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Min Yoongi wasn’t one for people. He had friends, five of them actually, but overall he didn't care for the presence of strangers. Not anymore, at least. His intentions lay with his music, his dog, and his friends. He loved his brother, Min Jun Ki, but since the passing of their parents they had grown apart to both of their own regret. Now, they only see each other when Yoongi decides he wants to use the piano in the back of his brother’s pawn shop in Seoul.

Whatever made this piano special was beyond him. It was old and had been through years of heaven knows what, but he had been drawn to it as he walked around the shop one day. There were many slashes across the wood and dents from abuse. He had felt along the grooves in the wood and took a seat when his fingers had slotted perfectly against the ivory keys.

Yoongi had access to many types of instruments and pianos, expensive grands and cheap keyboards courtesy of the recording company he worked for, but this one had made him close his eyes and lose himself in a melody that he had repeated many times on other keyboards and failed to produce. It had sounded perfect, and he had immediately asked his brother to keep the piano. The thought of someone else taking away his piano made him sick. His brother agreed as long as the piano stayed in the shop, so he had an excuse to see his brother more often.

The piano turned into his own form of smoking, something he ran to in order to release stress. He was there often, and until Jun Ki gave him a key he would call at every hour of the morning to ask for him to unlock the building. After the fourth time of having to meet desperate and sleep deprived Yoongi at the shop at four in the morning, Jun Ki decided it was best for the younger to have a key to keep from disturbing him.

That’s why he was there at three in the morning, replaying a song he had been working around during his time at the studio. It sounded fine at the studio, but he always found himself comparing the tracks on this piano later, always happier with the outcome. The piano sounded smoother, with more tone, like it was alive and wanted the music to come alive along with it.

But this time, he felt as if smoking would relieve more stress.

He brought along a notebook and his laptop, hoping that he could manage at the very least a chorus line. Lately he had been lacking inspiration and motivation toward the music he had been trying his hardest to produce. Nothing came to him easily anymore, only full nights of replaying the same music in hopes that it will spark something inside of him again. It seemed as if life was slowly draining all of itself from him when he needed it the most. Yoongi had been lacking something more in his life and everything seemed to bland and monochrome to spark any interest from him.

More than the inspiration, he needed the music for money. He doesn’t get paid if he doesn’t release the music, and he is very fond of the idea of not being evicted due to bills not being paid. This was the third night in a row that he had come down trying not to rip his hair out as his largest inspiration had the smallest effect the slump he had found himself in.

Jun Ki arrived at the shop at six-thirty in the morning, walking into the back room and sighing when he saw his younger brother asleep against the hood of the piano. They had been on unsteady grounds since their parent’s passing, but he had never liked seeing his brother hurting or stressed. He walks over and kneels to where his brother was slumped awkwardly on a desk chair. He cringed internally, because waking him up used to be tough.


“Yoongi, you need to wake up. Go home and rest, you will not find inspiration while you are in pain and unrested.” He shakes the younger awake and watches as the other glares, sighs, and stretches out. He hadn’t planned on falling asleep, he just wanted to get down a melody to kickstart his writing. Yoongi could not rely on his other, more personal music for these larger projects.

“M'kay, hyung..” The older only nods and goes back to the front desk to begin opening up the shop. Yoongi stretches out, looking almost cat-like, and checks the notifications on his phone and over the notes he made in his notebook and on his laptop, neither of which would help him.

When he leaves the shop twenty minutes later, he sees a boy who looks much younger than himself sitting on a bench across the street, watching traffic and people pass by. Usually the buses for school in this area of Seoul had already come through, so why wasn’t this boy in his school uniform? Yoongi dismisses it quickly, trying to come up with a melody or a beat in his head, but always repeating one he had already done. He walks quickly through town to the recording studio, hoping he can at least perfect the tracks he had already come up with.

The studio was large enough, full of his recording equipment and covered in post it notes. It was his very own space that he secretly adored, especially because he spent more time inside of it than his own flat or at the pawn shop. He'd named it the Genius Lab, to Namjoon's amusement. Namjoon insisted that no intelligent person would sacrifice their health so recklessly to work on music. But Namjoon also broke everything he touched, so he doesn't take his words to heart. Everyone has their flaws.

Thought’s spill around his head, blocking off any creative information. Yoongi shuts the door behind him, dropping his bag gently and staring at his monitor. Let’s get this over with.


Jungkook knew that waiting in one space wasn’t logical, but he did so anyways, hoping that she would show up sober and safe. He hoped that she would come to him with the money he had set aside for food and apologize for taking it in the first place. Maybe this time she would not come back to him reeking of smoke and booze, without tiny wounds inside of her elbows that he would bandage with the cheap Iron Man stickers he had bought from a convenience store down the street.

Jungkook knew without a doubt that she would not come back as he wished; whole and apologetic, ready to get their lives back to them. He stopped walking the sidewalks looking into the alleyways for a woman that he used to resemble long ago. He wishes that he could give up, but how could he possibly let go of the only family he had left? Even when that family betrayed him, left him for dead in a crack house with strangers shooting him up with experimental concoctions. Part of him wants to leave his eomma for dead just as she left him, but part of him wanted to be the hero that she used to insist he would become.

So he sits on the bench, tired and defeated. It had been less than a week since he escaped the house, barely aware of his surroundings, wounds littering his arms and thighs. Jungkook is slightly thankful that he was unconscious for some of them. He notices as the sky began to lighten up and envelope the businesses around him in a soft warm light. Summertime was much easier to bear than winter, and he tells himself to stick it out until he can recover from the withdrawals and pick himself up. He'd been so sick the first few days that he was barely conscious, but now he was adjusting, getting through the days with a few strong urges in the form of a headache. Two years of this, working odd jobs and couch surfing while taking care of his eomma, and he was beginning to lose hope that he'd be able to get back to his old life. His old friends would have graduated, the two of them probably moving somewhere together— without him. It makes his heart ache.

Jungkook sits outside of the apartment complex of the people he had convinced to house them for a few months. When they had kindly asked him to please take his mother and leave, he had felt shame and guilt for not being enough to stop his mother. They had mercifully given them a place to rest and his mother had made a disaster of herself, forcing their hand. He doesn't blame them, he just wishes that he could have stayed.

He rests, watching the shopkeeper across the street unlock his doors, before turning to wave at him. Jungkook waves back shyly, not used to being noticed by others. But the shopkeeper had waved at him since he started to sit on the bench instead of laying in the alleyway.

The shop was lovely, from what he had seen briefly. It had many instruments and books, other pawn items that he would be fascinated with if he could get close enough to examine them. But what struck him as odd was the man who would sometimes go in during early hours. At first he had thought that he was a thief, but after many mornings of watching the two speak he realized that he must have been a friend of the shopkeeper.


Sometimes if he listened closely while it was quiet enough, he could hear music coming from inside of the shop, glowing slightly from dim lights, and it calmed him. This morning he had not stayed around to listen for the music, hoping that he could bring his mother back to- back to somewhere and help her come down from whatever high she had found herself in.

Twenty minutes later, he was watching early commuters and the morning buses roll through when the door to the shop across the street opened and the friend was there, looking toward him. The man, though farther away, had sharp features that surprised him slightly. He was striking, but was soon gone and Jungkook huffed as he realized that he had been staring back at the man creepily.

As the day went on, he found himself growing warm with the rising heat. By noon, his outfit was beginning to stick to his body as he felt himself growing tired. As he began to nod off, he felt a hand being placed onto his shoulder, and he flinched away from it. Jungkook’s eyes open and he sees the shopkeeper standing above him, kind eyes looking him over.

“Hey kid, why don’t you come into the shop and rest, the heat is no place for you right now.” He offered kindly, kneeling down to his eye level. “I have water inside, and a room where you can get some rest.” Jungkook sits up properly, feeling embarrassed that he had let himself doze out in the open like he had. Consciously, he moves farther away from the man. It had been weeks since he last showered, and the clothes were old and worn and dirty. Jungkook is dirty.

“Thank you, sir, but I am dirty and must wait here for my eomma.” Jungkook bows his head in respect, feeling anxious and ashamed of himself for waiting pitifully.

The shopkeeper moves himself to sit beside Jungkook carefully, minding the younger’s space. “If you come and rest in the shop, I will keep watch for your eomma.” Jungkook considers rejecting the offer, but he can feel himself grow weak with fatigue and dehydration, and nods. He was weak in more than one way, it seemed.

“Thank you, sir.” Jungkook picks up the tarnished school bag and follows him across the street to the quiet shop. The streets aren’t crowded despite it being lunch hour, and there are few commuters walking past as they enter. Thats probably why Jungkook found himself in this section more often than not; because even though he was dirty and loitering, the residents and commuters never seemed to mind him, and the muffled bustle of the city in the background.

The cool air of the shop hits him and he gasps in relief. The interior is lovely just as he had observed through the windows, now more realistic as he looks up close. In his time of watching, he knows that the shop didn't get many walk in customers, but the fact is stapled by the thin layer of dust on the antiques and pawn items. Part of him aches for the items, wishing that some of the beautiful pieces he sees would get more recognition.

“I have a room in the back with a sofa and blankets. You can change and rest in there, and the bathroom is just the next door over. There should be a box of waters in the corner of the room. I will watch for your eomma.” The shopkeeper states, and Jungkook bows deeply, gratefully. Jungkook follows him to the back room and sits, waiting for the man to leave the room or to continue speaking.

“What’s your name, kid?” He questions, and, “And how old are you?”

“My name is Jungkook, I’m nineteen. May I ask your name, sir?” Jungkook asks with impeccable manners, afraid of being kicked out of yet another place.

“I am Jun Ki, I am twenty-seven.” He states, and goes to leave.

Jungkook quietly thanks him. “Thank you, Jun Ki-ssi.” The elder nods kindly and cracks the door behind him, allowing some light into the space as he turns off the light.

The room is quaint, a sofa against the wall and a box of water beside it. Jungkook’s bag full of his belongings were placed beside the door to the room. Then, against the opposite wall was a piano.

Jungkook pulls a bottle of water from the box and opens it, drinking it with desperation as he realizes how thirsty he had been. He laid down on the sofa and felt himself dozing as he had been on the bench.

Knowing that someone else was watching for his eomma calmed him, and he allowed his mind to wander as he observed the piano across from him. Jungkook remembers when he had sat on his mother’s lap as a young boy and learned to play. He wonders when his life hand gone from his mother guiding his chubby fingers to the different notes and chords on their piano to waiting for her to show up, high and drunk, for him to guide her into an empty alleyway.

Faintly he wonders if the music he often heard at night came from this piano, and then he falls asleep.


Finally. Yoongi threw himself onto his bed, day clothes still enveloping him.

He had managed to write out an entire track toward the end of the day. He had laughed at himself when he finished with the lyrics, already having a mental soundtrack for the background music. (It was basically elevator music, but his co-worker- and best friend- Namjoon compared it to a tropical theme.) It was based on pluto, an article he came across earlier in the day when he'd been unable to look at his programming applications without panicking a bit. It was about how once Pluto was removed from the solar system it was reduced to a number, which made him empathetic. He'd gone to Namjoon to get his help on some of the rap lines, but had been able to produce the base track within the day. He wasn't totally useless.

This meant that he had managed to get one more song out of the way which he was able to send in to their boss.

Yoongi couldn’t have felt more relieved as he rolled out of bed to get into the shower. He could feel the stress in his lower back from falling asleep at the shop and sitting in his work chair for too long. He sighs as he steps under the warm spray, feeling the stress fall away from him. For the first time in a week he could calm down, not troubled by deadlines or bills. Showers had always been a source of comfort, loving the clean feeling that could wash away anxiety and sadness for a few moments, leaving him numb and content.

Yoongi washes off quickly after letting the water relax his muscles. Stepping out of the shower, he quickly wraps himself in a towel to avoid the coolness wrapping around him. He walks into his closet and picks out some comfortable lounging clothes, quickly dressing.

Along the dresser in his closet, he caught a flash of a picture frame from between low-hanging shirts. Yoongi knows that it’s his family picture from when they went on Holiday to the coast. His eomma had her arm wrapped around his neck, his appa with his arm slung over his eomma gently, his appa’s hand resting on Jun Ki’s shoulder. Finally, Jun Ki had his fingers held up in rabbit ears above Yoongi’s head, the picture completed by happy smiles from each of them.

He shuts the light off and shuts the door behind him. As he exits the closet, his phone was lit up on his bed, and he crossed the room to pick it up off of the black comforter.

Jun Ki-Hyung | 19:47 | if you go and get takeout i will pay you back. I’ve got a kid here who needs something to eat.

Yoongi debates even answering. He could probably get away with not answering and then Jun Ki could just walk the kid down to the convenience store for something. Something inside of him felt guilty for thinking of that in the first place. He taps the text box.

You | 19:53 | order it and send me a time. who is the kid?

Yoongi looks longingly at the pillows on his bed and groans, pulling himself out of the room and into the living room of his flat.

His flat was large enough to be comfortable, and very Yoongi-esque. The main colour scheme was monochrome, with little splashes of color coming from takeout menus, post it notes, and notebooks laying around. Headphones were scattered across many surfaces as were empty energy drink cans.

His space was simple, but it suited him well enough on his own.

Jun Ki-Hyung | 19:57 | 15 minutes, the one up the road. It’s this kid who has been crashing on the bench across the road for a couple of weeks now. his eomma is messed up, she left him and hes trying to find her. hurry kid, i want takeout.

Yoongi’s mind flashes back to that morning, when he had watched the kid on the other side of the road. Had he been waiting for his eomma while Yoongi had been worrying about a melody? The thought filled him with more guilt.

Toeing on his shoes he leaves his flat, shutting and locking the door behind him. Yoongi had always enjoyed watching the night life of Seoul, even if he didn’t desire to be a part of it anymore. Whether it was street performers or lovers sitting on the edges of fountains, something was always happening.

He remembers when he used to go out with friends on Friday nights like these, before the crash. It was on a night like this when he received the call, when he booked it to the hospital to hold onto his own eomma’s hand while a machine kept her breathing.

Yoongi breathes in deeply, trying to rid sour feelings from bubbling up so closely to seeing Jun Ki. His brother had held him through the hard nights of losing their parents, but something had changed between them as the driving forces of their lives had been removed. Yoongi stopped partying, and Jun Ki settled into a business that his father had always wanted to run.

A group of friends stumble by, laughter and joy following them closely. It made him smile a bit, reminding him of his own friends. He ought to talk to them at some point, but he assumes that Namjoon had assured them that he wasn’t dead. Regardless, he's sure that Seokjin will call him soon demanding him home with Namjoon. By inviting him, Jin would find an excuse to invite over Taehyung after work, who would no doubt bring Jimin, who would bring Hoseok. He guesses that that is the lineage in which they're informed of things about Yoongi.

A bell rings above his head and he realizes that his body had delivered him to the restaurant on auto-pilot, and ten minutes had passed since leaving the flat. He pays quickly, struggling to keep himself from stopping and eating right on the sidewalk when he smells the lamb skewers.

Approaching the shop, he sees the faint glow that appeared when the piano room light was on. The door was unlocked and he pushed it open easily, meeting the comfort of the indoors.

“Ah, Yoongi-ah. Come in and meet our guest.” Jun Ki pulls the bags from his hands, and Yoongi has to stop himself from growling in protest. (Not at the guest, but at Jun Ki for stealing away his— their food—.) Yoongi followed Jun Ki into the back room, his hyung blocking the view of the room. He pushes past his elder, stopping when he saw the boy.

He was very small— no, he was thin. As he had observed earlier, the boy couldn’t be older than schooling age, and the school bag beside him seemed to attest to that. He was dirty, Yoongi saw, and his hair was unruly and thick with dirty and oil. Despite that, he could see he doe eyes peeking out from behind the bangs laid on his forehead.

“Jungkook, this is my dongsaeng, Min Yoon-gi.” Jun Ki introduces, and Yoongi nods at him.

“Hello, Yoongi-ssi. My name is Jeon Jeong-guk, but most call me Jungkook.” The boy— Jungkook, his mind supplies helpfully— bowed to him respectfully. Yoongi was slightly taken aback at his manners, impeccable for someone in his situation— not that Yoongi knew what 'this' situation was, really.

Jun Ki kept up the conversation as they began to eat, asking Yoongi questions about his day and linking those to Jungkook to include him. Jun Ki was really making an effort to create conversation, and Yoongi can't help but feel a little bad that he didn't have much to contribute on his own.

Tilting his head, Yoongi watched as Jungkook ate slowly and listened to his hyung with rapt attention. Yoongi was called out of his thoughts when a hand was waved in front of his face and Jungkook was looking straight at him while Jun Ki was speaking to him.

“Sorry?” Yoongi scratches his neck, slightly flustered at being caught staring. It wasn't like he was outright adoring the kid or mapping out the best parts of his face for soup, but he had got lost in his head. Innocent mistake.

Jun Ki rolls his eyes and repeats himself. “I was telling Jungkook here about how you play piano. You should play something for our guest, Yoongi-ah.” Jun Ki nudged him, still shoveling noodles into his mouth.

Yoongi rolls his eyes, but moves his box of noodles to the side and lifts the hood off of the keys, never really being shy performing in front of people. He sighed at the feel of the familiar keys against his fingertips, playing without thinking about it. His eyes close, unaware of the eyes on him.

Yoongi is unaware of when Jungkook pays close attention as Yoongi played a simple but beautiful tune. Yoongi lost the ability to sense the other two around him as he played through the song. He had written it when he was mourning his eomma and appa.

Jun Ki recognizes the familiar notes from when he had stayed late at the shop with his dongsaeng, making sure the younger slept and ate. It’s slightly sad, but ultimately a lovely tune with grace behind it. He too closed his eyes and let the music fall over him, appreciating the melody.

Yoongi closes the song softly, opening his eyes to meet a wide pair of brown ones. His heart fluttered as he took in the wide smile and soft eyes, only broken out of his trance by his hyung clapping and mock-cheering, changing the subject quickly. Yoongi’s mind wanders, occasionally looking back to the beautiful brown eyes that he had stared into a few moments prior. Why did these eyes, so wide and beautiful, look so sad?

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Jungkook can’t help but to smile at the peace that the elder found while he was playing. He looked as Jungkook used to feel when playing, back when they had a home. The piano reminded him closely of the one he used to have, the one which his father had bought him. That had been nicer than this one even, one he used to adore before his life fell apart. There had been lots of things that he lost in the chaos, but he decides that music was one that he misses most.

Yoongi made something soft and warm grow within his stomach. The elder was stoic and seemingly unfazed by his presence, but curious. Jungkook had caught him staring a few times, but he hadn’t minded as the stare didn’t seem threatening or of malicious intent. In fact, he sort of like the attention, knowing it wasn’t bad attention. Jungkook quickly loses his train of thought as the song picks up pace. This is meant to be a ballad. Jungkook thinks. He always loved ballads.

When Yoongi opened his eyes, their eyes locked on each other, and Jungkook sent out the brightest smile that he could manage. The elder blushed and turned away when his hyung sparked up another conversation. Jungkook’s mind drifted from the anecdote that the eldest was telling, eyes focusing in on the instrument in front of him.

Whether it was the sound that the piano made, the look, or the way that Yoongi had played it, he was drawn to it. Jungkook wished that he could play again, have his own piano to serenade someone with one day. Playing used to be a way of life for him, coming home and neglecting his schoolwork to play through his father’s sheet music that he had left out. Jungkook’s appa had been his role model since he had been born. He had played the piano professionally before his wife had announced that she was pregnant. Maybe that had been the reason he left them, because he wanted his former life back.

Jungkook realizes that Yoongi had asked him a question when his mind registers the quiet of the room around him. Jungkook blushes and clears his throat, embarrassed.

Yoongi seems to understand that he hadn’t been paying attention like he hadn’t earlier, and repeated himself. “Do you know how to play?” Jun Ki sucks up the noodles from his chopsticks, waiting for an answer.

“I used to.” Yoongi moves to the edge of the piano bench and motions for the younger.

Patting the seat beside him, Yoongi asks the boy to join him. “Show me what you know, kid.” Jungkook flinches slightly in shock. Yoongi’s face had softened, waiting patiently for the boy to take the spot next to him.

Hesitantly, he moves over. It is only then that he notices just how different he looks in comparison to the two. The Min brothers were nicely dressed, clean, and on the paler side. Jungkook was darkened from all of his time in the sun, dressed in worn clothes, and so, so dirty. Against the white of the piano keys he could see the dirt covering his knuckles. Why had Jun Ki looked at him and had mercy on him, rather than file a complaint for loitering?

Yoongi watched his hands patiently, and Jungkook presses the keys lightly, forming a familiar chord.

Appa’s song. Jungkook remembers his father spending most of his time trying to perfect this song in the weeks before he left. He wishes he could find him and ask if he had finally found the missing pieces when he escaped his family. Maybe those missing pieces were in another family, one where he felt that he could freely produce music again.

Despite the memories it carried along with it, Jungkook still adored the song. It held a grace to it that he held with great care, and intricacies in the fingerings that sent chills up his spine when he completed them. What his father could not finish, he had.

While playing, he was no longer the dirty child in the streets trying to take care of his eomma, but Jeon Jungkook, the teenager with little fear and inhibitions. While the music distracted him, just as it had Min Yoongi, he was their equals, and not a charity piece that they had picked up off of the sidewalk. The piano transformed his pain into peace for a few moments, forgetting that he was in fact broken. That he was in fact a charity piece that they picked up off of a park bench out of some mercy.

He couldn’t see the impressed stare of his hosts, or the wonder and intensity in Yoongi’s eyes as the younger poured out his soul into the piano as Yoongi had done many times. He's blissfully unaware of everything until he's finished, able to pretend that he's back in Busan in their tea room playing this song. Doors open to the sea while Jimin and Taehyung dance and hum along to whatever he decides to play.

When the last chord struck, it struck something within him as well. Jungkook’s eyes opened abruptly to hear Jun Ki’s clapping. Instead of looking up into the brown eyes that had been watching him intently, he dropped his own gaze to the pedal underneath his feet. These kind people had brought him in and fed him and let him sleep, given him music and praise despite his torn clothes and unwashed hair, and his mother could be dying somewhere.

Jungkook breathes in deeply, trying to rid himself of tears before they began.

The brothers had engaged in a mostly one-sided conversation once more. Jun Ki asked Yoongi many questions that he answered cooly, almost dismissively. As they spoke, Jungkook looked at his watch, an old thing he managed to find when rummaging around in a charity bin. It was nearing nine o’clock, and Jungkook felt guilty knowing that Jun Ki had stayed late to let him rest and eat with them.

Selfishly, he decided that he would stay until he was asked to leave, grasping onto the air conditioning and not having the responsibility of looking for the mess of a woman that he called his eomma. Part of him ached for the Jeon Jungkook he had just been a few moments ago while playing, and wanted to spend a little less time out on the bench, a reminder.

Jun Ki excused himself from the room, motioning for Yoongi to follow, and Jungkook began packing his stuff. He knew that it was impolite to stay past his welcome, yet he had done it anyways. Now they just needed to find a polite way to ask him to get the hell out.

“I can’t afford to take a risk on him staying here, Yoongi-ah. I don’t want him out there any more than I want you to be, but I can’t leave him here by himself, it’s too risky and if something were to happen I would have to be held accountable.” Jungkook listens and his heart feels heavy at the implications. He couldn’t blame the shopkeeper, it would be extremely irresponsible to leave a homeless and poor stranger in a pawn shop full of valuables. His heart didn’t feel any lighter, though, at the thought of people believing that he would do such a thing as to steal for money.

Jungkook considers his options upon leaving. It would be best if he tried to find his eomma and then migrate to a different part of town to keep from imposing on this family again. He could file a missing persons report and hope that when they found her she would be sober. Or, he could go back across the street and wait for her to return and do his best to stay out of the way Min Jun Ki.

Standing, Jungkook tries to find any spare change inside of his bag to leave in return. As he sets down a few dollars worth of change, Jun Ki and Yoongi returned, looking at him with wide eyes.

“Jeong-guk!” Min Jun Ki exclaims, gathering the change and returning it to Jungkook’s palm. The maknae of the three flinches slightly at the tone, feeling embarrassed as the eldest opens his palm to set the coins into.

Jungkook protests, trying to return them but having no such luck, politely trying to force the coins back into the custody of the shopkeeper. Yoongi watches from the side, having a very clear idea of who would win this argument.

“How can I repay you?” Jungkook questions finally, the hand weighted with coins dropping to his side.

The oldest smiles kindly, patting the youngest’s hair. “Come and visit me each day, and keep me company.” Jungkook knows what the man is attempting to achieve, but he can’t deny the other of what he asks after the kindness he had shown. Jungkook nods and bows in respect.

“Thank you, Jun Ki-ssi. It was very nice to meet the both of you. Goodbye, Yoongi-ssi, goodbye, Jun Ki-ssi.” Jungkook bows slightly and walks out of the doors and through the shop. The bells chime above him as he exits and begins his trek through the surrounding alleyways, looking for his mother.

Hours pass as he moves between alleys and through neighborhoods that he remembers finding her near before, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of her, even if she wasn’t willing to come with him. Maybe it would be better off if he found her and simply called the authorities. Maybe they could get her help. He obviously can't anymore.

Jungkook gives up in an alley past the pawn shop. His eyes flood with tears as he lets the brunt of his troubles wreck his body with sobs. He wanted to be a student, he wanted to graduate from school and move on to arts school. Jungkook wanted to lead a happy life and have kids eventually that he could bring back to his own parents to be proud of.

He lets himself mourn over the past and the emptiness of the future if he can't get out of these alleyways, and the misery of the present. Jungkook knows he should stop crying and continue on his search, but he had no more will for it. After feeling the compassion of total strangers, he loathed the way he had been abandoned by the people he loved the most.

Jungkook is almost ready to let himself pass out in the pile of trash he had set himself down in when a voice startles him.



“I hope for the best for him, he seems like a good kid.” Jun Ki states as the bells to the shop rang out. Yoongi hums quietly in agreement. Jungkook had been very well mannered and kind to them, trying to take up as little space as possible to stay out of their way during his short visit. It made his heart ache a little bit when he had to leave, though he knew the complications of housing a homeless person were too risky for a business owner. Jungkook looked as if he never hurt a bug in his life.

Yoongi knows that Jun Ki had to make the younger leave, insurance being a bitch to handle in situations as such. Jun Ki begins to clean up the takeout, and Yoongi takes a spot on the couch. He’s humming to himself, and it takes him a few moments to realize that it’s the song that Jungkook had played just before he left.

Still humming, Yoongi slides off of the couch and onto the piano bench, eyebrows creased in concentration. His fingers tried to match the notes that the younger had played to no avail. Jun Ki had tried to say his farewell but the words bounced of off his dongsaeng. The eldest chuckled, quietly leaving the building to the younger.

Yoongi spent many minutes trying to replicate the first note using three fingered chords when he realized that the song started with a four fingered chord. After the first chord was discovered, he relaxed a little bit and found the next chord easily. As he repeated the chords in his attempt to find the next notes, he found himself hearing the sadness inside of the music. It was a pitiful sadness, one that was sorry. Or maybe, he was just in major need of a proper night’s sleep.

Sitting back, he thought about how the younger came to know the piece that he had played. Was it his own music or an indie scene tune? Either way, Yoongi felt drawn to it and the itch in his head was pulling his hands up to the piano, mindlessly repeating the same thing over and over until he could find the next part of the song.

He may be slightly obsessed with it, but that was the last of his worries. In all of his failures during his attempts to learn the song, he had come up with his own melodies that he could write down for other songs. In his head, he spoke poems that he wrote down for choruses and he was altogether obsessed with the sudden burst of energy and inspiration that he had come across.

Eventually, Yoongi sat back from his hunched position and looked over the mess of words and chords he had written down in his notebook. The thoughts weren’t coherent or cohesive with each other, but would make many separate songs that would be perfect for his bosses. Maybe the piano hadn't been the issue when he couldn't find inspiration, maybe it was the circle of thoughts. He'd been thinking too inwardly to notice that he was missing the inspiration of new music. When was the last time he'd actually listened to music other than his and Namjoon's?

I ought to thank Jungkook, give him a gift basket or something. Yoongi thinks, humor bubbling in him as the happiness gave him a temporary high. Would that seem rude, to give Jungkook a gift while the younger was living on the streets? Yoongi didn’t know, and he wasn’t willing to learn, so he settles with mentally thanking the younger until he could express his thanks in person.

Yoongi’s mind drifts to how the younger had acted during dinner. The boy had been more than respectful, going out of his way to show his gratitude without getting in the way. He had flinched slightly at quick movements or a loud statement, and Yoongi had changed his behaviour accordingly. He remembers knowing a few old school friends that acted similar, and it only made his fondness for the younger grow. Yoongi curses not inviting the younger to stay at his own home, silently accepting that he wasn't likely to see the kid again, if he hadn't returned to his bench.

He had noticed lots about the younger. Jungkook’s appearance was obviously his first impression. Dirt covered many bruises that the younger didn’t seem to care about. His hair was wild and dirty, covering a good portion of his face at any given time. His clothes were also abnormally big. The clothing hung off of him in large amounts, not only because he was underweight, but because they had to have been larges to extra larges, as if he'd been taking whatever he could get at the time.

Even the way Jungkook looked at things told Yoongi worlds about the boy. He was observant like Yoongi, probably formed by different circumstances than Yoongi, but present all the same. Yoongi’s was of years of ignoring and keeping to himself. He didn’t need to carefully watch his surroundings, but chose to. Jungkook’s observations held a mild terror, one that Yoongi has seen and knows was formed unwillingly for his own safety.

The producer remembers how he had felt when his parents died and he shut down. Interactions with random people were little to none after he quit partying and going to social events for the company, forming a recluse of himself. Namjoon’s concern grew as he watched his hyung overwork himself and sleep in the office, and eventually they formed an intervention to keep him busy with something other than work. Thus came their regular dinners, movie dates, and even errand runs. He'd be forever grateful to his friends for caring so much about him, but now he wanted to pass it on. Because something in his head kept taking him back to the sad look in the doe eyes, one similar to his own years before.

He wonders what kind of messed up his mother had to be in order for a kid like that to seem so sad. Yoongi had been blessed with loving parents who supported him, but had lost them prematurely. His heart hurts when he thinks of his own eomma, how he had complained when she would ask him to clean his room. Jungkook waited around and searched the streets without a home to find his eomma that was burdening him.

Jungkook must be worlds stronger than Yoongi.

His heart drops to his throat as his phone rings.

“Yah?” He answers, earning a displeased grunt from the other end.

“Show hyung some respect— anyways, we’re thinking of having a late dinner.” Jin-hyung’s scolding was humour filled, fond. It made him feel calm to hear the elder’s voice. It felt good to talk to him, get some of the weight off of his chest without having to talk about it.

Yoongi stands, stretching as he spoke. “I’ve already eaten, hyung. I’m about to leave Jun Ki-hyung’s shop to get rest. I have a feeling that I’ll be staying late at the studio tomorrow.”

“Namjoon! Joonie— hold on Yoongi— Joonie listen to this!” Jin exclaims. “Min Yoongi, repeat yourself for hyung.” Yoongi rolls his eyes and picks up his wallet.

Shutting the lights off behind him, he walks out of the shop and answers. “I’m not coming for the late dinner, I’m going to rest because I’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.” Jin is babbling happily. It's typical of them to tease him like this, even while supporting and encouraging him in these better habits.

“Our Yoongi is going to bed early! A proud moment for hyung. Go rest, I will see you tomorrow night for a meal, then.” There isn’t a chance to say goodbye before the line is dead and Yoongi is rolling his eyes again, a smile smile gracing his lips.

Yoongi begins his journey home, stopping only to laugh at a joke written on an alley wall. After his excitement settled down upon reading it, his pace quickens. He needed some sleep before he went fucking nuts.

Chapter Text


“Jungkook?” He hears and flinches at the loudness of it. There is a dark figure at the end of the alley and he hopes that whoever it is, knows his name for good reason. He wraps his arms around himself, slightly terrified that someone had found him and was planning to take him to the authorities. Faintly, he prays that it wasn't Yoongi or Jun Ki. The silhouette grows nearer and eventually he can see the features on their face.

Shocked, he asks, “Taehyung?” The boy gasps in relief, dropping down next to Jungkook, scooping him up in his arms despite the disgusting appearance of the younger. Taehyung pulls away, looking at him closely, checking him over and his eyes saddening in the process. “Hyung, what are you doing here?” Jungkook questions, looking over his elder. He had grown so much in only a few years time.

Taehyung chuckles softly, eyes shining with emotion. “Kookie, what are you doing here? I’ve been trying to find you. So has Jiminie, we've been so worried.” His hands reach out to touch Jungkook’s face, noticing the flinch when he moves quickly. His dongsaeng was dirty and thin, unlike the fit and clean Jungkook he remembered. Jungkook tries not to cry as Taehyung worries over him, nice clothing being soiled by the alley and Jungkook himself.

Jungkook knows he looks lowly, but he can’t find it in himself to care as his hyung pulls him into his arms, Taehyung rubbing his back gently. It was familiar, something so painfully nostalgic that he couldn't help but to let it overwhelm him. It was relieving to have something so welcome overwhelm him.

Kim Taehyung had been his next-door neighbor and long-time best friend before his family had fallen apart. Mrs. and Mr. Kim had been close friends with his own parents. Since he was a baby, he and Taehyung had played together, went on vacations together, had sleepovers. They'd even made friends with Park Jimin. When his home began to crumble he stopped seeing Taehyung and Jimin, trying to keep everything behind closed doors. He hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye when his mother had taken him and run off to the city, and Jungkook had figured they would forget him soon enough.

Apparently, he was wrong.

“Jungkookie, where are your parents? I heard about some of it but when we came to look for you, you guys had already left.” Eomma has probably overdosed on heroin at some crack house. Appa is probably off, thriving with his life away from his family. Taehyung seems to get the idea and drops it. “Do you have a place to stay?” The hyung curses when the boy shakes his head. “You do now. Please, come with me.” He pleads.

With a nod, Jungkook gasps as he’s pulled into Tae’s chest, hugging the life out of him once again. Jungkook lets him squeeze the sorrow out of him as long as he wants, not having an inch of strength against the love of something familiar, something from home. It's bittersweet when he pulls away, Jungkook wanting to pull his hyung back into a hug, but wanting to go wherever Taehyung said that home was.

It turned out that Taehyung’s apartment was a few blocks away from Jun Ki’s shop, in a much more domestic neighborhood. It was in a nice complex that a studio-like atmosphere created by the bricks and industrial pipes. The flat itself was nice and lived in, in the best way. Everything screamed Taehyung, and it made him smile. Small items and lots of photos of his family were clustered around the space, a picture of Jimin catching his attention. Something in him aches. He's gets distracted by Taehyung's grip on his arm before he can think to ask about his other hyung.

Jungkook felt out of place in such a nice area. He had grown up in a nice house, and so had Taehyung. But since leaving home, the nicest house he had stayed in was the nice people across from the shop. The worst he had stayed in had made him sicker than he had ever been.

The elder fussed around him, pulling Jungkook to a spare room.

“This is your room, and there is a bathroom across the hall. I’ve got my own suite so it’s all yours. I’m going to get some clothes and I’ll set them on the bathroom counter for you, just leave the door unlocked.” Tae continues to move around the room until he is right in front of the dongsaeng. “Jungkook? I’ve missed you.” Taehyung murmurs, arms at his sides.

Jungkook grins and feels his body respond to the endorphins. Stepping toward his hyung and putting his arms out for a hug, he lets himself lose the walls he had been building. Tae knew, he understood, he cared. “I’ve missed you so much, hyung. Thank you.”

Eventually, Taehyung left him to his own and Jungkook took advantage of the ability to shower. Mindful of the amount of water he used, he occasionally shut off the water as he washed. When he stepped out, he feels lighter.

The mirror was fogged lightly with steam from the shower, and he uses a towel to wipe it away. When he looks at himself in the mirror, he sees a warped version of himself. His skin was pulled taut around his ribs, his hair was cut in jagged lines due to him trying to cut it off with pocket knives. There were bruises on him, partially from sleeping on rocks in alleys, but most from other humans. Yellows and greens marked his skin where the bruises had already begun to heal but looked sickly nonetheless.

As he’s staring, he doesn’t see Tae opening the door with a stack of clothes. Hearing a gasp, Jungkook tries to cover himself. If he looks warped and disgusting to himself, how must Taehyung see him?

“No, Kookie, it’s okay. I was just shocked for a second is all.” He sets down the clothes but lingers for a second, as though he wants to say something to his dongsaeng. Instead, Taehyung leaves, shutting the door behind him. Jungkook sighs, knowing exactly how Taehyung feels, words on the tip of his tongue but unable to speak them.

He stops his self-analysis and pulls on the new clothes. They hung off of him, though not as bad as the ones he had been wearing before Taehyung took him home. Those had come from trash cans and donation bays where people pitied him enough to give him their unwanted clothes. He doesn't have any regret when he throws the old clothes in the bin.

Leaving the bathroom, he follows the glow of a light to Taehyung’s bedroom. When he knocks on the door, Taehyung looks up at the younger, eyeing the baggy clothes closely, as if weighing him with his eyes.

“Taehyung-hyung. Thank you, for everything. I’ve missed you.” He keeps his eyes down to the floor, ignoring the prying eyes of the elder. Jungkook knew that Taehyung wanted him there, but it didn’t stop him from feeling intrusive.

Tae smiles at him softly, heart satisfied at seeing the younger cleaned up. “Jungkook-ah, I’ve missed you so much. You’ve always been welcome with me.” The elder stands quickly off of the bed, pulling Jungkook into his arms. Jungkook, shocked, takes only a moment before pulling his own arms in a strong grip around his hyung. Taehyung's hugs had pulled him through so many years of his life, and it felt as if he was pulling him again. "Get some rest, Kook-ah." He murmurs into the younger's ear before pulling away.

Jungkook gives him a small grin back and shuts the door quietly behind him, tears threatening to appear as he calms down a little bit from the overwhelming emotions. Jungkook himself had never been emotional, but had always been susceptible to tears when someone he loved was hurting or if he was wrought with happiness. A deep breath helps, and he makes his way to the bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he looks around the room and takes it in. Everything was white and coordinated and he has no doubt that Taehyung picked it all out himself. Sitting on the bed, he feels the softness of the down comforter and decides that he doesn't care if he feels intrusive because he also feels the need to burrow into the sheets and never wake up.

The warmth and comfort of the bed almost distracted him from his thoughts. Almost as much as he wished that he could forget that just an hour before he'd been laying dirty in an alley and move on, he couldn’t ignore the fact that his mother had been missing for weeks, and that he was warm in a comfortable bed. He had given up on his eomma, despite his determination to help her. But had he really given up, or had she left him any choice at all?

Jungkook’s thoughts are silenced by exhaustion, sleep taking over his body. He didn't dream, and it's peaceful.


Namjoon was intimidated. He hadn’t seen Yoongi like this since the beginning of their career together, so, so crazed. Or, better phrased, motivated. At the beginning of this little cycle, it had been amusing and he had enjoyed watching his hyung frustrated and annoyed with him interrupting his process. Now, Namjoon doesn’t think that Yoongi would know his own name off of the top of his head if he was asked at that moment. In fact, he wonders if Yoongi even remembers that he's in the room.

Yoongi had apparently been hit with the inspiration stick, and it showed in his progress with his music. But by looking at him, he looked like he had been hit by the inspiration truck. It had been two days since Yoongi had told Namjoon and Jin that he was getting rest, but Namjoon doesn’t believe that one night of rest could carry a person through two days of rigorous work. That belief is backed by the fifteen cans of Redbull dispersed around the room and countless coffee cups. Yoongi’s usually calm and observant eyes were red-rimmed and crazed as he stared at his monitor screen.

Namjoon had finished the tracks he was assigned the day before, and didn't have anything to do other than to bother his hyung. But four hours later he was both concerned and amazed at the pure drive that the elder had, and the things he was willing to sacrifice in order to reach his goals.

Warily, he attempts to draw the elder out of his work for a few minutes. Namjoon whispers in order to keep from scaring him. “Yoongi-hyung,” The words fell on deaf ears though and he feels like smacking himself in the face when he realizes that the elder had his production headphones on. Yoongi wouldn't have been able to hear an atomic bomb should it crash through the ceiling.

He clears his throat and tries again, leaning forward reluctantly to touch Yoongi’s shoulder. “Yoongi-hyung?” He wanted to get this over with. Namjoon has been in the office since seven in the morning and it was just turning five o’clock. Shivering, he wonders how much longer this hyung could go if left alone.

He definitely got the elders attention this time as Yoongi flinched and threw off his headphones, turning to stare at his dongsaeng incredulously. “Yah! What do you want? I’m working on something.” Namjoon tried not to laugh as his hyung held his hand against his chest and tried to calm down. "You're going to give me a premature heart attack? You want me to die?

Namjoon laughs and swats him on the back before speaking. “Jin-hyung and I are having a big dinner tonight. Tae and Hobi-hyung are coming, and Jimin is going to try to make it after he gets off of his shift at the studio. Jin is insisting that you come.” Namjoon shifts from cheek to cheek under Yoongi’s irritated gaze. “He’s not taking no for an answer.”

“Try me.” Yoongi shocks him with the words.

Namjoon knows it’s a cold move to use his next tactic, but he would rather see a disgruntled hyung than a sick hyung. “Jin told me to tell you that if you didn’t show up, he would not make your lamb skewers anymore.” Namjoon looks away at Yoongi’s stare, not wanting to disrespect his hyung, but standing his ground just the same. “And Jiminie will not be bringing you any.” There’s a huff and when Namjoon looks up he sees Yoongi closing out of applications. Triumphant, he grins.

“I’m going to go and get the car running. I’ll be waiting for you, hyung.” He hears a quiet ‘aish’ and chuckles to himself.

“Ah, Min Yoongi! You are getting thin. I’d hate to see you like that. You look like shit, kid.” Jin teases but holds a concerned expression. “Go and shower, I’ve only just begun fixing dinner.” Jin knocks the hat off of his dongsaeng’s head to the discontentment of the younger.

Rubbing the cold area on his head where his hat once was, he fruitlessly glares at the elder. “Aish. Jin-hyung, always so harsh.” Yoongi grumbles but moves toward the basement. They had an area in the basement for all of the boys to stay in when they needed to and a spare bathroom. Hobi, Taehyung, Jimin, and Yoongi all had a set of clothes in a drawer in the basement, which he steers his tired body straight towards. Yoongi had once stayed there so many days consecutively that they had deemed it his honorary bedroom.

His actions feel all too familiar, and Yoongi finds himself feeling fond at the onslaught of memories flooding his brain. Jin and Namjoon had created a lovely home, not just for themselves but for everyone around them. Each member of the group had their own hardships with their families, even if it was just distance, and the two had accepted all of them in as surrogate children. Yoongi snickers at the thought of Jin being a housewife, even though he emulated one already. The image of Jin with a set of pearls on from one of his shoots resurfaces, and he thinks of printing it off to mess with him.

It’s comforting to feel so at home in one place, even if he had been dragging his feet to get there. His own flat was nice but it was devoid of color or personality, unlike the Kim household. They even had a small piano in their sitting space that had been given away to them for free. (Though it went unsaid, he knew that they had brought it home for Yoongi to use while he was there.) The only real sign of life at his own apartment was Holly, who had been temporarily moved to Jun Ki's own home while he spent time working.

“Yah, Min Yoongi, you’re taking up all of the reserves in Seoul with the amount of time you’ve been in there!” Jin scolds through the door. Yoongi rolls his eyes but shuts off the water, only suddenly aware of the burning on his skin and the steam in the air. “Dinner is almost ready. Taehyung will be bringing a guest, an old friend of his, so be nice. Jiminie is coming later for films. Oh! And Hobi isn't going to be able to make it tonight, he ended up staying late.” Yoongi halts mid-dry. None of them ever brought visitors or talked about having other relationships outside of their group, so why would Taehyung bring someone to one of their group dinners?

He doesn’t have time to voice these concerns as he hears Jin’s heavy footsteps overhead as the eldest hyung walks back to the kitchen.

Yoongi is curious and slightly irritated at the thought of someone new in the group. The closest anyone had gone to bringing in an outsider was when Jun Ki came to pick up a drunk Yoongi from their house after an argument and stayed for a while when he realized that Yoongi had fallen asleep. Even then it had made him uncomfortable to mix relationships like that. His biological family and social family were two very different things and Yoongi preferred them to stay as separate as possible. He loved both of them the same, but he had a problem with sharing his friends. Jealousy isn't a virtue.

Once he is dressed and much more presentable than before, he returns upstairs to try to steal some food before it was set out for the others, and to get a good look at the guest. As he sneaks around the wall that separates him from the kitchen, he hears familiar voices. Some of them are familiar from time and multiple dinners just like this one. But one stands out for no real reason at all, and he can't help but to try to get closer and figure it out.

“You like lamb skewers? So does our Min Yoongi. Maybe he will share!” Yoongi tries not to scowl at the proposition. He didn’t come to have his rations halved by a stranger. Poking his head around the corner, trying not to be suspicious, he leans too far and loses balance. He knows without having to look at him that Jin is storing this moment away for later on. Despite his loving nature, Jin could be a bitch when it came to karma and blackmail.

Before he can hit the floor, a pair of strong hands grabs onto his arm, steadying him.

He’s about to grumble at of one then about not needing their help when he looks up and catches the eyes of someone who is definitely not Taehyung or Jin.

“Yoongi-hyung! Are you alright? What a dramatic way to greet the guest. Hyung, this is—” Yoongi doesn’t stop to care that he interrupts his dongsaeng.


Chapter Text


Jungkook woke up feeling warm. It wasn’t a warm where he had woken on a bench mid day with a slight sunburn, but a safe warm. Jungkook doesn’t open his eyes, still blissfully unaware of why he was there. He savored the moment, eyes only opening as he yawns widely and props himself up on his elbows. Around him are grey walls with many pictures hung up, and on top of him white sheets and possibly the comfiest comforter he had experienced in his life.

While he had no complaints nor the desire to ask questions, but Jungkook didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that he didn’t know where he was. It’s better than the ally. Jungkook thinks, and recalls how he had left the ally. But really, who would have picked him up off of the street and brought him to a place this nice?


Jungkook was slow in the mornings. As he begins to wake up and think over what's taken place so far, he also takes the time to look think over his next steps. A sleepover with Taehyung to get a shower was nice, but intruding too long would be rude of him. Where would he go tonight? Would he have to go back to the ally?

Huffing, he lays back down onto the comfy mattress, wanting to drag out the satisfied feeling as long as he could. Jungkook felt slightly pathetic as he snuggled down into the comfort of the small nest he had created in his sleep. Had beds really always been this comfortable?

So hyung has been looking for me. What a waste of time. He feels slightly guilty thinking so harshly, but one could understand how the situation had made him slightly bitter. Besides, it had been a waste of time. He had been searching for Jungkook instead of doing other things with his life, and then ended up just stumbling across him a year and a half later. All of the time Taehyung could have used for other things were useless when Jungkook couldn’t control his tears in an alley and Taehyung’s heart led him there.

“Jungkookie-ah! Come down and eat breakfast!” Taehyung’s voice startles him out of his own head before laughing at himself. Jungkook was pathetically jumpy. Pathetically everything, in his own opinion. He takes a deep breath, trying to rid himself of the toxic thoughts before they could ruin his day with his friend.

Jungkook manages to climb out of his nest and navigates through the apartment using his sense of smell. His stomach seemed to lead him even faster when he smelt bacon and syrup. American Breakfast! His mind supplies as he arrives, taking in Taehyung's cooking. Taehyung himself is placing a plate down onto the counter top while wearing a 'kiss the cook apron'. Jungkook feels like he could when Taehyung speaks next.

“It’s not eomma’s cooking, but it’s her recipe. Eat!” Jungkook stares at the small feast before them, head spinning at the strong smell of home. It sounded— he really needed to consult a thesaurus— pathetic, even to his own ears. Sheepishly, Jungkook takes a plate and waits for Taehyung to get his food, before filling his plate. Before, he had been picky about his food touching, but now he couldn’t care less as he through slices of bacon on top of eggs and pancakes and drowns them in syrup.

Taehyung watches on as Jungkook tears into the stack, giggling when Jungkook looks up with his cheeks stuffed. A true rabbit if Taehyung ever saw one.

Embarrassed, Jungkook swallows the food and sets down his fork, drinking the water Taehyung had set out in front of him. “Eat as much as you want, Kook. I ate everything I wanted to, so whatever you don’t eat will go in the fridge for later.” Jungkook’s eyes are wide, and Taehyung’s heart aches for the Jungkook who hadn’t had to worry about these things. Jungkook's stomach aches.

Taehyung remembers when Jungkook had been able to eat an entire pizza on his own, and went to the gym and could do push ups with Taehyung on his back.

This Jungkook was thin and frail.

“Kookie-ah,” Taehyung murmurs, trying not to startle his dongsaeng. “Where are your parents?” Jungkook’s jaw clamps shut, swallowing harshly.

Jungkook doesn’t want to admit that his appa left him and his eomma, that his eomma was a drug addict who doesn’t know who her son is half of the time anymore. He doesn’t want to tell Taehyung about the things he’s seen and done to keep himself safe, the things that have happened to him in dark allies like the one Tae found him in. He doesn't want Taehyung, his best friend, seeing him like this because he knows that he's only half of the person he was before.

“Breathe, Jungkookie. Remember what I taught you.” Jungkook nods, trying to slow himself down and not make eye contact with his hyung.

“I’m sorry Taehyung-hyung.” Jungkook breathes, ignoring Taehyung as he tries to object. “You’ve wasted your time looking for me, you brought me into your home even though I’m dirty and disgusting. You fed me without expecting payment and I’m not worth it. I’m so sorry Taehyung, I’ll get my things and go and I’ll pay you back.” Jungkook stands up and tries to return to the bedroom, only to be violently spinned around and thrown into something solid.

Taehyung’s arms are wrapped around him, the solidness being his chest. “Jeon Jungkook, I’ve been looking for you and trying to get my best friend back. I just got you back and I am not letting you go now.” His hyung growls, squeezing the younger tightly, swaying a little bit. “Please stay, Kookie-ah, it’s been a long two years and I need my best friend back, baggage or no.” Jungkook notices the gentle shaking and realizes that he made his hyung cry.

“I’ll stay, hyung, I will.” Taehyung squeezes him harder and Jungkook sighs, content. He squeezes back just as hard, the moment taking him back to a memory of when they were younger.

“Jungkookie! I missed you while I was at school.” Taehyung skips over to Jungkook, who is sitting alone on the swingset between their houses “But I met a nice girl at school today. You would like her. Jungkookie?” Tae reaches out to touch the younger who flinches. Tae frowns, sitting down on his knees to look at his friend better.

Upon examination, he sees a scratch across Jungkook’s cheek and knees. “Kookie, let me see.” The younger boy sniffled and uncurled himself, laying out his palms and lifting his hand for Taehyung to look at. There were small scrapes on his legs, palms, and a small scratch on his cheek. His palms and knees were dirty as well, and Jungkook’s face was red and streaked with tears.

“I was w-waiting for you to get off of the bus but kids on a d-different bus pushed-pushed me.” Jungkook hiccups, and Taehyung frowns. Who would do that to his Jungkookie? Despite the two year age difference, Taehyung felt extremely protective of his four-year-old dongsaeng.

Taehyung puts a kiss on his finger and taps Jungkook’s nose. “Let’s take you to your eomma and get that bandaged up so it will feel better.” There was no room for argument, and the younger was too tired from crying to try. Taehyung made silly faces to make Jungkook laugh and distract him from his eomma cleaning the wounds. “See Kookie, it’s all better! I’m here now.” Taehyung throws his arms around the four-year-old, squeezing him tight.

Jungkook warms at the memory, so much like this one. One where Jungkook is crying and Taehyung takes him under his care just because he loves him.

He doesn’t think before he speaks. “My appa left me and eomma. Eomma lost all of her money and her job by drinking. She followed a man here, Seoul, and I came with her.” It spills out of him like he's been holding it just inside of his throat, choking him until it leaves his mouth. “He lived in a crack house and I couldn’t leave my eomma, no matter how high she was or bad she hurt me. They hit me and they-they touched me and they stuck needles in me and I couldn't leave. I was too sick to leave and I tried to protect her but she kept going back. I've been away for just a week and I'm scared. I’ve been looking for her for months, she just left and I can’t find her, hyung.” Taehyung doesn’t let go once, rocking the other and shushing him gently through his tears.

“Oh, Kookie. I’ll help you, I’m here.” That's all it takes to calm him down.

They spent the day on the couch, filling them in on their lives thus far. Taehyung mentions taking Jungkook to the doctor to make sure he was healthy, and Jungkook hangs his head in embarrassment. They talk about Taehyung’s new job at some studio, and his friends that he had made since moving.

“Jiminie-hyung moved here too, he’s got a job at Hoseok-hyung’s dance studio.” Taehyung smiles, showing Jungkook a picture of him and Jimin from a couple of weeks before. Jungkook remembers the fond look from before he left home, and knows that the two were still as close, if not closer, as before. Jungkook's heart aches a little bit more.

Hours have passed and Taehyung has finally wore himself out talking. Jungkook is resting on a couch cushion, eyes half closed.

That’s quickly reversed when there’s music blaring loudly through the apartment and Jungkook shoots up, eyes wide. Taehyung huffs and picks up his phone, silencing it by answering the call.

“Hello, nap-time disturbance hotline, Taehyung speaking.” Jungkook rolls his eyes fondly, laying back down. “Ugh, shit. I forgot that was tonight. I’ve got a friend over. No- no, I know. It’s okay I can- uh, let me ask.” Taehyung covers the microphone with his hand, leaning forward to speak. “Jungkook, would you like to come to dinner and meet my other friends?”

Jungkook sits up properly this time, guilt starting to set low in his stomach. “It’s okay, I’m not going to intrude. You don’t have to invite me, I can find somewhere else to go while you’re gone.” Taehyung frowns.

“Hyung, you talk to him.” Taehyung hands the phone to Jungkook, who is shaking his head violently as the phone is pressed to his hand and then his ear.

Jungkook clears his throat. “Hello?” He asks hesitantly, glaring at his hyung.

“Hello, I’m Kim Seokjin, one of Taehyung’s friends. I’m having a dinner tonight and I would really like to meet you as Tae’s friend. This wouldn’t happen to be Jungkook, would it?” Jungkook tenses, looking worriedly at his hyung. What did they know about him?

“Yes?” The answer sounds more like a question, but it doesn’t seem to phase the elder.

Seokjin gasps a little. “So you’re Taehyung’s best friend! He and Jiminie love telling us stories about you from back home. Now I can’t not have you over. I’ll see you at dinner! Goodbye Jungkook!” There’s a beep and then silence, and Jungkook is staring at Taehyung timidly. Taehyung had obviously heard the conversation and had a humoured smile on his face.

“Do they know about, you know-” Taehyung shakes his head.

“We didn’t even know where you were, and I don’t plan on telling them unless you want me to. They’re all very nice and accepting, if you do decide to say anything. I will have to warn you that Jimin doesn’t know that you’re with me, so he will probably smother you as soon as he sees you, and maybe kill me in the process.” Jungkook bites at his lips. “We ought to get ready if we want to get any dinner.”

Taehyung grins wickedly before dragging him to his room for clothes.

By the time Taehyung drags him to the front door of the nice looking, two story house, Jungkook’s nerves are absolutely shot. He has managed to pick out everything about himself that these people could hate about him, and he thinks about running away to some alleyway where Taehyung wouldn’t be able to find him. Of course he wouldn’t actually do that, knowing that he couldn’t disappoint his hyung like that.

The door opens to reveal a kind and handsome face, and Jungkook is intimidated. He is already half hidden behind Taehyung, but steps further into the safety of his hyung’s shadow.

“Ah Taehyung, Jungkook-ssi! It’s so great to meet you!” This must be Seokjin. His voice was just as kind as it had been on the phone, but paired with his looks, he was almost too perfect. “Come in, come in. Namjoon! Joon-ah!” Taehyung is laughing at the shocked expression on his dongsaengs face. He closes the door behind him as he follows Jin and Jungkook through the house. Taehyung leads him with a hand on his shoulder, as if he's afraid that Jungkook will bolt at the first opportunity that arises.

As they reach what Jungkook can safely assume is the kitchen, he is faced with the second handsome face of the night. Shell-shocked is a good description of how he feels.

Namjoon was tall and tanned, and had a smile so kind that it hurt. Not to mention the dimples. “Hello, you must be Jungkook-ssi. I’m Kim Namjoon. It’s nice to finally meet you!” He is much less touchy than Jin, but equally as kind and beautiful. That’s only two of them, how is he going to handle the other three?

“Jin-hyung, is that lamb skewers I smell?” Taehyung grimaces, gaining Jungkook’s attention. “While I don’t usually like them, Jungkook sure does.” His mouth waters, remembering the ones he had two nights prior at Jun Ki's shop. Faintly he thinks about how he promised Jun Ki to visit. He'd apologize later, but now, he's far too occupied by an overexcited Seokjin.

Jin turns to him excitedly. “You like lamb skewers? So does our Min Yoongi. Maybe he will share!” Jungkook’s head tilts in recognition. Before he can open his mouth to say anything, there’s a large— well, small— body falling through the door frame nearby and he reaches out to grab it without thinking.

‘It’ looks up at him, and he stares straight into ‘it’s’ eyes.

"Yoongi-hyung! Are you alright? What a dramatic way to greet the guest. Hyung, this is—” Taehyung starts, only to be interrupted.



Yoongi couldn’t say that he was shocked because in total honesty, he really wasn’t. Taehyung and Jimin had talked to the group about Jungkook often, their best friend from Busan that had suddenly moved away right before they graduated. He just hadn’t put two and two together until now.

‘Now’ being in the Kim kitchen where he had just attempted to ninja his way through the house and kitchen to steal lamb skewers, only to fall directly onto their mystery guest who he had actually already met.

“Hello, Yoongi-ssi.” Jungkook addresses him respectfully with a bow. Yoongi nods gently in return, stilled in surprise.

Yoongi, realizing that he needed to answer, replies. "Hello Jungkook. And call me hyung, we've eaten together."

“Yah, Min Yoongi I told you that you need to stop sneaking around to steal food. I know your tricks.” Jin scolds, but Yoongi is still pink with embarrassment at making a spectacle of himself in front of Jungkook. Way to hold onto his cool and collected act.

He rolls his eyes jokingly at Jin who smacks him lightly with the towel before turning to address Jungkook. “I apologize for falling on you.” Jungkook grins at him shyly, waving it off. Taehyung is looking between them, confused.

He says so specifically. “How did you two know each other?” Taehyung asks him, watching on fondly as Jin tugs Jungkook around the corner to show him the house. Jin had already taken a liking to the boy, it seemed. Yoongi doesn’t answer until his dongsaeng turns back to him, searching for answers.

“He was on the street and Jun Ki brought him in just the other day. I picked up dinner for them.” Yoongi hums, thinking back to that situation. Jun Ki had said that the kid was homeless, which left Yoongi to question the intentions of the boy. Had Jungkook lied to them? But he had been dirty and sleeping on the public bench for a few days prior. Though doubt ran through his head, he couldn’t help himself from thinking his next thought out loud. “He’s a kick ass piano player, though.”

That seemed to catch Taehyung off guard, who had been serious since Yoongi had made his entrance. The kid laughed with his box smile and turned to observe Jin, who was walking Jungkook through the hallway. He opened doors and shuffled the younger boy into the room, before quickly pulling him to the next. Yoongi remembers being given the same tour a couple of years ago when Namjoon and Jin had moved in.

“You aren’t wrong.” He agrees, going quiet for a few moments. “Don’t say anything about it to the others, hyung.” And just like that, the mood was serious again. “Jungkook has been through a lot, but he’s stubborn as hell and is too independent for his own good. He can tell the others on his own time. For now, we need to prepare for-” Taehyung is interrupted, but a smile spreads on his face when he hears the voice.

“Jeon Jungkook!” A yell erupts from the front of the house, and Taehyung smirks a little bit before running for the front room. Yoongi follows, concerned. The scene in front of him was slightly confusing, but he pieces information together until he has a general idea of what was happening.

Taehyung and Jimin moved to Seoul almost two years ago. Both had come from Busan and had stuck together through all of the group’s struggles and hardships, providing for each other like family. Both had spoke fondly of home and their other friends, including Jungkook, whom they only spoke highly of.

Which is why Yoongi didn’t find it odd when he approached a pile of limbs and a mess of Jimin’s stuff scattered around it. The pile was trembling, and Yoongi stood back from the group as he watched on. Jin seemed to understand as well, moving to stand by Yoongi as Taehyung bent down to join the pile of limbs.

Jimin’s voice was thick with emotion as he spoke to his dongsaeng. “Jungkookie-ah, I’m so glad that you’re here. Your hyungs have missed you, Kookie-ah. Yah! Let me hug you longer.” Jin chuckles quietly, turning to Namjoon to explain as he appears. When Jimin’s head does emerge from said pile, his face is red and wet with tears. Yoongi’s heart aches slightly at the tenderness of the moment and he lets himself grin a little bit.

Jungkook turns slightly and Yoongi can see the peace in his expression and his now watery eyes. Taehyung pulls the two to him and they’re once again on the floor, rolling around once more. Jimin is still rambling quietly, and Jungkook’s lips move as if he is answering in whispers. Jin pulls on his arm, and he looks over to see Namjoon and Seokjin motioning for the exit.

They return to the kitchen where Jin inspects the food that Namjoon had finished during the eldest hyung’s distracted tour of the house. Yoongi’s observation habit seems to increase as he tires, his last energy drink slowly leaving his system. He sees the search for approval and praise in Namjoon’s eyes, and Yoongi huffs a small laugh to himself. The clumsy idiot was so proud of himself for not breaking any dishes without supervision.

He notices the fondness in Jin’s eyes as he teases and questions his lover. Yoongi rolls his eyes slightly as Jin wraps his arms around Namjoon and kisses him. God, if he ever gets so soft for another person he hopes someone will just kill him. Still, he notices the utter peace in their features and overall presence, and quietly wishes that someone would come along and calm his high-strung personality.

“Suga, help us set the table please.” Jin teases him with an english nickname, an attempt at the word ‘sugar’. (‘Because you’re so sweet when you give up that grumpy attitude!’ Jin had explained to a less than impressed Yoongi.) Regardless of the attempt to rile him up, Yoongi stands and helps to move the food to the dining room.

His thoughts occupy him as he carefully carries the plated meats to the table. Jungkook’s arrival had brought a whirlwind around him. Not only that, but now the damn song was stuck in his head again. Yoongi needed to learn it to get it out of his head, but could he get Jungkook away from Jimin and Taehyung long enough to have Jungkook teach him?

Chapter Text


“Jeon Jungkook!” Jungkook heard him and felt him before he actually saw the body that tackled him to the ground. He can remember that grasp, the sound of his voice, the cologne that he never seemed to get tired of.

“Jiminie-hyung!” Jungkook manages to squeak out as Jimin begins to cry into his shoulder. Jimin had managed to completely encapsulate Jungkook in his much smaller frame, as if he was trying to shield the younger from something.

Jimin pulls away once, wet and puffy face coming into view. Jungkook’s heart aches at the familiarity.

”Jeon Jungkook!” Jungkook heard Jimin’s voice before he actually saw him, and he only really saw him for a split second before Jungkook was laying flat on his back in the grass. “Ah Jungkookie! Hyung has missed you so much, school is no fun without you!” Jimin’s voice is muffled, but it makes Jungkook smile nonetheless.

“Hyung, I’ve missed you as well.” He murmurs through his mask. It’s slightly uncomfortable to have the barrier while he speaks, not quite used to having to wear it. He had been slightly sick for the past week, but now that he was slowly getting better, his eomma had allowed him to go out and greet Jimin when he got off of the bus. Taehyung was already home, having left school early for a dentist appointment. “Eomma says I have to wear the mask but I don’t really want to.” He murmurs, still laying on the grass with Jimin holding onto him.

“You must, Kookie. If you make hyung sick, we won’t be able to play for even longer.” Somehow, that convinced him to wear it for much longer than needed. “You’ll get better soon, Jungkook. I’ll be there to help you.” It was sure and Jungkook was confident afterwards that he was right.

“Jungkook-ah, where have you been? Taehyung and I, we looked everywhere. When we heard about your dad and that your mom wasn’t doing well, Taehyung and I went to get you but you were already gone.” He murmurs in Jungkook’s ear, hands running down Jungkook’s spine and rubbing his arms.

Jungkook pulls his face back to speak. “We’ll talk about it later, in private. I just want to enjoy this time with you, hyung.” That seems to make Jimin cry harder, and the warmth in his chest spreads as he basks in the love and happiness radiating from his friend. Taehyung bends down and hugs the both of them, and soon they’re rolling around as a pile of limbs.

This is what family is.

Dinner at Seokjin’s reminded Jungkook of Taehyung’s family dinners, from long ago. Seokjin was very- for lack of a better word- maternal, toward his dongsaengs. He questioned them about their days and diets, about their work and their happiness, and ultimately, their love lives. Namjoon was his other half, the paternal figure. He quietly encouraged and watched over them all and gave them life advice when one brought up a difficult subject.

It made Jungkook’s heart ache. He aches to know where his own eomma and appa were, but pushed it aside to enjoy the meal before him.

Jimin and Taehyung sandwiched him between them, Jimin being especially clingy and protective over having him back after such a long time. Jin was across from Taehyung who was at his left, Namjoon was seated directly in front of Jungkook, and Yoongi was in front of Jimin at his right. Namjoon had announced right before dinner that Hoseok, one of their friends, wouldn’t be able to attend dinner, so there was an empty chair at both ends of the table.

It was such a warm atmosphere, and Jungkook bathes in it while he can.

“I almost didn’t get Yoongi-hyung out of the studio. He’s been on a weird inspiration kick lately and hasn’t given it a rest. Would you like to tell Jin how much caffeine you have inhaled in the past twelve hours?” Namjoon smirks at his hyung, and Jungkook is shocked at the lack of formality between them. Yoongi doesn’t seem to scowl at the lack of formality though, but rather the raised eyebrow on Jin-hyung’s forehead.

Jungkook watched the fond argument ensue between the eldest two, preferring to listen to their conversations rather than contributing to them.

Jungkook was suffering from a mild case of whiplash due to the change that he had gone through in the past few days. He went from being homeless and looking for his eomma on the streets to being found by his best friend that he hadn’t spoke to in years to having dinner with his two best friends and three strangers that had asked him to call them hyung. The change was sudden and shocking, and it made him nauseous, and he knows that he will have to deal with it at some point. For now though, he is perfectly content with watching these people bicker back and forth.

“Almonds, Min Yoongi! I have told you, time and time again, that almonds are a natural energy snack. Six energy drinks and eight coffees are not a healthy source of energy.” Jin scolds, no real malice in his tone. Jungkook could recognize the concern in it. Yoongi rolls his eyes, but there’s an upward turn of his mouth that Jungkook doesn’t miss. “Now that I’m done with you, let’s change the topic.

“Jungkook-ah, the boys have told me that you’re an athlete.” Seokjin states, picking up his chopsticks. The statement has implied questions, the eldest trying to start a conversation.

Blushing, Jungkook nods. “I used to be.” It’s simple, and he is able to avoid more questions by lightly kicking Taehyung’s foot.

“Jungkook-ah is also a singer!” Taehyung exclaims, getting the gist after Jungkook’s second, more powerful kick.

“And an artist!” Jimin adds. “He also plays the piano, like you, Yoongi-hyung.” Yoongi’s head snaps upwards in attention, having only been half listening to the conversation.

Jungkook freezes, hoping that Yoongi wouldn’t tell them about anything. To Jungkook’s satisfaction, Yoongi merely nods and swallows his food before answering. “He played for me when he was at the shop. You’re very talented.” A blush makes its way down the back of Jungkook’s neck. He didn’t know these people very well, but he could gauge well enough that Yoongi was being sincere with his words.

“Thank you, Yoongi-hyung.” Jungkook smiles softly in answer, warmth blossoming in his chest. It still felt strange to be in their presence as a guest in the middle of a family, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone else as they kept up conversation.

Jin takes the opportunity to continue the conversation. “You seem to be very talented. Did you ever consider a career in the arts?” Jungkook’s heart aches slightly at the thought, but pushes it down.

“I did, actually. When I was young, Taehyung-hyung, Jimin-hyung, and I used to play idols, it was a dream of mine for a long time. My father composed music and my mom loved to dance.” Jungkook is shocked at the amount of information he had let out of his own mouth.

Even though he seems to be at a loss of words, Taehyung and Jimin fill in blank spaces.

“Jungkook used to come up with our choreography until we went to dance classes. We’ll have to keep you Hoseok-hyung, Kookie.” The table laughs, all except for Jungkook who is slightly confused.

Namjoon picks up on it apparently as he explains to Jungkook that Hoseok— Hobi, as they liked to call him— was a dancer, and he was constantly searching for dancers that he could use in sets. There seemed to be an inside joke between them about refusing Hoseok’s pleas for extra dancers, but none of them elaborate.

“What sports did you play, Jungkook?” Namjoon asks politely, and Jungkook’s cheeks redden.

“I did track mostly.” Jungkook’s face burns red, smiling down at his plate. Until Jimin hits him directly in the arm.

“Yah! Our Jungkookie played baseball, basketball, track, and wrestling.” Jungkook grumbles as he rubs his arm. He did in fact play all of those, yet they mattered the least in his opinion.

Taehyung takes over the conversation once more, and while Jungkook was thankful for it before, he wishes that he could ask them to stop talking. “He was ranked second in the nation for his Handball Skills!” Taehyung explains, and Jungkook’s best plan of action was to shove another lamb bite into his mouth. There are impressed exclamations around the table, but someone must have sensed the embarrassment in his features as the topic changed.

Dinner comes to an end, and Jin insists that he do nothing. “You are a guest. Taehyung and Jimin are in charge of cleaning up, as Yoongi helped set up dinner, and Namjoon ought to stay out of the kitchen to protect the world’s peace.” Namjoon huffs in disagreement, but obliges him. He leaves the room, saying that he would set up a movie for those who stayed.

Taehyung and Jimin are reluctant but fear the wrath of Jin, so they too oblige and begin to pick up the dining ware around them.

Moments pass, and it is only Yoongi and Jungkook left at their spots, sitting in a slightly uncomfortable silence. That is, until Yoongi breaks it. “Jungkook, the other night when you played the piano. What was that song you played?” He asks, and Jungkook jumps slightly at the sudden question. “It’s been playing over and over inside of my head and I can’t find it online anywhere, but I figured you must know it.”

Jungkook thinks back to a few nights before when he was at the shop, in a similar situation. It had been his father’s song, technically, but one that he had never been able to finish. Jungkook had finished the song soon after he left Jungkook and his eomma, but hadn’t been able to play it since they left Busan. It had shocked him then when he had played it so smoothly from memory.

“My father wrote most of it, but abandoned the piece when he realized something was missing. Eventually, I was playing around with the song and it came together. I used to have the music, but it was ruined.” Jungkook looks up at Yoongi, surprisingly comfortable enough to offer, “I can play it for you. If Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung would be okay with it, that is.” Yoongi’s lips turn up in a smile and he stands.

Jungkook follows suit, staying behind Yoongi as he tells Jimin and Taehyung that they’re going to the piano if Jin asks.

As Yoongi leads them to the piano, he turns to Jungkook to speak. “This sounds odd, but I’m nothing if not shameless. I was having a huge slump on writing and composing until you played that. That’s why I’ve been ‘psychotically obsessed’ with working lately, as Namjoon likes to say. So thank you, kid.” Jungkook is at a loss for words as they arrive, so he settles for nodding, a small smile settling upon his lips.

Yoongi helps him pull out the piano bench and sits down at his side as Jungkook places his hands. Jungkook doesn’t think much as he begins to play, muscle memory taking over. The chords strike something in him now, heart recognizing that the song that was created at the separation of a family, played once again at the reunion of one.

He regains his thoughts as the last few notes linger in the air.

Jungkook flinches at the sudden clapping ringing through the air.

“Our golden Kookie!” Taehyung cheers, and Jungkook can’t stop himself from laughing at the old nickname despite the embarassment running through him.

Jin and Namjoon are smiling at him from the door, Jimin and Taehyung standing right behind Yoongi.

“As much as I want to listen to you play forever, we really ought to head home.” Taehyung puts his hands in Jungkook’s hair, already as comfortable with skinship as he had been before their separation. He keeps his fingers in his dongsaeng’s hair as he turns toward his hyungs. “Thank you for dinner, Jin-hyung. I assume you’ll message me when you plan the next one?”

Jin nods in affirmation, pulling Namjoon forward as he walks in the room. “Of course. Jungkook, it was a pleasure meeting you. I hope we’ll see you more in the future?” Jungkook nods, grabbing Namjoon’s outstretched hand to shake, and then extending his hand to Seokjin who takes the opportunity to pull the younger to his chest in a hug. “You’re welcome here anytime, regardless of if you’re with Taehyung or Jimin.” He murmurs into Jungkook’s ear, who thanks him quietly.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, Jungkook.” Namjoon nods, and Jungkook repeats the phrase back to him.

Finally, Jungkook turns to Yoongi who has risen from the piano bench. “It was good seeing you again, kid. Thank you for playing for me. Also- you should go and see my hyung. He’s been waiting for you to come see him.” Jungkook feels guilt spring up at his forgotten promise.

“I will, hyung. Thank you all for allowing me to come to your dinner.” Taehyung and Jimin finish their goodbyes before pulling their maknae out of the door. Instantly, four arms are wrapped around him from both sides.

Grinning tiredly, he squeezes the arms that he can get his arms wrapped around. “Hyungs, I’m here, I won’t go anywhere.” He promises, only to be hushed.

“Let us have this moment with you, Jungkook.” Taehyung murmurs, only pulling them closer together. Jungkook doesn’t argue, just sinks into the touches further.

This is what family is.


Yoongi was wrong; apparently he could get Jungkook away from Jimin and Taehyung for long enough to speak of the song.

It had only taken small conversation and some bullshit talk about being shameless before Yoongi was sitting on the stool beside Jungkook, watching his fingers hit the keys gently, peace pure on his face. Yoongi saw Taehyung the moment he entered the doorway, so he had fortunately saved himself from looking like a staring fool, despite wishing he could have stared at the kid’s face the entire time. It felt all too familiar, watching him close his eyes as his fingers touched the keys.

Jungkook was talented, Yoongi couldn’t lie. But there was something else that made the music captivating. Correction; something else that inspired Jungkook to make the music so beautiful. If there had been a moment between the end of the piece and Taehyung’s obnoxious clapping, Yoongi would have asked what that inspiration had been.

He couldn’t help but be slightly envious that it hadn’t been him that wrote the song, as it would bring in revenue like no other. The other half of him wished that Jungkook had only shown him, so that Yoongi wouldn’t have to share it with anyone else. Selfishness aside, Yoongi was impressed.

Soon after, Jungkook left with Taehyung and Jimin, and Yoongi was slightly put out that there would be no one else around to endure Seokjin and Namjoon’s lovey-dovey crap during whatever movie they had picked out. Usually Hoseok was here at least for the movie if Jimin and Taehyung left together. Now he was stuck watching some American romance film that only Namjoon really seemed to understand, and that Jin used as an opportunity to be ‘cute’ and ‘romantic’ with each other.

Yoongi practically bolted when he heard Namjoon grunt from across the couch. He was not being held victim to that nightmare again. Never again.

That left him to his thoughts in the basement bedroom, practically his own on the weeks that Yoongi was forced out of the studio or his office in the early hours by Jin or Namjoon.

Something had felt different during this dinner, whether it was the lack of Hoseok or the gain of Jungkook, there had been some sort of shift in the atmosphere. Not that he minded, it had been a fulfilling day and Jungkook was a good kid to have around. Maybe it was just the sexual tension between Jin and Namjoon.

Yoongi shudders at the thought.

Sitting in the dark was comforting, but the shifted feeling hadn’t dissipated. His mind isn’t running at two hundred miles an hour like before, but something was still off- the song.

That damned song was still in his head, but now he could remember the ending. Hearing it was supposed to get it out of his head, not shove it deeper. Yoongi grumbles, disgruntled at the discovery. At least now he could record it for himself. Something about the song was sad and soothing, but satisfied him. Of course he would never give it to his bosses for production, but rather play it when he felt the need.

Yoongi sighs, rolling over onto his side to grab his phone.

Often times he found himself looking at Jun Ki’s contact photo, one that Yoongi had set for him long before the accident. It was a photo of himself and his hyung that he had taken on one of their family vacations. Jun Ki had followed him on his quest to do something dangerous and fun, the two of them ending up on the platform of a walking bridge. Jun Ki looked worried but happy, smiling into the camera while Yoongi made some sort of crazy face. It was the last photo they had taken together.

That memory present in his mind, he find his way to Jun Ki’s contact, hovering over the call button before clicking the message icon.

You | 20:25 | hey, hyung.

Not even a moment later, his phone buzzes.

Jun Ki-Hyung | 20:26 | hey. what are you doing up so late?

Yoongi grimaces at how hyung it was to worry about him. It reminds him of how much he’s distanced himself after the accident.

You | 20:27 | I had a dinner with the guys. the kid you fed and took care of turned out to be a friend of Tae’s from back home. He’s staying with him now. Figured you’d want to know.

Yoongi wishes that he had more to say to him, a better conversation starter than a homeless kid that kept making a reappearance in his life. But Yoongi had been the one to distance himself, not his hyung, and making the effort feels awkward. Like he was trying to quietly fit himself back into his life, despite doing his best to force himself out of it.

Jun Ki-Hyung | 20:30 | Thats good, I was wondering about him. How have you been?

Yoongi tries not to panic slightly at the question, afraid of the small talk. He’d never been good at it, never. A second vibration disturbs him from his thoughts.

Jun Ki-Hyung | 20:31 | forget that, you don’t like small talk. Just come by the shop tomorrow and we’ll talk some grown up bs like you’ve been into. btdubbs, your dog is driving me through the roof. you should come and take him back sometime.

Guilt pours through him slightly, realizing that he had forgotten his own child in the past week of work and mayhem. Min Holly had been at home while Yoongi had been at the studio, and he deemed it unfair to him to keep him kenneled in the house while he was off working himself much too hard. The other half of him, the tiny part that wasn’t filling with guilt and longing, was filled with mirth at the thought of Jun Ki losing his mind over Min Holly’s high pitched barking.

You | 20:32 | i will come and pick her up tomorrow, if you can bring him to the shop. this week has been a crazy one, hyung. although i’m not sure how my angel could be driving you nuts.

Mayhaps it’s the fatigue beginning to weigh him down, or the consciousness fighting at the fatigue, but the small joke had him bubbling with quiet laughter. It only serves to tickle him further when he receives Jun Ki’s next text.

Jun Ki-Hyung | 20:34 | how’d you get the sideways print

His eyes are drooping heavily, not paying any mind to the phone as he gives into sleep, notes and chords filling his head. Yoongi wouldn’t admit it, but the images of strong hands playing the keys accompany the music that lulls him into a deep sleep.

Chapter Text


Taehyung had made the executive decision to have Jimin stay the night with them. The plan had started with pure intentions, but Jungkook feels the fear wind up in his stomach thinking about everything that he'll have to explain again, relaxing night forgotten. Best friends don't disappear without an explanation. Best friends call for help when they don't know what to do. Best friends don't suddenly show up after two years looking like they came out on the wrong end of a grinder.

Taehyung is frowning slightly from the opposite side of the couch, knowing that trying to get through to Jungkook while he’s having a ‘moment’ would do no good. Jimin has Jungkook’s hands wrapped tightly in his own, trying to keep the maknae’s nails from ripping apart the skin on his palms, a nasty nervous habit from when they were kids. Taehyung had always been good at physical comfort while Jimin had calmed him down with gentle words or softly sung songs, but this time the uncertainty had both of them off kilter. Jungkook, their precious maknae, had gone missing for two years. How were they supposed to comfort him when they wanted all of the answers that seemed to make him scared?

“Kookie, why don’t you go and take a shower, and I can explain what I can to hyung, and then you can come and fill us in on anything else you want to.” Taehyung murmurs, trying not to startle the younger, who is biting down on his lips with force. Jimin, ignoring the initial flinch, reaches up and pulls his lips from between his teeth. Tension leaves Jungkook’s frame as he resigns to the bathroom. He feels slightly nauseous at the thought of his two best friends talking about him behind his back. Why didn’t you call, Jungkook? We could have helped.

Jungkook knows why he didn’t call, and that was the most heartbreaking part of it all. He’s got the scars to prove it, the memories to haunt him for it. Hell, he still gets withdrawals from it.

He breathes in the thick steam that has been filling the bathroom, trying to calm himself down as he looks at his body, small reminders of what he’d been through scattered across his flesh like tiny constellations in the crease of his elbow, his hip, his shoulder, his thighs, all covered in tiny wounds. Jungkook hadn’t been able to call because he was high. And even now, sitting under a stream of water and scrubbing away layers of skin, he feels too dirty.

What had started out as an intervention and a rescue mission to get his mom out of the locked bedroom of some unfamiliar crackhouse had led to a week of laying in a corner, puking up whatever stomach acid had formed in the time he’d been asleep. Withdrawals had made him feel worse than the actual drugs did, and Jungkook remembers wishing that they would somehow give him too much and just kill him. Because he never wanted to be a pin cushion for syringes or an ashtray for the occasional smoker, but he became one for trying to save his mother. And he would never want to take the drugs himself, sometimes he itches for something that will get rid of his shaking and lessen the itch in his arm for a while.

How the hell was he supposed to tell his two best friends that he’d been drugged while trying to keep his mother from getting raped? How is Jungkook supposed to look them in the eyes and tell them that he’s got a high chance of having an STD because of his week in hell? How was Jungkook supposed to tell his hyungs that he was grateful for them taking him in because he didn’t want to be around when his mother finally died of something? How does he explain to them that he's got almost nothing to show for all of his attempts to be the hero that he wanted to be for his eomma.

Water runs down his back, and he relishes the slight pain that brings him out of his thoughts. Jungkook would tell them, because he they didn’t deserve to be left in the dark when all they’ve ever wanted was to help him, despite his stubborn nature. He’d let them in because Jungkook was terrified of what he may consist of on a genetic level, and they could help him find out. Most importantly, they loved him even when his eomma didn't, and tried to find him for years while his mother ran away. Maybe they would even love him through getting himself together, through trying to become the old Jungkook, the one that could be just as mischievous as his hyungs and look twice as innocent while doing it.

The water strips away all of his pseudo walls that he’d built up for himself, relishing in the scent of lavender body wash that Taehyung was still using after five years of discovering it. Jungkook’s obsidian-shine black hair was silky through the lathering of shampoo and conditioner, and his face soft as he washes it gently. All of these things clean off the scars, but they do not disappear. It only serves to prove that the person he saw in the mirror was changed, damaged, but still there.

Taehyung must have come in at some point during his shower as there is a change of clothes sat on the counter of the bathroom sink. Drying off, he looked at the clothing closely, the slight wear in the knees of the sweatpants. Putting them on, however, he recognized them instantly— they were his. Each of them had always kept a pair of pajamas at the other’s houses for ease of planning, and when Jungkook had disappeared he hadn’t been able to go back for his clothes. Jungkook would have never considered that his hyung would have kept them. The feel of something so familiar and warm and safe makes him calm down.

A cloud of fog escapes the room as he opens the door, carefully walking toward the living room where quiet voices are heard. He doesn’t quite catch any of the conversation before Taehyung makes eye contact with him, sitting up obviously straight to alert Jimin that he was there. It was something that he’d done since they were kids, when one of them was talking about the other as they walked in. It was slightly awkward for everyone involved, but slightly helpful as they could avoid certain topics like the plague. Like the time that Jungkook and Taehyung were staying at Jimin’s house and accidentally barged in on the eldest in the bathroom without him noticing as he attended to, well. Of course his first instinct was to go to Taehyung and rant out of embarrassment, face flaming hot as said hyung entered the room with a blissful smile.

Now, Jungkook was entirely aware of why Jimin’s face was dampened with tears, nose and eyes red and puffy as he tries to dry them. Jungkook smiles awkwardly as he sits down in the middle of them, thankful that the couch was slightly curved so he wouldn’t have to turn his head to look at either of them. So he could gauge their reactions quietly. Jungkook shifts so that his head and arms are resting on his knees, toes hanging over the edge of the couch a little bit.

Jimin looks like he wants to ask so many questions, but Jungkook speaks first. “Hyung,” he starts, gaining both of their attention. “I know you want to know why I didn’t reach out to you, why I didn’t come back to you. I know you have a lot of questions but I think I owe both of you a proper explanation and warning before I come back into your lives.” Jungkook is thankful for the quiet apartment, as he is positive that his quiet mumbles were heard clearly.

Jimin makes a noise of protest, concerns expressed by Taehyung. “You don’t need to warn us to stay. Jungkook, whatever you have to say means nothing compared to the fact that you’re home. You're a part of us whether you want to be or not.” Jungkook looks up, anything to avoid their eyes as he tries to keep his tears at bay.

“Thank you. But I still need to tell you, to be fair.” Or maybe he didn’t. But he did. “When I left Busan, I thought that we were just going to visit a family friend that would help eomma. She was on the phone late one night and insisted that I come with her to Seoul to meet up with a friend of hers. I tried to call home but realized that I'd left it at home because I was so worried about her that I was trying to get us safely to Seoul. I thought I was going to help her get better, but then we were suddenly at a house filled with people and she—" He takes a deep breath, letting himself be soothed by gentle words of encouragement by his hyungs. "I got her to an empty room and locked us in there until she was coming down from her high and yelling at me." Jungkook stops for a breath, and apologizes. It's all still too sensitive for him.

"I started working odd jobs to get money and try to get home, but each time, she would try to get it for drugs and all I could manage was to keep her in an alley and run for food when I could. So I did that, focusing on trying to save any little money I could for a train ticket, even if it was only one, but I could never get more than twenty before we needed food again. There were a few times people would take us in, but she got us kicked out. I felt awful for all of those people. I could never find a phone booth near enough or a person kind enough to let me use their cell phone, and I felt like I couldn't leave my eomma. But I couldn't drag a drug riddled mother into a police station, so I stayed.

"And now, I uh, I think I need to go to the doctors. A week ago, I was trying to stop a man from hurting eomma and chased him into the house. I was restrained by a couple of the men and drugged and I was there for a few weeks, sick.” His voice is hoarse, and his hands are trembling slightly, but uncurled. Cautiously, he stretches out his arms to either side of them, letting them look at the insides of his arms, covered in scar tissue. “I haven’t had any symptoms of— I haven’t been sick or anything, but you can’t be sure when it comes to drug addicts. I don’t know what they injected me with, or if the needles were used. I have withdrawals sometimes, but they aren't as bad as the first ones. They're manageable now. ”

Jimin’s small hand reaches for his arm, which he flinches away from for a moment. Seeing the shocked look on his face snapped Jungkook out of his thought before stretching it out again. Jimin is tracing over the pink skin of his arm, looking at the faint scars that are healing.

“Oh, Jungkook.” Taehyung murmurs, his normally energetic demeanor replaced with concern. It was always concern, love, and care, from the two of them. When had biological family failed him so much that he forgot that those three things existed? Jungkook's fears all seem to wash away the longer they stay beside him.

He too picks up Jungkook’s arm from where it lay outstretched, thumbing over a few of the abrasions on the inside of his wrists, careful as if touching them would reopen them. As their thumbs brush across his skin, it feels like they're wiping away the dirt that had built up over years. He feels cleaner, more whole, with them on each of his sides.

“Where is your eomma, Jungkook-ah?” Jimin asks carefully, trying not to push further for information than Jungkook was willing to give. But he can't— he won't keep anything from them if he can help it. Because after these two years of acting like a grown up and taking care of himself, he wants help. So he would answer any question they had, no matter how ashamed he may be of the answer.

Jungkook shrugs, not wanting to meet their eyes. “She ran off with her drug dealer from the house. I tried to fight with him and his men but I was too weak, and a couple of his friends roughed me up, gave me a shot of something, and I woke up a few days later without a clue as to where she was. I’ve been looking for her since.” Jimin lets it go after that, instead deciding to wrap himself around his dongsaeng, who was trembling slightly, and a little out of breath after explaining so much.

Taehyung mirrors Jimin, and in absolutely no time he’s in a hyung sandwich.

“Thank you guys, for not leaving me. And letting me stay with you, and introducing me to your friends even though I’m a stranger to them.” Jungkook murmurs eventually, lips sending vibrations into Taehyung’s chest.

Jimin giggles slightly. “Except for Yoongi-hyung. You seemed to know him.” Taehyung giggles too, rumbling disturbing Jungkook from his half-sleep. The two seemed to have their own inside secret, something that didn’t set well with Jungkook.

“His brother let me rest in his pawn shop for a few hours out of the heat. We only met a few days ago. It was the same night Taehyung-hyung found me.” Jungkook murmurs, on the defense. Jimin chortles again, pulling away from the maknae who’s protesting at the loss of warmth.

Jimin’s face is lit up with a mischievous smile, and Jungkook squints. “Yoongi-hyung looked at you the entire dinner. I think he’s fond of you, Kookie.” It’s Jungkook’s turn to laugh, pulling out of his hyung’s embrace. Yoongi had only looked up when Jimin had addressed him directly. Besides, he'd only met him and talked with him once before the dinner.

“When you played the piano for him he was looking at you like some sort of saint— or better yet, Min Holly.” Jimin laughs at that, and the three of them can feel the familiarity in the air. This was the way things were supposed to be.

Jungkook ignores most of their comments about Yoongi, passing it off as a gentle joke. Until Jimin hits him with, “We could set them up, Taehyungie!” Taehyung gasps and Jungkook twists out of their reaches, eyes wide in shock.

“You will not!” Taehyung grabs his arm gently, pulling him back down on the couch while assuring him that they wouldn’t meddle. (Unless he asked them to.)

Jimin stands up and announces that he’s going to grab drinks from the fridge, and Taehyung pulls his feet up onto the couch to tuck underneath the edge of Jungkook’s thigh.

Taehyung is much more calm and happier than he had been before, when Jungkook had admitted to them what he’d been through on the streets. This time when he spoke, it was less full of concern, but held the same carefulness that he used to address Jungkook every time they spoke about the sensitive topics.

“I can get you into the doctor tomorrow or the next day, if you want that. I know that you’re worried about it, but we won’t love you any less if things don’t come out as you hope.” Jungkook’s heart melts at the love and care laced into the words, and he thinks of just how surreal this moment was.

Just a few days ago he was on the streets, barely recovered from being drugged and beaten. Then he had been taken in by the kindness that was Min Jun Ki, and shown the same grace by Min Yoongi. A few hours later he was wailing in an alley, only to be found by his childhood best friend, and just two days later he was in a home with clean clothes, food, and a place to stay. Taehyung had outstretched his kindness and his beautiful home. Above all of this, he was given love, something he’d been starved of for the past two years.

Jungkook nods, and Jimin walks in to break the tension. “While you’re at it, get the boy in for a haircut.” Jungkook laughs, pulling at his badly cut hair from when he cut it himself with a razor blade that he found.

“Hyung, would you mind taking me by Jun Ki’s shop? I promised him that I would come and see him but I haven’t yet.” Jungkook asks, taking the water from Jimin’s hands. Taehyung agrees, mind going back to the television. Taehyung takes a separate remote and dims the lights with it, which Jungkook still can’t get over.

Taehyung was from a slightly wealthy family, just as Jimin and Jungkook had, but this apartment seemed so much nicer than Jungkook could fathom him getting himself. Of course, Taehyung had always had expensive tastes. He wonders if Taehyung still has the Gucci ring that Jungkook had bought him one year.

The apartment was lovely; high ceilings, clean paint, a brick wall in his kitchen. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a view of Seoul that was gorgeous despite how close it was to the project areas of the city. It was worn and cluttered in a messy but clean way that only Taehyung could master. It also kind of shocked him at just how comfortable Jimin was around the house, even though it shouldn't. Jungkook had been waiting for an engagement from the time that the both of them turned seventeen.

Jimin is laying on Jungkook’s right and Taehyung is on his left, both of their arms reaching around him. That’s how Jungkook falls asleep, warm and content.

Chapter Text


Taehyung had managed to schedule an appointment for the coming Friday, five days away. While Taehyung had been disgruntled about not finding an earlier time, Jungkook was relieved that he had plenty of time before going to see the doctor to try to get rid of his nerves. Jimin was supposed to take him after he got off work in the afternoon. Fridays were short shifts, something about Hoseok’s tendency to go overtime on the dancers and staff during the other four days, and gave them a half of a day off as an apology.

Their morning had been slightly hectic, as Taehyung’s alarm didn’t go off, and Jimin’s alarm had mysteriously done the same thing. Both had hugged Jungkook tightly, and through his half awake daze he could hear them yelling apologies and promises to be back for lunch.

The commotion startled him awake, and Jungkook found himself searching for something to do while he was alone— which happened to start with Taehyung's video games. It took him a little bit, but he managed to figure out how to work the new system. This lasted him a few hours, and then he was bored again, and then hungry, and then tired. He was woken from his nap by a flash and a curse word.

“Sorry, Kook. You look like a sushi roll, I couldn’t resist.” Ah, so Taehyung was back from work. Not that Jungkook was entirely sure exactly what he was doing for work, as he hadn’t asked about it once since he arrived. What he did know, was that Taehyung had definitely not been wearing eyeliner that morning when he left. Or had he? “Don’t think too much, Kookie. Might strain yourself.”

Jungkook’s mouth opens and closes, unable to think of a comeback in his tired stupor. Taehyung seems to gauge that well, and instead of messing with him further he drops a bag of fast food in front of Jungkook.

“Courtesy of Seokjin, who catered to the shoot today. He likes you, you know.” Taehyung converses, looking up to see the confused look on Jungkook’s face. “What?” He asks, looking down at his shirt and feeling his hair for any stray strands.

“What’s a shoot?” Jungkook asks, slightly worried. Had Taehyung and Jimin joined a gang? That would explain the expensive—

“Like a photoshoot? I’m a model, Jungkook.” Taehyung answers, amused. Jungkook’s eyes were the size of tea saucers. “I guess I forgot to tell you.” Jungkook, who is way calmer now that he knows he wasn’t introduced to any mafia leaders, is excited for his friend. Taehyung had amazing fashion sense, even if some of the things he wore were slightly outlandish. It only made sense. Not that it wouldn't have made sense for Taehyung to join the mafia, but this makes even more sense than that explanation had.

Lunch goes by quickly, and Taehyung sighs, looking down at his relatively humble looking watch. “I’ve got a half hour before I need to be back. I can take you to Jun Ki’s shop now if you want, and you can have the passcode to the apartment if you want to walk back before I get off.” Jungkook agrees, and Taehyung leads him to his bedroom where he pulls out a pair of clothes.

“My jeans may be slightly big on you, but these are ones that I can’t fit into anymore so they might work. And here’s a loose shirt of chim’s.” Taehyung’s eyes grow incredibly fond at the mention of Jimin, and Jungkook is internally grinning and grimacing. He suspected that the two finally got their heads out of their asses and got together finally. Hopefully. If they were somehow still dancing around each other like they used to, he might just combust.

Taehyung lets Jungkook change, and then they leave. Taehyung drops Jungkook off at the shop with a slip of paper with some numbers on it. Jungkook was slightly nervous to be back, though he had no reason to be. Jun Ki was an exceptionally nice person, and Jungkook doubts that that would change just because Jungkook came in looking like less of a mess than before.

The chimes above the door ring as he steps through into the familiar air conditioning. For a moment, Jungkook sees no movement or sign of life, and wonders if he had just unintentionally broken into his shop. His worries are disregarded as soon as Jun Ki’s head pops out of the back room, mask secure around his mouth and nose.

“Jungkook-ah! What a great surprise. I’ve been wondering about you.” As gradual as the nerves had been, they’re calmed immediately when Jun Ki motions for him to come around the desk and sit.

An hour passes while talking about mindless things. Sometimes Jun Ki would tell Jungkook a funny story from their childhood, and sometimes they would talk about the different pawn items around the store. Some moments they spoke of nothing at all, and that’s where they left off when Jungkook hears a bark, startling him.

Jun Ki huffs slightly, leaving the room for a moment before returning with a dog smaller than his head. “Yoongi’s dog. He’s adorable, but his barking has kept me awake for the past week.” He’s small with curly brown hair covering his tiny form. And the two round eyes looking up at him? Jungkook would die for him.

“What’s his name?” Jungkook asks, awe in his voice. He hadn’t been around a tiny dog since his father took his with him. Jungkook feels like a gentle giant as he reaches out to let him sniff his hand.

Jun Ki chuckles at the dog’s eager response to Jungkook’s attention. “Holly. Yoongi-ah’s pride and joy.” Jungkook can’t help but to grin at the thought of the seemingly impenetrable force of Min Yoongi doing aegyo for a dog smaller than the span of both of his palms.

Jun Ki holds him out gently toward the younger, and Jungkook pulls the dog into the warmth of his chest, giggling wildly at the dog’s attempts at getting comfortable. Eventually, he falls asleep with his head laying on his elbow. Even though maintaining the position is slightly uncomfortable, Jungkook knows that you simply cannot wake a sleeping dog in good conscious, and leaves him be.

“Yoongi’s a big softie, really. He’s always had that tough bravado, but he only started to really use it when our parents passed away.” The statement catches Jungkook off guard, not expecting the soft moment to turn so serious. “He messaged me last night, actually. Told me that you came to dinner with them. It was nice to hear from him. Yoongi is actually supposed to come by soon to pick this little brat up soon.” Jun Ki’s voice isn’t filled with much of any emotion, but his expression was full of deep thought.

Part of Jungkook laughs— sadly though, no humor behind it. It seemed that he and Yoongi had lots of things in common. Music, love for small dogs, and parent related angst.

“Speaking of—” Jungkook’s eyes snap up to the door where the chimes are ringing, and in walks none other than Min Yoongi himself. A grinning Yoongi who is disregarding Jungkook’s existence when Min Holly jumps out of his lap to run toward his owner. Yoongi is grinning widely, and Jun Ki is smiling, amused at the scene in front of him.

Jungkook’s heart definitely beats much faster upon seeing the wide, gum filled smile on his hyung’s face. The once humorous vision of Yoongi aegyo for such a small dog is thrown out the door as he experiences the warming smile of Yoongi.

“Ah, my dearest.” Yoongi clutches at his heart, but not for long as Holly stands on his hind legs in Yoongi’s crossed legs, trying to reach his hands for more attention. Finally, Yoongi acknowledges the other two in the room, smile decreasing in severity at the much less adorable humans. This Yoongi threw Jungkook for a loop. He was comfortable and smiling and it suited him so well. Not that the angsty and quiet Yoongi didn’t suit him— it did, but—

“Your dog seems to have taken a liking to Jungkook-ah here.” Jun Ki answers for him, moving out from behind the counter. “Let me get the leash. Jungkook, make sure he doesn’t break something.” Yoongi rolls his eyes and stands up with the dog tucked into his chest.

Yoongi sits down on a stool beside him, and not for the first time does Jungkook find Yoongi making the first attempt at conversation. “Glad you took my advice. He seems to be glad that you’re here.” Jungkook refrains from telling him that Jun Ki had stood straighter and smiled wider at his arrival. “By the way, thank you a lot for playing for me last night. It must have seemed odd.” Yoongi speaks with the same disinterested tone, but it’s not quite as indifferent as usual. Quieter.

“Of course not. I can’t stand having music stuck in my head. You can always make it up to me by playing for me again sometime.” Jungkook teases respectfully. His attention refocuses on Holly, twisting and turning in Yoongi’s arms for attention, ceasing only when Jungkook reaches out to scratch at his head. Jungkook is blissfully unaware of the small smile he receives from Yoongi, only looking up when footsteps near.

“Here’s his lead. He actually ran out of food this morning so I figured I wouldn’t bring an empty bag for you.” Yoongi nods, taking the leash from his hyung and clipping it onto the small ring on his collar. “It’s getting late. Jungkook, do you need a ride? Yoongi?” Jun Ki asks kindly, and Jungkook only then notices the darkening skies.

Yoongi shakes his head gently. “I told Taehyung I’d walk him home.” The words that come out are not meant to effect Jungkook as much as they do, the subtle kindness warming him deeply. The other half of him, the one still getting used to having friends again, tells him that it's just Taehyung being overly worried and Yoongi being too kind.

Jun Ki sighs a little bit. “I’m sorry that we couldn’t talk tonight. I figure you’d understand.” Jungkook makes himself smaller, trying to remove himself from their personal conversation.

“I told you, hyung, it worked out in the end. I ended up in a meeting and you’ve got to leave early tomorrow. We can always talk another time.” Yoongi reassures him, and Jungkook makes an attempt to look deeply in thought at an old newspaper print from years ago. It wasn’t his place to listen in on something that had nothing to do with him. “Besides, now I can walk Jungkook-ah home.” That definitely included him.


Seoul was breathtaking at night, if you looked at it correctly. The twinkling lights of the city provided faux stars in it’s concrete jungle. However, the way Yoongi seemed to be at peace in the midst of the night’s chaos was much more beautiful. This hyung always seemed to be in thought, something plaguing him further behind his eyes. His cold exterior that he had put up had already been shed during his reunion with Min Holly, and now his inner hurricane seemed to calm as he led Jungkook and Holly through the streets toward Taehyung’s home. Or maybe Jungkook is looking too deep into things again.

“You could come over sometime.” Yoongi murmurs, disrupting the air between them. “Or I could play for you at the shop. Maybe even Seokjin and Namjoon’s house, if you decide you want to come again.” Oh, so he wasn’t trying to subtly invite Jungkook for a sleepover. Jungkook blushes— definitely looking too deep into things.

“I wasn’t serious about you having to play for me, hyung. I was teasing you.” Jungkook murmurs, shivering at the cool wind that had met his arms. Jungkook tries to push down the regret after saying those words, scared that Yoongi will take back his offer to play for him sometime. Yoongi was a fantastic pianist, fingers gliding smoothly over smooth, ivory keys. His hands looked strong, but played so gently.

However, Jungkook is pleased when Yoongi shakes his head and answers after leaning down to pick Holly up to carry him through a larger crowd outside of a bar. “Of course I’ll play for you. You could probably even tell me what's wrong with a few of the songs I’m working on. They’ve been driving me nuts.” He's nothing short of surprised at Yoongi's bluntness, despite having heard it for the past few days. Jungkook doesn’t reply, simply nodding along.

They’re at the apartment door in what seems like too little time. “Thank you for walking me back, hyung.” Jungkook gives him a small smile, and then a slightly larger one at a tired Holly, whom he pets before stepping back.

Yoongi nods, and tells him that it’s no problem, waving at him before walking down the stairs and away from Jungkook. Turning to the door, he doesn’t even have to worry about putting in the code as Taehyung is already there, smirking and pulling him in. Taehyung pulls him to the couch where yet another bag is waiting for him full of food.

Not wanting to forget, Jungkook waits to devour the food in the bag to ask Taehyung a question. “Not that I don’t appreciate the thought, but why did you have Yoongi walk me back? I’ve been living in the alleys for the past few years, and I know the way back.” Taehyung says nothing, a shit-eating grin his only answer.



Namjoon’s laughter is annoyingly bright over the phone. For some reason he found it just precious that hardass Min Yoongi walked Jungkook back to Taehyung’s apartment.

“You really let Tae trick you into taking him back? That’s as classic as when Jin did it to him and Jimin. And they were already halfway to dating.” Yoongi scowls, petting at the dog in his lap. He seemed intent on watching the television while his human argues over the phone.

“I’m a good fucking human, Joon. And it’s not like I didn’t realize it, because I was the one that did it to you and Seokjin! Bunch of copycats.” Namjoon howls at that, and Yoongi growls. He just couldn’t let it go that Yoongi had been a decent person and kindly taken Jungkook home.

“So you didn’t fall for it, you just wanted to do it! I hope you know we aren’t letting this go.” His laughter dies down a bit, but the humor is still there and Yoongi is ready to strangle him for it.

Yoongi loves Namjoon, he really does. They’d been friends since Joon had come to Seoul to rap, and they’d become friends and then roommates, up through their rise to the place they are now. But he swears to god, if Namjoon doesn’t cut it out quickly he’s going to cut something else out very quickly.

Thankfully, he seems to calm down a bit. “But seriously Yoongi, it was nice to hear that you’re so soft on the kid. Jimin and Tae said he talked about you. Something about hanging out? At least that’s what Taehyung said.” Yoongi sighs, trading ears before he speaks.

“He’s supposed to come out sometime, or maybe to the studio and help with some of the compositions. That’s all.” He hears his own words and cringes slightly. Yoongi wouldn’t ever use the kid for just work. They had lots in common, and it bothers Yoongi to think that he could ever use the kid for a buck. “And lunch.” He adds, now satisfied.

Yoongi clicks the power button on the television and sets Holly aside to get up.

“So, hanging out, Min Yoongi style.” Even Yoongi has to crack a smile at that. “Minus the beer and the orgy.” Yoongi huffs out a laugh, thinking of Jungkook’s baby face at a party. “Speaking of hangouts, Jin and I were thinking about having you and Hobi over Friday. Holly is welcome, of course. Tae and Jimin said that they had plans that day, so it would just be the four of us, plus dog.” At the mention, he looks over to the couch where Holly is asleep. His heart swells.

Yoongi debates back and forth, wondering if he should bother going. He didn’t want to hangout on Fridays usually, but these were with friends in a closed space. Nothing bad would happen if he had his dog by his side, his brother on speed dial, and his friends with him. Of course, he had the last two things with him the night of the accident and it still turned out shitty.

“Is it a mandatory ‘get Yoongi out of his fucking house’ kind of request from Jin or is it a genuine hang out night?” Yoongi questions, hoping that Namjoon didn’t have him on speakerphone. “Because I get that you guys try to keep me busy and all, but I’m an introvert at heart and you all wear me the hell out.” Jokes coming from him usually sound harsh, but Namjoon had an ear for recognizing the difference between jokes and pissy. This was both.

Yoongi swears he can hear the eye roll. “It’s a ‘you’re my friend and friends hangout, so quit being an ass and accept it’ kind of request from me. Just text me about it later if you need to think about it.” Yoongi grabs a drink from the fridge and takes it to the counter while he listens.

Yoongi is thankful for Namjoon. He was really the only friend he had when his parents died, when he started locking himself away for days, when he overworked himself too hard and got sick. Namjoon stuck with him, sure that he would make it out okay. For the most part, he did. Some things, though, stay with you in your head, no matter how busy you make yourself.

“I’ll let you know then. Thanks, Joon.” He hums into the phone, feeling slightly drained from the day of work.

“You’re welcome. I’ll see you tomorrow, Yoon, bye.” Yoongi doesn’t bother to check the screen and sets the phone down onto the surface of the counter.

He brings his thumbnail to his teeth unconsciously, biting it as he thought. Obviously he wanted to see his friends, but something always held him back, the pessimist in him taking over when he thinks too hard about it. He also wanted to take a raincheck and hang out with Jun Ki and try to revive some of that relationship, no matter how against it he had been just a short week ago. He wanted to stay by himself with Holly and throw a pity party for himself for not going just so he had something to be upset with. Yoongi wanted to be irritated because it was normal and comfortable for him, and right now his life was decent and it felt alien to him. But another part of him, the part still getting used to having these friends— this family— wants to see his friends, get back his relationship with his brother, to get outside of what was comfortable to feel alive again.

He had a great group of friends, a brother that still cares about him, a dog that he loves, and a career that is skyrocketing. He was even making another friend. Sort of. And that was something to build on.

Jungkook is uncharted territory, but the boy was charming and Yoongi couldn’t find it in himself to dismiss the boy whenever the opportunity presented itself. He saw a lot of himself in Jungkook, despite knowing the bare minimum about his life. And maybe the kid was at least a little bit attractive.

Taehyung was keen on teasing Yoongi for his (non-existent) love life, but Yoongi hadn’t pictured him actually trying to set them up. Who cared if he walked Jungkook home, even though the boy had been defending himself on the streets for god knows how long. Yoongi may be moody, but he isn’t an ass, and he did have some sense of responsibility.

Yoongi could get Taehyung back for his dumb plan later.

For now, he’s got a job to wake up for, and a bed to go to sleep in. And a Min Holly in his lap that takes first priority.

Chapter Text


The night before his doctor’s appointment as filled with unjustifiable nerves. When he caught wind of his anxiety, Jimin brought Taehyung and Jungkook leftover kimchi fried rice that Jin had brought into the studio during a break. In an attempt to calm his constant nail biting, Taehyung sent him away with money and Jimin’s cellphone to get him out of the house. Of course, Jungkook had no intention of using Taehyung’s money, but put it in his pocket anyways.

Instead, he found himself wandering Seoul, Jimin’s phone secured in his hand in case he needed them to pick him up. Without realizing it, he's managed to walk for more than an hour. He’s downtown and near bad memories when he catches himself looking down each and every alleyway he passed. Thinking about his eomma makes his heart hurt, but he decides to stop looking down the alleyways and checks the time on Jimin’s phone.

Deciding to head home, he turned around. Jungkook knew that the only reason Taehyung hadn’t called to worry over him is that the elder was used to Jungkook’s 'wandering-while-stressed' habit that he’s had since they were kids. It used to put him into a panic when Jungkook’s parents would call and ask if he had come to his house, and they’d wait it out until Jungkook eventually showed back up and suffered through the lectures and constant worried presence of Taehyung. Despite being eccentric and hyper, Taehyung’s ultimate title was hyung when it came to Jungkook.

Still, he had a sneaking suspicion that both Tae and Jimin would be waiting for him and decided that going back would be beneficial to keeping the grey hair off of their scalps. Jungkook lets his mind slip again as his body drags him back in the direction of Taehyung’s apartment. His brain wanders just as aimlessly as his body had been minutes before.

His trance of empty thoughts is broken when he’s jerked backwards and around to find the familiar face, a breathless one at that, of Min Yoongi. He was red faced and breathing harshly, and Jungkook is instantly worried. Well, instantly after Jungkook gets over the initial heart attack of being violently spun out of his thoughts.

“Hyung, are you alright?” Part of Jungkook wants to laugh at his expression, but the other half is worried that Yoongi is going to fall over and die at his feet.

“Aish kid, listen when someone calls would you? I saw you out of the shop window, come and sit with us, at least to make sure I continue breathing.” Yoongi is much less winded and winks at him, to which Jungkook giggles. “Remind me to never run again.” Jungkook laughs at this and puts his arm underneath the elder’s armpits, helping him along with false dramatics. It felt like any other normal friendship, not one so new. Jungkook supposes this is a good thing.

Yoongi leads him back to the shop, where Jun Ki is laughing from the door. When he sees Jungkook feigning concern, he doubles over in laughter, amused at his brother’s attempt at running.

“Knock it off, hyung.” Yoongi mutters as he pushes Jungkook off, who joins in the laughter, which never ceases. Jungkook is spurred on by Jun Ki’s laughter and when a snort breaks out of his chest Yoongi is joining in too.

Eventually it dies off, and Jungkook can’t remember why he was so nervous in the first place.

“Laughter is the only exercise I need. Jungkook-ah, help me out with these top shelf items, please.” Jungkook feels better as he listens to the brothers bicker about everything and nothing at the same time. Jun Ki leads him to a tall shelf where a stool and cleaning fluid rest. “Yoongi-ah and I were blessed with short legs, and a tall dongsaeng who happened to pass at the perfect time.” Jungkook rolls his eyes, but is ultimately giddy at the thought that they were getting so close.

Jungkook wonders if he would be close with his own brother, if he had one. But as the two argue over who has to buy for lamb skewers, he realizes he’s been given friends in place of family that had failed him. He'll take it.

Every once in a while, as Jungkook cleans off the antiques, they bring him into the conversation and he laughs. He laughs when they do, even though his brain doesn’t register just exactly what he's laughing at. Jungkook is on autopilot until he steps off of the stool.

“All finished.” He grins, and Jun Ki nods before moving behind the counter. Yoongi is on his phone, looking closely at a puzzle trying to figure out the answer. “The poison is in the ice cubes. The girl drank all of her waters quickly so the ice couldn’t melt and kill her, yet he drank one over the course of an hour, letting the poison melt into the drink.” Yoongi’s eyebrows raise in surprise. He lets out a hum and what Jungkook can only guess is an impressed grunt when Jun-Ki returns with cash.

“If you ever want a job, I could always use someone to clean up and move things around, unload shipments. But we’d have to talk before you could start. Just a thought, kid.” Jun Ki speaks to him softly, holding out ten thousand won and patting his shoulder. “For now, though, I’ve got to kick you guys out. Closing time.” Jungkook feels slow- hell, he knows he’s acting weird and wild but he feels like he has the right. He’s going to the doctor to see if his body was riddled with incurable diseases or not. Suddenly, the nerves are back underneath his skin. He doesn't even have time to be excited at the possibility of a job and making money.

Yoongi pulls him out of the shop, promising to walk him home again.

“You good, kid? You didn’t say much back there.” Jungkook nods, looking around at the nightlife before pulling out Jimin’s phone and chuckling at the texts.

“I'm fine. But Jimin-hyung and Tae-hyung are worried that I’ve been compromised.” He murmurs, earning a huff of laughter to his right, to which he turns to look. Yoongi is smiling with his teeth, gums on display as he reads of the texts, and it snaps Jungkook out of his worried haze.

Yoongi replies sarcastically. “The Min brothers are a captivating bunch.” Jungkook giggles, oblivious to the elder’s own captivated expression. They reach Taehyung’s door quicker than what seems possible, and Taehyung doesn’t wait for them to reach the door before it’s opening.

Jimin is leaning against the doorway as Taehyung runs down the hall to greet them in his bright purple socks. “When I ask if you’ve been kidnapped, the proper answer is an answer, Jeon Jungkook!” Yoongi smirks, and Jungkook finds himself staring a little bit before Taehyung wraps him in a hug. “And it turns out that the kidnapper is nothing but the worst- Min Yoongi!” Jimin feigns a gasp and places his hand on his forehead behind them.

“Sorry, hyung. I got caught up, I guess.” Taehyung grins at him, and Jungkook blushes, knowing that they weren’t going to let him live it down, having Yoongi walk him home again. “Thank you, Yoongi-hyung. I’ll see you-”

“Why don’t you come in for dinner? We ordered enough for a feast.” Jimin offers from the door, and Jungkook is thankful that Yoongi is a busy man and has a dog at home to take care of-

“Sure.” Well shit.


To be real, Yoongi didn’t know that when Namjoon said that Tae was meddling, that he was serious. But it became kind of obvious when photo albums started coming out and Taehyung and Jimin started acting like embarrassing parents.The worst part, however, was that they didn’t just use Jungkook’s embarrassing fetus pictures, but also Yoongi’s more embarrassing drunk pictures.

“Both of you are lightweights. We should go out sometime, with everyone.” Taehyung suggests after flipping the page to a picture of Jungkook.

“I think that this was the last one we took before I left.” Jungkook runs his fingers over the page, and sighs.

Yoongi looks at the emotion on his face and hopes that the memory was happy for him. Despite the smile on his face, Yoongi knew how memories could turn sour, and didn’t want Jungkook to be sad. He wants to smack himself for being so sappy.

But Jungkook flipped the page impatiently, and Yoongi is faced with his own bittersweet memory. It was a photo of him before his parents’ wreck. He had gone to party and had the time of his life. He’d just told his closest friends about his music and his troubles and had been given nothing but love, support, and way too many shots.

The picture was taken when he was on stage, rapping one of his raps, four other friends at the front of the stage screaming encouragement. Jimin had taken the picture, and he loves to think about one of the best nights.

But all of this was at the expense of his parent’s anniversary dinner that he’d forgotten. When he realized, he felt guilty but his parents waved it off easily.

Bittersweet memories, because he’d had the time of his life, while missing a precious last moment in theirs.

Soon, the food arrives and Jungkook sighs in relief alongside Yoongi, both simultaneously flopping back onto the couch when the obnoxious meddling couple left to get the food.

“I forgot half of those memories existed. Leave it to those two to remind me of that god awful haircut.” Jungkook murmurs into air, spooked a bit when Yoongi laughs in response.

“Leave it to those two to take pictures of me doing things I don’t even remember doing.” Jungkook laughs, giggling at the defeated look upon Yoongi’s own face. “For the record, I don’t think the haircut is as god awful as you think it is. You look adorable.” Jungkook huffs, face red.

“For the record, I cut it myself and I’m still regretting it years later. Guess I haven’t changed much.” Jungkook laughs, and Yoongi doesn’t have a chance to dwell on the underlying emotions in that statement when Tae and Jimin are bounding over looking disheveled and holding bags upon bags of carry out.

Yoongi is kind of put out when the dynamic duo take over the conversation again, but gets over it when Jimin starts to direct their comments toward their hyung and maknae, forcing them to talk when the conversation got off track.

Only when Taehyung had done a wide gesture, trying to emulate the likeness of a goose that had attacked him once, did Yoongi receive a respite from the forced conversations. Naturally, that came in the form of one of Taehyung’s disasters, this time being an entire glass of grape juice (it’s a detox, hyung!) spilt over the entirety of Jungkook’s torso. Jungkook, unfazed, swipes up a droplet with his finger and tastes it.

“Come on Jungkookie, let's get you something else to wear before you get sticky.” And just like that, Jungkook was pulled off into another room. Sighing in relief, Yoongi falls backwards into the couch, letting the tension roll off of him. Yoongi shouldn’t feel this stressed out over hanging out with friends.

“So, Yoongi hyung, what are your intentions for my Jungkook?” Jimin asks, voice stoic and professional. Turning his head to see better, Yoongi sees that Jimin’s face looks the same as his voice sounds, and sits up in confusion.


Jimin raises an eyebrow, “You think you’re slick, hyung? I saw the way you freaked out when we showed him that one picture of you, looking like a bum-”

“I resent that.”

“- and the way you kept looking up at him whenever he laughed or said something, giving him your full attention-”

“I tend to be polite to people I like.”

“- and I saw the way you stared at your food all sad-like when he was sad that the noodles were gone-”

“I’ve done that for you too, you brat.”

“- and I hear the way you speak to him, like he’s precious and you’re afraid.”

“Stop psychoanalyzing me, I just like the kid, and I guess I’m a little soft for him. But it’s nothing I wouldn’t do or act like with you.” Yoongi murmurs, closing his eyes to deter the sick feeling in his stomach at the statement. Those noodles must have been too much for him. When his eyes open, he sees Jimin watching him with softened eyes. “And could you ask Tae to let up on the conversation a little? I know how to talk to him, we see each other outside of your care too, you know.” Jimin chuckles, agreeing.

When Taehyung returns with a much less sticky Jungkook, the youngest is wearing an old hoodie of Yoongi’s that one of the others had stolen from him. Not that he could blame any of them, as it was the most comfortable hoodie he owned, or used to that is. It’s yellow and too long for Yoongi but the length suited Jungkook perfectly.

“I knew I didn’t lose that hoodie, I just didn’t figure it would be one of you brats that stole it from me.” Yoongi states, and Taehyung smiles at him cheekily, knowing he got away with it by the skin of his teeth by using Jungkook as his scapegoat. “But I’m glad it was put to use.” Jungkook looks sheepish as he folds his hands together in the pocket.

“Tae, can you help me throw this stuff away?” Jimin asks quickly, jerking his head to the side as a signal.

“Oh, I can help, hyung.” Jungkook states, and Jimin stops with his gestures as his dongsaeng looks to him. Jungkook had his hand on a takeout box around the time that Tae screams, shocking the group.

“Just trying to get your attention. You two stay in here and chill, you need to relax before tomorrow.” Yoongi watches, amused and confused, when Jimin smacks Taehyung on the arm while Jungkook tenses up. The two quickly sweep away the mess, retreating into the kitchen to clean up.

Now that the room was empty of obstacles like Kim Taehyung, it felt awkward. Yoongi thinks he can chalk it up to the way that Jungkook stands like a stranger on the other side of the room.

“Come and sit down, you’re making me nervous with your nervousness.” He finds himself joking which shocks himself. Min Yoongi has never been the one to break the tension, and most certainly not with humor. And if he somehow had been the one, it most certainly hadn’t actually worked. But Jungkook is now sat across from him, legs crossed and hands in the hoodie pocket, tiny grin on his face.

As the night ran on, Yoongi found himself more and more confused and surprised at the things he found himself doing. Once he found himself telling stupid stories just to hear Jungkook laugh, and he forced himself to believe that it was because it made him feel accomplished. Then he found himself looking at the individual parts of Jungkook’s face and being amazed that every mole or irregularity made Jungkook all the more nice to look at, and told himself that it was just Jimin’s words getting to him. But then it was nearly eleven o’clock at night and he and Jungkook were having a humoured debate on the best place for lamb skewers and Jimin and Taehyung are huddled together on the couch, asleep.

Then, Yoongi surprised himself even more when he let himself think, I want that too.


Jungkook stared at the picture of them on the merry go round far too long for even his own liking. What could have been just a few seconds felt like years as he critiqued his current self in comparison to what he once was.

He was half of the person he used to be, No longer was his skin scar free, and his once strong figure was weak and thin. Jungkook remembers sneaking out and meeting up at the park where the picture was taken. They were on the merry go round Jungkook and Jimin were laying propped on the bars while they spun and laughed about their dizziness. Taehyung had been spinning them and jumped onto the playground equipment mid-spin and took the picture. Their surroundings were blurred as they spun, but the smiles on their faces were captured clearly.

It had been one of his key memories when they left home, ready to get back and do things like that again. How he lost sight of it, well, he literally couldn’t remember.

But he flips the page and sees Yoongi with a mic on a stage, and can’t help but to think that he looked perfect on a stage. But the uncomfortable look on Yoongi’s face when Jungkook looked up showed that he wasn’t particularly fond of it for whatever reason, and they move on. Bittersweet memories, he recognizes.

The rest of the evening moves quickly to him, the laughter and quick talking of Taehyung keeping the conversation going, even though Jungkook had to squeeze to get a word in edgewise whenever he was on a roll about something. The night slowed down around the same time that Taehyung was acting like a stupid mother hen or some dumb thing and spilt grape juice (it’s a detox, sue me for trying something new, he had said) all over Jungkook’s torso.

“Come on Jungkookie, let's get you something else to wear before you get sticky.” Taehyung practically dragged Jungkook into the other room, mumbling something quickly and quietly about how he risked his favorite shirt, and Jungkook plops onto the mattress with a sigh. “Yah! White sheets!” Jungkook groans as he sits up.

“You should slow down a little Tae. You’re giving me whiplash.” He grumbles, pulling off the dirtied shirt and accepting a wet wipe that Taehyung produced. Jungkook wipes of his chest, setting the wipe down on a dresser and smiling softly at a picture of Jimin and Taehyung that sat on top of it. Of course Jungkook knows they’re together at this point, but they always seem to correct themselves in front of him when they realize they’re getting too close to PDA. It’s kind of stupid, but it amuses Jungkook to see them squirm a little bit.

Eventually Taehyung pulls out a yellow item of clothing and a black shirt before sitting down.

He's shoving the item of clothing over his head when another thought pops up. “And cut it out with the flirting, Yoongi hyung isn’t interested.” Jungkook’s head pops through the black shirt that he picked up, pulling it down around his torso. Taehyung is smirking back at him from his position on the bed.

“But you are.” With a firm glare, but no real argument, he pulls on the yellow hoodie and rubs his hands in the sleeves, feeling the soft fabric. Taehyung squeals at the pregnant pause from his dongsaeng and Jungkook’s face burns red.

Taehyung starts to speak at a thousand miles an hour when Jungkook cuts him off gently. “Right now I’m concerned with me, hyung. I want to focus on getting back to where I want to be, and on solid ground. Yoongi hyung is great but I’ve got to take care of me before I can even think about that. Besides, it’s probably only an admiration crush because he’s been helping me out with things. So let's calm down with the meddling and let me form my own relationships, hyung.” The statement takes a lot out of him, and his heart is beating uncomfortably fast when Taehyung looks at him like he is. 'Like he is' being like a kicked puppy-proud mom hybrid.

“My Jungkookie is so grown up.” His voice is filled with emotion, and Jungkook’s heart tugs as Taehyung pulls him into his chest for a hug, wrestling him down onto the mattress to irritate him. Taehyung ends up two for two annoying him, when he finds out that Taehyung had put him in one of Yoongi’s old hoodies.

"Oh come on. You told me to stop meddling after I put you in it. Now it's just good fun." Taehyung whined. Jungkook doesn't take off the hoodie, regardless of the teasing it might bring him later.

He’d never tell, but if he happened to find himself sniffing at the collar or snuggling into it as he and Yoongi talked, then that would be just for him to know. Besides, it was just an admiration crush, a thank you crush. That’s what he told himself, at least, when he had to say goodbye and felt the tug on his heart at seeing him go before returning to the couple sleeping on the couch.

Jungkook had to focus on himself first.

Chapter Text

(j .09. k)

When he woke, he was peaceful, happy, and content from the night before. But then he hears Taehyung up and walking around and it reminds him of what they’re going to do. The thought makes his throat seize up and Jungkook is as nervous as he was before going on the walk just a day before. He tries to calm himself down some as he lays and listens to the domestic sounds of the apartment.

The night had distracted him and calmed him so much that he had crashed into bed as soon as Yoongi left. Jungkook fell asleep with a grin and with jeans on, which he finds himself rid of, to his embarrassment. But the embarrassment couldn’t override the fear of the test results, and he runs his hands through his hair, pulling slightly in anxiousness.

Taehyung notices and smiles at him kindly when he walks in to check on him. He’s drying off his hair in the doorway as he speaks.

“It’s your turn for the shower, Kook. We’ve got plenty of time before we need to leave, but I figured we could go out to lunch since you won’t have to fast beforehand.” Jungkook nods. “So get your shower and then we can figure out what we want to do.” He waits in the doorway for Jungkook to raise himself from the dead.

Jungkook stretches. “Jiminie can go ahead and take his, I’ll get my stuff together while he’s in there." Taehyung throws his dirty hair towel on the ground and ignores Jungkook’s annoyed huff. Taehyung smirks, knowing Jungkook wouldn't say anything. It was a game they used to play at each of their houses, one Taehyung had deemed, 'see how far we can push Kook's patience before he decides to clean the entire house'. He could take care of it later when Taehyung wasn't giving him that self-satisfied shit-eating grin.

Pushing off of the doorway, he lets himself further into the bedroom. “Jimin has already taken a shower, go ahead, I’ll pick out an outfit for you.” Jungkook mentally barfs at the thought of the two of them in the shower together while he was just sleeping a wall away.

Groaning, Jungkook huffs, “Can you guys shower together at his house or something? I don’t want to wake up to that.” Taehyung’s ears are red from where he’s got his back turned to the youngest.

“You and I used to take showers together, Kook.” Tae replies easily before scoffing at the shirt he was looking at. Jungkook sits off of the edge of the bed, a self-satisfied grin of his own taking over his lips. Taehyung could try to deflect as much as possible, but Jungkook is tired of the careful way they treat each other when he's around.

Raising his eyebrow, Jungkook teases. “That was different, hyung. You and I are just friends.” This makes Taehyung turn around, shocked and red faced. He closes his mouth before turning idly back to the closet, flipping through the clothing again to distract himself.

“Jimin is my friend too, Jungkookie.” If it weren’t for the fact that Taehyung had turned into a strawberry from waist to ears before his eyes, he probably would have given up and accepted that they were still dancing around each other's feelings.

Boyfriend.” Taehyung’s shoulders slump and he pulls out a button down shirt and reaches into the drawers below for pants. Jungkook grabs the towel from the floor and tosses it into the little hamper in the corner. Taehyung was distracted enough to do it. Jungkook can't even find it in himself to be ashamed as Taehyung turns back around to face him.

“How did you find out?” He murmurs, handing the younger the stack of clothes, averting his eyes. Jungkook chuckles to himself, feeling accomplished that he had managed to fluster the one and only Kim Taehyung, King of shamelessness. But pride also filled him, happy that they were finally over all of the stupid pining that they had done all of the time before he had left.

It wasn’t like Jungkook was surprised that they were together, but he was definitely shocked that they hadn’t told him outright and tried to hide it. It was a long time coming, their relationship, and the only surprise to him is that it hadn’t happened earlier. Because Taehyung was right, they all used to shower together sometimes as friends when they were trying to get ready quickly. But that was the extent that Jungkook’s relationship with them went, other than a few minor things here and there, while Jimin and Taehyung had always been physically closer, even if they were all emotionally equal. Well, almost.

“You’re obvious, and I’m pretty sure I saw it coming in year eight when you and Jimin were making out while I was getting popcorn.” Before he can react, the black shirt is ripped from his hands and thrown into his face while Taehyung runs out of the room, groaning.

Jungkook pulls the pair of pants on quickly, only to jump out of his skin when Taehyung whisper-shouts from the door. "Don't think I didn't see that. I win." Jungkook huffs, grabbing the towel and throwing it through the now empty doorway. Against his own will, he smiles.

Maybe his nerves wouldn’t get the best of him if those two were with him.

That afternoon, before his appointment, Taehyung and Jimin surprised him with a day in town. Taehyung went and shopped for him while Jimin took him to get his hair done. In fact, a lot of the day was spent at appointments, be it hair, manicures, or the actual doctor. Jimin and Tae don't give him time to worry about his nerves while they make him laugh with their cucumber face masks. Taehyung and Jimin showed him one of their favorite mall food places and bought him coffee and doted on him like a child. He'll never admit it to himself, but he let it happen, loving the feeling of being cared for.

If he holds onto Taehyung’s hair for dear life when they draw the blood, or cries in relief when the primary results come back fine, then he wouldn’t admit it to himself either. And if two days later when Taehyung receives a phone call at work from a screaming pair of Jimin and Jungkook, Taehyung won’t admit to anyone that he cried in the bathroom for ten minutes in relief. Jimin won't admit that he was relieved that Jungkook wasn't sick, even if he would have loved him the same regardless.

Jungkook felt the most human he had in years, a feeling that he didn’t know he missed. His hair felt like silk and made him look his age, rather than a rough fifteen year old. His nails were fixed with something clear that Taehyung had requested, and made him look clean and expensive. Taehyung showed him how to use his makeup to cover up scars, just to make him feel better about wearing short sleeves in public.

And finally, he had clothes again. Ones that fit, had no holes (unless ripped for fashion), and made him look normal again. Even Jungkook has to admit that he looks attractive after Taehyung and Jimin finish styling him for the club, a minor safe club at that. ("We've made fake I.D.'s before, Tae. I'm not worried about going in, I just won't drink." "We're trying to be wholesome, get over it.")

There isn't a doubt anymore, he will be okay with the two of them beside him.

(m. 09. y)

Leave it to Yoongi to find the most inconvenient time to become a recluse. But sue him if he was a little bit afraid to find that he was a little bit attracted to his brand new friend. His brand new friend that was also still technically a minor and fresh out of a bad situation. And his response to fear was usually flight, not fight, which is exactly how he found himself in his office, all systems armed so that no one— namely Namjoon and Jin— could come in and force him out.

Leave it to Yoongi to hide away on the day that everyone wanted to go out to celebrate. Leave it to Yoongi to hide away when they were celebrating Jungkook.

But leave it to Taehyung to shut that shit down.

“Min Yoongi!” Yoongi had been watching Netflix on his phone when the door started to threaten to break free of the hinges. Once the show was safely paused, he sat up and unlocked the door, only to find Taehyung, red faced and dressed nicely, steaming from the ears. “What the hell? You make fast friends with him and then decide to hide and not come to his celebration dinner? Do you not realize how hard it is to explain to Jungkook that you were too busy with ‘work’ to celebrate? Me either, because I’m not going to. As far as he knows, I’m picking you up because you’re lazy, and we’re running late because you couldn’t find your house keys to leave.” Yoongi is taken aback at the sheer amount of force and energy that radiated off of his dongsaeng.

It shocks him enough that he doesn’t even scold him about the lack of respect. In fact, he doesn’t have the time to speak at all before Taehyung is pushing the door shut behind him and trapping Yoongi in the space.

“I get that you’re all mopey dopey because you’re scared of making friends and having a new relationship forming, not just because you like Jungkook but because you did it with each one of us at some point, and you need to snap out of it!” They had psychoanalyzed him again, and it irritated him that they had hit the nail on the head. Fucking dongsaengs don't need to be as intelligent as they are. “Now, I’ve got clothes in my car, and we have a celebration to go to, so get it together grumpy, you aren’t the only dwarf that’s got issues.” What the fuck?

True to word, Taehyung had somehow obtained clothes that he doesn’t recognize as his own, but fit perfectly. In the car Taehyung had given him a briefing with honorifics, but his overall message was to try not to be an asshole and to actually talk to Jungkook, who 'seemed to take a liking to him'. Which he tried to do, when they got to the club, but it turned out to be hard to talk when the music was loud enough that he couldn’t make out the words, and dark enough that he couldn’t read lips.

So Yoongi greeted him with a hug that made his cheeks burn pathetically, and then he watches. Jungkook is in an outfit that Taehyung had to have ordered specially, because it fit Jungkook to the T. It was black, simple, but with long ribbons that wrapped around his waist that accentuated him perfectly. Jungkook’s hair was no longer hanging around his face jaggedly, but cut and styled into a part that only hung over his face slightly. If Yoongi hadn’t been entirely sure before, he was definitely sure that Jungkook was attractive. Unfortunately, he's also definitely sure that Jungkook is 19, still a minor.

And Yoongi knows that thinking that someone is attractive is completely different than a crush. Yoongi also knows that Jungkook is physically pleasing to his eyes, but he couldn’t have a crush on Jungkook because he barely knew more than a few things here and there about his life, and vice versa.

Yoongi tries to remind himself of that each time Jungkook gets lower to the floor and the sweat reflects the lights that are barely doing their jobs.

He eventually decides to go outside for fresh air, because something about the inside of the club had his head spinning in every direction. For now, he'll blame it on the flashing lights and mixture of perfumes.

“You need the air too?” A hoarse voice calls, and none other than Jeon-fucking-Jungkook was walking toward him. But Yoongi wasn’t really focusing on his body, but rather the beaming smile on his face, allowing too-large teeth to make their appearance and melt Yoongi's resolve for a moment. “It’s not as fun to club when you aren’t drunk, but I guess it’s also not fun to break laws and feel sick, so I’ll relent for a little bit.” Right, still a minor. Can't even drink legally yet. Yoongi nods along, not having the words to answer. He couldn't entirely agree, because he knows that it is entirely fun to club while sober, but he also knows that it's just as fun to break laws and drink. It used to be, anyways.

Jungkook sits down next to him on the sidewalk, and it’s pleasantly quiet between them. They watch the movement of Seoul for a little while before Yoongi speaks up.

“So everything came together, I’m guessing? I haven’t done the best job at checking in on your life, but I guess I got a little lost in the rest of our conversations.” The sentence doesn’t come out as he wants, and he winces, wishing to take it back and reword it. He’s about to open his mouth again when Jungkook begins to speak, disregarding his worries.

Jungkook shrugs his shoulders, averting his eyes to the pebbles that he's kicking around with his foot. “Physically, I’ve got a clean bill of health which is the biggest relief of my life. I figure you could guess that life on the street wasn’t the most pleasant, and it wasn’t my own fault either. But there were lots of things that happened that could have made me sick. I’m back with my friends, I’ve made new friends,” He leans against Yoongi a little before pulling away, and it’s endearing to Yoongi, “and I’m healthy.”

The end of the sentence left room for more that never came. Yoongi knows that there’s more that Jungkook wants to stay.

“But?” Yoongi continues, trying not to look away when Jungkook meets his eyes.

“But I still look for my eomma even unconsciously, and I wish she had those same things.” Yoongi’s heart tugs, feeling the familiarity of the words. He still looked for the letter in the mail that came weekly from his parents, even though they lived but a few miles away. When he passes by their old apartment, he looks for his father in one of windows where he used to read the news and wave him off to school. Yoongi doesn’t voice this but nods in agreement, because he knows that feeling that pulls in your heart when something reminds you of what you don't have anymore.

It’s only when they hear someone nearby— probably in an alley on either side of the bench sidewalk they occupied— did they decide to get up and do something else. They wander for a moment, not ready to enter the club again.

Walking to the corner of the sidewalk, underneath a street light, Jungkook leans against the pole and grins at Yoongi with a soft smile. “Thank you for coming, hyung.” He murmurs, eyes bright and face red from the exertion of dancing still hanging on his skin.

"I wouldn't have missed it." It's a lie, but the reward is worth it. Jungkook smiles with his entire body and Yoongi doesn't care about how good the boy looks in the outfit when the two rabbit-like teeth make their appearance. Jungkook pushes off of the pole to wrap his arms around himself, night breeze chilling them both. It pains him to speak, but he knows he can't steel the younger from the rest of them. Jin would positively stroke out if they sat outside of his celebration for the rest of the night. "Maybe we should go back inside."

"Maybe." Jungkook answers, but neither of them move. Yoongi huffs a laugh, leaning up against the adjacent brick wall. Jungkook laughs in tandem and Yoongi is completely gone. Or maybe he had just drank too much. (If non-alcoholic soda counted for anything at all.) Seokjin could wait a little while, but for the time being Yoongi would simply enjoy the small talk and gentle laughter with Jungkook. He should, but doesn't at all feel bad about stealing Jungkook from the others.

And Yoongi is thankful, not that he’d ever admit it to Taehyung, that the brat had come and got him, because he couldn’t imagine having missed this moment.

Fifteen minutes pass before it becomes too cold for either of them, and they get back into the line for the club. He sucks up any and all impure thoughts as Jungkook dances along to the music that filters through the front doors.

"You know, I've heard that you rap, hyung." Jungkook teases, nudging Yoongi's ribs with his elbow. Yoongi rolls his eyes, knowing that whatever story he heard from Taehyung and Jimin were probably over exaggerated. "And I've heard that you're good at it too." That, well that may be just a little bit true.

Yoongi huffs a little. "We can talk about that some other time, for now lets get you back inside to the others before one of them come and find us." Jungkook laughs and rolls his own eyes, going back to dancing around while they wait for the bouncer to come by and check their stamps. When they finally get back in, the humidity takes him by suprise, but he adjusts quickly as Jungkook runs off to the middle of the dance floor with Taehyung, joining into their activities with ease.

Yoongi wanders back to the table where Namjoon sits with Jin, and lets them grill him for questions without actually paying attention. They lose interest quickly enough, Jin pulling Namjoon along to the dance floor when the music slows. Taehyung and Jimin pull Jungkook between them for a little while before they wandered back to the table, laughing and joking around with Namjoon and Seokjin about their awkward dancing.

He's exhausted by the end of the night, but having thoroughly enjoyed his night out. Yoongi would never admit it to him, but he's grateful that the younger forced him to come because he couldn't imagine having missed any of it.

Chapter Text


The night was lovely, but it ended far too quickly for Yoongi’s taste. His night of fun had led him straight into a week of mundanity and work, and much less Jeongguk than he was comfortable with.

The week following includes; Yoongi waking up feeling like he got hit by a bus, looking like he came from a sewer to the sound of a screeching alarm. Jungkook wakes up similarly, except having to take care of his hyungs, rather than being taken care of. Taehyung and Jimin were taking turns puking in the toilet, passing the water bottle to the other. It was a gross, but very calculated and thought out system, and Jungkook may have taken a photo with the Polaroid camera to use against them later. The rest of that day was spent recovering and sleeping, and Jungkook may send Yoongi a couple of messages on Jimin’s phone to check up on him.

The next day, Jungkook goes to Jun Ki’s shop and accepts his offer. Until he gets his bank account set up and a proper system going toward getting his life together, Jun Ki offers to pay him by the day. Yoongi works hard at the studio until lunch, and then hardly works after he receives a picture of Jungkook from Jun Ki. Yoongi leaves work early to walk Jungkook home. Taehyung takes a picture through the peephole. Jungkook yells at him for that.

The next day was a Monday, and Yoongi takes off work for the day. He worked hard enough the day prior, and decides to take Holly on a walk to get both of them the much needed breath of fresh air. If he just so happens to walk into the pawn shop to distract Jungkook for a little bit, then he’ll keep that to himself. Jungkook keeps his feelings to himself, despite the butterflies in his stomach threatening to burst out when he gets home and thinks about it again. Both of them rest peacefully that night.

Tuesday, Jun Ki closes the shop to go to some auction for pawn items, and Jimin takes Jungkook to Yoongi’s studio. Most of their time together is spent actually talking about music, Jungkook completely enamored with all of the expensive equipment. The other little bit is spent at lunch, talking about the pawn shop and other little bits of small talk. Yoongi had text Jimin the night before, and Taehyung was kept out of the loop until Jin talks about seeing Jungkook at the studio when dropping Namjoon off. Taehyung is pissy until Jungkook comes home with a large smile on his face. Yoongi sneaks into the pawn shop late that night, looking to pour out his inspiration. All and all, a very successful day.

Wednesday, Jungkook works hard and is only slightly disappointed that Yoongi doesn’t show up to walk him home. He is majorly bothered, however, when he hears familiar voices from an alleyway, and remembers the men that had drugged him the first time, even if it wasn't the same people. He goes home and crawls into bed with an already sleeping Taehyung, who had been at a shoot at three that morning. Yoongi goes to his studio early and finishes no work, and ends up sleeping in the studio overnight. He makes sure to message his neighbor to feed Holly before it got too late.

Come Thursday, both Yoongi and Jungkook are slightly exhausted from the week. Jungkook works hard, earns every penny that Jun Ki gives to him, and finds himself with three-hundred thousand won by the end of the work week, since he won’t work the next day, all of which he intends to use to pay Taehyung back. Yoongi, upon the insistence of Namjoon, leaves the studio after finishing a basic guide track, and goes to walk Jungkook home. Taehyung doesn't take a picture, and Jimin doesn't greet them at the door, just smiling fondly at Jungkook's happy smile when he walks in the door.

And on Friday, Jungkook sits back and looks at how quickly his life flipped over, and wonders when he’ll be able to integrate himself fully into society again. He’s still technically homeless until he starts paying rent to Taehyung, because he refuses— absolutely refuses— to be a leech off of his best friend’s neck. He needs a phone, and insurance, a bank account, and eventually, his own apartment. He won’t be living on a model’s budget, like Taehyung, but he’ll be living independently, doing far more than sitting on the streets and hoping that he wakes up in the morning with his shoes still on his feet.


That night, another dinner is called to be at Jin-hyung and Namjoon-hyung’s house. He’d known about the dinner, but hadn’t been invited by either personally, and was sitting on Taehyung’s couch reading a book when Jimin and Tae emerged from their room (as Jungkook had taken to calling it, as Jimin stayed there most nights. Jungkook still hadn't seen Jimin's own apartment, namely because he was always at Taehyungs) wearing jeans and t-shirts.

“You’re going in that? Not that anyone would care, but usually you’re uptight about dinners.” Tae hops around the room grabbing movies and games and a desert off of the counter in the kitchen, not once turning to see the look on Jungkook’s face. Jimin, however, notices and furrows his eyebrows, staring pointedly. Jungkook uses the book as a shield against the accusing eyes.

Jimin speaks up. “What? You weren’t planning on going?” Jungkook shrugs, face red. He buries his face into the book, trying to avoid the irritated stares coming from his two hyungs. “Why the hell not?” Jungkook sighs, knowing the impending lecture that will inevitably come. It made sense in his own head, even if Taehyung and Jimin didn't see it; 'they didn't personally invite me, so I'm not invited.'

“I’m not going to impose more than I already have. These are friends you guys made without me, and I’m not going to start inviting myself to things that you guys plan with each other. So go and have a good night with your friends, and I’ll be here reading, and probably sleeping by the time I stop reading.” After his short monologue, Jungkook takes in a deep breath, face still red from embarrassment of being called out on his actions.

“Jungkookie-ah, look here.” Jimin murmurs, and when Jungkook does look up, his face is soft. “Just because we made friends when you were gone, doesn’t mean that you can’t make friends with them too. You and Taehyung were friends for years before I moved in nearby, but you introduced me to him and we all made the best of friends.” Jimin sits at Jungkook’s feet that are propped up on the couch, and looks at Jungkook like the younger is an abandoned puppy.

Leave it to Kim Taehyung to yell out and ruin the serious atmosphere. “Besides, you met Yoongi-hyung on your own, and he’ll be there. And if we don’t bring you, Jin-hyung will probably have both of our asses served on a well decorated fancy platter. He adores you, for some reason.” The words are meant to be funny, and the elder winks at him as he sits on the arm of the couch.

The words touch him, they really do, but he knows that the two need to get out, and that he really doesn’t.

So he props the book back onto his knees, and puts on the best bunny smile he can. “Thank you hyung, and extend my apology to Jin-hyung if he did expect me. But I’m just gonna stay here for the night. I’ve got a half day of work tomorrow and need to be up early.” Jimin gives him a smile that tells Jungkook that he sees straight through the bullshit excuse, but isn’t going to argue with him. Taehyung huffs but hugs him anyways, and they escape to the kitchen.

“You’re not seriously going to let him stay here, he’s gonna turn into the same hermit as he was when he was fifteen! Besides that, I care about our well-being and Jin-hyung might actually bend us over his knee and break his hand tanning our hides!” Taehyung whisper yells in the kitchen, and Jungkook rolls his eyes.

Jungkook imagines Jimin’s hand on his temples. “We can’t make him do anything, you know how he gets. If this is how he thinks things need to go, then we’ll let him so we don’t have to deal with a sulking bunny rabbit all week.” Jungkook licks over his front teeth with irritation. He didn’t look that much like a rabbit. “We can leave my phone with him, and if Seokjin-hyung really gets bent out of shape about it, then he can talk to him.” There are a few sighs and unintelligible murmurs and Jungkook hopes that their tongues are still intact from all the mooching sounds he’s hearing.

They leave him with a set of hugs and goodbyes, and Jungkook sighs.

He’s halfway to sleep with the book resting against his abdomen when Jimin’s phone begins to buzz.

Tae <3

“‘ello?” Jungkook slurs a little bit, rubbing at his eyes.

“Jeon Jungkook, did you really think so low of me that I wouldn’t have extended the invitation to you? Did I not accept you as another child of mine the night we met? Had I not bonded with you enough?” It’s not Taehyung on the phone, that’s for sure, and it brings Jungkook out of his sleep induced stupor. Seokjin is spewing words and questions at him one thousand miles a minute, but Jungkook hears all of the words clearly.

“I’m sorry, Seokjin-ssi. I-i, I just didn’t want to intrude.” He’s sheepish, even if the elder couldn’t see him.

A gasp sounds from the other side of the line. “Call me hyung, Jungkook-ah. And I expect you with Tae and Jiminie next time. Even our dear Hoseokie wants to meet you! Gah, Jungkook, Yoongi won’t know what to do with all of these lamb skewers.” There’s some sort of protest on the other end that is shut down quickly. “I’ll see you soon Jungkookie, here’s Taehyung.”

Jungkook’s face is red and his arms are crossed in embarrassment from the light scolding he received.



“Do you want one of us to come and get you? Or would you like to stay home for the night still?” Taehyung’s words are soft, and Jungkook sags in relief at the understanding.

Jungkook murmurs quietly into the phone. “I’ll stay home tonight. I’ve got to work in the morning anyways, it’ll be okay. Tell everyone that I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was expected.” Jungkook pulls on a loose string of the blanket, attempting to banish the sick feeling in his chest from disappointing them.

He’s hushed quickly. “No one is angry, Kook, we just want you to know that you’re welcome here too. Get some rest, we’ll be home later. Goodnight, we love you.” Jimin's voice echoes in the background and Jungkook bids him farewell before going back to his book that he’d abandoned.

It’s marked and put to the side, and Jungkook busies himself with tidying for a moment before deciding he wants to keep reading and undoing all of his folding work on the blanket. For some reason the phone call had him slightly worked up, and he was trying to find a distraction.

If he doesn’t read a single paragraph in the next hour, he wouldn’t know, as he falls asleep quickly despite his worry. And if Taehyung and Jimin tuck him in sadly, knowingly, then he won’t know that either.

Chapter Text

"Hyung, you really ought to invest in a porta-bed. You're going to grow shorter if you sleep upright like this." A soft voice calls, a hand gently shaking him awake. It doesn't take long for him to recognize the interior of the pawn shop, a familiar piano nearby and a sleep-blurred Jeon Jungkook kneeling next to his half awake self for what seems to be the seventh or eighth time that week. "Do you want to lay down properly or are you going to actually go home?" He asks, and Yoongi wants to huff in response. He wasn't awake enough to make those decisions.

Jun Ki makes it for him. "Go home you brat, and after you take a shower and take a proper nap you can bring us lunch." Yoongi doesn't have the chance to protest as Jun Ki pulls the afghan off of his arms, letting in a cool breeze. Yoongi's eyes open fully to see Jungkook kneeling on the ground with a fond grin on his face.

Yoongi stretches as Jun Ki walks out of the room, mumbling about using his shop items for his unhealthy sleep habits. He manages a small grin and is able to pay full attention to Jungkook's own words as he begins to speak. "Again hyung? This is the third time we've shown up to find you already here. And this is the fourth time I've had to wake you up from one of your naps. Are you alright?"

Yoongi nods, thinking about the past few days at the shop. He had been spending most of his nights at the little piano, trying to get his thoughts together. He was free of deadlines, technically on a creative break for all of his overtime he put in. But because he was free of worry, he had no nerves to put into the music, no ideas shoving their way up his throat begging to be remembered lest he lose motivation. He'd used the last of these thoughts when he finished his last guide track.

Naturally, Yoongi sought his usual source of inspiration— the pawn piano. But the notes weren't coming out right, or they were coming out in songs that were already written, and he felt like playing it was only putting him into a deeper loop. These loops, as Yoongi has discovered, are much like a roundabout— hard to get out of and easy to stay in.

So he spent his time at the shop, replaying old songs and failing at writing new ones. Yoongi goes home often, though, to take care of Holly and take a little break. He parks his metaphorical car right in the middle of the roundabout and plays with Holly, who is more than willing to demand one-hundred percent of his attention at any point in time.

And every time he goes back to the shop, he sees Jungkook and Jun Ki grinning at him from behind the counter, Jun Ki always babbling about new things to do at the shop and Jungkook always working on something until Yoongi walks in. The shop was practically spotless, and some of the older antiques were so polished and taken care of that they looked brand new. Jun Ki jokes with Yoongi sometimes that the only time Jungkook took breaks was when Yoongi walked through the door.

Yoongi tries not to let his ego inflate too much.

But it's hard not to let himself feel a little bit superior when Jungkook asks to spend his break with Yoongi, watching him attempt to do something original, and distract him when he got too frustrated.

And the past few days he's gotten far too used to and comfortable with Jungkook being the one to wake him up with gentle gestures and soft words. So maybe he takes a couple of extra naps in the back room during the times that Jungkook is working. There is absolutely zero correlation between the two.

"Why don't you go home and shower and nap. When you come back I'll be done with this little shipment thing and I can watch you play some more." Jungkook suggests, standing up and reaching his hand out toward the elder.

Yoongi huffs out a laugh in amusement. "You've watched me play for a few days now. Aren't you tired of it?" Jungkook shakes his head no as he helps Yoongi to his feet. "How are you so sure I'll come back? Maybe I'll go to the studio." He teases, but his voice is still too thick with sleep to be the least bit threatening.

Jungkook smiles, teeth on full display. "Because you can't resist this." Jungkook winks and then disappears, leaving Yoongi struck dumb where he stands. What the hell— did he actually just—

"Whipped." Jun Ki huffs as he walks by, and Yoongi rolls his eyes, putting his palms to his red face and sighing. He had come to accept that yes, he had just the smallest bit of a crush on Jeon Jungkook.

Yoongi doesn't bother to gather his things, because he will be back and there isn't a point in lugging unnecessary items all around Seoul. That's called unnecessary exercise, something he doesn't endorse. He does have a braincell in his head though, and tidies up the space. Making sure it was presentable enough, he checks the pocket of his sweatpants for his phone and keys and steps out of the room.

"Bring back some barbeque and rice." Jun Ki calls out as Yoongi approaches the door. Yoongi puts his thumb in the air as confirmation.

He's halfway out the door and the bells are barely through their chiming song when Jungkook shouts out, "Bring Holly please!" And he turns to make eye contact with the grinning dongsaeng and nods before leaving entirely, his own fond grin on his face.

The walk home is relatively peaceful as the sun begins to leak from between the buildings. His phone buzzes in his pocket, but he ignores it for a little bit in favor of enjoying the city sounds and relatively nice weather.

When he reaches his apartment, he feels a little bit lighter, like the roundabout in his head is significantly less chaotic. He decides he needs to find a better metaphor, and unlocks the door.

Unsurprisingly, Holly is instantly attached to his leg, demanding to be carried and paid attention to. After a few moments of intense petting and cooing, he sets the small brown ball of fur onto his sofa and begins toward the bathroom. He's able to smell the slight odor on himself as he peels his shirt off, and winces. He's about to take off his sweatpants when his phone buzzes again from inside his pocket.

Hobi | 07:46 | what are you doing today?

Yoongi bites his lip. Technically, he really wasn't doing anything important. But to himself, he was doing something that felt important to him, and would much rather spend his day at the pawn shop. But Hoseok had been busy lately, and they'd barely found time to see each other outside of Jin and Namjoon's dinners, and at some point he's going to have to see him or he may combust with feelings.

You | 7:48 | just come over, nowhere to be til noon

You | 7:48 | taking a shower, let yourself in if you need

Yoongi breaths in deeply, turning on the water. He needs to figure out how to spill all of this shit in his head without looking like an idiot.

Thats how he ends up spending most of his time in the shower, other than actually cleaning himself; preparing his speech.

He can't exactly explain his relationship with Jungkook, because there isn't one. Not romantically at least. Hoseok will see straight through anything he may have to say, though, and make him cut straight to the point. Yoongi can't come right out and say that he adores the kid with every fibre of his being, even though he does, because Jungkook is still technically a minor as far as he knows. Even though he knows that Jungkook isn't that far off from being an adult, he's still in the midst of the situation with his mother, and that isn't an easy explanation to give Hoseok.

Oh hey, I've kind of got this massive crush on a minor who's also homeless and trying to find his druggie mom. How was your week?

Hoseok is surprisingly still absent by the time he gets out, and Yoongi dries off and gets dressed just in time for another text to come.

Hobi | 8:03 | buzz me in my hands are full

Yoongi rolls his eyes but relents, and soon there is an over zealous and excitable Hoseok sitting on his couch, smothering his dog in affection.

"Joonie tells me you've got a little boyfriend." Fuck. "I know he's joking, but I'm still curious about this Jungkook. No one has told me anything other than the stories that Jiminie and Tae used to tell, and the little stories that Jimin likes to tell when we're on break." Hoseok is a flurry of energy, one so chaotic compared to his own, but maybe that's all it takes to draw him out enough to tell him everything.

Because not only does Yoongi word vomit, he spills his guts. Yoongi drones on for what seems like hours. He talks about how tiny and scared Jungkook had looked the first night, and how talented he was on the piano, even if he didn't often play for Yoongi now. He tells Hoseok about how much Holly loves Jungkook and vice versa, and the way that Jungkook wakes him up from his naps. Yoongi spills all of the little embarrassing details about being disappointed when he didn't show up to something and after forty-five minutes all of the nitty-gritty details are on the floor with Hoseok's jaw.

Shame bubbles up in his chest a little as Hoseok literally squeals in his ear. "And he works at the shop? That's where you're going later, right? Oh my god, I need to meet him. If I would have known all of this I would have been stalking him a week ago!" Hoseok shakes him a little bit with his grip on Yoongi's thigh, and earns a light swat on the arm.

"Pull it together. And if you're going to act like this I'm not taking you anywhere near him." Yoongi huffs, petting Holly absently as Hoseok sits back.

"So what is it that you're afraid of? He's nineteen, so close to twenty. I think I even heard Jiminie talking about his birthday being soon. It's not like you're a whole decade older than him." Hoseok asks, sitting back against the arm rest and facing the elder. Yoongi flops his head back.

Yoongi had technically already spilled the information about Jungkook being formerly homeless, so there wasn't much more that he could surprise him with. It doesn't help the guilt bubbling up in his stomach. "I wasn't really supposed to tell you about him being, you know. But the kids been through some shit, he's still kind of going through some shit and I'm not going to be that knight in shining armor character that comes in and takes advantage of him while he's going through all of this." Yoongi wishes that he could be that knight in shining armor, but in different circumstances.

Hoseok, ever the therapist, snaps him out of these thoughts. "You're putting yourself on a bit of a pedestal, hyung. You aren't swooping in and taking advantage of him. You've got a crush on him for all of these other things, and you're making up excuses as to why you shouldn't. I'm not saying that right now is a good time for a relationship, but theres no fault in having a crush on someone you've got so much in common with." Yoongi frowns a bit, accepting Hoseok's words and taking them in. "Besides, you mentioned the whole situation like once and it was only to explain how you met. Does that define how you see him? Obviously not, since you're so apt to describe his doe eyes and smile." This earns him a small kick, but it's got nothing behind it.

"I guess you can meet him. But don't do the whole matchmaking thing. Taehyung and Jimin already tried and it only makes things weird." Hoseok crosses his heart, and they're instantly onto their next subject.

"You will never believe the audacity that this mother had, telling me what my competition outfits should look like."


"You can quit with the leg shaking. I won't scare the kid." Hoseok huffs, thanking the vendor who hands him a bag of food. "Plus, I'm not meeting him as your potential suitor, I'm meeting him as an addition to our friend group. So calm the fuck down." Hoseok's words may be harsh but they're said gently, and he finds himself calming down anyways.

They're so close to the shop and Holly seems to know it as he's pulling the leash taught trying to get there.

"You know how I get with these things. It's still weird and new to me." Yoongi whines, but it has no real irritation behind it.

Yoongi didn't often find himself with any sort of bad feelings toward Hoseok at all. Right alongside Namjoon, Hoseok was his closest friend, even if they didn't get to see each other as often as either of them would like. Hoseok had been around when his parents had passed, and both he and Namjoon had been solely responsible for the semi-functioning member of society that had come out on the other end of all of that mess.

Hoseok had seen him fucked up, drunk, and trying to hit on as many people that would let him without reporting him to the bouncers for drunken disorderly. Hoseok had personally defended him when some asshole tried to start something in public. He was around when Yoongi accidentally took too much cough syrup and was just the tiniest bit high for a little bit, telling Hoseok about every embarrassing detail of his seventh grade year. There wasn't much that Hoseok could do that would actually piss Yoongi off because he had endured so much of his mess without complaint.

They're at the door of the shop and Yoongi lets Holly roam free as soon as the door is shut behind them.

As if on cue, he hears an excited gasp from the back. "Holly!" Followed by a thump and a chorus of laughter. Jun Ki is sitting behind the bar looking amused.

"Hello hyung!" Hoseok chirps, setting the brown bag down on the counter top.

Jun Ki takes him up in small talk while Yoongi wanders back to the voice behind the baby talk. Eventually he sees Jungkook laying on his back in the floor, Holly settling onto his chest. Beside Jungkook is a box, which Yoongi has no doubt was tossed aside in favor of his little brown ball of energy.

"You know, he could probably rip your face off if he wanted. All I'd have to do is say the word." Yoongi jokes, and finds himself laughing as Jungkook tries to crane his neck backwards awkwardly to look at him.

Jungkook carefully sits up, holding the dog in his hands. "Oh, definitely. A real fighting dog here." He follows along, and sticks his unoccupied hand out to Yoongi for help off of the ground.

Then he's up, almost face to face (stupid short genetics) with each other. "Just remember that he's got some bite behind that bark. One word is all it takes." Yoongi states seriously, before bending slightly to rub on the top of his dogs head. "Isn't that right?" He feels a little ridiculous fawning over his dog in front of Jungkook like that, but it causes a grin to erupt on the youngers face and it's worth it. "Hoseok came along with me." Yoongi states, not knowing how else to break the ice with it.

"Oh," Jungkook breaths, smile dissipating into a more nervous one.

Yoongi is quick to try to get it back. "The only thing you may have to worry about is if he finds out that you're a dancer." Yoongi speaks a little louder than usual, winking as he motions toward the bar.

From there, Yoongi holds his breath. Hoseok said he'd tone it down a bit, try not to scare the kid, but anything is possible with Jung Hoseok. It's slightly tense for a moment as they take in the sight of each other, but it's quickly broken.

"Don't worry, Jiminie has told me all about your dancing. Now that we've met, you're going to have to come and dance with us. And just like that, they're talking.

Jun Ki makes eye contact with him from in between the two's chatter, easily picking up conversation about dancing, and then Jimin, and then Taehyung by default.

And Yoongi, well Yoongi sits back and watches as Jungkook talks about these things that he loves. Every other time he was in one of these passionate conversations with Jungkook, he had been too busy trying to be a part of the conversation to enjoy the way his eyes lit up. But now, as one of the least rythmic dancers that Jung Hoseok has ever seen, he's able to safely ignore the subject of dance and watch Jungkook get excited.

Theres so much that Yoongi doesn't understand about the conversation, but it really doesn't matter. Jun Ki shares some of the barbeque with him, seemingly entranced by the conversation as well. It seemed that anytime that Jungkook was speaking, he instantly gained their undivided attention.

Jun Ki chuckles fondly at Jungkook's joke, one that doesn't even register in his own ears, and Yoongi thinks about how Jun Ki looks at him with those looks when they talk. It only then really hits him that Jungkook was not only his friend, but something to a whole lot of other people. Of course he knew that Taehyung and Jimin were his childhood friends, but now that he was in their lives he'd made himself a spot in five more lives.

Jin had already unofficially claimed Jungkook as a child, much like he had with the rest of their friend group. By association, Namjoon had taken his own paternal role and talked with Jungkook about philosophical stuff. Hoseok, true to self, had made fast friends with Jungkook. It didn't take a lot of observation to see that Hoseok was hanging onto every word of his like it was the most interesting thing he had ever heard. And Jun Ki had claimed him as another part of his family. Another younger brother to dote on, take care of, mess around with.

And Yoongi kind of adores the kid. Just a little. Because Jungkook was so much like himself but so much different. All of Yoongi's priorities had been acknowledged by Jungkook, who seemed to care about them just as much even though they were only friends. Jungkook was a part of his group of friends, loved his dog, was interested in his music, and had inadvertently revived his relationship with his own hyung. But overall, Jungkook was so terribly kind, and that was enough to have Yoongi wrapped around his finger.

Just a little bit.

Chapter Text

(m. 12. y)

Usually, Yoongi isn't so possessive over his friends, especially not when his friends make friends with one another. But for some reason or another, he can't help but to be a little bit peeved when Jung fucking Hoseok steals his man.

Figuratively, of course, because Hoseok is Yoongi's number one supporter in his plan to woo Jeon Jungkook. But realistically, Hoseok has been taking up all of the younger's free time by forcing him into the dance studio in Jungkook's time off. Consequently, the time spent in the studio takes over Yoongi's overall time with the younger, and it's starting to get to him a little bit.

Yoongi, since his revelation that he may be gay for Jungkook, (gay in general but EXTRA gay for the maknae) has learned quite a bit. Yoongi now knows that Jungkook's birthday is the first of September, and he'll be turning twenty which means that he'll technically be legal very soon. He knows that Jungkook is trying to get his high school diploma so he can start some sort of secondary schooling as soon as he gets onto his two feet wholly again. He learns that Jungkook eats well but is kind of gross about how quickly he eats the lamb skewers that Yoongi loves to treat him to. Despite this, Yoongi can't find it in himself to think of it as anything less than endearing.

Yoongi has also learned that Jungkook is a phenomenal dancer, and that he doesn't particularly like watching the younger dance because he always ends up staring like a freak. It isn't as if Jungkook didn't have his fair share of staring moments— he stares at Yoongi for minutes on end while watching him work in the studio, or out the window of the shop when he's standing by the counter, or at the t.v. when something particularly interesting catches his eye— but none of Jungkook's staring moments lead red cheeks and embarrassment.

Hoseok often brags on Jungkook to everyone at their dinners, and they always joke with Jungkook about how they finally found someone to save them from having to learn choreography with Hobi. Jungkook laughs and jokes back, saying that he would love to spend days just dancing in the studio with Hoseok and Jimin.

That's where the jealousy really began, if you were to ask him to trace it back. Because after that night, it seemed as if Jungkook really did start to spend all of his free time in the dance studio, not even sticking around the shop long enough for Yoongi to walk him home. He tries not to be bitter about it and spends some quality time with his hyung, but it begins to take a toll on his self-security when Jungkook goes to the studio to dance instead of coming to see Yoongi working.

He wants to hit himself for getting upset when his friend decides to go do something that he enjoys instead of watching Yoongi work on a song for hours. He tells Hoseok this.

"I don't blame you for being a little upset that you're spending less time with the kid, but have you actually reached out to try to change that?" In that moment, Yoongi changes his mind. He doesn't want to hit himself, he wants to hit Jung Hoseok. And he tells him that. "I'm going to go and act like I'm taking a shit so you can have a moment of privacy to just call him." Hoseok rolls his eyes and, true to word, locks himself into the bathroom.

Yoongi stares at Taehyung's contact for longer than the actual conversation would take him if he would just press the button. He decides to close out of the contacts app when his finger accidentally clicks said button. Suddenly, his phone is at his ear and he's actually doing it, he's calling him—

"Hyun'? Whadduyouwant?" Taehyung mumbles, sounding much like he's been napping. Yoongi feels a little bit bad for disturbing his sleep, but figures he might as well make it worth it.

"Tae-ah, how are you?" He hums into the phone, trying to sound more like he's being genuine and not just calling for a fav—

Taehyung huffs, "Just tell me what you want, hyung." He murmurs, sounding less tired than before.

"Is Jungkook-ah there?" A moments pause. And then—

"Jungkook-ah, Min Yoongi interrupted my sleep to talk to you, so get in here and make it count." Taehyung screams, and Yoongi huffs a laugh at his dongsaeng's antics.

Yoongi apologizes to Taehyung for waking him up, but Taehyung brushes it off, saying that he needed to be awake anyways. He knows its a lie to make him feel a little less guilty, but all of the guilt melts away when Jungkook's voice comes through the receiver.

"Hyung? Is everything okay?" Jungkook asks softly, before whispering to Taehyung to go back to sleep. "Is something wrong with the shop? Are you okay?" Yoongi chuckles a little during Jungkook's little ramble, but is quick to reassure him.

"Everything's fine. Except for one thing," Yoongi hums, all former hesitation and anxiousness gone. "My favorite dongsaeng has been avoiding me." He teases, and leans back on the couch, relaxed. Yoongi is even able to ignore the thump from the bathroom.

Jungkook gasps, quick to try to apologize. "Hyung, no! I never meant to avoid you, I've just been busy with work and Hoseok-hyung and Jimin-hyung like to take me to dance and if I had known it bothered you I would have—" Yoongi's laughing is enough to stop his worried flood of words. "Hyung?"

Yoongi's laughing slows down a little bit. "I was joking with you, Gguk-ah. But I do want to see you sometime outside of Jin-hyung's house. We should go and get lamb skewers sometime, hyung's treat." Jungkook huffs a little bit but laughs as well.

"You weren't joking about the favorite dongsaeng, though." Jungkook teases.

Yoongi replies honestly, "Of course not. Hoseok obviously isn't my favorite." The statement earns a chuckle from the other end of the line and an offended thump from the bathroom.

(m. 12. y)

Hoseok, after his initial pouting, had been incredibly excited that Yoongi had finally 'manned up' and done something about his pining.

"So when are you guys going out?" Hoseok prys, sitting far too close to Yoongi and making his nape sweat a little bit at the intense look his friend is giving him.

Yoongi moves over a little bit, only to be absolutely plowed into as soon as he speaks. "Tonight, like, a few hours from now." Hoseok is quick to pull him into his own room, where he is thrown onto the bed next to an offended Min Holly, disturbed from sleep.

"We have to get you dressed up for your date!" Hoseok sings the last word, tearing through Yoongi's closet. Yoongi doesn't want to say it, he really doesn't. Because Hoseok will throw an absolute fit and Yoongi doesn't want to deal with that whining mess until he leaves. But if he doesn't tell Hoseok, he'll be forced out in something like a suit and tie or something far too erotic for a lamb skewer place, which he wants to do even less.

He whispers the words at first. "It's not a date." Hoseok's head peeks out from the closet.


"It's not a date." Yoongi mumbles. Hoseok's eyes shrink into judgmental, oppressive, all knowing crescents, and repeats himself. Yoongi musters up his little courage. "It isn't a date. We're just going out for lamb skewers like friends." Rolling his eyes, Hoseok grabs his phone off the bed and is pressing his phone to his ear.

"Hey Tae-Tae. So you do know about them going out? Good, so would you classify this as a date?" Hoseok looks at a horrified Yoongi. "Good, that's what I thought too. I'll lend Yoongi my car, he can pick him up and everything!" Yoongi throws himself back on the bed, groaning as Hoseok and Taehyung, and eventually Jimin plan out he and Jungkook's outing.

He can't say that Hoseok picked a bad outfit, because honestly, he looks kind of hot. But he can complain about the obsessive amount of fussing that Hoseok caused over it, demanding a photoshoot because, in his own words, 'hot damn'. The entire process is a little bit overwhelming, but he's grateful that he's got Hoseok to help him out in these situations, even if he did cause them.

He does end up driving Hoseok's car to Taehyung's house, where he's sure that Jungkook is being fussed over literally twice as much as he had been. The ride is peaceful and the weather is nice enough for him to comfortably ride with the windows down. Summertime is still in full blast, though it's a calmer kind of heat. The sun is still up even at six thirty but it's not as intense as it is during the day. The roads are a little less full as commuters finally make it home, and Yoongi finds it in himself to be content that if this is a date then it's on the perfect day for one.

Yoongi feels irrationally nervous at the thought of walking up to the door of Taehyung's apartment. It could be many reasons; Jimin or Taehyung— or god forbid both— interrogating him, Jungkook being uncomfortable with going on a date with him, or Jungkook being uncomfortable with going out with him at all. He thinks he would probably blanch if Jungkook was uncomfortable with him after this.

He walks up to the door and knocks, worried for which scenario will come true, but none of it comes. Jimin opens the door with a kind and knowing smile, leading him in to the living room.

"You look great hyung. But if we totally forced you into this, you can tell me now and I'll go back and break the news." Jimin speaks quietly, and Yoongi is shocked at the offer of a means of escape. "He may be a little disappointed, but Jungkook will understand." Yoongi's stomach turns over excitedly.

"You mean he actually wants to go out on a date? With me?" Jimin laughs and lightly smacks his leg. That had been a plot twist that he hadn't anticipated. Of course he knew that Jungkook adored him just a little bit— as a hyung. But this?

Jimin smiles as he speaks. "You're basically blind, hyung. The both of you. Yes, he wants to go on a date with you!" Yoongi's heart thumps a little bit harder against his rib cage.

Footsteps flood his ears and he swears that he's got tunnel vision when Jungkook walks out looking like he was ready to take on a fucking runway. (The clothes are probably Taehyung's, which explains it.) He's wearing a pair of light wash jeans just like his own, except ripped much higher on the leg. His shoes are white unlike Yoongi's own black ones, and he's wearing Yoongi's yellow hoodie. Perched on his nose are a pair of specs, and Yoongi thinks he might just have to dismiss himself for a moment.

Jungkook doesn't look nervous at all, and Yoongi finds himself calming down a bit upon seeing the big-toothed smile. Taehyung however, looked a mess. His hair is sticking up in all directions, like he hadn't ran his hand through it since waking up. He was wearing sweatpants and an old shirt that looked suspiciously like one that Jimin used to have, and he's wearing his actual glasses. Taehyung is ringing his hands a little bit, like he wants to reach out and retouch Jungkook's hair, but Jimin pulls him away from the younger.

"B-be home by like, eleven. Don't leave the city, and make sure someone knows where you guys are going to be in case something goes wrong. Jungkook has Jimin's phone if you guys need to call. Take care of my Jungkook." Taehyung's words are sincere and his posture is tense. Taehyung looks every bit of the hyung he is to Jungkook, and is doing a damn good job of it.

Yoongi, inspired by a bout of fondness, reaches over to pull Taehyung down for a hug. He murmurs in his ear. "I'll take care of him. Thank you for helping with this." Taehyung relaxes a little from the reassurance. When they pull apart, he's smiling genuinely.

"Hyung, I hope you don't mind if I bring a camera. It's a really nice day out." Jungkook speaks, and Yoongi doesn't tell him that he could probably get Yoongi to confess to a murder as long as he wears his clothes. Yoongi grins with an 'of course', and they deal for a moment with Taehyung taking a sly picture before excusing themselves.

Jimin and Taehyung escort them to the door, and before they can say their final goodbyes, Jimin yells, "No sex! Save it for September first!" And slams the door shut, leaving Yoongi and Jungkook red faced and appalled.

Jungkook shakes his head. "I'm sorry for them." He fiddles with the strap of the camera bag as they walk, not looking up from the ground. As they reach the sidewalk, Yoongi nudges Jungkook with his elbow, smiling gently.

"It's fine, Gguk. Nothing I didn't expect from those two." Jungkook huffs a laugh, but still looks down at his shoes.

"I'm also sorry if you were forced into this. I got a little to excited and didn't think to ask about you." His cheeks are beet red, and Yoongi's so. hecking. fond.

Yoongi puts his shoe in Jungkook's line of sight and nudges him again, getting the younger to look up at him. "Actually, I really wanted to go on a date with you. This wasn't exactly the way I had planned asking you, or well, I guess Taehyung and Hoseok really set it up, but I'm no less excited for it." Jungkook's bunny smile brings out his own gummy smile and yeah, he is really hecking fond.

When they reach the car, Yoongi jogs to the passenger side and opens the door, earning an eye roll from the younger before a small thank you comes out.

Yoongi hooks up his phone to the aux and hands it over to Jungkook, who eagerly starts playing top hits.

As they drive, they make little conversation about work and their friends, and every once in a while he will sneak a glance at Jungkook to see the younger using the camera and appreciates the split second that he gets to see before he turns his eyes back on the road.

Yeah. Really hecking fond.

(m. 12. j)

Jungkook had no clue how to react when Taehyung said the word date, except for excited. The hyung that he had been kind of pining after while trying to get his life together was going on a date with him? Granted, Taehyung and Hoseok had planned most of it out, but it was a date.

Then, he was scared. He still didn't have his entire life together but he was in such a good spot mentally and knew that he wanted this a lot. After that, he was just a little bit scared that Yoongi was forced into this, but that all went down the drain as Yoongi tells him that he actually wanted to go on a date. That he'd thought about how he would ask him.

Jungkook is glad he brought the camera, and is extremely thankful for the nice weather giving him an excuse to take it. While Yoongi drives, he records some of the city life and then a lot of Yoongi and his pout. He records when Yoongi hears a song he likes and decides to belt the chorus very obnoxiously.

He wonders how the date could possibly get any better when he was so perfectly content with doing this for an entire night.

When they reach the restaurant, both of them eye the busy entrance wearily. Jungkook didn't particularly want to end their driving escapades to go into a loud and busy restaurant that he couldn't record in. Jungkook hits the record button to film the restaurant's entrance so that he would have something to remember of it.

Yoongi is the one that cuts in, and Jungkook lets the camera fall into his lap for a moment, forgetting that it was still recording. "What if we scrapped the first date plan and go to the Han? We could pick up like, ten different meals from different vendors and camp out on the grass for a while." Jungkook looks at him dumbly for a moment before grinning and nodding enthusiastically. Yoongi's grin comes back and Jungkook is completely enamored with it.

"Have you filmed anything good yet?" Yoongi asks, and when Jungkook looks down and sees that the camera is still recording and pointed directly at Yoongi, he grins.

"Yeah, lots."

It doesn't take long at all for them to end up near the river, and they park a little ways away to avoid traffic later. Jungkook carries the camera back and Yoongi carries a blanket that he found in the back of Hoseok's car (that he hopes was used for innocent activities). Their hands brush a little bit, but neither of them grab the other's hand, content with the little sparks in between touches.

True to word, they go to ten different vendors and earn a couple of odd looks from passerbys when they spread all of it out in front of them on the blanket. Yoongi watches proudly as Jungkook eats well what he bought for them. Jungkook will turn and mess with the camera every once in a while, but most of their time is spent laughing at questionable activities from street performers and talking about their friends some more.

"When Taehyung and I were really young, we told each other we would get married one day. Now, I'm convinced that he and Jimin will find a way one day." Jungkook hums, a soft smile on his face after they have eaten the last of their food.

Yoongi huffs a laugh. "Funnily enough, Hoseok and I said that once. I was just a shot past tipsy and he was basically a walking rum bottle with how much he had in him." This makes Jungkook laugh, and he hopes that some angel got their wings.

Jungkook films the sun going down, and Yoongi messes with his phone for a second before opening up his own photo's app. He manages to get a low light photo that actually looks oddly decent, despite the fact that the shutter sound goes off and draws attention to him. Jungkook looks at him and smiles, and Yoongi takes a picture again before Jungkook can pull the camera up to his face to record Yoongi some more.

It turns into a battle of using their cameras to cover their faces while the other one takes a picture or films. Jungkook is the first to break and Yoongi feels like he could possibly take off with how light he feels.

He's totally cliche, but it's just too good to put into proper words so he has to use something to get his actual feelings out there.

When the sun goes down and the night lights go up, Jungkook jogs over to a vendor to buy ice cream. Yoongi takes the chance to grab onto the camera, click record, and point it at the younger boy, zooming in and then out as Jungkook approaches. When he realizes that Yoongi was filming him, Jungkook laughs and poses a little bit before handing over the ice cream cone. He isn't aware that the camera is still recording when he sets it down on the blanket to eat.

Eventually the night vendors begin to close and the crowds dissipate, and they decide to pack up their stuff. Jungkook huffs a laugh when he sees that the red recording light is still on, and shuts it off as he puts it away in the bag.

They walk quietly, but not uncomfortably, until Yoongi breaks the silence.

"So, was I a horrible date?" Jungkook sees the smile that his hyung puts on, but notices that it's a little bit insecure.

Teasing, he nudges the other with a soft smile. "The worst. I guess I'll have to keep dating you so no one else has to." He feigns exasperation until he realizes just what he says. His face goes red, but he notices the happy tilt of the older's mouth and leaves it to hang in the air.

The car ride is much the same, except it seems so much shorter now. Jungkook can barely think about time passing as they reach the front door of Taehyung's apartment.

Yoongi speaks up first. "Thank you Jungkook-ah. I'm glad you're protecting others from my horrible dating skills." Jungkook rolls his eyes at the teasing. "Goodnight, Jungkook. We'll talk tomorrow, yeah?" He asks, and Jungkook nods.

The elder reaches out and squeezes the younger's hand in parting, but it is quickly used to pull him back, right into a hug. Jungkook's arms are around his neck and it takes him a moment but Yoongi eventually lets his arms wind around the small waist of his dongsaeng. Somehow, it's even better than any kiss they could have had, and just as overwhelming.

"Goodnight hyung. Thank you." Jungkook lets go of Yoongi's neck and it feels bittersweet when Yoongi's arms unwind from him. Jungkook reaches for the handle and opens the door carefully, knowing full well that his hyungs are hiding behind it. Yoongi waves at him and he steps in, suddenly leaning against the door with a huff.

"Was that even real?"

(m. 12. y)

When Yoongi reaches the car, he pulls out his phone and clicks on a contact, staring blankly ahead.

"How did it go? I need to hear everything. Was it great?" Hoseok floods him with questions, barely able to contain his excitement to hear about the date that he so diligently planned for the two.

Leaning his head back against the headrest, he huffs out a small laugh. "Was that even real?"

Chapter Text

(j. 13. k)

"I still have no clue what's wrong, Jungkookie." Taehyung murmurs, trying not to agitate the younger. "Sitting there and mumbling into your hands does literally nothing to tell me what you're so worked up about." Taehyung sighs for what seems like the hundredth time in the past five minutes. Jungkook was beginning to concern him, and not only because he was trying to suffocate himself with a pillow in Taehyung's bed.

He knew that Jeongguk was having a bit of a rough time adjusting to having an almost-boyfriend, as he and Jimin liked to call Yoongi. But Taehyung hadn't realized that Jeongguk was having a proper meltdown about the date until he came home to see Jeongguk teary-eyed over the videos that he kept re-watching of his date. As far as Taehyung had seen, the date seemed to have gone spectacularly, despite the two participants having been unknowingly set up.

(The whole situation was kind of a mess, to be completely truthful. Jeongguk had been nervous and unable to work because of some construction thing that Jun Ki had going on, so his only way to vent these frustrations was through passive aggressively stabbing at his dinner at night. From what Taehyung heard on the Min Yoongi side of things, it wasn't looking much better. Taehyung and Hoseok had agreed on one thing though; they shouldn't get too involved. Keyword being too.)

Jungkook, red-faced, sits up on the bed. "I'm an idiot Taehyung, a real, bonafide, genuine idiot." Jungkook huffs, nervously plucking at the pillows and sheets. Taehyung rolls his eyes at his dongsaeng. It's kind of ridiculous, he thinks, to be so upset after one of the best dates of someone's life, yet Jungkook seemed to be anxious about something.

"We've been aware of this. Did you suddenly switch from being a pining idiot to a panicking idiot?" The pillow that was once wrapped around Jungkook's face is thrown into Taehyung's own. Jeongguk pouts at his hyung, and Taehyung tries to settle down his humor before Jeongguk got angry with him.

"The date," Jungkook says like Taehyung should have already known based on the tonality of his sighs. "I loved it."
Taehyung rolls his eyes. "That doesn't sound like a problem to me. It was a sweet date, you all had fun and you found out that your crush has mutual feelings for you. And said crush already knows about your past, so you're not hiding anything from him." Taehyung sits down on the bed, and suddenly he's got a lap full of dark brown hair. Jungkook whines a little, and Taehyung instinctively runs his hand through the younger's hair.

"That's the problem Tae. What if he let himself be pressured into this because he knew how I felt and didn't want to run the risk of hurting me because of my past? I feel like I'm rushing into everything and I'm dizzy hyung. I could barely afford to feed myself and now I'm going on dates in designer clothes with my crush and an expensive camera around my neck." Jungkook huffs, breath warming Taehyung's thigh. "You know what, I don't even think that the rest would be an issue if I wasn't feeling like I just forced someone into a date." The younger murmurs, and Taehyung sighs.
Jungkook thought too much for his own good, to be entirely honest and fair. Taehyung has always known this about the younger, but it's always the most prevalent when he's thinking of someone else.

"Jungkook, I'm going to be honest with you. You sound like you're suffering from a mental break. If Yoongi hadn't wanted to go out with you, don't you think he would have let you guys go on with the date in that stuffy restaurant? And why would he allow you to order from more than ten vendors to get your perfect meal? If he wasn't enjoying the date just as much as you, do you think he would have picked up the camera and played around as he had? I know hyung, he's a stubborn ass sometimes. If he didn't want to go on a date with you, he would have made it clear that it wasn't a date." Taehyung declares, hands still gently running through the younger's hair. "Just wait until Jiminie gets home, he's going to be absolutely raging against this gay panic."

Jungkook huffs again. He didn't have a reason to believe that Yoongi didn't like the date, but it was still in the back of his mind and taunting him, an itch underneath his skin that he can't scratch. It's pissing him off.

"Tae, I'm going to be honest with you. I feel like I'm suffering from a mental break. I also feel like I could puke, just in case you were wondering. I think that I'm just a little bit worked up over all of this, I guess." He huffs, irritation finally setting in. It's late in the afternoon, and Jungkook has been restless the entire day that Taehyung has been gone for his prestigious modeling job. Jimin has been in the dance studio with Hoseok, and though they had invited him earnestly, he felt his subconscious telling him hell no.
So he spent the day watching the clips that he got on his date, all of which sent him into a weird, self-conscious spiral that Taehyung found him wallowing in when he got home.

He's about to roll off of Taehyung and try to get a nap in when Taehyung suddenly turns his face in his hands. "Jungkookie, how many weeks has it been since you and I found each other?" The light is irritating Jungkook.

"Like, seven or eight." He huffs, turning his face out of the path of the light. Taehyung hums under his breath and Jungkook shoves his face into his friend's stomach for comfort. Taehyung's hands continue to run through his hair. "Why?" He mumbles, slowly drifting off as the other pets him.

Taehyung hums and thinks to himself. “I’m only asking this because I feel like it’s relevant, and I’m not trying to be an ass. How long had it been since your last fix when we met?” Jungkook stiffens. He doesn’t like to think about it, because thinking about it makes it feel too real. Taehyung gently massages down his spine while he waits.

“Close to six months, I think. I stayed in a place for a while where they smoked lots of weed, so technically like, two months.” He huffs, rolling off of Taehyung and onto his bed.

Tae hasn’t ever been super serious with him, except in the times that call for it. Now must be one of those times, because his face looks a lot less playful and kind and more concerned and strict.

“And you went cold turkey?” Jungkook nods. He is completely aware of what direction this is heading. “It’s probably a little withdrawal.” Taehyung says, and Jungkook is about to deny it when he gets cut off, “It makes sense, okay? When you were drugged the first time, you were stressed out and then suddenly your body was relaxed because of it. Now you’re stressed about the date, and your body wants to relax again.”

“I hate that I want it. If that's even what it is.” Jungkook whimpers, and suddenly he’s back into Taehyung’s lap.

“I don’t think that you want it, Gguk. Your body does, yeah. It wants to be relaxed, it doesn’t want drugs for that, per se. Maybe it just needs a bath.” He murmurs, trying to calm the younger down
before he gets worked up.

Jungkook, sleepy and slightly upset, let’s the fingers in his hair lull him to sleep.

(m. 13. y)

"It was amazing. Jungkook ate well and video recorded most of it. Taehyung said that it was basically a heart boner inside of a video." He swoons, falling over onto the couch inside of the Genius Lab.

The other three roll their eyes at Hoseok, while Yoongi speaks up. "Wow, I hope that you had fun." He huffs, indifferent to the commotion behind him as he reads through his work emails.

"Don't be such a crabapple. Jungkook apparently had a great time, from what I've heard." Namjoon points out, and Yoongi turns around to look at him pointedly.

"The problem is that I haven't heard anything from Jungkook. Usually, I see him at the shop but Jun Ki shut down for a few days for remodeling and gave Jungkook those days off." He mumbles the last words, back to obsessively sifting through his emails for anything that could promise a potential offer.

The truth is that he actually had the time of his life on the date. But two days later, he's heard nothing about the date or from Jungkook except his friends. Part of him is terrified of having pushed the younger too far too fast without realizing it. They were supposed to go out to dinner together and then their friends were meddling. Yoongi can't even find it in himself to be upset with Jungkook for not reaching out.

It's Seokjin that reaches out to remove him from his thoughts.

"Have you thought that maybe he's waiting for you to reach out?" And to be honest, he has. But he finds it absolutely improbable that

Jungkook will want to continue being his friend if he hadn't wanted the date as he had. "Just do it you coward, we've got a dinner tomorrow night and I expect everyone to be there. Namjoon shows his support by squeezing onto the eldest, who is sat in his lap.

"Look, Tae said that Jungkook loved the date too. I think both of you are probably in a similar situation of self-depreciation. Just buck up already." Hoseok is standing, looking at his watch. "Now, I've got to go and I'm sure that these two," Hobi gives a very pointed stare to the couple on the end of the couch, "Have something important to do as well. Don't forget to talk to him. I believe that Taehyung is at home with him today."

He nods to his friends and gives them half-hearted goodbyes. Sometimes they piss him off because they're right. Yoongi is a coward.

(j. 13. k)

Jungkook wakes up in the late afternoon with Taehyung fast asleep beside him. Taehyung had the day off and spent it taking care of him because he was cranky.

Jungkook thinks back on their conversation earlier. Maybe I do need a hot shower or something. I need to relax.

The bathroom is dimly lit by the beginning of the sunset when he gets inside. Jungkook tries to breathe deeply, knowing that he just needs to take care of himself a little bit. He makes the shower warm enough to be comforting but not enough to scald him. He uses the unscented body wash and shampoo that Jimin had picked up, remembering Jungkook's smell sensitivity and how Taehyung used lots of perfume-y scents in his showers. He's blessedly clean and uses some of Taehyung's facewash that he has on the edge of the tub.

The bathroom has a light fog of steamrolling through it from the shower, but it's kind of comforting. Taehyung is up on his phone when Jungkook gets back into the room. He looks up and smiles in the gentle way that he only uses for those close to him.

"Why don't we make dinner together and rent a movie?" He hums, standing up off of the bed. Jungkook nods, silently grateful once more for his friends. For his family.

Both of them ignore the fact that he's only got a towel on as Taehyung wraps him into a firm hug.

"You know I'm always here, Jungkookie Jeon. Me and Jiminie and our families. Jin-hyung, Joon-hyung, Hobi-hyung, Yoongi-hyung even. Just talk to him, because the worst of everything is over and you don't need to worry about that anymore. We'll tackle the other things as they come." He hums, and Jungkook knows that. He knows that all of them would gladly take him in a friend if he ever needs it.

But it doesn't stop the little itch under his skin.

He hates that his body is dependent on something that he never wanted in the first place. It's been close to five months since he's rid himself of the shakes and the sickness that comes along with withdrawals, and he supposes he should be grateful that there's just a little itch instead of the hell that he'd been put through the first time.

(This explanation makes him feel much better than his pining excuse.)

They have their movie night, and it's nice. Taehyung doesn't close his mouth and ends up talking through most of the movie, save for the times that he got up to refill their drinks and make more popcorn. Jimin promises to show up after he runs a couple of errands, and they finish Ponyo just before they get a knock on the door.

"I don't know why you knock anymore Jimin-ssi," Jungkook teases as he opens the door. There, he greets not one, but two people.
Jimin is holding onto the arm of none other than Min Yoongi, and Yoongi is holding onto a Min Holly.


(m. 13. y)

He hadn't planned on being ambushed as soon as he left the studio, especially by Park Jimin.

Yoongi had planned on going back to his house and calling Taehyung to see if Jeongguk would talk to him, and ask if they could hang out sometime. He's missed having the younger at the studio, as little as two weeks without the younger on his couch practically sucking all of the inspiration from inside of it. (He likes that excuse much more than the fact that he just misses Jeongguk in general, especially now when he's at such a risk for losing his dongsaeng as a friend.)

"Hyung, you need to come with me." He told him with his entire chest.

"Why?" Yoongi had tried to pull his arm away from the dancer's strong grip, to no real avail.

"You gotta." After some convincing, he managed to get the younger one to let him stop and collect Min Holly from his apartment, not that Jimin could put up much of a fight when it came to the puppy.

Yoongi really hadn't expected that he would force he and Jungkook to talk. More than that, he hadn't anticipated Taehyung in the background shaking his head violently, a horrified display of, 'not a good idea', while Jungkook stared at him, dumbfounded, slightly terrified, and looking like he came out of one of those romance novels that Hoseok reads.


Chapter Text

(j. 13. k)

Having Yoongi in his room feels out of the norm and uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as it might be with Jimin and Taehyung breathing down his back.

"I'd like to apologize for bad timing, and bad planning." Yoongi mumbles and Jeongguk looks up from the mark he'd been focusing on the bedspread. His mind is filled with a sort of fog that he can't shake, a side effect of withdrawal. That isn't to say that Yoongi's words aren't clear to him, because they're crystal.

"I'd like to apologize for their meddling." Jeongguk huffs out a humorless laugh, feeling more or less tired of all of the overthinking that he'd been doing.

Jeongguk has been far too anxious for his own good, something that his conversation with Taehyung made him realize. He worried about his eomma, who he's not sure he'll ever see again, his health and lifestyle. Jeongguk worried about the burden he put onto Taehyung by staying with him, even the pawn shop. He worried so often and so much that he hasn't allowed himself to be honest or genuine when confronted with his own emotions.

"So, the date." Yoongi murmurs, now avoiding eye contact as he looks around the room. Jeongguk huffs out a laugh, which catches the other's attention. It breaks the lingering tension, and Yoongi gives his own small smile. "I had a great time, and it was a little messed up of me to wait to reach out to talk to you after." He huffs, and Jeongguk doesn't know why it's so endearing to see him tapping at his legs.

Maybe its the reminder that their meeting was so simple compared to the rest of his life at the time, or even now. It reminds him of watching Yoongi play piano, and leading up to getting to sit by his side in Yoongi's studio and just watch him, or getting to play for him at Seokjin's house. It's kind of the base of their entire relationship in a way. Or rather, the pawn shop was. The magic shop that led him back to his real family and new friends.

Jeongguk shrugs in response. "In your defense, I wasn't exactly jumping at the opportunities to come and visit you either. I may not have a phone, but I do have your studio key. But in my defense, I haven't exactly been in the right mindset to have a conversation like this." He admits and feels a little better as he says the words.

This, of course, set off his 'hyung' sensors. "What do you mean? Are you okay?" Yoongi's eyes grow so soft toward him that Jeongguk is embarrassed to think that he hadn't seen this before the date.

Jeongguk grins tiredly at him. "Just withdrawal stuff, I think. Tae is going to see about getting a doctors appointment to figure it all out. But other than the uncontrollable attitude, I'm really alright." Jeongguk doesn't say that his stomach or head hurts, or that Yoongi makes both better just by being around. That's far too sappy for his own taste.

"You'll let hyung know if you need anything, right?" Yoongi asks softly, and Jeongguk melts, nodding. Yoongi seems to accept this and continues. "I think we ought to talk about— this sounds so awkwardly cliche— I think we should talk about us." Jeongguk giggles a little bit when Yoongi groans at his own choice of words and agrees.

"I really like you, hyung," Jeongguk tells the elder. He does, and earnestly at that. "But I don't think we should date. Yet, at least." He says, and he'd be dumb to miss the disappointment on his hyung's face. Especially when he feels like he's been wronged by himself as he says it.

Jeongguk continues. "I want to date you, hyung, but I also want to be more stable. I want to attempt to pay the bill at a restaurant, even if you swipe it away from me, or be able to drive us away on a date. I want my own apartment that we can come back to instead of invading Tae's space and ruining yours with pizza boxes. And I really want to be able to focus on our relationship, but I can't do that if I'm trying so hard to focus on myself and getting myself to the point that I want to be at.

"So, hyung? Will you be my friend?" He teases, but Yoongi surprises him with an impromptu hug, that catches him off guard.

"Of course, Gguk-ah. I know how it feels to need that stability before you need someone else to focus on." He murmurs and pulls away. "When my parents died, I barely spoke to Jun-Ki. I felt as if I couldn't support him like a good brother, that I needed to grieve on my own before I could have that relationship again. That's what you need to know; you can still love and have people that you love in your life without losing yourself as a priority." Yoongi tells him, and it feels intimate. Yoongi had only mentioned his parent's passing once in conversation, but he had still seemed uncomfortable with the topic.

Seeing Yoongi vulnerable to get through to Jeongguk is what gets through to him.

And honestly, Jeongguk can't wait to be Yoongi's friend.

Seven Months Later

Jeongguk huffs as he sets down another box of Yoongi's.

"Hyung, I had two whole boxes and a large suitcase. How do you manage to fill fifty boxes and four suitcases?" He groans, moving to fall backward onto the couch. "I thought Taehyungie was the hoarder." Jeongguk teases, only to have a duffel thrown onto his stomach.

When he opens up his eyes after catching his breath, Kim Taehyung is grinning above him. "Don't smack the hand moving your stuff." He says, jumping on top of the younger. "Jeon Jeonggukie, moving into his own apartment!" Taehyung whisper yells into his hair, and Jeongguk wiggles unhappily under the weight.

"Into an apartment with someone else." He reminds, and Taehyung's face comes into view, Jeongguk's attention instantly caught on Taehyung's wiggling eyebrows. He groans. Yoongi had invited him to apartment shop with him when he began to complain about the largeness and emptiness of his apartment. When they found this one, Jeongguk had fallen in love and bubbled in excitement for Yoongi.

"It's so cute, and so much smaller than your old one, hyung!" Jeongguk had gushed, running his hands over the pretty countertops.

"It's still too big for just me and Holly. I love it, but it's too much space." Yoongi had explained, and Jeongguk had only pouted for a split second before Yoongi added, "So you'll just have to move in, too. You can take the big room, I'll take the two smaller for my room and office space."

Jeongguk had been incredibly endeared and excited to share the apartment, especially when his financial adviser— known officially as Namjoon— assured him that he was financially stable enough to pay rent each month.

"Into an apartment with our dear hyung, also known as your husband." Taehyung sing-songs, wiggling around before Jeongguk pushes him off onto another cushion.

Jeongguk hits his friend in the chest. "You know it isn't like that. We aren't even dating yet." Jeongguk objects, rolling his eyes.

It's Taehyung's turn to roll his eyes as he looks directly at his dongsaeng. "Your list of goals that you made is nearly finished. Bank account and card, check, a cellphone, check, a job, check. Can you please just add hyung to your To Do list and check it off already?" Jeongguk smacks him again, thankful for the reprieve he gets when the doorbell rings.

He's expecting Seokjin or Hoseok to be standing at the door, arms full with drinks and food to celebrate, but is instead met with two large men in jumpsuits. Jeongguk almost shits himself.

"Is this the residence of, uh, here." The man on the left begins, only to hand him a card.

Finally, an excuse to get this monstrosity out of the back. Happy moving! -Jun-Ki Hyung.

When Jeongguk looks behind the large men, he sees the piano strapped to a moving trailer and grins.

"Yes! Let me go get Yoongi." He exclaims, running to the end of the hall to shout for his hyung.

"What is it?" Yoongi yells back, popping his head out of the office room before noticing the two men in their doorway. He bristles a bit, moving toward Jeongguk to protect him unconsciously.

"A gift from your hyung." Jeongguk laughs, handing him the note. Yoongi breaks out in a grin, looking up to meet his eyes and making the younger melt.

The piano goes into the corner of their living room. Sometimes Jeongguk will do his schoolwork on the couch while Yoongi plays. Sometimes, they sit together and mess around, enjoying their time together and letting domesticity overwhelm them. When the police call to inform Jeongguk that his mother was found dead during a drug bust, Yoongi plays the piano while Jeongguk curls up to his side, seeking comfort and validity.

A few years later, the piano finds itself in a new living room, being played happily by the couple on the coast, ready to enjoy a simpler life, together.

Jimin and Taehyung move back as well, finding a home in the same neighborhood. They have long since placed rings on each other's fingers, more of a symbol than a legal bind. Namjoon and Seokjin, however, took a trip to the United States and came back with an official legal document, rings, and a series of pictures with their beachside honeymoon. Hoseok opens up a dance studio in both Seoul and Busan, career flourishing just as all of theirs do.

Taehyung and Yoongi make the trip to Seoul to do their professional meetings and shoots, often staying with either Seokjin and Namjoon or Hoseok. Jeongguk spends those times when he's not taking photos helping Jimin at the dance studio or taking videos of their recitals.

When Yoongi is home, they settle at the piano and messily tangle their feet, no matter how difficult it makes pressing the pedals. Their ring fingers remain happily empty because they're content with their hearts being completely full of each other.

It's an amazing feat to have achieved, for Jeongguk.

From the day that Jeongguk arrived at the pawn shop and met Yoongi, to the day that he and Yoongi helped Jun Ki close it to open a larger one, Jeongguk could only look up. Jeongguk found the people that he loved in his life, ones who supported him and cared for him in taking care of himself.

But it takes work, and some things will take longer to happen than others. And sometimes it won't happen exactly the way you expect. But I promise you, everything you put on your list, everything you feel in your heart, everything you think about and imagine with your mind, if you truly believe, if you work very hard, will happen. You have to see it and then you have to go after it.