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I Wish Could Be Better

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"I want to take my suit back" Tony said to Peter who looked dumb at his statement "What? You can't!" Peter said and bites his lips when the man glared at him "Of course I can. You know what, you just disobey me and lied to me by putting yourself on danger!" Tony couldn't help but yelled at the boy, honestly he feel bad but he doesn't care about this right now.
"But, Mr. Stark-"
"The adult is talking right now, now give me that suit back"
"But, without this suit, I would be nothing. I just want to be like you, Mr. Stark"
"And I just want you to be better. Now, you waste my time, give me that suit"
"But I don't bring any clothes" Peter mumbled but Tony heard that "I have some that suits on you now"

Peter following Tony to take clothes which now kind of fucked to him "I can't believe you did that to me!" Peter said after he getting change but Tony seems ignoring him as Tony about to left "No wonder Steve left you and your father hate you" Peter said which making Tony turn into him but before the man can say something, Peter already left with of course say "Fuck off"

After Peter arriving on his apartment, Peter immediately took off his clothes from Tony and threw everything that related with the man even with Spider-man things, "If he wants me to be better than him, then watch out" He said as he disconnecting his track and throw it to the floor making it broken to the piece as he opening his drawer suddenly he taking back inside "What the hell"


When Peter opening his eyes, he couldn't help but confused where the hell is now, all he can see just fields and grass, he looking confused and before he can say anything he saw the big building that he never seen before. Peter slowly stand up and looked around but suddenly

"Hey, watch out!" a voice screamed and before he can say anything a car crashed on him "Oh shit" the voice getting closer "You okay? No shit, your not. Hey stay conscious and don't close your eyes" the voice belong keep scream which only giving him more headache and passed out.

Meanwhile present~

"No wonder Steve left you and your father hate you" that voice keep bothering him all day. Tony couldn't help but all he think is that voice and he trying to contact Peter but all he get is some voicemail at all.
"Are you okay, Tony?" Bruce asked him when notice him keep on his thought "Was that about Peter?"
"Yeah. I'm trying to contact him but all I got was voicemail. Do you think I'm fucked up this time?"
"When that boy is snapping and swearing at you like that mean yeah you fucked up"

Tony about say something when he getting call from unknown number and he picked it "Hello, Tony Stark speaking" and he didn't expected with the answer because "Oh my god, are you Tony Stark, oh god for real. I'm Ned, I'm Peter's friend, I'm big fan-"
"Okay calm down, what do you need. Did you said Peter? What happened? Is he okay?"
"Oh, I though he was with you, Mr. Stark so I call this number"
"Wait, Peter is not with you? Where is he?" Tony asked and notice he isn't alone in the room as several Avengers come inside "Well, Mr. Stark, Peter didn't come at school since 3 days ago and I heard that ferry incident so I though he with you because he's not in apartment"
"He's not in his apartment? Where his aunt then?"
"You don't know this either?"
"What else I didn't know, tell me?!" His voice getting hard but he didn't care right now.
"His aunt passing away before that ferry incident, sir"

Tony frowned, why the hell Peter didn't tell this and he remember what the boy told to him during in the car "I don't have anyone else if you decide to shut me down like this" and he gasped and hanging the phone. He turn into Jarvis to tracking where is Peter.

"I'm sorry, sir. Look like Mr. Parker has been cutting all of the track so you can't find him"
"What the- Shit. Jarvis, tell Happy to prepare the car"
"Yes, sir"

Tony immediately went into Parker residence as he arriving, he gasped looked how messy is. Tony saw his Spider-man things on the floor and he also found the fact Peter breaking his tracker along. Tony also look the clothes that he gave that day on the floor along with his iron-man things some are getting burned.

"Damn, I really messed up now. Jarvis, tell Pepper to make media publication that my internship boy is missing and to people who can find out, will getting money for what they deserve"
"Yes, sir"
"Shit, shit, shit"

Meanwhile back to 2011,

"Look like someone is awake" that voice again bothering him as he opening his eyes and he gasped when he saw boy with scarves or whatever is "Who are you? and where the hell I am?"
"Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm bring you here because you almost getting hit by car"
"I'm Kurt Hummel anyway"
"Peter. Peter Parker, can you tell me what's going on?"
"Well, you currently in Ohio and but now you stay on my house. Don't worry, I'm already tell my dad and I told him, you just friend nothing else" Kurt said and Peter look around "2011? I'm currently live on 2011?"
"I honestly don't get what are you saying but yeah it's 2011"

Peter sighed as he decide to explain that he was from the future, he live in 2017 and don't know how he can ended here and Kurt looked like didn't judge him at all instead making some friendly chat.

"Maybe this place and time is not awful at all" Peter said to himself.