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Dream Big/Dream Small

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Cynthia was fussing the night before Connor’s birthday. She made sure that he was completely ready, the dreams could get rough. Larry looked smug, he knew what would happen. Zoe ignored him completely, she hated him afterall.

”You ready” Cynthia asked.

”I’m gonna be fine” Connor muttered.

Cynthia and Larry both had blank dreams, thus Connor and Zoe would too. It just made sense. Connor climbed into bed and fell asleep like normal, nothing to worry about.

Connor saw darkness, like expected. He floated around and enjoyed the quiet. That’s when he saw it. The bright portal. Connor floated over and reached out, he felt the pain in his body and flew completely into the portal. He was ready.

Connor sat up and looked around. He was alone. Connor climbed out of bed and walked around his room. He felt different. 

Connor opened his window and climbed to the roof. He just had a feeling. Connor got a running start and jumped off the roof. Connor was an inch from the ground when he stopped. Connor couldn’t help but grin.

Connor flew up past the roof and just enjoyed the fun. He floated around, feeling the best he had in years. Connor flew back down to he ground and walked in the house. Cynthia was sitting in the living room.

”Connor” Cynthia called.

”Powers” Connor confirmed.

”That’s great” Cynthia beamed.

”What” Larry blanked.

Larry stormed from the kitchen over to Connor. Larry went to grab his sons wrist, but something happened and Larry went flying backwards. It was like a black cloud was protecting Connor from being beat.

”Get in your room Connor” Cynthia whispered.

Connor nodded and ran to his room. He sat on his bed and stared at his hands. That’s when he noticed his arm. It had a word on it.


“Fuck” Connor groaned, grabbing a hoodie.


Evan’s birthday was two weeks later. Heidi had told him how to prepare, even if she wouldn’t be there herself. Evan got ready for bed, but he was too anxious. His mother was a blank, but he never met his father to find out. Evan managed to fall asleep after he covered his face for half an hour.

Evan floated in the darkness. He liked it, it was peaceful here. Evan just floated around, accepting a blank fate, until he saw the portal. Evan read enough to know what to do. He flew over and reached out, like a greeting. Evan felt the pain in his whole body and forced himself through the portal.

Evan shot awake and stumbled out of bed. His casted arm being the annoying hunk of junk it was. Evan snuck out the back door and sat in the grass. It felt right. Evan could feel the grass vibrate, he could feel the ground beneath it where the roots were. Evan reached out to the grass. It followed his hand. Evan felt a small smile fill his cheeks.

Heidi was in the kitchen when he came back inside. Evan wrapped her in a hug and showed her his powers. Heidi ruffled his hair before congratulating him and heading to work. It wasn’t as bad as before. Evan wasn’t alone, he had plants all around him. Evan glanced at his left shoulder and frowned.


”Goddamnit” Evan muttered.