can’t take his eyes away.

Uraraka lays her head on his shoulder, gazing at Deku and rubbing her thighs together absent-mindedly as he swallows.

“Can I taste you too, Ochako?”

She perks up, blinking at him. “Oh! O-okay. But you don’t need to get me off again, honestly.” Her clit is still tingling from all the ministrations she’s put it through.

“How many times did you come, beautiful?” Bakugou asks as he pulls her across into his lap, having her face forward in front of Deku and spreading her legs with his own.

“Twice,” she says bashfully. She sighs as Deku licks a soft stripe up her folds, leaning back against Bakugou’s firm body.

“We can definitely pull another one outta you.”

Uraraka whines when Deku’s tongue dips inside her. Bakugou takes both of her breasts into his hands, easily cupping them with his broad palms. He murmurs into her ear as Deku works, saying, “Jesus, the way his fingers sink into your thighs is fucking gorgeous. And the way I can feel you trembling against me.”

“More, please,” she says, stroking Deku’s hair encouragingly. He acquiesces, dipping two fingers into her and using the flat of his tongue on her clit. Uraraka sighs again, feeling like she’s melting into Bakugou’s body.

“That’s it, beautiful.” Bakugou circles her sensitive nipples and sucks a mark into her shoulder. His soft words flow over her like warm water.

Her thighs clench when Deku starts flicking her clit with the tip of his tongue, curving the fingers inside her and grabbing Bakugou’s hand to have it push down against her stomach the way he knows she likes. She writhes against his mouth, her own wetness and Deku’s saliva heavy on her hot skin. Feeling Deku’s fingers curling against her walls covered by Bakugou’s hand tips her over the edge; she gasps, her chest heaving, all the while with Bakugou saying “Yes, yes, yes,” into her skin.

“Oh, Deku, that felt so nice, you’re so wonderful,” Uraraka preens. He smiles and wipes his chin, leaning up to kiss her then Bakugou in quick succession.

They settle down onto the pillows to recover before the inevitability of clean-up and facing the working week ahead of them. Uraraka is squeezed between the boys, running her hand across Deku’s body in soothing motions to help him come down from the ferocity they put him through. Her fingertips trace the outlines of his matted scars delicately.

“I’m calling dibs on eating ‘Chako out next time,” Bakugou mutters. “’M way fuckin’ better at it than Deku, anyway.”

“Is that what you think?” Uraraka teases. “I mean…any time you go down on me, I usually end up wanting you to fuck me instead. Which either means you’re really good at it—or really bad at it.”

Deku snorts as Bakugou sputters with indignation. “Oi. You better choose your fuckin’ words carefully if you ever want me to touch you again, Round Face.”

“Clearly, Ochako just means that your dick is too bomb to go without. Right, love?” Deku says with a grin, voice still hoarse.

“Oh, of course, King Explosion Murder, that’s exactly what I mean. Please, forgive me!” she bemoans, dissolving into giggles with Deku as soon as the words are out of her mouth.

“You two are the worst human beings alive on earth, bar no one. You are the epitome of all that is wrong with humanity. Nothing would make me happier than watching you die a slow, painful death.”

Uraraka’s chest warms with fondness. “Is that so? Well, if you don’t want to eat me out anymore, I was thinking…”


She tilts her head back to look at him with a mischievous glint in her eyes. “I want to see you take me and Deku. At the same time.”

Shit,” Deku says in awe. Uraraka just laughs at the way Bakugou’s annoyance disappears, wide-eyed and flushed in an instant.

Yep, they’re definitely going to try that next time.